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bad | 02

 he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 02

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 4 589

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, badboy!taehyung, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07coming soon ↠ 

A/N: you people wanted more, so I’m here to give you more. this is not the last part. again, tell me if you want it to continue. I don’t wanna keep writing if no one cares. and tHANKS FOR 500


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How to Change a Fuqboi (Hoseok)

Word Count: 3,912

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet and “Not My Type at All” by Jacob Whitesides

Rated M (language and like REALLY REALLY suggestive sh!t yo 😂)

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How To Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Pay attention to first impressions*

After a little…thinking time, I have decided to write this last volume in sight of the fact that there is something we failed to discuss earlier.

In the words of the great poet William Shakespeare, “Some are born as a fuckboy, some achieve fuckboy-hood, and some have fuckboy-hood thrust upon them.” Okay, yes, I changed it a LITTLE. But that’s beside the point. In this volume, we will be addressing the third version, those that have “fuckboy-hood thrust upon them” which I will henceforth reference as a “convert.” Often times, these are guys who have experienced emotional trauma in a romantic relationship, but instead of working toward a healing resolution, they will compensate by seeking comfort in… something else.

Jung Hoseok, a name that anyone- nay, EVERYONE in the Middle Earth dormitory has heard.

Jung Hoseok, the dancer, the straight A student, the part time waiter in the university’s only sit-down restaurant.

Jung Hoseok, the most notorious fuckboy on campus.

See, rumor has it, he keeps this list, a LITERAL list. It has no title and no explanation, but neither is ever really necessary. It only consists of names…about three hundred of them, though the general consensus stands that slightly more than half are crossed out. And let’s just say it’s not because he’s handing out party invitations.

So obviously, when you moved into your Middle Earth apartment, having transferred over from another university, within the first two days you knew who he was and that you should stay the hell away from him at all costs.

You want NOTHING to do with Jung Hoseok.

It’s not that he’s trouble, because let’s face it, you are NO stranger that word in any sense, but rather your avoidance of him has everything to do with how you first met and what he said to you. Or maybe what he didn’t say.

The empty carton of cigarettes stares back at you with a vengeance, the last one poised between your fingers.

By now, one would think you’d learn to keep a reserve, but NO. You let your vices eat you alive and then cyclically get angry when you neglect them out of laziness. You shrug, skillfully flicking on your lighter before letting the tip of the flame kiss the edge of the cigarette.

Fine. Whatever. Learn nothing, that’s okay too.

Taking a thoughtful drag, shifting your position at the base of the tree, you pull out this quarter’s class schedule and the campus map to look them over one last time instead of watching students pass between small dormitory buildings, meeting neighbors, greeting friends.

As you have or desire neither, you devote your attention to the paper, pretending to be thoroughly interested in wherever the hell “Science Lecture Hall B” is located- especially as some boy decides that out of ALL the decorative trees to sit under, he’ll be occupying the space under YOURS.

“You know this is a smoke free campus, right?” he deposits his book bag beside the trunk, looking at you like you just killed a man.

You arch an eyebrow, unsure whether to be irritated or curious, “You know I don’t actually care, right?”

“Great, because I don’t either,” he laughs at his own bad joke, taking a seat and stretching out his legs. You’ve got to admit (or I’ll force you to), he’s a little attractive with his bright smile, tanned skin, lean frame, and dark, feathery hair- but oh GOD is that a choker?

“Fantastic,” you smirk before taking a long drag and blowing the smoke right into his face, hating the burning, but loving the coughing fit your new companion bends into.

“Was that…really necessary?” he bats at the air, action so (possibly unintentionally) comical that it makes you laugh. The boy seems to take this as the go-ahead to continue, “You got a name?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?” you’re more amused than anything at this point, ego being stroked fervently by his insistence on finding everything you say hilarious. You want to believe your interactions are reluctant, but the smile on your face as you tell him your name says otherwise.

He extends his hand for a shake and you’re one hundred percent ready to accept the greeting until he says, “I’m Hoseok. Jung Hoseok.”


You immediately retract, having skimmed the skin of his palm, watching him now with a look of disgust. His smile falls.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You stand, shoving your schedule into your bag so haphazardly that it audibly crumples, “Don’t think I haven’t heard your name before. I know what you are.”

“What I am…?”

You decide to not grace him with an answer, opting instead to walk away. But the persistent boy follows.

“Wait, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

If your roommate hadn’t warned you about him, you might think Hoseok is actually upset by your leaving, rather than simply pining for attention. If your name is on that notorious list of his, you want absolutely nothing to do with him- a thought that I encourage enthusiastically.

You drop the cigarette, stomping on the smoldering end until satisfied, words gruff, “You don’t NEED to understand. Now, unless you have a pack of smokes that you want to share, we’re done here.”

*Elaboration: first impressions are not always correct and should not be used to judge the ENTIRETY of a person, but rather your impression of them should based in what they do to maintain a good image or repair a bad one.

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Places Between Folds | Draco Malfoy [Part 1]

Hello guys, this is the first part of a story I’m writing. Hope you like it.

Character: Draco Malfoy

Word count: 1,275

Warning: None

*Gifs not mine, credit to whoever made it*

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We were running through the corridors, trying not to be seen, being already late to Transfiguration class, again. When we were at the door, the class has already started, but we couldn’t go in together or all our efforts into trying to keep our relationship a secret would’ve been for nothing.

“You go in first, we don’t want your friends to rise any suspiciousness” He emphasized the word friends and gave me a cheeky grin. I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, giving him one last peck on the cheek before we go back to strangers.

I slowly opened the door and all eyes were on me, including professors McGonagall’s. I quietly walked to my place and sat down next to my best friend Harry.

“Thank you very much for showing up Mrs (L/N). I can see my class isn’t very much to your liking since you’ve been late two times in a row.” McGonagall stared at me with an arched eyebrow, clearly angry and upset with me. I silently apologized and she went to continue with the class without giving me a second look. I could feel Harry’s eyes looking at me, but I didn’t turn his way. The door opened again and Draco Malfoy walked in.

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old CWU notes and outtakes Part I!

I thought I could fit all this into one post… haha. More to come! This stuff isn’t magical or fascinating so much as funny, so keep that in mind if you want to see the dark underbelly that is MADAM JEDI and other scrapped and rough content!!


From a doc beautifully entitled “Kylo Ren Master Notes, Updated 1-4-15” (one of about 10 CWU ‘master notes’ docs I kept throughout the year, behold my organization skills, including labeling this doc with the wrong year. This doc was 37 pages long! It picks up with notes on what became the second chapter of Life Sentence):

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in male territories; taehyung {M}

Boss!AU; in which your boss Taehyung catches you using the men’s restroom…and may have gotten the idea to have some fun with you right there…God, this is so filthy //cries

requested by @saryoongi ; ayyyy, girl, (j)hope you like it ;)

genre: fluff, smut (mainly smut tho…filthy men’s restroom wall smut…FML)

word count: 3746

You sighed rather loudly, your eye lids felt heavier by the second—but, oh no, not because you were tired. Actually, you surely had your daily dose of eight hours of sleep, which—even to your best friends’ surprise—you’ve been able to keep for over three years now. One must think: don’t you ever go to bed late? But, oh, you do! The thing is simply that it’s impossible for you to not sleep for eight hours; else you would not wake up. 

Now, keep that in mind for a while. Exceptions verify the rule after all. And what lovely exception creeps up your day this time? Well, let me continue in your moment of sighing and the true reason for your alleged tired state: boredom. Ah, yes, the blissful act of being bored like there was no other purpose left for you in the world but resting your chin o so prominently on the palm of your hand, while your elbow is practically digging into the table plate. For how long have you been listening to the ever so irking “tik-tok” of that goddamn clock right above your head, hanging on the wall—it was so monotone. The entire atmosphere has assimilated itself to some sort of a burial. Does your boss even know what colors are? From the likes of the store you could only conclude that he has not attended any sort of an art class. That, or he plans to become the second Mr. Grey, as seen by the fact that there are indeed different shades of gray present in the location.  

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Hi there, could I please have a scenario where kamui is kept awake many nights due to (unborn) kanna kicking her stomach at night and it gets to the point where she requests Leo/Leon to help her. Kind of like a father child bonding moment. Tks

(I really hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry it has taken so long to be created! - Mod Camilla)

Your name: submit What is this?

Y/N stared blankly at the ceiling, humming  through small grunts of pain as the small child growing in her stomach began its regularly scheduled rampage. Tossing and turning with plenty of undesired kicking; Y/N hasn’t gotten a half night’s sleep since the 6th month of her pregnancy Kanna always kept her up until the crack of dawn, when she really needed the sleep to prepare for long days worth of war planning.   She quietly slips out of her shared bed, walking to a nearby window for a breath of fresh air. Upon approaching the arched window, she sighs:

“Kanna, you’re killing me here..” she gently rubbed the spot on her enlarged stomach that the unborn child had loved to kick the most “..only 3 more months..”

With another kick from Kanna, Y/N cried out in pain; clutching the location of attack. She quickly realized how loud the groan was, and glanced over to her blonde husband, Leo, who had began to sit up in their large bed.

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Florida’s Wizarding School

So @your-bvcky and @bellafarallones made an amazing post about some ideas for other non-Ilvermorny American wizarding schools. Here’s the link. Read the whole thing and submit what you want to them because it’s v good.

But I’m a born-and-raised Florida boy, and I have this weird pride of my state, so naturally I had to go crazy about details of their Florida school. Here’s what the said:

Everglades Witchcraft Academy

  • Florida has its own school because, well, it’s Florida.  you know how it is.
  • located, obviously, in the Everglades swamps
  • originally witches only, hence the name, but became co-ed during the Civil War when wizards wanted to escape Confederate military service by going into hiding
  • one of the last schools to desegregate, second only to Appalachia
  • alligators as pets technically are against school rules but again, it’s Florida.  almost half the student population has pet gators.  a mess.
  • partially underwater- it helps the school stay cool in the Florida heat
  • a family of swamp apes (essentially, smelly florida bigfoots) lives on school grounds.  they keep no-majs out, but it smells really bad, so it’s a trade off

So here’s what I have to add:


  • MOSQUITOES. The everglades is out the wazoo full of mosquitoes. there would have to be protection from that. I imagine a spell, like a lower-level version of that protector one they used in HP7.2 against the death eaters
  • i imagine the skunk apes acting like a muggle security team, with walkies and stuff and taking WAY TOO MUCH pride in it all. like they set up snares and misdirections to keep the no-majs away
  • the head of security (and patriarch of the family) is a big guy named Sakbilanee (brown arm), Socky for short. He plays tough, but he really loves the kids. He pretends to get mad at their troublemaking, but students will also find candy and treats on their beds with mysterious clumps of hair nearby
  • so florida is like 90% water, right? there are rivers and canals and springs and underwater aquifers flowing all over the state and almost all of them lead to the everglades. So like i’m thinking: what if they have a floo powder system with the waterways in FL? So they have an existing system or they use powder or a spell and they jump into the St. Johns river or a spring near Gainesville, and they flow through the groundwater and pop up outside the school
  • EWA is the most diverse of all the schools. Miami alone has huge populations of black, afro-caribbean, latinx, white, and seminole people. So EWA would have to be just as diverse
  • everything is in English and spanish. A lot of things are in haitian creole and muscogee (seminole/miccosukee language) as well.
  • There is a HUGE history and influence from the seminole and spanish history in florida
  • racism is unfortunately a big issue still, what with a lot of central and northern florida being redneck farmers
  • EWA has a strong independent vibe, based on the whole confederacy thing, but mostly from the Seminole Wars
  • Some kids from the bayou of Louisiana, and southern mississippi, alabam, and georgia opt to go to EWA instead of the Apalachian school


  • EWA has its roots in the Calusa tribe, but has switched hands between Calusa, Spanish, Seminole, and now American multiple times
  • It started more as a community thing for fostering medicine men, but developed into a full-blown school
  • there used to be a boy’s school outside of St. Augustine: St. Augustine Academy of Wizardy (La Academia de Magia de San Augustino). This dissolved around the time of the civil war, hence the integration of EWA soon after
  • SAAW has its roots in the Timucua tribe, with a similar style to early EWA. The overly religious spanish destroyed it along with the Timucua, but some Spaniards found it in the 1700s and re-established it.
  • SAAW was the site of a big Magical Civil War battle, and that’s how the school was ultimately lost
  • I disagree about the desegregating thing (one of my only disagreements). Florida is in the south, but it’s like weird and diverse and stuff. I imagine pre-1900s (when the east coast railroad connected the north and south of the state), EWA was mostly native in its population. and that’s why it was chill about boys joining sometimes. SAAW was the strict european BOYS ONLY school
  • The school still keeps its seminole heritage at its core, and it was a hub of protecting both magical and mundane seminole during the Seminole Wars


  • Instead of a big castle or singular building, EWA is a collection of close-together buildings. This minimizes the effect on the swamp and allows for different style rooms for different classes
  • Parts of the school are above the water on stilts. some of them, like the care of magical creatures classrooms, have glass bottoms to allow for observation of the swamp below
  • Conservation is HUGE here. No-maj science isn’t really taught, but there is a Hydro-Magic class that teaches a lot of similar subjects, but with a magical twist
  • some parts of the school are entirely underwater –> they provide Blue Palmetto (a magical cousin of the saw palmetto) berries that provide a similar effect to gillyweed
  • other parts of the school are above the water, but occasionally experience flooding, whoops
  • students and staff canoe or kayak or airboat between rooms
  • sometimes some of the older students steal the airboat and go on joyrides, much to the chagrin of the skunk apes and staff (except Socky, who knows how much fun it is)
  • the dorms and bedrooms are located in large stilt houses. boy’s and girl’s dorms are on opposite sides of the school, but that doesn’t really do much, especially with all the gay kids
  • Years 1-4 and 5-7 are kept mostly separate, except for sleeping
  • sleeping areas are organized vaguely like dorms in colleges, with RAs and such.
  • There is a special Magical History of Florida class offered as an elective. It’s become quite popular now, mostly becauseof its professor, Isabella Bowlegs, a half-Seminole half-Cuban former Chief of International Affairs in MACUSA
  • The school used to be divided by Seminole Clans (similar to how houses are divided in Hogwarts, but these are cultural familial bonds). With all the non-native people now at the school, the clans are no longer used, but there are still plenty of leftover vestiges of when they were used.
  • The clans are: panther, bear, deer, bigtown, wind, bird, snake, and otter


  • Skunk Apes: these are sentient, kinda like giants in Europe, but nicer. They just want to be left alone usually, but they’re mostly friendly
  • Black Gators (Alpatalochee): kinda self-explanatory, but also like 25 feet long. Students often ride and race some of the more domesticated ones
  • Swamp Lightning: essentially mullet on steroids. They’re bigger (like 4 feet long) and can travel at ridiculous speeds
  • Stikini: were-Owls. Treated similarly to werewolves in Britain. They used to be a lot worse,b ut now you hardly hear about them
  • Tie-Snake: highly venomous snakes that drown humans and other large game. Socky and his Skunk Apes are experts at trapping and wrangling these bad boys
  • Water Panthers: similar to Mishebishw of the Midwest. Essentially a panther that lives entirely underwater. A deadly beast, but they mostly stay away
  • Island Turtles: GIANT seafaring turtles
  • Long-ears: long-eared wolf creatures. Not that big of a threat. The Skunk Apes keep a pack as pets/security help
  • Fastachee: corn dwarfs. Not found as much in the swamp, but pretty common on dry land. Kinda like pixies, but nice
  • Little Thunders: large, pixie-bird hybrids that can generate lightning. Mostly just troublemakers
  • Merpeople (Nakni Okee): there are two subspecies: Oceanic and Swamp. The Oceanic are similar to the ones seen in Harry potter. The Swamp have two legs, but each leg ends in a fin. Many believe the two subspecies are not actually genetically related at all
  • Sea Serpents: another common racing animal
  • Caribbean Kraken
  • Muck Monster (Muckos): a manatee-like hybrid living in swamps and lagoons near the coast
  • Chupacabra: actually a lot more of an annoyance than anything else. Like everyone else in the country always freaks out about them, and the EWA students are like “what”
  • Mountain Cows: basically just really big cows. their milk does woders for everything from headaches to a runny nose


  • Head Principal: Tamara Woodley - a powerful black witch, whose family has gone to EWA for at least 6 generations. She’s a former potions teacher
  • Chief of Upper School: Daniel Howard - the son of a Seminole medicine man, and the current Care of Magical Creatures. He and Socky grew up together, and they’re a dangerous duo on holidays. Don’t get too close when they start their fireworks shows. He’s a cool guy, but you’ve gotta keep up a level of respect with him or else he will NOT like you
  • Chief of Lower School: Linda Ferrier - She used to work at Ilvermorny teaching Transfiguration, until her wife Charlize got a job working for Disney. Yes, Charlize is a No-Maj. No, they don’t give a damn about what MACUSA says, they can come and fight them.
  • I already mentioned everyone’s favorite: Isabella Bowlegs
  • And everyone’s least favorite: Tomas Gonsalves - he’s the Hydro-Magic professor and honestly he’s a brilliant man, but jesus christ he’s just like a huge dickwad

i THINK that’s everything I can think of. I’ll probably think of something as soon as i post this though. Anyways, thank you so much to @your-bvcky and @bellafarallones for your original post and jumping off point. Maybe one of these days JKR will get something right about American wizardry

Squealing Santa 2k16: A Demi-God’s Weakness

A/N: SURPRISE! Merry Christmas Prodigal!anon!!! I was so excited when I found out I was your secret Santa, hope you love the fic and have a wonderful holiday season! Sorry this isn’t really Christmas-y because I don’t really know how you would fit Christmas into Moana so…yeah. I wanted to do something different so I went with your Moana and interrogation prompts of the list you sent!

• I LOVE anything with Kevin Tran (Sevin/Kevriel especially), Destiel, Sastiel… my favorite Avenger is Clint Barton!… and I think Thorin and Bilbo make the cutest pair of platonic buddies ever, also Moana
• Person A gets called out by Person B for liking tickling; is prepared to die of shame but Person B admits they think it’s fun too
• Person A is too stressed out and needs to be tickled to relax. Bonus points if they shyly ask for it
• Interrogation! (the cute fluffy kind)
• Tickling as a cute party game

Summary: spoilers-ish for Moana. Maui is still reluctant to journey to Te Fiti with Moana to complete their mission, so he tries to mildly sabotage the trip. Moana will stop at nothing to fulfill her destiny, and if she needs to interrogate a demi-god or two to get what she needs, she will rise to the occasion, no matter the consequence.

Words: 1,677

Moana pulled her hand up to her forehead, blocking the glint from the sun off of the sea. She leaned out on the mast, having climbed to the top to look into the distance, measuring her direction by the location of the sun.

She looked down to see Maui smiling up at her, waving as he used the oar to steer them. Moana finally felt at home for what seemed like the first time in her life. It couldn’t be much further to Te Fiti now, soon they could restore the heart and continue on journeying across the sea.

Would they, though? Or would they part? Their duty done? Would Moana ever see the open sea again? Would she come home to a scolding father and a worried mother, forbidding her to leave the island and worry them any further?

The sea, seeming to mimic her inner turmoil, began to grow choppy. Waves lapped at the side of the boat, storm clouds grew in the distance. Moana lost sight of the sun, unsure of her direction, unsure of where she had been. She looked down desperately to Maui, who was fighting the crashing waves. One threw her from the mast, flinging her toward the raging water.

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every eye trained on a different star - an mmfd fanfic #12

A million years ago the gorgeous @slitherouter began a piece where Rae is a Mod and Finn is a punk, based on a discussion she had with @teastaindiary. (The link is attached to @slitherouter‘s post) 

I beta’d the first two thousand words and she told me the long and lovely story of what would happen next, which included them having a one night stand. She mentioned that she wasn’t sure if she’d finish the idea because she had so many other things in the ‘to-be-written’ pile. I was looking for something to write and she suggested I take a crack at it. Those first two thousand words were pretty intimidating so I ignored it for the longest time. Much later, it became one of those practice pieces I’ve talked about before and it’s been in a constant state of flux ever since.

I suppose by me posting it, you might think that I think it’s finished. It isn’t. It will never be finished. Every time I open the file, I change something about it - there are a ridiculous number of versions of this on my hard drive - but I’m coming to the point where I just have to let it go.

I asked Shiri if it was okay for me to share it and we came up with the interesting idea to post the two separate pieces concurrently. Just for shits and giggles.

You should read Are you a mod or a rocker? first because a) it’s by @slitherouter and therefore obviously fantastic, and b) it explains where this is coming from. This is not a strict continuation, more an alternative scene. I’ve borrowed the characters as she’s painted them for an AU of her AU where they have sex. I’m hopeful that at some point, she’ll continue the story she started here because from what she’s told me, that story is amazing!

Fair warning, this isn’t my usual fare. It’s an AU for starters and it’s a lot longer than normal. It’s not all that angsty either. There are some attempts at humour and it even has, dare I say, a happyish ending. I know! I don’t know how it happened either. Just go with it.

My love and thanks of course to @slitherouter for graciously allowing me to play in her sandbox and to @how-ardently, who has always been enthusiastic about the words and kindly read and re-read this beast in almost all it’s incarnations. Above and beyond, is the term, I believe.

The title comes from the Snow Patrol song Call Out in the Dark.

These lovely people have asked to be tagged @mydiaryofemus @emu4ever @myfinnnelsonpls @inneedofamoralcompass @crystalgiddings1993 @nutinanutshell

Enough of my bullshit. Here’s some more of my bullshit.

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anonymous asked:

One of your last posts got me curious, but could you elaborate on Miroku's character, and why you dislike him?

It’s not so much that I dislike Miroku himself per se, but that I dislike the role he was given.

There’s nothing wrong with having a character who has vices or who does morally-questionable things.  They’re what drive conflict and make stories and characters more interesting and relatable, because we know no one is perfect.

The problem, however, occurs when a character has a vice that the story doesn’t sufficiently recognize as a vice.  Either because the author doesn’t think the character’s actions are that bad, or because the author doesn’t want to have to deal with the consequences that should naturally stem from those actions.  This is often where tropes such as The Scrappy or Karma Houdini come from: Characters who are constantly in the wrong, but have little to no in-universe repercussions for it.

So, my problem with Miroku isn’t so much that he’s a terrible person, but that the story doesn’t give sufficient weight to just how terrible a person he actually is, and lets him off the hook for way too much.

Exhibit A: Robbing the rich to give to himself

When Miroku is first introduced, he is hired by a nobleman to exorcise a youkai that is tormenting his daughter.  Once he finishes his business with this grieving family… he proceeds to steal all their stuff to sell on the black market.  He’s not giving it to orphans or feeding the hungry or anything.  No, he’s just stealing it for himself.  And he does this throughout the series, including the final chapter where he charges some helpless villagers an outrageous amount of money for a very simple extermination, and never gets more than and occasional glare of disapproval in retribution.

He is defrauding innocent, helpless people who are reaching out to him to save them, for no reason other than self-gratification.  He shows no remorse for his actions or concern for the people he just left destitute.  And the story simply doesn’t care.

Exhibit B: Children are expendable tools

So, apparently Miroku’s entire reason for asking every female he meets to bear his children (and I mean EVERY female, including an eleven year-old slave girl)

is because he wants to have a child to carry on his mission to defeat Naraku should he fail.

… Why?  In what universe is that a noble thing to do?  He carries a deadly generational curse that he desperately wants to pass along to an innocent child so that that child will then avenge him should he die without removing the curse himself.  The story treats this as some sort of tragic, noble act, but it’s just sick.

Here’s an idea: If you want to end the curse, then just die without having children.  It’s a generational curse.  It will die with you.  Yes, your family line will end, but isn’t that a much more noble act to ensure that no one else has to suffer?  Yes, it means that Naraku will win, but honestly, if your plan to defeat him is to force a child to be born cursed and groom him into having no purpose other than to continue your narcissistic personal battle… by that point you’ve become way worse a villain than what you’re trying to defeat.  He doesn’t give a damn about any of his potential children as human beings, just as tools.

Case in point:

Oh, all the horrible implications in just one line.

Some context if you don’t know where this is from:  This is the “punchline” to the story about Shima, a girl that Miroku had met (and defrauded) before.  She was supposed to be wed to the youkai of the pond, however she got out of it by claiming that she was no longer “pure” because she’d slept with Miroku.  Hijinks ensue where Sango gets mad, and it ends with Shima admitting she lied in order to get out of marrying the youkai.

But then it’s revealed at the end that Miroku initially believed her simply because he’s slept with and abandoned so many women that he couldn’t remember if she was one of them.  And given that this takes place centuries before modern birth control, it opens up the possibility that Miroku has already fathered multiple illegitimate children that he has simply abandoned without a care.  But, lol, he’s a womanizer and it’s funny.

Exhibit C: He doesn’t give a damn about what Sango wants

And then there’s his exploitative relationship with Sango.  … What, he’s exploiting people looking to him for help, and his potential children, you really thought he wasn’t exploiting her, too?

As I mentioned in my Sango Got Shafted post, Sango is suffering from survivor’s guilt and throughout the series increasingly ties her ability to save Miroku to her reason for living, after so many failures to save Kohaku.  Therefore, she eventually latches onto him as a crutch, but the most he ever really gives back to her is simply not moving out from under her.

Instead, he takes advantage of her emotional need by using it as an opportunity to repeatedly sexually assault her.

Yes, Sango keeps hitting him when he does this, but that’s the thing.  She has to KEEP hitting him because he doesn’t STOP.  And the reason he doesn’t stop is because he knows hitting him is all she can do.

Inuyasha does his share of insensitive things, but many of them can be chalked up to his poor socialization and simply not knowing any better.  Not to mention that when Kagome gets mad at him, she often goes home to her family to blow off some steam for a while while Inuyasha is in the proverbial “doghouse”.

Sango has no such recourse.  And Miroku has no such excuse.  He knows damn well that Sango doesn’t appreciate what he’s doing.  He just doesn’t care.  Because she doesn’t have a family to run home to for comfort.  She just has to eventually return to him because she has nowhere else to go.  So he’s just going to continue ignoring her needs and wants in favor of his own personal gratification.  The same way he does the people who turn to him for help.  The same way he does his prospective children.

Yes, he’s occasionally performed a noble act, such as when he gathered up Sango’s father’s remains to bury in a more appropriate location, or that one time he put his hand on Sango’s shoulder instead of her butt.  So I suppose he should get some recognition for that.

Another Reason

Genre: Romance and Friendship

Rating: K+

Pairing: Nalu

Other characters: Happy, Wendy Marvell, Carla, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Cana Alberona, Levy McGarden and Juvia Lockser. 

Words: 2,888

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 469, fluff.

Summary: With the war against Alvarez over, the day Lucy is to leave on her journey to find Aquarius’ key has arrived. And while there are a bunch of her friends to see her off at the railway station and her train about to leave, why is there no sign of her dragon slayer best friend?

Notes: For @taleen777 because she’s awesome.

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“You sure?”

“Yes, I am sure Natsu,” reassured Lucy for the fifth time that hour.

“But Happy and I won’t bother you at all! You’ll not even know we’re there!” whined Natsu, as he sat crossed legged and with a pout on Lucy’s window sill.

“You of all people know that won’t work,” huffed Lucy, before turning away from the travel bag she was packing to face the dragon slayer, hands on her hips. “And we’ve gone through this before, I need to do this on my own. You of all people should know what that feels like.”

Natsu’s shoulders slumped. “Yea, but I knew when I was coming back.”

Lucy nodded and turned back to her open trolley. “As do I. You knew you’d be back after a year, and I know I’ll be back as soon as I find Aquarius’ key.”

“But you don’t know when that’ll be. And you’ll be all alone. I had Happy.”

Back still facing him, Lucy brought up her celestial gate keys so Natsu could see them. “I’m never really alone,” she said softly, though he could hear her smile. “Besides, Brandish may join me once her questioning and probation is done.”

“Just ‘cause she knew the scary fish lady from before,” mumbled Natsu, jealousy oozing out of each word.

Lucy sighed as she straightened up, turned around and walked a couple of steps until she was standing right in front of Natsu. Not so gently, she slapped both his cheeks before holding his face in her hands. “I promised you I’ll be back as soon as can. And you know the thing about celestial mages and promises.”

Natsu looked at her feet, pouting as he thought, even as his squished, slightly stinging face was between her palms. Lucy took a moment to absently caress the new scar on his right cheek. The war had left all kinds of scars on so many, but no one more so than the person right in front of her, she noted sadly.

“Fine.” His grumpy reply brought her attention back to the now.

She smiled at him, released his face and walked back to finish packing.

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An interview I did for some dude who only ended up cutting 95% of what I said... Questions are bolded My words are not

Gonna be honest just took my first ADDERALL PILL cuz I’m working on a long form video at the moment and I never tried it so these answers are probably gonna be really weird!
When I initially asked you ‘Who is FrankJavCee’ you replied: ‘Some asshole on the internet.’ That seems, sort of, self-deprecating, don’t you think?     To be honest, I don’t really like myself that much. It’s really human to be self deprecating, as much as an audience wants to see someone succeed I find on the internet people want to see someone fail most of all. Espeically with the amount of FAIL-MONTAGES and CRINGE COMPILATIONS that exist. I try to stay humble to the best of my abilities, like I find my videos aren’t as well produced as others or even as creative and funny as others, but I try my best to not let my ego get the best of me. I’m just a college drop out unemployed student loan debt 24 year old man child making music while still living with my parents.
On your bandcamp thing, it says, you want to be a ‘GRAMMY AWARD WINNING MUSIC PRODUCER.’ Is that sincere?     The Grammy awards have always been to me the subjective truth in the industry. Like if you have a lil gold statue then I have made it as a musician or an audio engineer. The older I get however the more I see that award shows and all those superficial things don’t really matter, what matters most is the music I leave behind when I’ve been long gone, if people still listen I’ll be happy. If I ever get a lil gold statue for making pretty tunes I’ll be happy too. We have to set goals to strive for and musically that’s one of them.

What’s it like being a music artist in East Los Angeles, California? I’ve never been to California, I imagine it’s quite nice though, right? I mean, I’m probably being ignorant about that, but California looks nice on the TV shows my mum watches, you know?     California is a beautiful mysterious place. I read up on a lot of history cuz I like looking at the roots of the trees of life. It was once called Bear Country cuz a lot of bears lived here, then settlers killed them and pushed them away. I live in EAST LA, which is where all the Hispanic people live. South LA is where all the black people live and WEST LA is where all the white people live. In America I notice things are separated primarily by class and race, so I grew up in a working class mexican neighborhood. That sorta stuff doesn’t really affect my art that much, because I rarely go outside. I spend most of my time inside on the internet, and I find the internet my real home. Although living in LA has helped me meet so many cool artists, becuz a lot of people and artists live here. The misconception about Los Angeles is there’s only one type of people here, and it’s seen as glamourous superficial and hollywood aesthetic, but it’s actually a giant vast desert city comprised of a bunch of villages that one day said hey lets connect. The irony is a lot of films are shot here in many locations so people from the outside world get only a one dimensional view of what the city is… I do want to venture into it more and find local artists to film around with cuz there’s so much more than what the mainstream media tells you about this place. Like my neighborhood was in that one Seth Rogan “GREEN HORNET” film and they said it was COMPTON or whatever, and I was like… “NO IT’S NOT THAT’S EL SERENO!”      To answer your question about the music artist… it’s really weird, cuz I haven’t found any artists like myself near me. I have connected with other YouTubers, but no real weird niche music stuff around here, maybe I gotta look harder, like I said, my neighborhood is the internet.
I was writing an article about Yung Lean last year, and knew nothing about Cloud Rap at the time. I later found your video ‘HOW TO CLOUD RAP’ which turned out to be pretty funny, actually. I mean, what are your genuine thoughts on Cloud Rap? Is it even called Cloud Rap, or is it Trillwave, I don’t know.     I actually really like the sounds, it sounds really nice. I’m all into aesthetic and the way music makes you feel. Lyrically I like how something will tell a story. I actually made a video making fun of Yung Lean back in 2014, I used to like his music, til his fans started hating on my for making fun of him and then it got kinda weird cuz I was just having a giggle m8. It’s funny cuz that Yung Lean video was my first time rapping about something, I tried to make a message that glamorizing depression and suicide wasn’t cool because words do affect people, especially young people trying to find their way in the world. I do fuck heavy with the whole TEAM SESH aesthethic and Xavier Wulf and Bones and their music is really great. I’ve also been a huge fan of LIL B cuz he just makes me feel good about myself, like his message and how real to himself he is. I also really like cloud sounding vibes, I started this project with my girlfriend Marion called Cecilia where we released on CLOUD RAP track which is on my SPOTIFY and that stuff is good. Also music is whatever you wanna call it, I can call Cloud Rap, FOGHAZE and people will probably be like… “I GET IT!”

I know you’ve done similar videos. ‘How to make Trap Music’ was a good one. What’s your ‘process’ like when you’re making these videos?     Honestly there is never one way. FOr that video in particular I wrote the song first then kinda ran several takes of me explaining the track to people. Sometimes I write a full script, like my newest video I’m working on or my HISTORY OF NOISE MUSIC and then edit things for it. THere’s really no one way to get started, the process is magic it’s literally different everytime… the hardest part is knowing when it’s done. I find when I can watch something and say to myself legitimately… I want to watch/listen again more than 3 times I have something magical on my hands. I’ve been really interested in collaborating and working with other people more recently. Working with a team is something I’ve always wanted to do, and understanding how other people work helps me as well. In fact I’ve had few internet collabs and a few in real life collabs I’m really happy about. It’s all about going out into the universe and saying YES to things that feel right!

From your videos, I get the impression that you’re sort of a ‘music critic’ using non-traditional methods. Would you agree with that? I mean, what are your thoughts on the contemporary music scenes right now? You seem kind of cynical at times.     When I was younger I was really optimistic. Then I went to college and learned more about how society worked and it shifted my perspective loads. Then I signed a music contract to be a top-line writer in the industry and that changed my perspective on the music industry. My first video that everyone comes to me about HOW TO VAPORWAVE was made when I was angry at everyone. I was pissed off at the world, I had been making music most of my life and at that point no one really cared or really listened to me, so I needed to vent my frustrations in a creative way, little did I know that video would blow up and cause weird ripples in music culture. I still don’t know if my persona on the internet is an act or really how I feel sometimes, becuz internet artists are still a relatively new phenomena in culture. I do a lot of internet research especially with musicians who blow up and become great headliners and DJs who perfect a particular style or sound that everyone emulates. I found that me personally as an artist could never really acchieve the same thing with music alone, because I had one thing most successful musicians have in the modern age, “TALENT, LOOKS, MAJOR FUNDING” I’m still understanding what it takes to go viral but I don’t want to go viral in the music scene anymore, becuz it appears like a flash in a pan I want to grow my audience with me. I’m only cynical if the viewer perceives me as such. I’m just a lonely dude reading what I write down.

Do you agree that your videos are cynical? Obviously, that’s part of the humour, right? But I think that humour taps in to a serious disappointment regarding current music trends. You didn’t hold back when it came to criticising ‘Trap Music’ for example.     I actually believe I was born in the trap. I actually live in government housing with my parents, and they wanted me to go to college and get an education and leave and become something great. But I literally just failed them by dropping all my classes and coming home and saying to them, I’m gonna be a YouTube musician! So a lot of my cynicism comes actually from my self loathing and teenage angst that would later turn into adult anxiety. YouTube is literally just my cardboard box that lets me get up and shout out all my crazy ideas to the world. Also I don’t think I’m funny at all, just kinda pathetic to be honest with you.

Tell me a funny story – it can be about music, or just from your life in general. My editor loves these. I’ll get told off if you don’t give me a ‘narrative’ to work everything in to, you know?
    I was in Marching Band in high school we only had a few kids and we’d play pep rallies every Friday for the football team in the high school courtyard. I played Alto Sax and everyone loved playing this old song that was passed down for generations in the school marching band, but by the time I was a junior in high school the band was like 10 people so I’d normally solo it. We called it techno, and it was basically a marching band EDM song, where I’d play the TETRIS melody while the bass drums would hit a 4 on the floor rhythm. I never messed up cuz I learned how to play that and other video game songs by heart. So one day while at the pep rally there was an exceptionally large amount of kids watching us, and we were getting close to my solo. I never messed up… and I mean NEVER!But this was like 2009 and I was an emo kid and had this weird ripped up black sweater I’d wear everyday and my sleeve got stuck in one of the valves and made my saxophone squeak and make horrible dying noises instead of beautiful music. So I instantly stopped and screamed out to the audience, “I’M SORRY!!!” as loud as I could…Everything was silent, not a single laugh, not a single word.. the audience just looked back at me in dissappointment then my band director went up to me and said, “DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!”

action (vampire!jungkook)

// 1.transformation // 2.resistance // 3. the calm // 4.desperation // 5.nightmare // 6.mystery // 7.remember // 8.convergence // 9. memory //

So PART 10 of vamp!kook originally dedicated to @swimmersdonthaveboobs, unfortunately it looks like the series is gonna come to end soon, but how exactly? Well you’re about to find out! Hope you enjoy!~~
- Devi :D

Originally posted by jeonggukaf

word count: 1216

[Warning: Blood]

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Survey #146 : ABC

How artistic are you? 
Not at all

Do you want to go to Africa? 

AC/DC or Aerosmith? 

Do you know what Armenia is?

What’s your beer of choice (if any)? 

Do you know the title of Buffalo Springfield’s one-hit wonder? 

Do you have a brother? (Do you like it that way?) 
Yes and yes

Which bank do you use? 
Wells Fargo

Which comedian do you most enjoy? 
Ellen Degeneres, if she counts

Would you ever live in California? 

Is it possible/likely that you’ll become a cat lady?
If anything, I would be a dog lady

How many different countries have visited? 
Just the one that I live in, USA

Do you believe there’s a devil? 

Does eating dessert often make you feel guilty? 
Nah, but it should

Can you legally drive? 

What have you been diagnosed with (if you don’t mind sharing)? 
Nothing serious

How often do you drink energy drinks? 
Never, I don’t like them 

Where did you live when you were 11 years old? 

Do you like the actor who played Edward Scissorhands in that movie?
Johnny Depp? Yes

Have you ever felt an earthquake? 
A VERY small one, but yes

When was the last time you saw your father one-on-one? 
Like, 20 minutes ago

Do you think French is the most beautiful language? 
I guess so, yeah

Is Friday your favorite day of the week? 
Yeah, but Saturdays and Sundays are too.

Have you listened to Jimi’s song ‘Fire?’ 

Do you have real gold jewelry? 

How often do you watch ‘Gossip Girl’? 
I used to a lot, but never anymore because I stopped watching it when I found out everything that happens.

Is Google your homepage? 
No, I don’t have one… it just shows my top websites

Do you like Geico’s commercials? 

When did you last feel happy? 
I don’t even know the last time I was truly happy honestly

Do you prefer Hollister, Hot Topic, or H&M? 

Did you dress up last Halloween? 

Would you voluntarily watch the History Channel? 
Maybe, it depends what was on

Have you ever been on an island? 

Would you be able to locate Indonesia on a globe? 

Do you know if Iceland or Greenland has more ice? 

Did you watch the last presidential inauguration? 
Yes, some of it

Do you enjoy jogging? 
Not at all

On which instrument could you most easily play ‘Jingle Bells’? 
None of them haha. I guess I could do it on the piano, but not the right way

How much do you know about John Lennon? 
Not too much, but a little bit

Do you know how Jell-O is made? 

Have you tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts? (Was it love at first bite?) 
Uhhh I actually don’t think I have

Are you very afraid of North Korea? 
Generally, kind of

How many pairs of khaki pants do you own? 

Have you ever been a fan of the Killers? 
I like Mr. Brightside, but that’s about the only song I know

Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? 
Only because I’m jealous haha, but it really depends on my mood

Do you have your own lighter (why or why not)? 
No, I have no need for one.

In how many languages (besides English) can you count to 100? 
Two… English and Spanish

What’s your favorite lollipop flavor?

Do you believe in miracles (why or why not)? 
Yes, I just have faith that God makes miracles happen

What do you think of shows like Maury and Jerry Springer? 
They can be funny to watch sometimes but I hardly ever watch them. I think they’re fake

Do you care that Mars (the candy co.) uses deadly animal testing? 
What? I didn’t know that

How did you form your opinion of marijuana? 
I just don’t see the point in using it.

How often do you sleep naked? 
Literally never

Do you actually check the Nutrition Facts before eating something? 

Who is your favorite musical artist/band beginning with ‘N’? 
No one comes to mind

How nerdy are you (in what ways)? 
Haha I don’t know

What do you think about olives? 
I like black olives, but not green olives

Are you much of an outdoorsy person? 
I can be

How big of an Oprah fan are you? 
I’m not one

How often do you shop online?
I look at stuff a lot, but I rarely buy anything because I’m broke

Are you looking forward to your prom? If you already went, how was it? 
I went my senior year and it was so much fun

How are your local policemen? 
I have no idea

What is your ideal PB&J sandwich like? 
A lot of peanut butter and jelly on white bread, sliced in half diagonally. Now I’m hungry

What do you think of the movie ‘Pineapple Express’? 
Never seen it

How true is the saying, ‘quitters never win and winners never quit’? 
Pretty true

Do you prefer Quiznos or Subway and why? 
Subway, I just like the taste better

Have you learned the quadratic formula yet? (Do you remember it?) 
Yes, a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

What is the one question you most want to ask someone and who?
HAHAHA I want to ask my one friend if he has any feelings towards me at all other than just as a friend

How many rooms are in your home?
9 including downstairs and the garage

Do you like raspberries?
Not really, I don’t like the texture of them

What’s one of your best memories from during a rain storm? 
I don’t really have any

Have you actually read Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’? 

Do you know any Sign Language? 

What is your sleeping schedule generally like? 
It varies a lot

How well do you sing? 
Not terribly, but not great either

How often do you listen to 60-70’s music? 

What do you think of Twitter? 

How much do you value the Ten Commandments? 
A lot

Are there many trees where you live? 

How much taller/shorter do you wish to be?
I’m pretty happy with my height

Where do you usually buy your underwear? 
Target or Kohl’s. I prefer to buy them from Victoria’s Secret though

How do you define ‘ugly’? 

Do you like to shop at Urban Outfitters? 

Would you like being described as ‘voluptuous’? 

For listening to music, do you like to crank up the volume or keep it calm? 
It depends on my mood

Do you ever watch the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show? 

Would you agree that ‘variety is the spice of life’? 

Are you currently on wireless Internet? 

Can you recall memories of learning how to whistle? 

Do you go to White Castle or just vicariously through ‘Harold & Kumar’? 
Um, neither

Have you gone to Washington, D.C.? Did you like it? (OR-do you want to go?) 
Yes, I loved it! I want to go back

Why did you need your most recent x-ray and what were the results? 
I don’t remember 

When it comes to ‘xoxo’, do you interpret ‘x’ as the hug or the kiss? 
The kiss

What does X stand for in Roman numerals? Can you write the previous number? 
10, and I think IX?

Why do you think xylophones are only popular with young children? 
I have no idea

Can you explain the meaning of the yin-yang symbol? 

Do people more often mistake you as being younger or older than you are? 
Younger I think

Did you know that yawning is contagious? 

Would you like a bottle of Yoo-Hoo or it’s not really your thing? 
I love Yoo-Hoo, so sure

How many places’ zip codes do you know by heart? 
2, where I live and my college. And a couple of surrounding towns I guess

What comes to mind when I say ‘Zero to Hero’? 

All right, so let's talk about Hans! (And Elsa & Anna by extension.)

luciferofthesouthpole had a pretty interesting post about Hans, and I said I’d join in, so here goes!

Meta is one of my favorite things, but I’m not sure how meta this post will get. I just really have to talk about Hans from Frozen.

I feel the need to clarify right now that I’m not an expert on films nor am I a film major. This post is coming from someone who mostly analyzes literature (creative writing & memoir); my free time is mostly spent on writing. ;)

I also want to get this outta the way: I don’t really ship Hans with anyone. I just want to talk about him as a character, because I think he’s really interesting!

So, I really liked how Hans was introduced; he’s a stranger to Anna and to us, but he’s actually really cute and charming. We can assume he didn’t hit Anna with his horse on purpose, and that he didn’t recognize her on sight. He falls all over himself to apologize when she introduces herself, too. And his horse is a sweetie.

(More under the cut.)

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Fandom: SDR2

Relationship: Hajime Hinata/Nagito Komaeda

Rating: Teen and Up

Genre: Humor, Fluff (so much fluff)

finally taking care of some of these prompts yeah

AO3 link

Hinata kneels down before him, pointing at whatever Komaeda had scratched into the sand. Komaeda’s face scrunches up into a laugh, and Nanami smiles. She doesn’t see Komaeda laugh very often.

“Don’t you think,” Koizumi says reflectively, “that they ought to be a bit more than friends?”

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