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you used to hate ed?? lol what happened?

LMAO YES I love this story because it was so frustrating at the time but so funny in retrospect????

SO. OK. This was back in like 2007 or 8??? I was a youngin who just got a laptop so I spent many hours scouring the internet. Anyway, you know those little stickers people used to have on their profiles? Like on deviantart and even facebook had its own version called flair, and on forums and shit? Well, ok, like, this was around the time Twilight the movie had just come out so it was getting HUGE and because of that I think the fma fandom was like???? Retaliating??? Because suddenly I kept seeing stickers and posts like “Team Edward…..ELRIC” or “Alchemists are better than vampires because they don’t sparkle” like literally the epitome of 2008 internet. SO i was like WhO THE FUCK IS tHis EdwArd Guy whY IS he SUddEnly EVeryWHeRe so of course I searched his name, but like a weird middle schooler, I decided to search it on deviantart rather than google because logic  apparently didn’t exist in the 2000s. So yeah I was Shocked to say the least i was like OkaY WHat THE FUCk That Is AN ANimE CHArAcTER he’S NoT EvEn CUte ALL hiS FanGIRLS aRe DeLuSiOnAL. There were some weird drawings, I wish I remembered them all tbh. So yeah that was that, I detested Ed just because he kept coming up and it was getting super annoying and I thought anime was super lame and embarrassing so I was bothered I was being forced to see people lusting over this anime kid. Also puberty, probably. But yeah. I hated Ed for years because of all that.

And then I forgot about him for a few years.

And then. I decided to watch fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. And in like the first minute or so they say his name for the first time. 

And I just remember thinking…..oooooh no……ooooooh NOOOOOO and all those middle school memories and pent up hate came flooding back. I literally  had to put my laptop aside and pause for a moment of self-reflection and I asked myself are you really ready to face these demons nikki?

Anyway obviously I did. But it’s great to know 13 year old me would want to fight present me

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So cute <3

Yes they are ^_^ <3

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Yeahhhh I love her too!

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hahaha my dad was the same way. i was about 30 and i had gotten a huge back tattoo and a piercing…I hid them from him. but he saw the tattoo and freaked out. LOL

Lol! I wasn’t hiding it from him though. Like I have tons of photos on facebook that show it. I guess he just wasn’t paying any attention until last night XD

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For me it’s the opposite. My mother was like that when I wanted to get a 3rd hole in my ear.

Lol! My mom was the reason why I got second holes in my ears. She wanted hers done & dragged me along because she didn’t want to do it alone XD

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lol my grandma is so like that. Whenever I dye my hair she’s all passive aggressive about it. “You have such pretty blonde hair.” She rants about my sister’s earplugs all the time when she’s not around too. “You girls are just so pretty, why do you do this to yourselves”

Ahhh. I have no idea how my grandmother would react but I’m sure she’d be fine. My dad was just surprised since my mom failed & forgot to tell him (/_\)

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Thank youuuuu ^__^

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Awww :(

I really need to post up what this is really about :/

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^^thank you very much for this! Was much appreciated!!!

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Thank you :)

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that face! ❤️

She’s definitely a cute little thing :3

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Lmao where’s your husband so I can tell on you because I’m THAT evil friend lol jk. Shhh, Zero would demolish you :D

Nahhh, I could handle him. LOL

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Wow I never would’ve thought you’d pick him… *whistles*

I’m sure! Lol

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Let me know if the liner is good! My liquid one I just can’t do it even a year later ��

It’s a good one! I used it just the other day & I loved it.