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do you think you and Phil will be best friends forever? xD

“that’s the plan”

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  • Soldier-76: I got you in my-
  • Reaper: Yes, in your sights, we get it after keep saying that over and over again.
  • Soldier-76: Oh look who’s talking Mr. Die Die Die.
  • Reaper: Hey, at least it’s better than those two’s ‘Let’s drop the beat’ and 'Nerf this’. (Points to Lucio and D.Va)
  • D.Va: What did you just say?!
  • Lúcio: Yeah, what’s wrong with 'Let’s drop the beat’. Sure 'Nerf this’ is stupid but at least mine sounds much better.
  • D.Va: Excuse me?!
  • Lúcio: Oh you and I both know that saying of yours is ridiculous.
  • D.Va: At least I don’t say 'High noon’ like some old western man who can’t let go of the past. (D.Va pointing to McCree)
  • McCree: What did you just say, at least when I face my enemies I speak to them in a language they damn understand.
  • Genji: How dare you.
  • Hanzo: Shame on you.
  • McCree: Oh why don’t you Ryuga ga waga teki go fuck yourself.
  • Hanzo: Why you-
  • Genji: *Chuckles* You have to admit that is somewhat funny.
  • Hanzo: I don’t need this from someone less than a man.
  • Genji: Oh! Oh you’re going there you son of a-
  • Hanzo: We share the same mother.
  • Genji: *Growls in rage*
  • Mei: Come on everyone, there’s no need to fight.
  • Genji: I don’t need to hear that from a person with no fighting skills other than to let a robot freeze everyone in a vicinity.
  • Mei: Don’t you be mean to her. *Holds the sad drone in her hands*
  • Pharah: Everyone, enough! There is no justice in this pointless squabble.
  • Junkrat: Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be raining from above.
  • Pharah: I don’t need to take this back talk from someone who uses a tractor tire as a weapon.
  • Junkrat: Wut didja just say about my bomb, I’ll blow you up!
  • Zarya: You’re all squabbling like little children, letting just a few words get to you, how pathet-
  • Bastion: Random beeping noise.
  • Zarya: What did you just say! Oh it’s on!
  • Everyone: (Shouting their ultimate at the same time)
  • (Off to the side everyone else who weren’t in the argument was just watching on with a blank expression on their faces as several explosions appeared off screen. Soon the explosions died down to nothing as everyone just stared at the carnage wrought on by the others who were all dead now. Everyone who witnessed this slowly turned to Mercy who was face palming)
  • Mercy: (Lets out tired sigh) A doctor’s work is never done (Stares at the X12 teammate down) Heroes (Sigh) Heroes never die
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Are requests still open???? If soooooo RFA + V Saeran in the car with a drugged up MC because she just got her wisdom teeth out and they're on their way home??? Thanks I love your writing style!!

yes they are!! also yesss i’m so excited for this omg thank you :,D

mild smut in yoosungs? also i’m literally so so so sorry this took forever and i was having craZy writers block so i didn’t fit in v and saeran pls forgive me :(

•you started crying and talking about how handsome he was
•"come on babe we should get you home"
•"wait did you say babe? i think you have the wrong person"
•"no i’m pretty sure i’m dating you mc"
•he films you but only keeps it to himself in case you get embarrassed
•when you get home he shows how much you were crying and complimenting him
•"zen i don’t need to be drugged up to cry over how beautiful you are"
•pls help this boi he’s having heart palpitations now

•he’s so excited to pick you up
•"yoosnug can we get those happy bunny chips?“
•"you mean the honey buddha chips?”
•"no!! the ones in the yellow bag that seven has in his house"
•"you can’t eat those right now"
•that’s when you start sOBBING
•small son doesn’t know what to do
•"how about we get ice cream instead"
•"okay i guess"
•the whole ride was a mix between crying and laughing (was that even possible?????????)
•when you get home he has to replace the gauze for you
•"that’s not the only time your fingers are gonna be in my mouth yoosung"
•"okay mc you need to sleep"

•she was ready for mom mode™ to be activated
•but when you started giggling over everything she couldn’t help but laugh too
•"jaehee what do you think kangaroos feel like"
•"i’m not sure i’ve never pet one"
•"i think it would be cool to pet one but then it might pull a Kangaroo Jack on me and start throwing hands like ‘pow pow’ no thanks"
•she can barely drive she’s laughing so hard
•she records it for you guys to laugh about when the effects wear off
•at one point you sat there petting her head telling her that she got her teeth taken out and she was drugged up

•he got to sit back with you since driver kim was driving
•"jumin you’re like really rich…but that’s not why i like you. i like you because you have a cat"
•"elizabeth 3rd is a great cat i’m glad you like her"
•"do you think if i divorced you i could marry elizabeth?“
•you keep falling asleep on him and he loves it
•when you get home he gives you a bowl of yogurt
•"wait do you have gogurts? it tastes better in a tube”
•you make him send someone to buy you gogurts
•you keep trying to plan a wedding with elizabeth and he gives up and just goes along with it

•he’s recording the WHOLE TIME
•he’s about to pee himself of laughter
•"seven i’m bleeding! help! what’s happening?!“
•"mc you got your teeth taken out it’s gonna bleed a little bit more”
•"my teeth? how hold am i? 10?“
•you keep trying to rap and he cannot contain himself he’s dying
•"mc you’re gonna be the next kanye”
•"wait are you saying i suck? i thought it was pretty good"
•when the gauze falls out you start screaming that you lost your tongue
•he’s trying to calm you down but you are frEAKING OUT
•he finally gets you to fall asleep when you get home

  • Klaus: Now, get to work, and if you don't understand anything about the text I'll come over and explain.
  • MC: *puts her hand up*
  • Klaus: *goes over to MC* Yes, what is it?
  • MC: What's 'doublespeak'?
  • Klaus: It's when you say something that clearly isn't true, but use language to convince people that it is true. I'll give you an example.
  • Klaus: *raises his voice* Elias, what's two plus two?
  • Elias: Four.
  • Klaus: Wrong, five.
  • Elias: ...Huh?
  • Klaus: I'll ask again: what's two plus two?
  • Elias: ...Four?
  • Klaus: Five. What's two plus two?
  • Elias: Four!
  • Klaus: Do you want to stay after class until you learn that two plus two is five?
  • Elias: No.
  • Klaus: I'll ask one more time: what's two plus two?
  • Elias: ...Five?
  • Klaus: Good.
  • Klaus: *to MC* And that's how it works.
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…and I’m never wrong about people.“
“Well almost never.”
“Now fetch me one of your lovely coffee’s will you?! I’ve got some catching up to do.”
“Actually there is something. You know, before you get too busy.”


Steven universe paper fortune teller yoooo!

this goes to the list of what to not do in class instead of paying attention

i dont know if my friends and i should feel proud or not of this (we are proud)

pearl’s quote was meant for us

and yeah we got blue and yellow diamond wrong but hey we did it without any reference at all

  • Armin: Tell me, Eren, what exactly were you doing before your dad got to the Ackerman's house?
  • Eren: Well, I was at the house...
  • Armin: Ok.
  • Eren: ... I was walking up up to the door...
  • Armin: Yes.
  • Eren: ... I knocked on the door...
  • Armin: Go on.
  • Eren: ... this guy answered...
  • Armin: Yes.
  • Eren: ... and I stabbed him 37 times in the chest.
  • Eren: Oh, uh wow... I did not know that.
  • Eren: Yeah, I'm in the wrong here. I suck.