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Hello yes my girlfriend and I are very tired all the time and we see each other only right when we get home to go to sleep.

Also, mhm, she hasn’t had a day off in three weeks and my only free days are Saturday to actually get my act together, practice self care, and clean the house.

Correct, I’m all the while fighting a battle for territory with a small colony of ants trying to live inside our dishwasher.

But oh man am I so happy and thankful to be busy and have the opportunities that I do.
Every day I interact with people who are crazy good and all-around successes and I’m just happy to be a part of their lives and learn from them.

When I asked him about reports that he had killed over one hundred people, he actually chuckled and shook his head at the naïveté of nonmurderers: “They have no idea what it takes to do one, what it takes out of you.”

I asked him if the figure of thirty-five, which I’d seen in other accounts, was correct. He paused, stared at me, and scanned his censor to decide whether to admit such a detail - because that was where he had always drawn the line before. he had freely implied everything, but never admitted one detail, like some superstitious child’s idea of what could be held against him.

He finally nodded and mumbled, “Yes.” 

Ted’s conversation with Polly Nelson on January 22, 1989.

I once had a lady in the drive through, she had a coffee with cream on the side (so, the cream was in a bag on the side with her coffee). She comes up, I ask if her order is correct, I hand it out. She asks me if there is cream in the bag, I bagged it myself, so I say yes, she takes it and drives off. As my next costumer comes up, I start to ask her about her food when I hear her horn. I turn (naturally learning to ask what I’ve done wrong and apologize in EVERY situation with angry customers) when I see she isn’t looking at me, but a car in front of her. Then, the lady who was before her SQUEEZES past her car to the drive through window and says “there wasn’t enough cream.” I was so shocked I didn’t even know what to do. She had tried to back up into the next costumers car, then instead of coming inside, she squeezed between a strangers car to get to the window??? I quickly called over my manager, who told her “ma'am, we cannot serve you here, you have to come inside.” This lady DEMANDS to get serviced, so my boss simply hands her a handful of creamers to get her to leave. The customer who was at my window was at a loss for words, and said she’d never seen someone be so stupid and rude to anyone before (and even though she was trying to embarrass US, she was seen by everyone else in line, we got jokes for the next 15 minutes about the crazy old lady who thought the window was front counter.)

If someone ever tells you that Ryan is only talking about homophobia because 2016 is the year of ‘political correctness’, please shove this on their faces! Ryan Reynolds had a great interview with the filmmaker John August for The Advocate, back in 2007. Yes, 2007. 

 “Reynolds offers up this tale about an early incident on his sitcom Two Guys and a Girl: “I remember once I did this improv where I grabbed one of the actors and gave him this kind of Looney Tunes kiss. The audience loved it, and I thought it was a really funny moment. I’ll never forget—this other actor cam up afterwards and said, ‘What are you doin’? People are going to think that you’re gay.’ And I remember just thinking that’s just the most profoundly idiotic thing I’d ever heard.” 

 Reynolds says he wasn’t concerned about the gay aspect of The Nines, unlike other actors who auditioned: “Anyone who is homophobic—they’re triggered on some level by something within themselves that they’re desperately afraid of. More obvious news later in the program.” 

 He also offers a candid answer when August asks him if he were a gay actor, would he come out? “I don’t know if I would. I haven’t spent 23 years with a conflict within myself that is localized to just that. I certainly have my own versions of it, but none of those are as stigmatized as being gay, so I don’t know. Would I feel a certain obligation to? I honestly don’t know.” 

That’s all. Fresh news for people who didn’t know, especially deadpool’s fanboys. Ryan has done it countless times, since the 90’s. He’ll never not be an ally of LGBT causes and Women’s causes as well. He did it way before the internet and he’ll probably keep doing this forever. Bye ;)

[trans] Key’s interview with Ceci (Dec. 2016)

※ Please do not re-translate into another language

“To wear being yourself”, what does this mean to Key?
K: Fashion is my competitiveness when I look at it in a professional point of view.

Would that mean fashion might have had a different meaning if you weren’t a singer?
K: Yes, that’s correct. If I were not a singer, I would be wearing in a different style than now. In other words, fashion is my medium to stay competitive among other colleagues or celebrities. I tend to think deeply and worry about the image that I show through my fashion. If I think I would be less competitive when I wear a certain style, I will never wear that look. I would rather pick a style that will stand out. For me, it’s a fun thing when people’s eyes all turn to me due to my fashion.

Are you the type that tends to stick to your fashion? Or do you listen to others’ words well?
K: I think fashion is controlled heavily by the environment. That is, just like how there is a suitable attire depending on the job, there is definitely a style that brings favourable reviews even though there is no correct answer. Especially as I have a career that interacts with the public, it’s natural to maintain that favourableness.

You recently did a collaboration with the brand ‘Charms’ that is led by designer Yohan Kang.
K: I tried various attempts when I first directed the outfits for SHINee. If we needed 6 or 7 set of outfits, I tried designing each look all differently and also personally purchased clothes that I like in order to realize the unique image of SHINee. I have also tried the method of making clothes by drawing an illustration of the design I wanted. After going through this process, I kept in mind to cooperate with designers that are on the same wavelength. But it’s not an easy thing to meet a person with the same sensibility and preference and the designer I met along the way was Charms’ Yohan Kang.

On which part did you two feel compatible with each other?
K: Whenever I spoke an opinion, he always spoke similarly to what I thought. And most importantly, I thought he was a partner that can create a synergy by working together with SHINee. It’s a work that we literally work together so it’s more worthy when we each demonstrate a synergy.

It wouldn’t be possible to insist only your own style when working together. How do you resolve in this kind of circumstances?
K: You shouldn’t ignore the role that the other person plays when all kinds of fields and arts are bound together. We interact freely on the things we want to request additionally based on the respect of each other’s preference. Perhaps that is the way to lead a successful collaboration? I think Yohan Kang of Charms was being considerate of others based on this.

SHINee, including Key, is a representative of idols of the Korean Wave that leads the K-pop craze. Do you usually feel a sense of responsibility on the culture of the Korean Wave?
K: Various newly-coined terms that refer to ‘K’ like Korean food, beauty, fashion, etc. were born. This makes me realize clearly about the Korean Wave that has been rapidly growing recently. Thankfully, as someone with a career of a singer, I have a stage to use as equipment and many types of equipment, not only music and performance but fashion, stage management, images exist all over on stage too. I cannot say that I endeavor for Seoul fashion on every stage but I always hope that our music and Seoul fashion grow together.

I felt this throughout the shooting and also during the interview too. I think the designer that work together should really thank Key. Honestly, I have never seen anyone who loves Seoul fashion and gets involved in a concrete way as this much. (He has actually engaged in the shooting thinking what kind of pose would express the clothing well or help its sales).
K: No. It’s not only me that works hard and there are definitely parts done by the designer that work hard for us. That is why I think this is something created together.

You have a lot of opportunities to encounter foreign brands too. What’s the biggest difference with the Korean designer brand?
K: It is true that fashion in Milan, Paris, New York, etc. has a much more progressive/liberal tendency than in Korea. However, there is definitely an individuality of only Korean designers too. If I think of it, it wasn’t a common thing for many people including me to purchase clothes by individual designers. But now, including the young generation and even the people in the fashion industry, they wonder who the hottest Korean designer is right now or when they find clothes they like, the first thing they are curious about is which designer label it is from. Just like how it is proven by this phenomenon, the Korean fashion is growing very rapidly currently. Isn’t it fun how people are interested in the airport fashion and the daily fashion of stars? It is only natural that overseas countries are highly interested in Seoul fashion because we have achieved such a rapid growth. When they realize Seoul fashion is actually created by outstanding skills and creative ideas after encountering it just out of curiosity, it is only natural that more opportunities are given to the Korean designers. This is why my team (SHINee) prefers to work together with the Korean designers.

If you were to be given an opportunity to do something else that is related not only to music and acting but also fashion too, what would you like to try doing? If you could imagine regardless of its likelihood.
K: Um. Well, I’m not dreaming something very big. I am fully satisfied by showing good music on a good stage as a singer and also showing sincere acting as an actor. I just hope the collaboration I’m doing now becomes more active so that everyone, not only me, can be together in this process more easily.

Key feels like someone who enjoys fashion. You look like you’re just enjoying it having fun, not wishing for some kind of reward.
K: Ah, do I look that way? (laughs) The reason why I like fashion is… it’s straight forward. It’s the most stylish way in the world to show my current mood and my own identity. (laughs) And also, fashion is the most important thing to me after music.


I thought the Chaucerian spellings might go over the heads of my eight- and ten- year old students slightly, but we took the themes of “animals narrating short poems” and “animals messing stuff up for humans” and they came up with these, modelled after “i lik the bred”.

We wrote the first one as a combined effort, then they wrote their own ones - with minor input from me re: rhythm. I think they are very clever young cookies!

Also, I think it’s super cute that the younger poet went so abstract - how exactly is that spider “making a goose”? what does it mean? amazing - while the 10-year-old crafted a tighter narrative more similar to the original, which, yes, we did read beforehand. (I had them correct the spellings as an exercise in, well, spellings. Sue me.)

Anyway I just thought it was neat. I’ve tried rhyming verse with them before, but never got results as close to proper scansion as these - having a set, slick rhythm to emulate definitely helped.

Chicken McNuggets

For @terriodessa

“Mama, come on!”

Michonne groaned as she was tugged into the play area of the McDonalds after she has successfully managed to grab their food from the disinterested clerk. The moment she entered the space she immediately regretted the decision to even stop at the fast food joint. Only a couple of other kids seemed to be there, yet all but one of the tables were taken.  

Ignoring Andre’s request to go play, she rushed over and claimed the spot. One of the other mothers stared at her disapprovingly.  

“Mama! Can I play?”

She sighed. “Yes you can, and you may,” she replied. The boy scowled at her correction yet turned and disappeared up the entry tube. Looking down at her tray of chicken nuggets, Michonne sighed again. If it had not been for the mix up with Mike at school, they would be eating something healthier. As it stood, she did not have much time to make him a meal before their next appointment.

“Judith! Don't… oh forget it, yes, go.”

Michonne looked up and was surprised to see a tall lean attractive man standing at the entrance, wearing a dark brown suede coat and worn jeans with equally worn boots. The child with him, a little girl a year or two younger than Andre, waddled determinedly towards the playhouse, pigtails waving around wildly behind her. The girl disappeared, just like her son had, before the man turned his attention to finding a spot to set down.  

Michonne assumed he would sit down with one of the other ladies nearby but when their eyes met, she wished nothing more than for him to join her. Judging by his trajectory, he was thinking the same thing. He offered her a crooked, timid smile and waved questioningly. Michonne smiled back and nodded, watching as he made his way over.  

“Thanks,” he greeted, silently amazed by the beautiful woman before him. “I would have had to drag her out of there if I couldn’t keep an eye on her.“

"Now that would be a sight,” she responded teasingly, motioning to the tube. “Seeing as you would have likely gotten stuck.”

Rick grinned. “You seem small enough.”  

Michonne raised an eyebrow. “Are you enlisting a stranger to go into a play area and retrieve your daughter?”

The man chuckled and shook his head. “No, sorry,” he reached out his hand. “Rick.”

She took it and nodded. “Michonne.”

“Mom! Mom, look!”

They turned to see Andre jump into the little ball pen, spraying multicolored plastic balls all over the place as he giggled with glee. He was followed shortly after by Rick’s girl, who seemed determined to show him up.  

“Daddy, watch!”

Rick grinned as she tenderly lowered herself into the pen before throwing balls around to achieve the same effect.  

“Very good, darling!”  

Michonne smiled and motioned to the girl. “What’s her name?”

“Judith. Yours?”


He watched her as she examined her food, munching on some fries as she eyed the McNuggets suspiciously. 

“You don’t come here often, do you?” He inquired and she caught his amused gaze.

“I…” she stopped herself from getting into a health food tangent. She got enough rolled eyes from her ex-boyfriend. “Not as often as he would like.” She observed him for a moment and then tilted her head to the side, curious about the striking man before her.

“And you… you look more at ease here. Like you frequent it.”

He smiled and leaned forward. “Well,” he began in a hushed tone. “ I’m a sheriff, so I’m always on the lookout for the Hamburgler.”

There was a momentary pause before Michonnne broke out into peels of laughter, attracting the attention of the nearby mothers.  

“Oh my god!”

“Too much?”

“Too dated!” She giggled. “That was so awful. You should really be ashamed of yourself.”

She was probably right, but her laughter only brightened his mood and increased his desire to see more of it. More of her.

“Well, as a single father, I’m sure there’s a lot I should be ashamed of.”

Her eyes widened. “Wow, did you just slip ‘single dad’ into that statement to gauge my relationship status?”

He could not help but smile at the amusement that danced in her stunning brown eyes. “I think I did.”

Michonne stared at him for a moment before she checked her watch and sighed, clearly upset by what she saw.  

“Damn,” she muttered, looking up at the pen. “Andre, we have to go!”

“Now?” The boy replied as he tossed a ball at Judith, who barely managed to catch it before throwing it back at him. Michonne’s heart warmed at the sight but she nodded.  

“Yes, now,” she insisted sternly. “Say goodbye to Judith and come on out.”

She watched him do as he was told, catching the disappointment that flitted across Rick’s eyes as he looked away from her. “Sorry,” she whispered. “We have a doctor’s appointment.”

Rick snorted. “Oh we should tell him, I’m sure that would get him out here faster,” he quipped.  

Michonne chuckled. It had been a while since she felt so at ease with someone so quickly and she knew immediately that she would miss that feeling when she left.  

“Yes, well…”

Their eyes met and she briefly wished the kids were not there.  

“Okay, mom,” Andre grumbled, breaking her away from their connection. She smiled and offered him a nugget before she put the rest back in the bag to take with them.  

“Good, let’s go,” she replied, patting him on the back towards the exit. Before she followed, she dug into her purse and pulled out a card, quickly handing it to him. Their fingers brushed and their bodies warmed, smiles gracing both their lips as they shared another smile. “Bye Rick.”

“Bye Michonne.” He watched her walk away for a moment before he looked down at the card and snorted upon reading her profession. “Oh, of course you’re a lawyer!”

Her beautiful laughter echoed in the play area as she and Andre headed out the door.

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I imagine instead of Burr being real quiet and then finally breaking and Alex being all loud and then finally being chill thinking things through it's the other way around, like Hlex kind of snaps after Phillip dies and Aurr starts being super careful (partially because of that) but Hlex still endorses Teff and Aurr accepts the duel (prompted by Hlex instead) because he still hates Hlex

thing is 1800 is DEFINITELY Jteff because Aurr still has no belief he’s just hyper aggressive on being opportunistic? At the end when Aurr faces Hlex Hlex gave him the weakest helpless smile ever like “Yes, Aurr I still respect you and see you as a friend(?) but my judgement is correct.”

That’s basically how Hlex is like he has his opinion and he believes in them but he’s passive so whenever he had to do that to people he just gives a weak smile and be like “I’m sorry I really like you but this is the correct choice.” And Aurr is even more infuriated after that.

Obedient servant would be Aurr’s super aggressive singing against Hlex’s steady but apologetic rapping osdkljdf; 

Hello,” Sherlock slurs up to him with the most agonizingly exquisite smile, his voice lazy and beautifully thick as he miraculously achieves what the doctor has asked, “You were correct, John, Christmas has come early. It’s perfect—no. It’s not merely perfect, it’s abhorrently brilliant. I have a part of you. Couldn’t have asked for anything better. Best one yet. I love this holiday.”

“You,” John says with a dismaying twist of his own lips as he carefully brushes his fingertips against the inside of Sherlock’s white wrist, as he almost had done so many times before, “are higher than bloody a kite right now.”

“You love me.”

“Right, yes, I wouldn’t really—I just. You remember, brilliant. Good deduction, that. Saves us a bit of an awkward conversation later, I suppose.”

“You love me and I have an internal organ of yours.” Sherlock says up to him as if it’s the most ground breaking deduction of his life, his eyes practically ablaze with very heavy pain killers, “It’s Christmas. It’s thirty four Christmases worth of gifts. I asked for a kidney, and I received your own. Oh, Father Christmas, you are brilliant, I never doubted your abilities, really, it was all just an act.

  • ZEN [giving a speech in the RFA party]: Ah yes, I love all the members of the RFA.
  • ZEN: MC, Kim Yoosung, Choi Luciel, Kang Jaehee and *looks at smudged writing on hand* Jumanji!

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Acchan, have you seen the chapter's alternate translation? (From Jaminisbox). I've read from reddit translators that what Marude said on MS is wrong and this translation is a bit more accurate but still misleading, because what he actually says in Japanese is that even Matsuri would be a better successor (than Furuta)

Hey Anon! Ah yes I have seen, but thank you very much for letting me know! :D 

As for what Marude said, I had concluded the same thing after comparing the two translations…


So yes, I definitely agree it was apparently supposed to imply that, between Furuta and Matsuri, Marude definitely preferred for Matsuri to become the new Director (because Furuta is just too crazy since he allied with the Clowns and V).
…Except that there is a high chance Matsuri is dead or within V’s hands now. :/

Thank you for confirming this Anon though! I really appreciate it :3

Have a nice weekend! ^_^

EDIT: MS corrected this part :)

Hey Anon! I don’t speak Japanese so well, so I could be totally wrong, but when it comes to the scene you mentioned, logically speaking…

I think Jaiminisbox’s version might be more accurate because it was Furuta’s ideal plan from the start to have the CCG consider that Kaneki’s group was a part of the Clowns’ attacks. And since…

…Furuta definitely won during this arc (since things went according to his plan), that’s why I think Jaiminisbox’s version makes more sense. 

As I said though, it’s purely based on logic for me, and I could be totally wrong so please ask someone who speaks Japanese in order to confirm this!

Have a nice weekend Anon! :)

EDIT: Sorry Anon but MS changed their translation, so now I really don’t know anymore. :/

Hey Anon, I already addressed this here (scroll down at the bottom) but since the controlled-humans-being-disguised-as-clowns theory wasn’t confirmed even though the arc is now over, I just don’t think it’s relevant anymore, sorry. :/

Basically, I think this scene…

….either refers to Uta making a clone of himself during the battle (thanks to his piercings somehow maybe?) or to Donato making a clone of Uta, like he made a clone of himself when he fought against Urie (that clone is what Mutsuki stabbed). 

That being said, since Uta’s clone could switch faces, it’s probably more logical to think that Uta is the one who made that clone out of his own piercings or kagune (since during the auction arc, he used Arima’s face to bother Hirako but Donato was still in prison).
…Unless Donato made that clone and Uta assured the face-switching abilities? I can’t say I know for sure, but as I said before, I think the fact it’s very confusing is meant to be on purpose by Sensei, so that the Clowns can remain strange and dangerous opponents, so we’ll surely have answers during another battle.

Anyway, I think that’s what this dialogue is referring to, even if I could be totally wrong, and those humans were probably simply told to attack the CCG otherwise they would be killed by the Clowns. :)

I hope it helps a little, have a nice weekend Anon!

EDIT: Anon, this post makes a lot of sense if you still need an explanation :3

Hey Anon! And honestly…

I’m not sure, but for now I don’t think so, because it might be a bit too soon to go from having a crush on Mutsuki to having a crush on Saiko after just one arc (if that ever happens). :)

However, I think Urie definitely heard all that Saiko told him (even if again, what she said wasn’t particularly explicit, so she could have meant it romantically but not necessarily) so maybe that’s why he’s thinking about her in this scene. :3

Sorry I can’t help more, but have a nice weekend Anon!

Hey Anon, thanks for reading!

And yeah, I agree, personally I don’t think Aura is dead either, that would be too complicated for Mutsuki to cover such a cold-blooded murder from the CCG since Aura is an investigator.

Good point about the small physical resemblance between Aura and Torso, though, I hadn’t noticed, so maybe you’re right and Ishida intends on developing their relationship! 
Besides, if Urie actually has a crush on Mutsuki, Aura would be one more obstacle between them and somehow that just fits for me xD (poor Urie :3)

Thanks for your thoughts and have a nice weekend!

Hey Anon and you’re welcome! However, yes afterwards I saw the other translation of the chapter. :)

It looks like it might not be 100% accurate either from what I read about it though so…  since according to Jaiminisbox’s version, apparently Aura doesn’t even mind if Mutsuki is the one who kills Sasaki (maybe he has a crush on Mutsuki?)…

…I’m even less sure of what’s going on xD Maybe Mutsuki just found a murder buddy in the end, and it has nothing to do with Haise! 

It’s still not a good thing in any case, since Mutsuki should rather receive help instead of keeping on acting violently and killing. :/

Ah, let’s just see what happens in the future. Have a nice weekend and thank you for letting me know! :D

EDIT: I searched a little around and it seems that for the scene with Mutsuki and Aura, MS’ version is the most accurate. 

So my answer to you for now still holds. :3

“Non-Stop” Sentence Starters
  • “After the war I went back to New York.”
  • “I finished up my studies and I practiced law.”
  • “Man, the man is non-stop.”
  • “Are you aware that we’re making history?”
  • “That’s all you had to say.”
  • “Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?”
  • “Why do you write like you’re running out of time?”
  • “Keep on writing in the meantime.”
  • “Corruption’s such an old song that we can sing along in harmony.”
  • “I’ve seen injustice in the world and I’ve corrected it.”
  • “Now what I’m going to say may sound indelicate.”
  • “Yo, who the eff is this?”
  • “Why do you always say what you believe?”
  • “Do what you do.”
  • “It’s the middle of the night.”
  • “Is this a legal matter?”
  • “Yes, and it’s important to me.”
  • “What do you need?”
  • “I know I talk too much, I’m abrasive.”
  • “Hear me out.”
  • “No one will read it.”
  • “I disagree.”
  • “It’s full of contradictions.”
  • “We have to start somewhere.”
  • “You’re making a mistake.”
  • "We won the war, what was it all for?”
  • “And what if you’re backing the wrong horse?”
  • “For once in your life, take a stand with pride.”
  • “I’ll keep all my plans close to my chest.”
  • “I’ll wait here and see which way the wind will blow.”
  • “I am sailing off to London.”
  • “Don’t forget to write.”
  • “Look at where you are. Look at where you started.”
  • “The fact that you’re alive is a miracle.”
  • “Just stay alive, that would be enough.”
  • “Would that be enough?”
  • “Hamilton wrote the other 51!”
  • “Are you running out of time?”
  • “How do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive?”
  • “How do you write like you need it to survive?”
  • “How do you write every second you’re alive?”
  • “They are asking me to lead; I’m doing the best I can.”
  • “I’m asking you to be my right hand man.”
  • “I know it’s a lot to ask, to leave behind the world you know.”
  • “I have to leave.”
  • “Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.”
  • “Look around, isn’t this enough to be satisfied?”
  • “He will never be satisfied.”
  • “Why do you write like history has its eyes on you?”
  • “I am not throwing away my shot.”
  • “Just you wait.”

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Some people really do not know how to use a credit card with a chip. A man yesterday attempted to shove his card into the seam between the bottom of the machine & its bracket for over a minute, even after being told to stick it where the blue light is. Then shoved it at the right spot, 30 to 45 degrees off from the correct angle. I eventually had to ask him for permission to assist - it took all of 15 seconds once he said yes & I simply tilted the card to the correct angle so he could proceed.


Proxy for DMMD’s Doujinshi & Merch Convention: REDRUM 3 is officially going to happen!

More info on the convention here

TLDR: Congrats you can now buy limited edition DMMD stuff from your favorite JPN artists at slave wage prices again. (Please tip us tho) :D

Important! Because the shipping is a huge hassle for my proxy partner (Kotoha), I will be handling the shipping process.

Yes we ship internationally

Basically, she will ship EVERYTHING to me first (NY, US) from Japan. And then I will separate everything into the correct orders & send them to YOU. (France, Canada, other states in the US, whatever.)

If you’ve participated in my previous proxies (save for BrainBreaker 10, since Nanako was busy at the time & I had to find a replacement which was VERY pricey >.<), this will be one of 2 changes.

The second is that Nanako is broke as shit so she needs you to pay for the doujinshi first before she goes to the con. (So she can actually buy it lol.)

Official proxy post with sign up form will be up in January 2017.

@frostedej - Spock seeing you with glasses for the first time.

Spock met your eyes and stared at you as you walked through the door. You didn’t break the gaze as you slid the door shut behind you and you shed your jacket, hanging it on the doorknob.

Taking a few light steps across the room, you sat on the back of the couch facing him in his seat at the dining table.

“Spock?” you said.

“I was under the impression that you had your vision corrected several months ago,” he responded.

“Well, yeah, but those things are never a hundred percent,” you shrugged and watched him as his eyes searched your face. “Would you care to share your thoughts?”

“You look… different.”

“They’re glasses, Spock.”

“Yes but… they contrast with the shape of your face and the resultant illusion is… intriguing.”

“Intriguing in a good way?” you asked, standing and taking two strides toward him, placing the tips of your fingers on his arm.

“I believe so,” he looked up at you and laid a hand on the outside of your leg, eyes still dancing over your face, taking in the new decoration.

Parent AU

Alex was lying on the floor. His computer was in front of him, and one of his employees, a woman with long blond hair, was talking about a new nonprofit that gave kids toys. She was facetiming him because he had called in sick.

    “I’d be a very nice thing to put on our brochures, and I know you and your wife have a son.” She said.

    “Husband.” Alex corrected. “My husband.”

    “Oh.” She paused. “Um, yes, of course. Husband. Anyway, I know you have a son. Think about him. Wouldn’t you love to give stuffed animals to kids like him?”

     “I said I’d think about it, Mae.” Alex frowned. “Um, yes, I’ll think about it. I have to go. Bye.”

     “John!” He called, shutting the computer. “We’re carpooling.”

     John was not fully awake. Alex had woken him up when Alex got up that morning, and he had fallen back to sleep soon after and had then failed to wake up. John worried about how little Alex slept, Alex worried about how much John slept.

     “Wha? Carpooling? Isn’t it Theo’s week?”

    “Theo’s sick.”

    “So’re you.” John stumbled out of bed.

    “I called in sick. There’s a difference.”

    “You’re not sick?”


    John was tired, and was not in the mood to understand Alex. “You own the company. You don’t have to call in sick.”

    Alex tapped the car keys against his leg. “John… “


  “John, get dressed…”



“Philip, let George sit by Dosia.” Alex sighed.<p>     “But I want to sit by her!” Philip complained.

    “Then sit on her other side.”

    “But I need to sit by Pip!” George protested.

    John smiled tightly. “Philip, why don’t you sit on George’s lap or something?”

    Philip looked conflicted. “Um…” He looked at John. “Can I sit on your lap?”

    Alex shook his head. “Nope, sorry, illegal.” He looked at his watch. “Now, if you guys are going to play, we have to get going. Philip, you can sit in the middle. Let’s go.”


Having George over was always interesting, especially with Dosia too. Philip would, at the beginning of their play date, go back and forth between the two of them, but he would always choose George. Alex wasn’t sure if this was just the fact that George was male, or something else. He didn’t really care.

     He was satisfied where he was, which happened to be sitting next to his husband on their old sofa, writing a scathing reply to Jefferson’s email, and listening to his son. His son. His husband.

     Yes, he was satisfied.

anonymous asked:

hey do u kno where i can buy/preorder the matsu poster with kara in lingerie

Ahhhh, since this is for the collaboration with Tajuary lingerie, I believe the only way they’re distributing the poster is with a purchase of a lingerie set. If you’d like to look at them, you can check the post here. (They look exactly like in the illustration, haha.) But yes, other than that, I don’t know how you would get them other than an auction site after someone had received it?

If I’m wrong, please correct me, because I wasn’t really able to find much on it! ^^;

(Also, I thought I just throw in this concept art of the poster, haha. Oh, how things change…)

little-moon-fey  asked:

Hey, can I ask did you learn Japanese? I'm currently studying Japanese, but it's really hard. Interesting, but hard. Can you give me some advice?:) (And I don't really have a way of speaking the language, don't have any Japanese friends). Thanks! :)

Hi! Yes, I have been studying Japanese on and off for about ten years. I had no opportunity to take classes so I had to self-study. All I had was a textbook, a phrasebook, a dictionary and the internet. I found Japanese people to practice with from different language exchange websites and apps (languagepartners, interpals, italki, hellotalk, etc.). I also practiced writing on lang-8 and had native Japanese speakers correct what I had written. Aside from studying and talking with native speakers, I listened to Japanese music and watched Japanese movies and TV-series. Later I also joined the Finnish-Japanese society of my city and I have gotten to know other people who are interested in Japan and Japanese people who either live in Finland or came here as exchange students. That’s about it I think. If you need any more tips or advice feel free to message me again!