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Say, if Hunk and Pidge had godly parents, as in, pjo style, who would they be? Sorry for my bad English btw. (You're super cool too C: )

Hunk is definitely a Hephaestus kid! Hunkules just got a way with all his tinkering! And being able to produce fire with his hands like Leo—HELL YES. Also I want him in Steampunk clothes because I have a mighty need for that. He frequents Cabin 4 because Demeter kids love him, I mean, who doesn’t love Hunk tbh? He gets free access to the cabin’s amazing cooking tools. Being a Hephaestus kid can be tiring, so he goes there to bake and cook food and shares it with everyone. He built his own dragon at the age of seven—a fire breathing mechanical dragon because no one wanted to play with him. He loves giving smiles to anyone he meets and it usually lifts their spirits. He’s the best boy, no competition.

Pidge is an Athena kid for obvious reasons: she’s a prodigy. Don’t have godly powers like the rest? Well, she’s definitely the smartest and techie of them all. Everyone respects her and looks up to her (just don’t tell her she’s small because she will smite you). The whole gang protects her but Shiro or Keith teaches her some moves whenever she’s free. Hunk and her get to bond a lot because YOU JUST GET ME, HUNK. Shiro and her spend time together discussing battle strategies and Shiro really appreciates her input. She’s the very first one to actually talk to Keith and she knew from then on that she will like this guy. They’re the conspiracy theorists, I JUST KNOW ALIENS ARE REAL, KEITH. I MEAN, WE’RE DEMIGODS WHO SAYS THEY AREN’T?

I know you’re not asking for the rest but I’m doing it anyway.

Lance is a Poseidon kid. Yes, he’s one of The Big Three and he brags about it. “Whacha say to my big three face?” Then he threatens them with his powers, but he’s mostly joking around about it. He’s very well liked. He thinks he’s special, he was after all, the first big three kid to arrive until he wasn’t. He loves water and just loves swimming the whole day but he loves hanging out with Hunk and Pidge the most. He dubbed them as “Tres Diablos” and Hunk is scandalized! All three of them like to prank people around. He loooves randomly breaking out into a song because he’s got such a wonderful voice and he gets all flattered when girls compliment him for it. There’s a rumour going around that people usually think he’s a child of Aphrodite at first, Hunk and Pidge knows it was Lance himself who spread it. lmao

Shiro is definitely a child of The Big Three. He’s the son of Zeus, and boy is Zeus proud of him. He arrives together with Keith because best friends stick together. He’s the tallest and everyone was just at awe knowing A CHILD OF ZEUS WAS IN THEIR PRESENCE HOLY SHIT. He looks so regal too which didn’t help a lot. He has a growing fanclub and they like to tease him about it. Definitely the leader of the gang. Being a child of the god of the gods, he feels all the pressure to be Mr. Perfect but at the end of the day he just likes to spend time with Keith and watch movies while eating left over pizza. The theme song of his life is “I’m Just A Kid” by Simple Plan, the rest find it hilarious while Keith is the only one who tears up about it because he knows. Also Shiro can fly and sometimes when he’s staring off into space, he’s not aware he’s floating until Keith taps him “You’re doing it again.”

Keith is a child of Hades. Yes, I freakin went there. He’s closed off and likes to stick around Shiro all the time. He’s quiet but he’s very observant which is why you don’t want to piss him off because you’d want him to be in your team when it comes to battles. He’s the most skilled when it comes to wielding a sword. He lived by himself until Shiro found him so he knows self defense the most. Most people don’t want to approach him because DAMMIT KEITH THE FLOWERS ARE WILTING WHEREVER YOU WALK. But it’s not his fault. Hades kids are just like that. He can summon the dead and he spars with dead warriors which was how Shiro found him and was impressed. With the ability to shadow travel, he sneaks around at night to Cabin 1 because Cabin 13 just feels so cold and he got used to a certain someone’s warmth. He’s actually the most powerful demigod but he doesn’t want people to know. He is Hades’ favourite so he gets to “unlock” the most powers.

Allura and Coran’s godly parents
Keith’s backstory
Hades visits Keith at camp and everyone is surprised

Harder Ro, Harder! ~Naughty November~

Prompt: can I have a rough choking smut of roman reigns? pls thxxx love you!

Pairing: Roman x Reader

Word Count: 675


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Bidh Mi Daonnan a ‘Lorg Thu - Part 1 Chapter 7

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She awoke in the middle of the night, breathing heavily with tears streaked down her face. Jamie was there and comforted her back down to him. She wanted to thank him in the way she had dreamed, so she kissed him deeply, and let her hand drift lower.

“Claire, what are ye doing?” Jamie asked, holding her away from him.

“I want you, Jamie. I want you to have me.” She said, pulling her shirt over her head, exposing her breasts to him.

His breath hitched in his throat and he closed his eyes. “No’ like this. Claire I can’t take ye when ye feel like this.”

She took his hand and placed it on her breast.

“I’m telling you to. I want this.”

“Claire, no.” He mumbled, taking his hand off her.

Her breathing became faster and tears began running down her cheeks.

“Do you not want me?” She asked, her chest heaving.

“O’ course I want ye! I just want it to happen when ye really know you want it. No’ just because you want a distraction. I willna take advantage of ye Claire.”

She hastily wiped her tears away and replaced her shirt. She crawled towards him and curled into his chest. “I’m sorry.” She whispered.

“It’s alright, lass.” He replied before kissing the top of her head.

Jamie awoke to a dozen text messages and missed calls from his Da and Jenny, wondering where he was. He wouldn’t be surprised if half the tenants of Lallybroch were out looking for him.

He quickly called them back as Claire slept.

“I’m wi’ Claire. She was having a rough day so I stayed wi’ her. I’m sorry I didn’t tell ye, it won’t happen again.” He spoke in hushed tones.

“Yer damn right it willna happen again, James Fraser! I was worried half to death that something ha’ happened to ye!” His father yelled on the other end.

“I know and i’m sorry! I’ll be home soon, I promise.”

With that he hung up the phone and crawled into bed beside her sleeping form. The sudden warmth and solidity of his body causing her to stir. She smiled warmly as she opened her eyes and saw his face hovering over hers.

“Jamie.” She croaked, voice still full of sleep.

“I’m here mo nighean donn.”

“Mmm,” She smiled. “What does that mean?”

He smiled back at her, a finger running through her hair. “It means, my brown haired lass.” He whispered.

She giggled. “Yours, am I?”

His mouth came down to hers. “Aye, mine.”

She returned the gesture fully and rolled over so that she was on top of him, her legs straddling his hips.

She could feel him stir as she ground her crotch against his. Her lips doing wonders to his.

Her hand came down to touch him, fully erect and wanting.

He grunted as she did so, trying to pull away.

“Let me.” She whispered before she resumed kissing him.

Her hand pulled him free from the confines of his pants and ran her hand along the length of him, stirring him fully.

He wanted her, it took every fiber of his being to not take her right then and there, but to let her do what she was doing.

She never opened her eyes or pulled her lips away from his, she went about her task fully blind, only her hand guiding her.

Her movements became faster and faster, but stopped for a bit as she reached the end, her thumb flicking at the tip.

He moaned into her mouth and she swallowed them greedily.

In another few motions and he lost himself, spilling his seed all over himself, her legs and her sheets.

With one final kiss they parted. Jamie was horrified as he looked down at the mess he made.

Christ Claire, i’m so sorry!” He shouted, jumping off the bed.

She sat still and calm. “It’s alright. I’ll take care of it. You clean up and head home, i’m sure your family is worried sick.” She smiled as she watched him nervously running his fingers through his hair.

“Aye.” He replied, swallowing to wet his dry throat.

Jamie was surprised he didn’t receive a thrashing when he finally got home, instead he received a stern talking to and that was the end of it.

Jenny followed him around the entire rest of the day, wondering what happened between he and Claire.

“Jenny will ye leave me be!” He huffed, stopping in his tracks to face her.

“I just want to know what happened between ye! Tell me and i’ll leave ye alone, I promise.” She smiled wolfishly.

Jamie sighed, “Nothing happened, Jenny.”

She raised a brow and crossed her arms. “That’s no’ what the stain on yer trousers say.”

Jamie’s face went pale and she knew she had him.

“So what happened, brother?”

He could feel the tips of his ears turn pink as he avoided her gaze.

“She assisted me.” He said, emphasis on assisted.

Jenny knew all too well what he meant.

“Ye mean ye didn’t do it?” She questioned.

“No! I wouldna let her. But God I wanted to.”

“So ye compromised?”


Jenny nodded and stared at her younger brother for a few moments before walking away.

Jamie rolled his eyes and went back to taking care of the horses of Lallybroch.

She smiled to herself the entire time she cleaned, the thought of just her touch being able to stir him, was magnificent.

When she was finished she laid on the bare mattress and stared at the ceiling, imagining them together.

The thought of it excited her to the point where she needed release, so she began to touch herself.

She imagined it was his hand and not hers. His fingers rubbing circles in that magical spot. His fingers that dipped in and out of her ever so slightly. Her mind and her own touch drove her into the abyss of pleasure, where she remained the rest of the night.


JY: he said he’d buy me meat. but he forgot his promise. DID YOU OR DIDN’T YOU??

Jinyoung moved onto Jaebum for the pettiness that comes from not eating meat 😂

spaceloveandrobots replied to your chat: “Me, watching real life figure skating: okay that’s great but when do…”:

No one skated cleanly at 4 continents tonight and it CRUSHED me (and there were no inner monologues to help me through it)

gah but Uno, Yuzu, and Chen certainly all made it exciting enough, even without a perfectly clean program amongst them!

One Step Forward

“…really not gonna like what happens next.” Frisk looked up from their position curled against the wall to see… blue. They blinked.

“Piss off, short stack,” the blond human snarled. “This is nothing to do with you, so shove it.”

“Nah. Think I’ll stand here for a bit. S'a terrible view but what can ya do.”
It took a second for the insult to click, and then the enraged man took a swing at the other, new human.

Things happened so fast Frisk almost missed them. The blue jacketed human stepped smoothly, almost lazily forward to the side, the yellow hair human, Flowers they’d called themselves, travelling forwards in surprise and momentum… and then crashing down face first into the snow.

Frisk didn’t blink, didn’t dare take their eyes from the humans, and that was how they were able to see that, as the blue human stepped forward, their left hand and left foot had moved ever so briefly and slightly; just as nonchalantly as the rest of the movement.

“Whoops,” the human said, back still to them as Flowers cursed and spat. “Guess this snow is pretty slippery, huh. You want to try that one again?”

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Okay, if by ‘serious’, you’re referring to the serious with which I work on my musculature,
          know that you’re flattering me at the highest point.
                    *disgruntled groan from Adrien*


wait.. what are you trying to do with your lips?!!!

hmmkay.. just nodding with exploding aegyo.. what do you want me to do with you???!

please stop.. T_T 


please stop acting like you don’t know what you did…. O<-<

it is not me.. IT IS YOU.. OTL

but i guess i cannot stop you.. with all that..

OH MY JOHN JEAN MOMENTS ~ what will i do now?!!! XDDD

remember when will graham’s only problems were encephalitis and the lack of ability to draw nice clocks not the internal dichotomy he created within himself, between doing what he should and wanting to do the exact opposite

…i miss those times 


the thing that gets me about this moment is how casual it is, it’s like niall holds his hand out for a high five maybe, and zayn just sees his open hand and is like yes, I’ll hold your hand with no hesitation???? of course I’ll take your hand haha why don’t we just run to the end of the earth while we’re at it

  • Hades: okay Rumple I want to make a deal
  • Hades: need some help with the pirate
  • Rumple: what kind of help?
  • Hades: well I'm trying to torture him but he's not responding the way he should
  • Hades: he keeps saying things like "it's just a flesh wound"
  • Hades: "is that the best you can do"
  • Hades: and if I stop torturing him he asks me if I've had enough already and calls me a coward!
  • Rumple: hmm yes that sounds like him
  • Rumple: one time I chopped his hand off
  • Rumple: he said it was just a scratch and kept going
  • Rumple: another time I stabbed him and he laughed at me
  • Hades: what's wrong with him?
  • Hades: I mean I have him on the ground, beaten to a bloody pulp, and he just keeps threatening me
  • Hades: and he calls me names
  • Rumple: well yes that's what he does
  • Rumple: and you know the worst part?
  • Hades: what
  • Rumple: people LOVE him
  • Hades: how do you deal with it?!
  • Rumple: cry, mostly
  • Rumple: sometimes I dress up as him and pretend
  • Hades:
  • Hades:
  • Hades: yeah I'm gonna go and try more chains