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Your tags on fanart mentioning what you liked about it, specifically, going into detail and always complimenting the artist are one of the nicest and kindest things I've ever seen on tumblr. They make my day better, even if I'm not an artist.

Hello! *waves* Thank you for sending me one of the loveliest messages I’ve ever received, it made me happy! ♥ I don’t know how many people even read the tags but, yes, fanart makes my day better, and thanking and complimenting the artists is the least I can do! Glad you like the tags, I usually put all the posts into the queue and arrange them as I like, and then write the tags on each. :) 

One of the great things about tumblr is finding old fanart from years ago or rediscovering old-time faves I haven’t seen in ages! Tbh, a lot of my browsing here is spent digging through archives for “oldie but a goodie” kind of graphics and fanart, I always discover something new! I do it several times a week and save the posts into drafts before they go into the queue.

I’d love to post my own art one day but most I ever did was doodle for fun and I’ve been out of practice for years and years. Maybe I’ll draw something next week, my faves would be dogs of famous detectives like Sherlock’s Redbeard (or Toby) and Poirot’s Bob. :) Love them!

Here’s a gif of Poirot and Bob the fox terrier for you (a scene where they first meet, the camera spends a long time showing us Bob’s positive reaction to Poirot, he loves the detective instantly, aww):

See, who wouldn’t want to draw sweet little Bob? ♥ ♥

  • INFJ and ISTJ are talking on Facebook.
  • INFJ: I hate MBTI stereotypes, seriously.
  • ISTJ: ??
  • INFJ: So there was a Tumblr post with things to attract each type. "INFJ: Be one big, walking paradox. Look them deep in the eyes and tell them that you ‘Need them’ to help figure yourself out."
  • INFJ: Yes, how to attract an INFJ: Be unhealthy, smothering and dependent. I like to give people advice and know I've made them feel better or something, but I don't want to have to arrange your whole life for you and fix your everything.
  • ISTJ: Oh yeah, I saw that too. Hold on, let me go find the ISTJ one.
  • ISTJ: ISTJ: Be bubbly enough to warm their hearts but scattered enough to imply that you need their help.
  • ISTJ: I don't know how bubbly their definition of bubbly is, but overly bubbly people really get on my nerves. Especially when it's fake bubbly. If being bubbly is a part of your personality, I get it, but understand that I'll need some space from you every once in awhile so I don't punch you.
  • ISTJ: Also... warm my heart? What? I get that ISTJs are analytical and can be... insensitive, but that doesn't mean we have cold hearts (?!) And. Don't. Be. Scattered. I. Will. Give. Up. On. You.
  • INFJ: *sees ISTJ is typing again but butts in* SEE? MBTI stereotypes! ISTJs are analytical and overly logical and don't know how to feelings, INTJs are cold hearted. INFJs just want to fix other people and reassemble their lives, etc. They're so obnoxious!
  • INFJ: Sorry, continue. XD
  • ISTJ: People at school whose backpacks look like a tornado went through them, if they drop stuff, I'm like "Later loser."
  • ISTJ: If they just drop stuff I'll help them, but if it's because their backpack is a mess I have no patience.
  • INFJ: Right.
  • ISTJ: I'm done now XD It's literally like whoever wrote this looked up the most extreme cases and then took their opposites.
  • INFJ: Yep.
  • INFJ: I mean, INFJs are known as "nature's counselors" and ISTJs are known as logical for a reason. But I REALLY don't want a needy person who needs me to fix their whole life. That is so incredibly stressful. And you really hate people who just can't be organized, so XD
  • ISTJ: I would like to say, though, if someone asks me to help them organize stuff I'm there. And I have respect for the people who are like "it might look like a mess to you, but I could close my eyes and tell you where everything is because it all makes sense to me." It's the ones who are like "... I think I have my homework in here somewhere... oh look this is my bio binder from last year. I was wondering where that went! And here is a deflated soccer ball from kindergarten... and here..."
  • INFJ: Right XD If someone is genuinely upset and really needs advice I'll give it to them happily, and I like knowing I've positively impacted other peoples' lives. Just... The way to win my heart is not "*grabs me by my shoulders* I NEED YOU!! DOn'T EVER LEAVE ME!!!!! *STARES INTO MY EYES TO TRY TO MAKE IT ROMANTIC*" x'D
  • ISTJ: Right.
  • ISTJ: ... We should post this on our Tumblr.


“On days like these, kids like you… s h o u l d   b e   b u r n i n g   i n   h e l l


Yes, this is a re-upload of the video I made before. I realized that my art sucked and I asked to use someone else’s instead :) I also improved the overall quality of it and some audio bugs, so its much better now.


Beautiful Piano Arrangement by ChrystalChameleon





Art by @doodlesonly

[Original photo was edited for video purposes]


Lyrics and Vocals by @asrieldrccmvrr

[That’s me!! Woah! ]



So now here we are again
After all this time I’ve waited
Holding back through each temptation
Despite the pain you brought

Well I’m not gonna let you win
You’ll understand what true no mercy is
And maybe you’ll regret fighting
The way you always fought

Do you even feel at all?
Do you know what it’s like to have your purpose stolen away?
What was it that made you hate us all this way?

I never should have let him go
But my brother saw a light in you that I knew didn’t exist
My world once made of colour is now just shades of grey

I tried to make him stay
I knew you’d just attack
Now I pray you feel
Your sins crawl on your back

Why could you not just set him free?
This wasn’t what life was supposed to be

Darkness comes
Holding me
Maybe now
I can be free


Thanks for liking my house, you guise! I did some minor rearranging last night, and I think this is a better arrangement. That way you can’t miss the funkiness of the turquoise chair, and you get to enjoy the well-turned rungs on the yellow one.

I wouldn’t want you to have the wrong mental image of my house. You might be disappointed when you visit!