yes i know that it's february 15th


We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

Weirdmageddon Pt. 3: Take Back The Falls
Aired 1 year ago (February 15, 2016)

Thoughts on 5x16

1.Bex rocked this episode

2.The scarecrow…writers were you smoking that damn mushroom again?

3.Lol to the moment where the powerful Wicked Witch was defeated by a tiny little dog

4.Dorothy what in god’s name are you wearing? Eduardo also no mushrooms for you anymore

5.Blue…don’t know who was shadier Zelena or the actual Blue Fairy

6.I’m nominating Belle as a possible godmother for the baby –that-hasn’t-have-a-name-yet. You go girl

7.The Hades and Zelena bicycle scene was adorable till Hades kinda lost it…I always had Mariah Carey’s song in my head when I saw those two together…ohh why you so obsessed with me boy I wanna  know…

8.WickedQueen! I’m seeing first steps in the right direction here

9.Okay the scene with Robin , Regina and the baby was so cute…but who is willing to be that Robin gonna spend the next eps with the little one in the forest? But well short moments of love and cuteness is all the OQ fandom has getting since forever so…

10.Speaking of bets…who is in that the baby’s name will so be Robin?

11.Rumple and Belle had confessing time…

Rumple: Hey Belle why are you here? OH I have something to tell you…you’re pregnant great right? But I kinda sold our kid to safe my other kid a fucking long time ago and now I’m trying to clean up that mess and yes sweetie I’m the Dark One again I guess you figured

Belle: Damnit Rumple seriously?

12.Whose heart broke as Zelena realized that she was the one who accidently hurt the baby? Finally realizing what’s important mhh Zelena?

13.Henry’s officially a teenager…

14.Why is the sky red? Belle as always asks the right questions

15.The only good excuse for the hideous hat is that Lana’s hair got its own will and had to be tamed…otherwise Eduardo I already told you to ease off on those mushrooms

16. April 15th and February 1th…we know now both birthdays of our fav sisters