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Cheryl Blossom: maybe never -Smut-

Request: a cheryl x fem!reader request please, where the reader and cheryl were friends with benefits over the summer and no one knows. when veronica shows up, the reader starts showing interest in her and they go to the dance together, making cheryl jealous. later at the after party at the blossom’s, the bottle points first to the reader, then veronica, but before they can go into the closet, cheryl grabs the reader and shows everyone just who she belongs to

Notes: Halloo. I’m back. I haven’t been writing for a while, because of technical issues with my bitch ass internet. Buuuut, its working now so yay! Ahhhhh this is is probably going to be short. I’m sorry, babies. I promise tho I have another Cheryl x Reader smut coming up on Thursday. Wednesday, I’m going to be busy with me mama, my niece, and my sestra. Soooo ye. I LITERALLY NEVER PROOFREAD SORRY. 

Warnings: Hmm, SMUT AF. I don’t feel like being kinky rn so, you already know its just basic as fuck sexy time. Jealous!Cheryl. Alcohol. Sigh, just fingering. Sorry I’m being lazy. Veronica x Reader, a lil tiny bit tho. Ughhh a shitty ass ending, as always. Dassit.


Oh boy. What a fucking summer I had. I had done so much shit I never thought I’d do. Like go skinny dipping, party like all night, fuck Cheryl Blossom, be fuck buddies with Cheryl Blossom, drink all day everyday and other unusual things. But, can you believe it? Me and Cheryl fucking Blossom. Its fucking crazy. In case you don’t know what all the hype is about, Cheryl is like the most popular (and hottest) girl in school. So, for her to come at me and start this whole thing, was holy shit. Of course no one knew what we did. All they know, is that Cheryl has made a new best friend. Since it was the last weekend of summer, Cheryl was throwing one of her huge ass parties. I also heard that there was a new girl in Riverdale. Um..Veronica. Everyone keeps saying she’s sexy. I haven’t seen her yet, so I can’t say the same. The party had started and I was already late. So, I lowkey sped my way to her house. There were already teenagers hanging outside, with red cups in their hands. You could hear the music from a mile away. I literally had to push through people to get inside. Once I spotted Cheryl, I made my way towards her. “Hey Cheryl.” I called out excitedly. When she saw me, she nearly ran over to me. “Y/N, heyyyy.” I could tell she was drunk, you could smell the tequila on her breath. She went back to what she was doing, while I wondered around the huge house. I saw a girl, who looked as lonely as I did. She looked fairly new though, that must be Veronica. She was, might I say sexy. I wanted to be the first person she knew, so I decided to take it upon myself and go speak to her. “Hey, you must be Veronica. I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” I said as we shook hands. “Hi Y/N. Yeah I’m Veronica. Are her parties always this-” “lit? Yeah totally. She is known for having bomb ass parties, and other things that I certainly will not speak of.” I laughed nervously. She chuckled at my stupidity. “Um, do you want to like go dance? I’ve had people tell me I’m a pretty good dancer.” I said as I pumped my fist awkwardly into the air. She cracked up at my lame jokes. “Yes, totally. I would love to see how good you are at dancing.” I nodded, while linking arms with the taller girl, and dragged her to the center of the room. My back was facing her front, as she wrapped her arms around my waist, bumping and grinding to the beat. The music got more slower and sexual, and our bodies got closer. With my hands in her hair, and her lips on my neck, I could see the jealousy on Cheryl’s face. “Okay, everybody get in a circle and grab an empty bottle, because we’re playing spin the bottle bitches!” Cheryl yelled over the music, while everyone cheered and did as they were told. I grabbed Veronica’s hand and pulled her on the floor. Everyone had their chance to spin, so it was my turn. I spun the bottle again, and it landed on Veronica. The boys whooped and hollered as I turned to face the girl next to me. We leaned in close, but before our lips got to touch, I was being pulled by the hand out of the room? I looked to see who it was pulling, I saw the fiery red hair, who I knew belonged to Cheryl. “Cheryl, the fuck are you doing? What happened?” Once we were behind closed doors, I was being pushed against the door. “What are you doing with her?” She asked. “I’m being friendly.” I said pretending to be oblivious. “Friendly my ass. You were basically fucking her.” “Cheryl, what are you talking about She’s new, I just wanted to be her friend.” She rolled eyes as I stared at her innocently. “You will never think about another women as long as I’m alive. And that’s a fact, babe.” I knew what I was in for, and I loved it. Cheryl snaked her hand up under my dress. “Hmm. She’s gonna know who you belong to on Monday.” I moaned at the feeling of her fingers inside me. “Oh, you like that, sweetie? You like the way my fingers curl inside you?” I moaned again, while she pumped in and out of me. “You think Veronica could make you feel this good? You think she can make you moan this loud?” I nearly screamed at the pleasure. “No, baby. She can’t make me feel this good. She can’t make me feel like you do.” I purred, as my hands got tangled into her hair. “Good girl.” She said as she groped my ass. My hips jerked up, while I reached my orgasm. I could feel my legs shaking. She pulled her fingers out and sucked on them. “Once we go back out there, you’re sitting with.” She ordered. I just nodded, since there was no fighting with Cheryl.

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Is GTLive happening today?

I… guess not? The link isn’t up yet for me and it’s 4 pm PST now. I guess the mysterious gtlive drought lasts another day.

Molly tries casual dating during season four
  • *end of a rather nice dinner date*
  • Guy: I'd like to do this again some time.
  • Molly: *smiling* Yeah, me, too.
  • Guy: How about a film this weekend?
  • Molly: Oh no, sorry, I have Rosie this weekend.
  • Guy: You have a child?!!
  • Molly: Goddaughter.
  • Guy: Oh that's nice. Are you very close?
  • Molly: Yes... erm, I'm helping her father out a bit... you know... his wife... my friend, she died... recently.
  • Guy: Oh God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you... Cancer?
  • Molly: Err yeah no, she was actually... shot.
  • *guy stares open mouthed*
  • Molly: That's kind of a ... long story. what if I tell you on our next date? *hopeful*
  • Guy: O-Ok.
  • *awkward pause*
  • Guy: Ok good. What about next Thursday?
  • Molly: Yes! Wait, no. Damn, I have Sherlock duty next Thursday.
  • Guy: Sherlock duty?
  • Molly: I'm helping... a friend.
  • *doesn't mention that she incidentally still loves said friend*
  • Molly: He had a bit of an... addiction problem. It's actually not that different from the babysitting. I just watch him so he can't take anything or cook up anything weird in his lab, you know?
  • *guy stares even more open mouthed*
  • Molly: Ok, you know what? Jonathan, it was nice to meet you. I hope you have a good life.
[OOC: Balmung queues]

I have the liberty of keeping an eye on these pretty much all day everyday (remote IT work, whee!) and I can say quite definitively that they ARE improving this week.   Yes, I know it is the middle of the day on a Tuesday - I am comparing server load from Thursday and Friday and Monday (other work days, instead of this weekend) and today is hardly anything at all in comparison.   Little to no queue at 12:30PM Eastern today is something we haven’t had since launch.

This doesn’t mean that there will be “no queue” by the time US-based working folks return home tonight, there almost certainly will be and that queue by my estimate will probably still be two hours, but the congestion is starting to clear overall by the data I’m looking at, and the queue paralysis that we saw this past weekend is probably not going to be the new normal.  

I’m also getting a lot of anecdotal evidence (anecdata?) that the server congestion initiatives are in fact working.  I’ve seen more free apartments in the past week than I’ve seen in almost six months, and I quite randomly ended up in a dungeon with three ex-Balmung players this weekend, all of them recent transfers, all of them being RP-friendly but not personally RPers, all of them having left independently for different servers who were very happy for having made their choice.  I don’t know what the odds are of that but it seems fairly low, given the volume of people on the datacenter party finder.  Is it significant?  Perhaps.  It’s anecdata, I’m not privy to SE’s numbers after all, just kind of a data analysis nerd.

TL;DR - deep breath, Balmung friends, things will get better.  I hope you are having fun anyway!

Dancing in the Downpour (Phil Lester)


Hello this is my first Phil Lester fanfiction, I really hope that you enjoy it and I am slowly making my way through the list of fics that I am looking forward to writing. This was really fun to write and I am actually really proud of this one do thank you for requesting it! Requests are always appreciated however if they take longer for me to get to them quickly its because I am busy and a bit lazy so apologies however i try to write them to the best of my abilities as quickly as I can as well :)

Requested by: crybaby-cries-alot

I hope you dont mind that i changed it a little to your request however I am proud of the way that it turned out and I hope that you like it too!

Words: 1,800+



its a warm Sunday morning and Phil and I have just woken up after a long good night sleep. It is Spring and we are currently still lying in bed the both of us too weary to get out of bed and prepare for the day, however at the rate that this is going it doesnt look like a lot will be happening in the near future. I peer to my right and see my beautiful boyfriend lying next to me awake, dreary, but awake. I continue to stare lovingly over at Phil and take in his features that are lit up by the orange tinge that illuminates our surroundings. His dark locks had been pushed back on top of his head giving him a dark ruffled quiff. Though it was early his eyes still sparkled in the light (that was mainly coming from the glare on his phone), clouds of grey and blue enticing me even more everytime I see them. Moreover, it was hard for me to get a proper glimpse at his eyes when he had his dark frames carefully balanced on the bridge of his nose that were enabling him to read and absorb his twitter feed. He was wearing plain black top that he accidentally ordered in multiple sizes too big for him, and Phil being Phil he couldnt be bothered to send it back, I suppress a chuckle as I think back to the memory of Phil putting on that top for the first time. The clothing had hung low around his neck, the sleeves and the bottom of the top as well.

“Y/N you should really try and make your staring less obvious.” Phil says not taking his eyes off of his phone however he was grinning in pride that he had been able to catch you in the act.

“I don’t know what you are talking about” I say trying to act innocent and brush off what he said. I turn my attention back to my phone hoping he would drop the subject. It must have been no more than 13 seconds afterwards when i felt the bed shuffling and the duvet was being pulled and tugged around all over the place.

“What on earth are you doing Phil?”

Phil didnt reply to me he just showed me when his head was placed on my stomach. He took a few more tries to get the position that he was comfortable in just right. His long legs that were being covered in his cookie monster pyjama trousers were dangling over the end of the bed.

“I have been with you for so long and I have that it is best to just not ask questions” I say laughing and shaking my head and my silly boyfriend.

“I love you Y/N” Phil had a wide grin spread across his face and was looking up at me with tired eyes.

“I love you too Phil”

There is a pause for a while where we both focus all our attention on our devices present until Phil chirps up.

“So what do you want to do today?” Phil asks

“I dont know, how about we go into London and get some lunch?”

“Sound good to me”

**Some time later**

We had eaten lunch at a small cafe that we had found in a small back alley in Islington and we were walking hand in hand through the street, we were surrounded by busy shoppers and commuters. When suddenly Phil stops in his tracks.

“Y/N, do you know what day it is today?”

“Yes Phil it is Thursday the 13th of Apr-”

I cut myself off and looked at Phil and he looked at me grinning, how had we not remembered.

“Its our 1 year anniversary and we completely forgot about it” Phil says trying to conceal his laughter.

It was typical that the two most forgetful and clumsy people ever had forgotten that it was a special day that marked one year that they had been together. it was at that moment when the pair of us were unable to contain our laughter for any longer and we stood there, in the street, on our one year anniversary and I was happy and content.

Phil suggested that we go on a small walk around a park that isnt too far from the flat, much to my protests about the the gloomy weather that was looming up ahead, however Phil persisted and we were now in a green park that was rather busy with families with their smaller children. You have to watch your step because of you are careless or not looking properly then you are risking kicking a small child. these factors are intensified when you are a 6ft 3 male who is also a massive clutz, i am constantly re directing phil and having to go “watch out” before he knocks an excitable toddler flying.

it is around 4:30 in the afternoon and me and Phil are now sitting on the swings of the park that earlier on in the day would have been infested with giddy young children. However, now in the early evening it had been inhabited by two lovesick grown up who were competing on how high they could swing on the swings.

The families have fled, I believe this is due to the fact that there is a daunting dirty grey cloud that is sneaking closer to us quicker than we both anticipated.

“Phil as much as I would love to sit here on the swings all day with you I do think that we should make our way home as I don’t fancy getting caught up in that rain that is getting closer to us” I tell Phil, however he doesnt seem to want to move.

“Let’s stay”

He catches a glimpse of the unimpressed look on my face

“Not for long though” 

he corrects himself and I nod in response thinking about how when we return home we will be soaked through our clothing. Phil grins, takes my hand with his large one and drags me over to the rather tall metal slide that remind me of days out to the park as a child.

I called it. Five minutes after I suggested we make our way home it starts to rain, this is not the sort of rain that would create a light pitter-patter sound on the roof that could be counted as somewhat relaxing, however this was the kind of rain that frustrates you and disturbs your television experience forcing you to turn it up over the trashing sound that can be heard a mile away. 

“Phil I told you it would rain and now look at us” I exclaim standing in a children’s play area in the middle of London at about 5 O’clock on the afternoon.

Phil doesn’t say a word just walk over to me with water dripping down his chiseled face, he brings his hands up to place them on my cheek brushing away some of the damp loose hairs as he does so. The tension builds as I wait for him to remove the space that was between us that felt like miles. We have kissed many times before but this one felt as though it was going to be different, it felt like all the emotions in our relationship were all going to be communicated through this one illuminating kiss.

Then he does it. the gap has been filled by the collision of our soft lips moulding together to create one. If feels like the first time we kissed again, who knew that two intimate body parts colliding could create such a rush of emotions and memories fill your body making you feel whole and pure. I was taken back to that night, that night on the sofa where Phil was desperate to kiss me however he was to nervous to make the first move, but when he did it I thought that that kiss would be the best kiss I have ever had in my life. It has been, until today, until now. It is similar to our first kiss however this one contains so much more passion, emotion and lust. This kiss communicated how much our love for eachother has grown and adapted to each others needs over time. That for me was special.

We pull away. then just as I think that the tender moment between us was over, the one that left me wondering if Phil was experiencing the same lust and emotions as I was had ended I notice that Phil has extended his palm to me as  a gesture for me to take it.

What was he doing? 

Phil noticed how hesitantly I have reacted and spoke up.

“Trust me Y/N”

And I do, I trust Phil with all my heart and I cant see me living in a world without Phil, and for that to be a figment of my imagination there needs to be trust.

I grab his strong hands that I trust with every inch of my body then instantaneously I am twirled around on the spot, I was shocked at the action from both parties.  it was unlike Phil to pursue such a vulnerable gesture however it was unlike myself to participate in the action itself. Embarrassment curses through my veins.

“Phil what are you doing people will see us?” I scold him, the embarrassment and lack of self esteem fuels through my body at an alarming rate. Only a minute ago I was relaxing my body into Phils delicate kiss now I am tense and ashamed about dancing in the rain where other members of the general public will see me.

“Who cares Y/N, its our anniversary live a little” Phil encourages me by pulling my soaked body closer to his chest and plays with my hands gently.

“I’m not too sure Phil, people will stare at us”

“So what if they stare they can stare all they like and even if people do stare I don’t think you have much to worry about considering the only people that I can see are currently leaving the park.”

 I turn and see that Phil was right I see a what I can only assume is a father who is pushing a pram at great speed whilst attempting to usher a couple of toddlers in the right direction and out of the downpour.

“Fuck it” I curse and grabs Phil’s hand and we dance together in the pouring rain, all our worries and cares had been washed away by the rain water and we are hear frolicking in a childs play area in a freezing shower of rain. As Phil spins me around again straight into a puddle I think for the second time today that I am happy and content where I am right now with who I am right now.


Now that I have your attention, just letting you know I’m going on vacation starting from Thursday night until Sunday or Monday! I will have no wifi or signal so don’t be concerned that I’m suddenly dropping off the face of the planet for 5 days. All is well, I’m gonna go chop down trees all manly and hot and go canoeing in a lake and get eaten by mosquitoes✌️

Hey, lovelies! A few of you have suggested that I make some videos explaining social justice type stuff for people who aren’t so up on the language and concepts, so I’m starting work on a new show! :D

Adventures in Misandry will still be a weekly thing, now being released on Tuesdays, and starting in a week or two, I’ll also be sharing Camsplains on Thursdays, with each (hopefully) short video covering a different topic at its most basic level.

Unlike AiM, which is clearly directed at people who already have at least a basic understanding of feminism, Camsplains will be aimed at making social justice more accessible to those outside, or just coming to, the feminist community, to help them understand what we’re about in a non-judgemental and non-threatening way. (Yes, I can actually do that, sshh.)

I would love your help with this! What topics do you want to know more about? What issues do you want to talk to your friends and family about, or are having trouble explaining to them? This can be anything, from trans and nonbinary issues, to the meaning of misogyny, to particular terms we use in the feminist community, to disability activism, to racial issues (where I’ll do my best, but am obviously no expert). Please leave your suggestions in the comments, or send me a message if you want to talk about a particular topic. :)

I’m excited about making more content, I’m having loads of fun with YouTube this year - it’s a new thing for me, so I’m still feeling my way through it all, but it’s a fun journey so far! Thank you so much to the people who have encouraged me, your comments, shares and love give me life.

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What is the deal with Homestuck, anyway? (yes, I know I can google. I'm curious what it means to you)

homestuck is the most garbage webcomic in the world but also the best webcomic in the entire multiverse. 

you also kind of have to separate homestuck into the “actual webcomic” and “the fandom experience” - the partial reason you see so many people so fucking obsessed with homestuck is because at its heyday the fandom was an eldritch horrorterror of a monster. i can’t even explain how big and like, terrible but also kind of great it was? like you know how taz has right thursday hype + fan content that comes out on right thursdays? upd8 culture was that times a thousand, people cosplaying new characters hours after they were announced, fanart, fanfic, people making games. it was fuckin buck wild. 

the actual webcomic is about 4 kids who play a game (sburb) that destroys the world but propagates universes. the problem is that their game is broken, because the session that propagated that universe was broken, because of outside influence that would be spoilers for me to say. its also a coming of age story and really gay, and has some really interesting worldbuilding and time travel bullshit re: aliens n stuff. i. uh. can’t recommend it because like, its not good but its also kind of amazing. but also like a million years long, and aggressively addictive. 

uh, for me specifically, i found it in sophomore year of high school and it lowkey changed my life. i got a really great group of friends out of it who i’m still close with today (hi ffn), and i got really into fandom because of it (although i never really participated other than reblogging n shitposting), and a lot of my humor and way i think about narrative has been influenced by it. 

Ficlet (Almost) Friday: Soon

A/N: I’ve been reading the Mary Russell series (so if anyone wants to chat about them, pls inbox me - in fact, I think you’re the one who rec’d them, mizjoely). Anyway, there’s a part in the first novel where Russell and Holmes have to pretend they hate each other, and Mary’s pain at their act gave me angsty feels.

So here are my feels, in Sherlolly form. Plus Angst. Don’t forget the Angst


Sherlock didn’t have the chance to say a word after entering the lab before Molly cut him off.


Sherlock shared his shock with John with a silent raised eyebrow he hoped Molly didn’t see.

“But you haven’t even heard-“

“No way, Sherlock.” Molly continued, striding around the lab, clearing up notes and charts without even looking in the detective’s direction.

“But I’ve been cleared for cases. Lestrade called me in this morning.” He looked at John for assistance.

“It’s true, Molly. We’ve just come from a crime scene,” John added.

Molly fixed John with a glare of such fury that even Mary, a seasoned field-agent and assassin, would shudder. “If you and Lestrade is happy to work with junkies, that’s your business.” Molly rounded on Sherlock. “I, however, have standards in the company I keep.”

With that, she marched out of the lab, slamming the door behind her.

John patted Sherlock on the back. “And you thought a few slaps on the face was the worst of it, mate?”

“Yes.” Sherlock said absently.

Molly didn’t break her gait until she made it to her office. Once the door was closed behind her, she collapsed on the floor, hands shaking.

He didn’t warn her how difficult it would be.

After a few minutes, there was a soft knock at her door. Molly stood up and dusted herself off before turning to open it. Although she knew who it would be before she turned the knob.

Taking a moment to check the corridor was free from prying eyes, Sherlock stepped into her office, locked the door and pulled her into a tight embrace.

Molly didn’t want to cry, but the warmth of his body beneath his coat and his gentle hands stroking the top of her head were too much for her to keep her almost fractured composure any longer.

“It hurts to hate you,” she said through tears.

“It hurts to be hated,” he replied, kissing the top of her head softly.

Molly pulled back to meet his gaze. “I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up before-“

She trailed off, unable or unwilling to complete the thought.

“Before the act becomes reality?” he finished for her.

The thought only made her want to cry more, but she refused to be weak, not when he had asked her just this one thing, and a really small thing, to pretend she still hadn’t forgiven him when reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Soon,” he said with certainty, although they both knew his words were as fake as he anger towards him in the lab.

She smiled, tight lipped and sorrowful. He lent down and for a moment it seemed like he would place a kiss on her cheek as he had in the past, back before the night he left for exile. The night everything changed for them. The night before the day that changed the world for everyone else.

But instead he placed his hands on either side of her face and kissed her, desperately, passionately, reminding her of what was real. Forgiving her for the brutality of her act.

And then he left.

“Soon,” she muttered to herself before straightening her coat and returning to work.

Wednesday: The only good day of the week
  • *On Tuesday*
  • Me: "I'll be gone tomorrow, teacher."
  • Teacher: "Ok. May I ask why?"
  • Me: "I'm not comfortable saying because it has to do with my religion."
  • Teacher: "Ok. I understand. Here's what we're doing tomorrow."
  • *The next day, Wednesday*
  • Me *wrapped in a blanket, watching Yuri On Ice on my laptop*: "Yaaaaas, Yuuri! Slaaaaayyy! OMG, Victor, why aren't you guys kissing!" *pterodactyl scream*
  • *The next day, Thursday*
  • Me: "I did the assignment, here you go."
  • Teacher: "Just so you know, I accept all religions. Let me know how I can accommodate for whatever religion you follow."
  • Me *sweating*: "Thanks. It's going to be a weekly occurrence for a couple of months until the season ends."
  • Teacher: "Season? Until winter ends?"
  • Me *sweating even more*: "Uhhhh, yes."

Lesbihonest, the much expected Bellas lesbian fanfiction involving these next pairings:
-Beca x Chloe
-Stacie x Cynthia Rose
-Aubrey x Amy (didn’t know this was a thing but I am a-okay with it)
-Jessica x Ashley
-Lilly x Flo
-Emily x Taylor
-Gail x Kommissar (yes, I made this a thing)

Every pairing gets its song. Hold on to your feels.
Chapter 1
Beca and Chloe “Wonderful”

If I fell in love with you
Would you understand me, dear
Love is weird

I colored you a valentine
Struggled just to stay inside the lines
I lose my mind

I really can’t believe
I lost myself again

It’s a clear Thursday night and Beca is sitting on a bench outside Barden, smoking a cigarette. She is wrapped in a blanket she stole from a stranger’s house an hour ago.
She’s tired. Not sleepy, though. Just tired. The wind is drying the tears she’s shed, leaving her eyes red and puffy. It’s weird because she’s not sad. She’s just really confused and even though she wouldn’t admit it, she is angry.

There was a party. She didn’t feel like going that night but of course, Chloe dragged her there. “But you have to go! All the acapella groups are going, including the Bellas. And you are a Bella!” The redhead said when she came to pick her up. She promised Beca she would hang out with her the whole night. So Beca agreed. At least she wouldn’t have to meet any new aca-people. Or so she thought. She was actually having fun with Chloe. There was drinking and dancing and most importantly, singing.
And then there was him. “Who?” Beca yelled at Chloe over the loud music. “Tom!” Chloe sang as she ran over to a guy standing at the bar. They hugged. No big deal, Beca thought. Probably a friend. Okay, maybe not.
She watched and waited for Chloe to come back. She watched and waited for Chloe to stop making out with Tom. She just watched. And suddenly she felt dizzy. She needed to get the hell out of there. She almost got out when someone yelled her name. But it wasn’t the person she wanted it to be.
“Becaw!” Oh God, she needed to run. “Becaw! Where are you flying?” He yelled after her. “Home! Feeling sick!” She lied.
She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. After a few minutes, her short breath took the best of her and she collapsed on a bench and broke down crying.

It’s not like anything happened between her and Chloe. They’re friends. But if they’re friends, wouldn’t Chloe tell her about her boyfriend? Her dumb, stupid, handsome, not-handsome-enough-for-Chloe boyfriend? She throws the cigarette butt on the floor and lights up another one immediately. She doesn’t feel like going home. And she’s definitely not going back. Suddenly, her phone starts ringing. It’s Chloe. She waits while it rings, trying to fight back the tears in her eyes. But Chloe doesn’t deserve this. She doesn’t know. Beca grows impatient after the fourth ring.
“Hello?” She manages to choke out.
“Beca! Where are you?” Cheerful as ever.
“Liar. Is something wrong?” Not that cheerful anymore.
“No, why?” Wow. Nice high-pitched but barely audible ending, Beca.
“Then why are you crying?”
Something moves in the bushes behind her. “Holy crap!”
Chloe walks over and sits next to the scared, crying burrito.
Beca looks down at her feet.
“I thought you stopped smoking.” Chloe says after a few minutes.
“I thought you were busy having wild sex with Thomas but I guess we can both be wrong sometimes.” Beca says, annoyed. “And I did. But that’s none of your business.”
Chloe looks at the brunette and frowns, “What is wrong with you?”
God, she just has to sound like a wounded puppy, doesn’t she?
“Nothing. Just tired. Sorry.” She throws half the cigarette away.
The brunette’s face is in Chloe’s hands now. Her tears are wiped by the senior’s soft palms. How are her hands so warm?
“Why are you crying, baby?” She asks.
“Don’t call me that. And I’m not crying.” She turns away and Chloe’s hands fall to her lap.
“Is it because of Tom? He’s just a friend, Becs.” Chloe holds her hand, trying to look into her friend’s eyes.
“Well it didn’t look like it back there! And I waited! I waited for you to push him off and tell him to stop! I waited for you to come back to me! I’m fucking tired of waiting!” Beca turns her body away, not daring to face Chloe after she just raised her voice at her. She can just imagine the hurt on her face. And now she can hear it in her voice.
“I’m sorry.”

That’s all. That is all it takes for Beca to turn around and close the distance. She looks into those big blue eyes and time stops. Without thinking, she crashes her lips against Chloe’s. She can taste the saltiness of her tears and feel her warm, shaky breath on her cheek. It feels like two universes colliding. She remembers every moment she’s ever shared with the girl. Every little detail. It’s all there. In her mind, everything is alright. Except, it’s not.

I wrote a song about your eyes
Ate a slice of cherry pie
I cried all night

On the bench inside the park
I’ll kiss you slowly in the dark
I’ll never stop

I really can’t believe
I lost myself again

She thinks Chloe’s about to make a move and kiss back, when all contact is lost. Her heart sinks in her chest when the redhead stands up and looks away.
“I’m sorry.” It’s her turn to say it. Even though she doesn’t mean it. Well, she wasn’t supposed to mean it. It feels like hours before Chloe turns back to face her. She looks sad and Beca knows where this is going.
“You don’t have to say anything. I shouldn’t just kiss you like that. I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking… I’ll leave you alone.” She stands up, stopping momentarily to look at the sad girl before walking away.
One… two… three…
“Beca, wait!” Oh thank God.
“Don’t be.”
Chloe walks up to her.
“Don’t be sorry. Beca, I punched him in the face. Right after you left.” She lifts up her fist, her knuckles a bit bloody. “I punched him because he wouldn’t let me go after you.”
Beca’s eyes widen at that.
“Holy shit.”
“You were right. He’s not a friend. I hate him.”
“But then why did you kiss him?”
“Honestly? I didn’t know he would kiss me. But when he did, I thought of you. And then I thought of Jesse. And I knew you were watching so… I didn’t stop. I wanted you to know how it felt. And I am so sorry for doing that to you.”
If anything, Beca is even more confused now. What is Chloe saying?
“Wait, are you… jealous? Of Jesse?”
“Damn it, Beca! He’s always there. Always! And I know you say he’s just a friend but Jesus, when does it end? He is absolutely in love with you and seeing that every day and not being able to do anything about it makes me so, so angry.”
“So you’re saying you want to spend more time with me than Jesse does? Or?”
“No. I’m saying I want to wipe that grin off of his face. I want him to know he’ll never have you.”
“Hm… and why is that?”
“Because you’re mine. You’re mine, okay? I’m not taking no for an answer.”
There’s no going back now. Beca can’t screw this up. Tell her you love her, idiot! Now! She opens her mouth to speak…
“I’ve never been more attracted to you.”

Baby take me for a ride
Maybe get a little high
In a place we’ve never been
Time is nothing but a line
We leave everything behind
It’d be so wonderful, wonderful

Looking for something crazy
Beautiful love and nothing now
I’m talking in circles again
Have my love, baby
Are you hungry for wonderful
‘Cause I am, wonderful 'cause I am


Thank you for reading.
Love, Anna (pretty-nervous)

mob psycho 100 chapter 96.4

this chapter is only available on the mangaone app, so it isn’t slated to be translated by the usual scanlator until thursday. but why wait when you have THE ENTIRE TYPESET CHAPTER RIGHT HERE??? 

YES, THIS IS… a full and actual translation. TL’d by me, typeset by the dependable femoralynn, here’s the whole chapter.

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