yes i know how to spell 'snake'

holy shit i just had the best customer service call in my whole life ever

so i called up Nintendo to help out with transferring my purchases from my old system to my New 3DS (cuz the fuckers at my local Gamestop lied to me and said they COULD help transfer, but then was like “lol nope sorry we can’t do that” AFTER i sold them my old system and were like “you can buy back your SD card lolololol” so never going back there again lol)

i had the absolute pleasure of getting a guy named Andrew to help me out

so it got to the part where he asked for my Nintendo ID, which is NepetaQuest (cuz fuck you guys i’m a ride hard die hard leijon girl for life)

usually, i have to immediately spell it out, cuz who the fuck knows how to spell Nepeta???

well, Andrew did

i drew a breath to start spelling it out, but then he goes, “Oh, a Homestuck fan?”

i told him ohmygod yes Nepeta is my baby, he said Vriska was his

while we were waiting for my request to be submitted, we got into a conversation about our first cosplays (how i dyed my hair black for Nepeta and he accidentally used super glue for his fake beard for Naked Snake) and what it was like to be in the homestuck fandom, but how we weaned ourselves off and started enjoying other things during the massive hiatus

“I’m into Undertale and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure these days” I told him, and SURPRISE SURPRISE - THOSE ARE HIS FAVORITES NOW TOO!!!! and then we started gushing about our favorite JoJos and how we cried over certain parts and how psyched we are about part 4 for the anime

but yeah holy shit that was the absolute best call i ever made to customer support anywhere holy christ oh man