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So this epic essay/rant began as my thoughts on the scene in S10 (Home Again) where Scully calls Mulder “Fox”.  I get it, I really do that Mulder is “Mulder” and Scully is “Scully” for a lot of shippers and that’s sacred to a lot of you.  But for me it really was a gut punch to hear her call him Fox in that moment… because it suggests to me that in their most intimate, emotional moments they are comfortable with using their first names - in fact, not just comfortable, it’s a kind of language they use to communicate intimacy.  Which started in the show, but they’ve clearly developed that closeness further in the 10+ years since we last saw them.   

So yes, when Scully first wanted to use this language in Tooms to convey an intimate, heartfelt moment with Mulder, (she’s about to tell him she wouldn’t put herself on the line for anyone but him) she goes to call him Fox and he can’t allow it - he tells her to call him Mulder… he lies in fact, he says he makes everyone call him Mulder, even his mother - but when we see his mother she never once calls him that.  Not to mention all of his old flames have called him Fox and he doesn’t chastise them.  Even Scully’s mother, Margaret continues to call him Fox even after Scully has corrected her.

Mulder was putting up a barrier in Tooms - he didn’t want to allow Scully to get too close - I mean, the guy has a history of dating female co-workers, when you think about it.  Perhaps he’d decided he didn’t want that to happen again with Scully - she had become very special to him and he didn’t want to lose her to a fling or short-lived romance. 

Perhaps that also goes some way to explain why he took so long to act on his feelings for her, and the one time he lets his guard down and does act on them (Fight the Future) he doesn’t allow himself to revisit the moment with Scully later.  The bee sting lets him off the hook after a moment of weakness where his deeper feelings for Scully surface as a result of the intensity of the moment (and he tries to kiss her).  But once the moment is gone, the barrier is back up.

When Scully herself attempts to revisit the moment in the first episode of S6, (The Beginning) Mulder is actually quite cold towards her; he removes his hand from hers and walks away.  God, the pain of that scene, which was in no small part the result of reuniting with one Diana Fowley. 

Let me side step into talking about Diana for a moment… 

I think Mulder/Fowley relationship was a kind of pre-cursor to Mulder/Scully relationship for him.  Fowley was also a beautiful, intelligent woman that he felt attracted to but the difference here was that he acted on those feelings - he let her in; she calls him Fox from the get go, and still does right up until their last scene together.  But look where that ended up for him - she abandoned him and their work together.  Ultimately she was willing to sacrifice her relationship with him for self interest and I think he was pretty badly hurt by that.  What those interests are, we never find out.  But it clearly wasn’t a good enough reason for Mulder to accept, as in The Sixth Extinction he can hear her thoughts, knows her reasons - even as we don’t - and he doesn’t react to her at all, even as she’s telling him she loves him, he doesn’t move to return her feelings.  He pretends to be out of it, but as she leaves the room, he watches her go - letting us know that he does not trust Diana any longer.

This is backed up rather than contradicted by Amor Fati, where Mulder has his last temptation of Christ moment, where Diana ultimately is a figurehead of deception, manipulation, and stagnation.  She sleepwalks him into ruin and away from his chosen path in exchange for domesticity.  That isn’t Mulder, and no one knows that better than Scully - a woman who is able to love a man like him without making any demands of him, whereas Diana is the opposite.  One of these days I will write a mammoth essay about how incredible Scully is… but I digress…

So how does this figure into how and why Mulder would keep Scully at a distance?  Well we as humans often function on the faulty thinking that history will repeat itself; particularly in interpersonal relationships.  I suspect he fears being hurt for one, but also fears losing Scully if he goes down the same path with her that he did with Diana.  So when Scully reminds him of what he said to her in his hallway right before the bee stung, (The Beginning) he doesn’t respond - the walls are up and he refuses to go back to that place again, and quite cruelly shuts Scully down.

In my shipper heart, and apparently backed up by Chris Carter (although he changes his mind on this all the time, so whatevs) Mulder was attracted to Scully straight off the bat; which is pretty clear in the pilot and early episodes imo - he’s a young man and she’s a beautiful, extremely intelligent young woman who stands her ground with him (that - as we discover over time - is kinda his “type”).  

But pretty quickly he starts to care for her deeply; to feel he can trust her and only her - she’s his human credential, as David Duchovny once poetically put it and that’s even more true in the earlier seasons where Mulder is clearly more bothered by how people view him - with Scully at his side, he stops caring - we stop hearing him reflect on this label of “Spooky” his fellow Agents have given him.  

He was isolated and alone, and she saved him from that - she accepted him.  It’s completely understandable that he’d start to feel very protective of her and their friendship.  So with that in mind, he can’t entertain any thoughts of attraction towards her as that would risk that friendship. So when she tries to call him Fox he’s suddenly quite uncomfortable.  He even seems embarrassed.  Then shocked and I think quite moved, when she tells him she wouldn’t put herself on the line for anyone but him.  But his response?  He plays it off with a flippant comment about iced tea!  He clearly needs to maintain that bit of professional distance to keep their relationship platonic.  Which he often achieves with humour. 

So returning to that moment in S10 (Home Again) to see her call him Fox - it’s a huge deal that he now lets her… they’re at a different level of intimacy now, he’s not trying to keep her at arms length or away from his heart anymore; which is made all the more interesting because they’re no longer together in this scene.

That says to me the breakup wasn’t a mutual decision; it definitely wasn’t what Mulder wanted - it feels like they are communicating loud and clear that it was Scully that ended their romantic relationship and I get the feeling he’s still pretty heartbroken over it.  His slightly bitter remarks in My Struggle where Scully says it’s good for him to get out of “that little house” referring to their home together in IWTB and he responds with “it certainly was good for you.”  Ouch! 

Then his comment in Tad O’Malley’s car where she says they’ve both moved on with their lives now the X files are closed and she says “for better or worse” and he says “for better, for worse..” and Scully is clearly very uncomfortable with what he’s said.  There’s so many freakin’ layers here - the most obvious one being the fact these are wedding vows - what are they hinting at here?  (God I sincerely hope they didn’t get married and divorced - but I wouldn’t put that past CC)  but my interpretation is that Mulder is saying Scully was better for it, but he was worse.  The final bitter comment is when he mentions the fact that Scully had apparently once referred to his pursuit of UFOs as having a “stranglehold on her life”.  Ouch.  Again.

But for me, the most heartbreaking scene revealing the depth of Mulder’s loneliness without Scully was in episode 2 (Founder’s Mutation) There is one scene where we see him sitting in the kitchen of the “little house” they once shared together, alone, looking at a photo of William… Gods… what are you trying to do to me, CC??  His lonely figure sitting at the kitchen table in a family home, with 2 empty seats is just another gut punch.  

Yeah, he’s definitely still hurting over it.   

So just to briefly touch on the first names thing one last time, because I can clearly go off on some epic tangents here; Scully never had any issue with Mulder calling her Dana; it takes her by surprise once (Beyond the Sea) - but every other time he did it, it was again to create intimacy and closeness, it’s not some awful transgression that’s a betrayal of their past relationship - it’s an evolution of it. Thinking here of how hung up people get about Mulder referring to Scully as “Dearest Dana” in an email in Trustno1.

I want to hear her call him Fox again - at least one more time.  Sex scene, anyone?  Ha!  FIGHT ME!

The Docks

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Title: The Docks

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 963

Warning: angst & fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but the song Anchor by Novo Amor inspired me to write this! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much! <3

You sat on the dock, letting the wind brush through your hair.  You often came to the docks when you were stressed or when you needed to think.  This time it was both.  The breeze felt refreshingly cool against your skin after a warm fall day.  The sky was painted with colors from pink, to a light orange.  It made the walk from the office worth it.

A pair of footsteps could be heard on the wooden planks behind you, but you didn’t look behind you.  There was something captivating about the calmness of the water.  The evening sky distracted you from the troubles of today.

“[Y/N],” Gibbs mumbled, placing a hand on your shoulder.  “You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.  We have a murderer still running around.”

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Imagine attending a family gathering with Jared

I throw my phone across the room, seeing it crash against the couch and finally falling on the floor. I have reached every single one of my friends trying to find someone who could come with me to this boring family meeting I had in a few days, but everyone seemed to be occupied or taken. It’s not like I needed a booty call, I just wanted someone to help me survive a night with my family.

I stare at my phone, trying to decide whether I should go and see if I broke it or not, but I’m too frustrated to move an inch. When the phone comes to life, announcing a new call, I leave aside my frustration and run towards the damned device.

“Yes?!” I answer quickly, not even looking at the caller ID.

“Call Jared”

Not even a hello? Ok. “Emma?”

“Call Jared, he’d go with you”

I throw myself on the couch, letting out a deep sigh, “Jared doesn’t like to go out with me, he’s always avoiding me. Why would he want to go to this thing with me?”

“Just call him, please” Emma asks, probably a bit tired of my dateless situation, “You’ll thank me later”

Without even saying good bye, Emma hangs up on me. I stare at the phone, still processing Emma’s idea. Jared always looked bored around me, he didn’t even look me in the eyes the few times I was able to make him speak to me. The devil was handsome as hell, and going with him would be quite the experience, but I knew he’s answer even before searching for his name on my contacts.

I watch his name for a few seconds, but I’m already in a tight situation, being rejected by Jared wouldn’t affect me as much as I would expect. I dial the number, waiting only a matter of seconds before hearing his voice on the other side of the line.


He sounds confused, and I would be too if I suddenly receive a phone call from him.

“Hey, Jared” My voice sounds trembly, I’m nervous when I shouldn’t be, there’s no reason for me to be like this, right?

“Oh, hi, how are you?”

“Um… Fine, I guess. You?”

“Fine too, thanks”

Most awkward conversation of my life. We have been on the phone for 10 seconds and it is the most we have talked in the last two years since Emma introduced us.

“Is everything alright?” He asks me, breaking the uncomfortable silence between us.

“Yes, I just… Well, I wanted to ask you something”

“Ok, go ahead” His voice sounds calm, the confusion left behind by hints of curiosity.

“Next friday I have a meeting, a family meeting” I start, “My family can be a bit… complicated and it is hard for me to face them alone. So… I was wondering if you…”

“Yes” He interrupts me, but is the only thing that he says. Jared suddenly shuts and I can hear him sigh through the line.

“Oh… “ I mutter, surprised by his quick answer, “Ok, then”

“Do I have to wear something in particular?”

“Not really, just avoid anything too colorful” I pause for a second, trying to recover my breath, “Thank you so much, Jared, I really appreciate it”

“It’s alright” He says, and I can feel the hint of a smile, even through the phone, “I guess I’ll see you friday then”

After saying my goodbyes to Jared I call Emma to thank her for the idea. She just laughs and recalls the fact that she said I would be thanking her later.

Friday comes faster than I expect. It’s almost five o’clock and I’m checking my reflection on the mirror. I’ve changed my clothes at least six times, and a seventh was coming.

The meeting starts at six and I still can’t decide what to wear. Great.

By the time I choose a simple black cocktail dress, my ring is already announcing Jared’s arrival. I quickly get on my heels and run downstairs. I freeze once I open the door.

“Hey” He greets me, a shy smile appears on his lips as he gives me one quick looks before avoiding my eyes completely.

Jared is dressed full on black. His jacket, shirt, trousers, his boots. All black. Except for the red plaid shirt tied around his hips.

I know I’m taking too long to ask him to come inside, but my eyes can’t look away from his eyes. His hair is falling on his shoulders, the wind moves it slightly to his face, and a sudden urge to come closer and put the strings of hair behind his ear is too much for me.

I look away, opening the door for him.

“I’ll be right back”

I try to smile, but I know the thing that appears on my face is a terrible attempt.

Back in my room, I grab my purse and phone. One last look in the mirror and I make sure to breath properly before going back to Jared.

He’s waiting by my door, checking his phone, smiling at something he just received. I want to ask, but I most certainly can’t.

“Ok, are you ready?” I ask him, feeling nervous but not knowing if the meeting or Jared was the real cause.

“Yeah, let’s go”

We get in his car, and I give him the address to my parents house. Half of the drive there we spent it in silence. Jared doesn’t look at me, he’s just concentrates on the rode, and I try to calm my nerves.

“Why are you so nervous?” He asks me, his eyes still on the road.

“I told you, they can be complicated” I shrug, “They always ask the wrong questions”

“All relatives do” He laughs, and I’m pretty sure this is the first time I hear it. And I want him to do it again.

“I know, but you’ll see…”

By the time we arrive, it’s already past six. My mother was gonna kill me. Jared parks right outside the house and helps me get out of the car. Our hands touch for a couple of seconds, and it feels way too good. But not so much when he slips it away, putting both inside his pockets.

I shrug the moment off and walk him to the front door, which I don’t even get to knock when I see my mom in front of us crossing her arms.

“You are late” She blurts, giving me a severe look, “It’s 6:15”

“It’s only 15…” I try to say, but she shuts me raising both hands.

“No excuses, now get inside”

The only thing I can do is nod and get inside the house, Jared following me in silence. She takes us to the backyard where my whole family laugh, eat and joke about anything.

“Ok, now I get it” Jared whispers in my ear, “Is this your whole family?”

“No, there are always those who prefer to send postcards” I shrug, counting at least 30 people in there, “Thanks for being my backup”

“No problem” He laughs, and I cringe at the sound.

During the first couple of minutes we are invisible. My family is too busy to notice us next to one of the tables, and I thank that. Jared is quiet, as always, and looks around amazed. My little cousins are running around ruining my mom’s flowers. The teens sit apart, looking annoyed at all the old ones. And the adults drink and eat like it’s the end of the world.

“Your family ain’t like this?” I ask him to break the ice.

“No, it’s just my mother, brother and I” He says with a smile, and his eyes finally looking at mine, “I think I’ve never seen this ammount of people in a backyard”

“When I was little it was worse, the ones that send postcards used to come too” I drink the rest of the white wine in my cup for dramatic effect, piercing his eyes with mine, “It was awful”

Jared laughs and I feel proud of myself. Well done, well done.

“Do you want me to get you a plate? You haven’t eaten a thing”

“I’m okay” He mumbles, looking at the food in the table.

“Jared, come on, you have to eat”

I grab him by the arm so we can stand by the center of the table. When I take a plate, I notice how distress he looks, rubbing his hand on the back of his neck.

“Ok, what’s going on?”

“Your mom likes her meat” He mutters close to my ear, and I take it the funny way before realizing what he really means.

“Shit, I forgot” I say, stopping my laugh in a second, “I’m so sorry Jared, I forgot you were vegan. God, my mom do loves her meat. Shit, shit, shit”

“Hey, it’s okay” He stops me, grabbing the plate on my hands, “I’m sure there’s something I can eat”

“Jesus, Jared, even the salad has meat. God, I’m so sorry. Wait here, I’ll find you something to eat”

After naming half of Jesus’ family between apologies, I leave Jared alone before he stops me again, and I run to another table on the other side of the backyard. The food in here looks less meaty, and a bit more appropriated for Jared. I end up putting some salad in a plate and all the other things that look like they don’t have any animal in them. Satisfied by my effort, I return to the place where I left Jared only to find my little cousins trying to steal some cake.

“God, they found him”

My cousins give me a look probably thinking I’m crazy, but I leave them behind trying to find Jared in the sea of people.

This is the moment when I realize that our backyard is way too small for the family I have; that some of my uncles are too tall and I’m too small; and that some of my aunts can’t stand another second without showing me pictures of their new grandchildren.

This is why I hate these meetings. Too many people trying to catch up with the rebel daughter and niece that they only see in rare occasions.

After what feels like an hour, I catch a glimpse of Jared’s hair. He’s with a group of men in the center of the sea, a glass of wine resting on his hand. When I reach the group, I receive quick hugs and “I haven’t seen you in forever”, accompanied by the not so appealing “Look how much you’ve changed!”. Jared catches the plate on my hands before I throw it to the ground due to the infinite hugs.

“I found this boy abandoned next to the table” My uncle Mark talks with his usual loud voice, grabbing me by the shoulders, “A really nice boy”

“What happened to Sam?” Tom asks starting with the forbidden questions, and I don’t expect less from the cousin that used to pull my ponytails and braids, “I thought he was giving you THE ring”

“We broke up” I blurt with the same tone of voice my mother used with me not long ago, “There wasn’t any ring”

“Good, I didn’t like him” My uncle laughs, too loud, and too exaggerated, making my whole body move with his. I just want him to let me go and crunch in a corner, “He had too many muscles. That wasn’t natural. You can’t have a relationship with my niece and spend your whole day in the gym. It’s a Sin”

The rest of the group agrees with him, and I look amazed at the group of men discussing my love life. Jared tries to hide a smile behind his cup, but I notice it.

“So, you are Jared, right?” Tom asks, and I prepare myself for the new round of questions.

Jared nods to Tom as I try to get off my uncle.

“What’s up with your plate? You don’t eat meat?”

“No, I’m vegan”

The look on everyone’s face is unpayable, the whole group shuts looking at him like he’s crazy. I laugh, leading the surprised looks to my face now.

“You stopped dating muscle guy to date a vegan?!” Uncle Phil asks me completely in shock. He’s too religious for his own good and I avoid him like the plague.

I don’t get to tell him that we are… wait, we are not even friends.

“What about seafood?” Tom asks him, Jared shakes his head finishing his wine, “You only eat salad?”

“No, there’s plenty of meals you can elaborate with…”

“But meat is so tasty” Uncle Mark interrupts him, and he sounds really offended.

“What do you eat?” Tom keeps with the questions and I just want to choke him.

“Well, nothing with a face or a mother” Jared answers with a smile, and I burst in laugh again.

“Hey, you have a face” Tom teases, pointing a finger at me, “What about…?”

“Tom, just shut up” I cut him off before he can even continue with his question, “Enough, alright?”

I manage to let go of my uncle’s grip, walking to stand by Jared’s side.

“Why do you have to act so offended? Don’t you get bored of being so close minded?” I hear Jared whispering my name to stop me, but I choose to ignore him, “And then you wonder why I don’t come to this crappy gatherings”

I know I’m being too harsh, but they deserve it. The last time I came to one of this gatherings was with Sam, my ex boyfriend, and they spent the whole evening asking him to do stupid things like show his muscles and tell them stories because they thought his scottish accent was ‘funny’. But not this time, and not to Jared.

I grab Jared by the arm to pull him out the circle of idiots, finally reaching the same spot by the table. He’s avoiding my eyes again by putting the things on his hands on the table, so I cup his cheeks to make him look at me.

“I’m sorry about that, I told you they were complicated”

“They seemed nice when they offered me to join them” He shrugs, “But I don’t think you should have spoke to them that way, I don’t want you to get in trouble”

“Hey, I brought you here, it’s my responsibility to stand for you in front of this crazy family”

“Are you sure you aren’t adopted?” He asks me with a laugh. God, that laugh.

“Oh, I ask myself the same question everytime I come here” I laugh too, “Eat your food, you look hungry”

We sit close to my teen cousins, mainly because they look more interested on their phones than us. I drink at least two cups of white wine before we start talking again. Jared asks me about my relatives, my childhood with them and this leads to me asking him the same kind of questions.

His laughs makes my body react in a really positive way, and I try to get him to laugh a lot during our evening. He shows his more outgoing side with me, but I can still see the same old Jared who avoids my eyes every now and then.

“Why do you always do that?” I ask him grabbing his chin to make him face me again.

“Do what?”

“Avoid my eyes”

“Oh, that” He mutters avoiding my eyes once again.

“There. Do you even notice you are doing it?” I laugh.

“Not really” He answers sincerely.

“There you are” My mother interrupts us, crossing her arms again, “Have you talked to your grandmother? She’s asking for you”

“I’ll go in a minute”

“Now” She blurts.

“God, mom, I’m coming, ok?!”

“So, you are going to squeal at me now? Tom already told me what you did”

“Mom, don’t you think I’m too old to be scolded by you?” I mutter standing to place myself in front of her, “All you do is demonstrate what a disgrace I am for you”

“If you would behave…”

“You know what? Just stop” I shut her, grabbing Jared’s hand to pull him out of his chair, “I’ll go say hi to Granny and I’ll leave. I’m done”

Jared doesn’t let go of my hand while we walk inside the house. My gran is seated in front of the tv in the living room, watching an emergency room program.

“What is your Granny doing here alone?” Jared asks me when I stop by the door frame.

“She doesn’t like to be here, that’s the only thing that convinces me I’m not adopted”

“We should have stayed with her the whole evening”

“I agree”

We sit by her side and it takes her a couple of seconds to realize we are in the same room as her. Her arms go straight to my neck, holding me tight against her telling me how much she has missed me. I tell her the same before introducing her to Jared. I expect her to do the same face she did when I introduced her to Sam, a mix of confusion and displeasure, but it is the complete opposite.

“It’s really nice to meet you” Jared says, holding her hands on his.

“You have really nice hair” She says, and we both laugh, “You have to tell me what conditioner you use”

“Oh, I don’t use any”

“You don’t” She asks in shock, “I have to stop using conditioner then, I want my hair as shiny as yours”

“How are you, Gran? Have you been feeling better?”

“The legs keep hurting, but I think I already got used to it” She shrugs and turns to Jared, “Are you her boyfriend?”

“Oh no” He says a bit uncomfortable, “We are just friends”

“What?” She asks angry turning to face me, “Why isn’t he your boyfriend? Are you blind? He’s gorgeous!”

“Gran!” I shout, feeling my face blush, so I cover it with my hands.

“Ask her to be your girlfriend, you look like a really nice boy” She says to Jared with a really sweet voice, “And you have dealt with all those idiots outside, you already passed Granny’s test just because of that”

I uncover my face just in time to see Jared getting closer to my Gran’s ear to whisper, “I would but I don’t think she would want to”

Wait, what?

“What are you talking about?” I ask him in shock, “You don’t talk to me, you don’t even look at me”

“And why do you think is that, you dummy?” My Gran asks me, slapping my shoulder playfully, “He’s mad about you, how come you haven’t noticed?”

“Jared?” I ask him in disbelief, he just smiles shily.

“I’m 85 years old and I noticed in two seconds!” She shakes her head frustrated, “You are as blind as a bat”

“Can you tell mom we had to leave?” I ask my Gran before leaving a kiss on her forehead, “I love you”

“I love you too, batsy”

I take Jared’s arm to make him stand from his seat, pushing him outside as he says goodbye to my grandmother. When I close the door behind us, I wrap my hands on his neck.


“What?” He asks me with a confused laugh, and that’s all it takes.

I have to get on my tiptoes to be able to reach his lips, but the feeling of completeness that invades my chest makes me forget about everything that isn’t our lips playing together. All the shyness disappears when Jared wraps his hands on my waist, pushing me against the door. His whole body is pressed against mine, and it feels too good. Questions of how I never noticed how attracted I felt towards Jared start invade my head as the kiss ceases its intensity. I like this, I like him, and apparently he likes me. Reason why the first words that come out of my mouth after our kiss end are probably not the ones he expected.

“You should have told me” I scold him, delivering playful punches on his chest.

“You were with Sam…”

“Sam and I broke up six months ago, try again”

“You didn’t seem interested in me” He tries again, with a soft laugh invading my senses.

“How would I ever show any interest in you if you never even looked me in the eyes?” I punch him one last time, “Ok, try again”

“I’m shy?”

“You are not shy, I’ve seen you with girls, and the way you pushed me! Don’t be foolish, you are not shy”

“I am” He whispers, searching for my lips, “I may have or haven’t try to get you jealous”

“Well, it didn’t work” I laugh, “Now kiss me before you start avoiding my eyes and any type of human contact again”

He does as I request, touching my lips with an indelible smile. The kiss continues for a good five minutes when he stops completely pulling away in just a second.

“Let’s have a date” He suggests, I laugh and try to reach for him but he avoids me, “Come on, let’s go and have dinner somewhere nice”

“A date?”

“Yeah, we are already dressed”

“Sounds good” I accept offering him my hand, “It has to be a nice place, we need a good site to make us forget this awful evening”

“Oh, I can make you forget” He mutters, pushing me against his car, reaching for my lips again. His lips are soft, and I forget everything about his excuses for not talking to me, because he was giving me all the attention I wanted right now and it was perfect.

As I climb to his car, I make a mental note reminding me to call Emma and thank her again.

I’ve been a Chelsea fan since the year of 2005. It’s been 10 years since when I first became acquainted with The Blues, and the most effective reason behind why I started to follow this team that is not even a team of my country was José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho. He was so passionate, serious and effusive that even when I just stared at him, I became as passionate, serious and effusive as this guy, and I’ve found myself watching every single occasion of CFC since then. As a True Blue who knows what has Chelsea done with Mourinho since 2005, and as a True Blue who has troubles with the current state of the team; I stand against the plastic fans who say that Mourinho should be sacked from CFC. With him, we have won 3 Premier League titles, 1 FA Cup, 3 FLCs and 1 Champions League championship; in other words we have 8 titles that we conquered thanks to the existance of Mourinho. There is an aphorism that states “When we are good, no one remembers but when we are bad, no one forgets” which is typically used for expressing the summary of a common behaviour that is imposed on Chelsea. This is also what has been imposed on Mourinho this season.

Remember? Last year Mou was the one who was appreciated for being the fastest man to reach 100 clean-sheets in BPL with us. Remember? He entered into the Guinness Book of Records for gaining most points (95) in a Premier League season and for having most games (77) unbeaten at home in the Premier League, again, with us. Yes, Chelsea is having hard times and yes, it makes me depressed as much as it depresses you. Yes, I am angry at the unnecessary transfers that Mou has procured but no, I don’t want him to leave.

I just don’t want him to be offended. And when he says “Chelsea cannot find a better manager than me,” I believe in him. This is not arrogance, this is not conceit; this is a statement of a guy who wishes the best for his team and the best is him. So please stop making the word of disgrace go with the surname of Mourinho. He is the grace. Everybody can have devil of a time, even if he is Mourinho. Just stick together. We may lose titles, we shouldn’t lose each other. You know that he is one of us. And you know, when we are good no one remembers, so we should.