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psa for college freshman

hey, whats up, hello! so you’re gonna be a freshman and you’re probably moving in real soon, and you might be excited but also nervous, not to worry i got you! here are some tips and tricks and general advice based on my own experience. 

okay so step by step:


okay so this is easily the most stressful thing about the first week of school. you gotta get all of your stuff into a tiny dorm if it’s a big room i am literally so jealous my dorm was like a prison so don’t freak out, stay cool and pack efficiently!

  • try not to overpack, it’s really easy to believe you’ll need everything you’re bringing but trust me you won’t even look at half of it
    • a good tip for this is, if you don’t use it at home, don’t bring it to school! (plus it’s really easy to just buy stuff you need on amazon so don’t forget that that’s an option too)
  • if you’re going to a school that deals in snow, DON’T bring that stuff (jackets/hats/boots/etc) with you when you move in. if you know you’re going to go home for a weekend before the snow sets in, definitely leave it at home and bring it with you later!
  • let your parents/guardians/friends/family help you move in. it might not seem like a big deal, but letting them help you will make them feel better. and if you don’t like how they arrange things, let it be! you have all semester to rearrange and settle in, they only have this one day, so just let them have it! also don’t forget to thank them when they leave!


ah yes, the wonderful concepts of roommates. i was lucky my freshman year, but some people aren’t

  • try and connect with them via facebook/school emails/phone, settling things like are you gonna share a mini fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and how you’re gonna decorate (if you’re into that) will help when you finally settle into your room
  • definitely go over ground rules once you’re all unpacked and settled in. my dorm had us go over a list of questions, come to an agreement, and sign it in case there were any future conflicts. cover things like: 
    • is it okay to have my friends sit at your desk or on your bed when you aren’t there?
    • how should we handle overnight guests?
    • do you want me to give you a heads up if i have friends coming over?
    • 100% agree to give each other a heads up on parents coming to your room
    • sharing food?
    • cleaning responsibilities
    • definitely definitely give each other a copy of your class schedule, and if you have classes at the same time maybe you can agree to make sure you’re both awake at the right time!
  • you don’t have to be bff’s with your roommate, sometimes it turns out that way and sometimes it doesn’t. what you do need to be is open and honest with your roommate. your year will be miserable (especially if you can’t switch roommates) if you don’t communicate with each other. don’t be afraid to tell them if something is bothering you. if you’re to nervous to do that or don’t like confrontation, talk to your RA or RD

so now that we got all that out of the way, here are some general tips about social things:

  • that whole keep your door open and people will come talk to you think is a load of bs. me and my roommate did that for weeks and no one came in. everyone is just waiting for someone else to take that chance. so go into peoples rooms and ask them if they wanna grab lunch/dinner! walk around and poke your head in their room! it might be awkward as hell but at least you’re trying :)
  • go to all (or as many) dorm activities as you can! this allows you to meet more people too even if the event is really dumb, at least show up. you always have the option to leave!
  • go to club meetings! even if you aren’t sure you want to stay in the club. it’s much harder or maybe just more awkward to join when you’re an upperclassmen, so try and get those roots down as soon as you can
  • that being said, you can always leave a group without any hard feelings. people do it all the time, so don’t be scared that once you go to one meeting you’re stuck in the group forever
  • don’t let anyone tell you that as a freshman you can’t get involved. if you want to, you can. there is absolutely nothing stopping you. you might have to work a bit harder but i know you can do it!
  • sometimes freshman year can suck, or at least have it’s moments. don’t give up. everything gets infinitely better as time goes one, i promise. if you’re having a tough time or feel isolated or overwhelmed, reach out to someone, a parent, friends from home, an old teacher, anyone really! don’t give up, things might get tough, but you ARE strong and you WILL get through it
Exchange Student -1- Jungkook

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Exchange Student - Jungkook

Parts; Masterlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 |

Pairing; Jungkook x reader

Rating; Mature

Genre; Fluff, Romance

Word count; 3.650

Synopsis; having an exchange student living in your house, shouldn’t be a problem unless this exchange student is Jungkook from BTS. 

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Prompt: Either Helios and Apollo taking care of a sick Icarus or helping him deal with allergy season (I like sickfics and characters taking care of each other)


By default, Icarus isn’t a particularly cheery guy.  He’s prone to sarcasm, depression, and cynicism – even when he’s in fine health.

When he’s not in fine health, the grouchiness goes off the charts.

A long coughing fit is punctuated by two mighty sneezes and a curse.  “Is there some god of sickness so I can kick his ass,” Icarus raves hoarsely, looking around for more Mucinex.  

Helios laughs from where he’s sitting improbably balanced on the back of a kitchen chair.  “As it so happens, that particular asshole is in your apartment right now!”

Icarus looks up through bleary eyes at Helios, who’s pointing at Apollo, who’s looking at Icarus thoughtfully.

Icarus blinks.  “Wait – I thought you were a doctor?  The god of healing?  You heal people!”

“And kill them, sometimes. Both aspects of disease fall under my domain.  Though I lay no claim to this attack on your immune system,” Apollo says absently, leaning over to inspect Icarus closely.  Icarus feels too shitty to blush; he just glowers and wavers where he stands.

“…It does appear your initial production of white blood cells has failed to fight off the virus. It’s an infection now; a pity. You’ll have to go through the unpleasantness of fever and phlegm to dispel it.”

“I’ll be happy to help you kick his ass, Icarus, just say the word!”

Icarus groans and grabs a glass of water and the Mucinex, retreating to his room.  

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His Precious Little Flower

My precious little flower

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky is dating a girl who owns a flower shop but he hasn’t told any of his friends including Steve about her because he’s protective of her and doesn’t want them to scare her off because she’s shy. the team end up stalking him to see where he goes and they see him kissing her inside her shop.

A/n surprise I’m actually posting this a day before I was going to ! I hope you guys like it. My next fic is going to be a winter13 smut so look out for that

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Bucky Barnes was in love, its as simple as that. The only problem was that he hasn’t told his friends about you. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of you, it’s just that he knows how his friends were and he didn’t want to scare you off. You were totally ok with the fact that Bucky hasn’t introduced you to his friends. From what you’ve seen on the news they were very confident and that intimidated the hell out of you.

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ok you're kind of turning me into a jily shipper so i need to know- do you have a jily fic rec list??

yes yes good (i have a fic rec page here) but it hasn’t been updated in a while so


the two big ones (or, the ones that pretty much everyone in the fandom has read):

  • the life and times- over 600k, woefully incomplete, the entire fandom (and then some) know about this fic, and my favourite part of it is the dynamic between the marauders
  • commentarius- over 700k, also woefully incomplete, written pre half blood prince so there are some canon deviations and it’s a bit ridiculous but in charming way

in-verse fics (this is a very loose term because all we know is that they got together sometime during their seventh year)


Marichat May Day 12 - Sleepover

When Chat Noir mentions that he’s never had a sleepover, Marinette is determined to give him the best first sleepover ever. Out comes the best fort known to mankind.

Rated G || 3,007 Words

Cross posted to Ao3 || FF

The Fort

“Wait you’re telling me you’ve never had a sleepover before?” Marinette had been talking about a recent time when Alya had spent the night when Chat admitted he’d never had a sleepover with someone.

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “No, my dad is a little over protective. I didn’t even start going to public school until this year.” He knew there was a slight blush peeking out from below his mask. He was kind of embarrassed that he’d never spent the night at someone else’s house.

“That’s it, you’re staying the night. I’m going to make sure you have the entire sleepover experience, as least how I do it anyway. First, we need a fort, I’ll be right back.” Marinette ran down the stairs, leaving a shell-shocked Chat Noir in her wake.

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My take on SnB:Vs Episode 14, another long trash post from yours truly. Damn I should make ‘My take’ a thing now! LONG. SUPER LONG since I’m ChariNina trash

WARNING: This post is very long and includes rants as well. Read at your own risk.

First I would like to finally say the words I’ve been meaning to shout to all yall, anti or not.


That was good, that was reeeeaaaaaal good. WHAT? STILL DON’T BELIVE ME YOU PIECE OF- beautiful human flesh THEN LEMME POINT OUT HOW AND BRUH THIS IS GONNA BE LONG.

First up, my harto. I was stabbed multiple times because of that new opening and no it’s not because I have a raging cold that I feel like something is stabbing my heart I legit felt that. Like bro look at this.

LOOK AT IT. (Apologies for the low-quality screenshots, I couldn’t help myself since I hadn’t downloaded it online and was streaming it so yeah)

You know it’s legit when they’re the first ones in the OP but wait there’s more! (You clearly know this is gonna be pure ChariNina with a little bit of something something but still mainly ChariNina)

Okay time out, let’s appreciate the Chari fan service since people were complaining that they were making Nina fan service now.

I certainly am not complaining though,

Okay back on track, things I like to point out during this episode (basically all the ChariNina in this episode) and starting with the OP.

Okay fine since I like this I’ll- OH WAIT OH MY GOB THAT’S LUCIFER. BABY!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR 1 SEASON AND A HALF NOW OMG YOU STILL LOOKING FINE. Oh hey Azazel you’re looking okay too. You both look fine as hell though… quite literally huehuehuehue

Okay back to the OP, it was siiiiick. Some people said they didn’t like it compared to the 1st OP but this one was sick and intense like the first one, sure a little different, more on green less on red but it’s amazing for me. What I do want to point out are these.

Me while watching: GO NINA, RUN TO YO MAN!

Still me: *quiet*

Still me: *gasp*


Okay now to the episode, I’m sure most of you have seen it so I’m not gonna make story tell cause yall are here to see this trash of a post so you know how it goes, but still here; cute Nina coming home scene which is cute.

Yep, cute. Also, Nina is flexible af

Okay now were moving to the moment where all of us were either too focused and in it to fangirl or were fangirling because of everything that has been said.

Second up, OMG.

Me while watching this: Nina you better say yes.

SHE SAID YES OMG!!! I made it sound like she said yes to Chari proposing to her… that could be arranged though…

Me: *starts to fangirl*

Me: *Fangirls even more*





Me: *insert lenny face here* (This galaxy is beautiful btw, props to the art in BahaSoul this is legit beautiful)

Me: Hihihihihihihihi. Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue. I am pointing out again to the people who thought Nina’s heart was broken after she found out Chari was the King in the previous eps please go and suck on this.


Me: *pauses*

Me: Naw Nina you don’t mean that girl… I mean you hated what he did as King, not as Chari!

Me: I know Nina… well I don’t know but what I would want is for you to get together.

Me: SEE NINA?! THANK YOU FOR GETTING MY POINT. YOU DON’T HATE HIM, YOU JUST DIDN’T LIKE WHAT HE DID! (Let’s appreciate the triple A writing here like this is some emotional sht right here)

Me answering for Nina and the fandom: YES.

I just want to point out how I said before that Nina wasn’t broken. Sure she felt hurt and this proves it now but she’s mostly confused and is in a state of wonder as to why he did all these things and how she should feel towards a person she loves but is doing all of these things to the other races. This is like Romeo and Juliet yknow. *end of serious*


Okay I just wanna point these out. The last images of Nina’s flashback to Chari was when Chari was smiling at her, and the last one was with his disguise as Chris. I feel as though this symbolizes that she didn’t fall in love with a king but in fact a person; a kind and great guy as she describes herself.

I mean look at this.





Ehem, anyway. I like what Jeanne is pointing out here.

(Jeanne really is literally the fandom in this right now)

Me: IT AINT A MAYBE JEANNE IT IS REAL! But seriously this is some good sht right here like dang, wow. This speaks to a whole other level, this can be applied in the real world.

Some of you maybe pointing out ‘but Jeanne doesn’t know who she likes and if she does she will definitely say no to this!’ My gob you antis never really shut up huh?

Do you really think Jeanne doesn’t have an idea of who this person may be when 1.) she saw how the king interacted with Nina back at the prison and 2.) she was literally there when Nina fought as a dragon to save her! She saw how Nina didn’t bite off Chari’s head when he came near her and it would be impossible for her not to see how she de-transformed into a human and he carefully caught her because she was fkng there and watching!

And if she really doesn’t know who this person Nina likes do you think she’ll hinder Nina from finding her happiness when the girl who was a complete stranger to her decided to be kind and help her? Nina could’ve left her but she didn’t and that’s because that’s who Nina is. Do you really think Jeanne would be selfish enough to try hinder Nina’s feeling for Charioce? Do you really think Jeanne would be the type of person who would tell Nina she can’t love him because he’s a bad guy?

Gob if you think so then you really don’t know who Jeanne D’Arc is and is just trying to make a way to break of Charioce and Nina.

Jeanne isn’t selfish enough to try and separate Nina from Charioce because of what he’s done. She might ask Nina if she’s sure with this and if Nina answers yes then she’ll support her, if Nina answers she doesn’t know then Jeanne will help her. Jeanne won’t stop Nina from loving who she wants and I want to make that perfectly clear not unless the creators suddenly decided to make Jeanne a dck which is highly not possible.

Okay moving on.

Here we have Nina contemplating on life rn. Don’t worry Nina baby we feel you.

You know something else I really liked this episode? Mama Dragon, I mean she’s not a dragon but Imma call her Mama Dragon. Mama Dragon is so nice and lovely and I feel bad because she lost her hubby, now I see where Nina gets her charms!

Also, thank you Mappa for giving us a legit mom and not some hot super model mother who looks the same age as her daughter. Very nice.

Mama Jeanne and Mama Dragon mom time. This is legit probs the only time Jeanne has ever cried her feelings out, leave it to a mom to comfort another mom.

Overall, I am very happy with how this episode turned out. We go an insight of Nina’s feelings and saw how she’s coping with the info she got. This gives a new depth to Nina since people just see her as an overly optimistic person but just because she’s optimistic doesn’t mean she doesn’t have trouble too. Now I’m happy most especially about badass granny dragon! Like look at her! She’s so cool!

Ah 2017 has been a good year for romance. Not for me though but ChariNina’s romance is enough to make me feel happy for love.

I was gonna add my ED thoughts in here too but that would be a liiiiitttttlle to much for one post (as 2k words isn’t already ‘too much’) so if you’re interested you can go ahead and see that too!

Well this ends another long a** post and yes, this is canon now, you just saw the proof.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts, I aint here to cause arguments and those anti anti things are just forms of expressions so don’t take this too seriously and attack me, although I would like to hear your thoughts my intention is not to cause fights but to fangirl and give my honest opinions.

Feel free to reblog and comment and have a ChariNina filled life!

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Does elsewhere u have that obnoxious kid from elementary school who everyday you'd be like "oh hey Lizzy!" "No, today my name is Rachel." Because I simultaneously feel like that is an exceptionally good way to protect your true name but also a very good way to have other students make bargains to have you taken away. (On the subject, is that a bargain that can be made?)

You can certainly arrange for something nasty to happen to someone else, yes. Using someone else as a bargaining chip is a little shakier, but it’s generally accepted that if someone comes when you call for them, they’re yours enough to make it valid. Many of the Gentry have reservations about this, however - it feels like cheating, or perhaps a better word is unsporting You’d have to find one of the nastier Fair Folk to strike that particular deal with, although if you’re trying to get someone fucking abducted you’re probably well on your way already.

One More Time

Anon asked: HelloOo! :) can I get a nct taeyong college au where you’re both frat house leaders & there’s a Halloween party & uhm idk I just imagine sexual tension & makeouts ahaha thank u!

You swear to fuck that this happens at every single party.

I know next to nothing about frat houses or how college works so rip me if this sucks. This is also probably 300% NOT what you wanted but I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing heavier. things so. I’m sorry if it’s not what you want I tried my best.

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Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill landed in Sweden on Monday to attend Crown Princess Victoria’s 40th birthday celebrations this week. Earlier today, after Madeleine had lunch with her best friend Louise Gottlieb in Stockholm, she and Chris gave an interview to Expressen and spoke about the birthday celebrations this week. 

The couple will attend a private birthday celebration in Oland where the Crown Princess will receive gifts and have a dinner with her family. Madeleine said, “Me and Carl Philip have arranged a gift together." 

Expressen: What do you expect from tomorrow’s holiday? 

Madeleine: It will be so much fun. It’s always fun to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Christopher:  We very much look forward to celebrating her birthday. My wife has prepared gifts from us. She has been responsible for planning it. (smiles) 

Madeleine: (laughs) Yes, I am responsible for the better of our family (laughs). No, I and Carl Philip have arranged a joint gift. We discussed it all together. 

Expressen: When will the Crown Princess receive her gift? 

Madeleine: Tomorrow is a full program, so I do not know when it will happen! Perhaps the next day (laughs). No, it is likely to be in the evening, after we celebrate Victoria Day. Then we tend to have a family dinner together and then we celebrate her privately. 

Expressen: The remainder of the summer, Madeleine and Christopher will spend mainly in Sweden. 

Christopher: It feels great to be in Sweden. As always. 

Madeleine: We are so happy to be in Sweden. The Swedish summer is the best, and we really appreciate the time that we spend on Öland. We very much look forward to this summer!

Hi! I was wondering whether you might be able to have a look through a quick analysis I wrote up after your recent post about type and behaviour? Since I began looking into type through the cognitive functions, it’s been in the back of my mind that I am an ISFJ. I think this may be partly because there were certain aspects of the stereotype that were kind of triggering, and so I’ve struggled to really look past it and consider other types. I’d really appreciate a second opinion on what functions you see here; I’m fairly certain I’m Si/Ne Fe/Ti, but I’m not sure whether I’m projecting something that isn’t really there. Thank you so, so much for taking the time and effort to read this!

I really appreciate all the thought, effort, and detail you put into the description. Much of it is indeed Si, but despite that, I think you might be an INFP. It seems like it requires a “conscious effort” for you to focus on Si, rather than something that happens naturally; if it is your tert-function, naturally you would notice it more and consider it potentially your dominant (which is also suggested by your reaction to “certain triggering aspects of the stereotype” which suggests to me that you’re somewhat resistant to Si-dom traits). On to what you wrote.

I tend to rely on a kind of sense-memory to accomplish tasks and make decisions. Like, walking down the food aisle and remembering tastes and textures vividly to construct something pleasant; finally getting a position correct for my karate kata and remembering what it feels like so I can do it properly again. I’m kind of a blank slate when approaching anything I don’t know and seek out more information to gain better understanding.

Yes, this is Si.

My strengths lie more in solving problems in the moment with both prior knowledge and objects/ information from my immediate environment, and figuring out how to put things together e.g. arranging an unsorted bunch of aerial photos to show ground pattern and make sense. I work well with things that require attention to detail and accuracy. I’m alright with abstract ideas in passing – quick hypotheticals; something situationally or interpersonally relevant -, but get bored things are drawn out – a long conversation on motifs and themes.

This sounds more like Ne/Si – quick patterns, swift loss of interest, a shift in attention, and a lack of natural focus on details (you zone out with long conversations that want to delve deeper into the details?).

If someone asks why I feel something or think something, or even how I figured something out, it can catch me off guard, and I have to think about it, partly because my answer doesn’t feel ‘right’ due to how simple it is and a fear that I missed something that makes my answer unacceptable in some way, particularly if I have an audience or the questioner is being passive aggressive e.g. ‘How’s the room?’ ‘It’s great!’ ‘Huh. Really? What’s so great about it?’ ‘…There’s nothing wrong with it?’

This smacks of Fi/Te. The discomfort of assembling inner impressions / feelings / thoughts and articulating them in a way others can understand, while lower Te fears judgment / logical aggression from others. I’m guessing you don’t really process your feelings out loud when things happen to you either?

I don’t really share my thoughts or opinions about things easily in a group setting, because there’s too much else to pay attention to; one-on-one I tend to either ask a lot of questions to understand people and why they think the way they do or banter/small talk.

Yeah, no Fe here. Your curiosity toward people could be Fi/Ne.

I tend to stay away from serious debate because while I am interested in another person’s opinion, often I don’t have strong enough feelings to match the debater in a counter-point

Again, no Fe – Fe wants others to agree with its opinion. The “meh, whatever dude” approach is much more Fi-dom.

and arguing gets kind of dull after a while, especially when all valid points have been made and it feels like you’re stuck in a conversation with someone who just wants to prove that they’re right. 

Lost interest again, lower Te elimination of valid arguments, boredom since there’s no force driving you to ‘correct’ someone else’s opinion.

Others have commented that I have habits, but I’m not really annoyed if something happens to change them unless I’ve had no prior notice ‘til the moment or change is enforced in an attempt to get a reaction.

Ne/Si again, going with the flow and maybe Fi kicking in to say MY LIFE.

I tend to get along with/make an effort to get along with most people. If they’re rude or snide, I am still polite and civil because it gets things done more easily and I now know it annoys them. I get stressed with too much ‘noise’ around me, when someone is suddenly hostile or dismissive without a clear reason why, or when someone tries to force an argument.

High on the agreeableness scale / non-applicable to function.

When I get stressed my emotions become overly dramatic and childish.

Inferior Te / loss of control of a higher feeling function.

I can also feel a sense of doom like I’m going to be stuck where I am now (whatever area that ‘now’ may be in) no matter what I do.

This implies you desperately WANT THINGS TO CHANGE on a semi-regular basis, to the point where you become distressed if it feels you may never escape this moment. THIS IS A CLASSIC LOWER SI INDICATOR. Si/Ne is much more cautious about change; Ne/Si constantly strives for it.

My answer is an INFP who seems to loop a fair amount. :)

- ENFP Mod

Day Eight: Free Day

Here it is, my last(terrible, I’m sorry) post for @voltronwhumpweek2017. No spoilers, 1.5k. words. 

“This is all your fault, you know,” Lance hissed. “Yes, Lance, we have to go into that weird room with the weird gas. Lance, there are prisoners in there. You have to put others before yourself, Lance. Well I did and look where that got me. Sick, stuck in a room with you.”

“Lance, please, just shut up,” Keith groaned, burying his face in a pillow. “I already feel sick enough, and you’re not making me feel any better. It’s not like I’m happy about the arrangement either. I’m stuck in a room with you. At least we saved lives. Doesn’t that make you feel better”

“I guess,” Lance sighed, a coughing harshly into the crook of his arm. “How much longer do we have to be in here anyway?” Keith shrugged, his face pale in the harsh lighting of the med bay.

“I wish I could sleep,” Keith said, dragging a thick wool blanket over his trembling body.

“Why don’t you? It would make both of us happy.” Keith shot Lance a half- hearted glare.

“My head hurts too much.”

“Really? I don’t have a headache.” Lance’s eyes were furrowed as he looked at Keith.

“Than you’re lucky,” Keith muttered. A coughing fit overtook his body, his body shaking with the effort. When he was finished he groaned, his voice wrecked. Lance’s fingers fluttered to Keith’s forehead, surprised to find Keith much warmer than himself.

“You know, I think your fever’s gone up,” Lance said.

“What, no sarcastic joke?”

“Keith-” Lance bit his lip, unsure of what to say. “I’m going to get Shiro. Stay here.”

He shuffled into the lounge with a massive blanket over his shoulders, the lounge feeling quite a bit colder than the med bay had. Shiro’s eyes widened when he saw the brunette enter the room and he darted up from his spot on the couch, his hand flying to Lance’s head.

“You should be in bed,” he instructed.

“Keith’s getting worse,” Lance said. “I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s about time you two should eat,” Shiro mused. “Are you hungry?” Lance answered with a small shrug, the blanket shifting with the movement of his shoulders. “Come with me, Hunk made soup.”

They found Hunk in the kitchen, grinding spices into a huge metal pot stewing on the stove. “Oh, hey guys!” he grinned. “The soup’s almost ready. Lance, you feeling any better, bud?”


“Here, take some of this,” Hunk implored. “I made your favorite from back in the garrison.” Lance accepted the bowl, staring down at floating pieces of chicken and noodle. The scent wafting off of it reminded him on simpler times and made him feel just a tiny bit better.

“I’ll take one for Keith. Thanks,” Shiro said as Hunk labeled out steaming chicken noodle soup, dropping it into a large white bowl.

“Feel better soon, Lance,” Hunk called as Lance and Shiro began to make their way back to the med bay.

Keith was tossing and turning on his small cot, his eyes wide open and his breathing ragged. Shiro dropped down next to him, gently placing a hand on Keith’s forehead. “You were right, Lance,” he sighed. “Keith, how are you feeling?”

“Terrible,” he croaked. Shiro purses his lips, taking a spoonful of soup.

“Can you eat?” Keith eyed the spoonful with disdain. Finally he shook his head.

“Oh, come on, Keith,” Lacd scoffed, shoving a spoonful of soup into his mouth. It burned as it went down but he ignored it and smiled widely, putting on a show for Keith. “If I can do it, so can you. Unless you want to admit I can eat more soup than you.” Lance knew that his jab at Keith was weak but he could see how worried Shiro was and after seeing Keith refuse food, Lance was beginning to get worried, too. Keith’s eyes narrowed and Lance shoved another spoonful of soup into his mouth. “Wow, Keith, you suck at this.”

“Are you really going to do this now, Lance?” he snapped, grabbing the soup from Shiro. “See, I can eat soup just as well as you can.” Lance smiled as Keith drained his bowl, smirking at Lance as he set the empty bowl down on the floor next to him. The smirk fell from his face, and his eyes rolled back in his head as he fell down to his cot, snoring softly as soon as his head hit the pillow. Shiro heaved a sigh, picking up Keith’s empty dished.

“Thank you for that,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind it if you kept an eye on Keith, but try to get some rest. You’re sick, too, you know.”

“Yeah, I know,” Lance said, flopping against his pillows. “Just don’t defend the universe without me.”

The castle was silent when Lance woke up, the lights of the med bay dim, just barely bright enough to see the room. Lance sat up, his mouth dry, and glanced over at Keith in the cot next to him. Keith’s face was troubled, and he was murmuring incoherently. “Don’t- don’t hurt him!” Keith cried, a dip forming between Lance’s eyebrows. It felt wrong to wake up Keith, but at the same time it felt even more wrong to let Keith continue his nightmare. Lance reached over, softly shaking Keith’s shoulder. Keith bolted up, breathing heavily and a wild look in his eyes. He calmed down, and the fear in his eyes turned to anger.

“Why did you wake me up?” he whined. “I was sleeping.” Lance saw that his decision might not have been the best one. Keith was sick and angry, not the best combination.

“You were having a nightmare!” Lance said in defense. “What was it even about?” The blood rushed to Keith’s face and he turned around, staring daggers at the blank wall.

“None of your business,” Keith muttered. “Just let me sleep.” Lance didn’t need to know that whenever Keith closed his eyes the same image kept repeating over and over in his mind; Lance chained to the wall, Haggar blasting him with quintessence as Lance’s face contorted with pain.

“Fine,” Lance grumbed. “Last time I try to help you.” Shiro could look after Keith himself. The only thing in Lance’s mind at the moment was sleep. He heard coughing coming from Keith, and he bit back a yell. “Can’t you be any quieter?”

“No, Lance, I can’t,” Keith snapped, his voice rough. “Just put a pillow over your head or something.” Letting out a puff of air Lance grabbed a pillow from underneath his head, sticking it over his ear. He could still hear Keith’s coughing but it was muffled, and it sounded like it was coming from a great distance. Normally Lance couldn’t sleep with any noise but his fever made it impossible to stay awake for long and soon he was falling into a fitful sleep.

It was hard to say how long Lance slept for but when he woke up he felt rested, his limbs feeling less achy and his body feeling less cold. He slid out of bed, testing his feet. His legs seemed normal and hope blossomed in his chest. Maybe the worst of this alien virus was over. His eyes wandered to Keith to find the boy still asleep, a lock of black hair falling in his eyes. Sounds of productivity came from different parts of the castle but Lance decided to let Keith wake up on his own. After all, he hated to be woken up.

The floor was cold underneath Lance’s feet as he wandered the castle, trying to find one of the other members of team voltron. They seemed to be spread out, telling Lance that the day would be quiet. Eventually he found Shiro in his room, making his bed. His room was sparkling clean, his few possessions organized. “How are you feeling?” he asked, pressing his hand to Lance’s forehead. “I think your fever has gone down.”

“I’m feeling better,” Lance responded.


“He was having a nightmare last night so I woke him up. I’m not sure how he’s doing now.”

“I should go check on him,” Shiro decided. He dropped one last pillow onto his bed, falling perfectly in the middle.

Keith was half awake when the two paladins reached him, his arm hanging exhaustedly over the side of his cot.

“Hi,” he said weakly. Shiro opened his mouth but Keith interrupted his with “before you ask, I’m not feeling any better.” Shiro chuckled.

“I’m not that predictable, am I?”

“Yes, you are,” Keith muttered. He eyed Lance skeptically. “Why do you look so good?”

Lance could make a million jokes with that single sentence, but responded with “just lucky, I guess. Or maybe it’s just how good-looking I am.” It was a horrible joke, Lance knew, but he couldn’t help himself.

“Get out,” Keith snarled, throwing a pillow at Lance’s head. He ducked and it spiraled past him, hitting the far wall. If Keith could throw that far he couldn’t be too sick. He would be just fine.

A chat with SDJ:  A Lesson in Sugar Psychology – Into the mind of a Controlling SD

I posted the following last year and decided for a variety of reasons to remove it from my blog.  I recently decided that it was still a post worth reading, so, I am taking it out of my private archive and posting it again:

I got a message from a SB who raised some interesting issues.  I was in “procrastination mode” as far as my vanilla work, lol, so I turned my attention to her situation.  I am providing our “chat”, basically in full [Note:  she gave me her permission to share this with all of you!].  I think the coolest thing in this exchange was that I was able to zero in on this guy’s “psychological profile” in pretty short order and that she was able to confirm that I was “spot on”.  So, without further adieux, I present a sugardaddyfirst – “A Chat with SDJ”.  Enjoy!

SB:  hey SDJ! Can you help me interpret a sugar daddy’s perspective? I’m with a married man. He offered to book me a hotel in my name and I freaked out because I didn’t want to give him my real name. He got upset over it and I told him I needed time to trust him. All of a sudden, he said he wants to be my boyfriend and that he’s going to leave his wife soon. Can you help me understand why he said that?

Me:  Hi there, sugar.  What do you mean that he offered to book you a hotel room?  For what?  In other words, were you planning to meet him for a rendez vous at Hotel X and he wanted to book the room in your name, or that he wants to book you a hotel room because you are traveling somewhere without him?

SB:  He wanted to book me a hotel for a few days because I needed a place to stay temporarily.

Me:  … so he was going to stay with you?

SB:  No. He wasn’t.  I needed a place to stay and I had a hard time finding one on my own. So he offered to take care of it for me without expecting anything in return.  but our convo following the refusal to giving him my real name was very weird. He was talking about being my boyfriend.  He’s always on SA, so I know he’s not looking to be my boyfriend. why was he BSing me like that? that whole talk of leaving his wife and stuff?

Me:  … it’s a common asshole stunt that married men sometimes pull.  He said that because he thinks that’s what you want to hear. But, he will never do it.  Also, he figures that if you are willing to be his “mistress” until “he leaves his wife”, you will be willing to fuck him for free.

SB:  I told him not to divorce his wife and responded with, “So you don’t want to be with me?”  Men are sooo confusing.  Should I have less reason to trust him now? I was eventually going to give him my real name. But now I’m kind of backing away.

Me:  lol. They are only confusing if you let yourself be confused by the bullshit they say.  I’m telling you, this is all an attempt to get in your pants for little or no money, nothing more, nothing less.  Nothing confusing about it.  

And, as far as the hotel room, if he is willing to put you up for less than a week, and, if he’s going to use his credit card to pay for it, he can and should put it in his own name, not yours.  It shouldn’t be a problem.

He wants to know your real name so that he can “find out about you” and stalk you, if he finds the need to do so.

I don’t blame you for not trusting him.  Two big red flags:  the whole “I’m leaving my wife” is a crock, so he’s untrustworthy as is his attempt to get your name for a hotel room when he doesnt need it.

SB:  Okay, so when my gut feelings were telling me that this man has got something up his sleeve, they were right.  thank you! I don’t think he would have sex with me for free, though. Money is not an issue for him. He’s paid me, even when no sex is involved.  another thing, he wants me to be loyal to him. Yet he’s always on SA. What’s up with that?

Me:  Yes, you have a good “gut instinct”!  Always follow it!  And, yeah, there is something up his sleeve.  Even if the issue isn’t money in and of itself, you can bet it’s something else. It could be a means to control or manipulate you, for example.  And, who knows, maybe he does actually “believe” that he will leave his wife or he wants you to want that.  It’s all forms of control.


Me:  haha! disco!  See what I mean?  lol

SB:  I would let him control me sexually as part of a fantasy, BUT NOT IN REAL LIFE. I’m a human being with my own goals!

Me:  He’s a control freak – and that would include sexually – but for him, it means totally control your life and that’s why he wants you to be “loyal”. He wants to control who you fuck, or more specifically, he wants to make sure that you don’t have sex with anyone else because, in his mind, it would weaken his control over you

SB:  He wants me to have sex with his friends.

Me:  … that’s still control, baby!  Okay, maybe he’ll let you have sex with others, but he gets to say who.  And he’ll wanna watch, film it, or who knows what! Which, if you’re down with it, that’s fine, but, believe me, it will happen on his terms, not yours

SB:  so you’re pretty much saying that he wants to be in control of my life outside of our SB/SD relationship? hmm, interesting. I don’t mind being honest with everything with the right SD, but I need to internally screen these men, you know?

Me:  Yes, exactly. He wants to control your life outside the SD/SB relationship, which is fucked up!  And, I agree with you and approach arrangements the same way – I like being honest and direct, because that makes the whole relationship so much better, but, you do have to do a lot of “screening” before you open up to a guy.

SB:  thank you so much, I LOVE YOU <3 this makes so much more sense!

SB (a little later):  So yes, he wants to watch other people have sex with me. I don’t want to, should I let him know?

Me:  hmm,  this guy is a kinky rascal, isn’t he? And, that’s saying something coming from me!  ;-)

Remember this:  it’s your body, so you get to call the shots.  See a post of mine called Your Body Your Rules”  

So, if you don’t want to do it, don’t, and, more importantly, don’t get put in the position where you may have no choice! Yes, let him know that you are absolutely not comfortable with that up front before you walk into a room, and to your surprise, he’s there with two of his friends and a camcorder!

SB:  A kinky rascal, hahaha! you sound like the coolest sugar daddy ever, your sugar babies are so lucky!

I needed a recovery fic after yesterday and I can’t even think about Death Note without also feeling like I might cry, so I wrote more incredibly self-inulgent KaiShin.  Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by how schmoopy this got (and how long, all things considered), but I hope you guys like it.  8)

Kaito sighed, gazing down at the letter in his hands with dismay.  No scholarship unless he turns 24, has a child, or gets married.  Sitting down at the kitchen table, he runs through his options.  As he has barely turned 21, he can’t conceivably turn 24 in time to get his loans.  He’s not ready to become a father, nor does he know any girl willing to have a kid with him.  And, well, the only girls he knows are his best friend and her girlfriend, so they’re completely out of the question anyway.

Which left marriage.

He hummed to himself.  He could legally get married at 21.  That would be the easiest course of action, but the problem was who could he marry?  The girls were out, obviously.  They were dating and he didn’t really want to get in the way of that.  He’d rather spend the night at an aquarium than marry Hakuba.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone.  He only had one option, so he might as well give it a shot.

“can u marry me”

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Klance LoveChild

so let’s say, keith and lance are out on a mission and lance stumbles upon this alien, turns out they’re a shape-shifter, a baby at that, all alone. so of course, the first people they come in contact with are their parents, aka lance and keith. they take the form of something of a perfect mix of keith and lance and call them their dads. keith and lance completely spazz like “what did it just say?!” “i-i don’t know!” “did it just call us it’s dads?!” “hey, don’t call them ‘it’ that’s offensive” “LANCE” “dada” “//collective shrieks” “okay, okay, calm down, this is nothing.” “calm down?!” “okay, maybe it’s major” “they think we’re it’s parents!!” “…great” “what do we do?” “what do you mean?” “we can’t exactly leave a baby out here, let alone one that claims us as their parents” “so? do we just? take them with us?” “i don’t know, i’m asking you! this is all your fault!” “mine?!” “yes you! you’re the one that came into contact with them!” “…how do we explain it to the rest of them?” “just, i dunno, tell it to them straight?” “we’re gonna get hell for this, you do know that right” “affirmative” and so they take the wee bab with them and get teased by the rest of team voltron, but everyone warms up to them. keith and lance are forced to share a room after because the baby doesn’t want to be away from either of them. and yeah, i could go on and on

and then comes the time to introduce the kid and keith to lance’s family

[extensive back and forth convo with @echgoing to depict events + name meaning under the cut because loooooong]

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Nightmares & Violins - Chapter 3

(Read on ao3)

(Chapter 2)

When Harry and Draco finally went down to the kitchen half an hour later (it took Draco almost twenty minutes to look “acceptable”) they were almost immediately presented with two steaming plates full of breakfast food.

“I hope you are hungry,” Molly said with a big smile.

“I definitely am,” Harry said and took both plates off her hands with a smile that wasn’t quite as bright as hers but just as genuine. “Thank you, Molly.”

Draco thanked her as well and followed Harry to the dining table in the middle of the room. There Harry set down the two plates.

“Do you want pumpkin juice?” he asked Draco and when he nodded Harry went and took two glasses from one of the cupboards and filled them with juice.

It felt so natural to sit next to Draco and eat breakfast that after a few minutes of silence Harry felt comfortable enough to ask him whether he wanted to have Harry’s sausages.

Draco smiled at him. “So that’s why you never complain when Ronald steals them from your plate.”

Harry blushed. He hadn’t thought it was obvious that Ron usually only took the sausages. “Yes,” he admitted. “I don’t like their texture.”

“Oh. Well, I would be the last person to make fun of you because of that. I don’t like the texture of mushrooms. Maybe we can swap? It looks like you like them just fine.”

Harry nodded still blushing. He had let Ron eat his sausages ever since he had noticed Harry always left them on his plate when Molly made them breakfast and he had gotten used to someone taking something off his plate but actually talking about it was still weird.

“Yes. Thank you.”

Molly, who was still preparing lunch next to them, had of course heard Harry and Draco’s short conversation. She scolded herself a little for never noticing Harry didn’t like sausages but at the same time she was glad Ron had noticed.

After their breakfast Harry and Draco went to the sitting room next to the kitchen to continue their conversation. Harry only noticed there were other people in the room when he and Draco were already standing in the middle of it.

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So I heard it was Voltron week

Enter Ship

A/N. so @goodluckcharley requested (a long time ago my b) If you could do like a tony stark imagine about the reader being an amazing engineer where on her stark scholarship thing she falls in love with tony but she’s like his student type thing? – ye

Warnings– None really, mild and I mean MILD swearing and sexual innuendo from Tony. But hey, it’s Tony.

Here I am. Standing outside Stark Tower with nothing to my name but the scholarship and the boxes in my car. Hopefully an apartment soon. Hopefully.

I was selected for the Stark scholarship for my advancements in the hovercraft field. Honestly if I hadn’t been chosen for this scholarship, I wasn’t going anywhere. My parents had no clue with this kind of stuff, they wanted me to inherit the family business, too bad.

Squaring my shoulders one last time, I walked into Stark Tower. Stepping through the glass doors, I made my way over to the desk.

“Hello, Y/N Y/L/N here for check in for the Stark Internship.” The receptionist looked me over clinically. Giving me a forced smile, she started tapping on her computer.

“Ah yes Mrs. Y/L/N, right on time. Mr. Stark is eager to discuss your technology.” She handed me a badge over the counter and signalled to her left. “Sub-level C. The glass walls should be a dead give away.” Forcing another grimace, she immediately lost interest in me and went back to her computer.

Rolling my eyes, I stepped into the elevator. Mashing the button that read “SC” I rested my head back on the side of the elevator as I descended. Please let Mr. Stark not be like his receptionist I begged in my head. A soft chime let me know that I had reached my floor. Opening the eyes I didn’t remember closing, I steeled myself for what I might meet on the other side of the glass doors I was staring at.

Pushing the door open, I was greeted with the smell of grease, oil, metal, and possibly takeout food. Huh. Who knew billionaires enjoyed cheap takeout.

“And you must be the lovely Y/N.” A voice interrupted my thoughts.

“Uh Yes. Yes. Y/N is me. I am Y/N.” Smooth like butter.

“I sure would hope so, otherwise I need better security.” Tony Stark sassed, finally coming into my vision. He was wearing a dark t-shirt and cargo pants. Not exactly designer, but hey, we were here to work.

“You sure would Mr. Stark.” I said, still standing frozen in the middle of the floor, clutching the strap of my bag for dear life.

Mr. Stark scoffed, “Mr. Stark was for my father and reporters, if we’re going to be working together, you’re going to have to call me Tony.” He was arranging tools on a metal work table. “Also you can just throw your bag down on the couch, just don’t forget it when you leave.” He made a vague gesture with his hand, indicating the worn down couch that was pushed to the side of the room and covered in empty coffee cups.

“Yes Mr. - ah - I mean Tony.” Great Scott what was wrong with me?

Tony spun to face me. “Damn honey, would it kill you to relax? We’re working together, as partners, not like a weird kinky Master thing. Unless that’s what you’re into.” He winked.

The flirty comment seemed to speed my mind back up, “You’re confusing your dreams with reality there Tony.”

He broke out laughing, “Okay, you can stay. You can stay.” he trailed off at the end, looking at me with more interest than he had before. I was about to comment on it, when he snapped himself out of it. “Alright enough chatting, we have work to do!”

The weeks passed much of the same. I came in, flashed my badge at security, rode the elevator to Sub-level C, and worked on my tech with Tony. I usually spent 3 or 4 hours working with him, all alone, so it really wasn’t a surprise that I developed a tiny crush on him. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that he was my mentor. My gateway to the world of tech, my fricken teacher. It was like having a crush on a hot young teacher in highschool. You couldn’t do anything about it. It was wrong. But we were both adults! My brain tried to say. And he’s not really your teacher.

Bull. He would always see me as the awkward girl who couldn’t handle meeting him for the first time. Add me to the laundry list.

Feeling particularly down, I went through the motions of my day. Wake up. Eat Breakfast. Clean up. Get dressed. Go to class. Go strait to Stark Tower. Flash badge. Ride elevator. Walk into the garage. Sit down and look over blueprints. I was so absorbed in the blueprints that I failed to notice Tony walk up right behind me until we were practically plastered together from the waist up. That is, until he cleared his throat.

“Jumping Jehoshaphat!” I screamed, whirling around clutching my chest.

Tony was too busy crying laughing to notice my hyperventilating. His eyes actually started to brim with tears, that total jerk.

“It isn’t funny.” I pouted.

“You’re right, you’re right, I’m sorry.” He was still chuckling, wiping tears from his eyes. On the plus side he wasn’t doubled over clutching his stomach anymore. “I haven’t laughed that hard in forever.” He mused.

“Yeah well I’m glad that I could be the source of your enjoyment.” I huffed, still a little bitter.

“Aw, come on Y/N, don’t be mad at me, I can’t help it that you’re adorable when you get scared.”

I froze in my seat. Tony had dispensed with the flirting after our initial meeting. He never called me sweetie or hun. And definitely never adorable. Tony seemed to pick up on his mistake, quickly backpedalling.

“What I mean is, um, well, you really are adorable when you get scared. But you’re also super hot when you get focussed on something. Oh crap, no wait I um.”

“Tony stop talking.” I commanded. He instantly shut up, looking relieved that I had finally stopped his word vomit. “I want to ask you something. Don’t say anything until I’m done. Do you actually mean that stuff or do you just want to get in my pants?” Crossing my arms I stared at him, hoping against hope that I wasn’t going to get rejected.

“Of course that stuff is true Y/N. I enjoy you. So much. I was scared to act on it because you’re my student, and I shouldn’t have feelings for students. That was until I realized that you weren’t really my student, because you were teaching me things I had never dreamed of learning.”

“That’s great.” I said, cutting him off. “That’s great because I really want to kiss you right now.” a little smirk had grown on my face.

“Oh heck yes.” He fist pumped before he leaned down, cupping my cheeks with his hands.

One heck of an internship.

(Kill me for the bad bad title. It was on purpose. get it? Internship Enter SHIP! CAUSE YA KNOW *dies*)