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Kicks (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Hey beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a prompt with Sebastian where he and the reader announce that they’re expecting by showing up to a premiere and the reader is wearing a dress that shows off her cute baby bump? I neeeeed some Seb fluff in my life! Haha

A/N: SEBASTIAN. BABIES. YES. (please send me prompts with Seb/Bucky/Chris/Steve with babies/small children THAT’S MY THING). This is the fluff that won’t break your heart. Thank you to the lovely @entirelyyou for the prompt! 

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Feel Again (3) (Soulmate au)

Summary: One day every human being on the planet received a mark in some place on their body at the same time; these marks are the initials of your soulmate and their date of birth. What do you do when your soulmate is not the person that you have a relationship with?

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2267

Warnings: Fuffly

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When Bucky opened his apartment door, what you saw wasn’t what you were expecting at all. His living room was beautiful; there were two black sofas and a giant yellow rug. It was perfect decorated, although it didn’t seem as if anybody actually lived there.

He leads you to his bedroom by your hand, it was cozy and you could clearly visualize him in there. He had light blue walls; his bed was messy with the grey shits and dark blue pillows. On the corner he had a white desk full of things you didn’t pay much attention to “Sorry about the mess” He says entering his bathroom “I’m gonna find a towel for you… both of you.” You keep holding the puppy close to your body, the poor thing was shaking. You need to find a name for him, but all you could think was ‘Caramel’ because of the amber/cream fluffy fur.

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anon said : Can I request dating TWICE’s Jihyo please? P.S. hella love your blog (and there was another one that asked for smut thrown in so I included some!)

Warnings: some sexual content

  • okay real talk… she’s the “mom friend” so you better bet she’s gonna be the sweetest and most thoughtful girlfriend ever
  • is really shy when she first approaches you and asks you out on a date
  • she tries really hard to seem lowkey about it
  • but when you agree her eyes widen and she gets that sparkle in them ya know? because oh my god Y/N said yes
  • probably doesn’t take you to a cafe/restaurant
  • nah the two of you go cosmic bowling at 9:00 at night even if both of you are really bad at bowling
  • she makes everything fun though
  • with you she’s less reserved and it turns out her jokes aren’t just bad, they’re REALLY bad
  • like, once she gets comfortable she’s sending you texts at 2:00 in the morning
  • hey Y/N what do you call a group of organized cats??
  • she doesn’t even let you guess…
  • a cat-astrophe! get it
  • and you can just imagine her cracking up in her bed as she send you that
  • wait wait Y/N this one’s better! okay so why did the stadium get hot after the game??? hmm?? because all the fans left!
  • it’s a little painful at times but also cute because you just know she’s googling jokes just for you
  • She sends you photos when she’s away with little messages underneath like “you would like it here!” “this reminded me of you :)” “i’ll have to take you here sometime”
  • she’s always thinking of you
  • if you even got a minor cold she’s be over at you place with movies and food, telling you that you need to rest
  • she likes to show you off to everyone in Twice because she loves you and is proud to be with you
  • speaking of her loving you…
  • she would end up telling you that she loved you pretty early on into the relationship because she was just so sure
  • like, she suddenly kissed you and when she pulled away a little breathless and with her bangs a little messy she whispered, “oh my God, I love you so much”
  • dork…
  • sex with Jihyo??? um,,, yes please
  • she likes when you ride her thighs
  • have you seen them??? Thicc
  • she loves to flex them underneath you to hear you moan
  • she loves when you’re vocal in general
  • but thigh riding is just foreplay because she actually loves to tease you
  • she won’t let you cum until you’re begging
  • surprisingly good with her mouth
  • although, at first she’s pretty shy about it but very flirtatious
  • not really into dirty talk unless you are, then she’ll try her best
  • sex stays in the bedroom because she likes the intimacy of it
  • always slow and sensual sex
  • not too kinky, your classic bdsm stuff
  • she loves spanking, mostly receiving
  • uuuummmmm??? the queen of aftercare
  • literally she’s a fan of showers after sex and you better bet she’s incredibly gentle and soft™
  • drying off wrapped in the same towel which is actually a lot easier than it sounds
  • she’s always up for spontaneous chill sessions at your place
  • cooking? playing video games? watching movies? okay, yeah she’ll be there in ten
  • she loves spending time with you so as long as the two of you are together, she doesn’t really mind what you’re doing
  • as long as it’s not fighting….
  • loves the little ways you show affection like you texting her to see if she made it home okay
  • loves the big ways you show affection like you telling her you love everything about her
  • overall she just loves you with her entire heart and wants you to be happy 25/8 because you mean the world to her
Bts Reaction to S/O turning off her hearing aid during arguement

A/N: To continue the last reaction I did which can be found here  as requested by anon here is part two. Some of these aren’t serious fights fyi .. Contains bad words .. sorry


“I saw the way she was looking at you and I didn’t like”

You and Namjoon were just trying to have a dinner date but the young waitress had to flirt with your boyfriend in front of you. What made you even more bad was that Namjoon winked at her when she placed the food in front of him. You proceeded to finish dinner but on the way home you went off on him.

“I didn’t mean it baby, I don’t even know her,” he would defend

“Doesn’t give you the right to wink at her idiot!” you were fuming

“But baby-”

You quickly turned off you hearing aid not wanting to listen to his excuse. He is your boyfriend which means he will not give that killer wink to anyone but you. 


“I hate you and your stupid handsome face” you yelled at Jin

“y/n, my love, I have no control over it,” he said

You were currently “mad” at Jin because you were out on a date with him and girls nonstop would ask him if he was single and the bastard would say yes. He did it to make you angry and that loser damn well succeded.

“ I don’t want to hear you,” and you quickly would turn off your hearing aid

He noticed and just began to laugh at you. Ugh, dumbass



All you did was show up unannounced to his studio with food. He was working hard so he deserved to take a break big mistake. He called you clingy and annoying, you didn’t come here to be treated like this.

“Fuck you, I was doing something nice for you but you are such an asse hole have a good night,” you shouted in his face

He came running after you as you were down the hall of the studio wing in his company.

“y/n! please wait,” he said

“Leave me alone, I’ll see if I talk to you tomorrow,” 

You turned off your hearing aid before he could speak and left him there feeling guilty.


You were having a dispute with Hoseok about who the best looking member of bts was. He said Yoongi while you said Jin, it was harmless argument since it was rare for you to fight. 

“I’ll just go cheat on you with Yoongi, then”

“Fine then, I guess Yoongi will be your cuddle buddy because our cuddle relationship is OVER,” you said

You acted fake hurt and turned off your hearing aid anticipating his reaction. Sure enough once he saw you turned off your hearing aid he started kiss you all over your face in hopes you weren’t really mad.



A few minuted ago you overheard your boyfriend of a year talk with one of his band members. You heard that your relationship was purely based on a bet but Jimin told the other person on the line that he really loves you now. That still doesn’t help you feel insecure about your relationship and how you can’t really trust him now. 

“I was nothing but a bet to you, why did you use me,” you said

“Was any of this real?” you asked as you cried

“Of course it was baby, just let me explain” he tried to calm you down

You didn’t want to hear anything so you turned off your hearing aid. He noticed what you did and he just felt hurt. Jimin gave you the space you wanted and hoped you wouldn’t break up with him.


“y/n, I love her a lot but she could be possessive and annoying sometimes,” you heard Tae say

It hurt you that he felt the need to say that behind your back. You loved him with all your heart and the fact that he has a displeasing thought about you it didn’t sit well with you. When he came home you already had your hearing aid off not wanting to hug him or talk to him. Tae would try to kiss your lips but you move your head, you shrugged off his hugs. You gave him a note that read: Sorry for being annoying and possessive, I can assure you that I’ll leave you alone now. When he finished he looked up at your teary eyes and you can see his face shift into remorse. 


“Why do you act like such a hoe y/n why do you enjoy flirting with other guys when you’re in front of your fucking boyfriend,” Jungkook scolded you

“I wasn’t flirting with him, I just laughed at a joke he told me so calm down idiot,” you snarly said

If looks could kill, you would be six feet under ground. Jungkook is a jealous boyfriend and when he gets mad it’s scary but you won’t let yourself be talked down to by anyone even if you loved him a lot. 

“If I wanted to date someone that gets passed around, I would’ve dated a cheese tray,” he said

“I hate you Jungkook, don’t you dare speak or touch me anymore,” you cried

“y/n!” he said as you ran to shut your room door

You turned off your hearing aid not wanting to hear him bang the door or hear his muffled pleas. Jungkook degraded you and it’s going to take more than sorry to forgive him. 

Title: Merry Christmas

Summary: Oswald’s Christmas present is a little on the risqué side, but you aren’t complaining. (A sort of part 2 to Happy Halloween).

Pairing: Oswald x Reader x Zsasz

Warnings: Voyeurism, male masturbation, fucking against/on a grand piano, oral sex (male receiving).

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     Part of you can’t believe Oswald actually did it. He actually pulled of a gigantic, city-wide Christmas party with hardly an ill word. Naturally, there were a few grumblings. But for the most part? He was a pleasant host, satisfied with showing you off to Gothamites and eating his fill of traditional Christmas food.

     “You did amazing, Os. I’m very proud.” You tell him later that night as the two of you settle in the car for the ride home.

     Oswald just smiles and kisses you tenderly. There’s nothing but love in his eyes when he says, “I would do anything for you.”


     “Yes, my love.”

     Images begin filling your mind of Oswald tied to the bed, gagged and blindfolded. You’ve always wanted to be in charge… well, not always but here recently. It’s just something new to try in the bedroom. If it goes wrong the two of you can always switch back to your old roles. You would be comfortable with that as well. As if sensing the direction of your thoughts, Oswald calls your attention back to him with another kiss. The ride continues this way: your thoughts drifting to increasingly naughty things and Oswald bringing you back to reality with his lips.

     Until you reach home.

     Then Oswald begins acting strange.

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Surrealism Pt.4 // Spencer Reid

Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/ Part 5/Part 6/Part 7/Part 8

“That’s wrong. It shouldn’t equal anything over 549.”

Spencer furrowed his eyebrows as he looked the equation over, sighing in frustration as he realized she was right. His eraser furiously wiped away the incorrect number as he cursed himself for not seeing it before.

“Can you not breathe down my neck please?” He snapped in irritation as Lexi continued to hover behind him, staring at his work over his shoulder. She smirked as she took a step back.

“No need to be so feisty,” she commented as she took a seat across from him with a mischievous grin. “Although I do like that side of you.”

Spencer rolled his eyes and went back to the equation he was trying to figure out. After minutes of work he finally set his pen down in silent defeat. The woman across from him stared at her phone, completely oblivious to his souring mood as she watched some show from Netflix.

If there was anything he had learned about Lexi Kingston it was that she preferred to spend her off time watching sitcoms. She also held a love for Chinese food and Spencer had groaned when she had climbed in through his window with boxes of it for the second time that week.

“You’re really different than what I thought you would be,” Spencer admitted as he watched the woman grin at the screen. She looked up at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Surprised I’m human?” She asked lightly.

“Yes, honestly,” Spencer confessed. “You’ve come to visit many times now and all you’ve done is ask how my days have gone and watch your tv shows.”

“A girl needs a break from reality sometimes,” Lexi replied with a shrug. “I’m assuming you do too.”

Spencer nodded in agreement as he stood and pulled out two glasses from his cupboards. He poured them some lemonade that he had just bought earlier at the store and sat beside her. She internally grinned at the fact he had begun to let his guard down after her frequent visits.

He had been incredibly rigid the second time she had visited him. She could tell he was conflicted over the fact that she was technically someone he should be hunting, and instead had her as a guest in his home. This tense atmosphere had slowly started to fade away as he saw that she really was human despite the awful things she had done.

A part of him screamed to get out of the situation. What would his team think if they found the two together? They would assume that Spencer had finally lost it after years on the job. To be honest he sometimes thought that himself whenever he caught himself smiling at something the woman had said.

Lexi finished her drink quickly and washed the glass, hushing Spencer when he told her to just leave it in the sink. She may be a killer but she did have manners. She rinsed and dried the glass before reaching to place it back where it belonged.

Spencer caught sight of a red scar along her abdomen when she reached upward, standing on her toes in order to successfully place the glass away. She noticed his stare and sighed.

“This is what Russian training looks like,” she said as she turned to him and lifted her shirt to reveal the scar. It ran longer than he expected, starting just below her breast and reaching her hipbone.

“I’m sorry,” Spencer replied as he imagined how terrified she must have been at that age, being thrown into a foreign country and expected to adapt to their vicious ways. Lexi shrugged off the pitiful look he gave her.

“It’s fine. The only downside is that men seem to be turned off by it. I was about to have sex with a guy once when he suggested I have plastic surgery,” she said with a laugh, “he woke up naked in a dumpster not even an hour later.”

Spencer chuckled at her story. He wouldn’t have expected anything less.

“Well it’s not a bad scar,” he assured with a small grin.

“What about you? Surely you have your own battle scars.” Lexi’s eyes shined with curiosity as she sat down next to him once more. Spencer nodded and pointed to one on the side of his neck.

“I got shot,” he explained briefly.

“You got shot in the neck and survived?” Lexi asked incredulously. “Whoever shot you must have terrible aim.”

Spencer grinned at her laugh as her eyes lit with amusement. He stared at her wondering why the universe had decided to throw this woman into his life in such a manner. He couldn’t help but think she was wonderful.

But she was who she was and he was who he was. It would never work.

Yet Spencer found himself dialing her phone number a few weeks later, his nervousness increasing with every ring. His foot tapped nervously against the floor as he waited for her to pick up.

“Well hello Dr. Reid,” her voice answered and Spencer knew that she had a smug smirk on her face. “What brings you to call me?”

“I- uhm. I… Are you busy?” He finally managed to spit out.

“Depends. I’m trailing someone but if you give me something fun to do I can certainly save this for another day,” she replied casually. Spencer frowned at the reminder of what she did for a living, imagining some poor man who was unaware that he would lose his life any moment.

“I wanted to see if you wanted to do dinner,” he answered with a sigh. The line was silent as Spencer waited for a reply. He could hear only her soft breathing as he mentally hit himself for picking up the phone in the first place.

“Are you asking me out on a date?” She finally asked with small amusement.

“No, not a date,” Spencer quickly replied.

“Then dinner as friends?”

“No, not friends,” he replied with a sigh.

“So… it’s a date,” she laughed as he face palmed, his cheeks burning even though no one was around to see him.

“I… I just…,” Spencer groaned as he found himself speechless. He didn’t know what to say anymore besides the fact he desperately wanted her company. He found himself bored whenever she wasn’t around to talk to and he had grown fonder of her than he had ever expected to. 

“We can’t go anywhere public or else your team will find out you’ve been spending time with a delinquent like me,” she said with a chuckle. “I’ll see you at your house and we’ll order a pizza.”

Spencer sat frozen as she hung up. He stared at the phone, wondering whether to call her back and cancel but deep inside his heart was telling him to get up and get ready. So he stood and walked to his bathroom and attempted to fix his hair that had grown longer in the past months. He no longer looked like he belonged in a boy band. Instead he looked like his old self.

He fussed over his shirt, scowling in distaste as he saw that it still fit very loosely despite it being its correct size before ultimately giving up with a frustrated sigh.

“It’s just Lexi Kingston, the assassin everyone seems to be trying to get rid of and who can’t survive without her stupid sitcom shows,” Spencer reminded himself in the mirror to ease his nerves.

“And she’s also the most bright and beautiful girl you’ve ever set your eyes on,” he added softly. He shook the thought away, determined to push away the feelings he had started to develop.

“That’s quite the compliment,” a voice rang out behind him. He turned, startled to find Lexi standing at the bathroom door. He mentally scolded himself for leaving the bedroom window open. Of course she would find a way in undetected. “Although I do resent that stupid sitcom show comment.”

“I…I only meant… I-I mean” Spencer stumbled over his words as he blushed furiously at being caught redhanded thinking of her in such a way. She smiled brightly, a true genuine smile as she walked up to him. He leaned backwards as she came closer, his back hitting the sink.

“Stop being so afraid,” she said softly as she placed her hand on his chest. She slowly moved it up to his neck, feeling his fast beating heart as she did. He stared at her, eyes flickering between her eyes and slightly parted lips before he leaned down and allowed himself to taste her for the first time.

tomskunkk  asked:

for the HCs uh ye: i love memes and i print memes and put them on my wall but when theyre dead i take them down and throw them away, i pant watercolors a lot bc its fun as heck, im super messy like!!!, im grumpy and i always hit on my friends jokingly, i give them hugs all the time bc i love my friends yes, my favorite food is mac n cheese and cereal (especially lucky charms yum), and i love pokemon a lot hope thats enough ;;


- You and Richie co-own one of those popular meme accounts on instagram, constantly making memes and referencing them irl

- You paint Richie and he shows it off to everybody everywhere because he cant believe how talented his significant other is

- You two have completed every pokemon game ever and constantly say “wanna squirtle all over my jigglypuff” everywhere you go with no context. You two also still play pokemon go

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Okay so what about Achilles like being that one bf that always boasts a lot about his partner so it's like 'here put on my jersey' 'Achilles it's summer' 'I NEED TO SHOW OFF' or he shares food with Pat without even needing to because they already have the same lunch, or always being that one that is like 'Patroclus, my boyfriend, you know' which is so unnecessary because everyone already knows? But secretly Pat loves all of it and never complains uwu


he’d be talking to odysseus or someone else like 

‘hey achilles, we’re going for a drink tonight, wanna come?’

‘no sorry, i already have plans tonight. with patroclus.’

‘ah alright-’

‘patroclus, who is my boyfriend.’

‘yes i got it’

‘yeah. so patroclus, my boyfriend, and i, are going to watch a movie.’

‘how nice.’

‘yes. and i’ll probably cuddle with him too. because he’s my-’

‘yes, i know -’


*odysseus sighs*

So I posted on here once about one of my fellow managers putting me on the ground before. *I’ve been promoted from Crew to Manager since I submitted that one.
Well I still don’t like him but I have to work with him so I’ve gotten over it.
Anyways I was working with him last night and this woman called, said we made her McDouble wrong and gave her the wrong size French fry. We told her the store policy that we can’t replace it without her receipt. What does she do? Show up and hour later with said food. So I let the other manager deal with her and I took someone else food outside.
This woman comes storming outside, screaming how we don’t know how to do our job and how we’re all incompetent. I tell her to have a nice night. Her response? “F*** OFF, B****.”
My response: “Yes maam, and have a lovely night.”

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This is just for anyone else who questions why ML is so good! It features a really diverse cast (in terms of race, gender, personality, body type, etc.), a biracial female lead character, and really positive messages about inclusion and responsibility. And Marinette actually interacts with aspects of her Chinese heritage in the show - it's not just glanced over! ML really has something for everyone 10/10 great show (PS sorry if I sent this multiple times; my wifi has been acting up)

yes yes yess!!! It even had Chloe with her racist bullcrap in Kung food and Adrien telling her off about it and ugghuggh yes I love itttt. It also made it a point that just because Marinette is half Chinese, she doesn’t have to know the language and actually had someone (Adrien) who had taken the time to learn the language (likely because he’s a model and all OVER the place and has a strict dad) come and help translate for her. 

It also explores having distant parents and identity crisis and how ANYTHING can make someone feel bad regardless, they are entitled to their own sadness and regular teenage stuffs and I just really like it