yes i know he didn't say it exactly like this

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You know, I've always wondered what exactly Richie was jealous about in the "Mexican Honeymoon" dig. Was he feeling left out bc he missed his brother, jealous bc he didn't get to spend 3 months with Kate, or a combo?I feel like his choice of the word honeymoon implies romance when he knows there wasn't bc of the blood bond. Plus he likened it to him helping santanico when Kate asked if he was doing everything with malvado to help her. Nvm him saying it to Seth too, it's interesting. Thoughts?

Oh yes that is a good question anon! For me personally I’d say Richie’s jealousy was a mixture of both. He knows how much he hurt Seth and its just killing him based on the short discussion about Seth’s heroine addiction in 3x01. You can tell its a touchy subject for the brothers. Seth’s extreme sensitivity to the topic and Richie’s guilt combined not to mention the fact that Richie knows he’s the reason his brother hit rock bottom in season 2. This is among many of their unresolved issues with one another on top of Seth dealing with Richie being a vampire, killing their abusive father to save him, leaving him for Santanico and their uncle and Kate’s deaths. 

When Richie saw into Kate’s soul he not only saw and felt her pain he also saw how much pain his brother was in and this is where his guilt is catching up with him. I got the sense that Richie feels if he hadn’t left Seth maybe he could’ve prevented the shit he was doing in Mexico. Richie loves his brother more than anything and the last thing he ever wanted to do was hurt him to the point where it was literally killing him. The only reason he left with Santanico was to protect his brother, to allow him to have a normal life. He didn’t count on how much Seth actually needed him in his normal life. He can’t even say out right how much he missed and needed his brother too.

And then there’s the fact that Richie has hidden complicated feelings for Kate. The last time they had a meaningful conversation it was back at the Twister when they first kissed. And with the appearance of Santanico coming into his life at that point his heart became incredibly conflicted. He won’t admit this to Kate or anyone for number of reasons but his overreaction to her being alone in Mexico with his brother for 3 months tells me it bothers him a great deal. He saw it all happen when he saw into her soul. And we know based on what Richie said to Malvado [during the Kichie reunion] that he’d been thinking of her the whole time while he was with Santanico so clearly their relationship was a complete sham from the very beginning. 

Richie has never expressed jealousy, not for anything or anyone. Resentment yes but jealousy? no that’s a whole other obstacle. He wasn’t even jealous of Santanico or showed it around her. Richie was jealous of Seth but he was also jealous of Kate too. Seth was with a girl he’d become immediately close with despite not knowing her very long. She was his simple human connection; a person who saw the real him and didn’t judge. And the fact that he even used the word “honeymoon” strikes me as odd because it is a very explicit term and implies Richie does have a romantic interest in her. But Kate was with his brother whom he missed terribly and was completely miserable without the entire time they were apart. Also up until he was turned Richie and Seth were ALWAYS together, it was just the two of them against the world and no one else. I think he was maybe feeling as though Seth had tried to replace him with Kate which had to hurt a lot.

But I also think there was anger in this moment. Richie’s angry at himself for leaving Seth and causing him all that pain. He’s angry at Seth for allowing himself to succumb to his demons so easily which nearly killed him. And maybe just maybe Richie was even a little bit angry at Kate for enabling his brother’s addiction. That’s why when Seth accused Richie of getting Kate killed Richie’s first reaction was to lash out in anger. He was already jealous of the idea of his brother being with a girl he really liked and angry at himself for what he put his brother through but also suffering internally because in some way he might’ve agreed with Seth. Kate was with him at the time of her death and he was already guilt ridden that he couldn’t protect her.

Richie had to watch Kate die in front of him hating his guts. This girl was the only person outside of his brother that he really REALLY cared about and never wanted to hurt. He was beating himself up over what happened to Kate in 2x10 by the time he reunited with his brother that Seth’s anger towards him added more salt to the wound. He knows how much pain Seth was in which is why he purposely used it against him to hurt him back like he was already hurting. Richie hates himself for what happened to Seth in Mexico while they were apart but now he’s suffering even more because he lost Kate just like he lost his uncle. This is why his initial reaction in this moment with Seth was jealousy as much as it was anger. Richie in the end put it all on himself so his brother wouldn’t carry that weight which is a true testament of his love for him.

One thing is made very clear anon Richie loves both Seth and Kate, so much he would literally die for both of them. He can’t live without either of them. They are his only links to his humanity. 

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(different anon) oh gosh! blurted out? Like "did I just said it out loud?!" or in a conversation, Sans would say something and she just "I certainly didn't dreamed about us doing stuffs in space". How would he react?

“Ah…yes…I certainly didn’t dream about us doing stuffs in space,” you replied nervously.


“Why are you saying ok like that?!?! Ok. Ok?!?! Do you know something. I think you know I know you know.”


“It isn’t like I meant to or anything! God, stop looking at me like that!”

“like what?”

“Like with your face!”




“so, what exactly did we do in space?”


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One thing I like about Starscream's relationships is that he does get close to people and then pushes them away. He buries Wheeljack in science. He praises Windblade but keeps her at arms length like a "professional" relationship even though he heavily relies on her as his personal cityspeaker. With Bee he says he'll do exactly the opposite of his advice, but he still doesn't. He takes about 2/3 of it. When Windy's half if the council backed him he didn't know what to do. Getting there though.


Thinking about this is causing me emotional pain :’D Thank You

IDK what else to day…you said everything. you have said what needs to be said. the good shit has been spoken.

My Friend and I Last Night
  • Friend: Dude Shut up, I've just had an epiphany!!!
  • Me: Oh no, Go on...
  • Friend: Okay, so you know how ghosts have those little whispy taily things?
  • Me: Yes...?
  • Friend: Like the lower half of their body is a long tail..?
  • Me: Yes bro, like Danny Phantom.
  • Friend: Anyway, so hear me out.
  • Me: Sure..
  • Friend: Ghosts, are just Air Mermaids.
  • After saying this he felt really stupid and didn't want to bring it up again lol but we all know I'm going to be sitting with him at some point and just go: "Air Mermaids."

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"Do you have any Irish in you?" Apparently the correct answer he was hoping for was, "No," so he could say, "Do you want some?" Instead he got a conversation about how yes I'm half Irish actually so where are you from ah that's nice I've a cousin there now isn't that where they had that trouble with the ... and i didn't know why he was <:-/ what an eejit, he must've thought the streets were paved with morons. Hope the appointment goes well.

Are you Steve Rogers tbh because that sounds like exactly the sort of thing he’d do