yes i have a lava lamp

My Favorite Johnny Depp Facial Expressions
  • Sweeney Todd

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His eyes are soooo intense here. I think I feel more burn from his eyes than I do the flames. In fact, the flames really just frame this shot really well.

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  • Sleepy Hollow

I laugh at this like every time.

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When he pulls the covers up and just peeks out over them is adorable.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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There’s something kind of adorable about his eyes being partially closed in this bit. Don’t know why.

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I am attracted to guys who can make me laugh. Johnny is no exception.

  • Cry-Baby

I don’t think I need to explain myself on this one.

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Okay. “Cry-Baby” was just so spring loaded with Depp-sex that I actually had to hide my face like an embarrassed ostrich or something at one point during the movie. ‘Nough said.

  • Alice in Wonderland

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OTP FEELS!!! ;-; SADNESS!! (By the way, I think JD’s Mad Hatter was the first time I’ve not been afraid of huge eyes.)

  • Dark Shadows

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Because lava lamps are serious business.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

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Watch 'is fingers, mate. They’re magic.

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Anyone else ever feel tempted to smile with Jack Sparrow? Cuz I do. 

  • The Corpse Bride (Yes this counts because Victor’s facial expressions are so true to his VA.)

Literally the happiest face Victor ever appears to have in this movie.

That split second where it dawns on him that he was about to say “bosom” or “breasts”.

  • What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

I wonder if JD has every actually tried this in a store. I’m willing to bet he could get everything free with this.

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Yet another intense gaze…

  • Edward Scissorhands

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Literally, my FAVORITE Tim Burton/Johnny Depp character. LOOK HOW ADORABLE THOSE SAD PUPPY DOG EYES ARE.

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I’ve seen such hate surround me inside of this dark abyss,

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever cried about?

I don’t know I’m so emotional that I cry over literally everything.

Do you like peanut butter?

Not really. I used to and now I can’t stand it so maybe that’s my issue.

What about marshmallows?

They’re alright.

How do you roast your marshmallows?

I’ve never eaten them roasted.

Do you eat s’mores?

I don’t but I have when I was little.

What’s the best brand of chocolate?

I like all the chocolate I don’t really have a favourite.

Do you own a disco ball, or know anyone who does?

No and no.

Own a lava lamp?


Own any sort of glow-in-the-dark room accessory?

I used to have glow sticks.

Ever faked an orgasm?


Done something illegal to your car?


Own some type of work out machine?


Are you quickly getting grossed out?


What scars on your body do you have?

Lots from cutting the last few months, and a few small ones from my cats through the years.

Ever did something sexual in public?


Do you like the taste of squid or eel?

I don’t like fish.

Ever date anybody in middle school?


Did you like to get dirty when you were little?


Do you find the show Family Guy absolutely hilarious?

Nope I hate it. The only kind of show like that that I like is The Simpsons.

Own anything that has to do with dragons or unicorns?


Believe in mermaids/mermen?


How many times have you snuck out of the house?

Once or twice.

How many shooting stars have you seen/wished upon?


What’s in your closet?

My clothes and some random shit that I never use.

Do you usually have your bedroom door open or closed?

Open unless I’m sleeping and then I close it because it’s easier for me to sleep because I can’t hear noise from outside.

What about your window?

Closed unless it’s summer or a really nice day in spring or fall.

Do you go outside to your backyard to relax a lot?

In the summer yes it’s one of my favourite places to go to relax.

Do you like the sound of birds chirping, or does it piss you off?

I like it unless I’m trying to sleep or I’m in a bad mood.

Have a friend that complains all the time?


Ever wanted to be a vet?

When I was little.

Ever centered your life around a person?


Are you hungry right now?


How about thirsty?


Are you doing anything else on the computer while you do this?

Nope just this.

Ever had a long conversation with a bot over AIM before?:


Ever been complimented by a stranger?


Ever did something you found dumb, just because everyone else was doing it?


Do you prefer the word burp over belch?


Who was the last person you talked to over the phone?

I don’t know I don’t usually talk to people over the phone.

Do people often judge you before they get to know you?


Do you give hugs like it’s no big deal?

Not really I don’t like to hug people unless I know them well.

Do you like playing with other people’s hair?


Ever flashed someone you liked?


Ever mooned someone you hated?

No lol.

Ever written your number in a public bathroom or a school text book? If so, did anyone actually call you?

Never done it.

Ever had an infection of any kind?


How many of your friends are from California?

None of them.

Do you actually like chicken?


Ever considered becoming a vegetarian?


Ever seriously thought of killing someone?


Do you use paper plates a lot?


Ever had a job? If so, what and for how long?

Yes lots mostly in the fast food industry and only for a couple months at a time.

Ever had an interview?


Have a built-in pool in your backyard?


A trampoline?


Do you go tanning?

In summer.

Ever won yourself a stuffed animal?


Ever had someone else win you a stuffed animal?


Ever been to a circus?


What type of computer do you have?:

A laptop.

Do you have a favorite sexual position, even if you’re a virgin?

Not really.

Ever been horseback riding?


Been skiing or snowboarding?


Do you wax/shave/pluck your eyebrows?:

Pluck yes.

Ever had cyber sex? If so, ever sent nude photos?

No and no.

Ever had phone sex? If so, did you just masturbate over the phone and make noises? Or did you talk dirty while doing it?

Yes and both.

Ever done oral? With how many people?

Yes a couple of guys.

Did you know you can get STDs from doing that?

Yes.If you’re a girl, do you wear sports bras or padded bras?

Padded bras.

What condom brand do you use?

Whatever the guy has. I don’t care about specific brands as long as they’re not like dollar store.

Do you use flavored/scented/glow-in-the-dark/neon/ribbed condoms?


Are you on the pill (if you’re a girl)?


Ever been to a concert?:


Ever used crest white strip?:


How often do you shower/bathe?:

Everyday unless I’m SUPER lazy.

When was the last time you did so?:

This morning.


You guys asked so here it is! A room tour! (Kinda)

So let’s start with the corkboard. It was plain cork but I covered it with some warping paper because I didn’t like the color. On it I just have some tiny things. Polaroids/ pictures, art, buttons, tsum tsums, tiny dresses, a vintage lava lamp, and yes that Hans picture is signed by Santino Fontana. Above it are a couple of records. To the right I have a shelf with a vintage radio, calendar, and Ariel bank. Below it is my nightstand and above all of that I have a ceramic bird.

Across from that is one of my dressers with a few of my Pop figures and a snow globe. Next to that is my closet door with another corkboard and just a whole bunch of junk.

Next is another dresser. On top is a shell box of pins, TV, necklaces, ect. I have a vanity where I fix my face and cosplay wigs. I could not fix it in the photoset but Above are some “bubbles” and a sparkly skeleton from Halloween I never take down. Then I have a desk I wish I used more. I normally end up crafting on my floor. As you can see from the mess.

And that’s basically it besides a few things that are messy at the moment. I normally make posts about my room and stuff on my personal Instagram (@andiesotherroom) which explains why they never end up here. Thanks for looking at my junk. As always please do not delete my text! (✿◠‿◠)

Losing your virginity to Michael would include:
  • him not being a virgin
  • him being completely fine with waiting until you’re 100% comfortable
  • telling him that you’re ready the day he gets back from touring
  • “really?”
  • “yes, really”
  • “okay……but really?”
  • heavy make out session but then he stops you
  • “wait i want this to be perfect”
  • he kicks you out of the bedroom for twenty minutes before letting you back in
  • when he lets you back into the bedroom its much cleaner 
  • “i didn’t have any candles and shit but i turned on my lava lamp”
  • you being kinda awkward cos this is your first time
  • him being kinda awkward cos he wants this to be absolutely perfect for you
  • kissing up and down your neck, leaving hickeys all over your skin
  • “hey (y/n), knock knock”
  • “who’s there?”
  • “my penis”
  • both of you laughing so hard that you cant catch your breath
  • body worship
  • “don’t be silly, wrap my willy”
  • michael closing his eyes and whimpering
  • starting off very slow
  • him being so fucking gentle and you telling him that he can be a little rougher cos hes not going to break you
  • dirty talk dirty talk so much dirty talk
  • “you’re so beautiful, so fucking beautiful princess”
  • him rubbing your clit with his thumb
  • letting you come first because he’s a gentleman 
  • michael finishing then laying down next to you and wrapping his arms around you as you both catch your breath
  • “was that okay?”
  • smiling like an idiot when you tell him that it was perfect
  • “hey, (y/n) i don’t want to ruin the moment but could we order some pizza? i’m kinda hungry”

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