yes i have gone insane

So I just came back from Alien: Covenant and I am dead. I loved it, despite what some reviews might say, it was good. (NO SPOILERS) The only thing I wished they had done, was that they had connected the movie more towards Prometheus. Like, what and who were the Engineers?

Also, I was smiling like a madman everytime David was on screen. If you hate him, I will fight you. Yes, he might have gone insane, but honestly what did you expect? After the way he has been treated his whole life. While David has emtions and they are real. He is so human, I can see why he has done what he did.

Also, Walter was so sweet and caring. And Daniels was badass, so was Tee.

I might do a spoiler review if anyone would be interested >3

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What about a pregnant Hermione, where she was dating Ron, but he broke up with her, so she had drunk sex with Draco, and then Ron thinks the baby is his, and tries to get back together with her, but the baby is Draco's? And like they fall in love.

“You!” She was shouting. She knew it, and yet, somehow, she couldn’t modulate her volume at all. Teetering over to the blond man leaning on the bar, she shoved her finger in his face. “What’re you doing here? This ‘sa Muggle bar.”

He overcame his shock and grabbed her hand, pulling her finger out of his face and quickly shoving her towards a less crowded corner. “Are you mad?” he hissed. “Don’t say that word, out here.”

“Well, what’re you doing here?” she demanded.

This was maybe not her best idea.

Ever since Ron had broken up with her three days before, she’d been moping. But she’d resisted drinking, knowing she’d make an absolute arse of herself. Until now, that is.

And she was absolutely making an arse of herself.

“I don’t have to answer to you,” Malfoy growled, swatting her hand away from where it was poking accusingly at his chest. She couldn’t believe that just seven short years ago, she’d been slapping the smug look off his face for the rest of the school year. Now, he towered over her, and she was pretty sure he’d easily catch her arm if she tried it while intoxicated. “Merlin, you’re absolutely pissed,” he added, grimacing in faint disgust as she teetered dangerously in her heels. He reached out to steady her before she collapsed, and she hiccuped.

He stared at her as she hiccuped again, and again. He’d never seen the Gryffindor Golden Girl this unwound, before. It was a little unnerving, if he were being honest.

“Where are your friends?” he finally sighed. He had to deposit her somewhere.

“Prolly laughing it up with Ronald Weasley,” she snarled, although she knew that wasn’t true. Harry had taken Ron to see Ginny’s game, and it had been Hermione who had made the decision not to join them. But she still felt bitter about it. “Traitors. I’m ending it with all of them! I don’t have any friends! I’m a lone wolf,” she shouted, evading his hand as he tried to clamp it over her mouth to quiet her.

She slapped at him as he struggled to contain her – or at least quiet her down – and felt one land on his cheek. He froze, and glared at her, furiously remembering that moment years ago.

He opened his mouth to say something sharp and cruel, and fell awkwardly silent when he realized she was sniffling, her eyes glassy.

Her rant came into focus, then, and he realized she’d been dumped.

“Merlin,” he muttered, scowling. He shouldn’t feel sorry for the little swot – she’d never been anything but trouble and mayhem for him at school, and it wasn’t as though he were even a particularly compassionate person altogether. But as he watched the prim and proper, high-and-mighty Hermione Know-It-All Granger dissolve into choking hiccups and pathetic sniffles, he realized that he did. There was simply something singularly awful about seeing someone like Granger fall apart. Maybe because he’d never seen it happen before.

Grinding his teeth in frustration – he’d been very much looking forward to making a new friend tonight, someone who didn’t know his past and would be easily charmed by his looks and his clothes – he grabbed her by the arm and wheeled around to head for the door.

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Ain't got no time for Summertime sadness!

I was having a pretty low body image day yesterday afternoon, brought on by trying on some old Zumba pants & tops* and realizing that I still couldn’t fit into them. And realizing that they weren’t going to fit in time for Convention.

I started chastising myself for not working harder towards that goal. If I had really gotten my butt into gear, surely they would fit by now.

And that may be true.

But the reality is, I’m enjoying this Summer more than any in recent memory! I’m having more fun, enjoying more activities (bike rides, water aerobics & water park fun), loving Zumba more than ever and soaking up more Vitamin D than this body has seen since I was a kid. ;P I stopped waiting around for a “better body” to put that bathing suit on and now I can’t wait to get it on and get into the water!

And I’m finding balance. I’m not exhausting myself with a rigorous workout schedule. I’m not starving myself or depriving myself. And you know what? I haven’t had a binge in months.

Could I have gotten back in those pants? Realistically, yes. I could have cut out carbs or gone Paleo or done Insanity & Fierce 5 times a week and easily dropped enough weight for them to fit. But for how long? My track record says it wouldn’t have lasted for long. Which is why I decided to try a new path in the first place, right?

I don’t know what my “goal weight” should be or what my “happy weight” is. But I know I’ve been pretty darn happy up until yesterday when I tried on those pants. And I also know that I’m not gonna let those dumb ol’ pants ruin a glorious Summer or send me back to my old yo-yo dieting habits! Those pants are not the boss of me. :P

*Some of this stuff never fit in the first place. I bought them too small and kept them as “motivation.” But now I think they may be more defeating than anything and I’m contemplating selling them or giving them away!