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“This album really symbolized who I’ve become as a new artist, and as a new producer and songwriter, and everything that I feel about the past. I’m able to put aside and write about it like it’s a fond memory instead of who I actually am today. So really, Death of a Bachelor is talking about getting back to my roots, but being able to move forward in a new light, in a new era as a brand new person.”

Happy Birthday, Death of a Bachelor!

January 15, 2016

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I don't know who Sebastian Stan is. *winces*

Ahh! Well, that’s okay dearie. If you don’t mind, let me enlighten you. Sebastian Stan is a Romanian born American who came to fame by playing the role of James Buchanan Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he is a talented actor who has been acting for years. You may have seen him in: 

The Covenant 

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Gossip Girl

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Once Upon a Time

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Political Animals

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Captain America: The First Avenger

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Captain America: Civil War

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The Bronze

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The Martian

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Now I may or may not have gotten carried away with this, but yes, my love, this is Sebastian Stan. The man who has my heart. While many find him to be this handsome specimen of a man, and they’re not wrong:

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Personally, IMO, I love him best when he is being a great big dork. 

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Ok, after revising this, I think I did get carried away. LOL. I’m sorry but hopefully I answered your question. Yes? Did I? Hehehe

So school is over for today. No clip. Which mean no Isak or Even interacting with Sana today. And tomorrow’s clip will most likely be Sana and Noora at the cafe. So again no Isak and/or Even. Will this entire week be an evak no show?? … I can’t.

Hopefully we’ll get a Hei Briskeby and they will bring up Even again.

sohn hyunwoo- a guy that can take your breath away with his buddha-like smile. a guy that looks manly and is manly, but is soft too when it comes to his family, his members and also monbebes. a guy that owns a voice that is so soothing and beautiful. a guy that dances with all of his heart and soul; the way his body moves with the beat mesmerize anyone who’s looking at him. a true father material. all of the members look up to him the most. a guy who proclaim he’s not a great leader but all of his members rely on him the most. wise and patient, confident yet subtle. a guy that is so underrated that some people only know him for his great body. a guy who is like a robot, but is actually so soft and delicate. a husband to kihyun (and is verified by kihyun himself) and takes care of the members well. his charm is his shyness and awkwardness. sohn hyunwoo; look closely, you can see that he has so much more than just his great body. so, much more.



Rick calls Stan "Lee" Headcanon

I love that a lot of people has Rick call Stan “ Lee,” myself included. Now, besides that “Rick and Lee” sound audibly better to the ears, why do you think Rick calls Stan “Lee”?

My idea, and my own reason why, Rick does is to make Stan his own person.

Hear me out. Stan has always been happy to be apart of the Stan duo, the two Stans. He has some serious inferiority complexes compared to his brother, justifiably so, considering his childhood. He felt more like he was worthwhile being with his twin than being by himself. He went by Stan even when his brother went by Ford. Ford wanted his own identity because of the project incident to distance himself and to be his own person. Stan never went by “Ley” or “Lee” because he didn’t want that distinction. He took his worth by being apart of more than just himself. He went by “Stan” more than “Stanley” because even that was a too big of a distinction – separation– from his other half.

Now, I believe Rick could easily have met Ford first; college, on the other side of the portal, maybe through science fair competitions (can you imagine super young Rick making some super techy device with a trifold poster decked out with punk colors and just looking real shabby but all the math is correct? And winning? Oh, oh Ford, my poor nerd baby), or some other way. So, Rick having prior knowledge of Ford plus seeing how Stan reacts when his twin is mentioned (usually a look of hurt, sadness, and betrayal mixed with him praising Ford’s intelligence/accomplishments while simultaneously berating himself, saying he’s the “dumb twin”, that Ford was the only one that was going to/was making something of himself, etc.) adds up to Rick making some strong assumptions about how Stan truly views himself, because how he presents himself is entirely different.

Or even if Rick hadn’t met Ford first, Stan’s subtle mockery of himself plus how highly he talks of his brother when he does talk about him is usually enough for Rick to pick up on that Stan doesn’t value himself beyond what he’s been taught or compared to his brother by.

And Rick honestly believes Stan is worth way more than what he thinks he is. He’s worth more than the sum of the whole. His individual self merits more than when he was a duo with Ford. Rick knows Stan is a lot smarter than he will ever give himself credit for, more brilliant in some aspects than Ford, or even himself (he’ll never say it aloud). Just, it hurts him to see the other so downtrodden and cannot see the value he has. But Rick can’t just come out and say all this sappy stuff, oh no, never. He could say sappy stuff in Spanish but it wouldn’t get what he truly wants to say out for the other to understand (unless it’s after the Columbia stint). He could try, ugh, complimenting but it would work well for these two emotionally constipated men.

So, Rick calls Stan “Lee.” It’s subtle enough to not be taken as more than just a convenient nickname but holds enough depth that hopefully it’ll slowly get the message across. Stan is more than just another Stan in a set. He is worth more than what his family ever made him feel like, more than living in the shadow of his genius brother. He is his own person, with his own value, a value that is worth more to Rick than he can say with words. So, he hopes that one word is enough. That Lee will realize that he matters, he has value, beyond that of being apart of something. He has a high worth all on his own.

And the first step in showing that is to break him away from being apart of something; to give him his own identity.

There could be an hour long Gravity Falls special of just Stan and Ford sitting in the little cabin inside the Stan O’ War II just relaxing and Stan is casually strumming and plucking a guitar while Ford is just contently listening while enjoying a cup of coffee with no dialogue and I would watch every second of it and I would love it.

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I'm praying for y'all ladies that's slippin' back to Loki. I know it's hard... TRUST ME I KNOW but y'all can do it!! I BELIEVE! DON'T GO THROUGH FANDOM HELL AGAIN FOR THAT GREEN ICICLE! DON'T DO IT!!! He is not worth it.... Go to the thunder!!! Now HE'S something to wad through fandom drama for am I right Kendra? 🙄


being a thor stan is relatively low stress and i love it

plus look at him, like…

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Not that I have to explain myself to you people but I am saying this for the last time now also for the people in the back seats who think they can bully me and make me feel bad about the things I love YES I am an Aaron Stan I love him so fucking much and I would do anything for him and YES I do ship Robron and YES I do not like Robert as much as I love Aaron but I love ROBRON and thats Robert AND Aaron so if you’ve got a problem with that fucking leave my blog I won’t change what I love just because you think it’s wrong for you, I don’t care ok? I just wanna blog about my baby Aaron and Robron and enjoy the things I love, got it? So shove your hate up your ass!


awgeezitsthetoiletnator, i do not go back on my word.