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Hello friends today I would like to talk about Damian (surprise!)

It’s just that I noticed a pattern, and I felt like y’all needed to hear about it: I can think of six different times where Damian went out of his way to give people very thoughtful, very individual gifts.

1) The pearl from Martha Wayne’s necklace (B&R 14), which he found in the sewers after a considerable amount of effort– we see him searching for it in two different issues (B&R 9, 13). Side note: made a rat friend, named it Spotty

2) In the first B&R Annual, Damian literally set up a scavenger hunt for Bruce, resulting in three different gifts. A painting by his mom

3) This photo of Thomas and Martha’s honeymoon, at the exact spot the picture was taken

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bad | 02

 He was the cliché bad boy. He was the guy you couldn’t stand. He was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. He was a brat. You had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. Until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader (ft. kim taehyung)

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 4 589

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, badboy!taehyung, cussing, mature

01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08coming soon ↠ 

A/N: you people wanted more, so I’m here to give you more. this is not the last part. again, tell me if you want it to continue. I don’t wanna keep writing if no one cares. and tHANKS FOR 500

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How to Change a Fuqboi (Hoseok)

Word Count: 3,912

Loosely inspired by the song “Fuqboi” by Hey Violet and “Not My Type at All” by Jacob Whitesides

Rated M (language and like REALLY REALLY suggestive sh!t yo 😂)

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How To Change A Fuqboi

Volume 1: Happenstance (Jungkook)
Volume 2: For-Getting His Attention (Jimin)
Volume 3: Bonding and Binding (Taehyung)
Volume 4: One and Done (Yoongi)
Volume 5: Unintentional Liar (Seokjin)
Volume 6: To Be Loved (Namjoon)
Volume 7: Checklist (Hoseok)


Step 1) Pay attention to first impressions*

After a little…thinking time, I have decided to write this last volume in sight of the fact that there is something we failed to discuss earlier.

In the words of the great poet William Shakespeare, “Some are born as a fuckboy, some achieve fuckboy-hood, and some have fuckboy-hood thrust upon them.” Okay, yes, I changed it a LITTLE. But that’s beside the point. In this volume, we will be addressing the third version, those that have “fuckboy-hood thrust upon them” which I will henceforth reference as a “convert.” Often times, these are guys who have experienced emotional trauma in a romantic relationship, but instead of working toward a healing resolution, they will compensate by seeking comfort in… something else.

Jung Hoseok, a name that anyone- nay, EVERYONE in the Middle Earth dormitory has heard.

Jung Hoseok, the dancer, the straight A student, the part time waiter in the university’s only sit-down restaurant.

Jung Hoseok, the most notorious fuckboy on campus.

See, rumor has it, he keeps this list, a LITERAL list. It has no title and no explanation, but neither is ever really necessary. It only consists of names…about three hundred of them, though the general consensus stands that slightly more than half are crossed out. And let’s just say it’s not because he’s handing out party invitations.

So obviously, when you moved into your Middle Earth apartment, having transferred over from another university, within the first two days you knew who he was and that you should stay the hell away from him at all costs.

You want NOTHING to do with Jung Hoseok.

It’s not that he’s trouble, because let’s face it, you are NO stranger that word in any sense, but rather your avoidance of him has everything to do with how you first met and what he said to you. Or maybe what he didn’t say.

The empty carton of cigarettes stares back at you with a vengeance, the last one poised between your fingers.

By now, one would think you’d learn to keep a reserve, but NO. You let your vices eat you alive and then cyclically get angry when you neglect them out of laziness. You shrug, skillfully flicking on your lighter before letting the tip of the flame kiss the edge of the cigarette.

Fine. Whatever. Learn nothing, that’s okay too.

Taking a thoughtful drag, shifting your position at the base of the tree, you pull out this quarter’s class schedule and the campus map to look them over one last time instead of watching students pass between small dormitory buildings, meeting neighbors, greeting friends.

As you have or desire neither, you devote your attention to the paper, pretending to be thoroughly interested in wherever the hell “Science Lecture Hall B” is located- especially as some boy decides that out of ALL the decorative trees to sit under, he’ll be occupying the space under YOURS.

“You know this is a smoke free campus, right?” he deposits his book bag beside the trunk, looking at you like you just killed a man.

You arch an eyebrow, unsure whether to be irritated or curious, “You know I don’t actually care, right?”

“Great, because I don’t either,” he laughs at his own bad joke, taking a seat and stretching out his legs. You’ve got to admit (or I’ll force you to), he’s a little attractive with his bright smile, tanned skin, lean frame, and dark, feathery hair- but oh GOD is that a choker?

“Fantastic,” you smirk before taking a long drag and blowing the smoke right into his face, hating the burning, but loving the coughing fit your new companion bends into.

“Was that…really necessary?” he bats at the air, action so (possibly unintentionally) comical that it makes you laugh. The boy seems to take this as the go-ahead to continue, “You got a name?”

“Would you believe me if I said no?” you’re more amused than anything at this point, ego being stroked fervently by his insistence on finding everything you say hilarious. You want to believe your interactions are reluctant, but the smile on your face as you tell him your name says otherwise.

He extends his hand for a shake and you’re one hundred percent ready to accept the greeting until he says, “I’m Hoseok. Jung Hoseok.”


You immediately retract, having skimmed the skin of his palm, watching him now with a look of disgust. His smile falls.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You stand, shoving your schedule into your bag so haphazardly that it audibly crumples, “Don’t think I haven’t heard your name before. I know what you are.”

“What I am…?”

You decide to not grace him with an answer, opting instead to walk away. But the persistent boy follows.

“Wait, what do you mean? I don’t understand.”

If your roommate hadn’t warned you about him, you might think Hoseok is actually upset by your leaving, rather than simply pining for attention. If your name is on that notorious list of his, you want absolutely nothing to do with him- a thought that I encourage enthusiastically.

You drop the cigarette, stomping on the smoldering end until satisfied, words gruff, “You don’t NEED to understand. Now, unless you have a pack of smokes that you want to share, we’re done here.”

*Elaboration: first impressions are not always correct and should not be used to judge the ENTIRETY of a person, but rather your impression of them should based in what they do to maintain a good image or repair a bad one.

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Still time for hope

A fic for the “trapped together” square on my hc bingo card. For @autumnhobbit who suggested Jason and Bruce. Posting it a day earlier than I planned because I heard it’s your birthday Em. So Happy Birthday and I hope you enjoy this fic :)

Jason is unconscious and Bruce shouldn’t be thankful for that but he kind of is. An unconscious Jason gives him a chance to check his injuries - not reassuring, especially not when he couldn’t remove the helmet or armour for fear of triggering one of the Red Hood’s many booby traps - and the quiet to just sit and think for a second. Making sure Jason is okay is priority number one, but to properly do that he needs to make sure they can get out of here. Which is easier said than done.

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Places Between Folds | Draco Malfoy [Part 1]

Hello guys, this is the first part of a story I’m writing. Hope you like it.

Character: Draco Malfoy

Word count: 1,275

Warning: None

Next Parts

*Gifs not mine, credit to whoever made it*

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We were running through the corridors, trying not to be seen, being already late to Transfiguration class, again. When we were at the door, the class has already started, but we couldn’t go in together or all our efforts into trying to keep our relationship a secret would’ve been for nothing.

“You go in first, we don’t want your friends to rise any suspiciousness” He emphasized the word friends and gave me a cheeky grin. I rolled my eyes and smiled at him, giving him one last peck on the cheek before we go back to strangers.

I slowly opened the door and all eyes were on me, including professors McGonagall’s. I quietly walked to my place and sat down next to my best friend Harry.

“Thank you very much for showing up Mrs (L/N). I can see my class isn’t very much to your liking since you’ve been late two times in a row.” McGonagall stared at me with an arched eyebrow, clearly angry and upset with me. I silently apologized and she went to continue with the class without giving me a second look. I could feel Harry’s eyes looking at me, but I didn’t turn his way. The door opened again and Draco Malfoy walked in.

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CrossMare/CrightMoss- I Would Never Betray You

Cross’ Point Of View

WHY does everyone always think this? That I’m okay? Chara knows that I’m not, he always knows what I am going on about. No one can see through my “I’m fine” other than Chara.

He asks me what’s wrong, I always decline the question, he keeps on pushing, I get annoyed, when I need to get the stress off to clear my mind off about things, that never works, but then self-inflict came to my mind years ago and I started doing it.

Along time ago, my old friends, they always asked me how I was, I always lied. They said “It gets better” when? “It’ll be okay” .. no it won’t. “I’m here for you” bullshit. “It’s okay” no it’s not.. “Everything will be okay” stop saying that.. “I really do care about you” liar.. “I’m not going to let you die” you already did. Exactly, that’s what always happened, the same questions, then they’ll get different answers that cover up the real ones.

Right now, I’m in my “what used to be” universe. But, all it is right now is just an empty white void with no life, no dust, no grass, no houses, no people, no monsters, no children running around, no animals, no birds chirping in the early morning.


The only thing that I can do right at this very moment, is just laying on the void of emptiness and quietness. That’s all I can ever do, but, even though I’m suffering mentally, I can always try and take the pain away, the same thing I’ve been doing for years..

A little while ago, a creator named Ink!Sans, but I call him Ink, he had started visiting me, he promised that he would come back each day, and he did, but at the same time he didn’t. I think he’s been gone for about two or three days, I’m not sure but it felt like it and it’s hard to tell time in the void.

I have no one to talk to right now, either Chara’s sleeping or he just got tired of talking to me and started ignoring me like Ink did.

I’m starting to think he gave up on me but I can’t give up on hope. Not yet, anyways.. I just have to hold on a little longer, and he’ll come back, I know he will, but Chara always tells me otherwise.

“Do you really think he’ll come back? Ink promised that he’d help us, he promised that he’d talk to us each and everyday, he promised he’d try to help and bring back our world, and HE PROMISED TO HELP US KEEP OUR SANITY.” Chara crossed his arms, I could tell he was beginning to lose all hope just like me, but he can’t give up just yet. “We shouldn’t give up just yet, you know? Maybe he just had important.. things to do.” I’m not giving up on hope just yet, not like him.

“Oh really? You think he has ‘important’ thing’s to do? Or maybe he just got sick and tired of us and threw us out like pieces of worthless garbage that meant absolutely nothing to him. Who knows, maybe he hated us all along and wanted to mess with our so called or somewhat left of 'emotions’ we have left over just to mess us up. Maybe he made new friends, maybe they’re much better than us so he could replace us, or ma-” I cut Chara off before he could say anything else.

“STOP WITH THE MAYBES!” I shouted angrily, which made Chara flinch slightly, I didn’t mean to snap.. “I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to yell like that, I just can’t handle anything right now..”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it. And, we both can’t handle anything at the moment. Face it.. Ink’s not coming back for us, he lied to us, he’s just.. playing with us, I know it, I know you may not see it that way and it’s hard to believe, and that’s fine and I understand that.” He said and I nodded silently in agreement, “We’re.. both going to lose it again, won’t we? If he doesn’t come back, what’s.. going to happen to us? Will it be the end? Are we really going to be alone for all of eternity?”

“No.. It’s not going to be that way. We’ll still have each other to talk to at least, you,know?” I said, trying my best to reassure him even though we’re both in a not-so-good situation, then he sighed in defeat. “Yeah.. You’re right.” He then sat on the ground, laying a few feet away from me, “Heh, hey. You’re actually right for once.”

“I guess so..” I said, not really agreeing with that statement, I was never right nor will I ever be. I sighed quietly as I closed my eyes slightly, even though I can’t sleep, maybe this might.. do something for me.. Before I could close my eyes completely, I heard the sound of teleportation, INK! “Ink! You’re b-” I cut myself off before I could say anything else. This wasn’t Ink.

No Ones Point Of View

Cross and Chara both sat up, looking at the new and unknown figure that they have never seen before. The figure had a faded outline on his hoodie and shorts to where his clothes were visible, and he was completely covered in a black oily substance, and his left eye was illuminated in a battle blue, but no tentacles were out.

Chara stared at the figure with a puzzled look while Cross was looking at him for unknown reasons. Then something came to Cross’ and Chara’s mind, Ink told them both about this being, but only about what he looked like, nothing else.

“You are Nightmare, right?” Cross asked, which made Nightmare slightly dumbstruck on how he knew his name, then he brushed the thought off and decided to speak, not trying to make this anymore awkward, “Yes. I’m not sure how you know that but I’m guessing little brush told you?” He asked, then Cross was trying to think on who would be nicknamed that.

'Little brush? Does he mean Ink?’ Cross asked himself. “If you don’t know who I meant, I was meaning Ink.” Nightmare said, “And also, I’m not here just for visiting. I’m here because I felt your strong negativity, so that lead me to your location which is here. What a big world just for one person.” He explained and Cross nodded quietly.

“And?” Cross questioned, not knowing what Nightmare meant by that. “I want to help you. I can take you out of here, and I can make you stronger.” Nightmare offered, this could be the only chance to take it. “I don’t need help, I don’t need power, I don’t need anyone… I never have and I never will..” Cross stated, clearly not knowing what he, himself was talking about, which made Nightmare sigh.

“He’s lying to you.” Nightmare said, not wanting to explain what he meant any further, then Cross gave him a questioning look, “Who’s.. lying to me?” Cross asked. “Ink.” Nightmare said, “He’s been lying to you. He told you he would help and bring back your world, but he can’t, he can’t bring back the dead, he’s been playing you. He’s been playing you both, it’s apart of his stupid game. He "helps” people who are in need and then tells them that he’ll help them, then he abandons them, leaves, and goes to another just to make them miserable. He’s been lying to you..

T̴̜̹͊͜H̵̨̘̳͛̕İ̶̠̰͈̳̓S̶̢̤̊́ ̵̳͓̟̈́̀̏Ȅ̸̪̲͎̩͌̄N̷̨̹̍̆͂͛T̷̲͇͔̄͐̈́͝Ị̵͇̈́͆̿͐R̶̖͇̒͠Ę̶̓̓̽͠ ̷̤͍̂̐Ṭ̵̣͑̄̏͜Ḭ̷̼̒́M̷͍͕̠̣͂Ĕ̶͈͆̕.̸̛͖̦͚̒ ̶̳̩̗̄͝"

“You’re lying.. He.. wouldn’t do that.. right..?” Cross asked and Nightmare frowned slightly, not liking the fact that Cross thinks he’s lying. “I’m not lying, but if you think that, find it out for yourself. If you need me, I’ll be around.” Nightmare snapped his fingers and teleported away, leaving Cross and Chara alone again. But, then he suddenly teleported back, must of forgot something to say, “Oh, and one more thing.” He added in.

“I know how to bring your world back.” He said, looking at Cross, “What would you know about bringing back worlds..?” Cross asked, his voice was hoarse and dry and yet it also sounded vulnerable. “I can help you gather resources, bring you to other AU’S and gather parts of them to re-build up your destroyed world. And then you’d have your world back, and your friends, family, and brother back.” Nightmare offered with a wide grin upon his face. Cross thought for a moment before say 'yes’ or 'no’, or even a 'maybe’. Cross sighed quietly, “I’ll think on it..”

“Alright. At least we’re making progress. And like I said, if you need me I’ll be around. Ta ta.” Nightmare finally teleported away.

“Cross, he’s right. You KNOW he is, you just don’t want to admit the fact that it’s true, now do you? Yes, you and I have been betrayed by many, and have not let our guards down to trust another, and yet.. you chose to trust Ink. Why?” Chara wanted an answer, and he wanted it now. Cross sighed before answering to that type of question, “I.. don’t really know. But, Chara.. he said he would help us, he promised that he’d talk to us everyday, that he’d help to bring back our world, and when we met him he said he’d be our friend and promised that he wouldn’t leave us..” Cross explained.

“And do you see Ink around anywhere? Where is he Cross? I don’t see him. You know he left us, we can’t trust anyone and we need to stick with that.” Chara said firmly. “.. I’m going to sleep.” Chara went into Cross’ mind, going to sleep like usual, which now really left Cross alone.

Ink’s Point Of View

I’ve realized how long it’s been since I’ve been gone, leaving Cross and Chara all alone and I promised I would visit them everyday, oh great, I broke another promise, but, I needed to get thing’s out of the way and done, but then again, they probably thought I abandoned them..

I hope Cross isn’t mad. I opened a portal to Cross’ void or what used to be of a universe. I saw him in the distance and quickly ran over, he was sitting there doing nothing, “Cross?” I asked but he didn’t do anything, I put a hand on his shoulder but he slapped it away, “Cross I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to leave you alone for so long, I-” I was then cut off by Chara, who looked incredibly angry, so I took a small step back.

“How dare you.. HOW DARE YOU COME BACK HERE AND SHOW YOUR STUPID FACE TO US! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT HAS BEEN!? AT LEAST YOU’RE NOT THE ONE WHO HAS TO SUFFER.” Chara sighed angrily before he continued, “Cross has been getting much worse, so have I. And you can’t really bring back our world.. now can you? You’ve been lying to us this whole time and we had fallen right into your trap. The both of us have become weak, but mainly Cross, he hasn’t been sleeping at all and his health is low, I don’t care about how I am, I care about how HE is. You lied to us about being our friend, HIS friend, you’ve been playing with our emotions this whole time… haven’t you?”

I couldn’t say anything, I had nothing to say.

“It’s all apart of your game.. where the victim follows your lead.. being blinded by your so called kindness.. And.. infact..” Chara cut himself off, pulling out a knife, “You’re my victim now. You have two choices, you let me stab you to your very last dying breath until your disgusting dust spreads across the floor, or you flee.” He grinned widely, gripping his knife tightly.

No One’s Point Of View

A nervous bead of sweat dripped down the side of Ink’s skull as he stepped back, “N-None of that is true! Please! Let me help y-” Ink cut himself off when the beam of a Gaster Blaster fired at him, which he threw himself to the side, dodging the attack, “C-Cross!?”

“You heard Chara, get lost. I don’t want to see you back here ever again, EVER. YOU LIED TO US WHEN YOU SAID THAT YOU COULD HELP US BRING BACK OUR WORLD, YOU LIED ABOUT HELPING US. YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING. Oh great, someone else decided to betray us once again. And that someone is you. Get lost you DISGUSTING LIAR!” Cross shouted angrily while tears were rolling down his face, he closed his eyes tightly, rasing up his arm as a giant Gaster Blaster appeared above him, being aimed directly at Ink.

Ink was too shocked too move, once the Gaster Blaster fired, he quickly snapped his fingers and teleported away. Cross lowered his arm and opened his eyes to see nothing in the view, “DAMN IT. THAT BASTARD.” Cross balled up his fists angrily and sat down, then he suddenly broke down crying. Chara gave him a sad look of sympathy, “C-Cross.. please don’t cry.. I-It’s oka-” Chara was cut off by Cross, “STOP IT. JUST STOP! NOTHING WILL EVER BE OKAY, I KNOW SO. AND I c-can’t help.. it..” Cross continued to cry, curling up in a ball while his hood was over his head, keeping his face covered, Chara sighed and hid away again.

Cross’ crying echoed throughout the empty and quiet void. There was a look in Cross’ eyes, and there was something more to his crying, it was out of mental pain, crying because of another betrayal​, someone he thought he could trust, and all he felt right now was melancholy, not knowing the reason of why he was feeling this way, but he never did even understand his own self.


More days have passed by, Cross’ negative aura grew stronger each second, making his pain worse. Nightmare could feel this, he didn’t feel powerful, no, he felt terrible, sympathetic, so he teleported back to Cross with no warning, even though he wasn’t called, maybe he could help him in someway he didn’t even know of.

Nightmare saw Cross in the distance, then he heard Chara shouting at Cross, not out of anger but out of panic and worry. “CROSS PLEASE! Y-YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” Chara shouted, trying to make Cross snap out of it. “… What are you talking about..? No one.. heh.. wants me around so why bother staying here..? It’s not like there’s any p-point right..?” Cross asked and Chara shook his head, “NO. That’s not true, I want you around, w-we’re friends.. right..? Please l-let me help you Cr-” Chara was cut off by Cross, “YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I keep having to live through.. this.. when someone says they’ll help they just leave.. and then we get betrayed.. over and over and over and so… and uh.. I’ll make a stop to that by.. killing myself… Maybe that might do something.. That would be at least one mistake out of this universe which is me…” Cross explained, and Chara shook his head again, “You’re not making any sense… Please calm down..” Chara bit down on his own thumb, trying to numb his worrying down, but that didn’t work. Cross only readied his knife, where it was by his 'stomach’, then he lifted the knife up, but before he could do anything, a hand held onto his wrist.

It was Nightmare, and he saw everything. He forcefully grabbed the knife out of Cross’ then melted it, “Not happening.” He exclaimed, then Chara sighed in relief, Cross couldn’t say anything other than to look at the floor. “Thank you.. I couldn’t do anything and I’m sure you know why.. He’s getting worse, alot worse.. I can’t help him and he can’t help me, if him and I helped each other it would end up terribly.. Just, I know we don’t know each other, but can you just talk to him..? It might do something..” Chara asked, and Nightmare agreed and then sat down next to Cross.

Chara went back into Cross’ mind to let Cross and Nightmare talk alone. “What the hell was that for?” Nightmare asked in a demanding sort of way, not trying to sound rude in any way. “.. Heh.. Isn’t it sad when you get hurt so much to where you finally say 'I’m used to it’? Heh.. I don’t know what that was for.. That’s the only way I knew how to take away pain.” Cross explained, making Nightmares frown further, “I guess so.. Look, I know we may not exactly know each other, but do you remember when I said I could take out of here? I meant that, you know.. And, I guess you finally found Ink out, right?” Nightmare asked and Cross nodded silently. “Yeah.. Another betrayal..” Cross chuckled dryly, hugging his knees tightly to his chest.

“.. When I offered that, I just wanted to let you know I know what being betrayed all the time feels like.. And I would never betray you.” Nightmare was telling the truth about this even though he did lie alot during the years. “You wouldn’t..?” Cross asked in an almost desperate way, and Nightmare shook his head for 'no’, affirming his answer, “No, I wouldn’t do that.” Nightmare got up and held out his hand to help Cross up, he stared at his hand for a moment before hesitantly taking it, then he got up but kept his eyes on the floor.

“Not much of a talker, are you?” Nightmare asked and Cross shook his head silently. “Heh, and I’m guessing you kicked Ink out of here? Don’t ask how I knew, for one I can see cracks and burns on the ground from the beam of a Gaster Blaster, and also, I never left anyways.” Nightmare explained.

“I thought about the offer.. And I’ll do it.” Cross said and Nightmare smiled slightly, “Good choice. And when you start gathering recourses from other universes for your world, I’ll keep bringing you to the next one, for something in return, it’s not much, but it has to be done anyways.” Nightmare said, trying to get straight to the point, “What do I have do?” Asked Cross.

“You have to kill at least one person in every universe that you’ll be brought to so you can continue gathering recourses.” Nightmare explained and Cross agreed, “Heh, that’s all? You got a deal, Nightmare.” Cross agreed and Nightmare held out his hand again, the both of them shook hands to confirm their deal.

“So.. Where do you want to go now, partner?” Nightmare asked, which made Cross smile alittle. 'Heh.. partner. I like the sound of that.’ Cross said mentally.

“How about UnderFell? It’s an interesting place.” Cross suggested. “Sure is. It’s kind of like where the original universe UnderTale, got driven to too much salvation, then everyone lost hope and became not themselves, so then an AU of that became created, I guess that’s how you could explain it. But, their personalities are surely interesting.” Nightmare said and Cross nodded in agreement, “Ready to go?” Nightmare asked, putting his hands in his pockets.

“Yep!” Cross replied. “Let’s go, and I’ll make sure they don’t hurt you. I got your back.” Nightmare reached out his hand again then Cross took it, teleporting to the AU.

'Maybe.. Just maybe, I won’t be alone anymore..’

anonymous asked:

Hello, I was one of your students at some point, because of family problems and my own stupidity got kicked out of university. I can start again but it seems like just a waste at this point? time and monetary. The 2+ years I was in school where awful it just felt so wrong, the things I loved and where so passionate about started to feel dull, only reason I kept going was beacuse my dad cared so much about education. I'm 22 getting really close to 23 and I'm really scared and lost

Hmm. I’m not sure if you want me to answer this or not, it would seem more like you’re venting, which is totally fine too. 

In the off chance you’re looking for some form of advice, I would firstly say that if you’re one of my students you’re probably located in México. I know that University seems like a huge waste of time. I switched Universities more than once and even got suspended for failing subjects. Twice. I still finished the damn thing and while I agree it’s a mostly wasteful thing which sucks out the passion out of the things you love, I’d still advice you finish it.

Try and look at it this way: it’s a good place for networking, and you need a plan B. Always have a plan B. By all means follow your dreams, but always have a plan B. Another useful thing of a University degree: you can work overseas with it. Almost every creative field position in a foreign country will require at least a college/university degree. In case you don’t have your passport and visa set up: Now would be a good time. You can get a visa a lot easier if you’re studying. 

It’s hard for me to provide any more advice because I don’t know what were you studying and what do you want to do with your life, but I’ll say this: It’s ok to feel lost at your age. Most people do, to be quite honest. I didn’t start to get my shit together until I turned 27. It’s just how it is. And no, I’m not condescending just because I’m older, but I can try and tell you stuff I wish someone told me at your age. 

Feeling lost really sucks, and feeling like nothing is under your control contributes to that. It’s like you need to learn how to walk all over again. We live in a changing world in which the shit that used to be a given for our parents like job security, affordable housing, reliable healthcare and saving for retirement is simply not there anymore unless you’re rich or from a First World country, and even that second one depends on which First World country.  On top of that you’re faced with the reality that the thing you love, that thing you were so passionate about is becoming dull for you. I don’t know exactly why that is, but I’m gonna try to explore different scenarios and hopefully one of those will help:

• Your passion is full of morons.

That’s one thing you’re gonna have to get used to. If the thing you love becomes dull because you’re surrounded by assholes and incompetent people who don’t understand said thing and still claim they also love this thing you love, you’re the one fucking up. Your appreciation for your chosen discipline has to be beyond what you think of other people. Do you think if I based my appreciation of drawing and comics on the behavior and opinions of the industry these days I’d even be trying to pick up a pencil/stylus? Also, you always, always have to consider the possibility that you are being the asshole. Really look deep within yourself and pay attention to the behavior of those around you when you’re in the room, and think to yourself “am I the one making it difficult by being insufferable?” You could even (rarely) be right, and still be an asshole about it, rendering whatever insight you have useless. 

Assuming what you love to do is what you’re studying, the problem with it is also that your teachers may not coincide with your opinions on many subject matters. This is an issue I ran into a lot, especially because by my third semester I already had considerable work experience in illustration and graphic design, and some of my teachers hadn’t worked for years. Just swallow it. Seriously. Just smile, and say yes, and study on your own. Get tutorials, listen to the best on the field. The internet is a valuable resource. Get to know your teachers. Pay attention to the ones who are also working on the field while they teach. They’re usually the most savvy ones. Learn to listen to the good, knowledgeable people and learn how to use those who are idiots. Sounds a bit psychopathic, I know, but what I mean by that is, learn from their mistakes. Look at what they’re doing wrong and avoid it. You may need something from them at some point. Don’t get on their bad side. Don’t be an ass kisser either. Just treat them with respect, only appeal to their vanity if you need something from them and they’re playing hard to get. Sometimes you just need to be cold-blooded. Accept that. 

• Your passion is a job.

Your passion is a job. This is the reality of every craft, every discipline, as fun as they may seem. Even competitive eating is a fucking job. Look at Takeru Kobayashi. The second you decide you want to make comics, or music or food for a living, it becomes a job. It has deadlines, annoying clients, invoice disputes, etc. That’s just how it is. Guys like Report of the Week on youtube making money by reviewing fast food? That’s a job. They created that job. It’s fun, yeah. But it’s also their means of sustenance. That whole thing about “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life?” Absolute fucking horseshit. It’s a bare-faced lie. Doing what you love for a living means you still have to deal with all the bullshit a job entails, but at least you feel fulfilled at the end of the day. There is no way you will avoid the business side of it. And I don’t think I know anyone who likes to deal with that shit. If the realities of your passion being full of assholes and also being a job are just too much, well…

• Maybe your passion isn’t your passion.

And it’s okay. Really. I know a lot of people who are really, really good at drawing and illustration and they love it, but they know themselves well enough to know that they just don’t love it enough to go through all of the shit you need to go through in order to make a living off it. When you really like a hobby you can make the mistake of thinking that it means it’s your passion, but maybe that hobby has a very important place in your life as the thing you use to relieve stress. Making it a job would take away your hobby, and now you need a new one to relieve stress. You have to understand that making something you really enjoy your job is to sacrifice the portion of it which relieves you of stress. You sacrifice that part for something greater though: Fulfillment. Of course, before fulfillment comes an avalanche of bullshit you have to wade through before you get there, and you need to really, really meditate on whether the fulfillment you’ll get after it will be enough to make that time, sweat and tears invested worth it. To be quite honest the reason I do what I do is not necessarily ‘cause I love drawing, even though I do. It’s because if I don’t create anything I die inside. I fucking rot. So honestly I don’t really have a choice. I could’ve easily become a musician, or a writer, just as long as I got to create something. The whole idea of “having a passion” sometimes strikes me as something the internet invented. The reality I’ve encountered in my personal life is that the stuff that fuels me to pursue the things I want to pursue are discipline, and the knowledge that not doing it just isn’t an option, it’s self-preservation. Maybe we need a new perspective on how to treat the things we love to do, I don’t know. 


Let’s just summarize this overly long and unedited post: It’s okay to feel lost, and most people during their 20′s go through this. It gets better as long as you don’t do something really stupid (by really stupid I mean something that might land you in jail, shit like that). This is a good time to ponder on whether your passion is really your passion and if you’re ready to make the sacrifices needed to make that your job. 

One small thing you can do to work your way up from feeling lost: Clean your room. Seriously. Look for small problems in your immediate surroundings, and solve them. Make your bed. Organize your books. Organize your computer folders. This works for me. Hopefully it’ll work for you. 

And I think that’s all I have to say. I have no idea if any of this will help you, but I hope at least some of it will, I really do.   

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yo fam i read ur grifnut/rvbnut tags,,like just make a post, i want to reblog this

OOH u mean my tags on this post yea? i’ll just make it THIS POST 8))) i was just gonna screencap all them juicy tags but since rvbnut [best term ever thank u for that] is otp, i will retype for better readability + i thought of some extra things to throw in, so here we go:

  • as mentioned already, there’s donut’s super secret diary where donut describes"gazing silently into each other’s visors” and feeling a connection, as well has having sat in grif’s lap”. i very much believe donut had a crush on grif at some point
  • there’s some PSA or something that for the life of me I can’t remember the name of, and it might just be a dvd extra cause I found it on youtube not through the rvb channel, where the reds are getting on motorcycles to go somewhere and grif has to share w/donut, and hes Very Hesitant and i dont remember what exactly donut was saying but it was Very Suggestive how he was telling grif to get behind him and hold on tight or w/e, and when grif didnt wanna get on it with him he was like 
    “whats wrong ;(?? dont be shy~”
  • ive pulled out my book now and donut describes the play they put on for tucker as being about “the band of handsome male survivors braving the elements together” so, donut thinks he + the other BGC members are handsome
  • “The first thing the doctor did when we got him back over to our base was pin Sarge against the wall with the Warthog. I always thought if anyone was going to ram Sarge up to the wall, it would be me, seeing as how I’ve been angling for a promotion lately” -another entry in donut’s diary. i honest to god have no idea how this could be taken as an innuendo, bc it straight up sounds like donut wants to fuck his way to the top
  • also in the book, simmons’ self insert fanfiction “Hero In Maroon” has… a special scene with “Donut the Enchanter,” who is “spreading his temptation magic through scandalous dancing.” This is SIMMONS writing this, and simmons has himself say “Tell me what you know about Sarge, else I will have to run you through with my long sword” and, sure, he has donut speak in innuendos and reply to that line with “I like where this is gong. Maybe I’ll keep you here… FOREVER!” but like, simmons literally wrote himself throwing an innuendo to donut. then you have the next few lines “DONUT USES OFFICER HOT PANTS HANDCUFF ATTACK” “”Oh no!” Simmons exclaims. A bed appears behind him. His hands are cuffed to it.” And while the next line is just donut laughing and saying “Now you must watch my rendition of the musical CATS” so while donut wasnt gonna do anything creepy, this really sounds like simmons writing a self insert fic that includes a provocative donut flirting with him while talking about musicals…. simmons dont repress ur crush on donut
  • ^not to mention the officer hot pants comes from donut having dressed up and jumped out of a cake for sarge’s birthday……..
  • at the finale scene of s13, donut says “I love you, too, Lopez”
  • Donut lived offscreen with Doc in valhalla, and then was dropped back off there to continue living in valhalla with doc (and lopez’s head) (i could talk for 60 years about them but anyone who’s followed me long enough has heard it all before and i’m tryin to keep the points b r i e f lol)
  • church has said “I like donut. He’s pretty harmless, man. I-I don’t think he’d hurt a fly.” and upon finding out donut got crushed by a spaceship, he paused his snarking to say “Oh, wait, the pink guy? Oh, I actually liked him!” to which grif replies “Seriously, what’s with all these feelings for donut?” 
  • tucker, thinking donut was a girl bc pink armor, asked donut if he “wanted to date one of us” and then called donut a “tease” when he said he wasn’t a girl
  • donut polished tucker’s codpiece 3 times when he and caboose were helping tucker get the black gunk off his armor, saying something along the lines of “a 3-coat waxing is just my way of saying I Care :)”
  • epsilon!tucker, while not canon to actual tucker, is implied to have jacked off to donut bc he thought he was a girl 
  • seems to be implied that tucker and donut were both assigned to the same desert location when everyone got split up, and donut passed out from thirst/exhaustion trying to get tucker’s distress call to the others
  • in The Best Red vs Blue DVD Ever of All Time, there’s a scene where tucker and donut are introducing “best couple.” Donut goes on about romance, while tucker says couple doesn’t necessarily mean romance, and  that “you[donut] think everything is romance! last week you called it romance when i accidentally took a bite of your sandwich” “was it really an accident tucker? was it?” “YES!” “time will tell” “ugh, whatever-” dudes, donut totally had a crush on tucker at least once
  • i dont have a good source but i remember seeing in a post a while back that there was a scrapped plotline that was gonna be a love triangle between donut, a “confused caboose”, and an unknown third party
  • i’m willing to bet the confused caboose bit is because caboose seems to have thought (and maybe still does? who knows) that donut was a girl, likely because of the armor. in caboose’s mind, donut’s a girl who says things like “I love caboose, and yet, I’m still afraid of him, he’s so scary :)” [cause he seems to think of himself as intimidating to the red team lol], and then in Head Canon, caboose!donut says something like “i like [something] almost as i like to paint my nails and not talk to boys. i would never talk to boys, especially not caboose for some reason!” which… is hard to make sense of tbh lol, but since everyone in caboose’s mind is how caboose perceives them, it maybe seems like caboose doesnt get as much of donut’s attention as he’d like?? lmfao, it sounds like “not caboose for some reason” means caboose doesn’t really understand either. 
  • donut tearily said to caboose way back in KITBFF: “ Mister Caboose, I just want you to know that even though we are on different teams, and we may never see each other again, whatever happens out there today, I’ll always remember the moments we shared together. You are now, and forever will be… my friend.” very emotional if i do say so myself
  • there’s this reconstruction deleted scene where i guess donut had gotten transferred to doing special agent stuff w/wash’s division or something (wash calls him Special Agent Donut so, i guess lol). Wash speaks in donut innuendos the whole time he’s talkin about donut [”He’s a back door expert” “if there’s an unsecured rear entrance, he’s your man” “legend has it he can get through even the tightest cracks-” lmfao and they address each other by name, so i like to think they’ve worked together and donut’s… mannerisms… have been Rubbing Off on wash ;p
  • ^also in that deleted scene caboose goes “DONUT! :D” when donut appears and talks, so he’s clearly excited to see him!!!!!!!!! 

ahem. point being: the bgc needs to embrace the donut love and i firmly believe that if someone didnt have a crush on donut, donut had a crush on one of them at some point in time

old CWU notes and outtakes Part I!

I thought I could fit all this into one post… haha. More to come! This stuff isn’t magical or fascinating so much as funny, so keep that in mind if you want to see the dark underbelly that is MADAM JEDI and other scrapped and rough content!!


From a doc beautifully entitled “Kylo Ren Master Notes, Updated 1-4-15” (one of about 10 CWU ‘master notes’ docs I kept throughout the year, behold my organization skills, including labeling this doc with the wrong year. This doc was 37 pages long! It picks up with notes on what became the second chapter of Life Sentence):

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Hello lovely person! I'm a big fan of your work and would like to know if you can continue that prompt where the Sonic Boom characters are just older versions of the video games? I really liked it! I would love to see more of the relationship between Sonic and Amy on that period. You did a great job with this prompt! (Like always) Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day!

(x) Received Permission by Artist to use as ‘Preview Image’, please support her as well! (If you would like to offer your art, please message me and let me know the link you want me to use. I’d be more than thrilled to use your works for Preview images on my prompts!)

Based on this Prompt: (x)

Lovely person~ You are precious and I love you~<3


As the gang all seems to be having something interesting going on, Sonic is at a loss.

Bored, and laying with his body spread out on the beach, he continues to sigh…

His sighing gets louder…

Finally the whole village and even Eggman can hear his sighs.

Growing upset that Sonic’s obnoxious sighs are literally drowning out his ‘nappy time’ Eggman throws the covers off his sheets and tries to watch a sitcom. Laughing, he suddenly growls in annoyance and shoots straight up from his couch in his pink jumper-pajamas.

“That’s it! That annoying blue hedgehog had sighed his last goodbye!” He clenched his fist and started putting on a jacket, then shoes, “After all. Today’s suppose to be my time of rest! I mean really. I’m suppose to be mad at this ingrate; buffoon for an entire 11 minutes each week- and they expect me to put my clothes on.” He looks to the camera, as if so done with his existence.

Fully clothed, and walking along the beach, Eggman with Cubot and Orbot behind him walks head first, hands behind his back, glaring to Sonic.

“Is there something the matter..? Sonic?” Eggman tries to hold himself together, but he’s clearly enraged at Sonic.

“Might as well be civil and actually ‘ask’ you what’s wrong. And for once, it can’t possibly be me this time!” Eggman shrugs his arms up, happy about that before remembering he has no idea why Sonic’s so forlorn.

“So why the long face? Trying to match your nose? HAHAAHAH!!” Eggman slapped his knee and leaned his head back, clutching his bald-forehead and snickering as he says, “That was so good. Oh boy!”

Sonic turns his head towards him… slowly… and as if all life has been drained from him, making him weak.


He rolled his head over to the other side, letting his sigh carry as Eggman’s mustache twitched, his body tensed, and then leaped forward to try and strangle the hedgehog.

Cubot and Orbot held him back, pulling on his trail as the doctor’s fingers twitched for Sonic’s cold, lifeless body to be in it’s arms about now…

“I swear! They should hold you in contempt!”

“He really is being rather disagreeable though. Don’t you think, Cubot?” Orbot struggled to keep the Doctor from killing their lead protagonist out of sheer annoyance, but Cubot noticed something redish-pink laying on the ground near Sonic…

“Hey, isn’t that Amy’s headband?”

“WHAT?! NO!” Sonic suddenly jumped in spot, bouncing almost as his upper torso reached forward and grabbed the headband, holding it close and turning it away from the crowd.

“I-I-it just fell. And I noticed it fell. And I wanted to give it back to her. B-bu-but she’s busy! So I went to hang with Tails for a while. Who was also busy. T-th-then-then STICKS WAS BUSY! Like, whaaa?? Since when!? And Knuckles is pretending he has an aristocratic job he has to get to when really, he’s just making sandcastles over there….” Sonic grumbled, talking quickly as was his specialty before gesturing to Knuckles, a ways down the beach…

Putting a pink shell on the castle, matching it with a purple shell, he very ‘particularly’ lifted up his pinkie finger. “Ah, yes. That’s the correct location for a lilac orchard, seasoned, shell to reside! I’ll take my 20 shillings now!” he pretended to open his hand for reward, as he snickered putting green seaweed in his hand. “Hehehe~ Suckers! I totally just placed a lame shell on the sand! They don’t even know it’s not a real castle!” he gestured to his creation as Sonic shook his head, and Eggman put his hands to his hips.

“Someone needs to write him a better pastime…”

Sonic sighed and turned his body, his hand… strangely still gripping Amy’s headband.

Orbot rubbed his metallic chin and pulled Eggman’s attire to tug him down, whispering in his ear.

“I think he’s trying to distract himself from actually addressing Amy. I mean, since when has she ever been ‘too busy’ for Sonic?” He waved his shrugged hands out to prove a point, as Eggman also rubbed his chin… thinking…

“I don’t know.” his shoulders bounced, as if he didn’t care. “Maybe she’s found a NEW GUY.” he suddenly shouted out, as Sonic twitched and scrambled in the sand.

“WHA-WHAT? New guy? What new guy-I-I-I don’t even think there’s BEEN a new guy!? We’re on a tiny island with limited people that don’t do much. What could a new guy possibly contribute?!”

His odd spazz made Eggman smile, “Ahhh…” he winked to Orbot and then leaned up, pointing directly to Cubot.

“Cubot! I order you to steal Amy’s headband! Stat!” he rounded his hand to crook it and have it across his chest. Leaning down, he winked slyly to Cubot, who didn’t seem to get it.

“But why? Sonic’ll trash me if I even try to-”

Eggman growled, shaking his head before kicking Cubot after it, smirking as he saw Cubot rush over and grip it.

“I’ll be taking that!”

“What? Hey, let it go!”

“W-woah! Strong grip.. Ah!”

Sonic and him played a moment of tug-o-war as they fought over the headband, before Sonic kicked Cubot off after a moment of wrestling.

“Hey! This headband isn’t going anywhere but BACK on Amy’s head!” Sonic gruffed, getting up and huffing with puffs before he noticed the headband now had a tear in it.

“AH!” throwing his free hand to his head, he shifted on his feet, “What do I do? What do I do? What do I do!?”

“Calm down, old- best buddy- friend of mine- 5ever and above~” Eggman waltz over and put his hands on the panicky Sonic’s shoulders.. before flexing his hand out and looking away as if he knew something the blue hero didn’t know…

“I have a WONDERFUL uhh… tailor friend! Yes! Who would love to take a look at that and fix it up, tip-top shape. Haha..” he was clearly lying through his teeth.

“A tailor..? Hmm… Nah, maybe I should just tell Amy what happened.” Sonic looked over the headband.

“But… maybe she’ll despise you for ruining it?” Eggman leaned down, before seeing’s Sonic’s eyes widened.

“N-no. She wouldn’t do that. She’d believe me.”

“Oh, yeeeesss~ Believe that you were pulling some cruel joke on her by taking her headband and ‘accidentally’ ruining her favorite girlish accessory in the process~”

Eggman chimed out, rubbing his shoulders as Sonic suddenly looked more confused, shaking his head.

“Oh no, you’re right! She won’t believe me!”

“That’s exactly why you should come with me!” Eggman looped a firm grip on Sonic’s wrist and pulled him off towards his lair.

Orbot, disguised as a … womanly tailor… “Why a woman though? My model is clearly more fix for a man’s physique.” “Eggman says it’s in the script!” Cubot shrugged. “Ugh…” Orbot threw his upper body down with hanging arms… hovering out to greet Eggman and Sonic.

According to plan, they put a chip and ‘mind-controlling’ sync inside the headband, and patched it up.

“WHOHOHHO!” Eggman laughed as Sonic waited in the other room, making weird motions with his hands as if dancing or playing around in boredom at being patient.

“Lookie here! With this! She’ll be under my power and taking down Sonic in no time! And the best part? He can’t hurt someone he cares about! hahaahha!”

“How do you know he cares about her?” Cubot intervened. “Maybe he just has a taste for fashion wear?”

Orbot shook his head, and turned to Eggman, “This should do it.” he sowed it up and Eggman brought the repaired headband to Sonic, stitches and everything…

“Woah! Umm.. I guess it will have to do.” Sonic took it, “Thanks Eggman! You know, ever since you vacationed on this island, you’ve been really improving your tune.” he thumbs-up’d him.

Eggman, suddenly growing self-conscientious, shifted his eyes and sweated, not used to praise from Sonic.

“You’re a swell dude!” Sonic patted his back and was out of there real fast! As Eggman’s glasses lit up and he giggled like a school boy.

“Sonic thinks I’m… swell…” he started fantasizing about them being actual bros, and Sonic complimenting him time and time again-

Fishing, “You’re a swell dude, Egghead!” Eggman pushed his knees together as he hung off the side of a dock, blushing slightly in glee.

“You’re a swell dude, Eggman!” Now they were bungie-jumping together, bouncing up and laughing.

“You’re a swell dude, Eggface!” “I am, aren’t I?” They were now both relaxing with the twins massaging their backs.

“Swell dude!” “Swell guy!” “Swell!” “Sweeeeeellll~” “So swell!” “All the swell!” “Eggman’s SWEEEELLLL~”


Suddenly, Eggman snapped out of it.

“W-wha-wha-what, huh?” He looked down, seeing the controls, and taking them slowly.. almost softly, as if sorrow was creeping into his heart, within his hands…

Peering down at it… he tuned out Orbot… telling him that Amy was standing outside her house, desperately searching for her headband, which was why she told Sonic she was busy.

Presenting it back to her on the big screen’s in Eggman’s lair, Sonic stuck a toe up and leaned back, rubbing the back of his head with a nervous smile, as Amy was happy to find it; but… seemed confused on the repairs.

“She’s taking the bait! Now’s your chance!” Orbot urged, helping the Doctor to scoot closer to the monitor, still holding the controls to Amy’s headband.

“….No.” Eggman put the device down.


“But Doctor-!” Cubot reached up but Eggman shook his head.

“I can’t! I won’t do it!” He slammed his hands into the control panel. “Sonic holds me in high regards now! You know how hard that is to come by? A little appreciation now and again from your mortal enemy? It’s hard stuff!”

On the screen, Amy giggled and shrugged off the poor repair job. “Aw, that’s alright. I’m just so glad you found it!”

“Oh yeah. I had to tussle with ol’Eggface to get it. Haha! He’s a terrible kleptomaniac when it comes down to it.”

Eggman’s face scrunched up into bitter anger.

He picked up the controller, his fingers firing off command codes onto it.

“He’s going down SO. HARD. Right now!” he clicked the button once she placed the headband on, and suddenly her body freaked out and the screen was now a fighter’s game data chart.

“Kick, kick left! No, right!” Cubot started backstreet driving, clinging on Eggman’s right shoulder as Orbot leaped in too.

“No, no! Go for the combo upper-cut! She’s good at the hammer throw dodge-bait!”

“WOULD YOU TWO QUIT IT!?” Eggman growled, as Sonic tried to dodge the attacks.

“What’s happening!?” Amy shouted out, her arms throwing her hammer around without her control. “I can’t stop it!”

“Huh? Hmm..” Sonic narrowed his eyes, “Eggman must have done something to the headband!” He jumped and curled, knocking into her hand taking the headband off.

Above her, he seemed a little frazzled, but she calmed down and looked up, also turning red on her muzzle…

The two leaped away, awkwardly laughing and commentating on what just happened..

“Haha… you spinned into my head and um… haha…”

“Y-yeah.. and got the headband but you fell over… and um… haha…”

“Haha… good times.” Amy took the headband and removed the stitches, pulling the chip out. “I could always sow it back up again…”

“…I could… um…” Sonic stepped forward, being a bit shy. “…I have some extra bucks? Wants to buy a new one?”

“Oh you would!?” Amy lifted a leg up behind her. “AHH~ Shopping spree!”

“W-wait, I didn’t say I was rich-! AHH!” he got roped along behind her as she whisked him off to the village.

“Great.” Eggman leaned back in his chair, sitting down. “Not only do I suck at combo reactions, but I also just got him a free date.” he threw the remote and rubbed his face, sulking it down.

“I hate that blue hedgehog… all this stress is furthering my wrinkles…”

“Oh, but look on the bright side!” Orbot brought out a hot drink for him and set it down in his hand. “At least now you can sleep without Sonic sighing all the-”


Eggman leaped up from his seat, “WHAT NOW?! it hasn’t even been five min-!” he shifted his spybot and saw Amy was the one sighing now, seeming bored with all the choices Sonic was picking.

“No, no. The green one. See? Matches my eyes~” she batted them and he looked frustrated, “THEY’RE ALL THE SAME COLOR!”

“Are you AND Knuckles colorblind?”

“Is that why the purple shell looked orange?”

She sighed again, and in the distance, the two could hear Eggman flipping a lid and shouting to the blue heavens his utter and complete rage quit.

The two took a picture of Amy’s new headband, and Amy hash-tagged it, “SO calling this a date!”

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Another day of sightings and another day of Carol with the Kingdom and the King. It's obvious what is happening, another season of Carol NOT with Daryl and obviously a new romance for Carol NOT with Daryl. I hate this show. Do you not agree that it doesn't look good for Caryl?

Hi, Nonny, I think it is a bit early to make that assumption lock, stock and barrel yet. I’m guessing you have only come into the fandom fairly recently and were not here when we spent filming season for season 4 with Carol not seen at all for ten episodes. Then she popped up with Tyreese, Judith, Mika and Lizzy during filming of ‘The Grove’.

Your frustration is understandable, of course.  It isn’t what you and many other fans want to see from filming spoilers.  

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Another Reason

Genre: Romance and Friendship

Rating: K+

Pairing: Nalu

Other characters: Happy, Wendy Marvell, Carla, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, Cana Alberona, Levy McGarden and Juvia Lockser. 

Words: 2,888

Warnings: Spoilers for chapter 469, fluff.

Summary: With the war against Alvarez over, the day Lucy is to leave on her journey to find Aquarius’ key has arrived. And while there are a bunch of her friends to see her off at the railway station and her train about to leave, why is there no sign of her dragon slayer best friend?

Notes: For @taleen777 because she’s awesome.

Read on here


“You sure?”

“Yes, I am sure Natsu,” reassured Lucy for the fifth time that hour.

“But Happy and I won’t bother you at all! You’ll not even know we’re there!” whined Natsu, as he sat crossed legged and with a pout on Lucy’s window sill.

“You of all people know that won’t work,” huffed Lucy, before turning away from the travel bag she was packing to face the dragon slayer, hands on her hips. “And we’ve gone through this before, I need to do this on my own. You of all people should know what that feels like.”

Natsu’s shoulders slumped. “Yea, but I knew when I was coming back.”

Lucy nodded and turned back to her open trolley. “As do I. You knew you’d be back after a year, and I know I’ll be back as soon as I find Aquarius’ key.”

“But you don’t know when that’ll be. And you’ll be all alone. I had Happy.”

Back still facing him, Lucy brought up her celestial gate keys so Natsu could see them. “I’m never really alone,” she said softly, though he could hear her smile. “Besides, Brandish may join me once her questioning and probation is done.”

“Just ‘cause she knew the scary fish lady from before,” mumbled Natsu, jealousy oozing out of each word.

Lucy sighed as she straightened up, turned around and walked a couple of steps until she was standing right in front of Natsu. Not so gently, she slapped both his cheeks before holding his face in her hands. “I promised you I’ll be back as soon as can. And you know the thing about celestial mages and promises.”

Natsu looked at her feet, pouting as he thought, even as his squished, slightly stinging face was between her palms. Lucy took a moment to absently caress the new scar on his right cheek. The war had left all kinds of scars on so many, but no one more so than the person right in front of her, she noted sadly.

“Fine.” His grumpy reply brought her attention back to the now.

She smiled at him, released his face and walked back to finish packing.

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in male territories | kth [m]

Boss!AU; in which your boss Taehyung catches you using the men’s restroom…and may have gotten the idea to have some fun with you right there…God, this is so filthy //cries

requested by @saryoongi ; ayyyy, girl, (j)hope you like it ;)

genre: fluff, smut (mainly smut tho…filthy men’s restroom wall smut…FML)

word count: 3746

You sighed rather loudly, your eye lids felt heavier by the second—but, oh no, not because you were tired. Actually, you surely had your daily dose of eight hours of sleep, which—even to your best friends’ surprise—you’ve been able to keep for over three years now. One must think: don’t you ever go to bed late? But, oh, you do! The thing is simply that it’s impossible for you to not sleep for eight hours; else you would not wake up. 

Now, keep that in mind for a while. Exceptions verify the rule after all. And what lovely exception creeps up your day this time? Well, let me continue in your moment of sighing and the true reason for your alleged tired state: boredom. Ah, yes, the blissful act of being bored like there was no other purpose left for you in the world but resting your chin o so prominently on the palm of your hand, while your elbow is practically digging into the table plate. For how long have you been listening to the ever so irking “tik-tok” of that goddamn clock right above your head, hanging on the wall—it was so monotone. The entire atmosphere has assimilated itself to some sort of a burial. Does your boss even know what colors are? From the likes of the store you could only conclude that he has not attended any sort of an art class. That, or he plans to become the second Mr. Grey, as seen by the fact that there are indeed different shades of gray present in the location.  

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Florida’s Wizarding School

So @your-bvcky and @bellafarallones made an amazing post about some ideas for other non-Ilvermorny American wizarding schools. Here’s the link. Read the whole thing and submit what you want to them because it’s v good.

But I’m a born-and-raised Florida boy, and I have this weird pride of my state, so naturally I had to go crazy about details of their Florida school. Here’s what the said:

Everglades Witchcraft Academy

  • Florida has its own school because, well, it’s Florida.  you know how it is.
  • located, obviously, in the Everglades swamps
  • originally witches only, hence the name, but became co-ed during the Civil War when wizards wanted to escape Confederate military service by going into hiding
  • one of the last schools to desegregate, second only to Appalachia
  • alligators as pets technically are against school rules but again, it’s Florida.  almost half the student population has pet gators.  a mess.
  • partially underwater- it helps the school stay cool in the Florida heat
  • a family of swamp apes (essentially, smelly florida bigfoots) lives on school grounds.  they keep no-majs out, but it smells really bad, so it’s a trade off

So here’s what I have to add:


  • MOSQUITOES. The everglades is out the wazoo full of mosquitoes. there would have to be protection from that. I imagine a spell, like a lower-level version of that protector one they used in HP7.2 against the death eaters
  • i imagine the skunk apes acting like a muggle security team, with walkies and stuff and taking WAY TOO MUCH pride in it all. like they set up snares and misdirections to keep the no-majs away
  • the head of security (and patriarch of the family) is a big guy named Sakbilanee (brown arm), Socky for short. He plays tough, but he really loves the kids. He pretends to get mad at their troublemaking, but students will also find candy and treats on their beds with mysterious clumps of hair nearby
  • so florida is like 90% water, right? there are rivers and canals and springs and underwater aquifers flowing all over the state and almost all of them lead to the everglades. So like i’m thinking: what if they have a floo powder system with the waterways in FL? So they have an existing system or they use powder or a spell and they jump into the St. Johns river or a spring near Gainesville, and they flow through the groundwater and pop up outside the school
  • EWA is the most diverse of all the schools. Miami alone has huge populations of black, afro-caribbean, latinx, white, and seminole people. So EWA would have to be just as diverse
  • everything is in English and spanish. A lot of things are in haitian creole and muscogee (seminole/miccosukee language) as well.
  • There is a HUGE history and influence from the seminole and spanish history in florida
  • racism is unfortunately a big issue still, what with a lot of central and northern florida being redneck farmers
  • EWA has a strong independent vibe, based on the whole confederacy thing, but mostly from the Seminole Wars
  • Some kids from the bayou of Louisiana, and southern mississippi, alabam, and georgia opt to go to EWA instead of the Apalachian school


  • EWA has its roots in the Calusa tribe, but has switched hands between Calusa, Spanish, Seminole, and now American multiple times
  • It started more as a community thing for fostering medicine men, but developed into a full-blown school
  • there used to be a boy’s school outside of St. Augustine: St. Augustine Academy of Wizardy (La Academia de Magia de San Augustino). This dissolved around the time of the civil war, hence the integration of EWA soon after
  • SAAW has its roots in the Timucua tribe, with a similar style to early EWA. The overly religious spanish destroyed it along with the Timucua, but some Spaniards found it in the 1700s and re-established it.
  • SAAW was the site of a big Magical Civil War battle, and that’s how the school was ultimately lost
  • I disagree about the desegregating thing (one of my only disagreements). Florida is in the south, but it’s like weird and diverse and stuff. I imagine pre-1900s (when the east coast railroad connected the north and south of the state), EWA was mostly native in its population. and that’s why it was chill about boys joining sometimes. SAAW was the strict european BOYS ONLY school
  • The school still keeps its seminole heritage at its core, and it was a hub of protecting both magical and mundane seminole during the Seminole Wars


  • Instead of a big castle or singular building, EWA is a collection of close-together buildings. This minimizes the effect on the swamp and allows for different style rooms for different classes
  • Parts of the school are above the water on stilts. some of them, like the care of magical creatures classrooms, have glass bottoms to allow for observation of the swamp below
  • Conservation is HUGE here. No-maj science isn’t really taught, but there is a Hydro-Magic class that teaches a lot of similar subjects, but with a magical twist
  • some parts of the school are entirely underwater –> they provide Blue Palmetto (a magical cousin of the saw palmetto) berries that provide a similar effect to gillyweed
  • other parts of the school are above the water, but occasionally experience flooding, whoops
  • students and staff canoe or kayak or airboat between rooms
  • sometimes some of the older students steal the airboat and go on joyrides, much to the chagrin of the skunk apes and staff (except Socky, who knows how much fun it is)
  • the dorms and bedrooms are located in large stilt houses. boy’s and girl’s dorms are on opposite sides of the school, but that doesn’t really do much, especially with all the gay kids
  • Years 1-4 and 5-7 are kept mostly separate, except for sleeping
  • sleeping areas are organized vaguely like dorms in colleges, with RAs and such.
  • There is a special Magical History of Florida class offered as an elective. It’s become quite popular now, mostly becauseof its professor, Isabella Bowlegs, a half-Seminole half-Cuban former Chief of International Affairs in MACUSA
  • The school used to be divided by Seminole Clans (similar to how houses are divided in Hogwarts, but these are cultural familial bonds). With all the non-native people now at the school, the clans are no longer used, but there are still plenty of leftover vestiges of when they were used.
  • The clans are: panther, bear, deer, bigtown, wind, bird, snake, and otter


  • Skunk Apes: these are sentient, kinda like giants in Europe, but nicer. They just want to be left alone usually, but they’re mostly friendly
  • Black Gators (Alpatalochee): kinda self-explanatory, but also like 25 feet long. Students often ride and race some of the more domesticated ones
  • Swamp Lightning: essentially mullet on steroids. They’re bigger (like 4 feet long) and can travel at ridiculous speeds
  • Stikini: were-Owls. Treated similarly to werewolves in Britain. They used to be a lot worse,b ut now you hardly hear about them
  • Tie-Snake: highly venomous snakes that drown humans and other large game. Socky and his Skunk Apes are experts at trapping and wrangling these bad boys
  • Water Panthers: similar to Mishebishw of the Midwest. Essentially a panther that lives entirely underwater. A deadly beast, but they mostly stay away
  • Island Turtles: GIANT seafaring turtles
  • Long-ears: long-eared wolf creatures. Not that big of a threat. The Skunk Apes keep a pack as pets/security help
  • Fastachee: corn dwarfs. Not found as much in the swamp, but pretty common on dry land. Kinda like pixies, but nice
  • Little Thunders: large, pixie-bird hybrids that can generate lightning. Mostly just troublemakers
  • Merpeople (Nakni Okee): there are two subspecies: Oceanic and Swamp. The Oceanic are similar to the ones seen in Harry potter. The Swamp have two legs, but each leg ends in a fin. Many believe the two subspecies are not actually genetically related at all
  • Sea Serpents: another common racing animal
  • Caribbean Kraken
  • Muck Monster (Muckos): a manatee-like hybrid living in swamps and lagoons near the coast
  • Chupacabra: actually a lot more of an annoyance than anything else. Like everyone else in the country always freaks out about them, and the EWA students are like “what”
  • Mountain Cows: basically just really big cows. their milk does woders for everything from headaches to a runny nose


  • Head Principal: Tamara Woodley - a powerful black witch, whose family has gone to EWA for at least 6 generations. She’s a former potions teacher
  • Chief of Upper School: Daniel Howard - the son of a Seminole medicine man, and the current Care of Magical Creatures. He and Socky grew up together, and they’re a dangerous duo on holidays. Don’t get too close when they start their fireworks shows. He’s a cool guy, but you’ve gotta keep up a level of respect with him or else he will NOT like you
  • Chief of Lower School: Linda Ferrier - She used to work at Ilvermorny teaching Transfiguration, until her wife Charlize got a job working for Disney. Yes, Charlize is a No-Maj. No, they don’t give a damn about what MACUSA says, they can come and fight them.
  • I already mentioned everyone’s favorite: Isabella Bowlegs
  • And everyone’s least favorite: Tomas Gonsalves - he’s the Hydro-Magic professor and honestly he’s a brilliant man, but jesus christ he’s just like a huge dickwad

i THINK that’s everything I can think of. I’ll probably think of something as soon as i post this though. Anyways, thank you so much to @your-bvcky and @bellafarallones for your original post and jumping off point. Maybe one of these days JKR will get something right about American wizardry

anonymous asked:

Hi there, could I please have a scenario where kamui is kept awake many nights due to (unborn) kanna kicking her stomach at night and it gets to the point where she requests Leo/Leon to help her. Kind of like a father child bonding moment. Tks

(I really hope you enjoy it! I’m sorry it has taken so long to be created! - Mod Camilla)

Your name: submit What is this?

Y/N stared blankly at the ceiling, humming  through small grunts of pain as the small child growing in her stomach began its regularly scheduled rampage. Tossing and turning with plenty of undesired kicking; Y/N hasn’t gotten a half night’s sleep since the 6th month of her pregnancy Kanna always kept her up until the crack of dawn, when she really needed the sleep to prepare for long days worth of war planning.   She quietly slips out of her shared bed, walking to a nearby window for a breath of fresh air. Upon approaching the arched window, she sighs:

“Kanna, you’re killing me here..” she gently rubbed the spot on her enlarged stomach that the unborn child had loved to kick the most “..only 3 more months..”

With another kick from Kanna, Y/N cried out in pain; clutching the location of attack. She quickly realized how loud the groan was, and glanced over to her blonde husband, Leo, who had began to sit up in their large bed.

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action (vampire!jungkook)

// 1.transformation // 2.resistance // 3. the calm // 4.desperation // 5.nightmare // 6.mystery // 7.remember // 8.convergence // 9. memory //

So PART 10 of vamp!kook originally dedicated to @swimmersdonthaveboobs, unfortunately it looks like the series is gonna come to end soon, but how exactly? Well you’re about to find out! Hope you enjoy!~~
- Devi :D

Originally posted by jeonggukaf

word count: 1216

[Warning: Blood]

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