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@caretaker-au Chara

So I did another Drawing of Caretaker Chara except this time it was actually supposed to look like a drawing that the actual creators made :P
I didn’t have the right colours so I only coloured in the eyes and cheeks but I’m still pretty happy with it!
Yes there are a lot of flaws but for someone who could barely even draw eyes about four months ago this is pretty good!

  • “dude i know youre a werewolf and all but seriously that freaking howl laughter you do is so fucking extra and i cant take it anymore”
  • “you being part dog has its perks, mostly for me because whenever i toss something away your eyes follow it and you perk up like you want to chase it but restrict yourself and its honestly the cutest fucking thing ive ever seen”
  • “honestly though i hate my pack so much, like theyre a bunch of assholes but i ran into you on a full moon run in the forest and idk u seem pretty cool. wanna go hunting or scare some people or some shit? i know this sick ass lake thats always really warm, i can show you”
  • “yes i understand im a big bad werewolf now but really i dont want to hurt those cute little rabbits and deer, cant we just wait until we transform back to eat? thats not how it works? well cant i just eat before i transform so i wont be hungry–im sorry im just new at this and im sorta trying to go vegetarian here–”
  • “babe you know i love you and i would give up my life for yours but i sWEAR TO GOD IF YOU GIVE ME ONE MORE DOG TOY FOR MY BIRTHDAY IM GONNA PUNCH YOU SQUARE IN THE FACE”
  • “look im not a supernatural fanatic or anything but i swear man every time this kid next to me gets frustrated they actually growl and it sounds just like some rabid steroid induced dog, and im not saying their a werewolf man but theyre totally a werewolf
  • a werewolf getting personally offended when someone says they’re not a dog person
  • “as a werewolf i can personally talk to dogs and boyohboy does ur little pug have some tea to spill…"
  • “alternatively, i find you to be really superduper adorable and whenever i come over your little dog goes off on rants to me about the cute embarrassing stuff that you do when your home alone and honestly I wake up every day for these chats”
  • “when I saw you climbing out of the stream I was fishing in dirty, wet, and naked, I assumed you had just survived some kind of intense mob hit or something but really you had just detransformed from a werewolf after you were playing in the water trying to catch a fish, and ultimately failing. nice ass, by the way.”

does anyone else with BPD do this like some random person asks how you are and you respond with fine but then someone pretty special to you asks how you are and you play up your Tragic Backstory and Emotions and Life Situations just to get some sympathy and attention?


So I just now found out, and decided to make a post about it for other people that also don’t know. About a month (apparently longer lmao oops) ago Fiction Press released its official app for for both Apple and Android. My first thought was “YES” followed by “it’s probably just as ugly and bad like the website.” well I was WRONG. And I am here to tell you about it under the cut.

Okay so this here is the first thing that pops up once you log in (scream, finally a fan fiction reader I can actually connect to my account.) I was surprised, it looks sleek. “Sure it’s pretty,but what about navigation?” You say. “WELL,” I reply, with the look of someone utterly satisfied with the subject of this conversation. 

So first you can click on the magnifying glass and this search screen will pop up. Search history appears right below it. This is interesting because later I searched a user and it displayed this way (for the sake of this we’ll pretend I searched my profile)

User: bluedragon03

Story: dragonslayers

I thought that was a nice touch, adding what you were searching. I don’t really recommend using this unless you’re searching a specific title, because much like on desktop, when I searched “dragonslayer” anything with the word in the title, descripton, or character list came up. It did, however, work to search for my profile.

This is the mobile app version of the traditional Category pick, click the read icon to get here. The screen you go to is listing every category by number of works archived, but click on a letter to look for something or scroll through the top listing to switch category. Also click the three parallel lines at the top of the screen to get a different version of the category listing. 

Now lets say we searched a person (me)

This scrolls all the way to the bottom of my profile, and to look at my stories and favorites and things like that you click the link at the top! There are also docs features where you can write on the app if you want! The image manager can be accessed and images uploaded, and according to the twitter mobile publication is in beta, so maybe soon we’ll be able to publish from mobile! How convenient would that be?!

These are what the doc and image managers look like! And guess what! You can download fics!!! I mean, could it be any better??!! (It’s worth mentioning that story covers are turned off by default, so they all show the same picture. You can turn the cover feature on if you want, but before you do the app will warn you that this consumes a lot of band-width, or whatever.) I Haven’t checked out that “friends” thing yet, so I can’t really tell you anything about it. 

Navigation for searching communities and forums are the same as searching the story. 

And that concludes my review!! I hope it was helpful! All my dreams have come true!

Sirius and Lily Make James Jealous :)

eh whatever

  • the group at the end of 6th year. So they are all really good friends but jily isn’t like official (yet).
  • Lily and Sirius both being in a bummed mood because their home lives are basically shit.
  • “Hey. Lils. I know what will cheer us all up.”
  • “This better be good. Spill it Black.”
  • Sirius rubbing his hands together like a greedy little child that just got an adult to say yes to buying him candy. 
  • “Okay. Okay. Okay. So, you know how Prongs is like madly in love with you and you are like totally head over heals for him?”
  • Lily blushing because she doesn’t know how obvious it is that she likes James. “I never said I liked-” 
  • “So what we do is we pretend to date right?”
  • Lily making a gagging face.
  • “And Prongs will get like super jealous and then he’ll make a move and you two will end up together. Plus we get to see James get flustered. It’s a win-win!” 
  • Sirius getting all excited and clapping his hands and jumping up and down. 
  • “I’m not so sure Sirius.” 
  • “Please, Lils. Please! I’m not asking you to fuck me to make him jealous.” he winks at Lily, “although that is always an option.”
  • Lily starting to say no but then deciding that there was no harm in playing along and that she really needed something to take her mind of petunia. Plus maybe it would get Potter’s attention. 
  • “Fine.”

  • The next morning Sirius and Lily walk into the great hall for breakfast holding hands. 
  • James seeing them and spitting is food out all over the place. (Most of it landing in Remus’s hair.)
  • Sirius pulling Lily along to the table. “Morning Prongs” 
  • Remus hiding a laugh behind the sleeve of his sweater because last time he checked, Sirius wasn’t interested in girls. So this must be some sort of prank. 
  • James staring at them throughout most of the meal because hOW THE HELL DID HIS BEST MATE DECIDE IT WAS OKAY TO STEAL HIS GIRL!
  • Sirius planting a kiss on Lily’s cheek causing her to blush a bright shade of pink. 
  • Lily deciding she better go hard or go home and turning to Sirius with doe eyes, placing her hand on his chest (as if to fend him off) and saying in a low voice, “Sirius, honey, save it for the dorm.”
  • James’s eyes almost popping out of his head.
  • Him spitting, “Pads, could I talk to you in the hall for a moment?”
  • “Sure,” winking at Lily, “I’ll be back in a moment my little… deer.”
  • James and Sirius barely making it to the hallway before James grabs Sirius by the collar and pushing him against the wall.

  • “What the hell do you think you are doing?! That’s Lily.”
  • Sirius putting his hands up, “I’m just having a little fun. And trust me, mate, she’s fun.”
  • “We agreed in first year that Lily was off limits.” James sounding that he’s either going to start crying or screaming.
  • “Look. Prongs. You want the girl? Go get the girl.”
  • “I will.” 
  • James storming back into the Great Hall and yelling in front of everyone, “Lily Evans, you deserve so much more then that dog could ever give you.” 
  • By this point in time, James has made it back to the table where Lily is sitting and he bends down, gently placing his hands on either side of her face, and crashing his lips onto hers. 
  • He can feel her smiling through the kiss but doesn’t care why because she is kissing him back. 
  • And the first years wondering what the HELL is going on.
  • Sirius sitting next to Remus while Lily and James are still eating eachothers faces. 
  • “They are pretty cute,” Remus says with a smirk.
  • Sirius leaning real close to Remus’s ear and whispering, “Not as cute as you.”


PSA to people who play with healers / play as healers in SMITE!

I was typing a lot in tags with the healer thing I reblogged a couple minutes ago but I just want to give a message to people who end up playing with a chang’e or pretty much any healer because I wish more people knew about these specific things:

- Healers cannot heal with their abilitys or meditation when you’re in immunity (i.e. when using aegis amulet, Sol’s 3, Ares Ult, Nox 3 when inside an ally, etc…) It’s upsetting its not common knowledge, because yes I do feel bad when I can’t save someone who is trying to escape, but the game has limitations.

- Hey you know how your abilities have cooldowns?! Well guess what Chang’e’s heal has one! It has a cooldown of 10 seconds early game, and unless they specifically say they’re going to build heals, they’ll most likely use their 3 to clear wave / upgrade their 1 before 3, therefore making the heal be less. Don’t blame the player if they can’t heal you every 2 seconds.

- Heals do not make you invincible! Even if I were to have Rod of Aesculapius, Gauntlet of Thebes, and Lotus Crown, you can still easily die. This also can apply to Terra’s ult, it can’t always save you and Aphrodite can only spam her doves so many times before your ass gets kicked. Don’t play openly aggressive especially if your strategies fail the first time just because you have a healer!

- There is a slight delay for when the effects of a heal / purify (i.e. hel’s 2 in light stance…i think) to when certain things apply. Terra ult takes a few seconds to apply, Chang’e’s heal takes a second to apply, Hel’s heal takes some time to actual heal now, Aphrodite has a slight delay when casting her ult….It takes good reflexes to be a healer. So don’t blame a healer for atleast trying to save you, we’re trying our best!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really like your blog 😊 and uhh can I submit something I find bad here and I want to know your opinion (Like it won't be much just a premise for a anime I dislike) I really hope it wouldn't be a bother ^^; its called kiss him not me and its basically about a chubby girl suddenly becoming skinny after not eating or drinking for a week after locking herself up (yes really) and all these dudes suddenly liking her now that she's skinny and I just find this premise to be really shallow.

Thank you! Neither of us have seen that anime, but that sounds pretty unpleasant and full of unfortunate implications. :/

jeylovestoblog  asked:

Ah I love Australia, even tho I've never been there but I wish i could go there one day. Do you like living there? :) (here we go again with the great question - but i'm honestly interested haha) Yes and its not that bad, but it is still not your bed, so you never really sleep as good as you would at home. Also the kids can be annoying shits and keep you awake the whole night :DD haha

Lmao I think kids secretly want to piss people who are older than them and they know they’re being annoying lol (but I love lil kids omg, they’re adorable). I’ve lived in Australia pretty much my entire life so I’m kinda destined to like it? I think so anyway haha, it’s pretty cool. Ah, it’d be really cool if you came here though! If you do decide coming one day, do yourself a favour and come during winter lmfao. Summer will burn you into a puddle honestly.

ART KNOW HOW  ~  Does Bad Art Exist?

Yes! But what exactly makes art “bad”? Art can elicit hyper-subjective responses. So we must consider the art wholly independent of a subjective view. Can this be done? Yes and no, maybe. Bad art is an extremely difficult monster to identify and tackle. But I guarantee you that Bad Art is very real, and can be, very bad! My taste in art is eclectic. So I can pretty much handle any art placed before me without too much fuss. But taste, on its own, cannot measure the increments, or encroachments of Bad Art. The art will do that on its own. The art, itself, will be caught in the act. It will meticulously portray its own badness. It is a naked, vulnerable act.

To be clear. Transgressive and subversive art is not necessarily bad art. But lush gorgeous still life paintings are not necessarily good art. So pleasing imagery does not make or break anything. Art demands to be ingested on its own terms. It demands the highest scrutiny. And the most forgiveness. As we are, after all, human, and playing with composition, color, and a few other tricks.

The best way to determine the intrinsic value of a piece of art, is to hear the artist speak on the work. Their words will surely blow the lid off of an epic fail. Or rapidly ascend the piece into the canon. In my years as an artist, I have experientially come to realize that you really cannot separate the art from the artist. The artist can supply urgent contextualizing of the piece. The artist will tell us if it is Bad Art. Even if we first must make allowance for the tracks, and trajectory of the artist to unfold, to really spell it out. Sorry guys, but there is no Bad Art quick fix.


(Part 2 can be fount here) (part three can be found here)

Ahh yes where my editing days first started. The first one is the first edit/art I made, it was my icon for a while on myspace. Its supposed to be me. I did cover my eye back then, and i did own the vest/shirt with cat ears on the hood. At the time i didn’t know how to make plaid) tbh this is pretty goof for a first try. not as cringe as some other things i have made. 8/10 for effort(got all nostalgic when i saw it)

Second pic: I don’t even know, i just remember tracing over it, changing the colors and the hair a little. I’d give it 1/10 in general tbh when i first saw it i didn’t get much of a reaction

Third: that was my last myspcae icon. jesus….its so meh. -2/10 for everything

4th: my only question is What the fuck? like is the tail and bat wings necessary? the hat I’m ok with cause its a hat, but really middle school me? Even made the boobs bigger, tbh i don’t even remember how old this character was supposed to be. but the outfit is kinda boring. maybe i should reedit this to make it look better. Oh and the other girl is supposed to be Sakura from Naruto but in the pokemon world. Why did i do this? You know what I’m editing over this to see if i can make it look better, or better yet find the screenshot that i used.(but still i like the Pokemon Trainer!sakura)

The last one: omg….its not my best work but idk know how to translate those characters into the base’s style. Remember the old days of Death Note when ppl were obsessed BB and Mello? omg I really could have tried better.

Ok so this was probs boring. But wait till i get to the naruto edits/art, omg I’m dying. This is like an Intro. All of there were like icons i used.

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Sooo @adventures-of-frecklesandhaircut Today is your mother fucking birthday!!

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SO WITH THAT BEING SAID I'm going to tell you some stuff I love about you (Yes I was serious when I told you this earlier)

Your Awesome

 Hella fabulous

You always made sure I didn’t get stabbed XD

 The only person I know who likes my puns (even if they are bad)

Your always there for me 💙

You always help me with literally everything 

You are hella pretty 💙💙💙

So that is some things I love about you (sorry if its cheesy) I hope you have an awesome birthday I love you lots 💙💙💙

I’ve actually been working on Inktober things!! Sorry I’ve been pretty absent. Wasn’t gonna post them because they’re Wester AU themed since it seems to be what I’ve fallen into but I really kinda like these… eh.
These were drawn on 3 separate pieces of paper I just combined them since they’re in sequence. This is a bad dream Bane is having.
Yes, its slashy and gay and Bane is weepy and ooc but it’s sort of a dream…? can’t hide your emotions in a dream I guess?
Hope everyone else who’s doing Inktober is trudging along!
Sorry again it’s this pairing I know nobody is really into. Just scroll!!

OH and drew these all with a ball point pen, no pencil sketch which is why stuff is insanely off and sketchy.

Under control

Requested: Hey! So could you do one where the reader gets into a fight with Hoskins about protecting the raptors and he starts hitting her. Owen saves her and you can finish the fluffy rest 💘 thank you!!

 a/n: don’t be men to reader ;-; no need to bring violence into this. But yes its 1am and I actually did a request for once eyyyyyy. also I typed this up onmy phone so if the format sucks im sorry

 Hoskins was really starting to piss you off. Coming here, acting like he knows everything. You had told him off a countless number of times but you were already having a bad day today and this was the last straw. 

 "You will NOT touch them! How many times do we have to tell it to you before it sticks in that fat head of yours?“ 

 Being almost a foot shorter then Hoskins was a slight disadvantage but you were in MommaRaptor mode. And you could get pretty intimidating. But so can a man who towers over you and is twice your weight.

 His fat hand collided with your shoulder pushing you back making you almost fall.

 "I’ve had enough of your lip. You will respect me.” He said as he walked closer to you. Then came another shove sending you falling to the ground.

 "You think you can tell me what to do now?“ He asked, towering above you. You scowled at him trying to hide your pain. You weren’t going to back down so easy.

 You used the wall to help you up, but now you literally had your back against the wall. The shoved you again and you collided with the hard surface. He grabbed your arms and got close to your face. 

 "Not so tough now, are you?”

 "Get off me!“ You spat. You used all your strength trying to push against his meaty arms but he only released when Owen threw him off. 

 "Owen!” Barry yelled, running up next to you, as Owen got closer to Hoskins. “You’re going to put your hands on a girl, Hoskins?” Owen began shoving him. “I can play this game too." 

 He was using his Alpha voice, his shoulders were back making him look taller. You had never seen him this mad. 

 "Owen, stop!” You called. You didn’t want there to be a blood bath.

 Owen looked back at you. By now there were too far away so you couldn’t hear was he said as he pointed at Hoskins. You imagined that a threat was involved.

 Barry walked you into Owens office and pulled the first aid kit out of Owen desk.

 "I got it Barry, thanks.“ Owen walked into the room. Sweat dripped from his brow. Barry nodded, placed the kit on the desk and left.

 "I could have handled it.” You said. He walked over to his desk. 

 "Sit.“ He demanded. You sighed and followed the Alphas orders. You sat on his desk and waited for the next command but it never came.

 "You didn’t look like you were handling it. Or was getting shoved into a wall multiple times part of your plan?” He raised your arm, looking at the cuts the you had gotten from being shoved on the ground. 

 "It might have been.“ You said sarcastically as he started bandaging you up. When he got finished wrapping both arms you thanked him and attempted to get up but with he gently pushed you back down. 

 "Are you okay?” He asked you. 

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

 He put his hands on each side of you and leaned down to your eye level. “(Y/n), Are you lying?" 

 "No.” You rolled your eyes.

 "You had me worried.“

 "I told you I had it under control.” You crossed your sore arms trying to look tough.

 "I don’t care. Nobody touches my girls.“ His hand caressed your cheek and he gave a soft smile. He was so much different then he was just a few minutes before. He kissed your forehead before standing up straight again.

 "Take the rest of the day off. Go take a shower or something. You’re covered in dirt.”

 "Yes, Alpha.“ You gave him a fake salute and laughed.

Love, JZ

Mon Cher,

           I don’t know if I should start this letter off by saying I love you, or wait to the end. I guess that it really doesn’t matter; I say it all the time anyway. Sometimes I think that I say it too much and that one day it’ll lose its significance. Maybe it’s because I’m so bad with words but most of the time I can’t articulate how happy you make me feel and ‘I love you’ is the closest I can get to expressing that. So yes, Eric Richard Bittle, I love you very much.

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Greys Winter Finale

I know this might not be the popular opinion tonight, but I for one liked the Jackson and April scenes. Throughout the whole episode I got the sense that Jackson actually really did think it was great, and yes hes struggling with how that makes him feel, but I don’t think that’s necessarily bad. 

ESPECIALLY the end scene… so much emotion and love and anger… I thought it was great. She kept talking and rambling about how she “knows what he wants” and he said how she doesn’t know what hes going to say, because in all reality I think hes going to say he liked it too. He loves her too. He wants them too. It’s complicated but it’s worth it.

I’m honestly pretty optimistic and think the writers WANT us to think it will be bad so when its back on and good its really really great.