yes i know its barely to your thousands

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I'm seeing posts warning Americans that they're experience the aftermath of Canadian wildfires with thousands of notes yet posts talking about the actual wildfires are barely talked about. This site is extremely frustrating.

I know. Its really pissing me off.

I’ve seen way too many posts complaining about the Canadian Widlfires too. People are actually complaining about these without even acknowledging that these fires are predominantly affecting Canadians. Canadians aren’t even mentioned; its all ‘thanks Canada u_u’. 

Yes, your air quality is suffering but we’re the ones experiencing the worst air quality from this; we’re the ones who are being evacuated from our homes by the thousands; we’re the ones who’s communities are at risk of physically burning down.

It seems that Canadian issues are only important to a lot of Americans if it affects them in some way or is viewed through an ‘American lense’. A lot of Canadians share posts about the California wildfires because we have empathy and we understand how destructive these are; but on the flip-side there is barely a whimper about these Canadian wildfires in return, which are burning on a massive scale (BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan have the area of 6X California’s).