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It was my birthday yesterday and that got me thinking of gifts. Here’s a little peek at a gift Jamie gives Julia.

Spring 1768; River Run, North Carolina.

Jamie stuck his head in the door of our bedroom, “Have ye seen Julia, Sassenach?”

This was a curious question as I had expected her to be in her room, preparing for bed as I was doing. I told him as much and he stepped into the room.

“Nae, she isna there. Melaina said she was just a moment ago. The library, maybe?” he asked.

I got up from my seat on the bed and shrugged as I walked over to him, peering into the conspicuous bulge in his coat. A wet nose brushed my hand, making me jump.

“Jamie! You didn’t!” I cried.

He grinned sheepishly but looked as excited as a schoolboy. “Aye, I did, I couldna resist. Ye ken I dinna like the lass to be wandering about the woods by herself, and ye ken she willna stay out of them no matter what I say.”

This was entirely too true. While Julia knew not to venture into unknown parts of the forest, and didn’t, she often explored the woods unattended. Rollo would sometimes accompany her if he knew Ian was with Jamie and she very much enjoyed his presence.

“But a puppy?” I asked exasperated, thinking of puddles on the floor and chewed possessions.

Jamie spoke with firm confidence, “He willna be a puppy forever, Sassenach. He’ll learn.”

I remembered the small pack of dogs at Lallybroch and thought maybe this wasn’t an altogether troublesome idea. He had trained them, why couldn’t he and Julia train this one?

“If he eats my slippers, he’s sleeping with the horses.” I gave the fuzzy protruding head in question a look of warning and Jamie laughed.  He turned to go, but I stopped him and snatched Julia’s shoes off the floor near the window. “She’ll be needing these.”

With another outburst of laughter, Jamie left in search for our daughter.


My feet treaded softly on the rich, plush rug in Auntie Jo’s library as I frantically looked for my shoes. We had been here three days and I’d misplaced them at least that many times already. I shuddered to think of what would happen if Phaedre or Melaina found them before I did.

I dropped to my knees and peered under the couch. No luck. Puffing a rouge tendril of hair out of my eyes, I tried to think of where else they could be. They weren’t in my room or the library and I had already checked the small parlor off the dining room. I hadn’t visited the kitchen today, so they couldn’t be there.

My thoughts were interrupted by a slight cough. There, looking entirely too proud of himself, stood my father holding the accursed shoes. He dangled them teasingly in front of me before dropping them in my lap, “Looking for these?”

Slipping my feet into them, I stood, grinning sheepishly. I was about to ask where he had found them when I noticed his jacket. A rather sizeable bulge, which wiggled now and then, protruded from under his right arm.

I looked up at him in wordless question, to which he replied, “I have a wee gift for ye.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Ever since arriving at River Run, I had been showered with presents from both of my parents as well as Aunt Jocasta. It wasn’t my birthday but it certainly felt like it.

Mim’s best gift had been her knack of reading my mind. Suddenly set afloat in proper society, I had only the vaguest idea of how to act. Table manners hadn’t changed drastically in two hundred years, but a woman’s place certainly had. I was very much thankful of Mim’s surreptitious whispers of direction and explanation. She had also come to expect my nightly rounds of questions before bed. She was a wealth of eighteenth century information.

Auntie Jo had ordered me two new dresses. One was for the dinner party held in my honor and would be remade from one of her own dresses. The other was for daily wear, which was helpful as I really only had the one Mim and I had crudely fashioned. It served its purpose, making me look like I actually belonged to this time period, but it bunched in odd places and didn’t fit quite right. Phaedre had just about fainted when she realized I didn’t own a set of stays. I hadn’t realized that I’d be forced to wear the horrible contraptions too and firmly resolved to ditch them the moment we set foot on the Ridge.

Da had taken me into Cross Creek yesterday and bought me my very first eighteenth century treat: honey balls. We had savored them luxuriously as he showed me his world. It felt like the time I had went to Old Sturbridge Village on a school trip, with the antiquated shops and towns people. Not that you could really call Cross Creek a town. I had to repress the urge to burst into the chorus of Belle as we walked the main street.

Da had spent a curious amount of time in the back of one shop, which was rather strange because he hadn’t shied away from talking business in front of me before. But I now knew why.

He pulled aside his jacket to reveal the fluffiest puppy ever.

“For me?” I cried with delight as he handed the squirming bundle to me.

“Aye,” he beamed. “He’s for ye, a luaidh.”

The puppy licked me squarely on the mouth, making me sputter. “He’s so cute!”

“He’ll be a braw hunter when he’s grown, too. Ye’ll help me train him, aye?”

“Yes!” I squealed as I plopped down onto the ground.

Seizing this as his moment of opportunity, the puppy wriggled from my arms and began to clamber all over me. I didn’t recognize him as any specific breed of my time, but then again, maybe specific breeds weren’t a thing yet.

If Rollo resembled a wolf, this bouncing ball of fur strongly resembled a bear cub.  He was a deep, midnight black with a short snout and perky ears. He had a white blaze on his chest that stretched down to mid-stomach. His front paws looked like he had stepped in white paint, giving him the look of a born troublemaker.

I knew we would get along famously.

220. Lily Luna looked like her grandmother, Lily Evans. When she went to Hogwarts, she came across a portrait of a greasy black haired man with a crooked nose. "Potter's spawn eh?" Asked the man. "Why yes," she replied, "I am Lily." "I should have known. You are just like her." "Who?" Lily asked. "Someone I knew long ago." "Oh. Well, I hope you liked her." "I did. Very much." The man smiled for the first time in a long time.

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(cause you asked for memes) Nichorello for the 'i’ll tell you who' meme thing

YES good.

-Who gives forehead/nose kisses?

Nicky gives forehead kisses, but Lorna gives nose kisses. Mainly because that’s as far as she can reach on her tippy toes.

-Who gets jealous the most?

They both do. Nicky doesn’t ever think Lorna will cheat on her, but she doesn’t really like it too much if Lorna ever swoons after a guy. And for Lorna, this is the first real, true, loving relationship she’s ever had and she doesn’t ever want to lose it.

-Who picks the other up when they’re too drunk to drive?

Lorna. Nicky doesn’t know HOW to drive, plus Lorna doesn’t like getting drunk in public.

-Who takes care of on sick days?

They both do. In fact, it happens quite often that the not sick one will end up sick once the other is healed, all because they cuddled too close.

-Drags the other person out into the water on beach days?

Nicky, because she’s a child and likes to have splash fights. And Lorna hates it because she KNOWS Nicky will mess up her hair.

-Gives unprompted massages?

Nicky. She’s a giver. Plus Lorna’s skin is very soft AND it usually leads to sex.

-Drives/rides shotgun?

Lorna drives. She tried to teach Nicky how to drive, but Nicky is a stubborn little shit and Lorna has heard the cab story and gets very very nervous with Nicky at the wheel. Driving lessons typically end in screaming and fighting. So Nicky sticks to shotgun.

-Brings the other lunch at work?

Nicky. She makes sure to bring a LOT too. Kid likes to eat.

-Has the better parental relationship?

Funnily enough, it’s Nicky. With Red, not Marka. Even after prison, Red and Nicky are inseparable as mother and daughter. Lorna has a decent relationship with her parents, but she much prefers her sister’s company.

-Tries to start roleplaying in bed?

Nicky, of course. Although, there is the occasional night where Lorna is feeling a little fiesty and might suggest it first.

-Embarrassingly drunk dancer?

Lorna. Nicky can tell whenever she’s starting to get tipsy and she prepares with a video camera. She likes to play it back for Lorna in the morning when she’s hungover, because the look on her face is always priceless. Nicky finds the whole thing too adorable to actually be embarassed.

-Still cries watching Titanic?

Lorna, naturally. Nicky loathes the movie but Lorna is all about romance movies and cries every. damn. time.

-Firmly believes in couples costumes?

Lorna. Every Halloween she wants them to pick out matching costumes. Nicky is all down for Halloween parties and stuff, but she’s not a costume person and Lorna doesn’t ever pick things Nicky think would be fun (gore or sexy) but nerdy things. And yes, they DID go as Maria and Tony one year. (Nicky hates that she’s such a fucking softie for Lorna)

-Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas?

Nicky. She knows Morello didn’t have a lot growing up (and most everything she did have was either hand-me-down or part of her illegal mail scam), so she tries to give Lorna everything she wants, no matter the price or whether she’s gotta ask Marka for some extra dough (which is surprisingly easy when the money isn’t for drugs. Lorna ALWAYS complains that it’s too expensive, but Nicky knows she loves it.

-Makes the other eat breakfast?

Lorna. Nicky isn’t a morning person and tries to skip breakfast because she thinks it’s bullshit. Lorna tries to tell her it’ll make her feel better and Nicky eats only to please Lorna. She also will never admit that it kinda does wake her up.

-Remember anniversaries?

Both. Something about being in prison made them both better at remembering dates and counting days. However, Nicky does forget some days only because Morello has an anniversary for practically every day. Nicky doesn’t complain though because hey, lots of anniversary sex!

-Brings up having kids?

Lorna. It’s all part of her perfect vision, but Nicky isn’t a kid person. Lorna tries to reason that Nicky would like their kid, but Nicky isn’t really convinced.


They lay beside each other, him the little spoon. Hawke’s arm draped over his waist to hold him close to her, feeling him breathe. She could feel his shoulder muscles tense against her chest and she knew he was still awake.

This is it, she thought. This is the moment.

Her heart was beating so loud and so fast, her stomach doing somersaults. Fenris could be so skittish at times, and there was still so much he wasn’t ready for.

I don’t want to push him. She swallowed, throat suddenly dry. But he has to know.

“Fenris?” She asked, kissing the tip of his ear and nuzzling the space behind it with her nose.

“Yes, Hawke?” his voice was always so strong and steady, never shaking with emotion like hers always seemed to be.

This is it. Hawke clung a little tighter to him, taking shaking breaths before she said it.

“I love you.”

Every muscle in him went rigid. She could see his jaw tense over the curve of his cheek in the firelight.

“You don’t have to say anything. I just-”

He twisted in her arms and was suddenly above her, hands on her wrists, silver hair around his face as he said, “Hawke,” and she was wrong - his voice could break.

Fenris kissed her, full and hard, turning softer as it went, as his arms weakened and he sank against her.

She wrapped her arms around him, kissing his temple, his cheeks. “It’s alright. I’ve got you.”

“Hawke,” he said again, raspy.

“I’m sorry if it was too much, if-”

“No.” His hands tightened where they had slipped to rest at her shoulders. “Don’t take it back. Please.”

“I won’t.”

She remembers the first time she gave her heart away - sharp, in focus, and in all colours imaginable. She remembers the rush of adrenaline that made her feel invincible, just like she remembers the pain of finding that what you wanted so much could be gone in the blink of an eye. She remembers waking up to a numbness spreading in her chest, to waves churning in her ears and to dark water rising up to her nose, pulling her beneath the surface. She remembers how the night sky didn’t calm her anymore, how the stars no longer sparkled and the moon never showed. She remembers all the times she said sorry, all the times she begged for forgiveness, all the times she was on her knees and cried, wanting to make him stay. All the I love you’s and I will never love anyone as much as I love you. Oh yes, she remembers how she gave her heart away and what it was like to be handed it back again in pieces. And now that she’s wasted all of her tears and all of her love on someone who didn’t deserve it, she still finds that numbess in the region of her heart. It’ll be some time, weeks or months, but she knows she’ll find herself looking at the night sky one day to find the moon shining back at her.
—  //and that’s what keeps her going
Come What May Pt. 3

The first two parts can be found here!  I’m mixing up myths in this. That seems to be the Sleepy Hollow way! 

He found her naked, caked in mud and ash under a bronze smoldering sky. Quickly shedding his coat, he wrapped Abbie in it the best he could and cradled her in his arms, gently waking her up from a restless slumber.

“Who are you?” she mumbled, her voice hoarse and barely rising above a whisper. Her hands reached out to his face, feeling all of his features from his mouth and nose to his hair. “Crane? Is that you?”

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Marlene & James sibling headcanons

((OOC: Because @mattiprongs and I agreed that Marlene and James were basically related))

-They first meet when they’re two, little Marlene with her hair wild and literally the most untamable golden mess, and a small James with square glasses just slightly bigger than his face, so they always fall off his nose.

-Their parents are slightly worried they won’t get along. Yes, Marlene had Gabriel, but he was much older, and so she wasn’t around him near as much. Would James play too roughly? Would Marlene pull his curls like she did to her father? All worries are thrown out the window when James starts chasing the dog around the yard for knocking Marlene over. (She never lets him forget it. Ever.)

-As they grow up, they are around each other quite a lot. Whether it’s lunch with James and his parents, or late night sleepovers at Marlene’s, they’re very close.

-They both go through that awkward stage at ten where they think they like each other. It last for all of about a week, when Marlene realizes that she likes him like she likes Gabriel, like her brother.

-While at school, she writes Mrs. Potter probably more than her own mother. James always gets frustrated about this, because his mother yells at him though Marlene, and she yells loud.

-They bicker about everything. “James, bloody hell, give me my potions book. No, I don’t care if you burned yours.”/ “I love you Marly, but we just had the worst Quidditch practice, and if you don’t get off my bed, I will actually jump on you.”

-They are beyond protective of each other. The only time Marlene gets mad (or at least very frustrated) with Lily, is when she’s a bit too harsh to James, and James is the same way with Sirius. It’s slightly hard for them, because Lily and Sirius are their best friends, but they’re siblings, and they protect one another.

-When James and Lily finally start to date, Marlene literally jumps around the common room (because if anyone ships Jily more than Sirius, it’s Marlene.)

-He doesn’t leave her for weeks after her brother dies, and she refuses to leave him alone when his parents do. They were a family, and now three of them were gone. (It made them even closer.)


AU Idea Where Geno Is Sid’s “Too Many Cats” Owner Internet Friend!

“dnt knw how it get insid e hr noes!!!((((((” types Geno, apparently still too stressed to type ‘nose’ right even though he got Bunny to the vet immediately.

Bunny, of course, being his oldest cat.

Geno, of course,  thinks it’s the funniest thing ever.

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daddy imagine- sammy

ive been awake for an hour now, listening to my husband Sammy trying to put my 1 year old daughter to sleep again. One of the reasons I loved him, no matter how hard I tried for him to go to sleep so I could take care of her when she wakes up at night he would never let me. No one the guys would. If sammy was a away, the Jacks or Nate would sleep over and take care of my baby girl, Samantha. Yes, she was named after Sammy, but that’s her middle name, Reagan Samantha Wilkinson. She looked just like him too, had his nose, smile, eyes, and most importantly his eyelashes. Oh my baby girl was beautiful and the fact that sammy cared for her so much couldn’t be better.

(present day)

It’s been a week since he had to leave for LA again and he’s called me an impossible a out of times making sure that she’s ok and isn’t missing him too much. When in reality she doesn’t know the difference between the guys, even though there is a different look in her eyes when Sammy is holding her, almost like she knows him. It’s like watching an anger really they’re both so beautiful.

(back to flashback)

When sammy finally got her to go to sleep that night, he came in and wrapped his arms around me thinking I was asleep when I knew that he was tired and wanted a break, but he was not going to let that happen. 5 minutes later I heard her tossing and turning in bed again and I got up quickly before Sam could stop me and went into her room waiting for her to start crying.
And she did. I got her out of bed and sat with her in the rocking chair next to her bed admiring her and how she is so small and delicate, I didn’t even notice the rear that ran down my cheek.
“Baby, why-are you crying? Babe here I’ll do it go to sleep.” sammy whispered to you.
“No baby it’s ok I want to,”
“But why-why are you crying…”
“I just, I love you baby, I love her, I love this” and other tear rolled down my cheek and sammy gently wiped it away with his thumb.
“what do you mean babe?”
“I just love us as a family and I love you so much sammy” I mailed up at him smiling down at me.
we sat there for who knows how long rocking our baby girl together promising to keep promises that haven’t even been made yet spending our moment of the night quietly singing to our baby.

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like on the design notes for the Funko figures, there’s notes on Pearl’s like

its like yes, she has big hands and feet! Its an important aspect of her character and the toy needs to include this to be accurate to her character. And I love that its emphasized, like its like HEY, this is an important fact. I love that a lot. I just love so much that Pearl has big hands and big feet and a big nose. I just love it so much

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate team did really well on making Evie and Jacob look similar and not too different. I see some people saying “Lydia looks exactly like Evie!” and I’m like no. Yes she looks reminiscent of Evie but that is because they are related. In fact, Lydia has much a more pointed, sharp face shape like her Grandfather Jacob but her nose and lips are like her Great-Aunt Evie.

image from madeinmasyaf