yes i know: there are shy folks out there

Loch Ness

This is footage I shot the other day in the Scottish Highlands- it’s an amazing place, surreal in its beauty and sheer majesty. I had a day and a half off in Glasgow, so my friend Gordon and I took the A82 road from Glasgow all the way to Inverness, where we spent the night. It was a wonderful escape for a bit from the concrete and drudgery of a UK winter tour- our shows here are always good, but damn a winter tour puts Ye Olde Doom and Gloom on me- the lack of sun is awful for a Southerner like me! After my Highlands jaunt, we played a crazy show in Glasgow- afterwards a young fan named Fern asked if she could sing me a folk song- of course, anything but screaming and more heavy metal is pleasing to my ears out here on tour. Fern was shy, & told me she suffered from panic attacks- it took a lot of courage for her to sing to me publicly, so I secretly turned on the iPhone and taped her, letting her know only after she was done. I thought the music worked well with the footage, so here you have it. The song is “Honest Work” by Maddie Prior- everything shot/recorded/edited on iPhone 5. Long live Scotland the Brave, and long live the Highlands!