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so i’ve fixated on this idea of lying down in a pile of scarves and ya i have some scarves buT NOT ENOUGH TO MAKE A NICE PILE THAT I CAN LIE DOWN IN??? boo

Throwback to the 2nd ever MM fanart I did with this…because I find it highly relevant right now.

The only thing Yuuri hates more than flying is being away from his fiancé for too long. And as they had been forced to spend a week apart for Nationals—much more than what Yuuri considered acceptable—he did not hesitate to jump onto the first flight to Russia as soon as the medal ceremony was over.

Nobody asked him why he was not going to perform on the gala exhibition. It was a foolish question, considering it was that time of the year.

Victor Nikiforov’s birthday always happened on the same week as Nationals—both Japan’s and Russia’s—and it had proved to be quite the challenge for them to get around. They had eventually managed it, but not without a fair share of late night video calls (because Yuuri could not fall asleep without Victor’s presence close to him) and good luck voice messages sent minutes before competitions.

Being away from Victor for competitions was terrible. Having to compete in Nationals without his coach, his friend, his fiancé had to be an offense. Victor, as sweet as he was, tried to downplay how much he missed Yuuri’s presence so Yuuri could focus on his programs, but it was impossible to ignore the pain in his eyes as they fell silent in video calls, wistfully wishing for that week to be over so they could be in each other’s arms again.

Coming home was a joy despite the impending jet lag that would haunt Yuuri as soon as he set foot in Russia. More often than not, Yuuri would feel nervous—his hands sweaty and feeling palpitations in his chest—before boarding a flight, but this time he felt excitement. Soon, he was going to be reunited with the love of his life. Soon, he would be able to hear his voice, feel his warmth again.

Yuuri felt so relaxed he even managed to fall asleep, curling next to the window since his Vitya wasn’t there to lend a shoulder for him to sleep on.

And right as rain, Victor was there at the airport waiting for him—looking tired, almost worn out, but the happiness their reunion brought him lifted that burden off his shoulders as soon as he spotted Yuuri in the crowd. He stretched his arms open, the vulnerable and yet fond expression growing into a bright, relieved smile as he rushed in Yuuri’s direction, wrapping him in a tight hug and meeting his lips with a soft, urgent kiss.

Yuuri had missed him so much.

Reunions dispensed with words. Words lacked the intensity to translate how much they had missed each other for the past few days, and no matter how much they tried, words would never be as effective as sharing a long, meaningful hug was. They linger in each other’s arms for minutes, closing their eyes and focusing on each other’s grounding presence as life happens around them, focusing on the feeling of being together.

They have the universe in their arms now.

Once they partially sate that need for holding each other—not quite, because they most definitely can’t stop now that they’re finally reunited—Victor helps Yuuri with his luggage and they share impressions and stories about the past few days on the drive back home. He looks even more handsome than Yuuri remembered (if that was even possible, for Victor to get even more handsome) with his profile dimly lit by the panel’s lights.

Yuuri had missed his voice—his laughter, his smile. It didn’t quite sound the same through the phone, on video calls and voice messages. This Victor was much more relaxed, natural, earnest, and Yuuri had missed him.

They arrive at the apartment late at night, and despite Victor having been up since early hours, he wants to stay up, keep Yuuri company and make up for the time they hadn’t spent together—and despite being tired from his trip, Yuuri is wide awake, chattering excitedly about small things that happened to him in Japan. Victor listens attentively, looking smitten as he rests his chin on his hand, his heavy-lidded eyes and soft smile being such a delicate and ordinary thing it only then hits Yuuri how much he had missed Victor—and how the smallest details like those made his days brighter.

When Yuuri makes noises about grabbing a snack before going to bed, Victor—looking as appalled as his tired self allowed him to be—insists on preparing something for him, which ends up with Yuuri wrapping his arms around Victor as he cooks Yuuri pasta in a way of showing his appreciation. Pointedly ignoring Victor’s weak attempt of cleaning things up before sleep, Yuuri takes him to the bedroom, peppering kisses all over his face and neck and whispering about how much he’s missed him.

“So,” Yuuri hums happily, wrapping his arms around his Vitya, “tomorrow is a big day, hm?”

Victor says nothing, but Yuuri can feel his cheek move against his chest in a smile.

“Why is that?” Victor asks jokingly.

“We didn’t have time to make plans for your birthday together,” Yuuri says, and there’s a tinge of disappointment in his voice. “But I wanted to do something special with you. I don’t know, maybe go sightseeing, watch a movie, have dinner out…”

Victor nods, snuggling closer to Yuuri as his fiancé plays with his hair.

“What do you want to do tomorrow, babe?”

Victor hums, drawing circular shapes with the tip of his finger on Yuuri’s side as he thinks. Yuuri waits patiently, placing a kiss or two on his temple as he waits for the answer. Finally, when Victor is satisfied with his plan, he speaks up.

“We can wake up late,” there was an excitement in Victor’s voice as he mentioned it that made Yuuri smile instantly, “and stay in bed for as long as we want. Just the two of us, and Makkachin. We can bake a cake when we get up, run a nice, warm bath and make a pillow fortress for us where we can spend the rest of the day in, watching Lord of the Rings and cuddling. And late at night, if you’d like, we could go to that Thai food restaurant you like.”

Yuuri giggles, cupping Victor’s face as he looks at him and kissing his lips tenderly. “Are you sure? You want to spend your birthday with just me and Makkachin?”

He shrugs lightly, turning his head to kiss their ring on Yuuri’s hand. “That’s all I need to be happy.”

Tosh & Owen on their pool date. Finally.

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why do all you people, and I mean the fandom AND the new writers, insist on bringing out Harley’s good side like she’s some kind of saint? I love Harley precisely because she’s a sly fucker who wanted to make money writing best-sellers out of her patients’ mental illness. She was an opportunist who desperately desired a life of glamour, and going with the Joker, besides an entire world of pain and abuse, gave her exactly that: she was finally in the limelight, outside the ordinary, going down in history. That was pretty much clear since the start in her characterization??? So why is everyone and their cousin pretending she was the Good Doctor TM or that she gives a shit about people ouside her inner circle? Harley used to be funny and cunning before being squeezed into the role of another boring antihero that has nothing to do with her characterization. If DC wants so badly to prove they can write what they believe to be “”””empowered women””””, what about trying show that women can be manipulative and ambitious too? That they can be horrible and selfish? I just don’t get it.


Bruce Wayne/Batman successfully recruiting Barry Allen/The Flash into the Justice League

Okay, so first attempt complete!

Here’s some Draco Malfoy-inspired cupcakes (credit goes to @bixgirl1 for the bomb af flavor profile idea): champagne-chiffon cupcakes filled with strawberry pastry cream topped with champagne-rose meringue!

Forgive the terrible quality of the photos, please… I’m still looking for my camera, and when I find it, I will post something better. :’(

I’m taking them to some frands, so I will report back on if they taste like Draco (… or at least if they taste good, because I’m pretty sure there’s only one person that actually knows what Draco *tastes* like, if you know what I mean).


The new HigglyTown Heroes looks great.

Just a quick update to let you know I haven’t forgotten about the prompts, as it got silent on my blog again.

…my mind just went and kind of decided to drop the ‘doodle’ bit while working on one of them 💦

s13 episode concept bc I wanna get in on this game too:

The D.E.N.N.I.S failure

  • The episode starts out when a beautiful woman, preferably played by Stephanie Beatriz, walks into the bar looking for Frank. She asks one of the regulars where he is. They say ‘I don’t know, ask the gay one’
  • She immediately walks over to Dennis and before she can say anything he tries to flirt. He says “hi, I’m Dennis”. She replies “how lovely for you..” and then ignores him and walks to outside the office. Absolutely fuckin REKT
  • Title card. “The D.E.N.N.I.S failure”
  • The mysterious woman yells for Frank, who walks out. He ushers her into the office and the gang are like wtf is happening
  • Dennis is annoyed at the rejection and starts ranting about the D.E.N.N.I.S system. She walks out and says that she also has a system for seducing women, it’s called respecting them
  • She flirts with Dee who is VERY receptive
  • Dennis challenges her to see who can get more girls in a week with their system. She accepts.
  • They start sleeping with people. A tally is kept. Mac feels left out and so starts banging a bunch of dudes. Every time Dennis sees him with someone he gets angry and tries to find a new girl.
  • Dennis goes to rant to Dee. The girl, who is winning, walks out of Dees bedroom half dressed. Dennis freaks out.
  • Dennis goes to the bar in a rage where Frank and Charlie are plotting something. They refuse to tell him what. Dennis decides that the only way to win the game is to sleep with his opponent, whom is a lesbian
  • She rejects his advances
  • Later, Mac comes into the bar kissing some guy. Dennis smashes the bottle he’s holding and when everyone stares at him he insists it’s because the girl won’t sleep with him.
  • She says fine then so she’ll sleep with him and they go into the back office.
  • Dee and Charlie follow her in. Mac is left confused at the bar.
  • Dennis is sitting down and they corner him. He is angry, says leave him alone he’s just trying to get laid
  • Charlie: “There is only one person on this entire goddamn planet that you should be trying to sleep with and we all know it’s not her.”
  • Dennis gets angry and storms out. Mac stands when he enters the bar and asks what’s going on. Dennis freezes and looks back at the others.
  • Dee: *shrugs* you have my blessing. Girl: go win the game
  • Dennis strides over to Mac and kisses him fiercely. Mac melts.
  • Later. They’re sitting at the bar, Mac and Dennis are smiling and all over each other. The girl looks at Frank. “I got what you people wanted, can I PLEASE leave now yall are crazy”

I just suddenly thought of Palletshipping au, where Gary is secretly a heir to a powerful mafia line, which ofc is the Oak family. He’s not exactly thrilled about it but it’s what he’s born and raised into, and he wants to keep continuing his grandfather’s temperate way of things, keeping business big without unnecessary brutality and hostality to other lines. (Murder is not a hobby. They simply keep money flowing, streets safe, protect few shady big people and if someone needs to disappear, cant be helped.) There are some in the organization who’d want more ruthless actions and challenge other mafias but no one dares question prof.Oak.

Gary then meets a bubbly bartender named Ash who works at the bar he visits every weekend and soon grows fond of the young man. Gary starts visiting the place even more often then and they slowly grow closer as friends. Gary likes the energetic and optimistic nature of Ash, as he knows well himself how dirty and dark world is, and Ash likes Gary’s witty mind and his smile. Ash doesnt know about Gary’s heritage, as Gary does all he can to keep his family and his true persona a secret. Sometimes it causes weird moments but Gary is smart enough to always find a way out and cover it up. Luckily Ash doesnt seem to catch up on things easily.

So they keep seeing each other and become closer, Gary finding it easy to forget about the growing conflicts inside the organization when he’s with Ash. However, some start noticing their close bond and remark and jab at Gary about it, saying it’d be a shame if something happened to the simple-minded bartender Gary has grown to cherish. Gary makes sure others know no one will harm Ash and walk away with it, but inside he’s worried his secret will end up hurting Ash anyway. He even tries to distance himself from Ash, but he cant keep away from the bartender, not to mention Ash wont have any of it and tracks Gary down to make him know how much Ash values their bond. Ash doesnt give up on people so easily!

Even if Gary tries to reason his lineage puts Ash in the harm’s way, he cant fight himself and their relationship grows deeper and into bed. They start dating and enjoy their time together and have cute dates with Gary sometimes using his family influence to make them have special dates. The shift of reign in the family organization however looms in the horizon and there is tension in the air. Gary knows he cant just pretend to be someone else forever, he has a giant criminal organization to lead when time comes. He’s willing to try for Ash though. Luckily he has still managed to keep his identity a secret and Ash, trusting he is, doesnt question his every move. Gary is afraid what Ash might think of his secret, since Ash loves all life and hates injustice. But he’s too in love to step away.

Then tension starts enrupting. Another big mafia line, TR led by Giovanni, was approached and has made a deal with a small group inside the Oak family who want to take over the organization and throw Gary off the succession line. Gary soon faces act of betrayal, the same group backing him to a corner. They attack him and offer him one chance to step down. Beaten down, refusing to give up and ready to die for his family name, Gary tells them to fuck off and has come to a dead end for once.

But then when it seems game over to Gary, the attackers are shot and beaten down. There are no words for Gary’s shock when he sees Ash gun down men cold-blooded, just out of nowhere. Twist happens and Ash reveals his own true identity, as the grandson of Giovanni, and as an heir to TR mafia line. Well, not main heir as he was born from secret affair between his mom and other of Giovanni’s son, but he is next in line after Gio’s other son. After his mom and his dad had both died (on separate times and cases) Giovanni tracked him down and brought Ash to the organisation when Ash was small kid. So in all, Ash had been aware of Gary’s true identity from the start. Of course he knew who the successor to Oak family was. Gary didnt know about Ash however since Ash isnt the first in the TR succession line and Ash had kept distance to his mafia family, wanting to live normal live.

So there had been no secret plot, Ash truly works at the bar and truly grew to love Gary. Of course he had first been wary but eventually realised Gary truly didnt know about Ash’s heritage. They simply happened to cross paths. Ash didnt want to bring his family organization into it and pretended buying Gary’s cover-up story. Just like all others, they were just two normal people to meet at bar and grow into relationship.

Except they are not like other people. They are heirs to two big mafia organizations and it’s time they both come out clean. And have a talk. They talk about everything, confess their lies and their true feelings. It’s quite a twist to swallow but they come to an understanding, how neither had any ulterior motives. Gary feels bit dumb for not knowing about Ash though. It’s troubling but also funny situation for them, and they laugh at it, both relieved the truth is out. Then they make heated love woops.

So now they just have to figure out what to do. They agree to keep their relationship going and plan a way to fix the inner conflicts. Ash can use his own influence to help Gary purge the Oak family from traitors and help Gary take over. Gary in turn can help Ash with some problems in his own family too. (Maybe Giovanni’s older son is causing troubles) As heirs to their respective families, they plot together a future where these two organizations could work together and secure their futures. And Ash and Gary can keep screwing each other, pfft.

So yes, a simple mafia au I just came up with :’)

Dorian - Two Years Later

During the Exalted Council, if the Inquisitor speaks to Dorian, he sits in front of a chessboard. So, I headcanon that this happened (chess’ headcanons from here):

“I saw Demetra’s hand, Cullen.”
The silence felt heavy between the two of them.
 They had met a couple of hours before, when the new Tevinter ambassador had smugly shooed away his colleagues that were chatting around the Commander.
They both needed to speak and they both knew they gave their best if some chess game was involved.
So, they played.
Dorian spoke quietly again, tapping one finger on the luxurious chess board “Well, I admit I forced her to show me her hand. When you wrote me the first time I thought you were a bit paranoid. Now, I regret you didn’t write me earlier.”
The mage moved his pawn “Do not think I’m blaming you, of course. I’m furious with the stupid me.”
The Commander opened his mouth, his eyes gentle, but Dorian shook one hand vehemently “Please, don’t. I’m a Mage. And a very good one. I should have known that an ancient magic such as that damned Anchor is couldn’t just stay quietly carved on her flesh forever. Visante kaffas, I have been so stupid!”
“Nobody could foresee this, Dorian. Nobody. I’m sure Demetra told you the same.”
“Actually she told me to stop being silly and give her another cup of tea.”
Both the men forced a smile.
“How is she doing, Cullen?”
“She…” he stopped, staring at the chessboard. He couldn’t say aloud again what she had said him not later than six weeks ago – six weeks and five days ago, most precisely. He couldn’t. Dorian had the right to know, though.
“She is fighting the Anchor, but she’s not sure who will win.”
Dorian sighed heavily, pinching his nose in a poor attempt to hide his reddened eyes “We’ll save her, Cullen, even if I had to invent a spell myself bargaining with all the spirits in the Fade.”
Cullen looked at him, his throat painfully clenched.
“Thank you.”
It was all he managed to say and it was insufficient to express his gratitude towards Dorian. Towards his friend.
Dorian understood and nodded anyway.
“I told her she shouldn’t be here, wasting her time with this useless, ungrateful bunch of people.” the Mage hissed “She should take care of herself better.”
“I told her the same” the Commander captured Dorian’s Hero of Ferelden “But Demetra helped Thedas’ people while they suspected her of destroying the Conclave, calling her an abomination. She’s not going to act any different now that she carries the Inquisitor title.”
“I bet she also doesn’t want to put Leliana in a more precarious position.”
“That, too.”
“I warned her that nobody was going to thank her,” Dorian sighed conquering a position near Cullen’s Divine “And I fucking hate being right. But this? An Exalted Council against the only person who stood up between Corypheus and the world? This is beyond ingratitude. It’s monstrous.”
A silent nod was all that Cullen could add.
Cassandra had said something along that line, in a more colorful way. Varric, the same. Sera had already menaced to kill at least thirty nobles and twenty diplomats. The Iron Bull and Thom Ranier hadn’t spoken very much, but they escorted their Inquisitor silently daring people to say something wrong, as Demetra greeted people here and there.
Vivienne had been kind enough to keep away from the Inquisitor the most problematic guests, while Josephine took care of being the first to talk with the ones who would like very much spat their venom in the Inquisitor’s face. Cole had asked Maryden to sing Demetra’s favorite song and Leliana, though bounded to her role, had sent in her bedroom fresh flowers, trustworthy servants, useful information about the ones who still sided with the Inquisition and a giant box of the finest Orlesian chocolate.
Demetra had wept in Cullen’s arms “I’m so lucky to have all of you. As long as you still trust me, I’m alright.”
Dorian cleared his throat “Speaking about messy things, I heard there was quite a problem with the bedrooms when the Inquisition arrived.”
The Commander couldn’t stop the blush, but Dorian’s grin was full of pride “Well done, Cullen!”
“So everybody knows about my change of quarters?”
“Are you kidding me? The Commander of the Inquisition army that takes his luggage, ignores the outraged Chamberlain and marches in the Inquisitor’s quarters declaring that he will stay there, messing with thousands of years of protocol? My friend, you are a legend.”
Cullen shrugged “Demetra agreed and I’m not going to leave her alone just because a useless etiquette told me so.”
“Of course! I can already hear the minstrels singing about the Lion of the Inquisition who marched in his beloved Inquisitor room and took her in his strapping arms before kissing…”
“Yes, thank you, Dorian, I get the concept.” Cullen shivered, making him laugh. A sincere one.
“And I didn’t kiss her in front of everybody! I just told them to go to bother someone else.”
“So no kisses? Not even a little one?” Dorian pouted.
Cullen tried to not grin “I didn’t say that.”
Dorian winked at him “Your admirers will be heartbroken to have the ultimate confirmation that you’re not available.”
Cullen smiled “Finally! Maybe they’ll stop to send crows asking me to marry this countess or that noble.”
Dorian tipped his head on the side “Since we’re speaking about this, let me ask you a thing: are you going to ask her to marry you?”
No hesitation. No uncertainty. Just fierce firm belief.
“Good. Soon?”
“Do you have a plan?”
“Not anymore. I had one, but now I suppose I need another one.”
“Do you have a ring?”
“I was going in Denerim to buy one when all of this happened.”
Dorian nodded again, stopping their match, and fishing something out of his pocket. Cullen took the delicate box from his hands with a perplexed frown. When he opened it, he couldn’t hold back a surprised sound: laying against soft velvet, a couple of golden rings glittered under the afternoon sun. Inside the biggest one, it was carved “Demetra & Cullen”. In the other one, he read “Cullen & Demetra”. A line of minuscule arabesques in the external part made them two little masterpieces of gold-working.
Before he could speak, Dorian smiled, quiet and sincere “In my Country, it’s the best friend of a bride or a groom that buys the wedding bands. Now, since you don’t have a lot of friends that can  be better than me and I’m quite sure Demetra loves me as much as I love her, allow me to follow one of the few traditions that I’m still proud to.”
Cullen’s thanks were too full of emotion to be as much eloquent as he wished, but they were sincere in every bit. And Dorian winked at him “One last thing: I won’t tell you to take care of her. I have no doubt you will because she’s lovely and you don’t want that an angry Magister sets your ass on fire.”
Cullen smiled, but he knew Dorian was deadly serious.
His friend continued “What I want you to promise me is that the two of you will do the impossible to be happy together. That you will treasure what you two have and you will fight to keep it alive. Life can be hard even for people who love each other as you two do, but you have something precious. Treasure it.”
“I will. We will, I promise on my life.”
“Good. And now, let’s finish this game. I want to take back some Tevinter pride and kick that awesome Fereldan ass of your.”
Cullen chuckled, putting the precious box with the rings safely in his pocket “Good luck with that. And… thank you, Dorian.”

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Yall mind if I rant: The Sequel Nobody Wanted

The newest comic got me to question my stance on Korra/sami yet again (the dashes here exist to keep it out of the tags, just in case that’s still a problem). The short version of this is that my stance really hasn’t changed. (Also, just a headsup, I haven’t read my old anti k/s post in a long time, but it’s probably full of logical fallacies and the lot, so…what I’m getting at here is please don’t judge me based on what I’ve written in the past). 

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Did I make some mistakes? Yes. Did I only make mistakes? Yes. But did it all work out? Kind of. I had a plan, and I put it into action and it went off flawlessly. Almost. Mostly. Maybe it went off flawful-ish. But not a total disaster. In fact, an unmitigated not-total-disaster of the sort I’m thrilled to be involved in.
—  Merlin

★ Below the cut are #25 gifs of the actress Dana Gourrier as Maya in s01e06 of Startup (22) and Sharon Davison in Midnight Special (03). Dana is of “mixed  Afro-American and Creole” descent, please cast her accordingly. All gifs were made by me and are only intended for roleplaying purposes. Do not repost, claim as your own, edit in any way, or include in gif hunts. Please like this post if using or saving any gifs and reblog only if you’re an rp related blog.

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