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Reading ACOWAR

Mor: Is repeatedly screwed over, belittled, gaslighted, denounced as irrational or simply incorrect, abandoned, forced into confrontation with her abusers, and is not allowed to embrace her sexuality

Nesta: is considered the ‘angry bitch’, Lucien completely mocks and patronizes her internally, has her agency repeatedly violated and removed, expected to be OK

Elain: Is considered ‘crazy’ until her thought processes are validated by others and events, is treated as fragile (despite fucking killing the big bad guy so you know she is capable

Feyre: Not allowed to fight in several battles, considered selfish for following her own instincts/fighting her own battles, is considered a monster for destroying her abuser

Ianthe + Amarantha: allowed only to be the ‘seductress’, the ‘villainess’, given no expansion of character beyond they are thirsty for man meat and power. Rapists who are ‘dealt’ with through violence.

Rhysand: Is glorified as the romantic bad boy because it’s ‘all for a good cause’ and ‘he didn’t really mean it’

Me: Yes, this book has got problematic issues. Yes, I do recognize them. However, I also recognize the series’ many, many attempts at representation, at constructing a powerful narrative arc, at the many examples it gives of survivor empowerment, of acknowledging struggles, of recognising mistakes of past books and overwhelming the series with diversity of race and sexuality, of having members of the binary genders be fighters, thinkers, strategists, celibate, promiscuous, violent, and much, much more. 

And regardless of all that, I enjoyed the damn book. 

So I can like what I like and that doesn’t tell you damn shit about my social/political/ethical views. 

ari and dante headcanons? yes

  • dante sprawls all over ari whenever he gets the chance. sitting on the sofa? his feet are on ari’s thighs. he’s hanging off him like a koala (it takes ari a while to get used to it at first, but after he gets more comfortable he just lets dante lay where he likes & pulls him closer)
  • dante flirts with ari ALL THE TIME. ari is like “why are u doing this ?? we’re already dating???” & dante’s like “i know i can’t believe it that’s why” (ari blushes Intensely at every single bad pick up line, which dante loves) 
  • they visit each other at work a lot!! ari is always just plain happy to see dante’s face appear even if he is super distracting & often gets ari in trouble with his boss. ari picks dante up from work in his truck if he can & they drive the long way home
  • they hold hands like, all the time. whenever they can. ari likes kissing dante’s knuckles & seeing him get all flustered
  • dante’s mom & dad DEFINITELY ask them to go on a quadruple date with them & ari’s parents. dante immediately says yes & ari dies of embarrassment
  • dante gets into painting his nails & ari reluctantly lets him paint his too but ari always smudges it because he can’t be dealing with it how long it takes to dry. (”i have stuff to Do, dante”)
  • dante wants to be the first to say the Love word but ari accidentally beats him to it without realising?? now that he recognises what his feelings for dante are & just lets himself feel them instead of pushing them away, he naturally slips out an “i love you” without thinking when they’re on the phone or something. dante chokes on the other end

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Come on Mikan!!!! Fight the despair!!!!

But even if we get out of here…What we did is so horrible…As I thought the only one who can really accept me is Junko-sa…

Of course not ! Listen, everything that is making you scared right now, everything that you’re regreting doing, all of this happened because of her. Going back to her won’t change anything but only allow her to manipulate you more.

And you say that only her can accept you but what about the others?

The others?

Yes. Listen, maybe you didn’t see it because bad things were still hapening to you but when you were at HPA, you weren’t alone, you were always surrounded by everyone of our class. They were your friends, they cared about you. I know that because it wasn’t like that for me. I wasn’t a part of your group but you were. You weren’t alone Tsumiki-san, and you won’t be alone now.

I…I won’t?

Well, you know how Koizumi-san is, right? There is no way she would let you be sad all by yourself, she is a real mother-hen after all. Maybe things will be different now and maybe some people won’t want to be friend with you again but some will, don’t you think it’s already good enough? To have some friends who are able to accept the best like the worst parts of you ?

To have real…Friends?

Yes…I want that…I want that please…!

*outside the Neo World*

Mission complete, the despair is gone from her brain.

That’s wonderful !!!

Stop smiling like a fool, Makoto.

Ah c’mon I’m just really happy, and you’re smiling too Byakuya !

…We will wait a few more minutes just to be sure but be ready to stop the simulation, Alter Ego?

I’m ready, I can do it whenever you want !!

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Hello!~ have you ever got anon hate from anti hannigram?? How do you deal with it bc it's getting tired to recived anon hate from that people every fcking second of the day :((( (I need support guys, these anons are being so rude and told me to kill myself) :((((

Ohhhhh yes. Most of the time I don’t answer. I’ve posted answers twice in the last 3 years with the fandom jumping on board to help (as they do with all of us). Those were just bad days. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this on a regular basis. ❤️ I hate when people fuck with this fandom. To be honest, though, I don’t know if I’m the right person to ask how to deal with it. I tend to be a bad influence, lol. My answer would be either ignore them to the point where the lack of attention is torture to them- and feed on it- or scare the *living fuck* out of them. Or…tell them to come talk to me and I’ll scare the fuck out of them. ;) (See? Bad influence. Lol.)

I Was So Scared (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Warnings: angst, fluff, alcohol mention

A/N: Yooo, I’m in a hella Evan mood today. And before you ask, yes, I’ve “totally” been to soooo many parties before, yup, I’m the partier. Literally, all I did was write what I think goes down. I don’t actually know. I’m more or less Evan in this situation, don’t judge me okay? I’m pretty sure this is gender neutral. I try to make these fics enjoyable for everyone y’know? Sorry if this is shitty, it’s kinda late. Requests are open B. 


Oh boy, you really did it this time. You did a real bad. You hadn’t meant to make him feel like that, but all it took was for one wrong sentence and it all turned to shit. You had to fix this. 

It all started when Jared invited you and Evan to his house for one of his grand end of the year parties. These parties were always huge. Literally the entire school showed up to these things. You could’ve sworn that kids from other high schools were at it last year.

“Evan, (Y/N), you guys coming to my party this year?”

Evan swallowed thickly,

“Uh, I-I don’t know. I’m not really a… party person.”

You were always the life of the party. You loved to dance and just let loose every now and then and just forget all of your worries. You immediately turned to him,

“Aww, come on, it’ll be fun. It’s not a party if you’re not there, Evan.”

Jared scoffed,

“(Y/N), you are the first and only person who will ever say that.”

You rolled your eyes at him and and turned back to Evan. You gave him your best puppy dog eyes knowing he couldn’t resist. He glanced down at his feet and sighed.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

You beamed at him and clapped him on the shoulder. You weren’t super close to Evan until this year, but you never really knew how deep his anxiety was… until this party.


You arrive at Jared’s door with Evan by your side who was nervously shifting from one foot to the other. You could already feel the music blaring in your ears. You take one look at Evan and smile.

“Hey, I’m really glad you came here with me tonight. I know this isn’t really your scene, but I just want you to have some fun, you know?”

He awkwardly smiled back at you and bit his lip. He trusted you a lot and he just hoped you wouldn’t leave him to fend for himself. He watched you knock on the door and he could feel his anxiety coming up in his throat. He tried to hide it when the door swung open and a very drunk Jared was behind it.

“Heyyy, you fuckersss actually made it holy ssshit.”

You laughed at how he could barely stand on his two feet. You would definitely have to take a picture later. Jared stepped aside to let you and Evan walk in. Just then you felt Jared tug on your arm.

“You know, i-if you get bored of Hansen, you know where t-to find meeee.”

You rolled your eyes at him. 

“Jared, go to bed, you’re drunk.”

“Workin on it.”

You watched as he stumbled into the crowd of drunk teens who were either dancing half naked or playing beer pong. Yup, seems like a regular party. Now all that was needed was someone throwing a dresser out of the window from upstairs. Or maybe some idiot will light a firecracker and burn down half the bushes in front of the house. 

Evan swallowed nervously and you just tugged on his wrist. You dragged him over to the booze and poured yourself a drink. Evan felt very out of place and scared. What if you drank too much and passed out? What could he possibly do without getting you or him in trouble? 

“(Y/N), m-maybe we could go somewhere else? Like maybe the park or something that’s less… um, crowded?”

Evan tried to give you hints that he wasn’t feeling okay. In fact, his anxiety was through the roof, but he didn’t want to disappoint you. But you were in your party zone, you didn’t know that he was basically melting down in front of you. You just shrugged and took another sip of your beer.

“Evan, we just got here. Grab a beer and try to enjoy the party. C’mon.”

You poured him a cup and handed it to him. He looked at the cup in confusion. He slowly grabbed it from you and took a shaky sip. He immediately spit it back in. That was a taste he never wanted to taste again. You just laughed at him and he nervously chuckled.

You walked outside where kids were swimming and playing beer pong. You walked over to Zoe and Alana who had just gotten beaten by two boys in the game. Zoe glanced at you with wide eyes.

“You got Evan to come?”

Evan just stood there, awkwardly trying to catch his breath. You chuckled.

“Hell yeah I did. He’s already had two drinks since we got here.”

Zoe and Alana smiled at you both. Evan wasn’t really sure why you lied like that. He tried to focus on the skyline in the distance. His breaths are now pants and he just feels like running away at this point.

You tugged Evan back into the house. There was now a boy doing a kegstand in the middle of the living room. Jared was cheering on whoever the boy was. You pushed your way to the front. You watched in awe as the guy was just chugging the alcohol. You even cheered with everyone else.

Evan didn’t get it. He had no idea why this was so fun to everyone. Getting drunk never was appealing to him. You tapped on Jared’s shoulder.

“I’m doing that next.”

“Holy sshit are you serious?”

You nodded enthusiastically. Once the boy shifted himself onto the floor and threw his hands up in the air in victory, you stepped up to the stand. Two guys stood on the sides to help you. You placed your hands on both sides of the barrel. The two boys held your legs up and you heard everyone around you cheer for you. 

Evan stood there in confusion. You were into this too?

You finished and everyone cheered and congratulated you. Jared pushed Evan forward.

“You up, Hansen?”

“N-no! I’m not doing that!”

“Don’t be a pussy, dude. Just do it.”

Evan scoffed at him and made a beeline for the door. He had had enough “fun” for one night. He sat on the porch and called Connor in hopes that he would get a ride from him. Evan couldn’t tell if he was more mad or upset. He just knew he wanted to go home and forget everything about this night.

Connor eventually answered Evan’s texts and Evan was on his way home. The car was silent. Connor didn’t want to pry. He knew Evan was not happy, but he left him alone for the time being.


You opened your eyes and tried to recognize where you were. This definitely wasn’t your room or house. You glanced around you and saw Jared sleeping next to you.

Wait. You and Jared didn’t..did you?

You held up the covers. Relief washed over you when you saw that you still had your clothes on. Had he carried you up here? 

You swung your legs out from underneath the covers and walked out of Jared’s house. You had a killer hangover and now you had to drive home. Good thing your parents were gone. You sat in the car and couldn’t help the feeling that you were forgetting someone… rather someone. 


You didn’t see him in Jared’s house. You texted him.

To: Evan

Hey, did you get a ride this morning?

He didn’t answer. That’s weird. He usually responded within at least 5 minutes when you texted him. You hoped for the best and drove home.

You got a text from Connor when you entered your room. You sat a glass of water and some Advil on your bedside table. You laid down and looked at the text.

From: Connor

What did you do to Hansen last night?

From: Me

I didn’t do anything. I just took him to a party. Did you take him home last night?

From: Connor

Yeah and he was scared out of his mind.

From: Me

Scared? Why?

From: Connor

Probably because you dragged him to one of Kleinman’s parties. Did you really think he’d have fun there? He was shaking in his seat when I picked him up.

From: Me

Shit, I had no idea…

From: Connor

You better fix this

He was right. You swallowed the pill and glass of water and raced to Evan’s house. You needed to make sure he was alright. How could you do this to him? You were so adamant about him having a good time that you didn’t even see the signs. The nervous breathing, the wanting to go somewhere else, the not making eye contact with anyone… it was so obvious. 

You turned the engine off and ran to his front door. You knocked on it and waited patiently. No answer.

You walked up the side of his house and tapped on his bedroom window. Evan opened it and stared at you. You climbed in and put on a fake smile.

“Hey, you never answered me.”

“(Y/N), I’m not in the mood to hangout right now, okay?”

“Look, I know I was a shitty friend last night, but just hear me out, please!”

Evan began walking away. Your voice stopped him in his tracks.

“Do you hate me?”

Evan looked down at the floor and started to sniffle. You sighed.

“Shit, I’m sorry, Evan. I didn’t mean to ignore your feelings. I had no idea that you really didn’t like parties or just being around that many people. But of course I was too caught up in my own fun that I could force you to have fun, too. I’m really sorry Evan.”

When he didn’t answer, you turned and headed for the window.

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. I was just so scared…”

You looked back at him. He wasn’t making eye contact with you, but he was facing you. You walked over to him and pulled him in for a hug. He buried his head into your shoulder. You both just sank down to the floor and sat there.

You rubbed his back as he cried.

“I shouldn’t have agreed to going to Jared’s party.”

Evan lifted his head and rubbing his nose.

“I was scared that you were going to leave me.”

“Leave you? For who?”

“Everyone at the party was more your speed and I’m not. I don’t like crowds and parties like you do. It would’ve made sense for you to leave me behind.”

“Evan, you’re my friend and I don’t leave my friends behind. I’m sorry for hurting you and I swear that next time, we can just stay here, order pizza, and watch movies until we fall asleep. Or we can go to that park you mentioned.”

Evan chuckled and hugged you again.

“Thank you, (Y/N).”

“Anytime, Ev. Hey, I think I saw a neat ice cream shop down the road from here. Let’s go.”

You, once again, dragged Evan by his arm, but this time, he gladly followed you.

Personally am I worried about Malec?

Absolutely not. Even if my anxiety for my favorite ship is super high at the moment I don’t think they will break up or walk away from each other.

I have seen tweets from Todd saying Magnus goes on a journey in 2x17-18 and grows and is beautiful to watch. I believe him.

I know Magnus is hurt and upset with Alec. No matter what Alec’s decision to tell Magnus or not the outcome would/could have negative effects both ways. I do think once Magnus calms down and take a moment that yes he’s hurt by Alec and mad at him I won’t say he’ll understand why he didn’t tell him but try to. Magnus has been around long enough to see the clave do good and bad and how they treat their own why try to be different and do good. I’m not saying Magnus is out of line he wanted to hurt Alec the way he hurts and the best way is to make it personal.

They can’t separate their personal and professional lives because of the titles they now have. They have to work together to figure out the best course of action and how to navigate it together and that will take a lot of trial and error but both of them are all for effort. *winks*

Matt said at San Diego this past weekend we won’t see Malec fall or break and everything they go through strengthens them and brings them closer.

I have no doubt they will be fine and will figure this out. I just wish I could tell my anxiety that.

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Sexting with Ty(even though he's a v good boy most of the time): "Guess what Daddy" "Yes princess?" "I'm really horny" "Why did you tell me this?" "So that you're horny too" "Princess, this is a bad time" "I know Daddy" "You're in so much trouble when I get home princess" "Is Daddy gonna make me suck his cock until he comes on my face?" "Not a chance, you know my cock is only for good girls" "I'm sorry Daddy" "You'll have to beg for it when I get home. Be good and maybe you can come tonight" -J


Okay people I think @asknyojapan-kawaii learned her mistake making posts about this isn’t inns help anyone and only make her like a bad person. She is a good person and I am sure she learned form this. I know you mean good but to me t seems like attacks on her for this. Yes jokes like these are bad, so is a lot of stuff. It doesn’t excuse it though. So please take it easy on her.

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Hey, there's something that was bugging me for some time: is it true that ND people often relate more to antagonists and villains of the story rather than heroes? And if so, for what reason? I know from a personal experience that people can consider themselves a sort of a "bad guy" in their life story, so is that it? Or the fact that the villains tend to show some sort of physical and/or mental disabilities more than a typical hero?

This is very common, yes. Villains in movies are often coded as mentally ill- their thoughts, actions etc. Somethings they are even stated to be mentally ill in canon. Symptoms of mental illnesses are thought of as “scary” or simply a lazy way to give a villain a reason for the way they act. We often relate to these thoughts and actions as they reflect our own symptoms.

Also, a lot of us ND people have a lot of, well, bad thought and urges that we don’t act on, but have. Often seeing villains do those things makes us feel connected to them.

GoT 702

1) Ellaria is wearing a carpet as a dress, but she ran out so there wasn’t enough to cover her boobs. OH WELL.

2) Hot Pie to Arya: ‘we’re survivors.’ Did anyone else hear some evil laughter at this point? Evil portentous laughter?

3) Sexy shirt scene! Yes, it’s Ser Jorah with some pretty bad frickin’ eczema. Seriously D&D, this was literally the most disgusting scene in the entirety of Game of Thrones, even worse than babies being eaten by dogs and Shireen being burnt at the stake. UNNECESSARY.

4) NB Westeros and Essos specialise in clothes that come apart in one fell swoop. DOES NO ONE WEAR UNDERWEAR ON THIS SHOW? LIKE, NO ONE? I love Missandei’s bum, but I really don’t need to see it to coo at this scene. All ladies need a Grey Worm, though, know what I’m sayin’? 

5) Jon: ‘later, ‘gater.’ Sansa: ‘See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya - oh no wait, I actually really do. BYE JON.’ MOODY QUEEN IN THE NORTH! PS The lip gloss is BACK, because she means business. 

6) Euron has a squid ship transformerbot and he is going to quell all lesbian sheninagans STAT. Theon mournfully paddled along after it, a sort of Gendry 2.0. 

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aaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA u like Mavid too!!!!!!! have you read hugs yet?? its supposed to have up to 9 CHAPTERS!! - R

yes , I read it before..I think the fanfic only has 5 chapters for now OAO? 

or do you mean that it will end at Chapter 9 (my bad english TT)

and i am sorry i still don’t know who you are even you sighed in the end … maybe you want to use message ?

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Flowers for the loved ones

Uhm hello again :) There is a little one shot about “Evil Queen's” and Snow White’s fights.

It was nearly impossible for Richelieu to like Bielke. No, he wasn’t bad nor ugly or evil. He was just smiling. And that forced First Minister of France to hate him. This and the fact Bielke was Treville’s formal husband. Someone could say it is illegal and terrible. Yes, it is but also it is the only way to be friends with Sweden. And Richelieu knew it.

He was jealous. Yes, he was jealous. He hated Bielke for his relationship with Treville. They had everything Richelieu ever wanted to have with Treville. And this was not the worst. He always tried to look like he really doesn’t care about Bielke and Treville. The only thing he needed was the marriage, no matter if it was good or bad. But he was still jealous and that Swedish jerk knew it! And he certainly loved it.

There were times when Richelieu couldn’t hate him more. One of these times was just in the beginning of the spring.

Bielke was walking through the gardens of Louvre with two servants right behind him. They were carrying a lot of flowers and always when Bielke stopped by someone he liked, he gave them a flower.

Richelieu just had one of these moments when he could be with Treville alone. They were sitting with some plans and letters in a gazebo in the middle of huge hedge labyrinth. Discussion about Sweden and France came as unexpectedly as Bielke. He just ran into a gazebo and hugged his husband.

„Lovely Flower day,“ he cried out and made a little smile.

„A Flower day?“ Richelieu asked angrily because Bielke just kissed Treville on his cheek.

„Yes. My family celebrates this in Sweden and I thought we could celebrate it here in France too,“ Bielke smiled on Richelieu and sat in the last free chair. „It’s about that you give a flower to all you like or love. Who are important for you. I couldn’t find you. But finally.“

„Are you going to give us flowers?“ Treville asked and looked at Bielke. The White haired man shook his hand and servant gave Treville a big bunch of roses.

„I hope you like it. We give roses to those we love,“ Bielke explained.

„How romantic. I thought you said that you have flowers for the both two of us. I didn’t get any,“ Richelieu noted with a little smile on his lips. He just caught Bielke doing a mistake. It was wonderful how some little things could make Armand happy.

„Yes, I said that. You didn’t get any?“

„Unfortunately not.“ Bielke started to look around and then he asked the two servants. They told him, that they haven’t lost any of the flowers he gave them. Bielke frowned and sent them away.

„I am sorry. My mistake. Here.“ He took one rose from Treville’s bunch and gave it to Richelieu. „Rose for our lovely First Minister.“

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Hello! I popped in here because of the two asks you received about All Might & the Noumu fight!! *^* If you notice, in that particular episode with the fight, All Might's leg trembles just before he lunged into his full-frontal attack. I know I'm a nerd for loving that moment BUT I LOVE THAT MOMENT! Because I feel like it's a window into All Might's pain; like his body is having a hard time holding himself and he's in so much pain and I just adore that small detail!! Sorry!!! \( ; u ; )


FDSKLJFAL;K I had to rewatch the fight to catch it (I missed it the first time I saw the episode) but it’s really delightful in the way that it shows the effort he’s putting into just moving forward and continuing the fight. Dude’s just trying to hold himself together after getting injured in the same place that caused his decline and landed him with a mess of medical complications, and he’s very tired, and forcing himself to stay in that form is probably painful in itself, since his time limit was passed. The drive to protect his students and his place as the Symbol of Peace is more than enough to get him to move, thankfully!!

aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA such a good moment!! I love little physical tics like that, the ones that show you just how fatigued and tired a character is!! Thank you for mentioning it!!

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GggGGGH I just went through your honey tag and it's so painful cause I don't like the taste of honey bUT I WANNA EAT IT SO BAD MAN

Lmao it definitely does have that effect!! Especially videos with the honeycomb in it?? Apparently honeycomb itself is kinda waxy and chewy, but for whatever reason I can’t stop thinking it’s crispy and crunchy (probably bc of honeycomb cereal lmao), so when I think of the crispy honeybomb with the gooey sticky honey inside, like…..BRUH YES (even though I know the experience isn’t exactly like that forreal lol)

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Well to be fair dp did try to say that wasn't that kinda look but the interviewer said yes it was so dp said she doesn't know how to answer that. She also said Barry loves iris and proposed to her. I still think she's a snake but that interview wasn't thaaat bad

The question, however, wasn’t about Barry’s feelings. DP always avoids saying Katrina only sees Barry as a friend, she’s literally the only person baiting that fandom. That question was so embarrassing tho, DP’s response was essentially “Are you stuck in 2014?”

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i feel bad for all the royals, their heirs would all be terrible on the throne

❯❯ ❝ Tell me something I don’t know. We covered REYNA running into the arms of the man whore, yes ?? We realize why EMELINE needs to reproduce quickly ?? Not to mention the hot mess NATHANIEL is in. Let’s hope VIOLA’S baby is a healthy little boy. Otherwise, Bearoria will be stuck with POLLUX and his peasant wife, SYBIL. Rumour has it MAGNUS dropped REYNA just because KING-DADDY told him to. Can you trust him to make his own decisions ?? Do you think he lets OCTAVIUS pick out his clothes too ?? Do not even get me started on ADAIR. He is the Crown Prince of the Crown Princes and yet he’s always surrounded by at least ONE of his advisors. I wonder if the little prince can even piss without one of them over his shoulder. And I’m sure TRISTAN thought he was safe from this list, but SORRY NOT SORRY. Get off your daddy’s throne. Are you a child playing dress up ?? ❞

@royalreyna @ofemeline @kingnathaniel @winncll @pvllux @sybeaumont @magnus-blackhart @octaviusblackhart @adcir @tristan-montague

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I know this is late, but I agree with you and that one anon about calling Suga a mom. While I get irritated by the fandom use, Suga DOES reminds of a mom friend, especially when the 4 idiots (Who I love!) were failing their classes. While you expect a dad friend to get mad at you for doing something bad, it's only when a mom friend sasses you that you know you fucked up (That jacket zip.) Still, even now, it makes me uncomfortable to call him Sugamama sometime because of the fandom use...

UGH YES YOU TOTALLY GET IT!! I’m not saying hes not “the mom friend” but like he’s not just sugamama~~ lul lul ya know??!!

Thank you for understanding, im so happy ;_;

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Would you chop off your left leg to get max back

Yes, in a heartbeat. You don’t even know what I’d give to have even a little more time with him.

That being said, this is weirdly specific. Are you a demon trying to make a bargain here? If so, you’re not great at it, because, really, what would you do with my left leg?

It’s not even a particularly nice leg. I mean, it’s not bad, but it’s pretty average, and I don’t know why you’d want an average-looking disembodied left leg.