yes i know it has the potential to fall and literally kill someone

The Eternal Problem: A Meditation on Mortality in Sherlock S4

When asked about S4 during the promotional lead-up, Moftiss repeatedly said this new series would be about one thing: consequences.  Now that we stand on the other side of S4, what do we think they meant?  It obviously wasn’t legal consequences for shooting Magnussen, or physical consequences of overdosing on drugs.   

In this meta, I argue that TAB and S4 are above all about the moral, metaphysical, and narrative consequences of Sherlock faking his death during the Reichenbach Fall—an act which continues to reverberate through the story two series later, both for the characters and, significantly, for the writers.

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hey fee, what's going on?? i havent properly been on tumblr in like a week and a half or read tdp because uni is taking up all my time but i just saw your post and??? omg??? what??? im really sorry and i hope youre okay (i know that sounds shallow but like.. as okay as you can be when people are obviously being idiots)

usually i wouldn’t answer this publicly but like i am genuinely shocked by the vitriol being targeted at lesbians right now and like it’s the most thinly veiled attacks i’ve ever seen, people are barely even bothering to try and disguise what this is really about (read: “shut up you evil dykes we’re sick of listening to you complain about lesbian issues and we want to be left alone”). it’s gone like way beyond the realm of fandom discourse at this point.

an overview of what happened:

  • the dark prophecy was released a few weeks ago (so, spoilers for that, but it’s really not a big spoiler and i kept it quite vague and tbh y’all should probably read this anyway because like i said, it’s gone way beyond the realm of fandom discourse at this point).
  • it contains an older lesbian couple, who had to leave the hunters of artemis because they fell in love and wanted to be together. upon meeting them, one of the characters mentions that they thought it was only men the hunters of artemis swore off of, but the apollo corrects them and says it’s actually all romance.
  • (it’s worth mentioning that apollo says this bitterly. as in: he doesn’t approve or agree. and not for nothing, i might be projecting, but it sounds a lot less like “i’m a god with an overactive sex drive and my sister’s such a PRUDE” and a lot more like “i’m bisexual and i feel uncomfortable with this rule”)
  • this lesbian couple is upset about leaving the hunters. they wouldn’t have done so if they hadn’t had to, they say it was their family, but they had to leave because they loved each other more.
  • apollo mentions that they parted on good terms with artemis, because “she let you live” (good terms, those). the hunters visit them sometimes. artemis does not.
  • so, it is now canon that the hunters of artemis do not condone love between lesbian couples, and lesbian and bi girls who fall in love are no longer welcome in the hunt.
this doesn’t sit well with me, or several other lesbians and bi girls (or apollo, or the lesbian couple themselves, it seems like).
for several reasons:
  • grouping in heterosexual love in the exact same category as lesbian love is homophobic. it’s not a discussion of “equality” but rather an acknowledgement that lesbian love as it exists in the world today is socially taboo and forbidden, and thus banning lesbian love has the potential to do much, much more damage than banning heterosexual love.
  • implying that all romance, and in this case specifically lesbian romance, is against a code of honor, is homophobic. there’s just no way around this. actively being uncomfortable with lesbians in love for no other reason than the fact that they’re in love carries massively homophobic connotations with it. it just does. sneering at all romance doesn’t negate this problem. lesbians can be hurt in ways that straight girls cannot. sneering at their romance is homophobic, because as much as we all might hate it, the world is homophobic and banning lesbian romance absolutely does reinforce this system of homophobia. it does. (this is like, oppression basics, u guys. if u pretend oppression isn’t there, ur siding with the oppressor. “i don’t see differences in sexuality and hate all romance equally” = “i do not acknowledge that some of you need different precautions and protections because you are systematically oppressed in ways that others are not”). we are not all socially equal. we’re not starting on the same playing field. heterosexual love is not a social taboo, lesbian love is, case in point: it hurts lesbians much worse to ban their love than it does straight people. not to mention that it’s triggering for people who have been in spaces that actually did ban lesbianism (hi, me, it wasn’t a fun time, and i don’t appreciate the hunters having any resemblance to my hellish private school experience).
  • artemis is evidently quite hostile towards lesbians..for being lesbians. like, loving women is what makes you a lesbian, and if that bothers her so much that they can’t even be around her and be together…i mean, what can we conclude about her? shunning all love, in this case, specifically lesbian love, and apparently not even having it off the table that she might decide to kill them, is homophobic. it doesn’t work like “oh well she’s uncomfortable with all love in general.” you can’t hide bigotry by widening the radius of people you hate. you will never be able to disguise homophobia by also hating straight people. if anything, that’s even more homophobic, because it lumps us right in under a massive group of “people who fall in love” which…includes straight people, who systematically oppress us. not a fan of being compared to my oppressors. certainly not a fan of being banished alongside them.
  • it’s very important to note that plenty of lesbians feel this is a complete misrepresentation of artemis and the hunt, and are quite upset that someone they identified with apparently hates them. (and she does. artemis wants nothing to do with lesbians who are in love, refuses to allow them to be in love and also in her hunt, gave them an ultimatum between her and each other, would consider murdering them).
  • like, we’re not working off nothing, here. artemis has ABSOLUTELY historically been associated with lesbianism. i’m not pulling this out of my ass, okay. lesbian themes are present in tons of artemis’ myths, her “loving women” is mentioned in virtually everything ever written about her. granted, it’s never specified to be romantic or sexual, but keep in mind the time that these myths were being recorded and who was doing the recording (read: men who thought lesbianism wasn’t real). many hellenic wlw follow artemis today precisely for this reason. separating artemis from lesbianism is Not The Best Move rick’s ever had lmao.
  • the oath specifically says no men in titan’s curse. it absolutely does. if you assumed this also meant no romance at all, that’s on you and your heteronormative thinking, bud. but it reads “I, [name], pledge myself to the goddess Artemis. I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the hunt.”
  • pledging “eternal maidenhood” means “i’ll be a virgin” in children’s book speak. if you don’t believe me, notice how they refer to athena as a “maiden” goddess, but really mean “she can’t naturally conceive children [because she’s celibate].” they don’t mean “she’s single,” they mean “she doesn’t have sex.” maiden is a nicer term, but it means virgin: [adjective 1. (of a woman, especially an older one) unmarried. synonyms: unmarried, spinster, unwed, unwedded, single, husbandless, celibate.] we’re all familiar with the concept that you’re only allowed to have sex after you’re married to a man, right? well, that’s the assumptions this word was created under. don’t play dumb and try and say maidenhood means being eternally single; we all know what it really means and why the term exists. it doesn’t say wifeless, or even spouseless, it says husbandless. nobody was thinking about lesbians when they defined that word and rick wasn’t thinking about lesbians when he wrote the oath. thus: artemis is a virgin goddess who accepts virgins who pledge a vow of eternal virginity. that makes sense, because atemis is indeed a virgin goddess (literally the goddess of virginity) and some of her worst myths involve her kicking out hunters for “losing their virginity.” that’s got it’s own set of problems.
  • and yes, i am aware that artemis also explains the hunters “foreswear romantic love forever.” yeah, i got it. but she says this sentence in clarification to percy’s question—artemis says they’re immortal unless they break their oath. percy asks what oath. artemis says “to foreswear romantic love forever.” and as i just explained, the oath does not say that. she might’ve specified romantic love, but like, can we not play dumb here? it’s heteronormative. nuns also take a chastity pledge, but do we expect that this applies to gay nuns? no, we really don’t. like, don’t lie and say you were some enlightened ten year old being who read this line and thought “oh, thanks for clarifying artemis, i was wondering about lesbians.”
  • there’s like, an actual reason that artemis and her hunters swear off men: they’re dangerous. when she initially began her hunt, her mission was to rescue girls from being sold off to husbands they didn’t want to marry, or escaping abusive situations with their betrotheds and fathers (zoe nightshade, anyone?). i don’t see….when or why that turned into “all romance is distracting and inherently bad.” it’s not really very sensical. romance and sex were never the evils facing the hunt, it was the patriarchy.
  • in short: the hunt has become a hot fucking mess and lesbians (and bi girls but seeing as we’re specifically talking within the context of lesbian love it’s really implied that anyone who has the potential to experience that is part of the discussion) are upset. rick deserves a certain amount of blame for this.

now, see, the problem here that people can’t seem to get through their heads is that we’ve got a right to be upset about this. we are allowed to be upset about confronting homophobia in a character most of us liked and identified with.

  • and us complaining about that, explaining it, and pointing it out is…not “starting discourse”, however much you may think we’re crazy sjw dykes. i’m really not here in general for how any time someone is critical of a piece of media for valid reasons they’re immediately starting “wank” and “discourse.” it’s a misuse of the terms. discourse doesn’t mean “people have an opinion on why their marginalized group was represented badly” and wank doesn’t mean “we think this is homophobic” and you calling it that is a pathetic excuse to ignore what we’re saying. which is not to mention how incredibly transparent it is—discourse goes on in this fandom all the time. literally all the time. i’ve never seen anyone complain half as much about “fandom discourse” before as i have this past week.
  • and then there’s people derailing the conversation by making it about aroace erasure. first of all, it’s possible to like, talk about multiple things at the same time and there’s no reason why us discussing lesbians should have any bearing on aroace representation. second of all…. the hunters are like, not… technically even aroace? taking a vow of chastity and swearing off men is now equivalent to being aroace? does nobody see a problem with that? i’m stunned that people weren’t angry about that, to be honest, since it’s not exactly Controversial or New to say that asexuality does not equal celibacy and aromanticism does not equal an… eternal no romance pledge or whatever the fuck the oath even means anymore. like, cool, i understand you might be more inclined to take the oath if you didn’t experience sexual or romantic attraction, but that’s still a far cry from saying all of the hunters are aro and ace (and that’s. clearly not true. because some of them break their oaths. or join because they’ve been scorned by men they’ve fallen in love with).
  • which like, not to mention that they’re pretty hideous representation for you in general if they literally kill people who wind up falling in love? like, that’s your holy grail of representation? “you must have parted on good terms, she let you live” like okayyyy so you mean artemis’ typical course of action in dealing with girls who fall in love is to murder them? the fuck is wrong with yall 
  • people are actually offering this up as a benchmark for why artemis isn’t homophobic. she murders hunters who fall in love with men, but she let the lesbians live. like. this is the benchmark for lesbian allyship now, apparently. holy hell, people.
  • but sure, yeah, artemis, aroace patron goddess, who murders hunters that fall in love and refuses to offer protection to lesbians because they also fall in love, and calls love a “distraction” and thus pretends she’s the Enlightened One who isn’t sullied by romance. good one, guys. if that’s what you’re celebrating, and furthermore, if that’s the representation i’m “erasing” by talking about lesphobic issues, not only are you homophobic but like you’re just a plain old misogynist lmao. i don’t condone literally killing girls for falling in love and i certainly fucking thought it would go without saying that you people don’t condone that either, but apparently not! fucking hell.
  • which, anyway, even working under the assumption that it was good aroace representation, to accuse lesbians of erasure for being critical of how lesbianism is portrayed in a book? as if we were the ones who decided to include an ex-hunters lesbian couple? but we’re the ones who are guilty of the erasure for..what..talking about it? being angry? saying it’s homophobic? being upset that lesbians aren’t allowed in the hunt?
  • like, look, if artemis was presented in canon as someone who doesn’t experience attraction and started a convent for other girls who don’t, well that would be different, wouldn’t it? but she’s not presented that way. she’s apparently the patron to all women, so long as they don’t date men. zoe nightshade says she’ll accept anyone who takes the oath, no matter their species, and definitely regardless of their sexuality as well (because at the very least, zoe, the literal lieutenant, most definitely had other reasons for joining than being aroace, as did thalia, the current lieutenant, and emmie and jo are obviously not aroace yet still took the oath once, and annabeth even thought about taking the oath). it’s not, and never has been, about lack of romantic attraction. it’s about eternally swearing off all romance and banning love because love is bad.
  • i guess we all should’ve known this considering silena is all up in arms about the hunters telling her “love is worthless” in ttc, but damn call me stupid for daring to hope that as rick began to confront the rampant heteronormativity in his books we might have this patched up, too.
  • pro tip for like literally anything ever: if a marginalized group speaks up and says “hey that’s hurting us” you change your goddamn rules so it’s not anymore. like, for fucks sake, think about this in literally any other context but “lesbians are infiltrating artemis’ precious aroace safe space with their romance” and you’ll realize what condescending, homophobic fucks y’all are behaving like right now.
  • on another note: i have expressly explained this before, many times (there’s a link to one of them earlier in this post, and here’s another one), but it apparently bears repeating because nobody seems to understand: virginity is bullshit. it’s bullshit. it’s oppressive, invasive, creepy, misogynistic bullshit. will you stop pulling out this tired old argument that lesbians being allowed in the hunt somehow makes them invalidated? the idea that romance is distracting is stupid and ridiculous and condescending as fuck. the idea that your sexual history is anybody’s business but your own is disgusting. there’s no reason lesbians shouldn’t be able to be together in the hunters. there’s really not. there is a reason men are not allowed, and the reason is it’s a women’s space, to literally protect women from men.
  • this new information about the hunters cheapens the whole goddamn thing. like aside from being homophobic, it’s just plain sexist, now, too—we don’t swear off men because we’re making a statement about our lives in relation to the patriarchy, oh no!! we’re making a statement against romance. romance is bad. that’s the problem. who cares about protecting women from men? certainly not us, because we’ll kill you if you get abused by them! better keep your v card honey, or i’ll turn you into a bear!
  • and that brings me to the whole other subset of people trying to derail the conversation by making it about..rick hate? lol what? that rick is our ally and we should be grateful and he’s not perfect and he’s learning??? yeah, okay, i’m sure the answer to this is for all of us to just never talk about it at all? we’re not allowed to critique our own goddamn representation? how the fuck is he supposed to learn if you just try and smother everyone who tries to critique him by saying “HE’S A GOOD ALLY WHO IS STILL LEARNING!” like…cool? and i’m teaching him that i don’t approve of any of this, and i think it was a really underhanded way to represent us, not to mention still has gaping flaws in it?
  • like, yeah, whatever, i get it, artemis has her hideous flaws in greek myths as well. poseidon’s a rapist, hades’ is an abusive stalker, zeus is a megalomaniac serial rapist, but it’s not as though those were the characters rick chose to make look this bad, now was it? nope, it was artemis. he didn’t have to do that.
  • and even if he did, honestly, at the end of the day…who cares? it doesn’t matter who first created artemis this way. the fact of the matter is that in the series, she is, and that’s homophobic. it doesn’t negate the fact that we’re reeling from encountering homophobia from the hunters. it certainly doesn’t give anyone a license to tell us to shut up and get over it and stop talking and stop blaming rick. it’s homophobic. we’re allowed to talk about it, and be upset about it. let us fucking be.
  • of course the most hilarious thing is that this wouldn’t have even turned into “discourse” in the first place if y’all had just shut your fucking mouths and listened to us. instead, you started arguing, spreading around passive aggressive posts calling us too angry and telling us to chill out, sent us anon hate, blocked us, unfollowed us, and started complaining about all the other things i listed that are just fundamentally missing the point.

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Who are your favorite minor characters from all the four nations?

Good question!


Hama. What a powerful character this was for someone we only got to see in one episode! We get to see her rise and fall, from a powerful and dignified waterbending master, to a corrupted and hateful old crone who tortures her own tribeswoman in order to “teach” her. She invented her own technique and is a deadly force to be reckoned with. Hama also gave more depth to the Southern Water Tribe, presenting a dark side to waterbending that had been hitherto unknown, as well as harkening back to a time when the tribe was strong and waterbenders were numerous. Both her strength and her hatred left a permanent mark on Katara—and a reminder for us that water is everywhere.


Avatar Kyoshi. This Avatar literally left some big shoes to fill, as she is the longest-lived of any known Avatar and cemented a legacy that is still carried on in her island and her warriors. She saved her people by breaking off a piece of the mainland Earth Kingdom, a tectonic (and titanic) feat that was as awe-inspiring as it was deadly.

One of the things that I like about how she is remembered and presented is that she is a tough lady who does not deride femininity. Her technique, for example, is about using an opponent’s force against them, a skill tailored for female use. Toph, while a tremendous earthbender, prefers her part being played by a big, strong man, teases Aang about his delicate footsteps and “feminine side”, and takes a long time to appreciate the value of doing chores and being a team mom. Kyoshi has big feet AND wears makeup, fights in a dress with fans AND stops tyranny in its tracks, and doesn’t disparage traditionally female attributes while showing off her strength.

Like most earthbenders, Kyoshi doesn’t beat around the bush with regards to her business; when Aang tries to tell her that she didn’t really kill Chin the Conqueror, Kyoshi replies:

Personally, I don’t really see the difference. But I assure you, I would have done whatever it took to stop Chin.

I would have taken that advice to heart, Aang. Just sayin’.


Piandao. Just because you’re a nonbender doesn’t mean you are any less a member of your nation, and Master Piandao exemplifies this at a time when firebending is the most prized ability in the Fire Nation. Piandao is coveted as a teacher and easily could have gotten filthy rich on war profits, considering how highly militarized the Fire Nation becomes during the war. Instead, he will only accept students that can be taught, not only how to fight, but how to achieve their potential as human beings. He prizes humility in an era of arrogance and combines the artistry of the sword with the strokes of calligraphy. He encourages creativity and bravery, as we can see in Sokka’s training. As a White Lotus member, he is instrumental in freeing Ba Sing Se from the Fire Nation’s yoke, and is a role model for personal as well as professional achievement.


Guru Pathik. Yes, technically he is not an airbender, but this guru embodies all of the best qualities of the Air Nomads: friendliness toward living things, a carefree nature, sense of humor, and a high level of spirituality. Monk Gyatso would have been a more conventional choice, but I’m putting Guru Pathik first, not only because we see more of him, but because through him we learn about the tenets of interconnectedness and enlightenment that underpin the Avatar world. He teaches Aang, but doesn’t coddle him, and lets him know in no uncertain terms what will happen if Aang interrupts his training. Aang has had masters of air, water, earth, and fire, but Guru Pathik is the only one who helps Aang master the Avatar State—the most powerful technique he has apart from energybending.

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Hey, can I ask a favour? I'm writing a book, and I wonder if you can tell me some plants that would act as good poisons? Both fatal and not. And something that could be used in torture. (I promise this is for a book!) Thanks.

Ah, going Tory-hunting, are we? Good good. “For a book”, got it.

Okay! So, yes, is the answer. I don’t know how broadly you want to go into the World Of Plants, in terms of global distribution? But since you’re asking me, I’m guessing you want some UKvian/north west European answers. I also don’t know how historical you need me to be, so I’ll stick to natives where I can.

Also, it should be noted that pretty much any plant can kill you if you eat enough of it? But I’m assuming you want something a bit more ‘contained in a mysterious phial’ or ‘chopped into a soup’ rather than ‘six tonnes of common daisy, eat up, Your Majesty’.

Fatal Shit

The foxglove (Digitalis purpurea). Very pretty plant that loves hedges and forests and occasionally comes in white:

You know that scene in Casino Royale where Bond is poisoned and has to shoot himself up in his car to not die? That was digitalis, i.e. the active compound in these things. It fucks up your heart and that. In fact, the medicinal compound that has been scientifically extracted from digitalis - digoxin - is used in modern medicine, but straight from the plant is toxic.

It’s possible to simply really fuck someone up with these, but very easy to outright kill them, and a fine line to walk. It wouldn’t be easy to intentionally give them just a low dose. 


Deadly Nightshade, (Atropa belladonna). I like this one! In extremely low doses it’s a herb, actually, so there’s even narrative Plausible Deniability for it being in a kitchen/people getting overdosed.

This is it:

This, on the other hand, is not:

That’s Woody Nightshade, or Solarum dulcamara, which is also poisonous but rarely fatally so, and seems to be plastered throughout the internet on primarily USian sites labelled as Deadly Nightshade. 

Anyway. The berries and leaves are the deadly bits, and cause delirium and hallucinations. And, you know, death. This one is easier to control for effect than digitalis, mind, so you can poison or kill here. It’s also been used as a cosmetic, because it can make the pupils dilate, which as we all know, is the sexiest part of the human body.

It’s antidote is physostigmine, found naturally in the Calabar bean from Nigeria, although it is itself pretty poisonous. Or I think pilocarpine works, which is found in a South American plant, but I don’t know which.


The Yew Tree, (Taxus baccata). A particularly great entrant to any list, frankly. Love me a yew.

LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL anyway, yew trees were worshipped by Celtic peoples as representing a Cult of Immortality, because they live for literally thousands of years. They are also almost entirely poisonous. Like… leaves, bark, wood seeds, everything. The only thing that isn’t, ironically, is the flesh of the berries, and as long as you didn’t chew - and therefore break - the seeds, they’d probably pass right through you and be fine. But as few as three seeds would poison you.

Also, most plants lose their toxins after pruning. Not yew. Cut branches are just as dangerous.

The fun bit is the symptoms, because most times, there aren’t any. You just die a few hours after eating. Some indigestion, like. That’s it. If there are, we’re looking at shaking, coldness, and falling over a lot. 


Hellebore (Helleborus spp). Pretty plants that flower in winter, so people like them.

The roots are toxic, causing wicked D and V and also death if you eat too much. People used to give them to kids to try to de-worm them, and a lot of kids died that way.

Interestingly, though, the seeds in particular cause skin problems after contact - burning and itching, usually. Potentially a good Clue for who the poisoner is, if their hands are all itchy and that.


Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea). So, in the Real World there are precious few examples of people being poisoned by ragwort, though plenty of it happening to horses; but that’s because we’re generally pretty careful with the stuff, and also it’s not fatal to most.

The exception is people with liver problems.

Someone with any sort of liver condition could be killed by this stuff, because at high enough levels it will cause complete liver failure. But, you’d have to either make them eat about 14lbs of the plant in one go (unlikely), or you’d have to make them drink it as a herbal tea over a long period (more likely). The toxins don’t accumulate in the body, but the liver damage does. It was for a while considered to be a cough remedy, too, so it’s a good one for plausible deniability.

Symptoms include lethargy, staggering, walking around like a zombie, and sometimes blindness.


Hemlock Water-Dropwort (Oenanthe crocata). Yeah, this is hemlock, Famous Poison of Antiquity. They killed many a Greek philosopher with this stuff. 

Great for plausible deniabilty - the full plant is almost identical to the fully-edible cow parsley, the stems can look like celery when chopped, and the roots look like wild parsnips. But, the toxins are quite unstable. Cooking can break them down - if not completely, then at least to survivable levels. But you’d still be sick as a dog from it, and you would need hospitalisation. 

Vomiting and nausea are the main symptoms, but convulsions and seizures are also up there. And, of course, death. There’s also some suggestion that it’s more potent in winter, and less so from April onwards? It’s unproven as of yet, but it is an interesting pattern in toxicity levels.



Lords and Ladies/Cuckoopint (Arum maculatum). It has approximately 8003 common names, this one, but Lords and Ladies is poetic, and cuckoopint is an old word meaning a cuckoo’s dick, so those are the ones I’ve included.

Some people apparently mistake it for wild garlic, since they grow in the same places and times? i don’t see it myself, but I’m told it’s a common mistake.

It is poisonous, but you’d have a job eating enough to kill yourself - it induces vomiting fast, and a prickly burning in the mouth even faster, so you wouldn’t be able to ingest more. This is true of both the leaves and the berries. So a good one to make someone ill, and they’d be sore for days, but very unlikely to kill someone.


Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus). No relation to lesser celandine. Botany is wild.

Anyway, the juice in the stem is bright yellow and can cause nausea if ingested, and burning on the skin; historically, it was used to remove warts. But it tastes disgusting, as so many of these do, so it would have to be masked somehow. 


Spindle (Euonymous europaeus). Beautiful tree, five stars out of three.

Those are the berries! SO PRETTY but eating the berries will fuck you up nicely - D and V, heart palpitations, hallucinations and symptoms akin to meningitis. Unlikely to be fatal to a healthy person, mind. 

Again, though, tastes like arse.


‘Orrible Tortury Things

Hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium). Nawr te. Here we get nasty.

This is hogweed. Tip to tip it can be about 6 feet of chlorophylled malice, but usually it’s around the four-to-five mark. The reason for it’s inclusion here lies in the sap, which contains, essentially, a compound that turns you into a fucking vampire.

How? you may be asking. Well - through a condition called phytophotodermatitis, which is where the sap basically strips out your skin’s ability to slather on the melanin and so the moment UV light hits the spot it burns. And I mean burns. Literal burns. Want to see a gross picture?

Yeah. And it’s not a one-off burn - you have to keep the skin out of the sun for a year or so before it stops reacting, even after the burn is healed. I work with people who have had hogweed burns (in my line of work it’s a professional hazard), and even mild ones will still suddenly show up again in the shower six months later.

It’s not as bad as one of our new Invasive Species, though - Giant Hogweed (Heracleum mantegazzianum). That one burns. Google ‘giant hogweed burns’ for the grossest google session of your life. That causes literal third degree burns, and it’s a good six years before you’re back to normal. That’s only been about in UKvia for about 200 years, though.

In conclusion, you don’t fuck about with hogweed.


Stinging nettles (Urtica dioica). What list of Nast Plants would be complete without the humble stingy, eh?

We’ve all done our time with this bastard. Very common, touching the edges of the leaves produces a strong sting, a bit like mild bees. It’s entirely bearable, like, and actually, there are some people who whip their arthritic joints with nettles and report that it makes the swelling go down. But it’s not enjoyable, and being whipped with these would fucking hurt. Plus, it takes a while for the rash to fuck off.

It’s also highly nutritious and edible, though, and you can spin it into cloth. Non-stingy cloth, I might add. Go figure.


Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa). A wonderful tree that gives us sloes which give us delicious sloe gin.

But it also has thorns. Now - professional tree knowledge coming in here - in fact, in the moment it hurts more to be bitten by a hawthorn. But, hawthorns will merely bite, and are non-venomous.

Blackthorns are venomous. As long as you clean the cuts and, crucially, don’t leave thorns in you, you’re fine. But if you leave a thorn in you, it will give you septicemia, which can be extremely nasty. Potentially fatal, actually, so possibly this could go further up the page? Dunno how you’d manage that, though.


Anyway, that’s all I can think of offhand. I hope this is useful knowledge for your “book”.

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I'm really curious about your thoughts regarding the influence of deans fear of intimacy on his relationship with cas. when cas killed belly and dean gave him the silent treatment i felt there is something more to it. dean was not just worried or mad i think when he realizes how cas loves him he gets afraid and become a bit detached even if he appreciates it

Yeah, this is my impression too. It all comes back to the performing!dean side of things and why he has this.

I said in this post that I feel that the repressed side of Dean is mostly to do with what Dean wants and desires and rather than being truly worried what other people think (I mean, that does come into it with the shame thing, but really it’s mainly for me about not feeling he deserves nice things).

For me this season and, well, since um forever, he has struggled with his feelings for Cas because not only *shit, I didn’t think I’d ever get a happy ending, plus he’s not even human, plus he’s a dude* but really because he didn’t ever really feel like he deserved or would get his own happy ending, because his life has always been about Sammy and other people, he’s never focused on what HE wants, even when he went to Lisa and Ben it was Sam’s ideal life for Dean, not Dean’s own.

@super-sootica led me to this fantastic easy-to-read quick psychological piece about the super-ego and we discussed how this fits for Dean. It is easy to see.


“the socialized part of one’s psyche, according to Freud, that develops through interactions with society, especially one’s parents. It represents the internalization of the “rules” of society. When we follow the rules we feel pride in ourselves for doing what is “right.” When we break the rules, we feel guilt and/or shame for falling short of perceived expectations. The superego is your conscience, constantly berating and correcting or patting on the back. Some individuals have an over-developed superego, often as a result of strict parenting or literal internalization of the “Dos and Don'ts” they encountered as children. Some people have a very underdeveloped superego, resulting in a very self individual who tends to not worry about the consequences of their actions, so long as their needs and desires are met.”

I was reading this like…

Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

I mean - this it is blatantly obvious to me that this is Dean. 

Dean who had a lack of interactions with society and was “raised” as a loner with his father and as a parent to Sam. When he broke the rules and left Sammy alone for a minute, Sam ran away and Dean was accordingly punished. The idea that the under-developed super ego leads to someone not worrying about the consequences of their actions and being self centred, thinking only about their desires and needs is fantastic for me as I’ve been talking about Dean precisely being the OPPOSITE of this with these exact words, having the super ego therefore makes massive sense because it is about him REPRESSING his needs and desires…

Until NOW, until 12x22 when he finally comes to the climax of his arc on this. I’ve been saying all season that Mary was going to be the catalyst to Dean’s self acceptance arc and in this way she absolutely was. I was so excited in 12x15 when Dean stood up to her and basically said that HE DESERVED MORE. This was the turning point for me, to knowing rather than speculating that this is exactly where we would end up by the season finale and that is exactly what it led to.

So yes, before 12x22 Dean was getting better, he was climbing up to the climax, feeling more like he deserved something good, e.g. nice fluffy pillows, a swim in a nice pool, CAS. But he wasn’t all the way baked yet, @elizabethrobertajones made an amazing analogy that Dean has cooked now in 12x22 but his buns still need to be iced, I love this :) It’s exactly what I think s13 will be about - icing his buns *no pun, well, maybe some pun intended*.

In 12x10 Dean is closer to accepting that he loves Cas and he might actually deserve it back, by 12x12 he then is sent backwards because Cas is broken and dying because of HIM *insert all the Dean is angry at himself meta from 12x12 and all the guilt*, by 12x19 it’s shown though that he gave Cas a mixtape, he is starting to reach out, to address him in a more romantic manner… I mean if things hadn’t ended up with the separation in 12x23 after Dean’s climactic moment in 12x22 I imagine we could have seen some hilariously awkward Dean trying to be romantic gestures… The separation was what was needed though so… there you have it.

Dean is no longer afraid of his emotions and addressing his wants and needs, or, well, he is certainly much more OK with them. He no longer thinks he doesn’t deserve a happy ending (10x16 was the beginning of this later part of this story and 12x22 the climax, the true beginning is, well, since he was a kid but also the moment that Cas himself told him that he felt he didn’t deserve to be saved… hmm. Interesting). 

When he gets Cas back he will be much less repressed in his actions and his love for Cas because of his feelings of not deserving them, though there may be others (the homo/bisexual shame potentially might play a small part, but I don’t think this will be a huge ongoing issue), this main one of not feeling he deserves the things he wants and desires is now not such a big issue and that was the big thing. The only other really big issue left is whether Cas loves him back…

And we all know the answer to that.

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And whether Cas can love him back, which raises the question of Cas’ Humanity arc, which somehow I think may be important next season anyway…

Teen Wolf x Reader x Supernatural

(Y/N) = Your Name (H/C) = Hair Color (E/C) = Eye Color (S/C) = Skin Color

Stiles wanted a normal life. Well, as normal as you could get with a werewolf best friend, a crush on a girl who was a banshee and being basically the only human out of all of your friends. But hey, he wasn’t one to complain. Well, he was. Sometimes. That’s not the point. The point is he wants one day where he can go to school, plan excuses for not having tomorrows homework in because of some pack crap (so he says yet he stays up late doing it), hate on every happy go lucky couple making out, then go home, read some comics, force his dad to eat healthy then sleep. In his life that’s a long shot but he can dream big. He huffed, shutting his locker harder than needed, poor thing wasn’t at fault.

“Honestly I will be fine.” He turned his attention, as did a few others in the hall, seeing a shorter girl sandwiched between two giants. Just looking at them freaked Stiles out a bit, they were huge. “It’s high school.”

“Exactly. Hell.” The shorter of the two men, which wasn’t short mind you, spoke, huffing and Stiles took note at how deep his voice was. A few of the popular beauty queens were checking them out, gossiping and giggling already.

“Dude,” The taller one groaned, “She’s a big girl she can handle it.”

The girl nodded at the freckled man who groaned at the double bitch face he was receiving. “Fine, but if remember the basic rules. No smoking pot, no underage drinking, if you want to party you can but be back by midnight and - ”

“And if a guy or girl tries to touch me fighting is self defense, blah blah blah you had explained this to me literally eleven times the way here.” She pulled the two to a stop a few feet from Stiles’ locker. “I get it, I love you guys. Now leave. I can handle myself.”

“(Y/N) - ”

“Now!” She rolled her (E/C) eyes, pushing the two lightly. The nodded, the taller one kissing her forehead before they walked out of the school, leaving the girl standing alone, holding a brown side bag. She looked around, locking eyes with Stiles and sending him a small smile. “Brothers right?”

He nodded mutely, not really knowing what to say when a pretty girl talked to him. She looked him over once and he was not ashamed to admit he was then very nervous of his last minute outfit throw together. “I like your shirt.” His shirt? What shirt? He looked down. Oh! Batman shirt.

“You like batman?”

“Is DC not one of, if not the best, comics I’ve read?”

“You’ve read comics?”

She scoffed. “A bit too much really. My brothers say I’m 45% comics 55% sarcasm.” She smirked slightly, “They forgot the 100% perfection but, I let by-gones be by-gones.” She looked down, “I’ve gotta get to the office. Nice meeting you - ?”

He was supposed to say something right? “Oh uh - S-Stiles.” He coughed, “Stilinski, Stiles Stilinski.”

She laughed a bit and holy shit did he hear a choir of Angels? “Nice to meet you 007. I’m (Y/N)…(L/N).” She waved, heading to the direction of the office.

He continued to stare after her, mesmerized by, not only by her features (he thought no one had clearer skin than Lydia Martin), but the outfit style, what he’s seen of her personality and -


He let out a screech, a manly one too, arms flailing a bit, hitting Scott, which hurt his hand, and clutched his chest, making eye contact with the puppy eyed were.

“The hell Scott you nearly killed me!”

“What were you staring at?”

He looked back to where he was looking. “I think I’m in love.”

Scott rolled his eyes playfully. “Everyone knows you’re a love sick puppy around Lydia buddy.” He pat his back, eyes furrowing in confusion when Stiles shook his head. “We’re not…talking about…Lydia? Strawberry blonde you’ve loved since third grade?” Stiles shook his head again, smiling sideways at his friend, saying nothing as he headed to class. “Wha - Stiles no! Don’t leave me hanging bro!”


“Alright class we have a new student, this is (Y/N) (L/N). She just moved here from Virginia Beach so let’s make her feel welcome.” Stiles could have laughed at the annoyed face (Y/N) was making behind the teachers back, stopping when he turned around. “You can pick an empty seat Ms. (L/N).”

She thanked him, making her way towards the back row where Stiles was sat near his little friend group - pack - clique, whatever it was called. “Hey 007.” She said, sitting herself down beside Stiles with a smile.

“Hello Ms. Perfection.” Did that sound too flirty? Oh God he bet it did. He was trying to be funny from earlier and oh God that look Scott and the others were giving him yup him and his big mouth and -

Was she laughing? Head fallen back laughing? “Glad someone seemed to have caught on to my full potential.” He smiled, relaxing a big back in his chair.

“So, you two know each other?” Bad puppy, no interrupting flirty time where Stiles made a pretty girl laugh.

Said pretty girl smiled brightly, looking back to him. “Yes, 007 here had to witness my overprotective brothers lecturing me about high school. And who might you be puppy?” She tilted her head, (H/C) hair falling onto her left shoulder.

“Oh uh - I’m Scott McCall.”

“Nice to meet you Scott.” She smiled, turning back around. Stiles and Scott made eye contact, Stiles smiling widely, tongue sticking out of the side of his mouth as he nodded a little, Scott rolling his eyes yet smiling at his friends antics.


“So how do you like Beacon Hills so far?” Honestly Stiles might be dreaming. A pretty girl, no scratch that, a gorgeous girl with (H/C) hair, big beautiful (E/C) eyes and flawless (S/C) skin was handing out with him at some little park, eating ice cream after school. Pinch him.

“It’s nice. Cute town, almost everyone I’ve met is nice. Though Lydia seems to hate me.”

“It’s just cause you’re really pretty I guess she feels threatened.” Did that come out of Stile’s mouth? Seriously? Pinch him. Please.

She laughed again, oh thank God she’s not giving him annoyed or creeped out looks. His phone beeps right as he goes to take a bite of his fudgcicle. Pulling it out, he sees a text from Derek.

‘Pack meeting. Be here. Now.’

He looked back up at (Y/N) who was attempting to walk across on old piece of wood, arms out at her sides. Of course the supernatural had to come ruin his…his… was this a date or hanging out? What was this?

“You look constipated. Are you lactose tolerant?” If he wasn’t so used to getting snuck up on he would have jumped. But he wasn’t used to being snuck up on yet so he did jump.

He shook his head laughing a bit. “No uh, my friend has an emergency and he needs me to come to his place so I uh, I gotta get going.” She nodded in understanding, hopping down from the wood to stand next to him, hand resting palm up as she stared at him. He raised an eyebrow, receiving an eye roll. “Give me your phone dumbass.”

Oh. “Oh!” He went to contacts and handed her his phone, she typed quickly before handing it back. ’(Y/N) The Bestest ;) ;)’ He laughed, stuffing in into his back pocket. “We should hang out again some time.”



“Yeah. Is that okay? After school? We could binge watch all the DC movies at your place.”

“I uh - yeah yeah!” His phone beeped again.

‘Stiles! Get your ass here now! - Derek’

'Derek seems super pissed dude hurry up - Scott’

“I gotta go. I’ll uh, see you tomorrow then!”

“See ya 007.”


Next Part : Part Two

anonymous asked:

I was wondering - you've mentioned before that your blog isn't Moffat friendly, and I've seen a lot of DW fans that haven't liked him much. What are some examples of him writing sexist episodes/badly developed characters? Or do you have other issues with him? Sorry, I'm just curious as to how you feel (I'm just starting season 6 now, but I couldn't tell why he's so hated, although I wasn't really looking out for it)

*deep breath* Oh boy it’s been a LONG time since someone gave me permission to go on a Moffat rant.

I’m sure it goes without saying that this is going to be extremely anti Moffat. Avert your eyes.

There are a lot of reasons I don’t like Moffat, tbh. I’m going to start with the simplest one – you could drive a truck through some of the plot holes in his episodes. The most obvious one is The Angels Take Manhattan. Okay, fine. The Doctor couldn’t go back to that specific date to save Rory and Amy. Fine. Go to the day after. Or the day after that. Instead of, you know, leaving them trapped in the past.

“But Sam, they needed to leave!”

They’re are at least five ways it would have been better to write them off without leaving the question of “why can’t the Doctor just go to New Jersey and pay for them to take a taxi to him?”

Next – Moffat’s episodes are all flash, no substance. They are undeniably pretty – he reaps the benefits of four seasons of excellent writing and got a bigger budget than RTD in return. But the writing is shallow af and is almost impossible to get emotionally invested in. His Doctors are selfish children who mistake being rude assholes for being “edgy,” and his “emotional” scenes fall flat.

“But Sam he won awards for his writing!”

Yeah, well. Donald Trump is president. People make bad choices sometimes.

Now on to his sexism. I did a huge post about this a while back, which I’ll link at the end of this, but the tl;dr version is:

Moffat’s women have almost no character. I mean, okay, okay, okay, Clara was bossy, River was “strong,” Amy was sassy, whatever. But it’s so two-dimensional. When the characters were written by other people they were fantastic – one of my favorite Moffat-era eps is Vincent and the Doctor. Amy was fantastic in it. The writing was fantastic. Everything about it was fantastic. I cried. Unashamedly.

But the way Moffat set the characters up…they had no lives outside the Doctor. They weren’t characters, and their entire lives revolved around the Doctor.

“But Sam the show is called Doctor Who! What’s wrong with their lives revolving around him? RTD’s companions’ lives did too. And besides they did have lives!”

Rose, Martha, and Donna, all had characters outside of the Doctor. They had families, jobs (okay, Rose didn’t because the Doctor blew it up and Donna didn’t because life sucked but at one time they had jobs!). They had friends, and families, they had pasts that were completely separate from the Doctor.

Amy – met the Doctor when she was…I’m not quite sure tbh. Six? Seven? Young. Spent the rest of her life obsessed with him, to the point where it actually effected her quality of life (four therapists in ten (or so) years is a lot).

Clara – The impossible girl, born to save the Doctor. Her entire existence was solely for saving the Doctor.

River – *pause*; *deep breath* I will never stop being angry about the potential River had that was wasted. She was literally raised to be obsessed with and eventually kill the Doctor. She translated that obsession into “loving” him, and tied herself to him in a different way. She literally said once that she lived for the times when she could see the Doctor. That’s not normal. That’s not healthy. And don’t even get me started on their sham of a “marriage” (HIDE YOUR DAMAGE IS NOT THE SIGN OF A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP RIVER).

*grits teeth*; *moves on*

Moffat himself is a grade-A dick, which makes it pretty hard to watch his shows anyways. He’s been quoted as saying bisexuals are too busy having sex to watch his shows, that all bi people are just waiting for someone to make them straight, that asexuals are “boring” to write, he has literally insulted his wife before while she was pregnant (wondering when she would get back to her normal size), he renamed the Master as Missy because apparently Master is strictly a masculine term (never mind the sexual connotations that go with the term Mistress), the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

He queerbaits like nobody’s business – a perfect example being having Clara twice mention a relationship with a girl (once calling it “a phase”) but never showing it on screen, or having River reference relationships with girls but again never showing it on screen. And I know there’s a common misconception going around that Moffat created Jack Harkness so he can’t be homophobic, but…no, he didn’t create Jack. And yes, he is homophobic. He’s proven that multiple times.

And that’s about all I have time for right now. I’ll link some of my other rants below for you to peruse. If you enjoy his Doctor Who, that’s perfectly fine, and I am under no misconceptions that I’m going to change your mind. These are just my opinions.

My anti Moffat Tag (to see things I’ve reblogged and agreed with or added to)

Lack of emotional impact in Moffat writing

My BIG Moffat rant

I did a post on the FenHawke power dynamic and I’ve gotten a bunch of asks from ppl wanting some clarification. The askers requested that I reply privately (which I do anyway) but if anyone’s interested, here’s the response:

Fenris is probably the most vulnerable character in the entire game. At the most fundamental level, he is an elf from Tevinter. Elves inThedas already have a crappy time of it, but being from Tevinteris that much worse, because his people are by default seen asslaves. They can literally be killed for entertainment purposes without anyonegetting into trouble over it. This is the kind of fear that Tevinter slaves live with every day.

Because of his memory loss, Fenris has less than a decade of life experience to fall back on and the experience he DOES have involved being completely under another person’s control – i.e. Danarius, who used Fenris as both his hired killer and sex toy (as stated by the author and heavily suggested by in-game narrative…and seriously, LOOK at him. If all Danarius wanted was a “bodyguard” he’d get an 8 foot IB type who could swat his enemies with a closed fist, not the “pretty anime elf”).

This means that when Fenris meets Hawke, the vast bulk of his life experience is based on exploitation, fear and abuse which is not great for one’s mental health. Fenris basically says in-game that the decision to run from Danarius was the first autonomous choice he could remember making.

He is not used to thinking for himself, but suddenly he is thrust into a situation where every decision he makes has potential life-or-death consequences. Everything he knows has been pulled out from under him. He is illiterate, so the only way for him to get any sort of information is by word of mouth. This exposes him to further exploitation and also means that he ends up leaving a trail of witnesses in his wake for the hunters to interrogate. He has no money, no support system, and only the clothes on his back and a sword with which to survive.

He carries on this way for 3 years, which is guaranteed to exacerbate any existing PTSD he has, of which he shows several symptoms in the game. When he meets Hawke, he is at his low point. Contrary to what ppl claim, Fenris never lies to Hawke. Not even once. Anso deceived Hawke, but the very first words out of Fenris’ mouth is an apology and a confession. Unlike Anders, Fenris has no leverage whatsoever. He is completely alone. There are no Ferelden refugees that’ll get mad if he disappears. He doesn’t have a Deep Roads map to use to get Hawke’s help. If Hawke wants to, they can kill him there in the alienage without any adverse consequences – and that remains true for the entirety of the game. All Fenris can do is beg, and if that fails then he’s left to slink away and probably get devoured by demons, which brings me to Hawke…

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Widowtracer family AU

Because I briefly talked about this AU but never really disclosed specs? There’s probably holes everywhere but anyway.

  • Amélie is Gérard’s younger sister, instead of them being a couple. Also the age gap between her and Lena is significantly smaller than in canon (a year, two at most).
  • So when Tracer first joins Overwatch, she and Gérard get along very well and become friends quite fast. One day during a conversation, Gérard mentions that he has a little sister about Lena’s age and he’s like “I think she’d be your type.”
  • Tracer gets really flustered at the remark. She’d never explicitly told anyone that she was gay…but was the fact that obvious that everyone could guess?
  • Spoiler alert: the answer is yes.
  • Sometime later, Gérard convinces Amélie to come over at the Overwatch HQ even though she doesn’t really have the time because she’s quite busy with her studies, ballet classes (she aims to become a professional dancer), and everything.
  • Lena wouldn’t say that when she met her, it was love at first sight (but it totally was). Meanwhile Amélie thought she was a bit too hyper and kinda awkward, albeit really cute.
  •  They kinda become friends after that, like they send each other texts message and shit.
  • Gérard ships it so hard. Amélie insists that they’re just friends (sure Amé, keep lying to yourself, but you know you like her).
  • Then there’s the Splitstream incident. Amélie had promised Lena she’d come to see the takeoff, though she had to cancel their plan last minute because she had an important exam to study for.
  • Gérard was there to see it happen, however, and he has no idea how to break the news to her. Seriously, how do you tell your sister that her girlfriend (though not actually girlfriend but yeah) has been lost through space-time continuum?
  • Eventually, it’s Amélie that asks about it because she’s worried since Lena hasn’t been returning her texts.
  • She’s heartbroken to hear about what happened, and starts to realize that her affection for Tracer might not have been so platonic after all.
  • Real depression hours™
  • No like seriously, she’s more affected that she thought she would be. Hell she’s even thinking about giving up ballet, which has been her passion since she was like 4, because she can’t focus anymore.
  • Gérard convinces her not to do so, and promises that they’ll somehow find a way to bring Lena back.
  • It takes a while, but they finally do bring her back.
  • The first time she saw Lena after the incident, Amélie couldn’t resist and kissed her. Tiny gay Lena was really surprised but she didn’t complain. After all the stuff she’d gone through, she needed it.
  • Anyway, real depression hours™ part 2, aka Lena comes out of the whole time travel experience really messed up.
  • Though that doesn’t bother Amélie; she loves her regardless and wants to help her get better. Sure, it takes a while for Lena to recover parts of her former self, but she eventually does – though she knows that she can never truly be the same as before.
  •  It’s fine though; she has a really hot French girlfriend to turn to when she needs comfort.
  •  Yeah they’ve become a thing, and when they officially come out to others with their relationship everyone’s reaction is the same: “What, like you weren’t together already?”
  • They’ve been dating for a few years when Lena decides to propose. It’s not the most romantic thing: they’re literally lying in bed at 2 am unable to fall asleep when she asks “So, how about we get married?”
  •  Amélie chuckles. That sure is an odd way to say things, but she loves Lena regardless so she says yes.
  •  Don’t try and tell me that Winston wasn’t the best man (…gorilla?) at their wedding.
  • Also Mercy got unbelievably drunk at the reception. She stood up on the table, started giving what sounded like a heartfelt speech on whatever (no one really understood because it was actually more like drunk ramblings), and passed out halfway through.
  • She also beat everyone at limbo. How did they end up playing that in the first place? No one’s quite sure…
  • All in all everyone had a good time.
  • So after getting married they move in together. Go figures why they hadn’t done that earlier.
  • They get a small house in London.
  •  And a dog. Lena insisted that they adopt a dog, and Amélie somewhat reluctantly agreed.
  • Though they end up getting two because Lena can’t be stopped; a golden retriever that they named Sonny and a german shepherd, Laika.
  •  Amélie finds a job as a ballet instructor at a dance school not far from where they live. Sure she’s not exactly what she dreamt of her whole life, she’s not under the spotlight, but she still enjoys it. Plus, all of her students are really nice,
  • Being an Overwatch agent means that Lena’s often away from home. Amélie gets lonely sometimes but she has the dogs to keep her company (they’re not that bad, after all).
  • Then things get messy at Overwatch and they’re forced to disband.
  • Also Gérard was at the Swiss HQ when the explosion that supposedly killed Morrison and Reyes happened. Unlike them, he wasn’t so lucky. Aka he’s dead now.
  • Real depression hours™ part 3. Y’know, five stages of grief, yadda, yadda life continues.
  • Just like she randomly brought up the topic of marriage, Lena brings up the idea of having kids.
  • Amélie doesn’t immediately get on board with the idea. Though they discuss it thoroughly and in the end come to the conclusion that having a kid or two might not be so bad.
  • They decided to go with artificial insemination as conception method. Initially, Lena intended on being the one to carry their child, however, there were some concerns regarding her chronal dissociation and the possibility that it might mess something up during the fetus’ development.
  • So Amélie had to carry, and was honestly insecure about the idea. Lena assured her that if it made her too uncomfortable, they could still back off and resort to adoption.
  • “No, I want to do this.” “You sure, love?” “Yes.”
  •  They go through with the procedure. They’re lucky as it works on the first try.
  • Upon learning about Amélie’s pregnancy, Lena was so overjoyed that she posted a status on Facebook (or whichever social media is in the OW universe) saying; “We’re poppin’ the biggest bottles ‘cause I’m gonna be a mom!”
  • Mercy saw the status and had to bring the sass, replying “Not exactly the best choice of words…I mean considering it’s unsafe to drink while pregnant.” followed by “congrats btw”
  • Anyway Lena’s notification feed blew up with congratulation messages from everyone (listen even if Overwatch was disbanded I like to think that they still kept in touch somehow). Shenanigans ensued.
  • Btw McCree probably replied something like “Chill Angela, you should never pass up an occasion to get wasted.”
  • Past the initial excitement, Lena turned into a nervous wreck. She literally asks her wife if she’s okay or needs anything every ten minutes.
  • Amélie isn’t quite sure if it’s sweet or annoying. She settled on both.
  • If Lena’s a nervous wreck most of the time, then Amélie’s an emotional one. That’s what you’d expect from raging hormones.
  • Also morning sickness is a bitch.
  • Though it gives her a reason to stay in bed and cuddle with Lena and the dogs.
  • But that usually makes Lena worry even more, even though she’s been reading up on the subject and knows that it’s normal.
  • They totally both cried upon seeing their child’s first ultrasound.
  • They have this list of potential names on the fridge to which Lena loves adding silly names. “Alright, chérie, we’re certainly not naming our child Megatron.”
  • No but globally things go smoothly all the way through Amélie’s pregnancy.
  • And Lena reading stories to her unborn child is adorable. The kid usually kicks in response.
  • They decided not to learn the baby’s gender until the day they’re born so when they put together the baby room they opted to a somewhat neutral decor.
  • Anyway
  • I’m not saying that Lena nearly passed out when Amélie went into labour but yeah she did.
  • She pulled her shit together eventually though.
  • They got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital.
  • Not getting into all the childbirth details because it kinda grosses me out. But I’ll add that Amélie nearly broke Lena’s hand by squeezing it too tight.
  • Raphaëlle Catherine Oxton was born on August 27 at 10:39 PM, weighing 5 pounds.
  • Strangely, with her scruffy brown hair, she resembled Lena, to whom she had no biological ties, more than she did Amélie, who was slightly offended.
  • Regardless both her mom thought she was the perfect child.
  • Introducing the kid to the dogs once they got back home went smoothly. Hell, Sonny and Laika immediately became very protective of her.
  • Lena occasionally calls her daughter “Kitty”, which is a shortened form of “Catherine”, her middle name. Meanwhile Amélie calls her “chaton”, which literally means “kitten” in French.
  • Raph is prone to crying when someone other than either of her moms is holding her.
  • She also has an odd fascination with Lena’s chronal accelerator…it’s probably because of the glow. Also, Raphloves when she uses her time blink while holding her.
  • And Amélie thinks doing this while holding a baby is unsafe.
  • They’re the kind of parents who take lots of picture and tell everyone about how amazing their kid is.
  • Raph is a clingy and spoiled brat.
  • She’s also incredibly witty. They noticed that early on.
  • Raph is about 3 or 4 when the Overwatch recall happens and she won’t let her mom leave. Amélie had to pry her away from Lena’s leg to which she was clinging.
  • Amélie tried to get her daughter to do ballet. It didn’t work: she would just sit in the corner of the studio and play with her Rubik’s cube.
  • Raph knows both French and English. She may or may not insult people in French when she’s upset.
  • She’s a nerd, okay?
  •  Also this family is dramatic as hell.
Lets talk about Ezria, shall we?

I openly ship Spoby and Emison and I’m still crying inside because Toby’s getting married and Sabrina is still here, but, I have always shipped Ezria and Haleb too, (PSA: I ship every one so don’t start that ship wars shit with me) so, let me tell you why the Ezria proposal was romantic, beautiful, and the right choice.

Reason 1: They’ve literally been together since day one.

I mean, granted Ezra knew who Aria was when they met, but their chemistry in a bad bar bathroom makes up for it.

Reason 2: They fought for each other for so long.

These two sacrificed everything just to have each other. Ezra risked his career, his entire life just to stay with Aria, Aria snuck around, kept him a secret from everyone, just so she wouldn’t ever lose him.

Reason 3: Aria gave herself to him, full and completely.

Aria chose to show Ezra how much she loved him, She didn’t have to, Ezra wouldn’t have made her, but she let him, she let him take her, she gave him her innocence and virginity.

Reason 4: Their first date is everything.

Ezra took Aria out for the first time and wasn’t going to let anything ruin the magic, He did it for her, someone may have recognized him, but he risked it because he loves her.

Reason 5: He was there for her after Shauna was killed. 

He could have gone to the police about Shauna because he knows she’s dead, but he didn’t he stayed for Aria, he knew Aria needed him and he stayed. And, speaking of New York….

Reason 6: He almost died for her

He literally took a bullet for her. He lost her, but he wasn’t going to let her walk away, he followed her to NYC and chased down the creep who was hurting her and her friends. He risked his life to save hers.

Reason 7: He never expected to fall in love with her

At the time he wrote that book, he never once considered the possibility that he might actually fall for Aria, but he did and proved it by destroying the book.

Reason 8: She saved his ass. (Again)

When Aria saw that Ezra’s future was in danger, she flung herself head first into the project without thinking about the potential consequences, like losing her job or her (Gag) Boyfriend Liam. All she saw was the love her life, and that she had to help him.

Reason 9: He always knew that she was one.

I couldn’t find the exact screencap for this but that’s not the point, the point is, ever since he saw her for the first time in years in 6x11 he’s known that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

Reason 10: Ezra’s Proposal was so emotional.

Enough said.

I think the writers made the best choice with this one, Ezria has the most chemistry so far in the season and an Ezria wedding would never happen off screen, as Marlene said. I just want to know if she says yes though, damn.

Unknown Number: Ft Got7 JB & You

Hello my beautiful readers <3 I have decided to start a mini series featuring the infamous leader of Got7 (JB) and you (the reader). The story will hold a mix of romance, mystery, and thrill. I hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think of each chapter as i release them! I plan to release one every Saturday&Sunday so be on the look out ;) 
Plot: You’ve been single for almost over a year now, not by choice but because of fear. Ever since you became somewhat serious about your relationship with your boyfriend things began to change and not in a pleasant way. Mysterious phone calls and text messages began to shape the way you lived. You were in constant fear all the time and you felt like the only way to escape it all would be to cut all ties with everyone you loved…. no one could be trusted anymore. 
….. A year has passed, you’re single and your best friend is getting married. You go to a party her and her fiancé are hosting only because she forces you to come. But things change the second your eyes meet an unfamiliar face. He’s the literal definition of handsome. He watches you from afar, admiring you admiring him. His eyes look at you with curiosity and desire while his perfect body teases you as you try not to gaze at him for too long. The new found tension between you and him grows as he decides to make his way towards you. And as soon as he speaks you know he has no flaws. He knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get you to fall for him. 

But…. everything changes when you get your first unexpected text message.

[Ch 2] [Ch 3] [Ch 4] [Ch 5] [Ch 6] [Ch 7] [Ch 8] [Ch 9] [Ch 10] [Ch 11] [Ch12] [Ch13] [Ch14] [Ch15] [Ch16] [Epilogue]

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Fukigen na Mononokean predictions (potential spoilers ahead)

Alright. *cracks knuckles* I’ve gotten wayyyy too invested in this new fandom and anime this summer, but I love it. I’m absolutely smitten with it. So, yes, I know that we aren’t even through the first season, and any of my speculations can be proved wrong at any given moment, but I thought I would share for anyone interested. Here we go:

1. The mystery of Aoi, and what happened.

Aoi was the original master of the Mononokean. A peace-bringer to demons everywhere– a second chance for many of them. In the story it is heavily implied that Aoi was a creature of the underworld themself, and that Itsuki is the first (and inadequate) human Master.

          Aoi’s mystery gender

             When I first learned about Aoi I immediately pictured the Master as a male, but there is also a female headcannon rolling around the fandom, so I’ll touch on that first. 

             The female headcannon goes that the girl cloak Hanae had to wear upon visiting the underworld was actually Aoi’s, and was being kept in the Mononokean storage closet. Since we don’t know the official gender, it could be highly plausible, both because Aoi’s name can be masculine OR feminine, and the name Aoi means ‘flower’, more specifically, the Hollyhock flower, which may connect to the flowers on the cloak. More on names later.

            As for a male, I had a bit of speculation myself, just because I feel like Aoi is Hanae’s father.

            I know right? I believe that Aoi was a lover of flowers, surely, and he fell in love with Hanae’s mother. Visiting would be no problem for a being whose job is to literally navigate constantly between the underworld and human world. They had a child together (Hanae), but their relationship would be seen as forbidden in the underworld, certain beings may try to hurt Hanae, because Hanae would then be half demon, half human, and from what I can see in the anime and manga so far, there is an obvious rift between the two, as shown in the Underworlder’s interactions with Hanae and Itsuki’s avoidance of humans.

      So if we go with the male theory, then what happened?

       The medicine. That’s what happened.

        When Itsuki has to use the medicine on big boss scree he is very hesitant, even telling Hanae that had the scree not asked for the medicine himself, Itsuki would not have even suggested it. Later, when the job is done and they are in the Mononokean, Hanae is conversing with the tea room about what happened and why Itsuki is practically passed out on the floor, when the tea room starts talking about the medicine, and Itsuki suddenly shouts at it.

      At first I went ‘Oh he’s annoyed that they are talking when he just wants to sleep and he wants Hanae to go home.’ but then, ‘OH! No, he was wanting to cover up the backstory the Mononkean was about to share with Hanae about what happened with the medicine. He wasn’t annoyed so much as he was just avoiding that past.’

       And here’s what I think happened:

       Something occurred to where Aoi either had to, or ASKED to take the medicine. If it was ‘had to’, then that means that something was making Aoi a malicious yokai, and Aoi figured it could be cured this way. If it was ASKED TO, though… that means Aoi made that choice, and they knew the potential consequence: death. Either way, why would Aoi have to or ask to take it? For Hanae, of course. For the family he didn’t want to leave behind. To be with them.

      But the medicine killed him, leaving Hanae fatherless (Hanae gets very emotional while talking to big boss scree and says that ‘it’s cowardly for a father to just leave without a goodbye’) and….-sighs- and permanently scarring a young Itsuki.

      Because Aoi may have asked for the medicine, but Itsuki was probably the one to actually give it to him. And you know what? Creatures in the underworld keep making underhand comments that the current Master (Itsuki) killed the old master (Aoi).

     But that’s just not true. It was a choice. But people keep saying it was Itsuki to blame, and Itsuki probably BLAMES HIMSELF. >:( We all know by now he is very gentle and invested in yokai; he likes them more than he likes his own human race. Aoi was his master, teacher, probably a parent-figure. And it hurts. It all hurts, and Itsuki’s avoidance of humans may even stem as a result of Aoi’s love and passion for humans (Much like how in greek mythology gods were always falling in love with humans), because just LOOK where that love got Aoi.(also Itsuki is constantly polite and and saying things like ‘I don’t deserve your thanks’ things like that, which may also come from his feelings of guilt. It could also just be the way Aoi raised him, but who knows!)

       Also, this is just a random thought that I didn’t really know where else to organize it, but when Hanae introduces himself, Itsuki had been flat out refusing to exorcise Fuzzy for the first time. However, after Itsuki hears ‘Ashiya’  he repeats it to himself as if in  deep thought. Now, this could be explained as ‘He probably heard it in class since Hanae was going to be a new student’ but… come on, Itsuki is barely cognizant in class. I’m thinking that maybe at one point in time Aoi may have told Itsuki the last name of the woman he had fallen in love with in the human world, and hearing it again may have triggered a sort of deja-vu moment for Itsuki (because I think if anything he feels that Hanae’s presence is significant, but he can’t really place his finger on why, like a memory just out of reach.)

2. Okay, so say Hanae is Aoi’s son, and he’s half demon, half human.

      A few things:

     More powerful/ more natural power than Itsuki

             I can easily see Hanae’s underworld connection making exorcisms easier for him. Since Itsuki can only open the door twice in one day, it leaves the thought that if he wasn’t human, then he could probably open it more than twice a day. So I would think that if Hanae ever has to open it, then he could, and probably more frequently. We’ve yet to see extensive abilities from both Itsuki and Hanae, but whatever they are, Itsuki may have wayyyy more training, but Hanae probably has that natural sort of gift with it. (I’m also super curious about Hanae’s shiny-things affinity, and his dark side thingy, but I’m still in the dark for those speculations)

         Communication with yokai

                 There is also a headcannon i saw that mentioned that perhaps Itsuki could not hear Fuzzy or other yokai when they thank Hanae, that maybe Hanae is the only one that can hear them non-verbally, or that Hanae’s powers might stretch into some kind of telepathic ground. And I’m not really sure on this one! On one hand I could see it, on the other I wanna say that the non-verbal yokai can only communicate if they are physically touching someone. Food for thought.

3. Itsuki’s power limitations and the potential ‘ah shit’ moment on the horizon: 

           Itsuki, my smol son I love him :’D

          Three times the door opens

                     Alright, let’s call a spade a spade. When a character has a power limitation, it’s practically GUARANTEED that they are going to exceed that limit at some point. So. much. Anxiety for our precious grump.

                      At some point there is definitely going to be a situation where Itsuki is going to have to open the door at least three times. Now, I don’t expect death to result from this, but I do think he will be incapacitated for some amount of time. Maybe not even as steep as a coma, but definitely weak an unable to perform his tasks as Master. (I mean, just opening it twice makes him unable to do more than sleep immediately, and possibly that’s why he sleeps through his classes, too. ((either that or he’s just lazy. seriously, what’s this boy’s grades like?)))

                     This is where Hanae steps in, and everyone realizes there is a LOT more hidden power in Hanae than they thought. Itsuki’s name means both ‘tree’ and ‘sunlight’. What do’ flowers’ (as the name Hanae means), need to grow?? SUNLIGHT. What do trees symbolize?? WISDOM.

                    Itsuki is definitely going to have to properly train Hanae, and I think this over-exhaustion of his power is what will provide the opportunity.

            A switch of roles, protector and protected

                    Because of this training and power exertion, Hanae ends up becoming quite a formidable force (as I said earlier, he has potential to become much more powerful of a Master than Itsuki just off natural power alone), and Itsuki will have to sort of take the back seat and follow Hanae’s lead at times (which would be a character development on his part, because he’s super bitter about humans, etc etc.)

                   But, of course, Hanae is a cinnamon roll (that could kill you) and even though it may be him in the ‘Master’ Position for awhile, he still refers to Itsuki as Abeno-san and his boss, and is super polite to him, etc. Like nothing changed.

The main thing at the end of the day though?

     Acceptance and understanding, I think. We fear what we don’t understand. We rebuke it. The first time I watched episode one of the anime not even the bright colors of the show could assuage my (yes) initial fear of Fuzzy.  I probably felt just as bad as Hanae when I realized with him that Fuzzy was in no way malicious and is actually the most adorable yokai to ever exist and it startled me, because I understood what the show was trying to teach. Same goes for Boss Scree, I was terrified of him, I had to pause the episode and literally convince myself to press play again. And this is coming from a person who never flinches at horror films, never got scared of ‘scary’ stories as a kid.

     And I think the end goal isn’t just understanding the yokai and their situations, but it’s also going to be present in Itsuki accepting humans for what they are eventually. For appreciating life in all of its facets, good and bad. A beautiful story, if you ask me.

Whew that was a lot!

     Thanks for reading! You can always message me if you wanna talk about anything, or ask what I think about fan speculations, my opinions, etc. Love this fandom <3 And remember, this is all speculation, and some or all of it may be proven wrong. But it’s fun to guess! :)

Armin’s parents and the Reiss family (Chapter 83 Predictions/Theories)

You know, when I first read chapter 82 I really, really didn’t want Armin to be dead.  I was in denial for a good week, then I slowly started to accept that he’s probably gone.  But then, after thinking about it a bit more, and reading some other people’s theories here and there, it started to seem more and more likely that Armin could possibly come back and have an even greater role to play in the story.   And well, seeing as the new chapter is coming out soon, I just wanted to share my crackpot theories with you guys.  ಠ◡ಠっ Here you go.

1. Armin’s relation to Historia (i.e. Armin is a Reiss who, if titanized, can absorb titan memories)

So, I was thinking about the scene back when Historia’s father was trying to get her to take the titan serum and was talking all about how the Reiss family are the only family that can use the titan power to its full potential, specifically when it comes to absorbing the memories of other shifters (that they’ve eaten).  Or harnessing the power of the Coordinate.

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Fall Anime Watchlist

A new season f anime has started and there’s SO MUCH STUFF. So here’s a quick (or not so quick) run-down of the stuff I sampled and the best and worst premieres of the season. Also I have a lot of feelings about the Drag Race finale but I decided to Kontrol Myself and will post about it later. Worst to best, y’all know the drill.

First quickly, I’m still watching Saiki Kusuo because it’s comedy gold, and I’ve picked up Nobunaga no Shinobi (cute and funny!) Sengoku Chojuu Giga (funny and super obscure!) Bernard Jou Iwaku (funny and too real!) and I’m not sure about Kiitaro Shonen yet (ep 2 was super gross)

Most of the shows I’m dropping I might have been willing to give them a second chance if they came out on a not-so-busy day, but all of them happen to be weekend shows and weekends are fucking packed.  But the best stuff of the season actually comes out during the week which is fucking brilliant since I can watch it as soon as it comes out yesssss.  


(self explanatory. Also no screenshots for the losers)

Bloodivores: Maaan this shit didn’t even manage to be funny bad. It was just incompetently written bad. And boring. The first half is an extended bank-robbery sequence that somehow manages to be a snoozefest. The character designs are uninspired. Everything that happens is so contrived, everything is forced so the plot can get from point A to point B, you can literally see the writers in the background going “how do I justify this absolutely nonsensical turn of events… let’s just have this guy take off his mask for no reason!. They ALMOST had me at the end, at least piqued my interest enough to watch episode two, and then they were so tremendously stupid to ruin that with the worst use of a preview that I’ve ever seen. Apparently, being terrible is about the only thing all of these Anime-for-the-Chinese-market have in common. Really makes me wonder if this kind of things actually hit there (then again, they ate up Transformers 4 and Warcraft, so I guess anything’s possible?). Insta-drop. Also, the main dude’s hacking software is literally called HACK!!! I mean…

Matoi the Sacred Slayer: Very confusing direction and narrative, the episode feels very flat and boring and there are way too many jokes about dudes leering over the blond bombshell girl. I kind of liked Matoi and her dynamics with Yuma, and I also kind of liked the policeman-dad. I was willing to give it an extra episode to grab my interest, but the last few minutes with the “joke” about the dad groping his daughter, and that “hilarious” scene of Matoi detransforming to find herself naked in the woods buried any interest I may have had for it. Another insta-drop.

Occultic;Nine: Look, just call me when the show is over and tell me if underneath those gross booballoons and twenty billion “the main character is a pervert” jokes there’s something good going on, cos it looks like there could be, but I’m not gonna subject myself to that disgusting character design and male gaze framing unless I have a guarantee that it’ll be worth it. Insta-drop. The animation’s pretty swell, but not worth getting those monstrosities smushed in front plane every five minutes.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: So the first part, where Kae is very fat and has Fat Voice TM (gross Japan, you’re gross) is very annoying to watch. Then after she becomes “beautiful” (you’re really gross Japan) and magically all the boys fall in love with her it’s just eye-roll worthy and terribly boring. The guys are terrible, who’d want to date those assholes that only see her after she loses weight? And they have literally no chemistry? Girls, date a guy (or a gal, or a person) with whom you’re not afraid to share your hobbies. If you think he/she/they will hate you because of your hobbies, don’t waste time on that. Look at this 24 year old virgin giving dating advice, ha ha! Insta-drop and hoping some of Junko’s much superior actual BL stuff gets animated next time.

Trickster: I tried reaaaally hard to like this one but it’s so tryhard and nonsensical it failed to grab me in every possible way. It started bad with that monologue that reminded me of Divine Gate. A million tales have been done about immortals that crave death (including NanaTai’s Ban, and that was a story told in like half an episode and still way more competent and compelling than this. Ban’s story is so understated and yet super tragically beautiful ;—-;). The rest of the characters are walking archetypes that also manage to be insufferable, and the mysteries are super bland and uncreative. I gave it two episodes, but I’m done with it. There’s too many amazing stuff this season to waste time waiting to see if this one gets better Dropped

Long Riders: Give me a Y! Give me an A! Give me a W! Give me a N! What does it say?! YAWN!!! Seriously, this was so terribly boring. The fucking episode just never ended, it felt like it lasted three hours. Also, as someone who bikes every day, there were so many unrealistic details that killed it for me. Like how Ami who’d never ridden a bike before was a master at it from the start –it took me two or three days just to get the hang of it, and maybe a month before I was confident enough to go out to the city with it-. She claimed she was scared of the big bikes because she feared she would fall, but somehow was okay with one that had an equally high seat and just smaller tires? Her massive girl-boner for that butt ugly foldable bike is ridiculous and at times even uncomfortable to watch. And since the one she got is cheapass, there’s no way that’s gonna be good for long distances. Something that really bothered me was that we’re shown the girls going uphill, but novice Ami never comments on the added difficulty. They also set on a 40 Km journey with just one bottle of water for both of them? Good luck with that gals.  But really, the worst part of it was that it bored me to death and I found Ami insufferable. When will I get a decent girl sports show that’s actually about competitive sports-ing and not cute girls doing cute things that happen to be kinda sportsy? Insta-drop


Tiger Mask W: I don’t know what to make of this show. I feel if I could appreciate its brand of camp I would enjoy it more, but as it is it just feels like something that could be pretty fun but doesn’t manage to work for me. It just feels dull, and as predicted, the animation is poop. The characters are super flat so I don’t feel invested. I don’t think I’m gonna keep watching it, I’ll check episode 3, but it’ll have to show the best possible cards to grab my interest. The fact that it’s a weekend show makes its standing in the list even flimsier.

Girlish Number: This one wasn’t even on my radar because the title sounds stupid (I’m serious, I didn’t even watch Tiger & Bunny when it was airing because stupid title and then it turned out to be one of my fave anime ever, I’m super judge-an-animu-by-its-cover), but since I heard surprisingly good things about it I decided to check it out. It wasn’t as cutting and cynical as I wanted it to be, the character designs are suuuuper uninspired, and I didn’t laugh as much as I expected given the type of series, but a show that takes jabs at otaku LNs is a good show in my book, so I’m ready to give it another chance. I just don’t feel like it’s gonna be able to keep me interested and I already have too much on my plate to be waiting for a meh show to realize its full potential.

(totes forgot to take a screenshot cos the day it aired all I was thinking was how I was gonna rewatch the superior Wednesday anime later)

Mahou Shoujou Ikusei Keikaku: I’d give this show the award of “Showing your cards too soon” of the season. It already had enough creepy factor without the edgelord bloodbath opening scene, and I think it would’ve been way more effective –especially with the events of episode 2- if they’d left it as a seemingly cutesy magical girl show for a bit longer. Instead, they were too desperate to make sure the audience know this was a seriously serious dark edgy show ok, no cutesy PreCure no guys, this is serious and dark and edgy etc etc. As far as Madoka ripoffs go, you could do way worse than Ikusei Keikaku (for example, you could do Daybreak Illusion lmao does anyone remember that bullshit), but I doubt it’s really gonna end up shining in the end. I’ll keep watching for now, but can’t say I’m too invested. I’m in fact partially hoping it’ll turn into garbage hatewatch material along the way

DAYS: This is currently the closest I have to hatewatch material, so I’m unlikely to drop it at this point, but who knows, I don’t put it beyond these writers to make me actually dread the act of watching it. But okay writers, you can have your bullshit Tsukushi bullshit (yes, I said bullshit twice), just give me some Mizuki and we’re good, seriously, just give me enough Mizuki loserness and you have me. At least now I understand why MAPPA didn’t put any money into this, and I’m glad they instead decide to focus their resources in the superior sports show of the season (y’all probably already know what I’m talking about :D)

(no screenshot because I’m lazy)


AKA the shows I’m enjoying, but I don’t feel antsy about not watching the new episode the moment it comes out.

Nanbaka: This is a show that’s hard to sell because it’s very dumb and has no substance whatsoever and it’s kinda tryhard with its comedy and style, but it somehow works? I think this show is the embodiment of something that’s hard to recommend because even if it works for me, I’ve a feeling that wouldn’t be the case for most people. But I like it! I think the jailbreak sequence at the start of the episode was great! And I’m growing to like the characters very fast, especially Hajime no of course it’s unrelated to my crush on iwa-chan the perfect man, what are you talking about. I hope it stays funny and fresh, but I’m not very confident that they’ll pull it off tbh.

Magic-Kyun Renaissance: This is actually way better than it has any right to be? I was very positively surprised by that? It’s probably one of the best UtaPri ripoffs we’ve gotten in a while tbh. At least so far, it’s definitely shaping up to be more KamiAso than it is Amnesia, so that’s a bonus. Visually it’s also very beautiful, and I am particularly in love with the Spanish architecture references (I was in Seville and Barcelone in April and suddenly BAM Seville and Barcelone were in my animu). There’s the super ridiculous fact that “magic art” is basically plain ole’ art but with kira kiras, which is a little disappointing but also kinda histerical. And of course, because you gotta sell those character CDs, they have the calligraphy dude sing a song for no reason, which is terrible and also funny, you can literally taste the production committee wondering how to market terrible seiyuu songs and it was great.

Shuumatsu no Izetta: Two episodes in this still has massive potential to be great, but also massive potential to be 100% certified garbage. Finé is a great protagonist and a strong heroine, so I’d be willing to go on the journey with her, but the male-gazey camera is putting me off. The animation is great and I’m not entirely opposed to the yuribait (which won’t amount to jack because Japan), but the fact that as soon as episode 2 Finé is already out of commission is worrying. I’m not even that bothered by the very obvious phallic witch-flying-on-a-bazooka but there’s that nagging feeling that it’s gonna go to shitland eventually. Hoping it won’t be the case.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans: So I was very lukewarm to this show by the time S1 ended because it felt like all of its promise had gone off the window, but they seem to be going back to that in this season premiere, with the issues of child soldiers and whatnot. I won’t lie, I actually felt a chill when the narration explained that part. We’re 26 episodes in and I’m still not sure of what’s the purpose of Gjallarhorn and I’ve had the ugly feeling that Orga’s gonna die eventually, but for some reason these two episodes got me excited all over again, so for the time being I’ll let Mari Okada fool me for at least five episodes or more. I feel the show doesn’t have a clear direction on where it’s going now, but I’m hoping it’ll figure itself out or make OrgaMika canon, whichever works.

Flip Flappers: This show has so much potential! The animation and visual style is so beautiful and unique! It has that special fairy-tail quality that makes it feel innocent, but with a teeny hint of something more. It doesn’t abuse exposition which is great! The reason it’s relatively low on my list is the unsettling focus on Papika’s torn clothes, and that gross molestation robot, like really show, you’re already fine, you don’t need that garbage, please stop it and focus on your artistic potential thanks


These are shows that I find super entertaining but just not super outstanding. Let’s call them high quality popcorn entertainment (is that eve an actual expression in English, I’m honestly not sure)

Uta no Prince-sama Legend Star: I was falling out of love with UtaPri during S3, but the final episode had renewed my hopes for the franchise and this new season premiere (and the Quartet Night episode) didn’t disappoint! It continues to test the limits of permissible stupidity and still comes out on top, which I find commendable. Also one of my life-long UtaPri wishes has finally come true: They’re not giving away the final performance in the ending!! Now I just hope they decide to go back to 2D animation for the dancing, the 4tet Night and HEAVENS choreographies show they still have it in them. Also I love the twist of the collab between STARISH and HEAVENS, since I was worried about how they were gonna make those boys likable characters (something they already somewhat achieved with 4tet  Night). The new songs so far have been pretty okay compared to S3, so I’m hopeful, though I doubt we’ll ever get something as good as Orange Rhapsody.

3-gatsu no Lion: Okay, maybe this is the exact opposite of popcorn entertainment, but hear me out. I didn’t even know what it was gonna be about going in, so learning it’s about shogi was very exciting since I love shows about this kind of things (Hikaru no Go and Rakugo Shinjuu are both shows I adore). Visually it’s stunning, maybe a bit overstated at times and I think there’s like so much potential here for a powerful emotional story about depression. But I’m also reserving my excitement because both Simbo and the mangaka are creators I’m not a big fan of, so the chances of getting tired of it fast are high. Also, there was something about the female characters that sorta kinda didn’t work for me so I’m… waiting. Hopeful, but cautious (there seems to be a lot of stuff like that in this list)

Classicaloid: I won’t say I’m not slightly disappointed with this show because I kinda am, but it’s not life-crushing disappointment just yet. The show is certainly more childish than I expected it to be, and they’ve already beat the gyoza joke dead, which is sad because the opening half-minute or so is just absolutely brilliant, and the MUSIQUE moment is 100% undiluted fun, but the main girl is a little bit obnoxious and I’m not quite understanding the plot. It is also grating that neither the Classicaloids or the people around them know about their historical counterparts, as if they didn’t exist in this universe, and that’s disappointing because rehashing of historical figures is way more exciting if they connect them to their real life personas. We’ll see where it goes. Who knows maybe it’ll pull a Thunderbolt Fantasy on us and become super ridiculously fun down the way. Just cut it down on the gyoza jokes.

ALL-OUT!: Well, this one’s off to a pretty good start! While I didn’t lovelovelove it, I thought it was fun and cool. The main two guys get a little grating in episode two, but I already like the team dynamics and the diversity of body types. I don’t know a single thing about rugby, so this could become interesting. It definitely has that Yowapeda-ish feel to the whole thing, fun, silly, but with really exciting matches. I feel like they showed their cards to soon with Iwashimizu’s tragic backstory, but I kinda understand why they did it, to give us the cliffhanger in episode 2, so I’ll be looking forward to see his character pull through this one. I also already really like the senpai with the awful hair (this is where you ask: which one because everyone has awful hair lmao). Nothing groundbreaking, but cool enough to keep my interest.

Drifters: I actually wasn’t expecting much from this one ‘cos I’m kinda over Kouta Hirano but it was really cool? It probably won’t work much for anyone who isn’t a worthless Sengoku otaku, because then most of the jokes and drama will fly over your head, but I enjoyed it! It’s a gratuitously violent schlock, but it basically looks like it’s gonna have cool fights and useless historical trivia, so it’s right up my alley. I particularly liked the nuanced portrayal of Nobunaga and this dude from the Genpei wars is super cute lmao (men in ponytails y’all…). So yeah, I’m really into it so far. I’ve no idea where it’s going but so far it hits the right spots for me so I’m excited to tag along.

Bungou Stray Dogs: This one’s on the edge of this section and the top section. These premiere episodes have been so much what I always wanted this show to be that I’m super excited to see where it will go. The twist at the end of episode two was only partially predictable, and while at first I was wondering how they’d connect it to the American writers that are supposed to be the focus of this season, all my concerns have been dissipated. It definitely feels that they’re going in a more serious direction for this second cour and I’m super pumped for it. I’m guessing the flashback will end next week when the fallout of ep 2 probably drives Dazai away from the Port Mafia. So so so excited for this one.

High Priority

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: Maaaan the Barakamon vibes I’m getting from this. I don’t even know how to explain how much this works for me. I love the visuals, the character designs, the little hints at character and drama that we’ve gotten, everything just works for me perfectly. The melancholic flashbacks to the MC’s childhood and that sense of nostalgia and loss was heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I just want to eat up all of this show and then some, it’s just so far everything I wanted it to be since I first read the synopsis.

Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: I was 100% ready to be horribly disappointed with this one and I’m certain a lot of people were but I loved it? It gave me more than I expected? I think my only grief is that they spend most of the time in the work clothes, and I wish they’d wear their elaborate beautiful costumes more. I wasn’t aware that these swords were supposed to belong to historical characters, and the first two episodes gave me everything a worthless rekijo like me could’ve ever dreamed of. The Oda Nobunaga episode in particular was beautiful, I just love that kind of nuanced reinterpretation of the character and how they portrayed his troubled relationship with his swords. I’m also already shipping the Okita Souji swords OTL. Hope the Date Masamune sword gets any sort of character development because even my friends call me a worthless Date Masamune otaku (one of these days I’m gonna take pictures of all my Date Masamune merch just to prove that point)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable: The last cour of this awesome JoJo is upon us and it continues to be fun, cool, with great animation and striking visuals and just all around hilarious. I’ve not much more to say other than I continue to enjoy it immensely and it’s still one of my favorite shows every week. Loving the development we got for Rohan recently and the very clever (lol) use of Crazy Diamond (fuck your copyright) in the last episode. 

Fune wo Amu: The last show to premiere this season, and it’s a pain to find it because Amazon made that bullshit deal with noitaminA only to sit on those licenses apparently. It was one of my most anticipated shows of the season and it definitely didn’t disappoint. The topic is unique, and hard to sell (a show about dictionaries?!) but I like the idea of subverting the notion about dictionaries being boring and delving into what the process of making one entails –something I’d never really give much thought to-. The character animation is wonderful and it already shows a lot of promise. Also kudos because a show with adult protagonists is a good thing on principle alone (and we have a good handful of those this season). I’m super intrigued to see where they’ll take this one.

Natsume Yuujichou Go: Natsume has been the reigning emperor of iyashikei yokai anime and if any if you had ever forgotten that, it’s finally back to remind you of it. If I understand correctly this will be the final season? (someone who knows better could enlighten me), and if that’s the case then it means we’re on to learn way more about Reiko’s story who even after 4 seasons remains shrouded in mystery. These two episodes take us right back into it, simple, sweet, quiet and heartwrenching, all the things Natsume does best. Excitement isn’t the right word for this kind of show, but I’m definitely happy to have this wonderful show back one last time and to continue to watch Natsume himself grow.

Extremely High Priority

For the first time in a while I had to create a new category  because the amount of love I feel for these shows can’t even begin to be explained. But that won’t be of any surprise for anyone who follows my blog.

Haikyuu!! Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa: Do I even need to explain why I love this show so much? How amazing the characterization is? How cool the animation? How exciting the games? How deeply well executed the emotional beats? I was swooning over Nishinoya for the entirety of these two episodes, and dying for the bits of Tsukki that we’ve gotten, since I know how much he’ll grow during the game. And they’re already doing such a good job at slowly building the Shiratori guys’ personalities. The new OP and ED are SO GOOD. We’re getting Miracle Boy Satori next week and my blood is pumping!

Yuri!!! On ICE: I was so worried about this. I’d been so hyped about it because the PV was so beautiful and the teaser of the opening had sent my heart soaring and I was just so afraid that it wouldn’t live up to my expectation, but it lived up to them and surpassed them and crushed them and seriously I have never been so completely obliterated by a show so quickly. I can’t even describe it. It is gorgeously animated, and it is so emotionally on point, the character animation and body language is so fluid and detailed and there’s just so much even in such a short amount of time I’ve found myself rewatching the episodes over and over. This is sublime and magnificent and I’d sell my soul for this show without hesitation. Is it Wednesday yet.

And that’s the season my friends. I’m so so so excited for all of it! I feel this year has been full of good anime and each season gets progressively better than the previous one (lmao remember winter when we had this one absoutely world-stopping magnificent show and everything else was super meh?)

What are ya’ll watching? Think I’m missing out on something? Any show you expected that disappointed you? Any show that surprised you for good or bad? Anyone willing to answer these questions or am I doomed to eternal silence? Since my Yuri on Ice excitement has garnered me around 50 followers (woah) hopefully y’all are excited to see gay skating take over my blog for the next three months :D

An analysis of Thranduil in "Desolation of Smaug" and "Battle of the Five Armies"

Kill me for this if you wish, but I hadn’t read the Hobbit until after Battle of the Five Armies came out, and one of the things I did notice in Desolation of Smaug, was that Thranduil was portrayed as an isolationist  villain, and he was only made worse in Battle of the Five Armies.

To be quite frank, I actually like movie!Thranduil, and while he’s certainly nothing like book!Thranduil, I enjoyed Pace’s performance, I just find it’s a pity that we didn’t actually get to see him act like the king he was, as most of his scenes revolved around Tauriel. And I’m really sad to see that a lot of the younger members of the fandom (especially Tauriel lovers), constantly hate on Thranduil for his actions.

What bothered me was that the movies went out of their way to make us believe he was a villain just so that Mary Sue (I mean Tauriel) could shine in all of her glory, and that was wrong.

But, that aside, can we actually take a look at what Thranduil actually did in these movies?

I don’t mind his first introduction, as he’s presented as quite a haughty character with the sophisticated look and throne, I always felt that there was something regal in the silence, that Thranduil didn’t have to speak in order for you to know he’s royalty, and that was simply in the way he acted without having to say anything.

The overlaying of Thranduil and the throne room, I felt worked well, as it showed him in his environment and sort of made me believe him as an integrant part of Mirkwood, that he wasn’t just some character but that he had a reason to be there too. That Thranduil as a character and Mirkwood as a place were strongly bonded together. He was presented as a character in his environment and it was done in a believable manner, unlike some other characters (yes, Tauriel, I’m looking at you).

Next scene was the confrontation with Thorin, and kudos to Pace and Armitage, who are both great in their role (or far more convincing than a few others I won’t mention…).

The scene worked because there was tension there, and Thranduil was totally within his rights to order the capture of thirteen treaspassers –because that’s what they are. If thirteen suspicious and armed strangers, who could be potentially dangerous, enter your realm without anyone’s knowledge and put up a fight when “captured”, wouldn’t you be suspicious? Thranduil’s a king, his first duty goes to the protection of the people of Mirkwood. If he felt that Thorin might have posed a threat to their safety, I’d say he’s probably right with bringing him to his palace –maybe not as a prisoner and thrown into a cell, but hey, movie!Thranduil is supposed to be a villain…

Anyway, the five-minutes scene managed to establish a connection between Thorin and Thranduil, and while we only got Thorin’s version of events of what happened when Smaug attacked (so we would probably side with him up til this point), we get Thranduil’s version of events, and why he didn’t help. Personally, I still think he should have, especially if he was supposed to be Erebor’s ally, but then again:

You can’t expect him to send his men to their death facing a dragon if he knows first hand what scars it can lead, and as a king, Thranduil’s loyalty firstly goes to his people.

Then, he has his scene with Tauriel, and before I go any further into this, I want to point out that Thranduil holds more affection for his captain of the guard than his freakin’ son. Which is totally wrong. I get that they wanted to make Tauriel this uber-Mary Sue and everybody loes her because she’s so super special and good and amazing and everything (frankly, she isn’t, but whatever…), but the fact that this is the only time Thranduil actually talks in an un-kingly way to someone and that that someone is not his son but the elf captain who later betrays him, it just make me sad.

Couldn’t the movies, which decided to be three hours each so they could flesh out characters, accord some time to establish a father-son bond between Thranduil and Legolas? Because, I swear, by the end of Battle of the Five Armies, their family bond was as inexistent as it was when we first saw them, their bond had went through no evolution whatsoever, Legolas was only Tauriel’s puppet/supporter/servant… You get the idea.

So, Thranduil tells Tauriel that other lands are of no concern of his while Tauriel wants to kill all of the remaining spiders. I’m not going into how the “most compassionate character” suddenly has this bloodthirsty want to kill the spiders, but I want to again point out that Tauriel is his captain of the guard! Her job is guarding, protecting what she’s meant to guard! In this case, it’s Mirkwood, and  Thranduil, while not necessarily right about saying that other lands are of no concern of his (again isolationist!Thranduil is only movie!canon), he’s right in reminding her of her duty.

Hell he even straight out says “their fortress lies beyond our borders. Keep our lands clear of those foul creatures,that is your task.” And Tauriel argues with him on it again. (Shouldn’t a captain of the guard not question the decisions of his king when they are not wrong? If Tauriel’s main concern was other lands, then why did she become a freakin’ captain of the guard in the first place knowing the position would undoubtedly tie her down to Mirkwood??? Is her QI really that low?)

Then Thranduil somehow magically knows that Legolas might harbor feelings for her (Mary Sue powers I guess), so Tauriel knows how deeply Legolas values her, Thranduil has given her that information, and yet, she still manipulates him later into believing that Thranduil is in the wrong and basically turning Legolas against his own father. Tell me again why little girls should aspire to be like her? She’s an emotional backstabber and there’s nothing whatsoever to admire in that behavior.

I’m not against Thranduil having a relationship with another main character than Legolas (and even that relationship is literally non-existent), but this isn’t the way to do it! He’s basically complimenting Tauriel on her skills but doesn’t act like a king, rather a surrogate father. I get that Tauriel and Legolas are supposed to be friends, that they supposedly grew up together ( I thought Tauriel was around 600 and Legolas 3000, how would they have grown up together?), but this? He doesn’t talk to Tauriel like he ought to talk to a captain of the guard, and that’s because of Tauriel’s Mary Sue powers, nothing else.

Anyway, we cut back to Thranduil after the dwarves’ escape, and he seems surprisingly calm that his prisoners have just managed to flee right under the noses of his guards. Maybe they did fall under attack from a pack of orcs, but Thranduil doesn’t seem like the type of person who would name the first random elf a member of his guard, I would have expected him to show some kind of emotion towards the fact that his guards let the dwarves escape.

Instead of having his guards try to search for their prisoners, he brings a lone orc Tauriel and Legolas kept alive (why, I have no idea, this scene was just pure plot convenience and it’s awful) to interrogate it. Now, I have nothing against Thranduil wanting to know any information the orc might posess, after all, if it could threaten his kingdom and his people, why not, but when the orc starts referring to Sauron and the Necromancer and he decides to keep that from Legolas, I can only see some really poor family relationship there. I mean Thranduil trusts Tauriel more than his own son! No, he doesn’t talk to Tauriel about this either, but he ensures her with a lot more responsabilities than Legolas, which, to me, seems kind of odd. If Legolas is his heir, shouldn’t he be training him to take up the throne?

Also note that Tauriel is actually about to kill a prisoner without thinking of the consequences. Thranduil might not like orcs, but at least he knows killing a prisoner who could not defend himself is a bad political move, even if the prisoner was an orc. Why was Tauriel labeled most compassionate character again?

And also regarding this scene, he should have forced Tauriel to leave right from the start, or at least stop her taunting their prisoner. Thranduil doesn’t come off as the type who would act like that. Yes, he’s cold, yes, he’s not too pushed about interfering with others, but to outright torture them? Nope, I don’t think Thranduil would sink this low, even on an orc, and Tauriel was willing to do it to know what happened to Kili. Right there Thranduil should have seen that Tauriel wasn’t the person he needed as captain of the guard, she’s too hot-headed and too impulsive for the job, let alone the fact that she keeps wanting to go outside of Mirkwood instead of staying there to protect it. While he was under no obligation to tell whatever the orc had made him realize to Tauriel or his guards, I would have expected him to show a little more trust in Legolas, his own son, to let him in on what possible danger they might be facing, so that if ever Thranduil were to fall, Legolas could take up the kingdom. But heh, why take time to establish conflict in a family when you can have him be the ultimate villain trying to stop Mary-Sue in her quest bland and uninspired “romance” with Mister “Please, search my trousers”?

And to finish off for Desolation of Smaug, I would have at least expected some concern or hurt on his part about learning of Legolas’ departure and Tauriel’s going against his orders.

Onto Battle of the Five Armies now, and, well, I’m glad that he’s slightly less “evil”, in this one, although he was still supposed to be the moral opposite of Tauriel (well, the pure and good heroine the movies wanted her to be, because I would totally side with Thranduil in this opus).

The first we see of Thranduil in Battle of the Five Armies is him arriving in Dale with his army of elves. I know he’s there in the hopes of reclaiming the necklace, but the fact that he’s willing to ally with Bard and join his army to Bard’s is the complete opposite of what Desolation of Smaug wanted us to believe! If Thranduil was a cold isolationist villain, wouldn’t he have stayed in Mirkwood and sent an emissary to reclaim the jewels? Or if the jewels were as valuable to him as they were in the movie, wouldn’t he have gone to get them on his own without allying with humans? Because the movie is clearly sending us mixed messages there. Firstly Thranduil is a king who has no interest of the outer-world, and next, he’s willing to strike up an alliance with men? I get that he wants allies in case the orcs do come after him or his people, but that quickly?

And let’s not forget that Thranduil shows more compassion (or concern for other races, at least) in that one scene than Tauriel in two movies when he literally offers Bard and the humans a cart full of rations. He didn’t have to do it, he could have kept it for his own elves, as they are his priority after all, but decides to share.

Then the movie does a 360 turn with Thranduil not even giving Thorin and co much of a chance, because it has to remind the audience that Thranduil is after all, a villain, and so we have to remember that Thranduil will attack the Mountain for his jewels if Thorin doesn’t agree, and sticks to that plan when Bard comes back after the failed negotiation with Thorin. Either Thranduil is bipolar or these movies have some serious script issues, and I’m strongly leaning towards the latter.

Meanwhile, Legolas and Tauriel are off traipsing down in Dol Guldur, and I wonder if Thranduil is even aware or worried about his son’s disappearance. I get that Legolas is a grown elf (or should be, anyway), but Thranduil is still a father, and I would have expected him to at least worry about his only child. But then again, nothing at all in those movies suggest that Thranduil and Legolas share any kind of familial bond, so why should they care about oneanother? They could have worked so much on that, it was their argument to bring Legolas back! Why why why did they not flesh out their relationship??? It was a huge missed opportunity!

Oh, but I forgot, family relationships aren’t important in these films, Thranduil and Legolas’ family bond is as inexistent as Thorin’s and Fili’s. And why bother with family when you can be an evil villain trying to stop your Mary-Sue captain of the guard from crushing on your son and on a non-dwarf prisoner? *Sigh*…

Anyway, Gandalf comes back and once again, Thranduil is shown as an uncaring jerk as Gandalf rambles on at how important it is that the Lonely Mountain does not fall to the evil in Dol Guldur, and basically only serves as exposition. And he later does the same when arguing that Gandalf is trying to save Thorin and co, although he doesn’t speak down to Gandalf or Bard, he actually treats them with respect and addresses them as his equals, which, given the villain he’s supposed to be, is kind of odd.

And again, Thranduil seems totally fine with going to war and sending his elves out to battle when in Desolation of Smaug, he’d been working on keeping them inside the borders of Mirkwood as much as possible. The movie’s got to chose, is Thranduil an isolationist who wants the elves to remain safe in Mirkwood or does he actually want them out in the open, fighting?

And then he’s portrayed as a cold-hearted villain again with “If anything moves in that Mountain, kill it.” I know it’s probably to emphasize yet again how Tauriel is so much better than him, but this just came off as such an ooc move from him.

I know he doesn’t like Thorin, but if by mishap one of his archers did fire at him and ended up accidentally killing Thorin, he’d literally have just made an act of war by killing another king. Now movie!Thranduil is supposed to be cold, but as he’s king, I don’t think he’s stupid. And I don’t think potentially killing another king would be a very intelligent move, it certainly doesn’t seem like something Thranduil would resort to anyway. If he were that cold, he would just have killed the orc he’d interrogated at the beginning of the session, or he might have let Tauriel kill it when she’d threatened to kill it, but he didn’t. So this command kind of feels like it’s out of the blue, and it’s just there to kake the audience hate on Thranduil and see him as one of the big villains of the movie.

Besides, if he was such a cold person, wouldn’t he have ordered Bilbo to be killed/taken prisoner when Bilbo came to give them the Arkenstone? Instead, he sees the Arkenstone as a way to prevent war, like Bard, and minimize the impact a conflict might have on his people. Tell me again why Thranduil doesn’t care?

Oh and this!

See how Thranduil just doesn’t care that Thorin’s about to kill Bilbo? Yeah, he totally doesn’t, because Bilbo’s a guy he just met last night and who offered him a solution for a peaceful solution to negotiate with Thorin and prevent the slaughter of his army (who probably, for the most part at least, have families and loved ones praying for their safe return and waiting for them back in Mirkwood)after all, why should he care, right?

Anyway, Thranduil actually orders his elves to help Dain’s men when he arrives and with Bard, heads back to Dale to help the other men. (So much for Tauriel’s “Your father will do nothing” to Legolas, hmm? What did you do to help already, Mary-Sue?) And assisting Dain and Bard results in a huge massacre of his digitally copy-pasted CGI army. No seriously, I’ve only just noticed the elves in the background, and they’re all a copy of one face, which is totally not creepy at all, right?

I’m guessing that Thranduil knows that the elves he brought with him are both young and old and have families waiting for them back in Mirkwood, and knowing what losing his wife has done to him, he’s unwilling to put them through the same pain, I suppose?

I’m not totally supportive of his idea of abandoning Bard in the middle of the battle, since he’s supposed to be his ally, but then again, his people are getting massacred, and as king, his duty is firstly to get them safely back and return them to their families, so I don’t really blame him for recalling his company.

What I can blame him for, is doing nothing when Tauriel freakin’ threatens his life because he won’t send an army of elves to help her save her dwarf crush (no, she doesn’t care about the people dying around her, or she wouldn’t be threatening him like this when her dead comrades she literally spent years with are lying unmoving at her feet).

He should have ordered someone to keep an eye on Tauriel for this, because raising a weapon at him is literally treason, and the fact that he does nothing is just proof of how deeply he cares for Tauriel (or more, how much of a Mary Sue she is that she isn’t corrected for her behavior) and how deeply shocked he is at her betrayal.

And I’m not even mentioning his whole company that just stands there behind him and does nothing? Do they not get that Thranduil’s life is more than likely at risk? Do they actually want him dead too? Are they all traitors then?

And the worst in this scene is that Legolas actually sides with Tauriel. Yup, Thranduil’s pain as he sees his only family member (no matter how inexistent their relationship might be) side against him, God, the hurt on his face says it all. Emotionless bastard my arse, that’s emotion right there for you!

Because Thranduil is totally fine with Legolas leaving him, isn’t he?

And guess what his last scene was? Yup, forgiving Tauriel for threatening him and abandoning her post and saying to Legolas his Mother loved him and that he should find this ten year-old boy in Rivendell. Which is ridiculous. If Thranduil is a father, the leat he can do is actually express that he cares a miminum for his son (hell, even Thorin does it for Fili when he dies, and Fili was even more inexistent in Thorin’s books than Legolas in Thranduil’s! At least Thranduil was aware of his son’s existence and interacted with him, I can’t say as much for Thorin and Fili) and this is all movie script problems.

Battle of the Five Armies is the shortest movie of the trilogy, and the more I look at it, the more character moments I can slide into scenes that would have made them so much better. Because this movie seriously lacked character moments, apart from Thorin and Bilbo, there was nothing.

And his last scene is actually forgiving Tauriel. I know holding on to grudges is not a good thing, but Tauriel’s crimes were grave, as captain of his guard she abandoned her post and those she was supposed to lead, put his son and heir in grave danger and outright threatened him because he wouldn't  help the dwarves (who, up ‘till very recently, were his enemies).

Maybe it wasn’t the right time, and maybe he did feel a little sorry for her crying over Kili, but to forgive her offences so easily, no, just no. Tauriel ought to have been banished, final point: actions have consequences, even when you’re a Mary Sue. By letting her stay (as Lilly herself has said that Tauriel actually returns to her post as captain of the guard), I can only point that to the fact that he is a forgiving character and has shown Tauriel more compassion than she has to any other character in these movies and, frankly, a lot more than she deserves.

So yeah, after all this I totally think that Thranduil was an isolationist villain in these movies, don’t you?

anonymous asked:

Meg, please forgive me for this somewhat ridiculous question but i have to ask because i'm new to the fandom and i'd like to hear opinions from people, who analyze the show. So do you believe that Bellamy is in love with Clarke? Yeah, nothing is 100% canon yet, but do you believe that he's head over heels for her?

Hey anon!

Don’t apologize, this is totally not ridiculous. Also, welcome to the pit!

Yes, I am camp Bellamy Blake is 100% in love with Clarke Griffin and totally knows it.

I’m tagging @storyskein​ because we recently had a lengthy convo about what we think the Bellamy Feelings Timeline looks like and the following includes some of the points from that convo mixed in with a shitton of aimless rambling.

Putting in a Read More because this is long as hell and fingers crossed the rm actually works this time. This is also partially for the anon that asked me actual ages ago to breakdown what I thought the process of Bellamy falling Clarke looked like. I’m sorry this took me so long to answer anon, I hope this is worth the wait.

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A Thousand Little Moments

I got an ask a while ago wondering about my favorite Destiel moments, and after being nice and not overwhelming the poor person, I decided to share my full, detailed, and frighteningly long list with all of you anyway.  Because reasons.  And screencaps.  And a pair of goddamn idiots who have decided to take over my life, and most of your lives as well.

Buckle up, because this is one hell of a rollercoaster.  Please excuse me while I get emotional about a man and an angel falling in love.

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To you who dislike Erwin Smith because he is "creepy", "abusive" or hate him for some other reason

[Don’t read if you’re not following the manga]

Let’s start with Erwin Smith who blames himself for the death of his father, who ”because of a foolish son” got killed by the government. Erwin probably wasn’t even ten years old when this happened, but since then proving right his father’s dangerous theory about the titans has been his mission in life. He most likely sees this as something he must do because of his shame, to give his father’s death something value. One hell of a meaning for a life.

Erwin’s father’s death wasn’t his fault. He was a child. It was his father who should have thought more carefully if it was a good idea to tell his theory to a child at all, or at least he should have explained to Erwin that it was not something that was allowed to discuss openly. Erwin’s father was killed by the government and his own carelessness.

Throughout his childhood Erwin was viewed as ”creepy”. We don’t know what Erwin’s childhood was like aside from his father’s death, but to think that you are a little human being who has lost his father, you blame yourself for your father’s death (he probably did even more as a child, because children tend to do that) and people keep telling you that you are ”creepy”. It’s hard to believe that he even properly understood what had happened at that time. This obviously leaves marks on someone’s personality.

As an adult, Erwin is still considered as creepy and dubious by many people because of his intelligence and secretiveness. Erwin Smith doesn’t trust people, so he doesn’t share his plans or theories. This is obviously an imprint from his childhood, Erwin fears that people will either betray him or get hurt if he opens his mouth. In chapter 55 when he tells about his father to Pixis, he assumably shares the reason he fights for the first time. Levi didn’t know about it, nor did Nile even if he used to be Erwin’s good friend back when they were training. Erwin has carried his purpose with him in silence for 30 years because he doesn’t want to die in vain like his father did, or get anybody else killed for knowing too much. It is so important to him, yet he has been very alone with it.

[Look at his face when he hears about his father’s theory being possibly right and realizes that just maybe his whole miserable life hasn’t been for nothing.]

About loneliness. So apparently, Erwin was in love with a woman when he was younger. A woman who Nile then married and made a family with, giving up joining the Survey Corps and joining the Military Police instead. No, Erwin most likely doesn’t think about Marie anymore, but think how it must have been for him then, to watch his friend choose the nice life with this woman. Being able to choose, to fall in love, which Erwin couldn’t allow himself because he has this mission. It isn’t a small burden. Who knows how much Erwin would like to have a relationship, to have children, to have a family, but he has abandoned these things to prove his father right. Erwin Smith is single because he doesn’t know when he’ll die, said Isayama. Erwin Smith still could have a family, but he doesn’t want to leave the same pain after him that his father did when he died.

I’ve read that some people dislike Erwin because of how he forced Levi into joining the Survey Corps, and that they view him as ”abusive”. Well. First of all, it was Levi who tried to stab Erwin before they had even said hello because Erwin was trying to catch him. Then Erwin tried to ask Levi some questions and yes, Erwin and Mike did dip his face in the mud, and yes they even threatened to harm his friends. But they most definitely wouldn’t have killed them (some people seem to think that Levi joined to save his friends). Levi joined to save their asses from the Military Police where Erwin said he’d take them if Levi refused his offer. Levi was a criminal you see, he was a thief and apparently also a murderer. Erwin said he wouldn’t ask what he has done, he saw fucking wings on his back, and gave Levi the choice to either 1) do something useful with his skill and potential by joining the Survey Corps or 2) take responsibility for his crimes. Levi held a grudge against Erwin for some time, but then deliberately decided to accompany Erwin because he seemed to have what Levi was missing. Despite his past Levi became a person people know, admire and hail as hero.

I also feel like I want to mention Eren here, because Erwin saved him twice. Many view Levi as some kind of savior to Eren, and Levi does look after him. But it was Erwin who decided that they should trust Eren and try to get him into the Survey Corps when Levi was still doubtful, it was Erwin who decided to go see Eren (who was afraid and alone and had no idea what was happening). Erwin literally fucking stormed to talk to him as soon as he was allowed, and he explained where Eren was and was very kind to him. When Levi was being an asshole, calling Eren ”a piece of crap”, Erwin got mad at Levi, made him shut his mouth and even explained why Levi was behaving like that. My favourite part is the part where people romanticize Levi kicking Eren’s ass in the trial to save it. He kicked it because Erwin saw that it could save Eren, and so it was Erwin who apologized for it. You can see how Erwin actually pampers Eren a bit after the trial, the way he is generally being nice, smiling and crouching to shake his hand like he was a child (you would never shake hands with an adult like that). Because Eren actually was a child who had just had a severe beating. Then there’s also the time when Erwin did everything in his power to get Eren back when he was captured, ending up saving him himself with his other arm bitten off. Erwin was ready to give his life for this.

That’s the funniest thing. Erwin doesn’t see himself as someone important or indispensable. He considers people like Levi or Eren to be those things, and he is willing to die for someone like them in a heartbeat if it is needed. Erwin realizes that freeing humanity is something bigger than him, something he has just dedicated his life to. And with this cause in mind he sees the potential in people, he gets aboard the dangerous thug and the titan shifter people fear and listens to the theories of a fifteen-year-old child when he has something in mind. Erwin’s strength is that he sees what other people are capable of and builds from there.

Many people have died under his command, for his ambitious dream of freedom. He doesn’t show it a lot, but he does feel guilt and holds himself responsible. When he lost his arm he said it was a small price to pay for all the death he has caused and that he still has his debts to pay in hell. He listens to people blame him, mock him, shout and rage at him on the street, and he takes it all in time after time. He sees all the blood on his hands and he feels grief just like anyone else would, and sometimes his regret even shows (like when he decides to torture the Female Titan after Levi has told him about all the people who died protecting the Levi Squad from it). Somehow Erwin still has managed to keep himself together for years (and without anyone to comfort him or to take away some of the pain), unlike for example the previous commander who we see falling on his knees crying and raging and screaming ”it’s my fault”. I think Erwin might be a little dead inside in a way that he has accepted himself as the devil and long before doomed, and now he is just trying to change the world for the better as much as he possibly can before his death.

Erwin Smith is not evil nor is he a saint. He is one lonely and troubled bastard, but I think he needs some love. 

wasdmoving  asked:

I know It has been brought up and discussed already, but I still can't decide for myself. In my F!SS playthrough she's with BoS and romances Danse. In My M!SS playthrough Adam doesn't even join the BoS and destroys the Institute with the Minutemen. I wonder in what universe Danse is happier. With Sole or with the BoS? I'm afraid though that in the BoS he might be KIA before reaching the next rank, because PTSD and pushing himself so hard and so on. What do you think?

I have not seen a discussion on this before, but I very much want to know what people have to say about this matter.  However, I will put down my thoughts before I ask to see others’.

Is Danse happier with the Brotherhood of Steel (BOS) or the Sole Survivor (Sole)?

That is a very loaded question, not even counting the part where I need to define the parameters of happiness in order to properly answer it.  Lets say, for the sake of this argument, that happiness is the measure of overall quality of life as well as potential for greatest emotional well being.  We also have to consider the fact that any post Blind Betrayal (BB) dialog from Danse, concerning Sole, is skewed.  Since it was based on an ending that did not actually come to fruition.  Given these two things, let us proceed.

Firstly, is Danse happy with the BOS to begin with?

Yes and no.  Danse found purpose with the BOS and with his past this may have seemed the most content life could get. However, he never seems to have found true comradery in anyone within the BOS, save for possibly Cutler (deceased) and potentially Haylen, who was his subordinate and so, not someone he could go to for strength.  The happiest he is, is when the Prydwen arrives and when he is aboard it in general.  It is, quite literally, as he quotes “the only home I’ve ever known.”  I think ultimately that is what he clings to in the BOS. The idea that he is somewhere he belongs.  That is why he gives so much of himself, why he is willing to loose all of himself, to fight for his home.  

We never get a full picture of Danse’s own personal ideals, as separate from the Brotherhood’s, only a taste of them when his defenses are down.  He wonders if he did the right thing killing Cutler when he was changed by the FEV.  The BOS would not question this, all Super Mutants are to be destroyed.  Danse is respectful of Maxson in every way right up until BB, where he says that “Maxson never did like to get his hands dirty.” Implying he has some reservations about the Elder’s leadership style, if nothing else.

Danse’s duties have been taking a serious toll on him mentally and physically, as he devotes every bit of himself to the Brotherhood. All signs indicate it is only a matter of time before something gives out and he breaks.  He’d be lucky if that moment didn’t cost him his life.  Ultimately I think staying in the BOS would result in Danse being killed in action or eventually found unfit for duty.  At which point I wonder if he would have the strength to continue.  

Conclusion, Danse’s overall quality of life in the BOS is falling and does not look to be improving any time soon.  There is potential for him to gain the rank of Sentinel, but only if he lives that long. Which again, I think is unlikely.

Secondly, is Danse happy with Sole?

Yes and no.  Danse is utterly miserable at finding out he’s a synth. His identity, his life, his home all get ripped away in the span of a few hours, leaving him an empty and broken being.  If not for Sole, surely he would not get through the events of BB alive, but also he would not have had to endure them in the first place.  While I think it’s horrible the way Danse learns of his identity and the way those around him act during the crisis, except Haylen of course. I think the fact that he learns who he really is incredibly important.  It is a gateway to acceptance, that Danse would only walk if Sole were by his side.  

Sole cares for Danse, whether good friend or lover, at max affinity Sole gives him that comradery, that link to another human soul that Danse has never had before in his entire life.  Sole has proven they will stand up for him, someday he’ll realize that he’s worth so much more than he gives himself credit for.  

At max affinity a romanced Danse states that he’s happier than he’s ever been, found something he didn’t know he was missing, would do anything for Sole.  The same could be said of Sole.  So, here with them, unlike with the BOS, Danse would be getting his effort, diligence, love and affection returned to him.  Not just giving himself away to a force that would consume him. (Again, I hesitate to put too much stock into the dialog due to it being from a technically different ending).

Being with Sole would give Danse solace and a space to find himself. Figure out who he really was, who he wanted to be.  Ultimately, I think it would bring him peace and the ability to find happiness.

Conclusion, Danse’s overall quality of life with Sole would start low but increase over time.  There is the potential for him be the most satisfied and find substantial meaning in a deep relationship with Sole.  Therefore, I think, given time, the path for Danse that leads to the greatest happiness is the path that he can walk with Sole.

Whew, so, give me your thoughts.