yes i had a pen and tons of paper

You shoveled the food in your mouth, hungrily chomping down on the mix of your breakfast. Hoseok stared at you weirdly, holding his utensil in his hand. “You’ve been eating a lot lately, jagi.” He says, still not eating.

“I’m just really hungry,” You lift your head to sip on some juice.

“You’ve been ‘really hungry’ for quite some time now..” He said lowly, poking at his food. “Do you think..” He sighed, setting the fork down. “You think you’re pregnant? Because if you are, I’m gonna buy him or her anything and everything-”

“What?” You gently wiped the drop of juice that had dribbled down your chin. “That’s not possible, we-”

“Protection isn’t a certain thing, (Y/N).”

Before you could open your mouth again, he lunged from his seat over to yours. “Wow, you’re even getting pudgy there!” He felt your stomach.

“Hoseok, get off.” You lightly pushed him away.

“But the baby is there,” He rubbed it as if you were about to give birth at any minute.

“Hoseok,” You tore him away from you, “I can’t be. What do I tell my boss, what do we tell everyone?”

His excited faced turned into a solemn one, “Oh, yeah..”

“I’ll get fired—you’ll get fired.” You slowly broke into tears, “What will we do?”

“I’ll stay by your side no matter what,” He rubbed your leg, “If you are, then we have to be mature adults and accept the consequences; it was our decision.”

“But how?” You cupped your face, “How do we tell everyone we’ve been together for so long and kept it a secret? It’s against the rules, and now it’s worse that I might be carrying your baby.”

“We’ll work things out,” He told you reassuringly, “Just go get changed, okay?” He kissed your cheek lightly.

“What about you?” You sniffled.

“I’m just practicing today,” He looked at his clothes, “What’s the point of changing?”

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready,” You notified him, walking to your room. You tried to shrug off the worries you had, and focus on getting ready. But what if you ruined Hoseok’s life? What if he never forgives you? These questions ring through your brain as you slip on a dress. You found yourself looking in your mirror: you turn to the side and felt the difference in your abdomen. Staring intently, almost as if you’d miss it if you blinked, you watched the way the dress you had worn just a while ago draped on your newly acquired bump. “Are you really in there?” You wondered aloud, feeling yourself.

“I guess so,” Hoseok came up behind you. “I remember when I first saw you,” He wrapped his arms around you, hugging you from behind with his hands on your belly. “You were wearing this dress. You still look as beautiful as the day I set eyes on you,” He looked at your reflections, “Just that you’re sticking out now.” He felt you the way you did—careful not to hurt the fetus—as if you could’ve. “I’m not gonna lie, jagi.” He started, “You look about a hundred times more adorable with a tummy.”

You watched him in the mirror, seeing the honesty in his face. “You don’t think I’m gonna be gross when I get bigger?”

“What?!” He spun you around by your shoulders to face him, “Say that one more time—I dare you, (Y/N).”

You fight a smile, and repeat yourself very slowly. “Don’t you think I’ll be gross when I get bigger?”

“Nonsense!” He shouted upwards, “Why would I? I did that to you, you’re my girl, and that’s my baby in there.”

“But I’ll be so much bigger,” Your smile transformed to a frown. “I’m not sure if I’m ready,” You sigh, “I’m scared.”

“It’s a scary thing, I’m sure all mothers are scared their first time.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“Afraid?” He scoffed, “One: I’m excited. Two: I’m not scared of anything.”

“Not afraid of anything?” You grinned, “Are you sure? Because last time I checked, you can’t sit through a horror movie—oh, and don’t forget the spiders.”

He shivered, “But those things are scary,”

“And me giving birth isn’t?” You cocked your head to the side.

“Yah, don’t turn this around.” He pointed at your forehead, “The baby can’t kill us.”

“Neither can the house spiders,” You replied smartly, walking away.

“But what if they could?” He yelled after you.

“Then we’d be dead already,”


“Let’s get to work already!” You snatched a sweater from the couch and his keys.

//At Work//

“Have a good day, sweetie.” Hoseok kissed your head as if you were a small child.

“You too.” You smiled, holding your hands together.

“You know you grabbed my sweater instead of yours, right?” He played with the sleeve.

“Aish, I wasn’t looking.”

“Maybe no one will notice,” He shrugged, stealing a kiss from your lips. “You go in first, I’ll wait a little.” He pushed you to the doors of the BigHit building by your bum. You walked in coolly, just like you did everyday.

“Ah, good morning (Y/N)~” Your coworker waved, “Pretty chilly, isn’t it?”

“It is,” You admitted, rubbing your arms.

“Poor baby,” She pouted at you, “Why no sleeves in this weather?”

“I didn’t realize it was like this,” You immediately tugged Hoseok’s sweater on.

“It’s even colder in here,” She fixed up some papers.

You made your way behind the desk, hugging her lightly. She was older than you, married, and has three kids—you could trust her, can’t you? She’s been by your side since you started, and she’s told you gossip with the other workers in the building. She’s even told you some problems she was having.
“(Coworker’s/Name),” You said weakly.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Her hand went directly to your forehead, “Are you getting a fever?”

Her motherly instincts were overwhelming when it came to you. “N-No,” You set her hand down.

“Then what is it?” She stared at the sleeves of the sweater that hung past your finger tips. “Whose sweater is that, (Y/N)-ah?”

“What do you mean?” You felt nervous.

“Is isn’t yours—I can tell.”

“It’s just one too big,” You tried waving it off.

She pressed on, though. “But whose?”

“Good morning!” Hoseok walked to the front desk. “You look beautiful today, as usual.” He complimented you two. “You look extra lovely today, (Y/N).” He winked, “See you when I’m on break, alright?”

He had to do this, or it’d be odd. The way Hoseok greeted you the very first day he met you, was the way he greeted you everyday—to play it as if you still had nothing to do with each other. Flirting was an everyday occurrence between the two of you. “Okay.” You waved at him.

“Bye.” (C/N) waved. “Now back to the mystery man’s sweater,”

“How would you know it’s a man’s?”

“It smells like a man, and it’s way too big to be a woman’s.”

You clenched your fists, “Hoseok gave it to me last night when he walked me to my car.” You blurted out.

“Oh,” She nodded, “That’s all you had to say.” She turned around, fixing sign in sheets. “Unless there’s something else going on between you two.”

“What?” You popped your head up, “No, (C/N)! Of course not!”

“There’s no need to yell,” She rolled her eyes.

“That’s against the rules,” You sigh, remembering the discussion at home.

“Hm, I know.” She played with the ends of her hair, “That didn’t stop my husband and I.”

“Excuse me?”

“I never told you?”

“No.” You shook your head.

“Ah, well he worked here as one of the head people. We fell in love, and he proposed to me.”

“What happened?”

“He doesn’t work here anymore,”

“Did he get fired?” You flinched, afraid of the answer.

“He’s working for a different company because they pay better—this company doesn’t really care.” You felt relieved with this new piece of information, “But in your case, if something is going on,” She leaned forward to you, “It’s with an idol—a very popular one. He could lose his job, ruin his reputation, and probably have to find somewhere else to record music.” She leaned back, “But nothing is happening between you two, so there’s nothing to worry about.”


//Break Time//

“Whoa, I’m tired!” Hoseok said loudly, coming by your desk again. “Hello, pretty lady.” He smiled at you.

“Hey.” You waved.

“Mind if I treat you to lunch? What are you craving?” His eyes went wide when he heard what he just said, “What would you like to eat, I mean.”

“I’ll have whatever your having..” You lower your head.

“Great.” He rubbed your hand in secrecy. “I’ll be back soon.” With that he went on his way.

“I need to sit down,” You complained, putting your hand on your back.

“Feet hurting?” Your coworker asked without looking at you.

“Yes.” You groaned, sitting down.

“Lower back pains?”

“Yes..” You said slowly, watching her write down things on a paper.





“Feeling nauseous in the morning, and eating more than usual?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“When was the last time you got your period?” She ignored your question with her own.

“About a month or so ago.” You cave in.

“Yeah,” She clicked her pen and tore off a sheet of paper from her notepad. “You’re pregnant.” She handed you it.

The paper had: “Congratulations!” On it with tons of tiny doodles all around the word.

She came back with her lunch in her hand, “I knew you two had a thing going on, and I can see that glow from a mile away.” She sipped her water bottle, “So, how long since you guys have been seeing each other?” You were still in shock, and speechless. “Oh, give it up!” She laughed, “I know I’m right.”

“Since I started, pretty much.” You say reluctantly.

“That boy,” She breathed a laugh while shaking her head. “I knew it from the moment he laid eyes on you.”

“What do you mean, unnie?” You looked up at her from your seat.

“His eyes practically budged out of his head, then after all that he just wouldn’t stop coming by to talk to you. How did he ask you out?” She was intrigued at how you kept it a secret.

“Well, he asked me for my number first.”

“I remember that, I think.” She touched her chin, “Go on.”

“We texted back and forth constantly—if we weren’t busy, we were talking.”

She giggled lightly, “Young love.”

“Then he texted me if I wanted to go out,” You smiled to yourself, remembering the difficulty you had choosing an outfit.

“That’s cute.” She said, eating her salad.

You waited a while, scrolling through your phone.
“(Y/N)-ah,” Hoseok said lowly, looking around. “I got you some food, jagi.” You stood up slowly, holding your back a little. “It’s very healthy—you know, just in case.” He whispered carefully.

You breathed a laugh while shaking your head, “(C/N) knows—she actually guessed it.”

“What? Really?” He practically dropped the styrofoam box. “Is it that obvious?” He asked.

“Well, when you act like that it is.” She walked over.

“Are we in trouble?” He frowned.

“I’m not in the position to say,” She shrugged, “What’d you get her?”

“Vegetables, meat—you know, just healthy things. I think it’s the healthiest thing on the menu.”

“Good.” She nodded, “I ate very well my three pregnancies. The only downfall there was is that I mixed in my cravings with the healthy and my second was nine pounds.”

“Omo!” You and Hosoek gasped, slapping the desk.

“Nine pounds?!” You gawked, “I can’t carry I baby that big, unnie!”

“Shush!” She scolded you, “Your baby might not weigh that much even if you ate the same way I ate.”

“I don’t wanna take that chance, but I want the baby to be healthy.”

“The baby can still be healthy if you don’t eat a lot of vegetables, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it here and there. My only problem was I wanted to eat everything I saw,” A blush slightly crept up her cheeks.

“She ate a lot at home for a while..” Hoseok spoke, “Just try to control yourself while I’m not with you, okay jagi?” He placed the food on the desk. “I gotta get back to the guys, just give me a kiss before I go.” He leaned over.

“I’ll be the look out,” Your coworker stared at the elevator. Your hand went to the back of his neck, bringing him forward. Your lips brushed against his, then finally pressed fully against him. “So cute..” She lightly squealed.

“Hyung?” Jungkook said confusedly, “Why are you kissing (Y/N)-ah?”

“(C/N),” Hoseok looked at her.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to see!” She pouted.

Hoseok sighed, “Come with me, (Y/N).”

You followed him around the desk, “Are we going to confess?”


“We have to..”

“Confess what?” Jungkook switched his view from you two as you stood on the other side of him.

“I’m a little nervous.” You admitted.

“They love you,” Hoseok said, “They’ll have no problem with it.”

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Jungkook whined.

“Just wait until we tell everyone else,” Hoseok pushed him to the elevator, grabbing your hand in the process. You entered the elevator doors, and ascended to where the boys were. All the while, everyone was speechless.

Jungkook stood in the middle, awkwardly standing there. “Noona, did you have lunch yet?”

“Um, no. Hoseok brought me some food but you came before I could eat,”

“I’m sorry.” He frowned.

“I have everyone’s food here,” He held the bag with styrofoam boxes. “Including (Y/N)’s.”

“Ah, noona~” Jungkook’s eyes traced down to your stomach, “Are you feeling alright? You look bloated,”

“We’ll talk about it with the guys,” Hoseok said before you could open your mouth. You felt a little self-conscious, so you placed your hands over your stomach. “You look beautiful..” He whispered in your ear, gently putting your hands down. “Don’t hide it.” There was a ding, and you all stepped off as the double doors opened up. The two boys led you to the room the rest were in, “Yah!” Hoseok yelled to get their attention.

“He’s back with the food!” Tae clapped, beginning to stand up.

“Sit down!” He pointed to Tae. He slowly put his hands up and walked backwards to his previous spot. “Jungkook, can you please sit down as well?”

“Sure thing, hyung.” He nodded, taking a spot next to Jimin.

“Why is (Y/N) here?” Namjoon asked.

“I’ll tell you right now, just listen.” He cleared his throat, “For a while now, I’ve been seeing (Y/N). While I said I was visiting family, I was actually staying with her. I’ve been with her since,” He blew air out, thinking. “Since about a week or two after she started working here.”

“That was so long ago..” Jin said quietly.

“I know. As you all know, if word gets out a worker is dating an idol..well, you know.” He moved his hand around, “That’s not the only thing I wanted to say—not the biggest point.” He held your hand, placing it on your stomach. “She’s pregnant.”

Gasps filled the room, “A baby!” Tae jumped, “We’re gonna have a baby around!”

“Can we play games with him—or her?” Jimin asked hopefully holding Jungkook.

“Forget that! Let’s teach him how to rap!” Yoongi slapped Namjoon’s hand. “Just like us and his dad!”

“How sure are you it’s gonna be a boy?” Jin raised his eyebrow. “I think Hoseok would be great as a father, but a better one to a girl.”

“Well, that’s alright.” Namjoon said understandingly.

“There are girl rappers,” Yoongi shrugged, “Successful. No doubt she’ll be as good as her dad, and will be making a statement.”

“Can I dress her?” Jin wondered aloud, “Maybe clothes?”

“What about us? Can we just play?” Jungkook asked.

“Dress her in lots of pink!” Tae smiled.

“Of course, what else would she wear?” Jin said matter-of-factly.

“Are they more excited than we are?” You tugged Hoseok’s sleeve.

“I am pretty excited,” He informed you, “The thought of a little girl running around with pink overall skirt, rapping along to Cypher, and dancing warms my heart. But the thought of a son wearing hats, rapping, running around while yelling is also great; I can’t choose!”

“I want a girl!” Tae proclaimed, “(Y/N)-ah, have a girl!” He demanded.

“I can’t control it,” You looked at Hoseok.

“It’s gonna be a boy, duh.” Yoongi and Namjoon gave rude looks to Tae.

“So you’re okay with this?” You asked

“You two are cute together, you’re happy, and have a baby on the way!” Jimin exclaimed, “What’s there not to be happy about?”

Soon enough everyone began discussing baby names, how they baby will be, and things of that nature over lunch. “I love you,” Hoseok kissed your temple, “Oh, and you too.” He kissed your belly.