yes i looked at a photo for reference for the tiger

Some things I've picked up on drawing realistically:

—–The tips on blending/ base color are mostly for prismacolor pencils but could be true for other things. Everything else is kinda general.—–

-Always have a good outline before you start, if your outline is shitty there is no possible way filling it in will make it better so make your outline as accurate as possible.

-99.999999% of all artwork goes through a “this looks like trash” phase… so just keep on powering through it’s not going to get better by throwing it out and starting again 1/5 of the way through… look for ways to fix it

-use ur eraser/ paint over and fix mistakes

Work from background to foreground (back to front obejects) if your doing a background color/paint that in first. Then work on the next farthest thing. Color the inside of the eye before you do they eyelashes/ waterline

-if your subject os wearing makeup/tattoos/etc you should put down their normal skin tone first, then put on the makeup. It’s how real makeup/tattoos work and it will ensure if you screw up it will completely erase and not stain the paper underneath so you won’t have to worry about having some dark erase mark where you went out too far.

-stay away from using the color black when shading non-grey/black subjects. Unless your trying to do the shading for something black/white/grey/ or extremely dark colors (like navy blue that is so dark it looks like it could be black) avoid it, it isn’t realistic.

-human flesh tones aren’t just variations of peach/tans/browns/etc. depending on the skin tones your trying to achieve you could need turquoise, pink, purple, green, gold, blue, red, yellow, and/or a mix of everything.

-you should have a base color of the lightest highlight of the area then put the darker shading on top of it, then you can add that light color on top to blend and soften. Additionally having the lightest highlight as your base tint will ensure if you screw up on shading you can erase and not have dark erase marks as the color that ‘stains’ the paper is the lightest

-grids are your friend, use grids

-use a reference, you and the rest of the world most likely will not be able to remember things perfect from memory. Trust me even if you just want to draw a tiger

-Many schools will not want you to work from photo references for a still life project as it is actually much easier to work from photos than from real life, but if they allow it you should not feel ashamed if you want to make it less stressful on yourself and take a picture of the subject,, remember even tattoo artists will work from a photo/premade drawing in addition to a direct outline on the skin

-art is hard, nobody can teach you how to draw/paint, they can give tips and pointers to help you

-if the person in your portrait has the wrong expression, like they are to sad/angry looking, try changing the eyebrows… I’ve been in high art classes for years and didn’t know that until last week when I complained on the internet that my portrait subject looked too sad and somebody commented to check the eyebrows and it changed my life and the entire mood of the subject

-if you’re just drawing for fun (fan art, etc) you can *whispers really secretively* trace the outline *17 gasps heard from across the country* honestly I’m guilty of just not feeling like spending 6 hours perfectly proportioning the base outline of things, especially people (again, shitty base outline, shitty final product) so I will sit and zoom in on a pic on my phone/laptop and trace it. Also it’s not like it makes your art any less impressive, filling in color/shading and blending right is all up to you and that can make or break your drawing and that is something you literally can’t trace.

- ALWAYS TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR ART WHILE YOU ARE WORKING ON IT… like progression pics. SEEING YOUR DRAWING IN PHOTO FORM WILL MAKE YOU NOTICE THINGS THAT ARE OFF (color, proportion, etc). Trust me take pictures as you go, if something is off in the photo, fix it and take another (it’s more effective than that whole ‘turn your picture sideways bullshit’ trust me it’s what has saved so many drawings.

-if you take a break from a drawing, put it somewhere where you won’t see it every 5 seconds. When you come back to it you might notice even minute things that are off (and trust me a minute detail can change your entire piece

-white is really helpful for blending skin tones (yes even darker skin tones) again this is true for colored pencils, not sure how it would fair for other media

-If you THINK you see some kind of color tint, you probably do, make sure you try to add in just that little hint of it.

-backgrounds are hard when you are one to lose interest on anything that isn’t the main subject so if that’s u, you’re not alone I hate them too

-pencil cap erasers are your best friend, not just because you go through erasers a lot, but because they are fine tipped so you can erase small areas

-you will almost always be able to see some kind of lines if you’re using colored pencils/etc so make sure as you go, those lines work with the drawing. Color hair in the way the direction the hair is going, etc (like sanding with the (metaphorical) grain)

-the face is the most important aspect to get realistic (especially the eyes). If you have a really great face it will distract from weak points in fabrics, backgrounds, etc

I use etc a lot hope I helped someone out there

A visual arts student who had to figure all of this stuff out on her own

mr-slim1997  asked:

So general advice haha

“I saw your recent post! Do you have any advice for those wanting to submit a portfolio themselves?”

I’m going to start out and say that I’m not an expert and a lot of this stuff I’m spouting is advice I’ve gotten from other sheridan/calarts students, my mentors, and personal experience. (THIS IS GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A DOOZY POST I APOLOGIZE FOR THIS HEAVY READING AND TYPOS) 

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An Ed Sheeran One Shot
A request: Going with Ed to adopt a kitten
Word count: 1,238

“Ed, no more,” you scolded, snatching a bag of cat treats away from him.  

It was the third package he’d picked up and attempted putting in the basket.

“But babe, he’ll need biscuits.  Loads of ‘em,” he almost whined through a smile, grabbing the treats back up from your hand.

“You’re spending too much money on stuff he won’t even be able to use yet.  And you brought me to help you not do that, remember?”

He shook his head, furrowing his eyebrows almost as if he didn’t understand what you were telling him.

“My baby will be well pampered.  And fat,” he said matter-of-factly and as if caught by surprise, “And no one can take that away from him.”

All you could do was raise your own brows at him while he tossed the bag in the red basket hanging from his elbow, adding to the mix of toys he’d specifically picked out.  

“This one looks like something out of Fifty Shades,” he chuckled, waiving a fuzzy pink bundle of feathers over your face, the black plastic wand flexing when he waved it around.  Another older shopper, standing at the far right of the aisle glanced over her shoulder when Ed made the reference.

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Coffee and Cake

Title: Coffee and Cake
Pairing: Dean x female!Reader
Words: 3,783
Summary: It’s a rainy day and she just wants a coffee and a quiet place to concentrate. She still has to work on that concentration part.

barista!Dean x art student!Reader || Coffee Shop AU || fluff || request

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favorite moments from the SHINee fanmeet in Chicago

- shawols in the audience belting out the lyrics to “dream girl” while we were waiting for them to come on stage

- the MC having to tell us to calm down so he could hear over our crazy screaming

- SHINee literally KILLING IT during the first song, “everybody” (and those black uniforms ugh)

- Key’s comments in English that he kept making all night (repeating the words the MC said, making fun of the other members, and expressing his love for us!)

- when the MC asked us who was better looking, Brad Pitt or Minho, and the entire audience yelled out “MINHO!!!” so loudly that Minho covered his face and shook his head in embarrassment

- Taemin saying he liked the choreography for “drip drop” better than “press your number” because “drip drop” is “more sexy” (YES HE SAID THAT OUT LOUD IN ENGLISH)

- Key getting embarrassed when one of the fan questions, which asked about his skin care routine, called his complexion flawless

- Key brand dropping the Saem in response to that question, insisting that he actually uses it

- Taemin’s goofy smile and nod every time someone guessed correctly during his turn at charades

- Minho gesturing politely to his charades teammates to step out to the middle of the stage, which included shawols who were over 70 years old! (the MC referred to Minho’s team as the “youngest team on stage”)

- Jonghyun acting out film titles like a boss during charades; favorites include him spreading out his arms for Titanic, singing “do you want to build a snowman?” for Frozen, and saying “I am your father” for Star Wars

- Minho and Taemin trying to distract Key during his turn at charades by acting out instruments other than the one Key was trying to do

- Onew running around the stage holding his arm up for “giraffe” and growling adorably for “tiger”

- Taemin hugging and jumping up and down with his team of shawols when they won

- Onew and Minho doing their aegyo punishment for losing, when Onew acted as “Minho’s gangster girlfriend” and Minho “kissed” him aggressively

- Taemin, Jonghyun, and Key sitting at the front of the stage with their backs to us as they watched Minho and Onew do aegyo (is it weird to say the backs of their heads were adorable? they looked like little kids watching someone tell a story!)

- Jonghyun discussing his favorite memory from their time as rookies, which was their first time together performing on stage. he said that everyone got emotional and he and Key cried. Key said he does get emotional but he didn’t cry that time, and Jonghyun kept insisting he had cried, but Key kept yelling “LIAR!” and pointing back at him

- Taemin gesturing to the other members to join in during his dance solo for “replay”

- SHINee taking a photo with the crowd, and Key telling us he would post it on his Instagram

- Taemin’s little dance move as he walked off the stage for the last time

- Minho and Key staying out on stage longer and waving at everyone

- Key saying he didn’t want to leave and that SHINee would definitely be back

- Key shouting out “I LOVE YOU!” as he backed up off the stage

…these are just a FEW of the beautiful moments from last night. it was so perfect!

To All of my Anons over the Past 24 Hours

Not surprisingly, I got a ton of anons, some angry with Darren, some supportive, and many angry with me. I am going to make one statement and then I am moving on from the tweets that were and were not made, unless something further develops from Darren himself (or his team).  So if you want to read my response, its under the cut.  I warn you, its long.

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