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Ed Sheeran song masterpost (edited in italics 8th edit the edits never end)

The Orange room EP

Ed Sheeran EP

Want Some? EP

You Need Me EP

Loose Change

Songs I Wrote With Amy

Live At Bedford

No. 5 Collaborations Project

One Take


iTunes Festival: London 2011

The Thank You EP 

  • (I can’t find the separate songs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ again why is youtube betraying me )

The Slumdon Bridge

iTunes Festival: London 2012

Red (Taylor Swift)


Sons Of Anarchy

Multiply Single EPs




Partners in Crime and Rhyme FANDUB
(Sportacus & Robbie Duet)
Partners in Crime and Rhyme FANDUB

Yup, I finally made it! This is a cover inspired by this post <——-

It took me sooooooo long but well, I think it ended up pretty good ^^ So yeah, please consider that I’m an spanish girl and the voices or pronunciation could differ compared to the originals.

I took a jazz version of “Why Don’t You Do Right” by Mark Maxwell for the instrumental part, and then edited the audio a bit to make it more dynamic. It was such a challenge getting the right melody for the voices (at first I was just singing the original song, without changes XD) but after a lot of tries I finally came up with a good melody for Sportacus and Robbie ^^

Here are the Lyrics and modifications I made of the original post by aleinnilatibae :

S: What’s wrong, Robbie?

R: You know, I was just wondering… do you LIKE me?

S: Yes! Of course I do! And… what about you?

R: I… guess!

[beat of silence]

R: Well, I would like to ask you something…

R, singing:  

You know that we’ve been rivals for…going on a while

and despite how much I FOUGHT it, I’ll admit you make me….smile (:^}D)

Now here is what I ask of you, and please, here take your time–

Will you be my partner in crime?

S, speaking, affronted: In CRIME???

R, speaking: It’s just an expression, Sportafloosh, no need to freak out.

S, speaking: I see… then let me say something too…

S, singing:

Well Robbie, I’m an honest elf and I’m the hero too (oh yeah…)

But here is what I’m certain of–I want to be with you (really?)

And every time I hear you sing the sound is so diviiine *master of disguise motif*

So will you be my partner in rhyme?

R: Rhyme?

S: Yes, this means we sing together now!

R: Oh, okay…

S: Are you ready? In 3, 2, 1… and…

S & R:

We can siiiing in perfect key, we can daaaance in harmony

S: We can twirl, we can flip! (No no no, I’m not doing THAT)

S: With you I’ll never miss a note!

R: With you I’ll never miss a stEP *Robbie misses a step, but Sport catches him, turns the misstep into a dip* S: Careful!

S: If you could say (if I could say?)  that opposites attract  (yeah I’d say so)

I want you here (with you?) with me! To always watch my back!

Together we-(in harmony!) until the end of time…

R, speaking: I guess I don’t HAVE to kick you out of town, after all….

S, singing: Yes, I’ll be your partner in crime!

R: And I’ll be your partner in rhyme!

Well maybe for some people school started last week but still I hope this post it’s helpful. I had a lot of experiences with backpacks through my highschool years and now in college/ university.

For me the most comfortable way of carrying all my necessities is a backpack and not a bag, here is why:

- Backpack are comfortable and have so much more space
- They come in all shape and sizes and are customizable.
- Easy to wash and a little less expensive.
- No pain on your shoulder or arm because of the heaviness of a bag.

Now for the reason of the post, this for me are the essential things you should have:

- Notebook/iPad: for taking notes and searching in class.

-Journal: for the important dates and thoughts.

-Stationary: Pens (Stabilo, Pilot G2, Muji, Zebra, Staedtler), markers (Sharpie, Zebra Mildliner), washi tape, erasers, sharper, mini stapler and pencils.

- Book of preference: this will help to kill time through your free periods. (Mine right now is Inferno by Dan Brown)

-Water and energy: Remember to carry your bottle of water and some snacks for boosting your energy like energy bars (personally I like Nature Valley), blueberries, cranberries, some cookies, etc…

- Bag of makeup: I’m no the kind of persons who likes to have this item on her bag but it’s a life saver for emergencies, in it I have: compact powder, the lipstick or lipbalm, mascara, Kleenex and tiny container (like those round of Nivea for creams or balm) with Vaseline, this odd container with the Kleenex will help you if you have a smudge mascara and even if you made a mistake with your brows.

-Headphones: for studying, canceling noise or just simply killing time with good music or audio book.

This is what i carry on my backpack, believe me it’s so much easier if your use one and not a bag for example: I have a friend that loves her Nine West giant bag and use it for school but she complains about the weight of her things (laptop included), yes bag are pretty and make you look girly but they are a pain in the ass and you don’t want pain or marks on your shoulders specially on those long days.

So my advice girls is if you don’t feel comfortable with a backpack like Jansport or Kanken types find a Instagram one like this ones, comfort doesn’t mean ugly.

I hope you found useful this post guys, I would love to know what is in your backpack or bag 🙆🏻✨ and exchange tips.

I know I’ve made enough of these compilation videos, but just one more, I swear.

I like to call this one “History of the Society for Arcane Sciences”.

(the audio fluctuates just so you know)


  1. That’s Your Horoscope for Today - Weird Al Yankovic (yes I had another idea)
  2. history of japan - Bill Wurtz
  3. Set Fire To The Rain - Adele
  4. Little Too Close - WRLD feat. Veronika Redd
  5. Misses Glass - Leona Lewis
  6. Careless Whisper - George Michael

anonymous asked:

So on twitter stevie was talking with Eddie and she said that they recorded their first #crewbiscuits ... I love randl and buddy system but I swear to God if they take away ear biscuits as well... (sorry for the negative but I need to vent)

Anon, I am not a fan of the crew. That is why I am happy they have been sequestered to their own channel and that is where they should stay. When I first saw that they recorded a crew biscuit my first thought was ‘ick’. But I am hopeful that since they have their own ‘EB’ in the form of crew biscuits, maybe they will stop making appearances and taking away from our sweet RandL time. 

But yes, I am concerned about this, too. All we can do is let them know in constructive and respectful ways our opinions and feelings. They just recently made a change about the audio version of EB, so I have to be hopeful that they would listen about this if enough people voiced their opinion. 

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You Don't Understand
( bingsepticeye )
You Don't Understand

anonymous: Just found your blog. What’s the deal with BingSepticEye? Is he a cheap knock off of Googleplier?

You users just never learn, do you? I am nothing like Google. I am an independent, freely functioning android who does not rely on commands like some damn mutt.  

But I assume you are right, in a way. I am nothing without him. I am made to be his shadow, and I will never be anything but his shadow.  

So…yes, I guess you are right, User.

Yes, I will continue to animate a skeleton, and no you can’t stop me.

I watched a YouTube vid were two guys played Puyo Pop Fever, and one of the guys mentioned how Oshare looked like a bad Jack Skeleton cosplay. That’s when I got the idea.

Why only that line though? I think that’s the only part the two skeletons have in common. (Though I could be wrong.)

I just wish I could’ve made Oshare a little bigger, but with a limited screen to work with, I couldn’t do much.

So yeah, that audio clip belongs to the Nightmare Before Christmas.

Boyfriend Taeil
  • yay my another taeil au/scenario hehe
  • thanks anon for requesting this !!
  • this derp needs more love and attention i swear
  • let’s go ~

  • you’d probably be mutuals with him through jaehyun and yall had met a few times before

  • but since he’s an awkward bean he wouldn’t start conversations with you
  • but something about him attracted you and you just wanted to get to know him better
  • so when you and the boys went out together to catch up with each other ,
  • you’d have a conversation with him
  • he’d blush alot and stutter at first ,
  • but once he got comfortable he’d talk alot
  • and you loved that he was opening up
  • but after awhile when he noticed the boys eyeing the both of you he’d stiffen up and stop talking , probably embarrassed
  • but at the end of the day yall would exchange numbers ,
  • and spend the whole night talking to each other
  • and you got to learnt so much about him that you never knew about him
  • like him saying that he feels like a forest fairy when he lies on a bed , okay im sorry i had to
  • he was much more expressive through texts and you loved it
  • yall would probably text one another everyday 24/7 and never run out of things to say
  • until you suggested a date with him ,
  • and he was hesitant at first because he was shy , but agreed because he didnt want to turn you down
  • on the date you continued the conversation with him and said things yall normally said on text ,
  • and his smile and laughter made you feel so happy , you just had the feeling you wanted to keep him to yourself
  • the two of you kept meeting up continuously for a period of a few months and feelings developed ,
  • and you were afraid to confess because you thought he wasn’t the type to be interested in relationships
  • until you received an audio message from jaehyun one night
  • “ enjoy this Y/N , thank me later ;)) ”
  • and you’d play the audio clip without thinking much
  • but teared up a little when you heard it
  • it was a recording of taeil singing a song he composed and made just for you , since your name could be heard a few times in the recording
  • and at the end you’d hear jaehyun teasing him and you’d smile to yourself because it was too cute
  • “ aw hyung i see what you’re planning to do to Y/N ”
  • “ Huh- Wait- What- Are you recording ”
  • “ Maybe , maybe not ”
  • “ Jaehyun ah did you hear anything ”
  • “ Yes , everything hyung , you have my blessings ”
  • “ What blessings- Shit Jaehyun come back ”
  • nervous , you’d text taeil and ask him about it ,
  • “ Taeil , i heard everything .. ”
  • and he’d reply right away
  • “ Oh … that thing ? ”
  • “ I understand if you have feelings for someone else ”
  • “ I just wanted to let my feelings out .. ”
  • “ You can ignore that recording and delete it- ”
  • you’d cut him off by calling him and balling your eyes out telling him that you have feelings too
  • when all you got was silence from the other line you’d get worried
  • turns out taeil was just too shocked for words he couldn’t say anything
  • now that both of you are a couple you’re more comfortable with each other
  • for skinship taeil would be shy about it at first ,
  • but as time goes by he’d get more touchy
  • because this guy lowkey loves skinship , have you seen him mentioning about skinship
  • like holding your hands while both of you were eating ,
  • attempting to tie your hair while you were busy with work ,
  • and playing with your fingers when he was bored
  • and when the other boys dared and teased him to kiss you right infront of them ,
  • he’d get all flustered and lost but would still do it anyways
  • the boys would cheer and make kissing sounds and noises to tease both of you
  • you’ll be covering your face , burying it in his chest because you couldn’t face the boys and didn’t want to feel embarrassed alone
  • he’d laugh it off awkwardly while patting your head , arms around your back
  • he hugs you to sleep every night
  • and when he gets up in the morning earlier than you do , he tries not to disturb you but fails because he’s too clumsy
  • “ Tae why are you up so early ? ”
  • “ Did i wake you up im sorry baby ”
  • “ Haha yeah the sound was pretty loud tbh . But it’s okay , good morning babe ”
  • “ I hit the table by accident , but good morning , i made breakfast ”
  • although his cooking wasn’t that good , it was still acceptable and you liked his cooking
  • once in a while he’d cook up something for you
  • and you’d be so thankful for him because he spent so much time and effort to make it for you like ???
  • when you’re upset , here comes goofy taeil
  • he’d act all silly and clumsy , purposely making funny faces and actions to make you laugh
  • when it doesnt work he’ll sing you your favourite songs
  • and when you shared your problems he’d listen very attentively ,
  • and he’d say nothing else than that but hug you because he was glad you spoke out your thoughts
  • he’d give you compliments genuinely and you’ll be so flattered by them
  • “ … wow you look extremely gorgeous today ”
  • “ um taeil i have no makeup on and im in my pyjamas what are you talking about ?? ”
  • “ idk you just look … better than usual today .. ”
  • he’ll be staring at you like you’re some goddess with his mouth open
  • and you’ll find it so cute , you hug him
  • and he’d hug you back
  • lots of kisses on the forehead !1!1!!1
  • honestly the type of boyfriend that will be there for you no matter what
  • and because he’s not good with words and isnt good at showing his expressions ,
  • whenever he hugs or kisses you , you’re always thankful because it’s his way of showing his love
  • moon taeil is adorable guys please don’t sleep on him
Diabolik lovers Lost Eden Kino (preview 2) ~translation~

Audio x (yuuri voice included( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
This translation was made by @floppymukami

Thanks to @diabolik–love for passing me the audio and the screenshots <3


Yui: N-no, nothing…

Yuuri: This is the provision* that Kino sent for you, go ahead.

Yui: (A guava juice… is something Kino likes, right.)


1. Take it for now.

2. Do not take it. (I can not see the kanji well)

-Here pass many more dialogs but the screenshots are not.

Yuuri: Yes, of course.

*Door sound*

Kino: Hmmm … .My,my.
Yui: Kino-kun, the juice of just…- !?

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“i wish Jim Robbie and the Wanderers had a bigger fanbase! What’s not to love?? Queer Jewish woman, aroace Japanese woman, a Latino trans man, and a trash robot, all in a really strange and insane post-apocalyptic America, with fae and vampires and anthropomorphic animals (sometimes) and just about every character is queer, and the show is made ENTIRELY BY LGBTAQ PEOPLE! And yes, yes, the show’s quality is rough at first, but they have grown so much, with support from a lot of other podcasts!”

Yandere!Jean VS Yandere!Marco
Jonah Scott, Reuben Lack, Michaela Laws
Yandere!Jean VS Yandere!Marco

*Casually Eats Popcorn While She Watches The BROTP Buuuurn~*

Yes. I made the BROTP fight for you. Yes. I’m an evil Bitch. *EVIL CACKLE OF HELL* MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAAA

Thank you SOOOO SOOOOO MUCH to Reuben (askmarcovoice) and Jonah (askjeanvoice) for voicing my lovely pair of Yanderes!

My Choices and Interpretations for each boy as a Yandere:

  • Jean is a violent type Yandere, but only at the VERY last stage of Obsessive Love Disorder. He doesn’t play the sadistic manipulator card.
  • Marco is a very psychological Yandere, even at the earlier stages of OLD. He’s smart and plays with the heart of his love and his victims…

For panning I just did a simple audio divide, since it’s not mainly towards the listener~ (Jean partly to the left, Marco partly to the right) So, headphones would be great, but not EXTREMELY needed for effect <3

Marco Bodt - Reuben Lack (askmarcovoice)
Jean Krischtein - Jonah Scott (askjeanvoice)
Script and Audio Mix by Michaela Laws

Follow along with the Script~~~


THE SITUATION: You have been getting gifts from secret admirers for a while now. Little did you know that these gifts were from two individuals who have been vying for your love. Even less, you walk in and hear a little.. ‘conversation’ between these two individuals in the mess hall late at night..

So, you came. Sit down.

Yeah, I did. What’s this about, Marco? It’s almost curfew. If Levi catches us–

I don’t. Care. About Levi. Now. Sit down.

Ooo~ That’s a first. (He sits down) Heheh What’s going on?

Look, Jean, you’re my.. best friend, right?


And best friends would never hurt each other, right?

Marco, what are you getting at?

Do you like her?


Do You Like Her? You KNOW who I’m talking about.

Ugh, why?

Would you just answer the question?

Fine. I do. Okay? … what about you? Do you like her?

Gee, why would I ask you if you liked her if I didn’t, Jean?


What’s so interesting about this?

We-were you the one who gave her the bouquet of hydrangeas?

Yeah? Why?

She’s a smart girl, especially with flowers. Hydrangeas mean “Thank You”, not “I like you”. She’ll be confused more than anything!

What?! Well, what about you?! Were you the one that gave her the box of chocolates?!

Yeah! Why?!

Moron! She’s not the type of girl to fall for just expensive chocolates! She’s more than that!

Of course she’s more than that! I just wanted to show my love for her in a more significant way than just stupid flowers! I’d get anything for her!

I’d treat her a lot better than you ever would!

Says who?!

I do! And I know it! I’d care for her and love her like she deserves to be! I’d hold her and NEVER let her go!

(Suddenly, the table jerks and Jean has Marco’s Collar, pulling him up to his face)

Like I would let you fucking touch her.

You really wanna try, Jean? What are you gunna do? Kill me?

I’m VERY fucking tempted to right now, Marco. Don’t test me.

Then you know EXACTLY how I feel about you right now.

You know NOTHING about how I feel.

Do I? Weren’t you obsessed about MIKASA recently?

That was 5 years ago. I don’t need her.

Really? Are you sure? It’d be a shame for HER to be compared to Mikasa all the time~

One more word… One more FUCKING word Marco, and I will carve out every single freckle from your face.

At least with me, she’d feel like herself and not as a REPLACEMENT!


(Seeing the boys fight and Jean raise a fist to Marco, you can’t help but gasp, drawing their attention to you)

Uh-uh-uh-um Hi! uh…

G-gee, Marco, this stain on your.. your SHIRT won’t go away! Sorry, bud haha..

Huh.. O-oh! Right the stain! Yea.. I tried to get it off, but it just won’t!

It’s such an annoyance, you know.. It’s a nice shirt. Hopefully the stain goes away.

I’ll just put it in the wash over and over until it goes. It is a really nice shirt. My favorite actually.

Right. Right. Anyway…

Right… So! Wanna sit with us? It’s not curfew yet so we could talk for a bit until we have to go.

(He growls quietly to Marco) She sits with me, you stay the fuck away from her.

(Low back to Jean with a smirk) She sits with me, you do the same… horse-face. (Turns to you with a smile) Come on! Sit with us.

Clear's Birthday Drama CD
Clear's Birthday Drama CD

I’m back with Clear’s story, last one will Mink soon. Audio (Spanish) and here (Portuguese). Story in Aoba’s POV TRANSLATION ARE NOT OFFICIAL, JUST MINE. Enjoy!~ Warning: extremely heartfelt and will make your feels hurt.   

Aoba: Ahhh, that was delicious. Since we had dinner already, now to take a shower and to go to sleep. 

Clear: That’s right. Today’s dinner was also delightful.

Aoba: The night is very cold. Even with the heater, our feet feel frozen. Clear, you’re not cold?

Clear: No, if I am cold, I can stick to Ren-san and everything will be all well.

Ren: It’s not that I mind, but… I am surprised when you embrace me suddenly. So warn me.

Clear: Okay! By the way, Aoba-san…

Aoba: Hmm?

Clear: Um…I want to ask you about something, but…

Aoba: Hm.

Clear: Um… Birthdays are fun, right?!

Aoba: Eh?

Clear: Birthdays are celebrated with everyone, right?

Aoba: Ah… yeah, that’s right.

Clear: Many people gather, eat cake, and give gifts, is that not so? Aoba-san has been in one?

Aoba: Long time ago, Granny made a feast for me, did the food and cake. Even now, she does small parties for me.

Clear: I see… How nice… Seems fun…

Aoba: But, why did you asked about birthdays? Saw something?

Clear: Yes, the other day I saw someone celebrating their birthday on the television. It was a very biiiiiig place; there were many people gathered and also a man and a woman cut a huuuuuuge cake! Did those two celebrate their birthdays on the same day? It was still exciting and grand!

Aoba: Erm… Wouldn’t that be a wedding?

Clear: Eh?! Really?

Ren: If a man and a woman were cutting a cake, it was certainly a wedding.

Aoba: I’ve never heard of a birthday party at a wedding

Clear: Is..Is that so..?

Aoba: Although, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a celebration.

Clear: I understand… Even so, I’m still confused. But the fact that people do meet and celebrate does not change that it is the same, isn’t it?

Aoba: Yeah.

Clear: In that case, I cannot do a party like the one on television. However, I will prepare a grand feast for Aoba.

Aoba: But, what about your birthday?  

Clear: I don’t have birthday. I have knowledge of the concept of a birthday, but I really don’t know what is being done in one.

Aoba: Oh, I see… You…

Clear: Yes.

Aoba: You know… I have an idea…

Clear: What is it?

Aoba: What if…

*change scenery*

Clear: Uwaaaa…. Finally, we arrived at the Aquarium! As expected from platinum jail, this is enormous!

Aoba: Well, I thought this is a good place, since it is a very large building and now that everyone has free access.

Ren: The weather today is good. The Sun is also very warm; this schedule is excellent.

Aoba: You mean that today it is a good day for a walk.

Clear: It certainly is. I am very happy!

Aoba: Then, come on, let’s buy the tickets.

Clear: Okay! It’s amazing! It looks like a blue world! Also, there are several types of fish!

Aoba: You’re right. Let’s see them in order.

Clear: Yes! Is this the first time Aoba-san and Ren-san come to an aquarium?

Aoba: It’s not my first time, but it’s been so long, I don’t remember.

Ren: This is my first time.

Clear: Really? Then Ren-san is like me. This is very fun, right?

Ren: Yes, it is.

Clear: …Jellyfishes…

Aoba: They’re beautiful, right?

Clear: Yes…This is the first time I see them in real life. I am… very touched.

Aoba: They ….have been in the Aquarium for so long. Don’t they feel that the Aquarium is too tight?

Clear: That is true… How come? Perhaps there are jellyfishes that they feel like that as well, but perhaps there inside is their whole world.

Aoba: There inside is… all its world…

Clear: Yes, I do not know very well, but I guess they do not complain of a place like this. The place where they have become accustomed to. A world where they can live better. In addition, the people who come here with a smile, isn’t that right? If it was me, it would be nice to know that the people who come all day are happy to see me. Like me, I am happy to spend all day with Aoba-san, who is always smiling.

Aoba: Heh, I see…

Clear: I’m really happy to have come here, Aoba-san. Thank you very much.

Aoba: Then… from now on I can bring you here as many times.

Clear: Yes, from now on, we will come here as often.

Aoba: Yeah, then… let’s see what’s left.

Clear: Okay! … Aoba-san… I…  

Aoba: Wait. Happy birthday, Clear.  

Clear: Thank you so much.

Ren: Happy birthday, Clear.

Clear: You too, Ren-san, thank you very much. Today was the first time I went with Aoba-san and Ren-san to an aquarium. It was the first time I saw the jellyfishes. Because of Aoba-san’s suggestion, I had a very wonderful day.  

Aoba: You know, I have an idea, but…

Clear: Hmm? What is it?

Aoba: What if the day your grandfather adopted you, the day that he found you, would be your birthday? Since it is a very important day, if you don’t mind.

Clear: February 20 - the day I was adopted. Today, I am truly happy. It really is the happiest birthday I’ve ever had.

Aoba: But your birthday is just beginning. We have more things to see in the Aquarium. And when we get home, food made by Granny and a cake will be awaiting us.

Clear: Yes, I will be very eager!

Noiz’s birthday

Koujaku’s birthday

Ren’s birthday 

Mink’s birthday 

- I believe all audios are working by the way. 


I haven’t quite figured out how to normalize the volume of the files so they’d sound all alike. But it’s late and I’m tired. This is the best I can do in one night. I blame @diamonddragon33 and @ithinkitsdashing for encouraging me do this and sending me sound files to sort through lol. 

Anders: I’ve been trying to get you into bed for ages
Fenris: Interesting, I can do that if you wish.
Anders: I want to make you feel good…Really good…I’ll do my best to please you.
Fenris: A tempting offer
Anders: Oh yes, tease me baby, tease me. No one’s ever made me feel the way you do. Let us adjourn to the bedroom. Or if you’d like, the dining room table has potential.
Fenris: *Chuckles* Well, then I’ll see you later.
Anders: Oooo. Just as well I put on clean underpants this morning then ey!

Dan and Phil’s Thanksgiving Livestream // 11.24.16

Phil is wearing glasses and the pug jumper

Dan’s wearing the nasa shirt and has slightly hobbity hair

He made Dan hide behind a blanket

“I should rt you”

“You thirsty bitch” Dan to Phil

“I’m thankful for my audience on younow”

“I’m thankful for you, Phil. Is that what you wanted? Is that what you fucking wanted?”

Discussing Dan’s tumblr queue 

Phil’s eyes have been tired (from Dan’s disco suit)

Tweet after the liveshow for PINOF questions

Thanks for the BONCAS :o

“Phil is lit”

Showed and discussed their awful/amazing suits

They sang a Thanksgiving song (Phil sang Dan beat boxed)

Stre*mys who

“Pretty sure I poked one of his abs when I hugged him” Dan on Tom Daley

Tom Daley is a human ab #confirmed

They had to yell at DAPGOOSE because there was a mic problem so they didn’t have much of a voice when they got back

Dan woke up the day of the BONCAS with no voice and almost had to cancel their end performance of TIIH

They loved Dodie’s performance 

“I don’t stalk you that would be mad for my mental health” via Dan

“We promise, for your sake and our sake, we don’t stalk you” seems fake but okay

Dan got scolded for giving bad advice by philosopher Phil Lester

They’ll probably set up the tree around December 1st

Dan listened to Metallica’s new album and his favorite song is probably Moth In The Flame

Advent calendar spon at

Phil acquired a turkey hat (it’s name is Skylar)

Lots of animals are gay 

They are yet to watch Steven Universe

They like Yuri on Ice but Phil’s worried it’ll be all skating and no gay drama

Arrival gets 5 stars

What Not To Do At The Cinema strong video

They ordered Pokemon Sun and Moon but is hasn’t been delivered yet

Phil said lit about 100 times and then he said thicc idek what to do with him

“You’re just making me sad”

Dan very passionately discussed Pokemon evolution I zoned out but I know he was loud and angry about some body builder tiger 

Phil had lots of fun in Florida and Dan did lots of work

“You’re glowing Phil”

Dan almost stole someones phone at the airport wow phame changed him 

They were forced to sniff each other at DAPGOOSE congrats you fiends 

Phil is getting sun Dan is getting moon whatever

They’re jetlagged

Dan, like many of us anime trash bags, has gotten into irl skating

“Hand me the turkey”


Dan slept with earbuds which is how he slept through Phil’s video

Armpit services 

Dublin was a top show for them because it was a post TATINOF film universe

See them in Berlin cool 

Everyone was singing TIIH and they felt warm and emotional

“The internet was great” cmon Phil

All marriage proposals are a yes

“I just did that without asking you”

Trump Slump

A collab with Nathan??? Possibly a Zed?

Dan stop it

Dan moved Phil’s plant in front of a window so it wouldn’t die

They take the calendar pictures in Phil’s room how profesh 

Dan rocked the Elsa dress

“I just think my instagram is trash” “But you are trash”

Dan shoved a chocolate in Phil’s mouth and he had to guess what the flavor it is

Play that bit back with just the audio folks ^^

They made cornucopias with pals and Phil’s was future themed

Dan is very excited for Rogue One

Semi hobbit

Shaved sides 

They yelled at Siri for about 5 minutes about the temperature in Stockholm 

Sale on tomorrow 

“We appreciate you. Hope you’re all good. Eat what you want, you deserve it. Treat yourself.”

Goodbye through the hashtag 

reverse idol | min yoongi

okay so seeing as fire was released today and yoongi was spitting fire (though lets be honest the entire song was lit) and because a special lil anonie asked for it, it’s yoongi’s part now. time for s-u-g-a aka agust-d to join kookie and hobi as fanboys.

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  • so, for a bit of backstory, yoongi runs a music blog
  • a proper classy music blog, where he recommends artists and reviews albums
  • then one day someone messages him saying ‘you should check out this artist called y/n’
  • so he watches a few mvs and listens to a few audio clips
  • and he’s just like ‘oh yeah this is some good stuff right here’
  • he does his research after that just to make sure you are a good person
  • finds out how you are a member of a five member group but you made a solo mini album
  • and how your group’s and your solo songs are produced and most of them are written by you
  • his respect goes up loads then
  • he’s just like ‘yes i shall like this group and i shall stan y/n’
  • not an obvious fan
  • like he’s not like jungkook where he sings your bits and stuff
  • but if anyone brings you up then he’ll be happy to talk to them about it
  • like he could be going about his day and someone could just say your name and his eyes would light up
  • plot twist: you actually have been following his music blog since you were a trainee
  • because he gives brutally honest reviews of artists and yeah you just really like the blog
  • so then, when he starts giving your music really good reviews a few years later you’re like ???? but yeah you roll with it
  • he gets invited to mc this music show one day because his blog has really blown up with loads of people following it and loving it
  • and omg coincidence you’re mcing that show as well
  • you know that yoongi is gonna be there because you’re an idol, you have connections
  • unfortunately mr min is in the dark
  • so when he sees you he is super super shocked
  • but he somehow remains professional
  • ‘yes hi i’m min yoongi’
  • ‘i’m y/n and i really like your blog!’
  • yoongi dies
  • then revives himself for the music show
  • basically the two of you have a really good time interviewing people and lowkey flirting
  • yoongi leaves with your number for ‘musical opinions’ (but it is quite literally for musical opinons)
  • basically the two of you become friends and he is like the person you run all your tracks by because he has a really good ear for mistakes and whatnot