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Bruce Wayne/Batman successfully recruiting Barry Allen/The Flash into the Justice League

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I had been planning a proposal for my girlfriend for WEEKS and it was supposed to be a surprise, but the other day in the cafeteria, one of THB apparently stole something of Merle's and my girlfriend and I were in the blast radius when he cast Zone of Truth. Long story short, she DID say yes, but I had to scrap my big proposal plans. I can't get a refund back on any of my reservations!


why do all you people, and I mean the fandom AND the new writers, insist on bringing out Harley’s good side like she’s some kind of saint? I love Harley precisely because she’s a sly fucker who wanted to make money writing best-sellers out of her patients’ mental illness. She was an opportunist who desperately desired a life of glamour, and going with the Joker, besides an entire world of pain and abuse, gave her exactly that: she was finally in the limelight, outside the ordinary, going down in history. That was pretty much clear since the start in her characterization??? So why is everyone and their cousin pretending she was the Good Doctor TM or that she gives a shit about people ouside her inner circle? Harley used to be funny and cunning before being squeezed into the role of another boring antihero that has nothing to do with her characterization. If DC wants so badly to prove they can write what they believe to be “”””empowered women””””, what about trying show that women can be manipulative and ambitious too? That they can be horrible and selfish? I just don’t get it.

So, you guys know about that forum where someone who has seen the movie is providing spoilers to people who ask for them? Well, I’d like to share with you a very gross sentiment that I found there that has become prevalent in this fandom that is more than problematic.

The person says this about the things that Tony experiences: A ‘break’(up) with Pepper offscreen, Rhodey being paralyzed, being forced to watch his parents be apparently brutally murdered by Bucky on video, and then in a rage attacking Bucky and Steve ONLY TO GET BRUTALLY BEATEN DOWN.        

And when someone commented about how they didn’t like team cap so much after that, the reply was: he created Ultron, he deserved it. In fact according to them, he deserve worse and deserves to be locked up himself. To another posters agreement.

So lets review, shall we?

Tony: created Ultron while potentially under the influence of Wanda’s powers as we saw in the movie that Wanda’s abilities had long-lasting effects.

Bruce: helped create Ultron.

Wanda: influenced Tony into creating Ultron through the use of her powers, made sure that Tony got away so he was able to create Ultron, helped Ultron gather the materials he needed to make the device that caused Sokovia to float.

I am so fucking disgusted right now I can barely type straight. So Tony gets literally all of the fucking blame for Ultron even though he had the best intentions creating him and didn’t create him alone? When he was arguably not in his right mind? (but a character not being in their right mind and being controlled by someone else only counts when it’s Bucky, right fandom?) And while I’m glad that Bruce managed to escape the shit show that is the blame throwing game of the fandom, he doesn’t get any responsibility for Ultron? Wanda doesn’t get any blame at all even though the reason that she helped Ultron was for revenge for her family against a man who’s company built but DID NOT FUCKING FIRE THE MISILE THAT KILLED HER FAMILY? She literally caused people to be hurt because of her own selfish need for vengeance, and yet she’s blame free?


I am truly disgusted right now. I have never seen a character so fucking abused, so fucking ridiculed for things other characters have also done before now. Tony Stark is treated with such little love and consideration by this fandom that I’m getting sick of it. I don’t care if you ship some other ship and have this pervasive need to bring Tony down because of it so that he doesn’t threaten your ship. I don’t care if you’re a fan of another character and feel the need to bash Tony to raise that character up. Anyone and everyone should have the fucking humanity to not rip apart a character that’s already been beaten into the ground and set on fire just for fun. Anyone should at least be able to be a little decent to that characters fans if they can’t find it in themselves to feel sympathy for the character that’s gone through fucking hell and back. NO ONE SHOULD SUGGEST THAT A CHARACTER DESERVES WORSE THAN TO BE BRUTALLY BEATEN UP BY A PERSON THAT THEY JUST SAW KILL THEIR PARENTS ON VIDEO AND SOMEONE WHO THEY THOUGHT WAS THEIR FRIEND.

Because that last bit is just fucking gross, and if you can’t see that then I give up on you as a decent human being.


Hey, little goth’es! Halloween is almost there and you know what that mean? Yes, a gift

I initially had planned just some Book Shelves recolors and some funirture, but then i was inspired by Midnight Hollow, and i  thought: “Hey, why not made something more specific?”. So i decided to separate this gift in two parts and let you guys happy and ready for halloween! First i made some recolors of basegame objects, and then i made plants and trees recolors inspired by the flora of Midnight Hollow, a dark “goth” city of The Sims 3 who came with Supernatural. Yeah, now you can give more life to your supernatural stories on The Sims 4. Any bug or error, please let me know so i can fix them. Good game, and enjoy!

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In this pack you’ll find recolors of: 

1 bed, 3 basegame decorative books, 2 book shelves, Get Together’s divider in dark colors, 1 basegame wardrobe and 1 secret door.

Download (SFS)

I FINISHED ANOTHER THING. I had planned on doing a dim-lighting picture and I thought the Aria duet would be perfect but it just ended up being insanely shiny and sparkly lmao I’m so sorry. The ending of YOI actually made me cry and I knew I had to do a print for this. ;w; 

Also I wanted to give a huge ass shoutout to @hasuyawwn for being ridiculously patient and helpful with this picture because I haven’t drawn properly in months and was struggling hardcore and she helped me catch mistakes through every step of the way omg you’re the best <3 <3 <3

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Do you have the movie scene when in an active relationship with Jaal? I saw someone's screenshot and I'm like :O

I was planning to capture it today, yes. Had a feeling that there will be some romantic content and saved the quest for a dessert :)

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Are you gonna make it a series? Holy shit though bc I looooooved that fic <3 you talented artist you~

Eeeep, oh gosh thank you so much, yes I had planned to make it a series.


Day 31 + 28 + 20 of Change

I’m baaaack! After one week of no excercise bc of a stomach bug and a weekend full of blissful cakes and pies I’m finally back.

And look at that beautiful card i got from my grandma.  I love it.

So yes, I cheated the whole weekend. Like I had it planned. And it was ok. I’ve never eaten so much cake before I think (I did miss it). Everything else (breakfast, lunch and dinner) was lowcarb though. I’m back in the gym too. Started the week as always with my 45 min cardio workout on the bike but choose a slightly easier programm.

Workout plans for this week:

  • tuesday: weightlifting
  • wednesday: cardio in the morning
  • thursday: rest day (and ladys night. hehehe)
  • friday: 30min cardio plus some weightlifting
  • saturday: weightlifting
  • sunday: rest day

I hope everyone has a great week. Stay motivated!

Inner Strength

I finally got out a Victubia fic!!! I don’t think I’m too far off in saying this took close to a year from start to finish, but it is here! I hope you all enjoy!

Warnings: None, unless you count swears

Word Count: 5541 (holy crap)

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Cure pt. 2

Josh x Reader #1 pt. 2

Warnings: swearing, party, alcohol, overall slightly sad tones

Requested: I had this next part planned, but yes by @icysidemen @mtvminter @sdmntrash1 and @minininiminter

Notes: Here is the second part of Cure!! I really loved writing this one and kind of exploring a little bit of a new style in my writing. I do think that this will be the last part of this imagine, i mean unless you guys want something specific. But for now, enjoy!! ~K



- - 1 month later - -

To say that the last month was hell would be an understatement. It was like he was everywhere. To have someone be in your life for 5 years and then suddenly not be there was a shock and a wakeup call to say the least. And it wasn’t like you two didn’t see each other either. You were a graphic designer for the boys, so you’ve seen him since and each time it was like another piece crumbled away. Each morning you woke up dreading the next time he would appear in your timeline, or the next time you’d join a skype call with him. So you both pretended. You pretended that it didn’t hurt like hell to see each other. You pretended to not care anymore. You pretended like the end wasn’t messy. 

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  • Tali: So, Dr. T'Soni, all these Prothean ruins we're exploring - this must be like a survey for you.
  • Liara: Not exactly. For one, I am usually alone on my expeditions, and two, they involve much more time for study... and far fewer explosions.
  • Tali: Yes, it's a pity that most of the technology I had planned to bring back to the Flotilla has subsequently tried to kill us.
8) fake dating

“Moms I sorta need to ask you to do something…” Henry rolled his eyes and his face scrunched in embarrassment over skype.

“What do you need, darling?” Regina lunged forward in alarm, and inadvertently crowded Emma’s space as they both huddled around the ipad.

Henry let out a long sigh and his face went red. “So you’re both coming to my graduation ceremony, right?”

“Of course, Henry, you know we wouldn’t miss it,” Emma sat up on Regina’s couch and propped her head in her hands, leaning on her elbow.

“And you’re coming to parent’s day too, right?”

“Yes, we plan too. I thought we had already discussed the details. Has there been a change?” Regina’s eyebrows knotted together in worry.

“Okay, so here’s the thing…I want you both to come together and everything…just my friends and my girlfriend will be there.”

“And we’re very excited to meet her,” Regina said through a press of gritted teeth and a fake grin. Emma nodded in solidarity.

“I might have told everyone who asked about you guys that you’re like together in a relationship or whatever,” Henry blushed and mumbled  the last bit, while Emma and Regina turned to look at each other in surprise.

“Kid, why would you do that?” Emma bolted up and asked her 21 year old son, wondering why he lied.

“My friends just assumed whenever I talked about my wonderful, caring loving, plural moms…and I just sort of kept it going for the past 4 years,” Henry admitted in shame.

“What are you asking us to do exactly?” Regina wondered in a near whisper.

“Just, like, pretend you’re in a relationship while you visit for graduation weekend. Just around my friends and stuff,” Henry hated to ask, but he couldn’t go back and explain his lie now. He was too far into it.

Regina turned her head and winked at Henry’s other mother. “Well, I don’t know how you feel, Emma, but I say if our son felt the need to lie about the nature of our relationship we should honor his wish….”

Emma nodded slowly, realization dawning as a grin bloomed on her lips and mischief glinted in her eyes, “I think I know exactly what you mean, Regina.”

That’s when Henry knew he had made a huge mistake.

Regina grabbed Emma by the collar and pulled her close planting a strong and awkwardly angled kiss right on her pursed and waiting lips. They made some obnoxiously gross noise as Henry covered his eyes and begged for it to end.

When they pulled apart, they both chuckled softly and smirked into the camera. “How was that, Henry?”

Emma licked her lips, now smeared with Regina’s lipstick. “I think our technique could use a bit of improvement, but we have some time to practice before our trip.”

Regina nodded in agreement, “Yes, Henry don’t worry, Emma and I will have perfected the art of lesbianism by graduation day. We wouldn’t want to embarrass you, after all.”

Henry shook his head and ended the call just as Regina and Emma were dipping in for another very gay kiss. Lies of convenience never work out long term.


This one is for @eridaniepsilon who calls the Upsilon a waffle iron! Hope you’ll like it :)