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psa for college freshman

hey, whats up, hello! so you’re gonna be a freshman and you’re probably moving in real soon, and you might be excited but also nervous, not to worry i got you! here are some tips and tricks and general advice based on my own experience. 

okay so step by step:


okay so this is easily the most stressful thing about the first week of school. you gotta get all of your stuff into a tiny dorm if it’s a big room i am literally so jealous my dorm was like a prison so don’t freak out, stay cool and pack efficiently!

  • try not to overpack, it’s really easy to believe you’ll need everything you’re bringing but trust me you won’t even look at half of it
    • a good tip for this is, if you don’t use it at home, don’t bring it to school! (plus it’s really easy to just buy stuff you need on amazon so don’t forget that that’s an option too)
  • if you’re going to a school that deals in snow, DON’T bring that stuff (jackets/hats/boots/etc) with you when you move in. if you know you’re going to go home for a weekend before the snow sets in, definitely leave it at home and bring it with you later!
  • let your parents/guardians/friends/family help you move in. it might not seem like a big deal, but letting them help you will make them feel better. and if you don’t like how they arrange things, let it be! you have all semester to rearrange and settle in, they only have this one day, so just let them have it! also don’t forget to thank them when they leave!


ah yes, the wonderful concepts of roommates. i was lucky my freshman year, but some people aren’t

  • try and connect with them via facebook/school emails/phone, settling things like are you gonna share a mini fridge, microwave, coffeemaker and how you’re gonna decorate (if you’re into that) will help when you finally settle into your room
  • definitely go over ground rules once you’re all unpacked and settled in. my dorm had us go over a list of questions, come to an agreement, and sign it in case there were any future conflicts. cover things like: 
    • is it okay to have my friends sit at your desk or on your bed when you aren’t there?
    • how should we handle overnight guests?
    • do you want me to give you a heads up if i have friends coming over?
    • 100% agree to give each other a heads up on parents coming to your room
    • sharing food?
    • cleaning responsibilities
    • definitely definitely give each other a copy of your class schedule, and if you have classes at the same time maybe you can agree to make sure you’re both awake at the right time!
  • you don’t have to be bff’s with your roommate, sometimes it turns out that way and sometimes it doesn’t. what you do need to be is open and honest with your roommate. your year will be miserable (especially if you can’t switch roommates) if you don’t communicate with each other. don’t be afraid to tell them if something is bothering you. if you’re to nervous to do that or don’t like confrontation, talk to your RA or RD

so now that we got all that out of the way, here are some general tips about social things:

  • that whole keep your door open and people will come talk to you think is a load of bs. me and my roommate did that for weeks and no one came in. everyone is just waiting for someone else to take that chance. so go into peoples rooms and ask them if they wanna grab lunch/dinner! walk around and poke your head in their room! it might be awkward as hell but at least you’re trying :)
  • go to all (or as many) dorm activities as you can! this allows you to meet more people too even if the event is really dumb, at least show up. you always have the option to leave!
  • go to club meetings! even if you aren’t sure you want to stay in the club. it’s much harder or maybe just more awkward to join when you’re an upperclassmen, so try and get those roots down as soon as you can
  • that being said, you can always leave a group without any hard feelings. people do it all the time, so don’t be scared that once you go to one meeting you’re stuck in the group forever
  • don’t let anyone tell you that as a freshman you can’t get involved. if you want to, you can. there is absolutely nothing stopping you. you might have to work a bit harder but i know you can do it!
  • sometimes freshman year can suck, or at least have it’s moments. don’t give up. everything gets infinitely better as time goes one, i promise. if you’re having a tough time or feel isolated or overwhelmed, reach out to someone, a parent, friends from home, an old teacher, anyone really! don’t give up, things might get tough, but you ARE strong and you WILL get through it
His Precious Little Flower

My precious little flower

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky is dating a girl who owns a flower shop but he hasn’t told any of his friends including Steve about her because he’s protective of her and doesn’t want them to scare her off because she’s shy. the team end up stalking him to see where he goes and they see him kissing her inside her shop.

A/n surprise I’m actually posting this a day before I was going to ! I hope you guys like it. My next fic is going to be a winter13 smut so look out for that

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

Bucky Barnes was in love, its as simple as that. The only problem was that he hasn’t told his friends about you. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of you, it’s just that he knows how his friends were and he didn’t want to scare you off. You were totally ok with the fact that Bucky hasn’t introduced you to his friends. From what you’ve seen on the news they were very confident and that intimidated the hell out of you.

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Marichat May Day 12 - Sleepover

When Chat Noir mentions that he’s never had a sleepover, Marinette is determined to give him the best first sleepover ever. Out comes the best fort known to mankind.

Rated G || 3,007 Words

Cross posted to Ao3 || FF

The Fort

“Wait you’re telling me you’ve never had a sleepover before?” Marinette had been talking about a recent time when Alya had spent the night when Chat admitted he’d never had a sleepover with someone.

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck. “No, my dad is a little over protective. I didn’t even start going to public school until this year.” He knew there was a slight blush peeking out from below his mask. He was kind of embarrassed that he’d never spent the night at someone else’s house.

“That’s it, you’re staying the night. I’m going to make sure you have the entire sleepover experience, as least how I do it anyway. First, we need a fort, I’ll be right back.” Marinette ran down the stairs, leaving a shell-shocked Chat Noir in her wake.

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katchyalater  asked:

ok you're kind of turning me into a jily shipper so i need to know- do you have a jily fic rec list??

yes yes good (i have a fic rec page here) but it hasn’t been updated in a while so


the two big ones (or, the ones that pretty much everyone in the fandom has read):

  • the life and times- over 600k, woefully incomplete, the entire fandom (and then some) know about this fic, and my favourite part of it is the dynamic between the marauders
  • commentarius- over 700k, also woefully incomplete, written pre half blood prince so there are some canon deviations and it’s a bit ridiculous but in charming way

in-verse fics (this is a very loose term because all we know is that they got together sometime during their seventh year)


anonymous asked:

Does elsewhere u have that obnoxious kid from elementary school who everyday you'd be like "oh hey Lizzy!" "No, today my name is Rachel." Because I simultaneously feel like that is an exceptionally good way to protect your true name but also a very good way to have other students make bargains to have you taken away. (On the subject, is that a bargain that can be made?)

You can certainly arrange for something nasty to happen to someone else, yes. Using someone else as a bargaining chip is a little shakier, but it’s generally accepted that if someone comes when you call for them, they’re yours enough to make it valid. Many of the Gentry have reservations about this, however - it feels like cheating, or perhaps a better word is unsporting You’d have to find one of the nastier Fair Folk to strike that particular deal with, although if you’re trying to get someone fucking abducted you’re probably well on your way already.

One More Time

Anon asked: HelloOo! :) can I get a nct taeyong college au where you’re both frat house leaders & there’s a Halloween party & uhm idk I just imagine sexual tension & makeouts ahaha thank u!

You swear to fuck that this happens at every single party.

I know next to nothing about frat houses or how college works so rip me if this sucks. This is also probably 300% NOT what you wanted but I’m trying to get back into the habit of writing heavier. things so. I’m sorry if it’s not what you want I tried my best.

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So I heard it was Voltron week

sexuallyambiguousphan  asked:

Do you think it would be smarter for the Cullens to hide their relationships with each other at school? I mean, adopted siblings dating is bound to get child services called on them at least once or twice, and I doubt the Cullens want any extra scrutiny. Wouldn't they draw less attention without the seemingly pseudo-incestuous relationships? (Or at least come up with a better cover story than their current one, so they can openly date and get married without it being so eyebrow-raising.)

The whole thing just doesn’t make any sense. It’s like SM decided the kids would be couples and in high school and then worked backwards to try and justify it (Ed, Em, Alice are adopted! Rose and Jasper are foster! It’s different!) rather than think “okay, what is the best way for a group of coupled-up vampires who look like young adults to blend in?” and create a cover story from scratch. I think if she had taken that approach, the public face of the Cullens would look very different. 

Their are a number of obvious solutions.  

1. Ditch the high school idea. Edward’s the only one actually high-school aged (17). The others are all 18+ and would more easily be in college. Or, if they wanted to ‘start young’ so they can stay longer, just say they are homeschooled. But obviously SM needed Edward (and the others?? not as much?) in school for her story to work, so this wouldn’t fly. 

2. So assuming they are in school, they could either a) not be openly dating a person who is their foster sibling or b) change their cover story so they aren’t related in any way. Because even with the adoption/foster distinction, if Rose and Jasper are supposed to be Esme’s niece and nephew, that makes them Edward, Alice and Emmett’s COUSINS.  Yes, not biologically related because Ed, Em, Al are adopted, but legally, cousins. It’s weird even if they weren’t living together, since presumably they’d have grown up knowing each other. R/J have been with Esme for 10 years according to the cover story, and Edward seems to imply he’s been with Carlisle and Esme a long time, too. 

SM said in some interview, I think, that the Cullen arrangement looks like a home for troubled kids, albeit the best-behaved troubled kids ever. Like, OMG, that’s a way better public story that this convoluted adopted/foster thing! If Esme ran a home for troubled kids, who only just met each other, them dating becomes way less weird than living together for years as siblings or cousins, and all their bizarre behavior, and constant skipping school, can be explained away by some Tragic Backstory about their Troubled Pasts. 

I’ve always sort of liked the idea that they acknowledge how they look alike by claiming they all have some rare illness, some skin condition or something, that Dr. Cullen, who suffers from it himself, is a foremost expert on. He and Esme specifically take in kids with this same condition and move them to Forks with it’s distinctive lack of sunlight. 

The other solution, if they need to be related, is to do it in sibling groups. Carlisle, Jasper and Rosalie, all being tall blonds and relatively close in age (23, 19/20, and 18) make WAY more believable siblings than foster father/kids. Likewise Esme and Edward have posed as sister and brother in the past. Edward could be in high school by himself to meet Bella, and everyone else could be living as adults with Emmett and Alice as the steady partners of Rosalie and Jasper. 

I needed a recovery fic after yesterday and I can’t even think about Death Note without also feeling like I might cry, so I wrote more incredibly self-inulgent KaiShin.  Honestly, I’m a little embarrassed by how schmoopy this got (and how long, all things considered), but I hope you guys like it.  8)

Kaito sighed, gazing down at the letter in his hands with dismay.  No scholarship unless he turns 24, has a child, or gets married.  Sitting down at the kitchen table, he runs through his options.  As he has barely turned 21, he can’t conceivably turn 24 in time to get his loans.  He’s not ready to become a father, nor does he know any girl willing to have a kid with him.  And, well, the only girls he knows are his best friend and her girlfriend, so they’re completely out of the question anyway.

Which left marriage.

He hummed to himself.  He could legally get married at 21.  That would be the easiest course of action, but the problem was who could he marry?  The girls were out, obviously.  They were dating and he didn’t really want to get in the way of that.  He’d rather spend the night at an aquarium than marry Hakuba.

Sighing, he pulled out his phone.  He only had one option, so he might as well give it a shot.

“can u marry me”

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Writing Prompt #73: Valentine's Day Prompts

That’s What They Said: 

  • “That might just be the least romantic thing you’ve ever said to me." 
  • "After that, you’re lucky I still love you.”
  • “Proposing on Valentine’s Day…how original.”
  • “What do you mean I’ve got to marry you to save my life?”
  • “I’m allergic to chocolate. And roses.”
  • “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?”
  • “Why does that look like a love potion?”
  • “I don’t even know you, why should I say yes?”
  • “That better not be a pity rose. Pity chocolate I’ll take, but that’s it." 

Write This Story:

  • Write the worst possible way Valentine’s Day can go. 
  • It’s Valentine’s Day when two partner-less people band together and decide to have some fun after all. No romance allowed.
  • Write about an arranged marriage that actually turns out to be pretty happy after all. 
  • Write a romantic poem. Just for fun.
  • Your character has just found their long lost love…about three days before they’re supposed to be married. Fix this. Write a happy ending. Oh, and make sure the soon-to-be spouse gets a happy ending too. That doesn’t happen enough.
  • Write about the craziest, zaniest and wild story about how two people can get together and fall in love. 
  • Take a famous tragic story and make it a romance in honor of Valentine’s Day. 
  • Write about Valentine’s Day from the POV from St. Valentine himself. 
  • Write about an office that, instead of doing "Secret Santa”, they do “Secret Valentine”. Kind of like what we did in Kindergarten where it was everybody or nothing.

Genre. Character. Conflict:

Genre: Romance/mystery:
Character: A tired detective working a burglary case.
Conflict: With a string of thefts happening on Valentine’s Day of every year, Detective Miller isn’t getting any closer to finding the culprit, who always goes after diamond rings. He might catch a break when the-girl-next-door (literally, in this case) complains about her missing jewelry. Or not, seeing as she’s the one who did it all in the first place…

Genre: Horror/mystery.
Character: A ghost bound to earth
Conflict: Murdered on Valentine’s Day seemed to be enough to anchor poor Annabel to earth long enough to find her killer. Only…what’s her husband doing with another woman in the house? And why does she look exactly like her?

Genre: Young Adult
Character: A high school student
Conflict: Mysterious gifts and notes keep popping up wherever your character happens to be. No horror. Give them a nice ending for once.

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How do you bring up allowance on the second date?

In my view, you’ve waited too long if you haven’t discussed it by the second date! As I detailed in Spot the real POT (Part III):  How a real POT handles the “allowance talk”, a POT should bring up the subject of allowance early, and, if he doesn’t that may be a problem:

He should bring the subject up himself, and, if he doesn’t make sure that you do! The way to spot a real POT is based, in large measure, how long it takes for the subject of allowance to be raised and how seriously it gets discussed after it has been raised. If you find yourself in an endless cycle of text messages, skype calls, or even dates and he has not yet broached the subject, he ain’t the real deal. 

But, all is not lost!  I’m going to give you my thoughts on how to break this log jam and get the allowance talk out in the open!  But first, let’s give you a good frame of reference to help you confidently approach the subject.

We all know that, generally, an arrangement involves two very important subjects:  money and sex.  Sure, there are a lot of other facets to an arrangement, and, for the most part, they are easy to discuss, so we need not dwell on them.  The real “sensitive” issues that seem to freak out most SBs are money and sex.  Taking the second topic first, some SBs are concerned that talking about sex “cheapens” them and that it should not be discussed! Nothing is further from the truth!  In For goodness sake, SBs, don’t be afraid of your pussy; talk about sex! I wrote the following:

Talking about sex cheapens you only when you allow the guy to do the talking and not yourself!  I think women should spend more time talking about sex, not less. And, I don’t mean you have to be a “perv” about it, but my point is this:  in an arrangement, money and sex are on the table.  If you do not take a seat at the table and talk about what you want, financially and sexually, you are never going to be heard!  Guys aren’t shy about taking about what they want, often in the most graphic, if not juvenile terms.  Why should you treat it as taboo?  You rob yourself of your most powerful strength when it comes to negotiating an arrangement with a SD if you do so.  You see the posts about the “power of the pussy”.  You think that’s a joke?  I’m here to tell you that it is true.  You gotta talk about it!  Once you realize that, once you understand and internalize that you, and you alone, have what a guy desperately wants, right there, between your legs, you will be invincible, unstoppable and much better off financially. 

Here is the key:  for most guys looking for an arrangement, money and sex are all tied up into one ball.  To unwind those threads, you have to be prepared to tackle each of the subjects in a direct, straightforward way!

So, getting to the main topic, the money, understand the following truism: “Communication is key!”  What does that mean?  It means that you gotta open your mouth!  You have to talk about it!  The issue of money is critical, and, in cases where the POT doesn’t talk about it first, you have to take the lead and put it on the table!  If he gets all freaked out, offended, or evasive, you have your answer; the guy is not a legit POT and, at that point, finish your dinner, drink that wine, get dessert and then get the hell out of that restaurant and never look back!

Okay, at this point into the post, you are probably saying out loud, “look, I understand ‘Communication is key’; you say that all the time!  But, sugardaddyjournal, gimme something that I can use!”  And then you give the computer screen (or your iPhone) your patented pouty face.  Sadly, I can’t see that pouty face, but I can’t abide it!  I want you to give that screen your happy face!  So, here is what you can do:

Let’s assume your well into your second date and Tad has yet to bring up the allowance!  And you have hit this point where the conversation you’ve been having “has resolved itself based on its own volition” (kudos to you if you recognize the Seinfeld reference!  lol).  This is the perfect time to strike!

First, roll with the vibe you got with this guy; so, if you’ve been flirty, be flirty, if the vibe is more serious, then be more serious, etc.  But, roll with the vibe!  For purposes of this example, I’m going to assume a slightly flirty vibe with overtones of frankness (almost sounds like a wine tasting, eh?)  

So, hit him with this:

Tad, I have to tell you that I’m enjoying our time together!  You’re really interesting and you have been so sweet to me!  I really appreciate that!  It seems like we’re a damn fine match and I’d like to get to know you more. And, I’d feel a lot better spending the time with you so that we could get to know each other better if we got the financial end of this arrangement out of the way! You see, I’d really like to show you what it means to be your sugar baby, if you know what I mean.

That should spark him into action!  If he asks you how much you are looking for, tell him! Make sure you have a number in mind. Don’t be taken by surprise.  If he brings up sex (possibly as an attempt to “throw you off your game”), be ready for it!  Tell him, “Yes, sex is on the table!  But, not until the money is on the table!”

Klance LoveChild

so let’s say, keith and lance are out on a mission and lance stumbles upon this alien, turns out they’re a shape-shifter, a baby at that, all alone. so of course, the first people they come in contact with are their parents, aka lance and keith. they take the form of something of a perfect mix of keith and lance and call them their dads. keith and lance completely spazz like “what did it just say?!” “i-i don’t know!” “did it just call us it’s dads?!” “hey, don’t call them ‘it’ that’s offensive” “LANCE” “dada” “//collective shrieks” “okay, okay, calm down, this is nothing.” “calm down?!” “okay, maybe it’s major” “they think we’re it’s parents!!” “…great” “what do we do?” “what do you mean?” “we can’t exactly leave a baby out here, let alone one that claims us as their parents” “so? do we just? take them with us?” “i don’t know, i’m asking you! this is all your fault!” “mine?!” “yes you! you’re the one that came into contact with them!” “…how do we explain it to the rest of them?” “just, i dunno, tell it to them straight?” “we’re gonna get hell for this, you do know that right” “affirmative” and so they take the wee bab with them and get teased by the rest of team voltron, but everyone warms up to them. keith and lance are forced to share a room after because the baby doesn’t want to be away from either of them. and yeah, i could go on and on

and then comes the time to introduce the kid and keith to lance’s family

[extensive back and forth convo with @echgoing to depict events + name meaning under the cut because loooooong]

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Keep the Change Pt. 2 // Jacksepticeye Imagine

Originally posted by rainyplier

Submitted by  honey-fandoms <3 check them out!

A/N: I’m very sorry if this gets annoying quickly, I honestly got this idea today. I just love this account so much so why not submit to it? Anyways, if you didn’t read part one you can go read it. Or don’t. Enjoy my friends. Also I switched like..point of views once so just - just bare with my suck writing. ALSO IM SO SORRY BUT IT’S SUPER LONG


Y/N sat in her best friend’s apartment, looking at her phone to find more clues as to what exactly Jack did. “Did he give you his channel name?” Her best friend said, sitting down next to her. 

“Nope..just his name, Jack.“ 

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Part 1 - Prom Night (McPharah)

Thought of this one while taking a shower! I wanted to explore the idea of Fareeha going to a private school in the Overwatch base. I also wanted her to be 17 and for the Senior Prom to be a week away. Dateless, she’s thrown into chaos and depression, but Angela comes to the rescue!

Mercy76 is tossed into the mix too!

Author’s Comments:  Please note that this whole love concept is very one-sided.  It is Fareeha, 17, crushing on Jesse, 22.  Jesse does not have any romantic feelings for Pharah at this time.  It’s is purely one-sided.  He’s just being a really good friend and accompanying Fareeha to prom so that she doesn’t miss out on the social event. Any hints at Jesse liking Pharah and wanting to be romantically involved with her will be Fareeha desiring this, not Jesse actually acting on it.

Not really dedicated to anyone in particular, but I want to give a special thanks to the following for sharing McPharah.  @ribbons-halos @mcpharahlove @darknessringo @aunya509

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


“Ang?” She quirked a brow at her. “How can you like Jack?”

“Hmmmm?” The blonde turned to seek out the woman that spoke to her, Fareeha. “What do you mean? How can I like Jack?”

“He’s so old!” her nose crinkled as thought of the two kissing. “Gross!”

Rolling her eyes, Angela smirked. “So what’s the ideal number?”


“Yeah, for dating. How much older should he be?”

“He should be the same age, duh.” Her cocky grin in tow. “Dating someone older isn’t cool.”

“Is that Fareeha talking? Or her classmates? Or her inner-jealous demon?”

“Inner-jealous demon?” Fay looked confused. “Huh?”

“Don’t think I don’t know.” Angela’s lips twisted into a devilish side grin. “I know.”

“K-know wh-what?” She could feel sweat forming on her brows. “Wh-what are you t-talking about?”

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Not Dead Yet (Part 8)

*Thanks to everyone for reading and especially to those that left me such nice comments about Part 7! Love ya kitties!*

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan

Warnings: mild language, violence

Okay. Peter can say that he was expecting her to respond in a number of ways and that was not necessarily one of them. Her Tell-all pearl had went from a neutral white to pure black in a matter of seconds. That rage, that’s what he had been looking for. She had put all her frustration and anger and disappointment into every swing. It had even been able to knock him off his feet. All that he had expected and encouraged. After though…

That strong, unstoppable, warrior of a woman in a matter of seconds had reverted to a horrified lost girl. Only one question still rung in his mind. Who was it that had left her that made her that way?

Back at camp he didn’t see her. When they went to training a little later she wasn’t with her usual group either but rather over with the archers. What was she doing? Archery was by far her greatest weakness.

“Y/N.” he stepped behind her as she was about to fire and her shot flew wide of the target.

“Dammit, Pan!” she whirled around, “You made me miss!”

“You would have missed anyway.” He glanced back at the pearl around her neck but it was a muddy brown and so no help.

“What do you want?” she spat as she notched another arrow.

“You didn’t answer my question earlier.”

Her stance tensed.

“The answer doesn’t matter.” she rolled her shoulders in an effort to relax, “I never meant to bring it up. Just forget about it.”

She let the arrow fly but again it flew too wide of the target. He placed a hand on her elbow and lowered it. “Lower your arm holding the arrow and take a breath before you fire. It should help your sorry aim some.”

“Thanks,” she mumbled. Peter inspected the pearl once again and saw it was just the palest of oranges. He nodded and walked off to work on his own skills.

This wasn’t the end of what had happened on the beach but for now the subject was closed. He glanced back as Y/N fired another arrow and it just barely hit the edge of the target. That a girl.


Ever since that morning things had…shifted. Nothing really changed as far as life on the island went. I went about my routine, avoided being murdered by Slightly, and played games with the boys. But Pan was treating me more normally. He stopped referring to me as pet and was treating me like the rest of the boys instead of like I was the only girl.

I liked it.

Life was pretty good, excluding the whole rogue Lost Boys trying to kill me thing of course. Another skirmish and I was back at camp getting stitched up by Ben. “Hey, do you know how long Slightly’s been here?”

“A long time.” Ben answered as he pushed the needle back through my skin. “Not as long as say Felix but pretty close. Why?”

“I just want to know what his problem with girls is.” I told him.

“There’s a grand total of three people that know that. Slightly, Felix and Pan.”

“Well that’s just peachy.” I muttered and Ben tied off my last stitch. “And you’re sure that no one else knows?”

“Yeah, why are you so interested? So he doesn’t like girls and having you here puts him in a homicidal rage. What’s the real problem?”

“Besides the fact that you think that a boy that wants to kill me is a normal thing?”

“You know what I mean. Why are the details so important to you?”

“Because he-doesn’t-like-girls isn’t a good enough reason for murder. Something has to justify the means doesn’t it?”

Ben shrugged. “If you want answers you’re asking the wrong person.”

“Well thanks anyways.” I rolled my shirt back down, careful to mind the still tender stitches. “You’re gonna have to show me how to do this by myself so I can stop bugging you.”

“It’s not a problem but I could show you if you really want. There’s nothing to it.”

“Thanks. I’d like that.” I stood up and wandered around the camp until I found Felix.

“Something wrong, Lost Girl?” Felix asked when I approached him.

“I just came by to ask you about Slightly.”

“Why he hates girls, right?” Felix answered and I nodded. “Well it’s pretty dumb to be honest. The fact that he still holds a grudge after all the years just shows how immature he truly is.”

“What grudge? What happened?”

“You sure you want to know?”

“You’re a decent guy, Felix, and I appreciate the help in training but you are inherently hard to talk to. If it wasn’t for the fact that the only other two people that know what made Slightly this way are Slightly and Pan I probably wouldn’t be asking you. No offense.”

“None taken, I don’t like talking to you much anyways.”

“You have something against girls too?”

“Only a little.”

“Wow, thanks.”

“Do you want to know why Slightly hates girls or not?”

“Yes, I do.”

“It’s a long story.”

“I have nothing but time.”

With a sigh Felix laid out the whole story. Before Slightly came to Neverland he was better known as Marquess of Puntrag, the only son amid five daughters. His parents, a Duke and Duchess, had been arranging his marriage to the daughter of an Earl for years.

Constantly being surrounded by female persuasion that hounded him with many humiliating comments already made him resent them. It wasn’t until he met his bride-to-be, a real spoiled brat of a girl, that he finally broke. He could see his life laid out before him and it made him mad because no one would listen to what he had to say.

He ended up blaming women for all the problems in his life: his sister’s teasing and demeaning jokes, his mother for arranging the marriage, and the girl he was engaged to for being everything he hated rolled into one face powdered, pastel wearing, and complaint spewing package. Stuck in this role he found only one way to escape and that was to Neverland. A place that he could shed his past and embrace a wild and fun future. And even better, until very recently, held only boys so not to remind him of the life he just barely escaped.

“He hates girls because his mother and sisters were jerks?” I said after Felix finished the story, “I can see why he wouldn’t like them but not all girls are like that. I certainly am not, I’ve more than proved that.”

“Enough girls were like that though so it doesn’t matter to him now. All girls, whether snooty or not are all the devil to him. He’s been carrying that mindset for so long it’s gonna be impossible to change now.”

I let out a long groan, “How is it that so many well off boys of some influence always end up here? Devin was a scholar, Slightly was a Marquess, what are you? A prince?”

“How’d you know?” Felix gave me a small grin. I could only manage a glare back. “Not in a joking mood today?”

“Well I did get my back sliced into again earlier this afternoon so excuse me if I’m not my chipper self.” I pushed off the tree I had been leaning on. “Thanks for explaining things. You’re sure there’s absolutely no chance that his mind could be changed?”

“Trust me on this one, Y/N. The only way that Slightly is ever going to stop trying to kill you is if you kill him.”

“Guess that leaves one option for me then.” I tapped my fingers against the dagger against my hip. It was time I ended this feud once and for all.

I spent the rest of the day concocting a plan to take Slightly down. My biggest problem would have to be his group of boys. They made it an unfair fight. If I wanted to a shot at Slightly I’d have to incapacitate the others. I didn’t want to have to kill them but if it came to that then it would be their owns faults.

That night I put my plan into action. With my dagger sharpened and strapped to my hip and my club over my shoulder I wandered into the forest. He’ll find me and when he does I wasn’t going to hold back.

My whole body was on a high alert. Constantly tensing at every shadow and turning at every rustle of the bushes. I admit that the thought of killing someone was less than appealing. I buried many dead in my life, it wasn’t something I was new to at all. Taking a life though…was I capable of bashing someone’s brains in? I know that I spiked his drink and almost killed him then but that wasn’t me directly. I was the reason it happened but in the end I could find solace in my own humanity that he would have technically killed himself.

“Such a brave little Lost Girl.” I jumped at the voice. Pan. He was reclining in a tree in front of me. “Going to take on Slightly are you?”

“Don’t try and stop me.” I told him.

“Stop you? Oh no,” he hopped down, “I don’t want to stop you. I want to watch you do it.”


“I want to watch you take his life. Your first kill.”

“What makes you think that there’ll be more after him?”

“Because you’re like me.” he whispered into my ear, “You try to deny it but you have bloodlust in your veins. You want him gone and nothing is going to get in your way. Not me, not his friends, not even your own morals.”

“I’m tired of always fearing for my life, is that so wrong?”

“Not at all. Because you know the harsh truth of the world. You have for a long time, I can tell.”

“Kill or be killed.” I muttered under my breath. “I know.”

“And that is never going to change. You’ll kill again, maybe not because you want to but because you need to. And right now,” he unsheathed my dagger and tilted it in the moonlight, “You need to.”

I held out my hand but instead of handing me my dagger he grabbed it tightly with his own. I glanced at him confused when a strange whirl of wind engulfed us and we were suddenly at a different part of the island. Off in the distance I could see a small fire blazing. Slightly’s camp.

Releasing my hand Peter snapped his fingers and the flames of the fire died out encasing the small camp in darkness. “Have fun.”

He handed me back my dagger and I stepped towards the camp. If at all possible I’d like to be able to do this quickly without waking anyone but it was impossible to tell which tent was Slightly’s when it was this dark. I went to the first tent but no one was in there. I checked the next and no one was there either. Worried I quickly checked the others and found them uninhabited as the others.

If they weren’t here then why did they have the fire blazing? It’s a trap!

I realized a second too late and was grabbed from behind. Two of the boys held me back as another held a dreamshade dipped dagger to my neck. Slightly emerged from the shadows a wicked grin that I could see beaming through the darkness.

“I knew you were the type to take out your enemies so dishonorably. I never tried to take a stab at you when you were sleeping, girly.” His voice was cocky. He knew he had me cornered and was relishing in it so.

“What’s dishonorable about a fair fight? If it wasn’t for your little bodyguards you would have been struck down a long time ago, believe me.”

“I don’t need them to take you on. Even now you’re still what you are when you got here, a weak, spoiled girl.”

“I am not spoiled, I never have been.”

“Oh is that so? Then I suppose your private fighting lessons were just a courtesy.”

“Private lessons? What are you talking about? I train in a group same as everyone else.”

“So I did not see our once great leader helping you learn to fight?” Slightly said and my blood froze. That day on the beach, it wasn’t Pan that had me paranoid that morning.

“That was a one time thing. I didn’t even know he or anyone else was awake!” I stressed, “I didn’t ask him, he just showed up!”

“Sure, but what about the time he saved you from the mermaids? Anyone else he would have just let them drown, but you,” he gave a sardonic laugh, “Pretty little girly you had him diving in and saving you.”

“I can’t control what he does!”

“But it’s your presence that is ruining this island! This is an island for lost boys! I will not have that disturbed because Pan wants something to get himself off on!” he raised his spear and threw it straight towards me and I shut my eyes.

Seconds passed by like slow hours but the hit never came. I knew Slightly, he wasn’t one to miss. Then what–

“Something to get myself off on? Is that so?” my eyes snapped open and I saw Pan standing in front of me, the spear clasped in his hand, the tip just inches from his own chest.

The boys were frozen in fear. I took the moment of surprise and freed myself from them and knocked them back to the ground. I grabbed my club and quickly beat them into unconsciousness.

Pan was still waiting, staring straight ahead at Slightly. “Pan, I got this.” I told him but I might as well have been talking to a tree.

“Slightly, you were a good recruit. A fun, sadistic sort.” Pan said, “But you seriously believe I would have brought her here just to fill any hormonal lust? If that were true then I would have chosen someone a lot less troublesome.”


“Why else would you bring a girl here?” Slightly’s voice wavered.

“Because this is a place for lost children. Boy or girl.” Pan broke his spear in half over his knee. “Now that your boys are subdued I think I’ll leave the rest up to her.”

Pan glanced back at me before disappearing in a blink of an eye. He was still here. Watching from some unseen spot.

Now without his weapon or his boys Slightly was so deliciously vulnerable. To make it a fairer fight I tossed my club away and pulled out my dagger. “Shall we try and kill each other like civilized people, Slightly?”

He unsheathed his own dagger. “Gladly.”

He ran at me and I dodged out of the way. I swept out a leg to his ankles and he tripped. I charged to tackle him but he recovered quickly and socked me in the stomach. I doubled over and rolled out of his grasp when he tried to grab me. He was close enough that I lashed out with my dagger and sliced him along the forehead. With blood dripping down his face the expression of unbridled murder he look like a nightmare pulled into reality.

I scuttled backwards but he had grabbed onto my ankle and pulled me back. He threw the dagger out of my reach and had me pinned down underneath him. He wrapped both his hands around my neck and pulled me up before slamming me back down against the ground. I can’t breathe!

My hand shot out trying to pull him off me but he just strengthened his grip. In a desperate attempt I felt the ground for something and my hand wrapped around a rock. My vision was going spotty and I was finding it harder to move. I was not going out like this!

I brought the rock up and hit him as hard as I could in the side of the head. It discombobulated him long enough for me to roll out from under him and struggle to my feet. He was lumbering after me in a sort of bloodthirsty daze. I chucked the rock at him to try and slow him down but it sailed past missing him completely.

The attempt only seemed to make him angrier and he charged once more. I quickly gathered the broken spear head from the ground and ran to meet him. I forced my lungs to take a deep breath when we were only a foot apart and plunged the spear through his chest. He stopped and his eyes grew wide. I let go and he fell back against the jungle floor with a resounding thud. I limped so I was looking down at him and didn’t drop his gaze until I saw the life leave his eyes and he was staring at nothing.

My knees gave out underneath me and I sat on the ground trying to catch my breath through my burning throat. I looked up and saw Pan standing in a tree watching me in silence. It was over and I had won.

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Runner Runner (Brendon Urie - Panic! at the Disco)

Word Count: 1,302


It was hard being the younger sister of the one and only Brendon Urie, yes lead singer of Panic! at the Disco was your big brother who was famous and loved by hundreds. You always felt like your own achievements never matched up to your big brothers success over the last ten years. You were five when he was signed and now at fifteen you still lived in his shadow.

However you got on with him great, you loved his wife Sarah who always spoilt you with shopping trips and the rest of the band treated you like their own little sister and helped you prank your brother. But just for once you wanted someone to take notice of you and tell you well done.

You were a cross country star at your high school, you rarely lost but you never got to share the success with anyone because they always seemed to be busy. You didn’t want to interfere in their famous life’s and beg them to come to just one cross country meet, but it would be nice if they took the hints you’d been dropping for the last two years.

The praise of your sports teachers would have to be enough, they came to every race and celebrated with you when you won. Even the rest of your team supported you more than your family and friends, maybe all you needed was them to support you and see you grow with every meet.

Today was another meet, however this one was different because if you won you were going to receive an award for excellence in the sport. It was a big deal but like usual your parents had an excuse not to come and see you run, it looked like you were going to do this alone.

As you lined up with the forty other students from other high schools around the country you dared one last glance at the growing audience. Your eyes widened as you locked eyes with someone familiar, your brother of all people was standing amongst the crowd blending in. He saw you looking and smiled before giving you a thumbs up. Before you could register the start gun went off and you went into running mode.

You started the twenty laps taking your time to pace yourself as not to use too much energy early on in the race. One by one, lap by lap other runners who had gone all out at the start of the race started to slow down leaving you room to break through and take the lead around lap ten.

Looking over your shoulder your next competitor was a few hundred yards behind you giving you some breathing room. You let the fact that your brother was here to support you spur you on, you needed to win the race not just for you but also for him. He had his success and now you wanted to share yours with him.

As you came to the final corner there was no chance of anyone catching up with you. You went all out and sprinted across the finish line to a huge eruption of cheers from all sides. Standing up you took deep breaths to calm your racing heart down. Your sports teacher came up to you with a bottle of water and you happily gulped it down as you waited for the next girl to cross the finish line. It was another good five minutes until that happened and only then did it dawn on you that you’d come first.

‘Congratulations little sis, I didn’t know how fast you could run.’

Brendon came up behind you and hugged you just as you wiped sweat off you and handed the towel back to your teacher. As happy as you were to see him, you were confused as to why he was here.

‘Brendon what are you doing here? I mean I’m ecstatic that someone’s finally come to one of my races, but why today?’

He pulls away and runs his hand through his hair before looking down at his feet.

‘Yeah about that I’m sorry sis. I didn’t think you wanted any of us here, you never asked anyway. I went to mum and dad’s and they said that you were running, I decided that now was as good as time as any to come and support you. You’ve been there for me over the years and now I need to make up for not seeing you stand in the spotlight.’

You shake your head and drink more water.

‘I got bored of asking and no one ever showing up so I just stopped making a fuss. Running isn’t the same as touring around the world for hundreds of fans. I think mum and dad see this as a hobby I’ll grow old of, but I’m really good at running Brendon.’

Brendon frowns before pulling you into another hug; you wrap your arms around his waist and rest your head on his chest as he strokes your hair.

‘You were amazing out there; no one could come close to beating you. This is your passion like music is mine. Can you forgive me for not supporting you more? I will come to every race you do if you let me know, if it’s important to you then it should be important to me.’

You smile and pull back.

‘I would love if you came to more of my meets.’

‘Excuse me miss but are you y/n Urie?’

You turn around to face a woman who smiles at you; she looks in her late twenties.

‘Err yes I’m y/n Urie.’

Brendon lets you go as you shake her hand.

‘I’ve been watching your career since you started running and I’ve never seen someone with such natural skill and drive to achieve success. I’m Maria Lowe and I’m the coach for the American Olympics Athletics team, mainly the track events.’

Your eyes widen as you take in the information overload. The woman stood in front of you was part of the Olympics coaching team; it had always been a dream of yours to compete one day.

‘I’ve had a word with your high school coach and we both see potential in you. How would you like to come and train and audition for the 2020 Olympic games athletics team Miss Urie?’

You were speechless, this couldn’t be happening to someone like you. Running was just a high school sport you didn’t see yourself doing once you left. But now you had a once in a lifetime opportunity to possibly compete for America in the future Olympics, this was a dream come true and you couldn’t turn it down.

‘Wow thank you so much and my answer is yes, this has always been a dream of mine.’

Maria laughed.

‘You’ll make a great addition to the team. Now I better talk to your coach before we make anymore arrangements. It was nice meeting you y/n.’

You waited until she left to start jumping up and down squealing in front of Brendon who looked shocked.

‘My little sister representing America in the Olympics, now that might trump music in our parent’s eyes. Congratulations my little runner.’

Brendon picks you up and spins you around while you still squeal in excitement as to what had just happened to you.

‘I’m so happy you came today Brendon, I wouldn’t have wanted to share this moment with anyone else but you. I love you big brother. Will you come and see me run in the Olympics?’

He nods.

‘I’ll be front row chanting your name. I’ll break out the glitter and make the best banner anyone’s ever seen.’

This day couldn’t get any better for you. It finally looked like everything was falling into place.

Older Man

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Pairing: CainxReader
Word count: 1,702
Warnings: Smut, wearing, douchebag parents
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. I got a Cain one for you. How about the reader and him go to meet her parents, who she doesn’t get one with and they say that he is way to old for her *they got no idea LOL*. They leave but she is upset. Cain makes her feel better by making her tea with honey, running a nice hot bubble bath and he waits for her in the bedroom and gives her a naked rub down. And maybe some gentle lovemaking. Beard porn PLEASE…..I need the beard PORN 

It wasn’t that you hated your parents, you just didn’t see eye to eye on most things. So, you tended to avoid spending time with them. They were insistent of meeting your boyfriend of nearly a year, however. Eventually, you’d given in. You’d never said much about him. They knew his name, that he was a beekeeper, and that you’d met him by almost hitting him with your car.

Relax.” Cain said, putting his hands on your shoulders. “It’s simply dinner. Nothing more.” He reassured you.

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Red Thread IIII

A/N: I hadd to take some time for school, and I was so excited to give you guys this chapter because you guys have been so nice. So, here it is! All mistakes are my own, Constructive criticism is always welcome!  

Pairing: Hanzo/fem!reader

 Angela looked up when she heard the noise form the medical room. She took off her glasses then stood up and made her way to the room only to watch you run out of the medical ward in a frenzied hast. 

Angela ran after you out the door only to stop when she lost sight of you. The blonde ran back in and look at the three who were gaping in shock.

“What did you three do?!” she barked at the three making them flinch.

“Junkrat may have told her how long she has been comatose for…” Hana murmured as Angela’s eyes widen. 

“Do you know what you have done?!” The trio hung their heads. 

“Athena!” she shouted towards the roof.

“How can I be of service, Doctor?”

“Tell everyone our ward is on the loose! She is scared and more than likely cant see anything. Tell them to proceed with caution! Also, be mindful of touching her; her immune system is weak! She cant get sick, not now!” the doctor ran around collecting the things she would need when they had found you.

“C-can we help?” Jamison asked timidly. Angela gave them a look that they would never forget. “I believe the three of you have done enough!”

the member that we present at the base quickly dispersed after the message was delivered over the over-com to each member who was there. Genji left to look at the back of the base where it was mostly abandon. Although, it seem unlikely for you to be here it was better to look than not since no one had found you yet.

The entire area was dark, making Genji switch on his night vision on his visor as he walked though a door way with a large room. He looked around the room to find nothing disturbed other than a chair that looked like it had been run into.

He walked passed the chair towards the staircase that followed into the next room. He would have missed you completely if it wasn’t for the facted you sneezed..very loudly. The green man looked back at the junction of the stairs. You were backed up in a corner where the stair case met the wall.

You were hugging you knees, shaking making sniffing noises. Your white hair was still damp.

Slowly, but surly Genji made his way over to you. Cautious to not scare you but to make his presence known so you wouldn’t scamper off in fear.

“Please don’t come any closer..” it was just above a whisper but the green ninja had caught it.

“I’m not here to harm you.” he tried to assure but you didn’t acknowledge it. After some time you uttered nothing more, he pushed his chance to move closer. 

When he got close enough to your small form he sat down next to you, crossing his legs. You both sat in quite silence for some time before either of you said something. 

You looked over at him. He was wearing armor but it was too close to his figure to be armor. Not only that, he glowed with circular marks that were all over his body..

“Why are you wearing such tight, glowy armor?” you sniffed out staring at him with you head still on your knees. Genji turned his head to look at you; you had eyes of a blind man but if you could see him that could not be the case.

“This ‘armor” and I are one of the same person.”

“Like a parasite?” you asked innocently.

Genji let out a loud chuckle at your question. You were like a young child without the knowledge of the world you we currently in which was true in more was than one.

He answered. “No, it is my body.” 

“Like, a prosthetic?” you asked with wide eyes with the new knowledge.

“In a way but not to that extent.” You nodded at him. 

“Why are you sitting alone in here, you should be resting in the M. ward?” the man chided you.

Your eyes immediately started to tear up at his question. You then turned your head back into you knees. 

“I-I miss my family!” you croaked out into you knees loud enough for the man to hear you. He kept quiet so you could continue to vent.

“I wasn’t supposed to wake up 600 years later when I fell in! The proto didn’t have the power to kept up for that long, maybe only for a few days at most! The diamond couldn’t be sustained for that long!” you grabbed your face to hold it.

“I’ve woken up in a time that doesn’t belong to me! The people I cared for are long gone only I’ve been left behind!”You sobbed uncontrollably

“I-I feel so alone…”

Genji stared hard at you, he knew that feeling being in a place that you didn’t belong. Suddenly, the feeling of a hand encase around your shoulder to pull you close. 

“I may not know to the extent of the feeling you have of being alone but I do grasp the concept of it.” His hand rubbed your shoulder comfortingly. 

“I was, ah, how do you say it. The ‘black sheep’ of my family. I was alone even if my brother was there and we were close. I wanted something different than what my brother wanted. In turn I lost everything, even my body, but something gave me another chance. Even when i feel like I don’t belong. I always look at that second chance for comfort and I know I’m in the right place.” 

The man gently grabbed you left hand and brought it up to his visor to look at our finger. Even though he didn’t voice it, Genji knew where he had seen this color thread before.

“When we found you, this thread was sick, small, and barely hanging to life.” he put your hand back down and looked at you.

“Look at it now. It may be tangled but it is long; almost complete even. The color is returning at you get better. You might be in a world that isn’t your own but there is someone you is destine for you. Waiting for you. Along the way you’ll meet people..”

“The stinging of losing the people you love will never truly go away because they were there and you did love them. But it does get easier to cope with the loss.”  

You stared at this man. The wheels turning in your head at his words of wisdom that made out insides shake. he was right. 

You nodded at him and looked forward into the dark, the man did the same.

“uh..My name is Y/N” you spoke softly as you wiped your face of the tear marks.


“is your brother here? In this..base?

“No, I do not know where his is but i know he lives.” 

“whats is name?” you cautious asked.


“Hanzo” the name rolled off your tongue; it felt familiar.

The coldness of the room seeped into your clothing causing you to shiver. this escapade of yours wore you out. pain settled in you lower ligaments the cold making it numb but not enough to usher the pain away.

Genji hooked his arms around your legs then lifted himself with you in his arms off the ground. Once he was up he made his way out of the room back towards the medical ward.

You couldn’t see much, but after a long while you heard the swish of doors proceeded with a gasp. You turned your head over to see a man in a cowboy hat with a poncho with a dark haired woman in the room. 

Angela shot up off one of the chairs running over to you both. “Oh thank gott! What were you thinking?! You could have gotten hurt,caught a virus, or..or something bad could have happen!” She flung her arms in the arm while raising her voice higher and higher. 

You cringed at the loud noise but you felt as though you deserved it.. This woman had been nothing but kind to you and you took off. You could understand that she was upset.

The dark haired woman walked over the doctor grabbing her shoulders. “Angela,don’t be upset with her. She is in a hard place right now and you raising you voice isn’t going to help.” Angela let out a long sigh looking from her to you. 

“I apologize, I was just worried about you.” her brown eyes looked at you with sincerity. 

“I…I am sorry..I..”

“Now, enough of that darlin’. We know why you reacted the way you did and it isn’t your fault. No one would have reacted well with that type of information.” The cowboy walked over with a small smile. 

You looked at him for a long hard while. “I..I want to get better..”

The group seem to lighten up at your determination. “And…I would like to apologize to Hana for shoving her over.”

Angela clapped with joy as she watched Genji put you back in the bed“Yes! We can arrange that mien Liebling!” 

You looked over at her “Y/N…Please call me Y/N”

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Amami uses sex therapy to help Ouma deal with his mental illness and emotional problems.

I was listening to this song (Shameless (cover) by The Weeknd) on repeat while writing this fic. Found this song yesterday and it just… fit with this prompt so well, so, I wrote this fic quick with this song in mind, ehehe ^u^

Warning: Starts smack in the middle of some pervy stuff, so I’ll put it Under Cut right after the title, because NSFW-pervy-times! 030!! It’s a bit rough, biting and scratching and a lil blood, but not super graphic :0 


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