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Things Said In My Household but with Fairy Tail Pt.9
  • Lucy: Are you calling me fat?
  • Natsu: What!? Of course not baby! Im just saying you're bigger than most!
  • Lucy: ....
  • ____
  • * So Wendy Had To Ask Out Levy For Gajeel*
  • Wendy: Hey Levy!
  • Levy: Hey Wendy!
  • Wendy: *stands up tall* Umm.. *clears throat and reads smudged writing on her hands while giving Levy some flowers*
  • Will you Levy, like to go on and?mate? with me? - Love Gajeel.
  • Levy: o.o
  • ____
  • Gray: *muffled* LOSERS SAYS WHAT.
  • *Silence*
  • Gajeel: you're the only one who said
  • it
  • ___
  • Natsu: Do you think if I put my foot underneath a slow moving car it would still hurt?
  • Gray: Okay man, we love you but that's the most stupidest question you've ever asked.
  • ___
  • *At The Waterpark, it's a slide where you get dropped down*
  • *Announcer* 5
  • Gajeel: im regreting this
  • *4*
  • Natsu: Um no..*looks down at platform which shows a drop * oh hell no.
  • *3*
  • Gray: AHAHAHAHAHAHA *nearly crying*
  • *2*
  • Erza: So this justs drops us down or?
  • *1*
  • Wendy: AHAHA I AM RE-- *platform opens* NO I WAS NOT READY!!
  • Gray: NO NO NO NO N O NO *platform opens* WHAT THE FUCCKKK
  • Natsu: *has been screaming before the platform opened*
  • Gajeel: I bet it's not even that ba-- *screams*
  • Erza: *literally the only one cheering*
  • ___
  • Lucy: Natsu look!! Lets go in the tidal wave pool!
  • Natsu: nO.
  • Lucy: but it's just like the beach.
  • Natsu: No.
  • Lucy: *drags him inside*
  • ___
  • Juvia: make sure you put on sunscreen Gray.
  • Gray: Pfft what am i? 12?
  • Juvia: Probably.
  • *Few hours later*
  • Erza: Hey we're back how
  • Was the ri--- *sees a sunburned Gray* *bursts out laughing*
  • Gray: i look like a freaking heavy built strawberry.
  • Wendy: okay whatever helps you sleep at night.
  • Gajeel: *pats his back* it's okay it'll be oka--
  • Gray: *shriekS*
  • ___
  • Natsu: Wendy nO.
  • Wendy: but you literally just sit down and the river takes you around the park.
  • Wendy: you move at only 3 miles per hour!!
  • Natsu: Slow Painful Death. No thanks.
  • ___
  • *Squishy Noises*
  • Gray: what is th--*looks At Gajeel wearing socks*
  • Natsu: are you wearing...
  • Gajeel: Socks? Yes.
  • Wendy: why...
  • Gajeel: why not?
  • Natsu: and they're wet that triggers me.
  • ___
  • Levy: Gajeel just take the socks off.
  • Gajeel: No.
  • Levy: you've been disowned by your family.
  • Gajeel: and?
  • Levy: ....
  • ___
  • Gray: Im hungry..
  • Erza: Hi Hungry im Erza
  • Natsu: No pls not the dad/mom jokes.
  • ___
  • Erza: do i know you?
  • Bisca: Maybe?
  • Erza: ive seen you somewhere and i know it.
  • Bisca: erza im your cousin. ._.
  • Erza: no thats not it...wait are you that girl from the strip club?
  • Erza: ...>.> what were YOU doing at a strip club?
  • Wendy: what
  • Erza: what.
  • Bisca: what...
  • ____
  • PT. 10 GUYS?
  • <strike> Natsu tried burning Gajeel's socks when we got home but got in trouble for burning the curtains </strike>
six of crows characters as scottish tweets
  • kaz: "u canny hate someone forever" aye a can watch me
  • inej: see when yer buzzin to tell yer pal suhin and they're like "aye I know" fuck off no ye dinny
  • jesper: losing a snap streak's up there wae losing a kidney
  • nina: just me or does anybody time them self with tunes, like naw mate wisny that long in the shower only 3 tunes in
  • matthias: Do u no just look at your pals and wonder how they've made it this far in life and how stupidity hasny killed them yet
  • wylan: "huvin one of they days" aye right man am huvin one of they lives
  • kuwei: Anytime a see one magpie on its own am actual oot there on the hunt for its pal cause av got enough sorrow in ma life gee me a bit a joy fs

This is some fan art for a really good Villainous Paperhat fanfic im reading!!

I highly recommend you read it, its only 3 chapters so far but damn its good!!!

(also yes i know i drew the wrong arm broken woops, i tried to flip the image to fix it but it looked stupid :\ )


Playing with Fire - 01

Summary: After breaking up with you, you decide the only way to get back at your -now ex-boyfriend and avoid public humilliation is by making a deal with resident bad boy Min Yoongi: you’ll give him money as long as he pretends to be your new boy. 

Genre: Romance. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Rating: Mature (just some cursing for now but will def add in some good ol smut and fluff and probs a lil of angst? as the story progresses)

Length: 2.2k

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 -  Part 7 -  Part 8 [Finale]

A/N: listen. i have no idea where im going with this. im already thinking the second part and even THIRD part of Lifted but I feel like im posting too much jungkook (yes there is such a thing as posting too much jungkook) and i want to give the other members a chance and i’ve had this idea with yoongi for a while and its been destrOYing me. i dont even know if posting this already is a good idea because this literally the only thing i’ve written so far and im a master at procastinating and not finishing series (don’t worry wont make these too long) so anyways. still feel like this is going to be a mistake. go listen to some agust d bc this is 100% based on him.

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wish list for the next steven bomb (because I assume they’ll do another steven bomb after this hiatus)

  • sadie joins the crystal gems to go rescue the off colors and  lars and they have a homeworld reunion
  • sadie being a bad ass 
  • if that doesnt happen, I need a larsadie reunion on earth
  • more of lars being a bad ass
  • more of fluorite please, shes so amazing I love her!!
  • lars talking about his feelings some more/his experience on homeworld
  • lars confessing his love for sadie & sadie confessing her feelings for lars
  • lars and sadie getting together (finally)
  • lars being reunited with his parents!!! Telling them how much they mean to him, and how much he loves and appreciates them
  • the cool kids seeing lars and steven after all this 
  • some more lars and steven bonding pls!!
  • love like you playing over lars reuniting w his parents and sadie
  • love like you in general
  • lars and lion meeting 
  • (this is super wishful thinking at this point but stars fusion)
Million Dollar Man

+Request: harry smut with harry as ur boss who’s been flirting with you and you’ve been teasing him a lot but u two haven’t had sex bc u know people would talk if they found out, but then he makes a really risky move that makes u change ur mind 

 A/N: Hey guys back with another imagine. I hope you guys like it because I worked super hard on this. I would love so much if you guys would leave feed back and tell me what you guys think of it. love you all and thank you! 

This one shot I based a bit off of and even named it from the original song called Million dollar man by Lana Del Rey. Go check out the song its so good, one of my favorites by her. 

 Working with Harry wasn’t as bad as it all really seems. Yes he may be strict and yes he may yell a lot but I just know that when you have to work with people that sometimes are idiots and don’t wanna do their work it is hard not to come off as a prick. Harry was a very smart man, he knew what he was doing and how to really become successful. I’ve only been working with Harry for about 3 months, it isn’t that long for you to base your perspective off of someone you barely know. But all of that aside, I has a crush on my boss. 

 He is so tall and strong and beautiful long curly hair. I just wanna run my hands through his hair and hear him moan to how good it feels. But there are a lot of other things I wanna do to him to hear him moan. I just wanna crawl under his desk and pull down his pants and suck his cock. I wanna hear him moan out my name so loud and to place his hand on the back of my head and push me down farther. I wanna look up and stare at his face while this is going down and see him roll his eyes back in his head and plead for more. I want him to finish in my mouth and to feel his cum run down my throat. But hes my boss so it would never happen.


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Signature Weapons

So, I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say that a lot of Fantasy stuff draws pretty heavily from Tolkien’s work. Like, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Humans… regardless of your particular brand of Fantasy thing, odds are they’re gonna follow a lot of the same rules and tropes as established by J.R.R. But one thing that I rarely see emulated/copied/whatever is the idea of a Signature Weapon.

‘Cause, like, if you think about the LotR books or the Hobbit (admittedly the only 4 Tolkien books I’ve read, but I feel like most people fall into that category), the gang doesn’t really swap out their kit too much. Like, once Bilbo gets Sting, he kinda sticks with it, and then once it gets passed to Frodo, that’s just what Frodo uses from then on (until he gets kidnapped by a spider and it becomes Sam’s for a bit but that’s not really important). Aragorn maybe swaps swords while he’s in Ranger mode, but then once he gets his Legendary Family Weapon, that is his. I mean, hell, in the books he straight-up calls Sauron out by using one of the Palantir and, rather than showing himself, he shows the sword. That sword is the symbol of him and his office as future-king. That sword is him. There’s a running theme that the weapons used by these characters are, in a sense, extensions of themselves, a part of who they are, and not something to just be swapped out on the fly.

But nothing really follows that trope. More specifically (for the sake of my personal interests), no games follow that trope. Like, unless you are very high level (in whatever system/game you’re playing), odds are you’ll be constantly swapping out your weapons. Every time you beat a boss/encounter/whatever, you’ll check the weapons you got vs what you had and, if there’s something better, surprise, time to swap.

And, like, I get it. Of course that makes sense. Obviously you want the best stats and whatever, but also, like, it feels inherently wrong to me whenever I (or one of my players) is like “Well, I used this +2 Longsword to kill that dragon and that was cool but, hey, here’s a +3 Longsword so time to throw out the old blade!” Again, I understand it from a mechanical perspective, but it kills me from a narrative perspective.

Because, like, (and let’s talk Pathfinder here for a moment) yeah, you can upgrade that +2 Longsword to be better than the +3 one. Or just equal! But like, to do so requires the proper feats (either for yourself, a party member, or an NPC ally/shopkeeper), a fair amount of downtime (1 day per 1k gp of cost), and a fair amount of money. Getting that +2 Longsword to a +3 would cost 10k at a vendor (or 5k if you can do it yourself), which would also take 10 days, which is often a lot in Fantasy Time. Whereas, hey, when you killed that dragon, it had as part of its loot a +3 Longsword for free (which, by the way, only sells for 9k gp so even if you sell it that doesn’t cover the cost of upgrading your old sword).

Like, maybe it’s different for other systems, but I know in most RPG video games, I’m constantly swapping out my kit for better shit (Diablo and Diablo-like games are notorious for this, actually). But I almost always feel bad for doing so. ‘Cause I really like the idea of the Tolkien-style Signature Weapon. “Ah yes, this is my blade, DudeSlayer, that I have used to slay a thousand dudes!” (we can’t all be Tolkien-tier wordsmiths but you get my point, I hope). And, like, a lot of the time I try to do that in games, even when you’re clearly not supposed to. Like, in Elder Scrolls games, even if I don’t keep with the same weapon for a long time, I often have weapon racks and display cases in my home that I store my old swords and stuff in. Because, like, think about it. Even if it is just, like, a random sword that you found in a ditch somewhere, that is a sword that the Dragonborn used, and in a hundred years that sword will be Legendary.

I don’t really know if there’s a good solution to this. I mean, for most games/parties I don’t think this is even really a problem that needs solving. It’s just always been a thing that’s kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I’ve homebrewed a few rules in my own games (though I don’t think they’ve really come up yet), but nothing’s really clicked in a way that seems right. I know that Matt Mercer has done a lot with the Vestiges in Critical Role, which as a kind of leveling-up weapons/armors/misc can kind of fix this issue. 


Jon: So it’s that bad huh ?

Iwan: *sigh* Yeah it’s that bad. He is a total mess Jon…If he continue this way it won’t end good i tell you

Jon: Damn he is so stubborn , doesn’t he see that we all are trying to help him?! 

Jon:He was always like that you know ,ever since he was a child he would just keep pushing us away whenever something bad would happen…

Jon: Beside this what he is doing is also damn selfish, yes i know he is hurting and all but what about us? Beside it’s been almost half a year he should get over it already by now…

Iwan: Being cheated on your wedding day isn’t exactly something person can get over just like that , especially if the said person is so emotional like Shay is…

Jon: *Deep sigh* You are right….i must have sounded like such a prick right now…i just… i’m just afraid that is to late…

Iwan: You didn’t sounded like a prick, just very very frustrated and worried, and i don’t think it’s late he just need to accept that he needs a help it’s a first step really…But then knowing Shay it’s really not so likely to happen…

Jon: No it’s not likely at all, in fact it’s completely unlikely ! *Sigh* I hate to say it but i guess we will be forced to put him up for rehab against his will…

Iwan: It’s easier to say it then to do it, it’s a big process really, beside how smart would it been to force someone like Shay to do anything, i mean let’s be real once when he would be let out he would most likely just get back to his old ways just from the pure spite…

Jon: So what the we should just sit down and watch him destroys himself ?!

Iwan: No of course not, i…i don’t know what we should do really

*Child’s voice* Daaaaady Lana is starching a bed again!!!!

*Child’s voice* Aaaaaaa help daddy help she says she will eat me!!!

Jon: *Sigh* They are at again we better hurry and go check what’s going on

Iwan: Yes we better hurry and do that…

*Child’s voice* Daaaaaaaady!!!

Jon: Coming right away Cory…

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm writing this story and I have all my characters planned along with a few main points of the plot. Now, I'm writing a pirate fantasy romance story and I wanted some advice on it, especially on the relationship with the pirate and the main girl. Since most of the story will be set on the pirate ship I needed some help on things that could happen between them on it to get them to get close (The girl is captured by the way). Also about parts of pirate ships if it's too much.

Ooooh boy did you come to the right person! I know a few things about pirates and definitely knows the parts of a ship. I’d say “don’t get me started on pirates” but I’m afraid it’s too late.

Let’s talk about the ship first, since familiarity with it well help you set the scenes more naturally, and then we’ll brainstorm some things that they could do together on board.

First of all, let’s talk about types of ships. There isn’t just one established “pirate ship” that all pirates use. Ships were designed and redesigned for different purposes and conditions- some were built for speed, some for cargo, some for long voyages or harsh conditions, some for defense and some for attack. No single ship would ever be completely perfect- if you want your ship to be fast, for example, you might have to sacrifice some cargo space, which meant a smaller crew and less months at sea before you have to make port to re-stock again.

However, with all that being said, there was definitely some favorites. While it’s true that pirates from different parts of the world sometimes preferred different ships, the most common and popular would probably be the sloop. (Yes, I know it’s a funny word, lots of ships had funny names.) 

Sloops were a favorite among pirates because they were slim and fast, which made them great for intercepting other ships and escaping attacks themselves. They typically only had 1 or very rarely 2-3 masts, and usually had up to 75 crew members, at its largest, and a max of 14 cannons, which is pretty darn good.

Of course there are other options, depending on the needs of your particular pirates. Another popular option was the brigantine, which was not nearly as fast, but better suited for the long term, with a crew closer to 100 members and usually around 12 cannons. 

I know more ships, but let’s not get carried away. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting parts of the ship.


  Port= left, starboard= right, stern=back, and bow=front. When you refer to something as being “aft”, you mean it’s towards the back of the ship, towards stern. When something is “fore”, it means it is found closer to the front of the ship, or the bow. 

Galley= kitchen

Brig= prison

The head= the toilet

The Helm= the “steering wheel” of the ship

First, let’s know our decks. As you probably know, the deck is the top part of the ship, the wood that you walk on and where you see most of the action take place in movies, but there are different names for the different parts of the deck. The “poop deck” is the highest part, usually raised above the captain’s quarters, which was typically found “aft”, towards the back of the ship. The quarterdeck, on the other hand, is the important deck, usually where the captain or quartermaster stands and gives the orders. The big part is just called the deck or main deck.

The Captain’s quarters were briefly mentioned- the captain was the only one who had his own residence, and they were typically pretty luxurious.

Now the actually somewhat interesting parts.

NOT “The Crow’s Nest”!!!: The part you know as the “crow’s nest” is not actually called a crow’s nest, or at least, not on a pirate ship. That’s actually whaling terminology. The platform at the top of the mast is actually called the “top” or “fighting top” and yes, it can be used for scouting out land or obstacles, but it was actually known for a being a good place to sit with a gun and shoot your enemies on the deck, like a pirate sniper.

The Forecastle: This is the quarters of the crew. Often times in stories I see the crew each having their own cabins, or at the most, a roommate or two. That’s not exactly how it worked on an actual ship. Not that they actually spent much time in the bunk- it was really just a place to sleep when not on duty.

The Bilge: The is the bottom part of the ship. Dark, dank, musty, gross, but also the first place to tell if you have a leak. If you do have a leak, you want to run down to the bilge and fix them quickly, because if it fills up, you’re going down.

The Mast: There are actually different names for the different masts, depending on how many your ship has. If you have a speedy ship, it’s probably slow and you probably only have the one “main mast.” If the mast is destroyed, it’s not uncommon to build an emergency one really fast, called the “jury mast”- since you do need a mast to sail. The mast is the big wooden pole in the middle from which the sails are hung.

The Yardarm: This is the long pole that goes across the mast to hold the sails. I included it because it was also a popular place to hang people on.

Gangway/Gangplank: They’re actually different things. The gangWAY is the passages along the side of a ship, like a hallway. The gangPLANK is what is set down to walk on between ship and pier. 

In honesty, all of the sails and lines have different names and purposes too, but I’m not going to get too into it right now. You can find some of them on websites like this or this.

Now for what they can do together…

A lot depends on their status on board. If the girl has been captured, determine how her captivity is taking place. If she’s being locked in the brig or cabin, their first interactions might involve them bringing her food or care, etc.

- It’s also possible that they are made to guard her, and hours of boredom turns to conversation after a while

It also matters what role the pirate has on board the ship. Here is an idea of roles on board a pirate ship.

If she has some amount of freedom (it is a ship at sea, what’s she gonna do, run away?), that will open up some more possibilities.

  • If the girl is curious, she might be interested in seeing how the ship is run. Or, the captain could potentially decide to make her help out with things. She is an extra pair of hands, after all. 
  • There are lots of tasks involved within the running of a ship. She doesn’t necessarily have to be doing the sailing- she could help out in the galley, sew sails or clothes, maintain weapons, and so on. 
  • Maybe she is made to do some tasks, but she doesn’t know how, and they take pity and try to help her out a little
  •  There’s nothing like a nice emergency to make people work together. Being forced to work together for survival- a storm, a mutiny, an attack,etc- is a great bonding experience for anyone.
  • Perhaps the girl has something that the pirate wants, depending on her background. A random example- perhaps she has an educated background, and the pirate has something that they need read, or written, or something else. Really, it could be any knowledge that she has that they might be interested in.
  • Maybe she has something they want to know, so they’re nice to her in trying to get information, but then end up actually becoming close
  • Conversely, maybe she is interested in something that they can do, and keeps talking to them about it until their interest becomes mutual

I’m going to have to wrap this up, as it exciting as it is, my inbox is flooding, but I hope this helps some! Good luck, sounds like fun! Hit me up for any additional help with pirates or otherwise!


anonymous asked:

hmm.. hmm hmmm shiro would never look at keith so harshly like he did in s4e1. he doesnt use that tone towards his boy, he knows how keith feels he knows keith's walls he knows this boy. i'd understand shiro being angry and stuff from his mental illness, but like they didn't show that UNTIL operation kuron was mentioned on the show. like, yes, mental illness can get ugly (i kno personally) but it doesnt like... it doesnt feel like its coming into play since theres other factors at hand

X only clone theories interact X

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cuquas  asked:

For MerMay how about a bioluminescent mermaid? Love your colouring, it's very vibrant! and in your watercolours feels very harmonious ❤

I will always say yes to bio/deep sea mermaids haha and thank you very much <3

rp. @sabbyjeyxx

It has taken me six years and dropping out three times to earn a degree.
It took me a long time to realise what my passions and interests were and years of courage to finally step towards it. But once I finally realised, I had already started my higher education and I suddenly lost interest in my degree. Every time I dropped out I dealt with the raised eyebrows of family members and peers who never understood my decision, they viewed dropping out as failing and giving up.

The only advice I can give anyone in my position. Do the things you love, be responsible and work hard. Stopping and dropping doesn’t mean you have given up, it means you have found other things that are far more satisfying to use your time on. There is no set pathway to success, and even without this degree I feel I will always slay. If you work hard and smart you can have all the luxuries you like.

My point is , if you know you want to work in an office or you have a set career path then yes get the degree but don’t do it for anybody else, do it for yourself, do it because you know its going to aid you in your success not because of the pressures society puts on you. And if you feel that no you have a different way you want to make money, or you want to pursue your passions then go for it, stop and come back later. I dropped out 3 times to pursue different things and still managed to finish so can you xo.

The only thing I celebrated today was finishing something I started, even though it was difficult, even though I had lost interest even though I know that right now its not what I need but because one day it might help me.

Season 3
  • Nic: Hey everyone. Because a few people tried to abduct, and drug me on several occasions. I decided...
  • Geoff: We decided.
  • Nic: Yes, we decided that it would be safer if I stayed with Geoff for a while. I'm using his basement as a studio. Geoff has only one bed, but he was kind enough to share.
  • Geoff: It's just that I can sleep better when I know you're sleeping next to me, in my arms, and not in the forest.
  • Nic: Yeah, are very nice...I mean your bed is very nice. It's very nice to sleep with you...ahem... in your bed...*Coughs* Now tell me something about your brother, Geoff. We still have to find Tanis.
Age isn't a problem

Request: Ooh maybe one where the reader and Jerome have a but if an age gap? Like she’s a couple years younger and not by a lot but like 4 at the most maybe?


Being a teenager in Gotham wasn’t exactly what you would call easy. Sure it use to be, but now? Everyone is scared of us. We’re the rebels. The ones most likely to be persuaded into doing stupid things. We’re weak. Vulnerable to the bad thoughts. The bad people.

They should be scared. Why be a cog when you can be free? Jerome taught me that. He saved me that one faithful day. Sure I ended up doused in oil, and was about to be burned to death, but I couldn’t help laughing. Laughing at the other girls who I hated nearing their end. Sadly that never came for them, but what’s done is done.

Chained to the floor, and covered in oil wasn’t the best look on me, but strangely I didn’t care. I wasn’t panicked that there was a crazy red head running up and down the aisle with a hose spraying us. As he coats the girls I hated so much I giggle as they scream in fear.

He turns to me with a confused look. He strides to me and gets down to my level. “You’re not screaming. Why?” I giggle and look at the other girls. “They look ugly when they’re scared.” Jerome turns and take a look at them then back at me laughing. “Yeah they do, but you look beautiful. What’s your name doll? He asks placing his hand under his chin. ”(Y/n).“ “Well hello (y/n). I’m Jerome. Say what about this? You seem fun enough to join me. How about you ditch the cheerleaders and join the Maniax? We could use a good Pom Pom shaker. Plus doll. You’re awful adorable.” I smirk and raise my chained wrist as a yes. That’s where it all started.

Sure we tried having dinner with my parents, but that ended with a knife in my father instead of the chicken, and a fork in my mother’s eye, but who cares? They were holding me back from being free and being with Jerome.

Now yes before you ask there is an age difference between Jerome and I. Only 3 years. Not a big deal. What are they gonna do? Arrest him? Like that’s ever gonna happen… Again.

I roll over in the bed Jerome and I share. I sigh and stand up not being able to sleep knowing J is out in Gotham causing havoc and getting himself into trouble. I walk into the kitchen mixing a drink for myself to take the edge off. I’d love to be out there with him, but he won’t let me. Not yet. He says its to dangerous for me. Not till I’ve learned enough.

I sit on the marble counter top right as the door opens and Jerome strolls in laughing, and swinging his gun around. I turn the light on seeing his face smeared with blood. “Don’t you look handsome.” I laugh winking at him. “Oh doll! You have no clue! Ugh what a rush! Gives me so much confidence!” I smile and grab a washcloth wetting it.

I sigh and pull Jerome closer to me so I can clean off his face. “Wish I knew.” Jerome grabs my chin between his thumb and pointer finger. “Aww doll. You will. Soon I promise.” “You’ve said that 6 times in the last month. 7 counting now. Come on J when can I go and be free? I wanna feel it. The rush!” He laughs and pulls my wrists so my entire body is close to the edge of the counter. “Then let’s go. Nights still young. Unless you’re to scared.” I practically bounce out of my own skin at his words. “Really? Ah! Give me a second!” I run off and change into something more suitable for our adventure were about to take.

We stroll the dark streets of Gotham. It’s surprisingly quiet. We pass an ally and see a man counting a stack of cash. I look at Jerome with a pleading look. He simply smirks and passes a gun into my hand. “Go get him sweetheart.” He kisses me on my forehead and pushes me to the ally way as he stands watch against the brick wall.

I stride over to the man making sure the gun is all ready to go. “A little late isn’t it? A lot of freaks out at this time.” I laugh getting his attention. He stuff the money in his pocket and cocks his head to the side. He steps into the light and chuckles at me. “And what are you doing here? Take your own advice little girl. Run before you get shot. Or worse.” I pull the gun out and swiftly pull the trigger hitting the man straight in the chest. “Better take your own advice.” I giggle and grab the wad of cash from his pocket and walk back over to J with a smile on my face. “That’s my girl.” He smiles and places his arm over my shoulder.

Wrong Love Pt.2 Eddie Kaspbrak X Reader Au?

Summary: Richie knows that you have been dating Eddie for almost 2 years now but he hates seeing you with him vice versa (Eddie dating you/ You dating Eddie) so he tries to become something with your weird love triangle. But when Richie does something caused by jealousy when seeing you and Eddie together doing something it causes a fight. Which just retorts to you yelling at Richie telling him that you will only love Eddie and never him, then things take a…different turn…

Pairings: Eddie Kasprak X Reader, Richie Tozier X Reader

Warnings: Fluff, jealousy, cursing, Fighting, totally not something from Stranger Things ep.6 heh ;) also very small harm 

Requested: Yes

Song: Valley Girls and yes this song is 3 years old but its my shit lol, this song was used for Richie I think lol. Just listen to the lyrics like I usually would. and the song “Beside You” For Eddie bc that song gets me everytime with the beat of it 

A/n: I don’t know what to say but this just makes the introduction longer lol and I changed the age of everyone to being like 17/18 bc why not lol I mean they are Seniors in High School in this fan fic. this will ruin your life wit wat happens m8…I think…

                                                    *  *  *

       When you walked into Eddie’s house you finally let him hold your hand, it was just too uncomfortable with Richie and everyone else around. “I’m sorry Y/n” He said quietly as he unlocked the entrance door and held it wide open to let you come in. You gave him a weak smile and walked in. “Its fine Eddie, I can deal with it myself” “Shit. My parents are home.” He mumbled as he closed the door and set his book bag on the dinning room table. “Its okay, its not like they hate me” 

      A couple hours later you both ended up ordering pizza and watching old movies in Eddie’s living room. You fell asleep on his chest halfway during the movie considering he choose a boring movie to watch. All he ever did was play with your hair once in awhile and look down at you, he didn’t bare to move at all since he avoided trying to wake you up. You had been stressed out lately with school and family drama so it felt nice to actually get some sleep. Then your phone went blasting off to Richie’s ringtone, he was calling you for some random reason. “Shit” You mumbled as you lifted your head off of Eddie’s chest, you ruffled your hair for a moment earning a small smile from Eddie. You shook your head then went to answer your phone, “Y/n?” You heard Richie’s voice. Eddie looked up at you when he heard the quiet sound of Richie through your phone. 

            “Y/n I don’t want you to go see him though” Eddie said as he watched you grab your shoes to put them on. “I will be safe, and he is your best friend. Calm down sweetie” You said with a soft smile on your face. “Yeah and a best friend doesn’t call their best friend’s girl friend a basic bitch Y/n” Eddie said pissed off. “I will just make this situation go away, okay? He just wanted to talk about all that’s happening” You finished putting on your shoes then grabbed your book bag. Eddie pulled you in for a hug before you could walk out the door, he kissed the top of your head. “Please just stay safe Y/n” You sighed and let go, “I will, bye” You said as you walked out the door. 

                                                     *  *  *

   You grabbed the spare key under Richie’s doormat in front of the entrance door, opening it quickly you called out saying that you were here. You closed the door and tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. Setting the key down and your bookbag you walked into living room to see Richie, Stan, and Bill all sitting down on the couch talking quietly. “O-oh h-hey Y/n”, you tried not to act surprised. “Hey Bill..And Stan…” “I knew this was a bad idea” Stan whispered to them as he scratched the back of his head. Richie looked up at you and gave you a weak smile, “Hey” you nodded awkwardly in response. “Were leaving, bye” Stan said quickly as he dragged Bill along with him. When Bill and Stan both left awkwardly Richie stood up and walked in front of you.

       “Why would you say that about me!?” You yelled at him, you had never fought like this ever. “Uh have you seen what you wear? And the crop tops that you wear!” He yelled back at you a bit louder than you had. “You don’t own me! You can’t tell me what to do!” You yelled at him. “Eddie should have never became best friends with you!” You yelled at the top of your lungs almost. “Yeah and I still wish I never even met you!” Richie said feeling some what kind of defended. “I will love Eddie till the day I die, when the moon gets tired of its days serving as a nightlight in the dark nights I will stop loving him when that happens” “I doubt that would happen Y/n, your just a usable object who thinks they deserve justice!” “I can’t believe I still fall for you everyday!” Richie shouted at you, his retorted words caused you to break yet again like a fragile object that an obnoxious kid broke. “And your just a trashmouth who’s parents never give a fucking piece of attention too Richie, and I think your family is just a whole bunch of screw up’s I mean your dad and your mu-” You gave into the fight then he grabbed both of your wrists with his hands. “Shut the fuck up Y/n” He said as he tried to fight off the urge of hurting you, but he did. Richie hit you, he furrowed his eyebrows. He didn’t know what to do at this moment. (*In aussie tourist accent* and this is at the stage of life where you can see the rare Y/n crying and Richie turning into a soft boi) You tried to battle off crying in front of him but you ended up crying from slight fear and retort, “I-I’m sorry b-but I n-need to go” You said as you jerked away from Richie’s touch to grab your stuff. He watched you walk away from him motionless and wordless. You grabbed your phone quickly to call Eddie before you could walk out, “W-wait” Richie said quietly thinking you would hear. 

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   “Why would he do that…” Stan said which startled you when you walked out of Richie’s house. He was watching everything and obviously heard everything. You shook your head, “It’s fine” you spoke looking down at the concrete pathway leading up to the doorway, “No its not Y/n” Stan said as he walked up to you. “Just- you need to get home” He said, he and Bill were like the moms of the group except Stan basically gave up with everyone and their shit but still was supportive. You nodded your head and he walked you home considering it was dark outside. “He has been acting like a asshole lately” “Yeah, but just don’t start assuming random stuff Y/n. His parents have been ignoring him lately…He might just want attention” “But he shouldn’t act like that” You said looking up at Stan. (Wyatt Oleff the actor who plays as Stanley uris is like 5′4 and i’m 5′2 so like the reader in my perspective would be looking up at him) “And you shouldn’t have said what you did” Stan said quietly. “You need to call Eddie and tell him” You guys both walked up to your house. Stan looked at the floor awkwardly, “I will, I promise” You said with a smile. “Thanks for walking me home Stan”, you hugged him it took him to realize you were. “Yeah…Your welcome” He let go of you awkwardly not expecting you to be this comfortable around him. You smiled and shook your head. “S-see you tomorrow at school Y/n” He said as he was walking away. He started walking backward to tell you “And don’t forget to call Eddie and tell him what happened!” He said to you then walked backwards into your mailbox. You giggled when you saw him fall on the ground. “Shit” he mumbled. “Goodnight Stan..ley” You said with a smile, you shook your head and went inside your house. Closing and locking the door you thought to yourself 

                                                            “What a fucking day”

How the Season 3 reveal played out @ Discord today (nicknames omitted lol)
  • SEASON 3 2018!!!!
  • 2018 2018 20118
  • one hour one hour
  • omg
  • 2018!?
  • WAIT
  • SEASON 3 IS 2018!!!!!!!!!!
  • UH
  • wergsaesdsfgfdhgfjHT
  • i gotta ditch y'all and run to skype
  • are you guys fucking serious???? 2018?????
  • whatWHAT
  • YES1
  • s3 is 2018 defintiely!?
  • Hellooooo
  • YES
  • ummm did we get erwin collapsing on the wall?
  • YES!
  • okay guys so I opened Tumblr and saw only one spoiler
  • I'm dying and collapsing
  • IM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • you wanna see my horrible screenshot *beep*
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  • MY MOMs next to me io hope she doesn't think i lost it
  • I broke my fucking caps lock button lmfao
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  • i literally broke it
  • *beep*NNNNNNN
  • the light won't turn off lmao
  • omg *beep*it's worth it
  • alright folks, that was a lovely episode, bedtime orz
  • don't die from excitement and crying
  • akakskjsjsjdjndjdndjdnddkI PROBABLY WILLMy heart can't handle bearwin and beast daddy in same ep
  • i can't believe i broke my caps lock button lmfao
  • this computer is not even half a year old
  • ending card btw
  • jsdfhbaksjhfg
  • You snk'd too hard *beep*
  • sajsfgjaskhfgasgfLOL *beep*
  • i feel so blessedseason 3
  • 1 year
↠i miss you

↠ pairing: wen junhui/reader

↠ genre: fluff, every day texts, some stuff very very lightly implied

↠ summary: junhui loves pet names, and you

↠ author’s note: tumblr was not cooperating with anything about me posting this + i should write more jun

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Bad Kitten||Winchester Brothers||

So this is something I’ve tried to start writing twice but my phone’s being an asshole and cutting off the app before I have the chance to finish what I’m writing. Hopefully my laptop won’t and I’ll be able to publish this smut. I might make this into a series but I’m not sure yet. Depends on how it goes.

Word count: 3,199 words

CAUTION: Stop here unless you want to read smut about the Winchester brothers. Mature readers only! Pure smut ahead. Trying to work the plot before the smutty threesome.

Warnings: oral, anal, threesome, daddy kink


Knowing the Winchester brothers and being close with them has its perks. Yes, despite everything Supernatural trying to kill you for even knowing the two brothers, it’s actually worth it. Hunting with the brothers is the fun part.

Dressed in a white figure hugging, finger length bodycon dress with black lace from the top of my breast to around the front of my neck, a cream coat on over the dress paired with a pair of nude heels. My hair falls down my back in luscious caramel curls meanwhile natural eyeshadow outline my eyes. Baby pink blush covers my pale cheeks as a wine red coats my lips, giving me a professional/bad chick look.

“Why are you so dressed up for this case? We’re supposed to look like FBI agents, not clubbers.” Dean asks me as soon as I exit the bathroom in my outfit.“I’ll dress as I want. Besides, this is professional.” I respond as I shove past Dean and walk over to my bag and bend down so I can find my badge for this part of the case. I hum to myself softly as I finally find the badge. I straighten back up and turn around only to see both Dean and Sam staring at me intently with intuitive faces. I raise an eyebrow in question before I shake it off and walk back into the bathroom so I can touch up what needs to be fixed.

Finally, we walk into the police station and instantly, the attention is drawn to us. Standing between the two brothers with a serious expression seems to be all I need to have every male in the building eye raping me. My heels click against the tiled floor as we walk toward the front desk to find out where the sheriff is.“Hello. We were wondering if we could speak to the Sheriff please.” I say sweetly to the male who was eyeing me up.“What for?” The male asks as he keeps his gaze focused on me.“We’re here about the case of the recent murder.” Sam states as he glares at the male who seemed more interested in me than what we were saying.

“He’s busy right now. Come back later though and he’ll be free. Unless you wanna stay longer, gorgeous.” The male tells me, smirking at me when he gets to the end of his sentence.“Darling, we’re FBI. Pretty sure that the sheriff wouldn’t mind if we bothered him.” I say sweetly as we flash our FBI badges, making the male pale quite a bit.

“Right this way.” He says leading us toward the sheriff’s office, me once again standing between the two brothers.“Sheriff, the FBI are here.” The male says after knocking on the door before opening it.“Let them in.” A familiar voice says making my breath catch in my throat.“Why, if it isn’t Malia.” The familiar voice says making me smile awkwardly.

Before me is my ex boyfriend from high school, Derek Mason. His crystal blue eyes still as clear as when we were kids, his shaggy blonde hair falling into his right eye giving him that mysterious persona.“Derek Mason. Never thought that we would meet again.” I say with a fake smile. I sit down in the chair in front of the oak desk as Sam sits beside me and Dean leans his hands on the back of my chair, his arms occasionally brushing against my back.

“Who are you?” Dean asks, trying to figure out how Derek knows me.“I’m Derek Mason. We met in high school. Greenwood high school.” Derek says cockily trying to be the dominant male in the room, making me roll my eyes.“Oh, I remember you.” Dean says with a cold attitude.

“Can we stay on topic please? Derek, what did you find at the crime scene?” I ask with another fake smile as I notice Derek checking me out.“Well, the crime scene was clean, almost too clean. There was blood, intestines and pieces of skin covering the walls, floor, and anything else but there were absolutely no prints. Then the lights just cut off. When the lights came on, there was a message written on the wall in black goo.” Derek says as he maintains eye contact with me. I could feel the anger rolling off of Dean in waves as he tightens his grip on the chair. I glance over at Sam only to see that he’s lost in thought.

“Do you mind if we check out the crime scene for ourselves?” I ask sweetly knowing that he would give in as he looks into my hazel eyes.“Go ahead. Wouldn’t want to go back there for anything. Unless it’s you of course.” Derek flirts making me roll my eyes at his flirting.“I would rather die than have you rescue me. Now, if you don’t mind, can we have some copies of the evidence you’ve collected so far?” I ask sweetly as both brothers try to cover their chuckles at my statement.

“Anything for you beautiful.” Derek flirts once again making me clench my fists in my lap so I don’t react and punch him in the face, therefore blowing our cover.“Flirt with me one more time and see what happens, Sheriff.” I threaten coldly as I glare at him, making him raise an eyebrow at my statement.

He walks off and leaves us in the room as Dean stays quiet and crosses his arms over his chest.“Okay, so besides the fact that he can’t stop flirting with Malia do you believe him? I mean, what kind of creature does something like that?” Sam asks after making sure that Derek isn’t around.

“No idea but if he doesn’t stop flirting with me, I’ll end up kicking his ass.” I state as I get up and lean against the desk and cross one leg over another, instantly catching the attention of the two brothers.“Yeah. So, isn’t that your ex boyfriend from high school, back when you were staying with us?” Dean asks making me sigh.“Yeah. I broke up with him because I found evidence of him cheating on me with one popular cheerleader. Anyways, that’s besides the point. Let’s just get the evidence from Derek before heading back and researching.” I say as I look at Dean only to see that he’s already staring at me with dark forest green eyes. Something in his stare makes me smirk coyly, almost as if it was a game to see who exactly would make the first move.

A sudden tension forms in the air between the three of us, growing thicker by the intense stares being shared between the three of us. Man, this is going to be fun.

We finally get back to the motel and I jump onto my bed wearing a pair of tight spandex volleyball shorts I’ve had since high school and a low cut Victoria Secret tank top.“So, we know that the creature hunts at night, seeing as how this is the third attack this month. They all seem to happen around the same little area. At first, I thought it was Vampires, but they don’t rip the victim to shreds.” I say speaking up as I look at Sam who was busy typing away on his laptop. His jean clad legs perched on the seat on the other side of the table meanwhile his flannel is rolled up to his elbows showing off his firm arms. His shaggy brown hair that’s grown longer over time curls around the edge of his face lightly, illuminating his tan skin even more and hazel green eyes even more.

Malia has no idea what she does to me. When I saw her wearing the white dress, I almost grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. The dress hugs her figure in all the right places but at the same time, they tease me by reminding me that she has no idea how she affects Sammy and I. Her innocent hazel eyes that glow with mischief when she’s pranking Sam. After meeting Derek again and watching other men stare at her as if she’s a piece of meat, it makes me want to sock each of them in the face. It’s not how they should be staring at someone as beautiful as her.


¥So this is where it starts to get smutty kinda so keep reading if you’re into this kind of thing. It’s going to be in Malia’s point of view or possibly no point of view at all. It just depends.¥

The tension from earlier returns ten times thicker than it was before. More than likely, it’s the sexual tension. Its then that Dean and Sam jump into the Impala and leave, claiming that they were going to check out the crime scene, leaving Malia alone in the motel room.

Taking the chance, Malia pulls the cover up over her body before slowly making her way down her body. Knowing that both the brothers will be gone for quite a while, she’s taking advantage of that so she can take care of her own problems that formed the moment Dean gazed at her with his dark forest green eyes and the way his jaw clenched. Slowly working her way out of her clothes, Malia leaves her clothes beside the bed in a neat pile before she begins working.

She slowly trails her hand down her chest and playfully pinched the soft buds of her breasts, using the delicate touches to tease herself and slowly work herself up. Images of Dean licking his plump lips pops into her mind as she pictured him sitting in a chair at the end of the bed watching her slowly work herself to an orgasm.

Then she slowly makes small circles around the slowly erecting buds, trying to keep her pace slow so the pleasure lasts. After a while, Malia lets her hands drop further to her hip bones before trailing lightly against her skin. Once she gets bored of that, she goes right for the prize and begins to work herself up without going past the lips of her pussy.

With a silent cry, her back arches off the bed as her fingers move in circles hitting all the right places without penetrating anything. At some point, the covers that once masked her body from view fall to the floor and leave her bare body out for show.

Teasingly slipping one finger deeper, she quickly retracts the finger before picturing Sam’s fingers replacing her own as Dean stands by and watches.

Sam and Dean both stop outside the motel room door and share a look with each other. They left Malia alone in the motel room while they went on a drive to discuss what they planned to do to Malia tonight for being naughty and wearing that dress out where all of the men gawked.

They pause right before opening the door due to a moan echoing from inside the motel room. A loud moan reaches the brothers ears which makes them smirk knowing that their princess couldn’t help herself. Dean then quickly unlocks the door before they open the red oak only to be met with Malia’s pussy facing them and a look of pleasure spread on her face.“f-fuck.” Malia whimpers breathlessly as her back arches off the bed and gives the two a good look at her naked body.

Dean feels the thick atmosphere of the room growing as he and Sam move further into the room, both brothers quietly moving a chair to where they could watch their princess work. Seated at the end of the bed, Dean has a perfect view of the pussy belonging to a goddess. Sam sits down as close to Malia as possible but at the same time, he avoids alerting her of his presence.

Malia picks up her pace before she penetrates her vagina, giving in to the pleasure she’s been craving. She moves her fingers in and out smoothly, biting her lip in the process to keep from being too loud. The sound of zipping reaches Sam’s ear and he looks down at his older brother only to see him fishing his cock out of the confines of his jeans, freeing the hardened cock as he watches Malia carefully.

Sam carefully mimics his brother’s actions, fishing his cock out of his jeans so he can take care of the painful throbbing caused by the beauty on the bed. The two brothers grasp their cock by the base and slowly twist their hands upwards, taking all the time they need while keeping track of the sounds Malia is making.

After a while, Dean moves onto the bed and sits down beside her pussy, grabbing her hand to stop her movements. She tenses up and opens her hazel eyes only to see both brothers sitting nearby.“Sam! Dean! What are y'all doing?” Malia asks in a small voice, the scratch in her voice not going unnoticed by the brothers as they share a smirk.

“Oh nothing. You know, watching Princess work herself to an orgasm when she could’ve just asked us for help instead. Now we have to punish you.” Dean says making Malia swallow.“w-what do you mean, punish me?” Malia asks, curious to find out where this side of the brothers is coming from.

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart. We’re going to take real good care of you tonight, Princess.” Dean purrs as he places a hand on her chest and eases her back down to the bed. Malia looks up to Sam for answers only to be met with dark brown eyes instead of the green hazel that Sam’s eyes normally are. Her heart begins to pound at the thoughts beginning to swarm her mind of what the two have in store.

Dean looks at Sammy and nods before they both start stripping out of their clothes meanwhile Malia focuses on their movements, watching eagerly as the muscular bodies are revealed to her. She moves to the edge of the bed where Dean is standing and sits back on her bottom thighs. She looks up at Dean with her doe hazel eyes as she begins to kiss her way up his chest, starting from the waistband of his boxers still on his body upward as she trails her tongue along with her lips.

Dean takes a deep breath as he stares down at the female whose slowly making her way up his chest, leaving a few hickies in her wake. Sam climbs onto the bed fully bare and he climbs over Malia so his dick is positioned under her pussy, for when she rocks back and forth, there’ll be pressure where they both need it most. Malia gets to Dean’s lips and kisses him forcefully, trying to fight for dominance meanwhile Sam began to leave marks of his own on the skin of her pale back. Malia feels Dean’s tongue poking at her lips and she obeys, trying not to make her punishment worse.

Sam could feel the slick leaking from her pussy and onto his cock which makes him want to have her his way that much more. Dean moves his gaze over the top of Malia’s head and nods to his brother, letting the two give into their primal desires. Dean shoves Malia off of him gently but still with a show of dominance. The air thickens with the anticipation of what’s to come.

Sammy falls backward, pulling Malia with him as Dean falls on top of Malia, landing face first into her chest.“Dean.” Malia moans out softly, her skin buzzing with electricity. Dean smirks as he opens his mouth, using his tongue to swirl the bud around. Sam moved his fingers to her entrance where he begins using one finger to open her up enough. Malia’s back arches and a small ‘fuck’ escapes her breathless lips as she pushes her chest firmer into Dean’s face. She grabs a fistfull of Dean’s hair before pushing him further into her chest, making him smirk cockily. Sam speeds his pace up before adding another finger, increasing the pleasure.“Please, Sam, Dean, both of you fuck me like the little whore I am. Fill me up with both of your huge cocks as you pound mercilessly into my tight little pussy.” Malia begs making both brothers freeze at the words escaping the female’s mouth.

Sam slips his fingers out of her pussy as he moves so that he’s lined up with her asshole.“So, you want it rough?” Dean asks cockily as he sits up on her stomach as he lines up with her pussy. Instead of answering, Malia grabs Dean’s thick and long cock before slamming him into her, automatically making her force herself onto Sam at the same time. The slight sting makes Malia moan as she moves her hips slowly seeing as to how the two males were too shocked to move. Eventually they both snap out of it and sharply thrust into her two entrances.

“FUCK!” Malia yelps as she closes her eyes in pleasure, throwing her head back onto Sam’s shoulder. Dean leans forward and attaches his lips to any skin he can get his hands on meanwhile making sure to leave hickies in his wake.

Malia becomes a rag doll between the two brothers, loving every second of it since they reach the places that make her see stars. She digs her nails into Dean’s back and they trail downward, leaving angry red lines in their place. Dean groans and bites down on her neck harshly in pleasure before grinding his teeth with her skin still in between. Sweat coats all three of them as they fight to make the other come first. She tightens her grip on Dean which makes him pound into her even quicker, giving into what they’ve all three been desiring.

Malia releases all over the two brothers with a groan, the tightness of her pussy being the thing that pushes them over the edge, leading to an extended orgasm.“Damn, Princess. I didn’t know you liked it like that. Now, can you be good for your daddies and hold your hands above your head?” Dean asks making Malia groan low in her throat, the feeling already returning.“I’d do anything for my daddy.” Malia states innocently as she obliges and holds her hands together above her head, ready for whatever the brothers were going to throw her way.


To The Bone (2017)

I just wanted to praise this movie for how it handled the ever prevalent Manic Pixie Dream Person trope especially in relation to mental health topics.

The movie does a slow build up of Eli and Luke and the possibility of a romantic relationship developing. And along the way boundaries are reinforced and ignored constantly.These two scenes in juxtaposition really highlight that.

But unlike other media representations of this trope (looking at you Perks of being a Wallflower , Its Kind of A Funny Story , etc etc.) Eli leaves , she has no time to be there for Luke because she cant even be there for herself. And that was very refreshing to see.

The movie is far from perfect , but its handling of the idea of fixating on another will fix you is handled brilliantly.