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Charles and Bethany

Thanks to  socialcasualtymgc and my wonderful anon who fueled my crazy thoughts so I could write this theory.

There has to be a connection between Bethany, and Charles. I mean his mother was visiting her, signing her out, bribing her… why?? what is the connection??

Charles looks to me like he is a little obsessed with Alison (ok a lot obsessed) He didnt even know her, she as an infant when he was sent away so why is he so connected to her!??

Lets start from the beginning shall we?

I want to believe that this is the last time Charles was with his family before being shipped away  since he apparently tried to drown Ali as an infant! Notice her in the yellow blanket? ok maybe Yellow was a dominant colour in Alis life… maybe her nursery? So Charles associated Alison with yellow.

Bethanys drawings should be taken as clues.. this one especially. Looks to me like Bethany in the back and someone she is close to… Charles as a child being taken away from her. Looks like she grew really close to him, almost like he was a brother to her. So when she learned of her fathers affair with charles mother it really affected her! 

I understand Isabelle plays little Alison so i dont want hatemail for this!! there is no way on earth that Charles is 10 here, Jason is 9 and Ali is 2. COME ON! 

Little ali could be little Bethany… think about it for a minute. If Charles was so distraught about losing his life with his sister, maybe he took a substitute, like Bethany at the institution and created his first doll, his first game, bethany is his alison.

Mrs.D was signing Bethany out too, we dont know how long she was doing that for. If she was having an affair with Bethanys dad and knew Charles looked at Bethany as his sister Alison, maybe she took Bethany out on these little trips as well!

Meet Custard, Bethanys drawing of her sponsered horse from Mrs.D

Wrens drawing… maybe custard in the back? I know its far fetched but maybe he and Bethany were signed out together on these trips with Mrs.D

We all remember the 2 dresses Ali found hidden? They looked like the exact same dress to me. So if Ali doesnt have a twin, and Jason and Charles do not cross dress then why?

YES! But not in the way Ali thinks.. Charles was given identical clothing as Ali so he cound give it to Bethany, his real life Ali doll.

This scene reminded me 100% of “Freddie’s” birthday.. Dont tell dad!!!

There was 1 present, 1 yellow dress. Like Ali was easily manipulated as a child. So maybe she was at the party for Charlie.. but she would’ve been very young, so Jasons memory became her memory. OR she was behind the camera.

OR lets face it, Marlene has issues and didnt take age into consideration here and that is Alison at Freddie`s birthday (lets be real)

Writers wanted us to believe this is when Alison purchased the yellow top from that night but it isnt. Mrs.D says the other top was too revealing and Ali says “Im happy with the yellow one” That was a clue not an answer.

Great colour for you, mom. So Mrs.D liked the yellow on Ali and bought her another yellow top “that night” for her party. What if Mrs.D bought one for Charles as well? for Bethany, his living Ali doll.

They escaped Radley that night! Bethany wearing her new top. Unfortunately she was mistaken for Ali and was hit. The question now, is who hit her?

or was that all a lie too? 

Remember Jasons memory? He was so wasted he fell, passed out in the yard and didnt realize 2 people were hit and buried right under his nose. So what if jason thought he saw Cece, but it was really Bethany? Could Melissa have met Bethany and learned about Charles that night?

I truly believe Melissa is blackveil so this makes total sense if she is the ally. She knows who Charles is but ultimately she killed Bethany and Charles is using that to manipulate Melissa into being his helper.

Now Charles hits Ali to take her to his doll house, but Mrs.D saw, she wasnt supposed to see!! She buried Ali and helped Charles escape. She created this company Carassimi group where she could actively deposit money for Charles and noone would suspect it. He stayed at Aunt Carols after her death, he inherited all her money when she died and it was put into the Carassimi group trust. He created another persona. He is used to pretending to be someone else (Freddie) so he stole Wren Kingstons identity and became a “doctor”

Jason recommended this group to Hannas mom since Mrs.D always donated to it, so to please his brother he allowed the scholarship money be given to her.

Charles stole the game from Mona, and vowed to shut down Radley after his horrible childhood memories there. Everything he went through (shock therapy, agressive alarms) he put the girls through in the doll house.

“That night” he thought he had killed Alison, and his Ali doll Bethany was killed so he took Sara Harvey as a replacement, she was the right size, blonde hair, just like ali and bethany… it could work.

He dressed her in the same clothes as Ali was in when she died. He will forever remember his Alison doll the way he last saw her alive.

Now that he learned Alison is alive he wants to relive his plans from “that night” to kidnap Ali and keep her as his little doll. He only wants her back in his life.

It's Nothing (but time and a face that you lose)

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Felicity wanted to feel good about being back in IT. It was where she belonged, where she was good, better than good, at her job. It was where she stood her strongest ground and felt most confident.

But her return wasn’t exactly a joyous departmental occasion. Her reputation in the company was a shredded waste; pretty much everyone believed she’d gotten her position as Oliver’s assistant on her knees, and now that Oliver didn’t even remember her, her return to IT looked like she’d been discarded, and there wasn’t exactly a lot of sympathy–especially since she’d returned to a position higher than what she’d left, only the department head above her.

And honestly, it was difficult not to feel discarded.

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