yes i have strong opinions on this

Yes, I have a chronic illness.

No, you cannot tell me your medical opinion. 

No, I definitely DON’T care what your cousin’s brother’s wife’s landlord did to cure it. 

No, I don’t want to hear about your miracle cure.

No, you can’t ask me what medications I’m on.

No, I won’t stop taking my medications because you said I should. 

No, you can’t take/touch/play with my mobility aids or pain management tools. 

And yes, I am just strong enough to hit you.

What makes Luna such a strong character in my opinion.

Ok so I’m starting a new Final Fantasy blog here, you can expect a lot of crazy rants about the games, well maybe mainly FFXV at the moment. And of course I had to start with my favorite FFXV character. Actually this post is a reaction to some things I have read about Luna. According to some people she is a weak and disappointing character. Seriously? Weak? Disappointing? One of the strength of the Final Fantasy franchise in my opinion is the writing of the characters and FFXV didn’t disappoint in this area, and yes I find Luna very interesting, the kind of strong female lead I love. In a unusual kind of way maybe? More like in a unique kind of way actually.

First I have to say, I don’t get how some people can say she is weak. Because if you look at what she actually accomplishes she is pretty badass from the very beginning. Literally from the very beginning. I mean the first scene of the movie actually shows her as a twelve year old refusing to leave her burning country and the army that just killed her mother in front of her because she didn’t want to leave her brother behind. I can’t count the number of badass things she does in the movie (and some will say that she is trying to hard to be badass in there and she is too willing to die etc….. Well I actually liked her in the movie, the whole movie was about that, people willing to die for a greater cause, and not only Luna, but that’s another matter). I could also mention while I’m at it that she lived twelve years under the domination of Niflheim, watching her brother playing the puppet and everything she had ever known being destroyed. There are plenty of great scenes in the game too, her talk with Camelia before she gave her speech, the way she stood proud in front of Leviathan and endured her wrath. Not to mention that she did actually fulfill her calling as an oracle, she did it. Yes it was a difficult task but she played her role and none of the great deals accomplished by Noctis could have been possible if not for her. Those are facts, just look at those scenes, if that is not a strong character I don’t know what it is?

But thing is I actually KNOW why some people think she is weak. Because nowadays, being a “strong female character” is acting the way a man would, it’s being physically strong, it’s speaking louder, it’s accomplishing man tasks, it’s not showing emotions. And Luna is nothing like that. She is very soft spoken, very kind, very warm. She is very very feminine, in the way she acts, in the way she speaks, in the way she dresses. She is a young girl dreaming of a beautiful wedding and weeping for her lost love. Also she shows weakness, she actually has a couple of break downs, and yes she lets herself being stupidly killed in the end right? So let’s get this right guys, dying doesn’t make you weak, crying doesn’t make you weak, being warm and caring doesn’t make you weak.
All those scenes are actually the ones that show just HOW STRONG she really is. She is so strong because she didn’t let these twelve years in the hands of Niflheim, the killing of her mother, the lost of Noctis and all she has been through change her, destroy everything in her that is beautiful. She is strong because in spite of everything she is still warm and caring and dreaming of a princess wedding to the man who she loves. She is strong because she is scared as hell, because she doesn’t actually want to die, because she doesn’t believe she can do it but in spite of these fears she is still standing, and pushing these fears aside and helping people, healing them, and inspiring them. Because yes she does exactly that, heal people and inspire them. Gentiana actually says everything about Luna : “It was not the oracle who assuaged their fears but the girl, she holds the true power”. What makes Luna so great is not her powers, or the fact that she can or cannot fight or use magic or whatever, what makes her great is her kindness, the way she inspired Noctis during his entire life. First when they were kids and she made that promise to help him, later through the messages she gave Umbra. Her speech in Altissia (just take a look at Noctis’ face in that moment), and afterwards, after she actually died. Up until that final battle when he remembers her and draws strength from that. I actually love the scene in which she dies and get that final chance to talk to Noctis, that opportunity she wasn’t expecting even though she desperately wanted it. And in that scene she looks and sounds so serene, she has fully accepted her fate and her death and once again her only goal is to inspire Noctis, to help him to get him on the right track.

So yes in the end I love that character for the strength of her will, I love her for being a woman and not being afraid of showing it, I love her for her warm personality, for the light she brings to others even when she herself is full of doubts and fears, I love her for breaking down and being able to stand up again after that and acknowledging her weaknesses and finding the strength to overcome them, I love her for being a charismatic, inspirational person, not only to Noctis by the way (just look at the few reactions we can see from random people after her passing). I had a feeling since the beginning that she would be by far my favorite character in this game, and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed at all. Is she exactly what I wanted or expected her to be? No she isn’t, but she is actually very surprising in a nice way.

How Republicans made me fall in love with Hilary Clinton (an essay which will probably end up being far too long)

A year and a half ago, or somewhere thereabouts, Hilary Clinton released a video announcing her candidacy. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t really know enough about her to have a strong opinion, but I’d only really heard negative things. I learned some more about her and discovered, that yes, I disagree with many of her policies, and she’s done a lot of things I don’t like. Cue more eye-rolls.

Then Donald Trump tweeted that disgusting comment about her not being able to satisfy her husband. I watched thousands agree. I could not believe anyone (let alone a candidate for president) would publicly blame a woman for her husband’s infidelity. I imagined the disgusting crap she must have faced in the nineties, and saw her on the other side of it; strong and making her family work.  I decided I may disagree with her, but I sure as hell respected her as a person. 

Then a myriad of scandals came out. By this point, I was more than aware of what Trump and his supporters were, and tread with gentle and skeptical steps, taking it all with a grain of salt because I had already seen the way the opposition treated her candidacy. 

I decided out of everyone, I probably liked Sanders the best, politically. Madeline Albright, amongst others, implied that women must vote for Clinton because she’s a woman, and that made me made too. But I continued to watch people throw Clinton down and watch her get up again. I continued to watch everything she did be twisted as too strong or too weak, too “unlikable”, while her male counterparts were praised for the same things. I watched her be slammed by Republicans for things like gleefully talking about her baby granddaughter, for dancing, and for laughing. And time and time again, I watched her brush it off, and continue to do everything she could to keep working towards her goals for the country. There were still things about her political career that I did not like, but I decided I definitely liked her as a person.

It became apparent though, as others dropped out of the race, that she was the only one who would stand up for minorities, and families, immigrants, and refugees. Okay, so maybe sh’es the best option politically too. 

We learned more about her scandals. A few things came out that I did not and still do not condone, and that was disappointing. Everything else was just human negligence (for which she apologized) and falsehoods, by which she was held captive, long after they were proved false. I watched her undergo an ELEVEN hour hearing, and come out clean, and then I watched Republican candidates and most of the public continue to rebuke her for criminal activity of which she was found innocent. 

So she had done some very not great things I didn’t support, that caused and to some degree causes me not to trust her, but it was clear to me by this point that she was being treated unfairly, and that people had painted a picture of a callous, uncaring woman, that did not fit her at all. Of all the candidates left, she would still get my vote if I’d had one. 

Then more of Trump’s scandals started coming out and they never stopped. Scandal after scandal, which the media and public paid attention to for about a week a piece and then forgot about. Then the Access Hollywood tape came out, and the Howard Stern clips, and still, he had overwhelming support. at this point, I began to feel, as many women did, genuinely terrified. How could this man say those things and still have the support, the defense and condonement even, of millions? And how was Clinton still somehow being put on the same level as him? At this, I stopped caring entirely about the fact that I didn’t trust Clinton when it came to documents and financial transparency, because I couldn’t even trust Trump to be alone with Billy Bush, or myself, or a little girl. And that tipped the scale to the floor for me. 

I then saw Clinton bare through questions and comments all women know too well. I saw her as prepared as she could be, give full, policy-filled, diplomatic answers in  response to a man who had clearly barely even read his own notes,  and then I read as polls and news sites declared  him a winner, because of that one thing he said, or because he wasn’t as bad as they expected him to be. 

From then on, that was all I saw; Trump doing immensely horrible things, and Clinton being held to his level for a tiny fraction of his actions. He’d scream derogatory insults, she’d raise her voice slightly in a passionate speech; 

“Both of them have terrible temperaments!”

He openly admitted to not paying his taxes, and she was blamed for not stopping him.

“Trump wants more war crimes!” “Emails”

“Trump scammed customers with a fake university” “Emails!”

“Trumps being sued for sexual assault” “Emails!”

And while he continued to do and say outrageous things, and she continued to be dragged through the mud, she went on fighting for everything she believes in. She was treated in a way that no male candidate with her same record would ever be treated,  and she just kept fighting for what she believes was good, and right, and fair.

This election came down to a KKK-endorsed, money-losing, sexual predator, who has openly said he does not respect women, who has confirmably discriminated against people based on their race on multiple occasions, who wants to ban entire religions from a country founded on religious-freedom… and an experienced, intelligent woman who’s spent thirty years working to improve the lives of children, and minorities. And it wasn’t even obvious who the winner would be.

This brings me to today. I was filled with anxiety all morning, desperate for a woman, with whom I disagree on many things, to win the presidency she deserved. To win power over a country she would fight for, and over people she would fight for - all people. Tonight I am sobbing, because this woman should be the new president. This woman is who should be representing America. This woman who is a master of every skill needed for the job, lost to a man who has none of the skills needed for the job. I’m crying for the country, and what Trump will do to those unlike him, and I’m crying for Hilary Clinton, because this was supposed to be hers, and I’m crying for the millions of kids who still don’t know that a woman can be president. 

I’m too tired and sad to reread this or fill it with links to sources, so I’m going to bed, and feel free to ask me about any of this in the morning. I hate this. Goodnight. 

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(I am both very pleased and not at all surprised I got this thank you<3) 

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other |

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy | Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

Children: No | Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: I absolutely ADORE this ship. The fact that they have history together and have ingame interaction was what got me interested initially, and then going through the tag is what got me hooked. 

I personally believe the feelings are mutual, and strong enough that the long distance bond they built writing to each other over the years after Genji left Overwatch and became Zenyatta’s pupil only grew stronger rather than dwindling over time. I also imagine that after Genji’s body was rebuilt, that Mercy spent a lot of time helping him get used to moving around in his new body, checking on him and making sure he took care of himself while he was recovering.  (This stuff is purely speculation based on the fact that Mercy was the one who saved his life, and the panels in the Christmas comic, but I still believe the feelings would be mutual).

I can’t see this relationship as anything but healthy, since I see them developing a closer relationship after all that stuff with the fall of Overwatch, when Genji has already come to terms with who he was now and who he used to be, and Mercy has moved on with her life and begun her studies at Oasis and settled into a more peaceful life. They seem the type of couple to be very good at communicating with each other when they have problems with either each other, or things like work. They could always count on each other to lift the other up again, and be understanding when the other is having a difficult time. 

As for children, they couldn’t have any of their own since…well, Genji is incapable of reproducing (so I assume given most of his body is mechanical) but I imagine the two would consider adopting. They would both be wonderful parents who would have a lot to teach any kid they decided to raise. And they would have a loving and supportive household<3

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If you look at the war between grounder and sky people what real life conflict does it resemble the most to you? I've seen people compare it to colonization but that doesn't seem right since people from the ark were trying to come to their home, a place they were forced to leave. For me it seems more like the conflict between Israel and Palestine, at least that's the only similar war I can think of.

I make it a practice to not have strong opinions on the Palestine/Israel conflict. I have known people on both sides and I also know I don’t know enough to have an educated position, so I mostly stay out of it, and wouldn’t be able to really make parallels. But with the issues of the moral gray zone, the refugee people, the loss of original homeland (earth not ark,) then yeah,I can see some similarities. 

I have never seen the Ark/Grounder conflict as being about colonialism. That is something entirely different. War and bigotry, yes. Colonialism, no.

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It does seem more difficult when have two characters who essentially are big leaders, albeit in different ways, try to cooperate with one another without making the other feel "useless" or "wrong".

Yes precisely.

As I said, writing Sally and Sonic is difficult if you’re conforming to Sonic’s established characterization as he follows no dictates and blazes his own trail and whatsmore is generally strong, intelligent and resourceful enough to get himself out of most trouble.

Whatsmore, both that and his faults are undermined if there’s an authority figure “aiming” him. Sonic works fine enough alone without being “aimed”, without someone pointing at something and telling him to tackle it or holding him on a leash like Sally and his character, for better or worse in scenarios he finds himself in, just clicks very well into working alone instead of playing by that dynamic.

This is why I don’t really like the Sonic-Sally dynamic.

Okay so unpopular opinion: I don’t want Bitty to be captain his senior year.

This boy is already too stressed with being in college, being half closeted (as far as we know), and trying to figure that stuff out while being captain would hurt him.

Do I think he could be revealed as the next captain near the end of this year? Yes.

Do I think he’ll be able to handle that emotionally? No. Not at all.

Bitty is strong, yes, but he is also so, so vulnerable. This boy is clearly having a hard time just being on the team while being as active in his relationship as he is. He already feels that he’s letting the team down by not giving his all in practice or around the Haus.

If we do hit senior year and find Bitty as Captain of the SMH, I would not at all put it against him to resign from captaincy.

All Bitty would do is compare himself to his former captains (Ransom & Holster, Jack). And Bitty comparing himself to Jack, not only as his former captain and as his current boyfriend, would destroy him emotionally.

Tl;DR Bitty could be captain, but shouldn’t.

Just how I feel about the whole situation about BTS feeling uncomfortable about smuts and stuff

I’m someone who has very strong opinions so I’m going to state them here. I know I’ll probably get bashed for this but here goes. Please don’t be mad at me. Respect my opinions and I’ll respect yours!😊

First of all, KARMY needs to understand that we don’t have it good like them. We aren’t Korean, we can’t speak Korean, we cant happen to see them walking along the streets or wait outside Bighit. Because we live 2000 miles away yes? And probably the only way to get out daily dose of bangtan is all fantasies. And therefore, leading me to my other point below.

Secondly, I feel that it’s okay to write smuts. I have nothing against them in all honesty. Smuts just express desire for your bias/idol and that’s completely fine with me. Unless it’s up in the comment section of bangtantv telling inappropriate comments to the boys since they can see it on the personal accounts, dream and read about bangtan boys being all over you. It’s okay if it’s on tumblr and all, on media sites where bangtan can’t really see what you post. Just don’t blow it up in their faces, yes? Good? Okay next point.


KARMY apparently were the ones who told Yoongi that international ARMYS write smut. Why did you have to tell him that? Sometimes I just get the vibe that you are trying to give international ARMYS a bad reputation. Yes we write smuts, no you don’t have to tell the members about it🙃 I cannot lie that it’ll make them feel uncomfortable about their personal lives, but why tell him straight to his face that international ARMYS fantasize about these things? Sorry if this part offended you but I’m really just thinking out loud here. international ARMYS can’t have it like KARMY okay? We can’t happen to “pass by them one fine day” and we can’t access the fan cafes because we don’t live in Korea or don’t speak Korean. It’s frustrating for us. And that’s why we appreciate ASC so much. KARMY keeps complaining about how ASC subtitles on the spot, but don’t you think international fans want to know what’s going on too? And don’t say “go learn Korean or something if you’re a real fan” like no okay. Do you know how hard it is to learn An entirely new language? No you probably don’t because yoUR BIAS SPEAKS YOUR LANGUAGE. Trust international ARMYS, we really try to learn Korean, we really do. But it’s tough okay? So please KARMY, don’t bash us for doing something beyond our control. And don’t give international ARMYS a bad name. It really breaks our hearts to know that BTS now thinks of us a perverted freaks. Sorry and thank you

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How should I handle ppl's biases?

Hmmm this is actually a great skeptic question. I’ll try to explain my thoughts the best way possible.

First of all, remember that we are all people and you also have biases. Yes you do. Sometimes it might feel like it’s more okay for you to have them because you’re on the “right” side of the argument, the one that is supported by science and facts, but remember that people at the other side also feel like their opinion is supported by facts. In cases when evidence is not solid it is actually better to not have any strong opinions at all and add “evidence suggests” or “we currently think” to remind yourself that even facts aren’t always permanent.

Then you should never discard someone’s opinion or argument just because they are biased or using logical fallacies. That’s also a fallacy - “the fallacy fallacy”. Even if someone is arguing for it wrong, maybe their side is still right. You have to give them a chance and go by the principle of virtue. Assume your opponent is arguing to their best capacity and is genuinely trying to persuade you. Well, unless it’s very obvious that they are a troll. Then just don’t engage.

But also sometimes you notice that your opponent doesn’t really understand what you are talking about and is misinterpreting your words, and then you have to go back and say “I don’t think I explained my position well enough, let’s go over this again”. Often enough your opponent isn’t paying attention or you aren’t expressing yourself well enough and then you just have strawman over strawman over strawman and the argument makes no sense at all.

So remembering all that, it is very important to distance yourself from emotion as much as possible. I know how that sounds, we aren’t robots, we can’t completely distance ourselves from emotions, but trying is still a good step. Arguing with someone about something fairly ridiculous is difficult, but the more you will try to stay calm and focused, the more advantage you will have.

Telling someone “you’re biased!” or “you’re using logical fallacies!” won’t do anything to persuade them. It’ll just make them angrier. So knowing about them and keeping them in mind is good, but it’s not enough to yell “conformation bias! black and white fallacy!” at someone. Instead you should know those biases and fallacies good enough to actually deconstruct someone’s argument and make them think. Cause them cognitive dissonance between what they believe and what they perceive. Then you have a chance to get to them and present your argument.

But also it’s important to remember that some people are just so stuck in their beliefs that nothing you will tell them will persuade them, and then for the sake of not wasting your time you just gotta drop the argument. You will not change their mind in one go, but maybe you made them question just a little bit. But practice shows that counter-arguments actually make some people more convinced in their original view, so sometimes the battle is lost. You should get to those people who don’t have solid opinions and are still questioning, and work with them instead.

So my rules for dealing with biases:

1) remember that you also have them and examine your views as well
2) remember that the other person might still be right despite being biased
3) pay attention to how you explain your position and make sure it is understood
4) try to distance yourself from emotions and operate on facts and statements, not opinions
5) do not try to argue by pointing out all of your opponents biases and fallacies
6) try to deconstruct their argument to actually show the flaws in it
7) do not continue an argument or a conversation if you see that the opponent is absolutely not willing to consider your arguments and think about their opinions

I also advise to watch science VS pseudoscience debates because it’s great practice. If you’re interested I can think about some of my favorite ones and post them. I also recommend Idea Channel’s series on logical fallacies and my favorite podcast Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. It will all help you understand how exactly biases and strong beliefs work and how to deal with it in argument and everyday life.

Fangirl/Fanboy Dictionary

• “ONFG” (omfg)

• “OWUEBDKSKSUEBSKSLFNNRWKKW!!!!!!!!!!” (Can either mean “Holy fucking shit I just slithered off my bed and into a puddle of tears” or “THIS IS SO FUCKING CUTE, HOLY FUCKING HELL” or maybe “THIS IS NOT OKAY IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM”

• “Yes.” “No.” (See how there’s a punctuation at the end? That means we feel very strongly and have a very strict and strong opinion or thought on whatever matter and that our opinion or thought will not be shifted in any way possible)

• “ALL CAPS LIKE THIS MEANS” (We want people to notice how we have very intense feelings about *insert topic* and that we are probably giggling or squirming around in our beds or crying (probably all of the above at the same time )

•"…lower case with dots…means…“ (We are probably very irritated and you should probably run) Ex: ”…are you fucking kidding me….?“ Or ”…bitch, get the fuck out….or I swear to god your whore ass will have a size seven foot up it.“

• “❤️❤️❤️👌👌👌👌😍😍😍👏👏👏👏” (We most likely just saw a really cute pic or fan art of our OTP or saw a hot ass pic of our idol)

• “He/She is my/a smol bean,man child,dork,husband/wife,baby(s), etc!” (Basically saying that we love ‘so and so’ and that they should be protected by everything not pure and evil, and that they should be cuddled and given pancakes)


Two things that are weird pet peeves of mine about ToG that really don’t actually matter

1. Aelin’s eyes are not blue with gold circles
They are turquise. I mean she flat out says that at first look people think they are green. They are hues of blue, grey, and green, with the gold around the pupil. I always see bright blue pictures with gold. I love the green part, don’t leave out the green!

2. Casting Chris Hemsworth or another actor for Rowan simply because they have blonde hair/have had long blonde hair 
I know I know, this is completely an opinion thing. Its just that other than the fact that he has light hair and is in shape, there isn’t a lot of similarities between the types of characters he plays and the way Rowan acts. Chris always, at least to me, gives off this like, more brute strength thing. Rowan is suppose to be intimidatingly strong yes, but also has delicate fae features, cunning, sassy, smug, sarcastic, witty, subtle, and etc. I mean…idk, Chris is an amazing actor but when i picture Rowan i don’t see Chris at all. I mean, his features look 0% fae. He has a very brutish, gruff, course kinda look to him that Rowan isn’t really described as having. I mean i could maybe see him being more similar to Aedion, but he looks too old and honestly his characters don’t remind me of either of them. Theres just…something
It really doesn’t matter what color hair the actor has because they will have to wear a silver wig no matter what. I just think there are a lot more actors with more of a Rowan look and who play characters more similar to him in personality. 

Idk…what are you guys pet peeves about the fandom?

Let's stop the drama and be adults

I just want to start off by saying I’m trying to defend my favorite content creators and in no way to I want to upset them or anyone else. I understand everything that has been going on with the Jack/Mark/ Pewds controversy and I’m very tired of sitting back and watching people that have helped me grow into a strong confident women get bashed

#1: Yes PewDiePie made a mistake. But I think he realises that now. How would any of you feel if you were constantly reminded of a mistake you made, and I know it happens to you too. So what gain do you get at pushing someone else down to your level.

#2: Jack absolutely did not backstab Pewds. He stated an opinion. And quite frankly I find it hilarious that Keemstar is disappointed in Jack for stating his opinion when he did the exact same thing but without supporting friends. Yeah think of all the people who were HURT and their careers RUINED because of your channel. And your going to make a video that can cause people to bash these YouTubers that have raise MILLIONS OF MONEY FOR CHARITY and for what? For views? I thought YouTube was a nice place to go for entertainment, as an escape. Now I can’t even enjoy a content creator without hearing something bad about them.

We’re better than this


Late Night Introductions

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

A/N: Yes, another part of Late Night Intros is here even after that marvelous flop of the last part. Now, I know it was cringy, very cringy, but it was kind of the point. I was fully aware of what I was writing. It was supposed to be funny and cringy and make you want to hide from the world after reading that slang. To me, that was hilarious but people have different opinions. So, here’s the third part for Late Night Intros!

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 3,581

Warning(s): again, some strong language, some a bit heated make out sessions

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fav big sis though ;P - gentledottir

Send me a url and I’ll answer the following || No longer accepting || @gentledottir

Opinion on;

Character in general: I loved Gyda so much. I think had she lived she’d have gone on to be a really strong woman and good mother like Lagertha - although I never thought she’d become a shield maiden. I think even as an adult she’d have been the apple of Ragnar’s eye.
How they play them: Fantastically. Gyda is so gentle and kind and girly.
The Mun: Nina is so lovely! She’s very quickly become one of my best friends. Everyone should follow!

Do I:

RP with them: Yes
Want to RP with them: Yes

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Mun and muse are so sweet and kind. Everyone would love to see them on their dash.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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Hello, i am concered about Regulus Black's opinion on the best superpower there is! shapeshifting into a dragon may seem cool but imagine all the possibilities you could have if you were as fast as the light! you could do literally anything! yes, I know a separate question may be extra af but i have strong feelings, ok???

But like… If you’re a shapeshifter you can turn into Stuff that can do really cool stuff. Like… You wanna travel but you have no money? Dragon?
You late for class? Lion or a cheetah.
You wanna slay at hide and go seek? Mouse
And like… There’s nothing to say you can’t shapeshift into people who *can* move at the speed of light

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I literally just found out about this event and I am so incredibly happy because NONE of my friends ship Sterek (it hurts my heart just thinking about it) and they claim that the Sterek fandom is dying and I found this and I'm just so happy that I'm not alone in this 😢😢

The show may have screwed us, but we still are going strong! You shall never be alone because we shall never die.(yes I’m dramatic)

- Admin Void

PS: Glad to know that learning of the event made you happy! Always nice to see people happy/excites about it :3

Originally posted by wolfiestoday

And I, personally, am still of the opinion that Sterek could happen in canon *cough*

~Admin Asagi

Originally posted by mysnarkyself

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Hi! Can I please have a written ship w Monsta X & GOT7? I struggle w meeting new people, but I'm a very loving, dedicated friend, & I have strong humanitarian sentiments. I do my best to stay open-minded & accepting, & I'm always interested in learning new things & hearing new perspectives. I'm very patient w my loved ones. I deeply value kindness. I want to learn and experience the world as much as I can. However, I can get a little intense & philosophical at times. Thank you so much!

Hello lovely anon, yes of course you may!

For Monsta X, I ship you with…I.M.!

I.M. is a very observant person in my opinion, and I feel like he would always want to know your opinions on things even if it’s something as stupid as blue vs. black shoelaces. He would really admire your sweet and loyal nature, because I think he is like that too. Your beautiful perspective of the world would get him thinking a lot, and he would be one to always tell you how much you mean to him (:

Originally posted by kihyeun

and for Got7, I ship you with…Jinyoung!

Jinyoung can appear serious a lot of the time, but I think it’s just because he is a very thoughtful and perceptive individual. He cares for people a lot and would admire your similar perspective. Your eagerness to learn would be so endearing to him, and he would always be telling you stupid random facts or asking to learn about your hobbies. 

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One of the things that annoys me the most is when people call Sakura “useless” because they are still in the past, when she was a ninja who didn’t have her ninja medic skills, or her strong power and all she became in Shippuden.

But guess what? In my opinion, she wasn’t useless. She had and have a big value and is always useful. I mean, even knowing she doesn’t have the necessary to fight against big rivals, she had the courage to put her life in risk in order to protect the people who was important to her, being Sasuke her number 1. Even when he was cold at her. People can call her pathethic for that, but you need to have strong feelings to understand her attitude.

Same with Hinata protecting Naruto in the fight with Pain.

Small things like helping to receive Sasuke when he is falling; or put your life in risk knowing your lacks because of someone is not being useless at all. Not all the people do that.

In my eyes, she was never useless. She was and is; an amazing kunoichi.

It’s so fucking sad how people are constantly trying to bring Demi Lovato down. Media is always trying to create drama and people are just helping. In interviews words can be taken out of context or twisted. And even if she said those things, I think she meant ‘unrealistic’ ideal body created by our society that skinny = perfect, goals (people are being praised for being skinny) and fat is being used as an insult… Skinny shaming is disgusting I totally agree with that, but you have to agree our beauty standards in our society are often to one body type… Demi is such a strong and honest person. Yes, sometimes she says things that can be taken as ‘problematic’, but let’s remember that she is a)  dealing with mental illness, b) just a human being that has opinions, makes mistakes, has feelings… Stop hating for no reason. Ok bye