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I will fly with no fear

desc; punk!phil takes care of his boyfriend, dan’s, son while dan is at a meeting. dan’s son comes home from school crying and its up to phil “on some level im deathly afraid of children” lester to save the day.


a/n; thank you to @andromedalester for betaing this 2am explosion of words and dubbing it ‘SO GOSH DANG SUTE’ i love u v much em ty or helping me out <33  

 gender rolls are the only bad type of bread

The door swung open and hit the doorframe with a resonating crack. Phil perked his ears up from his bowl of cereal and looked over, just in time to see Finn crawl onto the couch next to him. The kindergartner snuggled into his arm and Phil made sure to set the bowl away.

Finn almost never touched him, still not understanding why Phil had moved in with him and his father, Dan. He hadn’t expected a smidge of affection this early on – being the stranger, in Finn’s home – and made sure to wrap his tattoo clad arms around the somber boy.

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Woke Up Alone;Haechan

Genre: huge angst (im ready to make some people cry im sorry)

Request: @hqleetaeyong my babe requested this a month back for an angst haechan scenario so here it is skdmdn

A/N: i spent so much time on this omg dont kill me after yall read this please

*Warnings: de*th/depression

Word Count: 2,481


Nothing seemed to be going your way anymore-you were flunking all your class assignments and tests despite your constant efforts to revise and study, and all because of a small misunderstanding, your friends had turned their back on you.

The people you once could lean on and gain support from, were now gone.

The digits on the weighing scale added more salt to the wound, constantly reminding you of how you weren’t as slim as the people around you, and that you had lost many you once thought were worthy because of this small matter.

Nobody seemed to understand you. Once you thought everything was going well, it all fell apart again, leaving you at your most vulnerable.

You needed someone to hold you in their arms, remind you that you were loved and appreciated. And most importantly, you wanted someone who could give you love and comfort.

But you didn’t have anyone.

You couldn’t even trust yourself anymore.

You hated yourself more than anyone could ever.

You blamed yourself for everything that had happened.

You were completely alone.

But yet at the end of every day you found yourself lying on your bed, all curled up in the warmth of your own arms, thoughts running deeply in your mind. All you could do to make everything better was to assure yourself that it’ll get better.

At the end of the day, you could depend on no one else but yourself-

-as much as you hated it.


His face was etched vividly at the back of your mind, and you couldn’t help but think about him for the fifth time that day. His small and shy smile and laughter replayed in your head as you remembered how he reached out his hand excitedly to shake yours, then slightly bowing as he flashed you his bright smile again, his eyes forming into the shape of crescent moons.

Just this itself could make you smile, the first time you ever did genuinely in a few weeks.

“My name’s Haechan! I’m looking forward to working with you all hehe”

You remembered how he said that sentence in an excited tone, and behind his voice it was as though you could feel a small boy jumping inside of him, ready to fill your days with laughter and joy.

You found yourself smiling once again, before you snapped out of your trance as you catched a glimpse of yourself in the mirror seating by the bedside.

How long has it been since you last smiled like that?

How could a boy you just met today make you feel so happy and contented?

The next morning, you were more than excited to head of to the cafe for work- for the first time ever.

The lady dressed in full black, your boss, looked at you shock as soon as she saw you enter the cafe, then squinting her eyes, “Why are you here so early today, Miss Y/N, i thought you dreaded work? Is something up?”

You let out a small laugh before shaking your head, placing your bag in the usual spot in the staff room, “No, i just.. felt good today”

Your boss gave you a comforting smile, then pat your back, “I was joking. I’m glad that you are, i told you working in a cafe could help clear your mind hm?”

You smiled back at her. You were thankful and grateful for her care and concern towards you, and you only had her to thank for making you feel much better than you were a few weeks back.

She had noticed you completing blanking out in a bookshop near your house, and immediately asked if you were okay. Finally having someone to even worry over you, you couldn’t help but break down in front of her, a complete stranger at that time, and letting everything out that you had been holding in forever.

She completely understood, and promised to help you out. Which was why you were currently able to work as a barista in her small cafe, after she offered that it may help you get your mind off things a little.

And it did.

You put on your apron swiftly, then started to set everything up, preparing the cups and ingredients needed.

Not long after the door to the cafe opened once again, and you were met with the eyes of the one you had been thinking of the whole night.

His soft brown hair was slightly covering his eyes, and his dark brown skin seemed to glow under the sun. He caught eye contact with you and bowed slightly, the sides of his cheeks raising up, his eyes turning into thin lines again.

You returned a shy smile, eyes unable to leave him.

Your eyes followed him as he made his way to the staff room, then to the empty spot right beside you.

“Y/N? Good morning!” he waved his hands in front of your face, followed by a small giggle.

You stuttered a little, “H-Hi, good morning” before giving a small awkward wave back, causing him to laugh.

He shook his head then smiled to himself, “You’re so cute”

His words hit you all of a sudden, and you felt a tingling feeling throughout your whole body. Your cheeks started to burn as you tried quickly looked away from him, “o-oh.. am i?”

You closed your eyes and mentally slapped yourself for the words that just came out from your mouth.

Surprisingly, Haechan nodded his head, then held out a thumbs up in front of you, saying even louder to you, “Yes you are”

Naturally, your lips started to curl up as his words replayed in your mind over and over again, your heart quickening its pace every single time.

He was special, how could someone you only just met made you this happy?


“Y/N!!!!! I got us some chicken, open your door and stop sleeping you pig” Haechan’s loud voice rang through your whole apartment, as his fingers repeated pressed the doorbell.

You peered your head out of your room, eyes squinting at the bright light from the door, then letting out a groan and laying back in bed, “Just open it, it’s not locked”

You heard shuffling from the outside as you closed your eyes again, hoping that you could get back some of the sleep you lost due to Haechan’s shouting.

However, his voice rang loudly again, “Do you not know how dangerous it is to not lock your door i cant believe you did that, what if something happened to you?”

Haechan nagged at you as he shook your legs lightly, trying to wake you up.

But seeing that you had no reaction at all to his doings, he jumped right on the bed beside you, then attacking you with tickles, causing you to scream and laugh out loud.

After a few minutes of the ‘wrestling’, Haechan hit your arm lightly, slightly out of breath, then nagging at you once again with his now obvious irritated voice, “Wake up now please”

You turned to face him abrutly at his words, your smile slowly fading away into an expression of admiration as he was only an inch away from you.

5 months of friendship but you all had never been this close.

It made your heart race.

And there was a moment of silence

You saw Haechan gasped a little, his eyes falling from your eyes to your lips, his cheeks turning into a light pink as he got up quickly.

His voice softened as soon as his eyes met your gaze.

“C-Come out, let’s eat the chicken before it gets cold.”

You shook your head and covered your face to forget everything that had happened, but your heart wasn’t cooperating.

It was beating really quickly, and loudly.

Does he know i like him?

Does he like me too?


His arms were around your shoulders, your head on his chest. His soft and warm voice acting as a lullaby as he sang you a short tune. He was caressing your hair lightly, both of your breathings together as one.

“It’ll be fine, don’t worry” Haechan said those words to you for the third time that night, attempting to make you feel better after you started breaking down suddenly after being not able to sleep.

And you blame overthinking for it-your thoughts got the better of you again and you just started thinking of every single negative thing that had ever occurred to you.

Next thing you know, Haechan has rushed right over to your house immediately after getting your call, despite it being at a late 2AM.

You nodded your head at his words, wiping your tears once more, snuggling deeper into his chest as you wrapped your arms around his torso.

Someone was finally there for you when you needed it.

He made you feel appreciated and cared for, and you couldn’t thank him enough for that.

You felt comfortable in his arms, against his body.

His arms never left you once that night and you felt secure, and safe.

Only he could make you have that feeling.

You were deeply in love with him.


Just like any other day, you found yourself waiting patiently for him to walk into the cafe, face full of smiles and happiness, pulling the strings of your heart and making your day full.

Especially today, you wanted to see him the most, mainly because you had wanted to tell him something important-your feelings.

Your eyes would lit up in excitement whenever you saw the door to the cafe open, but would droop into disappoint when you weren’t met with the person you wanted to see most everyday.

Two hours later and he was still not here, and you were worried sick.

Is he not feeling well? Did something happen? He hasn’t been replying since yesterday.

Your eyes would quiver as you’d blank out occasionally, as your mind would drift off to think about where Haechan was and where he went.

He never skipped work once, even when he was sick, it was unlike him.

You tried calling him, but there no answer.

You went back that day feeling devastated, as though you had lost everything. One day without seeing him and you were back to the old you, how could you live without him?

The next day you went to work enthusiastic again, hoping that he’d appear. But he still hasn’t returned to any of your calls or messages.

After a long and tiring day of being disappointed countless times, you sighed and made your way back home, alone, unlike the usual days where Haechan would accompany you and fill you with his jokes and funny stories, turning you into an endless fit of laughter.

The third day, still no replies or his appearance. It was as if he disappeared into thin air.

Day of day you’d make your way to the cafe, holding on to the small strand of hope that he was going to come back, but none of it happened.

You were getting less and less and motivated, and you did everything with almost no emotion. You didn’t feel happy anymore, that is, without Haechan right by your side.

Your boss had noticed and she knew the reason why, and she knew she had to tell you sooner or later.

“Y/N, could you come here for a talk? We’ll stop work after this,” she called out to you softly, motioning you to seat beside her at one of the small tables.

You nodded without saying a word, then sat beside her emotionlessly, mind filled with thoughts of that one person.

The lady beside you took in a deep breath before placing her hand on your thigh, “I know you’ve been feeling upset lately.. and it’s because Haechan’s gone suddenly, right?”

You turned your head to her immediately at the mention of his name, then raised your eyebrows at her, “Yes, do you know why? Did he tell you?”

She sighed again, then closed her eyes, a look of remorse on her face, “You see… Y/N, Haechan.. he’s… gone”

You were confused at her words, as you furrowed your eyebrows together, your hand holding tightly onto hers, “What do you mean.. gone? Did he move to another country? Where did he go”

She frowned, as you could see her trying to hold her tears back, “You see, Y/N. Haechan, you thought he was that one kid that’s always happy right? Truth is he’s gone through much more than you and he’s actually really really sad inside. But he told me not to tell you so you wouldn’t worry, and i took him in here because he heard of you and wanted to cheer you up, because he didn’t want you to feel like him. He, was overwhelmed by a lot of things too these past months but he kept it from you. He couldn’t take it anymore and he.. went to a better place, at least he’s happy there. Y/N, please i know you love him a lot and he’s always so happy telling me about you and-”

You ran out of the door and onto the road after hearing all those words, your tears rolling down your cheeks endlessly as you didn’t want to believe what you just heard. You heard shouts calling out for you, but before you knew it, a huge blow threw you onto the floor and you were met with pitch darkness.


The wind from the air conditioning’s blowing strongly in your direction, making you hide even deeper under your sheets, trying to find warmth.

But nothing was the same anymore.

Outside your room were people talking and walking around, holding flowers or basket of fruits to visit their loved ones, each of their rooms filled with care, love and warmth.

But for you, your hospital room was filled with utter silence, other than the constant beeping from the heart rate machine standing beside you.

It seemed to be your only friend.

You room was cold, dark and empty.

No one was there for you, again.

His face was the only thing you could think of, as the memories that you two had spent over the past 9 months replayed in your head, remembering even the smallest detail.

Because he meant that much to you.

And he still does, but does it even matter now?

You wiped the tear falling from your swollen eyes roughly as you hid your face in your arms,

you were used to this

after all, you still ended up waking up alone.

Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant

Author: Me!

Pairing: Derek X Reader and Spencer X Reader

Summary: Preferences fo Reid and Morgan

Requested: Yes, ‘AHHHHHH REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!! Sorry, I found your blog and I find you to be such a gifted writer, you know your characters well! I was wondering if you could do something like how Derek and Reid would act if you told them you were pregnant? Or if you were hiding it and they found the pregnancy test? If you can only do one, pleased do Derek. Thank you! Love the blog btw.’

Word Count: 1063

Derek And Spencer Finding Out Your Pregnant…


He came home from work late but you didn’t hear him, let alone acknowledge his presence, you were too busy locked in the bathroom shaking with tears rolling down your cheeks staring at the pregnancy test which was showing the small positive sign. You had been starting at this goddamn stick for over a hour and the tears hadn’t stopped since they started.

There was a knock on the door which made you jump out of your skin, “Babe, you okay?” You sniff as quietly as you can and pray your voice doesn’t crack, “Yep, I’ll be out in two seconds.” You respond as calm as you can, but what you don’t know is that even through the thick wooden door Derek could tell something is wrong.

After another 2 long minutes of trying to clean yourself up, you unlock the bathroom door and walk back into the bedroom you share with him. You can hear him in the kitchen downstairs, whistling and cooking something, he probably heard you come out of the bathroom because you hear him yell “Do you want anything to eat?” up the stairs you reply with, “No, I ate before you came in.” That obviously was a lie as the mere thought of eating made you feel sick already.

You decided to go to bed and figure things out in the morning, with fumbling fingers you get changed and into bed, it was now around 2AM and you could hear Derek putting his dishes in the sink. Slowly he walks up the creaking stairs and you silently pretend to be asleep. You hear him dragging his feet along the carpet, he cant even be bothered to pick them up, he’s too tired. “I know your not asleep” He says with a raspy voice making you jump yet again. You turn over to look at him, even though its dark you can just about make out his outer shape.

“Now tell me whats wrong.” Derek bluntly says, telling you his profiling skills are intact. The simple question brings a whole new wave of tears and you start sobbing, Derek instantly holds you and you explain that your pregnant and you know he won’t want to stay because this isn’t what he wanted.

After you finish, Derek holds you and looks you directly in the eyes as he says, “Who said I was going to walk out? Yes maybe this wasn’t planned but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to stick around, I love you Y/N and I want to stay and raise this child with you.” You stop sniffing and just hold him and thats how you two fall asleep, for real this time, not worrying as much anymore.


The second the timer on you phone dings you sprint back to the bathroom to check the small device on the side of the bath. Your heart beat increases rapidly as you see the positive sign. How will Spencer react? You two have never discussed having kids before what if he doesn’t what any? What if he walks out? You can loose him. Calm down Y/N you tell yourself. With your hands shaking out of control you pick up your car keys and head straight for the building where your boyfriend and your best friend await.

As soon as you park you speed walk through the ground floor and into the elevator, once in you jab the button with your thumb and wait. With your head pumping in your ears you step out, your legs feel like jelly but you still strode the BAU desperately trying to avoid anyone at this partial time, successfully getting across you going into your best friends bat cave. Hearing someone close the door you see Garica’s head poke up and for her to swivel on her chair to face you. “What can I help you with sugarplum?” She asks innocently.

At that basic question you burst into tears, your legs give out but just before you can hit the ground Garica has ran over and caught you, she strokes your hair and rubs your back as you cry onto her shoulder, when your finished you look up at her and explain.

When your finished your slightly hiccupping still but continue to look at her for help “Pen, I don’t know what too do.” You whisper, the look you give Garcia breaks her heart, “Oh sweetie, I know it hurts and you really don’t want to but your going to have to tell him, I’m sure it’ll be fine, you and I both know what Spencer’s like.” She explains maintaining eye contact throughput the whole thing.

As if he heard his name Spencer swings open the door, not bothering to look up from the papers he was holding, you spring into the chair next to Garica’s as you feel your legs go wobbly again. “Hey Garcia, could you possibly find out if this person has any criminal records?” Spencer questions without a worry in the world but as he looks up, his smile drops as he comes face to face with you. “Y/N whats the matter?”

You think of what Garcia told you and know thats what you’ll have too do but then again you could avoid it as much as you can. “Nothing” You says looking into his brown eyes, Garica leaves at this point, “But you’ve been crying, I mean I know I’m not very good at social clues but people usually cry when they are sad or maybe when they are happy but the rest of your body langue does suggest your happy but I could be wrong but-“ He begins to ramble but you cut him off “For God’s sake I’M PREGNANT.” You exclaim waving your hands franticly, “And I’m scared Spencer, Im scared you wont want a child, or you’ll leave, I can lose you!” You finish with heavy breaths. “I’m not going anywhere. I think this is brilliant!” He starts off whispering but has he gets happier his voice raises. “I mean I might leave to go to the library but thats only because I have to read up on the books of course! And, and, and this is brilliant Y/N I love you.” You break out into a huge smile, “I love you too Spencer.”

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death by glitter, a marauders au group chat fic

Note: It is about to turn 2am as I write this, so please, don’t ask.

james: cmon

remus: No.

sirius: no

peter: no


remus: still no

james: pls

peter: thats it im telling lily u said the four of us were married u deserve it

james: nO GOD

lily: heard ur cheating on me

james: lily no i swear

lily: im leaving u for sirius anyway

James renamed the group chat to Death by Glitter.

Remus renamed the group chat to james we, in no way in hell, are not becoming a punk rock band.

james: remus ill buy you that chocolate fudge

james: sirius i can get that motorcycle

james: peter whatever u want

peter: can i have that new broomstick yaknow what im talking about right

james: done

Remus renamed the group chat to Death By Glitter.



sirius: ur wife said my voice was better

james: i give up

peter: i can play guitar

remus: Since when did u play guitar, mate?

peter: my dad taught me


remus: I can play the drums.



remus: Are you actually that surprised or did you do that to annoy me?

sirius: both

peter: who’s the manager tho

sirius: lily

james: ???? okay shook

james: guess thats settled

james: operation the marauders are punk rock af is a go

sirius: our first single is now officially out now!!!


remus: We can head to that bar in Muggle London if you want.

james: y'all i need to find lily and drag her along but does anyone know where shes at

peter: oh i forgot shes at a theater performance and it’ll last until 11 so her phones probably silent she told me to tell u

james: thanks bro

peter: anytime

sirius: come on boys we have a smashing night ahead!!!

james: ur not really cheating on me with one of them right

james: they know an awful lot about u. its kinda sketchy

lily: james im pregnant with your child i do not have time for an affair

lily: oh shit

lily: james…

lily: james?

lily: listen tell sirius and peter that i didnt mean to tell yiu guys this way but im pregnant. and james just found out so pls just keep an eye on him

remus: Lily, do you want me to have a heart attack?

remus: That’s a given, though. I’ll return him to you safe, don’t worry.

lily: i owe you one

remus: That’s a bit off the mark, but I’ll take it.

james: lily is jt a her kr a xhe

lily: it’s a he, love.

james: im clming home nlw i love yoiu

lily: love you too.

Sirius renamed the group chat to in honor of harry james potter our next single is going to be called baby boy.

james: harry??

peter: yeah u said it over and over last night so i guess u like it

james: ha i only remember the part where i heard my name over and over

sirius: MY EYES

sirius: im SCARRED


remus: Funny, you said that last night too.

–james: listen i love that you’re subtly pointing out that yall had sex but peter and i have known for a long time now that u two like each other

peter: finally tho like took yall long enough

peter: also

peter: dumbledore’s calling

lily: i cant believe you’re going away for two weeks

lily: NOW too

lily: i understand that u feel you need to

lily: but just..dont

james: dont guilt trip me like that im begging you

james: its for marlene, love. you and i both know we have to do this for her

james: she deserves this at least

lily: how dare you

lily: presume that i don’t know how important this is to her

lily: go if u want then

james: lily, i

james: ill see you soon.

Sirius renamed the group chat to the mv was watched over 20 million times in the first two days SHOOK.

james: yall went ahead and uploaded it without me??

james: on the day i come back too

james: rude

Peter renamed the group chat to james talk to your wife u fool.

james: im coming home now

james: just..ill talk to you then

lily: you idiot oh my god

james: what omg i thought we were good now

lily: you forgot the FUCKING VENUE CONTRACT

james: dammit ill be right there

sirius: are you good now

james: yeah i apologized

sirius: good

sirius: james..this is what you want

sirius: what you’ve always wanted

sirius: dont risk it again

james: dont have to tell me twice

sirius: smh

sirius: one week man one week to the day

james: im dropping the contract off now ayy

sirius: this is gonna be lit

Remus renamed the group chat to today’s our first concert in a actual venue with upwards of five thousand people im

peter: oh fuck



sirius: bc u’d back out

peter: i feel exposed

remus: Go check on the audio mate

peter: yes sir

sirius: time for your pep talk james there’s six minutes to go

james: aight listen we got this. we’re prepared and they already love us. there’s nothing left to fix and i am positive each of us will give everything out there. get it boys

sirius: damn

remus: That was actually really good

peter: shook

peter: two minutes

james: r u here

lily: yeah

lily: love you

james: love you too

James renamed the group chat to THAT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC!

Sirius renamed the group chat to you send texts through the chat not the group chat name u hoe.

To be continued.

I’m In Love With Your Best Friend // Caspar Lee

​Can you write a caspar imagine where y/n and caspar and secretly dating because she’s joe’s sister. And joe finds out? Your imagines are so cute by the way<3 xoxo

“I want to take you out on a date”, Caspar said suddenly. I lifted up my head from his shoulders and paused Stranger Things.

“Caspar, what are you — “, he cut me off.

“We’ll be careful, I promise. I really feel like taking you out, we haven’t been able to do that yet”, he sighed.

“You know why, we can easily be spotted by a fan, or run into someone we know. I know it’s tough but you know how Joe’s like. I need to tell him first”.

“We’ve been secretly dating for three months now. Come on Y/N, having dinner at my place isn’t a proper date. I want to take you out, let me plan something please”, he pulled a cute puppy dog face. How can I resist that? I kissed his lips and sighed.

“Okay my love”, I got back into a comfortable position, laying my head on his shoulders and resuming the Netflix show.


Caspar wouldn’t tell me at all what he’s decided on doing. He wanted to surprise me. Even though I don’t like the idea of not knowing what’s happening, I rolled with it since I can tell it made Caspar so happy and excited. After I left his apartment that night, he texted me telling me to get ready by tomorrow at 6pm. That morning, all I felt was butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time Caspar and I would officially go on a date. Well, in public. We’ve had heaps of ‘dates’ in his apartment, having a candle lit dinners. This was brand new to me, doing my makeup and getting all dressed up, ready to go out on a date. Sure I’ve been on dates before, but never with a boy I truly loved. And the problem is, he’s my brother’s best friend. The reason why we’ve kept it a secret for so long, is Joe. We just aren’t ready to come out and tell him, ‘hey your younger sister is with your best mate’. Every time I come close to telling him, I feel really nauseous and quickly back out. It won’t make things any easier knowing I’ve delayed telling him for so long. But being in love with Caspar makes it all worth it.

By 6pm, my makeup was done and I was dressed in a long sleeved tight black dress that sat above my knees with skin coloured stockings underneath. I wore heels that weren’t too high, and threw on my favourite Burberry coat my sister Zoe got me as a present, knowing it would be freezing tonight. I sat on the couch in my living room waiting for Caspar.

“Don’t be so nervous, you look absolutely beautiful. Everything will be fine”, my best friend who I also shared my apartment with said. She and Josh Pieters are only people who know about my relationship with Caspar.

“I just hope nothing goes wrong”, I sighed. The doorbell then rang.

“Oh, he’s here!”, she whispered.

“Thanks so much for doing my makeup tonight”, I said hugging her before she went to her room.

“No need to thank me again. Good luck babe, hope you have an amazing night!” she said before leaving to her room and closing the door behind her.

I breathed in, then out before I opened the door. There, Caspar was holding a bouquet of roses and his hair slicked to the side. He looked very handsome in his black skinny jeans, white shirt and a black blazer. “Hello there handsome.”

“You look so breathtaking”, he said grinning.  

“You too.” He handed me the flowers and I kissed him. I put the roses on the kitchen table, grabbed my handbag and keys then left.

We went to a quiet restaurant and had dinner. We laughed nearly the entire time, having an amazing time. Once we were done, Caspar and I walked around hand in hand just admiring the beauty of the night.

“It’s so cold”, I said, breathing out seeing my cool dragon breath. Caspar then started shrugging off his jacket.  

“Caspar… I’m literally wearing a coat”, I said.  

“But in the movies, the guy always gives the girl his jacket when she’s cold”, he said.

“That’s because she’s never wearing a jacket”, I laughed. “But thank you my love”.

We went into the main streets of London and waited for our uber to come. I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 that I totally didn’t notice the group of girls taking photos of us. 


The following day, I was hanging out at Joe’s place. He said he’d wanted to cook lunch and catch up with me. We ate in silence, which is strange since he’s very talkative.

“Why so quiet?” I said, my eyes focused on the TV playing Suits.

“Are you dating Caspar?”, he asked.

I coughed out my food, his words taking me by surprise. “Wha— “

“Don’t play stupid, Y/N. There’s photos floating around of you and Caspar together. Are you dating him or not, please tell me the truth”.

I looked into his eyes, looks like our secret is coming to an end. “Yes”, I whispered. “For three months now.”

“What the fuck! Why didn’t you not tell me? Did it not occur to you, or to even that bloody stupid boy that you’re dating my best friend?! How could you guys just stab me in the back like this?” Oh boy…

“Joe, please it’s not like that. I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve been so terrified. Please calm down” I begged.

“Y/N, how can you tell me to calm down, do you not understand my one of my best mates that I lived with has been seeing my sister behind my back!?” He yelled.

I felt my eyes beginning to water up. “It just happened Joe, I can’t control who I fall in love with.”

“You two are in love?” he stopped pacing up and down. “You know Y/N, if you were just honest from the start then I probably would’ve been more accepting. Still angry, but more accepting. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.” He said sadly. He put on his shoes. “I need to clear my head” he then left and closed the door behind him.

I called up Caspar and told him everything, it’s a wonder how he understood me whilst I was sobbing. He immediately came to Joe’s place.

“I feel so guilty, but I deserve it. Why wasn’t I just honest from the start?” I sighed. Caspar played with my hair and kept whispering comforting things.

I then heard the front door open. I stood up from the couch and walked to Joe. “Joe, please listen. I know you don’t trust me, and I know I don’t deserve your trust, but please know how truly sorry I am, for keeping this away from you.” His eyes then darted behind me. He glared at Caspar then looked at me. “But I’m not sorry I’m in love with him. I’m not going to be sorry for who I love”.

“I don’t like the idea of you two dating, but I can’t stop either of you. I’m not going to stand in the way of your relationship. Just keep in mind, it might take me a while to adjust to this”. He waved his hands around. “I’m sorry you felt terrified to tell me, Y/N.” 

“I’m so sorry Joe”. I said.

“Just, whatever happens in the future, just please be honest from the start. I don’t want to ever find out news like this from photos online and lose my shit,” he forced a smile.

I squeezed Joe into a tight hug. “I love you”, I told him and he replied back with an ‘I love you too’.

“I know where you live, I’ll break the shit out of you if you hurt her. And I mean it”, Joe said to Caspar and Caspar nodded. I smiled to Caspar, feeling relieved this is finally out into the open. I just hope this doesn’t greatly impact their friendship. 

hope you guys enjoyed it! its like 2am now and im so tired. but i really wanted to put this one up, i really liked the idea. thank you to the person who requested this! i couldnt resist the date idea. i just love caspar. i’ve got more than a few requests in my ask rn so ill try and finish them as soon as i can. for now… goodnight! 

“Power resides only where men believe it resides. […] A shadow on the wall, yet shadows can kill. And ofttimes a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”
George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Graphic design is clearly my passion

For real tho- I’ve had this blog for a little over a month now and it’s quickly skyrocketed to not only my most successful one so far, but the FASTEST GROWING.

My last blog maybe got 200 followers in a month- to see such exponential growth and so MANY active RP partners warms my little ashen heart.

To all 626 of you here at the time of this writing- THANK YOU!!

Gladion was definitely an experimental endeavor. Normally I don’t play edgy boys, im more prone to starry eyed heroes and I figured I’d be doing an awful job with him but- for some reason so many of you have latched onto my portrayal and I just?? Thank you for making this so worthwhile;;

Under the cut is a few shoutouts I wanna give to particularly notable partners- if you’re not included here, PLEASE DON’T BE UPSET!!! I appreciate every last one of you so much!!! and I highly reccommend going and following everyone listed here. A+++++++++++ CONTENT MY DUDES.

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block b ny showcase 2014 fanaccount

i’m talking about the concert from start to finish + high touch so it is rather lengthy but i hope it is worth the read bc i talk about some absolutely cute as fuck things that block b does here ok omg (i’m repeating stuff from my twitter from last night but going more in depth so yes take a look if u want) 

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