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Is the "Jungkooks ideal type almost being Jimin " even real? Like... did he said in somewhere? Or just imagination lmao

Yes, it’s basically a compilation of all the things he’s ever said about his supposed “ideal type” other than it just simply being IU. Kookmin World made a video of it recently which is why it’s getting all the attention so you can find a compilation of it all here.

So I made a trash post about it before, but basically we all know Jungkook’s ideal type is IU…yet whenever he actually goes and describes traits for his ideal type none of it really correlates to IU, and he always mentions it like once and never says it again. 

So the list of thing that Kookmin World mentioned that Jungkook finds in his ideal type:

- someone who likes him 

- someone who feeds him food

- someone who makes him laugh

- someone who is cute but can’t do aegyo

…yeah, idk anyone like that. ;)

As well, the video I mentioned exists somewhere. Idk where anymore, it was hidden in one of those jikook compilation videos (Smirk Cookie????) and it was basically Jungkook being awkward on a radio show and saying his ideal type was someone with abdominal muscles and tan skin, while Jimin was in the background repeated saying “like me? so like me?” I didn’t think much of it at the time, only that me and my sister were dying because we were like “IU who? How does this correlate?” but that was just us being cynical XD

But yeah…now you know the story about Jungkook’s supposed ideal type. Perhaps, he just has no idea what he wants and is throwing about bs whenever the question is poised. But it’s just a funny coincidence, and that maybe, just maybe, he has someone in his mind whether consciously or subconsciously. ;)

…and finally since we bringing up “jungkook’s ideal type”, and there’s one thing we must NEVER forget when addressing jeon jungkook’s ideal type…

The baggy white T-shirt.


1. Writing typically starts out like this:

2. Then, you get stuck:

3. So you turn on music to help your mind, and you get side tracked:

4. So then you turn the music off and sit there staring at your blank document for who knows how long:

5. Then it’s all gone to shit:

6. BUT THEN, you have an idea:

7. Repeat steps 2-6

(gifs not mine– thanks google)

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hey do you have any fic writers on here that write about harry who you think are underappreciated?? i need some new good fics😋😋

I think everyone is under-appreciated. The works of art that I’ve seen around here deserve to be in museums so yes… we’re all under-appreciated lol. 

okbut really. I think the newbies that made accounts recently are the most under-appreciated and sadly i don’t know many I haven’t followed many people lately to know who’s new or something. BUT if you know of someone who deserves every bit of the spotlight let a girl know cause I, myself, also want something new to read!

Here’s a list I guess, in the meantime maybe some of these you haven’t heard of yet so. Happy reading. Also they are all super nice and friendly so, even better <3

@harrycarryme || @plus-sized1d || @stylesprimes || @thepainofbeingafangirl || @pocharryfics || @oh-styles || @stylishmuser || @harrystylesgotmefuckedup || @legend-waitforit-harry || @giveyouthisgiveyouthat || @chrissy22787 || @kellyh-stylesx || @inwhichitrytowritesomething || @aqua-harry || @allficcedup || @cuddlemusclestyles || @the-well-rested-one || @secret-rendezvous1d || @stilesharrystyles || @voguelourry || @kasiwrites || @yetanotherharry || @overad

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“I’m the only one who’s ever seen you like this. The only one who’s ever touched you like this. Made you feel like this,” reminds me a lot of canon's "I'm the only one who can satisfy Victor." Was that on purpose? And lol at Yuuri thinking Victor was embarassed sleeping with inexperienced "plain" him, I don't know why, somehow, I get the feeling Victor past the shock isn't that puset. Who knows? He might even be extremely pleased with what that means for him.

Yes, Viktor’s initial shock and panic and finding out he was Yuuri’s first and only was entirely to do with the fact that how it all went down was definitely not how he would have done it if he’d known it was Yuuri’s first time. After that though, the idea that he’s the only one who Yuuri has ever slept with? Yeah, he’s not at all displeased about that

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Hello, do you happen to know if fansites will also be taking pictures of BTS' concerts even when they start traveling to different countries?

Yes, some fansites will be traveling to the concerts in other countries to take pictures/videos of the members~

Hi! What’s the best place online to get an army bomb ver 2 from?

Hello! Please remember to check our FAQ, as sometimes answers to these questions can be found in there. ^^ However, here are some places you might find it:,,,,

Hey! Sorry if I bother you. I’m so curious with this, whether all bts fanchants are made by bighit?

Yes, Big Hit creates the fanchants and releases them through the fancafe. 

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daniela works in a homeless shelter with women and young girls who are trying to get back on their feet. she gives everyone hair cuts and helps work the dinner shifts sometimes. she makes candles with one of the friends she made, platisha, from the bronx. daniela can still play the cello even after all the years since she was banned in high school. she plays it ominously and loudly when benny and nina are going at it

Yes, please everyone reblog and add what you think Daniela does in her free time, I wanna see what you’re thinking.

Cheapest Aywas Custom Makers?

Custom pets which can be made for 2GP or less are pretty much the best pets, hands down.

A cheat sheet of mine, please tell me if I’ve missed any cause I love affordable things, in fact I think we all do:

(Thank you for help with important list! 8D )

  • Winter Warmer #25 -  with 50% editing and the power of MS paint anything can become swiftly non-festive
  • Halloween Concoction #13 - 2 spook
  • Custom Token (metal /bronze/blue) - I EAT THESE LIKE CANDY
  • Bottled Elemental Storm - 50% edit room
  • Metal Custom Crystal - A colouring job can make all the difference, especially which you paint a helicopter on a dog.
  • Ashen Custom Crystal and Ashen Custom Orb - Unedited Uncommons.
  • Ice Rocks -  Edit its face into anything for instant satisfaction
  • Pumpkin Patch Potion - Another shopkeeper custom
  • Tsunami Water - SEAL PET 50% edits.
  • Tesla Orb - From the Mad Science event 30% edits.
  • Metal Trinket Box - unedited trinket pets, I think they were a bonus at one point? so they are devalued.
  • Lesser Tendril Gem - With those wings you get a lot of edit room.
  • Holiday-Colored Coal - Do they accept this anymore? I’m not sure. I should go find out cause I love them. (50% edited holiday themed uncommon pets)
  • Zombie Sewing Kit,  Bottle of Vampire Glitter and Robotics Kit - Themed custom makers which can be found now and again for 1GP, the robotics kit is one of my faves because you can make robots and it spans common and uncommon.
  • Blue Crystal Crumbs and Cracked Blue Custom Orb - Cause who needs to breed when they cost under 100k bp, I know I don’t care for breeding aywas pets so these are perfect for me, great for just sketching on a pet and submitting it. 
  • Love Potion #9 - I’m in love w cheap custom makers
  • Undead Statuette - Non edit custom maker from past event
  • Downtime Potion - Cause aywas liked to crash

Fan art for Glitchtale! It’s such a well-made Alternate Timeline for the story! It reminds me of the Timothy Zahn fan series of Starwars with Admiral Thrawn! I hope you like my interpretation of the climactic battle we’re all waiting for! I’ll be adding to the night sky when the final casualties finally come out! It’s the battle for the surface!!!

And yes… I’m aware that I messed up the colors on Betty’s sweater. I’LL FIX IT WHEN I UPDATE THIS I PROMISE!!! Perfectionist troubles…

Luqman the Wise

Narrated Ibn Wahb: I was told by ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Ayyash Al-Fityani after’ Umar, the freed slave of ‘Afrah as saying: “A man came to Luqman, the wise and asked: Are you Luqman? Are you the slave of so and so? He said: “Yes!” The man said: You are the black shepherd! Luqman said: As for my black color, it is obviously apparent, so what makes you so astonished? The man said: You became frequently visited by the people who pleasingly accept your judgments! Luqman said: 0 cousin! If you do what I am telling you, you will be like this. The man said: What is it? Luqman said: Lowering my gaze, watching my tongue, eating what is lawful, keeping my chastity, undertaking my promises, fulfilling my commitments, being hospitable to guests, respecting my neighbors, and discarding what does not concern me. All these made me the one you are looking at.”


For @katrani–I know you’ve been interested in both CT and SIlMil, so this is CT, the sequel to this fic. 2,800ish words. 

She’s asked me to give a speech at the dedication.

I say yes, because I don’t know how to say no. I know she would let me, that she would find some excuse for why I wasn’t there, and I know Mina would offer a good speech about Michiru. A better one than me, probably. In stories, love makes you poetic, but mostly it made it impossible for me to talk at all. From the first moment I saw her, things went quiet for me. Luckily she never needed me to say anything.

But I need to come with something to say this time, and it all feels impossible. I’m focused on what I’m going to wear–I do that a lot, I always have, deciding to use something I can touch, something I can see. I can focus on that. The blue shirt or the black one. The grey vest or the brown one. It’s easy, these small choices, this things that aren’t words, that aren’t impossible thoughts that she always had the words for, and I never did, all I had was the feeling, and she felt it through me. She knew.

The yellow tie or the teal one.

Definitely the teal one.

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Can you write cute scenario of tantou when they making cookies with saniwa? Anyone is ok :D

Sorry for only answering with the one tantou it’s just easier to do since deciding who to write about on my own is difficult since I’m so indecisive.

• He heard you wanted to make some cookies so asked to assist you, trying not to sound too eager but he was excited at the possibility of helping you in anyway.
• When you say yes, his face lights up and he thanks you telling you how happy he is to be by your side.
• He’s a little over serious about it but it’s just endearing and you can tell he’s restless since it’s been a while since he’s been sent out of the Citadel.
• He made sure to gather all the ingredients you wanted when you asked for them and he looked especially proud when you let him help shaping the cookies and putting them into the oven.
• While they were cooking he made you tea and you told him you admired how hard a worker is making his face go red and he thanks you with a large smile.
• The cookies turned out well and you shared them together and with nearby swords attracted by the smell.

Rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end, choose 25 people to tag
Tagged by @plisaetskys (sorry, work is killing me)
1. drink: coffee
2. phone call: meg
3. text message: kale
4. song you listened to: stop the world i wanna get off with you - arctic monkeys 
5. time you cried: last night
6. dated someone twice: yes
7. been cheated on: yes
8. kissed someone and regretted it: yes
9. lost someone special: yes
10. been depressed: yes
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: yup
12. Purple
13. Pale Yellow
14. Coral
15. made new friends: when i got my job
16. fallen out of love: no
17. laughed until you cried: of course 
18. found out someone was talking about you: all the time
19. met someone who changed you: no
20. found out who your true friends are: yes, it took a while
21. kissed someone on your facebook list: facebook is stupid
22. How many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: not many
23. Do you have any pets: yes
24. Do you want to change your name: i change my last name if that counts
25. What did you do for your last birthday: went to chunky cheese, went to the mall, ate at my grandmas, went to a party and got stoned, it was great
26. What time did you wake up: 1:10 pl
27. What were you doing at midnight last night: watching true blood
28. Name something you cannot wait for: august 
29. When was the last time you saw your mother: this morning
30. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: i wish i had more coffee
31. What are you listening to right now: creepypasta compilation 
32. Have you ever talked to a person named tom: no?
33. Something that is getting on your nerves: seeing NOTPS on my dash is the worst 
34. Most visited website: 8tracks 
35. Elementary: was horrible 
36. High school: was just was worst  
37. College: went for one term and hated it
38. Hair colour: dark brown
39. Long or short hair: short kinda
40. Do you have a crush on someone: colin farrell has been on my mind for a while
41. What do you like about yourself? my hair is okay
42. Piercings: yes
43. Blood type: not sure
44. Nickname: aggie, angus, aggie poo 
45. Relationship status: single, and i dont want or boyfriend/girlfriend 
46. Zodiac sign: Capricorn 
47. Pronouns: she/her
48. Fav tv show: ive always like bates motel, but sometimes its trash, 
49. Tattoos: have one on my arm
50. Right or left handed: right
51. surgery: yes
52. piercing: yup
53. best friend: @cesrapolik @oswald-for-the-win
54. sport: basketball 
55. vacation: the beach
56. pair of trainers: ?
57. eating: not yet
58. drinking: coffee
59. i’m about to: lay down and eat
60. listening to: creepypastas
61. waiting for: idk. 
62. want: book deal
63. get married: yes
64. career: novelist 
65. hugs or kisses: kisses
66. lips or eyes: eyes
67. shorter or taller: taller
68. older or younger: older  
69. romantic or spontaneous: neither 
70. nice arms or nice stomach: doesn’t matter 
71. sensitive or loud: sensitive
72. hook up or relationship: relationship
73. troublemaker or hesitant: hesitant
74. kissed a stranger? no 
75. drank hard liquor? yes
76. lost glasses/contact lenses? no
77. turned someone down: mostly likely 
78. sex on first date? nope 
79. broken someone’s heart? no
80. had your own heart broken? yes
81. been arrested? no
82. cried when someone died? yes
83. fallen for a friend: yes
84. yourself? hahahahahahaha, you’re funny 
85. miracles? i try 
86. love at first sight? doesn’t exist 
87. santa claus? of course 
88. kiss on the first date? yes
89. angels? yes
90. current best friend’s name: kaleigh 
91. eye colour: light brown
92. favourite movie: right now gone girl, or fantastic beasts. both are really good

tagging: @cesrapolik // @crescentmoonygirl // @oswald-for-the-win // @platokid // @rickrnoranis // @refllektor // @bates-angela // @bnaz // @mulderthefbiman // @mattysgucciloafers // @captain-hada // @mushniksflowershop // @obskurial // @scullyx // @introdux // @inconspicuouslyabsent // @foxmukder // @forbiddenmotel // @norma-and-alex // @trekkiejanewaymurdock // @bombshell-pixie // @thatisadamnfinecupofcoffee // @thefallfiles // @throughtimeandstarlight // @webelievethesamething

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Okay so I know that this was probably ages ago but I saw in a fic of yours that you made a little while ago there was some leosagi and it was so adorable and well written omg. Would you be willing to write some leosagi? If not feel free to ignore this, you're super talented!!

i thiiiink you might be talking about the resolution au i started writing for @chimyen? in which case, heck yes i’ll write some more. i’m actually pretty fond of the dynamics in that au – and it was pretty self-indulgent in that it includes all of my favorite pairings, haha. so yes. heck yes.

let’s see if i still remember how to write these dumb kids

None of them are comfortable letting Leo go alone, but he’s so quietly stubborn about the whole thing when for so long he’s been little more than a ghost around the lair that they don’t have the heart to deny him, either.

“Promise me you’ll keep in touch,” Donnie says, stern for all the softness in his eyes. “I’m not above following you across the Atlantic if I think for a second that you’re screening my calls.”

“Of course,” Leo says, maybe too easily. His voice is hoarse, and whether it’s from disuse or emotion, or a footprint of that terrible grief, Mikey can’t be sure. So he squeezes Leo tight when it’s his turn for a goodbye hug; hoping to impress the feeling of his arms around Leo’s shoulders in a way that will keep, so Leo doesn’t get lonely, or forget his family while he’s gone.

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Hello, will there be Made to Order Villagers this weekend? Keeping my eye out for news! Thanks!

Hello! Yes, Made to Order villagers are coming this weekend! There will be mushroomfolk, mandrake roots and goblins. In addition to the options normally available for MTO beasts, you can choose their outfit and how you’d like their character sheet filled out. Once the listings are ready to go I’ll make a post with all the options for easy viewing :)

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Wait can i ask what happened at gaon if you don't mind explaining~

Yes, so basically before bts performance there was a screen that had colorful bars and a scratchy screen as if though it was a tv that didn’t work and it said “no signal”. This was similar to a performance introduction to TOP of Big Bang. People accused bts of plagiarism and made a hashtag calling them plagiarism sonyeodan. Bighit saw this and released a statement that said bighit and bts had nothing to do with it. People were still saying bts should’ve said something about it, but today gaon came out with an apology saying bts couldn’t ask for it to be taken down or removed because they knew nothing about it and it was a mistake of a producer.

Thanks to @suiwalker and her headcanons, Seung-Gil and Minami are besties in my head now.

They both watch Doramas (”If you ever tell someone I watch those things I’ll kill you” “sure you’ll do, Seung-Gil”), they both have awful tastes in fashion (the short programs customes, please) and Seung-Gil’s dog likes Minami which means Seung-Gil likes him too.

Also: Seung-Gil being done with Minami’s bullshit about his crush:

“I’m a Yuuri Katsuki fan, I don’t like the other Yuri” 

“Minami one of your walls is full of Plisetky posters” 

“…no it’s not” 

“You made a fake instagram account to follow the Yuri’s Angels account” 

“I’m…trying to spy the enemy?” 

“You downloaded all the videos of his performances” 


“Sure you do”

“…I’m not in denial”

“Yes you are”

A - Age: 39
B - Biggest fear: Hard to narrow down… Maybe, my own madness taking over when all is lost. Or…violent death.
C - Current time: 16.12
D - Drink you last had: Tea
E - Every day starts with: a sigh
F - Favourite song: Currently, Black Water Lillies -Aurora, but it changes as I love so much music.
G - Ghosts, are they real:  Yes but i don’t know what they are. They could be made by our own imaginings or they could be recordings. I doubt they are the dead though.
H - Hometown: Birmingham UK
I - In love with: music.
J - Jealous of: Sometimes…people with significant others.
K - Killed someone: in dreams once.
L - Last time you cried: Last night…I think it was music that did it..and Homeland.
M - Middle name: Lucy-anne
N - Number of siblings: One sister.
O - One wish: To be calm and safe and warm (i’ll borrow this answer)
P - Person you last called/texted: meh
Q - Questions you’re always asked: ‘can i send you a cheque?’ ‘how come you don’t age?’ - ‘Do you want a cup of tea?’
R - Reasons to smile: the people I love are not in peril right now.
S - Song last sang : The Night we Met -Lord Huron
T - Time you woke up: which time - 6.50am
U - Underwear colour: blick
V- Vacation destination: Cornwall or the Highlands
W - Worst habit: Avoiding things.
X - X-rays you’ve had: dental, upper arm.
Y - Your favourite food: nope.
Z - Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Shout-out to the mlm who are gonna be asked about bringing a girl home for the holidays

Shout-out to the wlw who are gonna be asked about bringing a boy home for the holidays

Shout-out to the trans kids being forced to present as their assigned gender who are going to be misgendered and misnamed

All of you are so strong and valid and I love every one of you. My blog is always a safe space for anyone who needs to talk. Especially during the holidays. You’re all amazing. Families can suck and holidays can be tough, but is temporary and you’ll make it through. I beleive in you