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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.

Otayuri Ramadan/Eid HC

I know Ramadan just ended but I’ve been holding onto this one otayuri headcanon for a while.

Otabek is visiting during Ramadan. He doesn’t mention it to Yuri because he doesn’t feel like it’s a big deal. He’s used to skating while fasting but he doesn’t overdo it, knowing that it’ll wear him out. Yuri does notice this but, surprisingly, doesn’t comment on it. Yuri goes about eating in front of him, only noticing by lunch that he hasn’t brought anything.

“I would’ve brought you something if you’d told me you forgot to bring lunch? And did you not bring water either? What the hell?”

“It’s Ramadan, I’m fasting…” is all he replies.

Yuri stops eating, “Beka! Shit, I’m sorry, if I’d known I wouldn’t have…why didn’t you tell me? And why the hell are you skating?”

He just chuckles, “It’s not a big deal, I’ve been doing it for years!”

So that night, they leave early and Yuri had spent his entire break looking up things to make for iftar (breaking your fast meal). He goes home and tries to make do with what he has. He’s careful not to use pork. Otabek is touched by it all and telling him he didn’t have to.

The next day, Beka wakes up for ceri (morning meal, eaten before sunrise) and sees Yuri up and cooking.

“I just want to make sure you’re eating enough to keep you going for the rest of the day.”

Yuri basically prepared a feast for him and makes sure he eats every last morsel, including quite a few glasses of water.

“Thanks Yura,” is what he gets along with a smile.

For the rest of his visit, Yuri prepares iftar and ceri for him, using the help of online tips and videos. And after he leaves, Yuri gets used to it, so he makes a lot of it for himself. One day, he wants to do it along with Otabek…so he sets out to research the religion and learn as much as he can.

He flies out to Almaty the day before Eid because he wants to celebrate it alongside Otabek. He’s surprised to see him, but nonetheless is happy to see him.

So the next morning they for Eid prayer and then visit his family afterwards. Otabek’s mother and sisters basically stuff his face but no complaints because their cooking is amazing. They’re all happy that he’s decided to visit them to celebrate Eid, despite not being Muslim. Yuri isn’t the least bit sour or irritable, and for once, he actually enjoys himself…

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Have you listened to the soundtrack for Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812? If you have, what are your thoughts?

lmao yeah I’ve been listenin to the off bway one for like a month now and i just found the obc yesterday
it’s super good!! i feel like the instrumental rlly brings in the mood for the songs and the vocals in both versions are fucking incredible

keith honestly handled that whole bom trial so well though??? like the exhausting pain of all the battles and having to relive your issues with your estranged dad sound like torture, but that part with the fake shiro?? 

the fact that they took his hallucination of the person he Most Desperately Wants to See, his Greatest Hopes and Dreams, and literally broadcasted it on live video to that actual person?? having your feelings about them exposed while you aren’t even conscious of it–can you imagine?? like, i would literally die?? i wonder if keith knows shiro saw that and I 100% hope they had a good long talk about it

i’ve also seen people mention that the bom was testing shiro too, and it definitely seems like when kolivan says things he’s always gauging shiro’s reaction. either way, watching the trial was clearly taxing on shiro as well, and i think it’d be mutually beneficial for them to share their feelings on it 

Thoughts on Wonder Woman that literally nobody asked for:

  • I loved the little girl and her face and everything she stands for omggg
  • That scene?? where antiope trains teenage diana?? and hippolyta enters all furious?? and these ~50~ year old sisters just fight and make up and agree?? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP MATE OHMYGOD
  • Okay but as brutal as it was to watch antiope die, for me it was actually worse to watch the beginning- where the bullet flies for the first time, and strikes an amazon who’s jumping behind diana- and diana realizes the true horror of what’s happening. 
    • Like to see the effects of war on this paradise island
    • was
    • heartbreaking
  • steve’s scene in those pools. I AM JUST——- [insert incoherent mumbling/sobbing/shrieking here]
  • Diana is innocent and shining and beautiful. I would totally die for her. She will make Steve believe in Ares with the strength of her own belief. That boat scene slayed me a thousand times over.
  • Coughs and slides into a puddle on the floor about diana saying, “baby” bc i have never seen such pureness EVAH it turned my skin clearer than a fucking transparent sheet of plastic.
    • just rip my heart out you little ball of wool and wanting and teeth, just tear it out, ohmygodddd
  • Also, ummmm, that scene. Right before Diana gets ice cream. bc there were sikh soldiers and SO MANY soldiers of color and I did not expect that but I was so glad to see them.
  • I- as much as I understand why steve and diana shared that night- didn’t really like it all that much. Honesttogod would’ve liked it better if they’d kissed on the tarmac. 
    • That said, the scene was shot. so. well. 
    • all dark and intimate and silent. PERFECTION.
    • Apologies to gifmakers though that scene must still be causing y’all nightmares lmao
  • “What I do is not up to you.”
  • ALSO ALSO ALSO: that scene where diana rides off with the horse- after the village- it was such a parallel to the scene in the beginning, where she’s a little girl and in the perfect world and everything is sunlit and bright and golden; but now diana’s raging and armored and fierce as any goddess, in a darker world; tired, and still, despite it all, lovely.
  • (Apparently if diana looks up and closes her eyes and thinks she’s at peace, everything will just become worse. This happens twice, jfc.)
  • “Maybe it’s not what you deserve.” 
  • “Maybe I don’t deserve it.”
    • Listen, I am many things but I am such a sucker for the way Steve Trevor doesn’t pin his hopes on Diana and walks away from her on that tower- he loves her; he does, but there’s no time for Diana’s crisis of faith here. And Steve tries to bring her back to him, but when she refuses- he has to go. He walks away. And he doesn’t hold it against her, because she’s from another world and another culture, but he doesn’t coddle her about it either.
    • And then Diana fights back and she fights forwards and Steve has faith in her even after all of it.
  • Diana knows paradise, okay? She knows paradise, she’s lived there for centuries. And Ares shows her this paradise and shows her what he plans and shows her what could be-
  • And Diana closes her eyes. Diana imagines.
  • And then Diana says, “I could never be a part of that.” and gives up her vision of paradise in favor of reality 
  • There was a meta talking about Diana wielding a sword and how it was the antithesis to her character bc it’s a masculine weapon and I’d just like to say that I went into this movie expecting to hate it and then that sword got fucking DESTROYED and it was such a cathartic moment
  • Chief and Sameer and Charlie resigning themselves to death. Together. Knowing there is no way out; deciding, eyes wide and open and hands clenched tight- they were shadows at the end, lit against flame, visible only through their silhouettes- and they just ripped up my heart into a thousand pieces I hate them all so much.
  • Chris Pine’s eyes have never been bluer than when he points a gun back at a cargo of bombs and swallows. He looked so young; looked so afraid; but he kept those blue eyes open and pulled that trigger and idk man but he is the son of my heart and I will never let him go, like ughhhh.
  • But tbph that scene where Isabel Maru’s mask rips off- was just. so- poignant.
    • beneath the plastic; beneath the half-human half-machine monstrosity that is isabel’s face; beneath this person who is a villain in the purest sense of the word- 
    • there is a scar.
    • there is fear, and loss, and just- mortality. 
    • And Diana sees, even in the depths of a grief deeper than anything she’s ever known, and she chooses not to kill Isabel. 
  • Diana chooses to kill Ares with his own power, which was an amazing choice. Also that scene where she fights him with the lasso on the rooftop? I will never get over it. NEVER.

So, like, this movie is fucking iconic and also fucking amazing and I am fucking ended ohmygod.

So I just found an old picture of the very first character I ever created and I got very nostalgic and even more embarrassed. Ah yes the good old days of badly proportioned anime drawings
Anyway her name is Idola and she was very important to me back then

random thought: my villain academia. it’s like my hero academia but kids are trained to become the world’s greatest villains. and there’re mostly kids from the families of villains but the main character is a son of a powerful hero. so all the other kids laugh at him and look down on him but!!!!!! he will overcome all difficulties!!!!!!! and prove everyone that he’s able to become the most terrifying villain ever!!!!!!! 

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Mini- fic? Fell sans was out one day and then he sees his crush, who is already on a relationship with someone. But then he sees that their lover is being abusive towards his crush. Like they call them names,says how much they regret being with them & they even threaten them if they attempt to talk back! Would he save his crush? Thank you

Of course c:

Warning: Domestic violence (mostly vocal)



Starring: Sans

Red has had a crush on you for a while, even though you have an S/o. He’s never really liked her- she’s always been controlling and bossy to a lot of people, and he understands why she’d fall in love with someone like you.. but why would you fall in love with someone like her?

Actually, Red doesn’t even think she loves you. He’s scared that she’s using you. There are times where he’s caught her yelling at you for stupid reasons or being too demanding, and it’s insane. How can you stand to be in a relationship with someone like that? Red thinks it’s because you just don’t know how to cut off ties, but whenever he brings it up, you shove it back down and pretend the topic never existed. This worries him, since you guys are friends, and he knows you’d trust him.. right? Lately you’ve been more cut off from him, and he’s blaming your girlfriend, not himself for once. He’s never done anything wrong, and he damn well knows you enough to be confident about that.

One day, he goes out because it’s nice, and his brother yelled at him to finally get some fresh air. He takes hidden pathways and secret alleys to get to a spot he found a while ago. It’s very nice and calming, and every time he’s ever been there, he was alone, so he figures not a lot of people bother to explore. Good, more for him, he needs it anyway. Although, all of a sudden, he hears yelling and crying, and he already knows you’re in that mix.

“Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I even waste my god damn time with you!!” Red hears that irritating voice scream.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry..” you apologize over and over, your voice shaky and quiet. Red peeks around the corner and immediately hides seeing that it’s the two of you, watching and listening.

“You no good piece of shit, do you even think you’re worth anything? You’re NOTHING without me. You’re lucky I haven’t left your sorry ass yet, you don’t deserve me. You don’t deserve anything.”

“I-I think I’m..”

“Oh? What did you just fucking say?” She shoves you so you fall over, “Are you talking back to me? We’ve had discussions about this. You don’t get to say anything. Not like you have a right to. You’re beneath me.” She brings her leg back, about to kick you.

Red, seeing all of this play out, can barely restrain himself while watching you get pushed down like that, so he doesn’t. He comes out and turns your girlfriend’s soul blue and throws her across the plot. She can’t land it and she stumbles, rolling a little bit until stopping, slightly unable to breathe from the impact. You lay there for a moment, cringing, waiting for it, until it never comes. You open your eyes and you slowly sit up, studying the scene before you. Red storms up to her and grabs her by the neck and pins her to the wall, using magic to help him, his voice a low and deep growl, “You’re havin’ fun sayin’ all those damn insults, right? Heh. Bitch. I never wanna see you or hear that fuckin’ voice a'yours ever the hell again, or I’ll personally make ya’ life a livin’ hell. And I don’t lie ‘bout threats.”

You’ve never heard him talk this way before, and you’re shocked, but you don’t stop him. As your girlfriend struggles underneath the magic and his grasp, he squints a little and keeps talking, “Oh, sorry sweetheart. Am I holdin’ you a lil’ too rough? Is that uncomfy for ya’? Lemme just loosen er’ up a bit, yeah?” He flings her hard against the ground and she hits head first, going unconscious.

You manage to stand and you stumble over to him, tightly grabbing his shoulders, about to tell him that you don’t think he should make this any worse, and he whirls around, holding your arms tightly while speaking, “Hun. What'r'ya doin? Why are ya’ puttin’ yourself through that? Leave her…” you’ve never heard him sound more confident in your entire life. You give a little nod, and he pulls you into a tight hug. Oh, thank the lord, you’re going to be okay now.

“S-Sans.. she’s going to file for charges.. y-you’re going to be convicted of assault and battery when she wakes up…”

“Heh. Maybe. But so’ll she, toward you. We can make ‘er forget. I know a guy.”

The two of you teleport home with your ex, and Red contacts Alphys right away, telling her exactly what the two of you need. He owes her now, but Alphys makes her forget everything that happened, letting her remember the violence she gave you. Your ex can’t remember anything past kicking you, and she’s charged for it. You feel a little guilty, but Red tries to tell you that she truly deserves it, and after a month of the two of you bonding again, he asks you out, and you happily say yes.

I think it’s getting harder and harder for me to get excited over things in the Sims 4 because a lot of people sharing their very strong negative opinions are making me feel guilty for wanting a certain feature… :/

Ok but I was thinkin on it and idk what experiences you guys have had but, if I ever lose anything that’s needed at the time (keys, wallet, a document) and my mum is demanding it there and then it is legitimately terrifying.
You have to keep cool and pretend you know where it is while frantically searching through boxes and under beds and through closets and all sorts.

I can’t believe how I only just remembered this but losing/forgetting things has always been an unpleasant horrible miserable experience and having a parent yell at you telling you how useless and incompetent and messy you are is the worst thing I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.