yes i have coffee and a coke

Personality Analysis


Enneagram: 1 | 1w9 | 1w2 | 2 | 2w1 | 2w3 | 3 | 3w2 | 3w4 | 4 | 4w3 | 4w5 | 5 | 5w4 | 5w6 | 6 | 6w5 | 6w7 | 7 | 7w6 | 7w8 | 8 | 8w7 | 8w9 | 9 | 9w8 | 9w1

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Pick 3 favorites: Root beer | milk | whiskey | vodka | wine | tea | coffee | absinthe | bourbon | coke | pepsi | mead | liquid jalepenos | grog | glogg | apple cider | water

Do you hold back from your dreams? yes | no | rarely | sometimes

Do you consider yourself successful? what do you mean with succes?

Favorite season: spring | summer | fall | winter

Tattoos? yes | no

Piercings? yes | no

Food: spicy | spicy (not hot) | bland | eclectic | seafood | everything

Country: I hate my country and I’m not prud of it, so I’m not telling.

Is English your first language? yes | no | no, but am fluent

Best piece of advice you can offer: Joy is a way of life.

Best piece of advice you have received: If you want to get things that you never got you need to do things that you never before did.

What movies make you cry? I cry with most of the movies i see :’)

Have you taken time to enjoy a glass of hot cider/other mulled drink this fall? yes | no

Are you sure you’re living the way you want? yes | no |

Pick two: suede | leather | satin | silk | polyester | cotton | wool | linen

Do you write? yes | no

What do you write? poetry | fiction | non fiction | speculative fiction | science fiction | biographies | notes | historical fiction | articles | research papers | n/a

What’s your aesthetic at this very moment? A blue sky, a scrawled peace of paper, a knife and a labyrinth.

What should you be doing right now? Designing a knife for a subject of my university. 

Are you going to do it after this poll?  yes | no - I hope so.

What is a mindset you need to overcome? That I can get anything without even trying, that things will come without working for them.

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A - age: 22

B - birthplace: wakefield 

C - current time: nearly 8pm 

D - drink I last had: water (after drinking diet coke & coffee all day and feeling v dehydrated)

E - easiest person to talk to: ryan most of the time! 

F - favourite song: atm i really like ‘good for you’ by selena gomez 

G - grossest memory: having infected throat after my tonsillectomy and my throat was literally like green and black and bleeding and smelled really really bad, that was pretty damn gross

H - horror, yes or no: it’s not preferable no 

I - in love: yassss  

J - jealous of people: all the time!

K - killed someone: of course not

L - love at first sight or walk past again: I don’t believe in love at first sight even slightly, but I do like that I fancied Ryan at first sight 

M - middle name: victoria

N - number of siblings: 2 and a half 

O - one wish: that all my uni work was finished. sigh 

P - person I last called: ryan lol

Q - question I’m always asked: ‘what are you doing after uni?’ do i look like i can fucken answer that

R - reason to smile: I’m going on holiday a month tomorrow! I’m in a relationship w/ someone I love and have lots of fun n laughs with, I’m nearly finished with my degree and can finally move on from this trash era of life woo yeah. 

S - song you last sang: style LOL after that frog meme daydream text post i felt compelled to give it a listen for old times sake. 

T - time you woke up: literally nearly 11am, so late. i’m not normally that lazy 

U - underwear colour: black 

V - vacation: spain in 4 weeks! 

W - worst habit: grinding my teeth or forgetting to drink water… forgetting to shave…forgetting everything..drinking too much coffee, spending all my money, shall i go on

X - X-rays: i’ve had a few cos i was a clumsy child but i cant remember exactly what of! leg definitely. possibly others

Y - your favourite food: kinder buenos, burgers

Z - zodiac sign: libra, the scales. I am balance (not) 

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Author: MellytheHun

Summary: The radio host AU no one ever asked for but I have written anyway because sometimes when DJ’s play several sad songs in a row, I worry about their mental health and then this AU was born

Info: 8k | Teen | Human AU, Humor

Notes: I just loved the whole idea so much! Also Derek was just awesome as a radio host and he made the best jokes and I really like how it was kinda Derek and Stiles show and the feels were great too! It just made me so happy to read it, I’m sure you will smile too! Also there should be a sequel with Derek and Stiles hosting one day, just saying ;) - K.

Sneak Peek:

When they hang up, Derek takes another call from a someone who works at a Teavana and talks for way too long about their selection. Once Derek is back on the air alone, he says, “thanks for the recommendations, Nick. And for those of you that called while Nick was on the air, to answer your questions - yes, Stiles did call in and he’s just fine. He did want to warn the general public against consuming black coffee mixed with diet Coke and Monster, however. Apparently, it doesn’t have a lot of nutritional value. I think we can all be thankful that a self-appointed public servant like Stiles has so committed himself to the heroic experimentations of caffeine in his quest to protect us while still getting us through graveyard shifts.”


I was chatting with one of my followers last night about Space Dramas when I mentioned that, well, I haven’t really had much time for pleasure reading over the last two years—”why is that?” they asked, and I realized that it’s been a while since I talked about my rl situation

which is a roundabout way of saying HEY WELCOME TO THE FAMILY MY DEAL IS THE FOLLOWING

  • My name is Sarah (you are welcome to call me Sarah, though I also answer to victories, notbecauseofvictories, nbov, etc.)
  • I am currently in my second year of law school!
    • I specialize in health law (I have a background in clinical quality & compliance, and strong feelings about the ACA)
    • Law school is hard. Not—how to get away with murder hard, but killing the soul is a kind of murder, right?
  • I also work part time at a law firm!
    • “But Sarah,” you say, “if you are doing full time school and part time work, doesn’t that mean you are technically doing 1.5 time?”
    • “Yes,” I reply, clutching my third coffee of the day. “that is True.”
      • (this is hyperbole. I only drink two coffees. the rest is diet coke.)
  • I currently live in Chicago and will not get more specific than that, due to privacy reasons. But I fucking love Chicago. New York can suck it.
  • I have almost no free time, ever, and waste most of it on this blog so like. Prorities are clearly my strong suit.



I love your writing! Do you do commissions? 

Nope! I’ve been reading fic for 15 years without paying a single cent, both because it’s not copyright infringement until you ask for money, and also because there have been 15 years’ worth of fans just like me who asked for nothing in exchange except a review. I consider myself heir to that weird, horny, often misguided creative legacy.

Also, have you seen how terrible I am at finishing projects on time? Yeah.

You didn’t answer my ask!

I get anywhere between 5-10 asks a day, and upwards of 30 if I ask for writing prompts. Chances are (1) I didn’t see it, (2) I saw it, forgot about seeing it, and will guiltily delete it in three months, (3) I saw it, but it either didn’t spark anything in me or I didn’t think it merited answering on my blog.

I do try and make a point of answering all non-anonymous asks/messages I get. If you really want a reply, that is the best way to get my attention.

Can you write about [a thing]?

I don’t know! Inspiration is weird and I have very little control in this relationship! Send me the prompt anyway!

When will you be finished with [project last mentioned three months ago]?

[cue hysterical laughter]

come mr. dj won’t you turn the music up

Alex is…unenthused with her current situation.

She doesn’t particularly have anywhere else to be on an early Saturday night, apart from sifting through paperwork at the DEO, but this is. Spectacularly worse than her previous evening plans.

She really needs to work on saying ‘no’ to Kara.

Because in all honesty, it’s that inability, and nothing else, that’s led Alex to standing in the corner of a middle school gym, nursing a bottle of Coke and watching over seventy plus thirteen year olds run around in flashing lights and cheap suits.

(Does she hate Kara? No. Is she mad at Kara? Unequivocally yes.)

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Or: I poked at @ultranos for a three word prompt (thanks again for humoring me!), got the words “coffee”, “bottlecap”, and “music”, and went in a very strange direction.

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- Snuck out: Nope

- Broke a bone: One time my brother broke my leg trying to make me do the split when we were little

- Cried yourself to sleep: Yeah

- Self Harmed: Kinda

- Been Depressed: Mhm

- Been lonely: Yes almost everyday


- Birth date: 8/20/1996

- Biggest fear: the dark

- Relationship status: currently being held hostage by scribbliestbear 

- Dream job: animator, I want to create a show

- Dream Car: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Dream house: nice house or apartment with a nice view (aesthetics are everything


- Like someone: yeah

- love someone: yes

- have a bf/gf: yes

-Want a bf/gf: gee idk

- Have Tattoos: nope

- Have piercings: nope

- Party?: nnnnnnoooooooo


- Band: Passion Pit

-Movie: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Tv Series: *breathes heavily* Legend of Korra

- Book: the harry potter series

- Color: pink atm

- Animal: Bears


- Twitter or Facebook: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Twitter or Instagram: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Instagram or Facebook: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-Coke or Pepsi: Coke

- Coffee or Tea: Coffee (although I dont drink either I just like the smell of coffee)

- Tacos or Pizza: pizza

- Summer or Winter: summer

WOULD YOU EVER??????????????????????????????????

- Get Married: maybe

- Have kids: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Swim with sharks: no?

- Share a banana: i hate bananas just take the damn thing away from me

- Eat rotten food: no?

- Marry a foreigner: yeah if they are nice

-not gonna tag anyone-

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-Snuck out: no

-broken a bone: no

-Cried myself to sleep: yes

-Self harmed: depending on definition

-Been depressed: yes

-been lonely: holy hell yes


-Birthday: August 7th, 1998

-Biggest fear: people laughing at me

-Relationship status: single

-Dream job: CRNA

-Dream car: Something blue

-Dream house: a little cute house with a yard that i can be proud of

-Like someone: i dont even know anymore. yes? probably 

-Love someone: my dog Riley Ann <3 

-have a boyfriend/ girlfriend: no

-want a girlfriend/ boyfriend: thatd be pretty swell

-Have tattoos: no

-Have piercings: like regular earrings

-Party: chuck e cheese count?


-Band: FOB/Nicki Minaj?!?

-Movie: Anything stupid (not a title of a movie)

-TV series: Game of Thrones

-Book: Animal farm?

-Color: blue

-Animal: dogs and cats


-Twitter or Facebook: facebook eh

-Twitter or Instagram: instagram

-Instagram or Facebook: instagram

-Coke or Pepsi: neither

-Tea or coffee: tea!!!

-Tacos or Pizza: taco

-Winter or Summer: summer


-Get married: yes

-Have kids: theyre so cute

-Swim with sharks: oh yeah

-share a banana: if theyre hungry

-eat rotten food: nah

-Marry a foreigner: ooo yea

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