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Part 1 of The Legend of Korra dream cast I want but won’t get, that I spent three days straight working on.

Part 2 HERE.

(*≧▽≦)   hq!! ot3+ week day 2: roommates!!

Canon Shouji Mezou:  ᕦᕦᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤᕤᕤ
  • calm in the face of danger
  • level headed when those around him are volatile and emotional
  • is super protective of others
  • likes squid ink pasta and takoyaki 
  • Ranked 6th on the Quirk Apprehension Test
  • tries his hardest even when his abilities don’t match well with the challenge and he’s at the disadvantage
  • has absolutely nothing in his room except a futon and some clothes
  • can’t wear sleeves so he wears ponchos instead
  • Was born in the most yakuza heavy district in Japan
  • Is friendly, gentle, and empathetic despite being scary to most
  • is close with Satou
  • Is ranked 11th overall in class
  • has tentacles that can get chopped off but also regrow to make a chain of limbs that act as super long extensions of his own body
  • Doesn’t hold a single grudge against anyone
  • Has a grip strength of 540 kilos (1,190.5 pounds!!!)
  • Is the tallest person in Class 1-A
  • frequently talks out of his tentacles
  • eats from his tentacles because he doesn’t want to pull down his mask
  • wears a mask that covers half his face for an unknown reason
  • Once made Ojiro so happy while talking with him that Ojiro started wagging his tail


  • Horikoshi Kohei, creator of BNHA, admits that Shouji is fun to draw
  • His name comes from “壁に耳あり障子に目あり” (Kabe ni mimi ari shōjinimeari? lit. “walls have ears, doors have eyes”).
On Glasses


“Hmm~? Yes, Iwa-chan?” Oikawa’s eyes stayed glued to the match, sparking a flash of irritation in Iwaizumi. For all the attention he demanded from others, the dumbass could never seem to pay attention to others if there was a volleyball around.

“What’s with the disguise? You look stupid, no one is going to think you’re not you just because of a pair of glasses.” Actually, Oikawa looked pretty good with glasses, but no way in hell was Iwaizumi going to say that. 

Oikawa threw Iwaizumi a brief affronted glance. “How rude, Iwa-chan!” 

“Dumbass, you don’t even need glasses, you somehow still have perfect vision. Why are you wearing them? When did you even get those?”

Oikawa froze for a moment before turning to give Iwaizumi an overly-wide smile. “I got them this morning. Why, Iwa-chan? Did you want a pair of your own?”

Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “As if. I’m just saying… You don’t have to hide yourself and pretend you’re not here to watch the game. You’re you. No one’s going to be surprised that you came to watch even though we lost.”

Oikawa blinked in surprise before relaxing and giving a small, twisted smile to the game happening below. 

Iwaizumi quickly looked down, pretending to be riveted by the volleyball match happening below. “And it’s… you know… it’s not such a bad look. Even though you’re a dumbass for wearing them with your perfect vision.” 

Oikawa quickly turned to stare at Iwaizumi for a long beat. A wide, teasing grin broke out over Oikawa’s face and he began to lean slowly towards Iwaizumi. “What did you say, Iwa-chan? That I look amazing in glasses? I mean, I’m always gorgeous, so it’s okay, you don’t need to flatter me more.”

Iwaizumi felt his face redden as Oikawa became dangerously close to lying on the seat between them with his head on Iwaizumi’s chest.

“Hmm, Iwa-chan~? I’m not sure I heard correctly, so you might have to repeat yourself.”

Iwaizumi roughly shoved his hand in Oikawa’s face. “No way in hell! And sit in your own seat, Shittykawa!” 

Married life with Taehyung
  • Tae: Wifey
  • You: Yes bby?
  • Tae: What's your phone background?
  • You: [nervous] W-Why does that matter?
  • Tae: *takes your phone* Because it d-
  • Tae: *sees shirtless picture of Jimin as your background*
  • Tae: *stares at you*
  • You: I can expla-
  • You: Wha-
  • Tae: *holds up his phone and it's the same picture* See!!
  • Tae: We're so alike I'm glad I married you.
  • -Admin Yeonie
Imagine Flirting With Spider-Man During The Airport Fight

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(Final part to this and this imagine!)

“I don’t think so, Bug-Boy!” you jumped at Spider-Man with surprising agility, working to match his own. “Oh, this is nice. This’ll be fun.”

“Wow, how did you do that?” he asked, clearly caught off-guard by your newfound agility.

“Adaptive muscle memory,” you said proudly. “It’s a thing, I promise.” Sam and Bucky continued running as you and Spider-Man flipped around each other. He had the superhuman agility, but you had the ability to copy his every move. Well, almost every move; he shot a line of webbing at the top of the terminal and attempted to swing a kick at your face that you jumped out of the way from.

“Webbing, that’s cute, actually,” you grinned.

“Oh yeah? Well, you’re cute!” Spider-Man tried retaliating, “You’re also, like, pretty, kind of, and stuff, and if I could, I would try to ask you out, but I won’t, because I’m too professional for that, even though you are really cute and funny and stuff!”

“Too bad,” you kicked him hard in the face and sent him flying across the terminal. “I would have said yes.”

“Wait, really?” he asked, watching as you nimbly flipped after Bucky and Sam.

(For Anon)

me: *takes a deep breath*

me: I lov-

my family: omG yes okAY, you love phil’s smile!!1! you love how its slightly crooked and how his tongue sticks out when he laughs- if you say one. more. time. how much you appreciate phil lester I s2g I will kill you- I KNOW HIs smile lights up the whole goddamn world and yEs, he is too precious for this universe so shUt the fck up!! YOU LOVE PHIL LESTER’S SMILE WE FCUKING GET IT

You know what else is great about that Yoonseok duet? (Yes I’m still on that, fight me) Hobi can sing. Like, actually sing. But he didn’t quite use his full voice. Bits of it shone through anyway to the point where you can tell he’s talented, but he held back some. Because Yoongi wasn’t sing-singing and that way they weren’t so unevenly matched. And my heart hurts, this is the sweetest thing.

(Traditional? What’s that? Can you eat it?) Related 

I’m a little afraid of tagging, but: bibbidibobbididette ichigomaniac claramarla tealbruise calnivet der-gao tanekore picklestpickle anywayimnikki amazinglynoobmia andyzambie czerwik hehenyek astronautical-polarbear hann-desu radio-silents  lazy-afternooner silencedmoment syahaba If I see someone being down on themselves, I will fucking crush your bones

Also I probably forgot someone because I’m this clumsy, and I know there are a few artists around here, too, so please, do this if you feel like doing it? It’s a very good exercise! 


My friend Sierra heard I was doing a cover of Mega Stronger Than You and she asked if we could duet! Of course I said yes, because she’s an amazing person omg. We ended up recording, editing and posting this in less than TWO HOURS. I really REALLY like how she edited this as well! And although our vocals don’t match up at some parts, it still sounds pretty neat, I think! ^v^ 
Which one am I? - I am the second one to sing! ^^ 

I may redo this later as a solo but right now I’m super happy with how this came out! ^^

Edit: If you like it - please reblog it! If not, thank you for listening! ^^

I swear Maki is just there like “No stop,” while Toudou is just “More pictures,” and killing it.

Punk AU!  Toudou and Maki with matching bike wheel neck tattoos.  Yes.  Why not.  First time using screentone was on this here actually.  It was fun.  I got a bit carried away.