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**warning: this was supposed to a cute quick post about Nalu but I ended up getting too deep on Natsu’s side of things woops ¯\_(ツ)_/¯*

If you ever have doubts that Natsu and Lucy love eachother in the more than a friend type of way just remember drunk Lucy gets all blushy and excited & has hearts all around her because she thought there were 2 Natsus

call me crazy but I’m pretty sure you don’t react like this to people that are just your “friends”

you don’t just get heart eyes for anyone aight like she’s so in love 

also I’m not even going to began to talk about those bedroom eyes she gives natsu from time to time but here’s a post on that:

remember wayyy back when Levy and Juvia tease Lucy about liking Natsu and Lucy responds with:

then fast forward to now

like she’s not even denying that she’s head over heels for him  hello
I really feel like at this point for her she realizes that she does indeed love him 

As for Natsu, for someone that is super expressive and speaks his mind, he doesn’t really show the same signs Lucy does. He hardly gets embarrassed or flustered, has no problem getting super close to Lucy’s face, or even seeing her naked except in the chapter 438 when Lucy’s towel fell off lmao he was hella caught off guard
It’s obvious that he does have a soft spot for her but is it the “more than a friend” type of way? Of course I could dig up anytime he’s been super overprotective of her, when future Lucy died and he cried, when he tried to kiss her bc Asuka was wanted them too, or even the time that him and Lucy fought Kain which people like to think is when Natsu realized he “loved her.” 
but I’m only going to talk about 3 moments (realistically 1 which you’ll see but I thought the other 2 moments were kinda significant) in particular that make me believe that Natsu does see Lucy as much more than a friend:

When Natsu dug up a rainbow sakura tree for Lucy when she was sick

Ok so this moment isn’t necessarily me trying to prove Natsu was/is in love with Lucy especially since this was still in the early episodes and I’m one of the few that believes they barely even acknowledged their “feelings” once Natsu returns from his one year training mission after Tartaros 
but can we just talk about how ROMANTIC this was?? and they both didn’t even realize it? Natsu straight up dug up a huge ass tree, put it on a boat, and sent it Lucy’s way because she was too sick to see them herself. when will your otp that’s actually canon ever

Natsu letting Lucy wear his scarf

OkAYY also with this one I knowww it’s just a cover and not even in the actual story BUT I still think it’s important because Mashima put it there for a reason!!
Natus’s scarf, the thing his deceased father made him, the thing he treasures so much that he neverrr has it off even when he’s swimming, the thing both Lucy and Gray made sure to get back to him because they know how much it means to him, THE THING HAPPY CALLED LUCY A MEANIE FOR BECAUSE SHE ACCIDENTALLY TOOK IT OFF WHEN SHE WAS TRYING TO KICK HIM OUT OF HER BED and now she’s wearing it 
idk I feel like Mashima putting this is his way of showing us just how much their bond together has grown

When Natsu thought Lucy died

Alright so out of all the Nalu moments in the entire series I feel like this is the one where we truly see just how important Lucy is in Natsu’s life. Remember Zeref revealed that they were brothers and that if he were to die, then so would Natsu. Natsu was going to attack anyway until a crying Happy stopped him saying that he didn’t want him to die and Natsu basically agreed to temporarily retreat.
Fast forward to the moment Natsu thought Lucy was dead, he cries and then END is awakened. And the first thing he wants to do is finish off Zeref. 
Natsu KNOWS that if he kills Zeref, he will die as well but at this point he doesn’t care because he thinks Lucy is dead. But really think about this. Natsu, the person that is always telling people to not give up and more importantly to LIVE, too not DIE for your friends but to LIVE for them, was basically heading into a suicide mission. way to be a hypocrite natsu lol
“You can’t stop me anymore! No one can!” that line really got to me because I feel like it just shows how hurt he was. He really didn’t care about what would happen to him anymore, where not even Gray could reach him.
He didn’t want to live in a world where Lucy didn’t exist.

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a friend like mine [2]

Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 2 of 2 || part one is here

Warnings: smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, spanking, seb being a dirty lil shit, swearing, and i think that’s it?

Note: I’m going to hell and you’re all coming with me

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Out Of Sight - Auston Matthews

Originally posted by nugent-hopkinks

I have a different account I wrote imagines on but this is my first hockey related one so let me know what you think! If you don’t know who JT is, check Auston’s “Good Company” and “Knees were breathin heavy” posts on Instagram. I hope you enjoy this!

Word Count: 1144

Warnings: None? You may possibly get your heart broken.

    You and Auston have been dating for about a year now. You met him through your brother JT. Obviously with having a protective brother you guys had to keep it a secret. However, that didn’t last long. About 4 months in you felt too guilty to continue on with the lies. At first JT was resistant, until he saw how happy you guys made each other.

You would think the secrets stopped there but they didn’t. You and Auston came to an agreement to keep the entire relationship hidden from public. Which meant wearing hoods and sunglasses in public, no social network posts and often visiting inside your apartments. Not that you didn’t want to show each other off. Simply to protect you from the exhausting media.

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BTS Reaction: Someone Makes You(GF) Uncomfortable w/ Unnecessary Skinship

Requested: Yes

Warnings: None

A/N: Trying to get things done even though i am so hungover. Feeling like trash. Anyway, here u go.☆

Suga: It is obvious to him that you’re uncomfortable even if you try to hide it because excessive skinship makes him uncomfortable too. Will step in and politely ask them to stop touching you so much, then will be less polite if they don’t cooperate. You know what I mean.

Jin: Will direct you away from whoever it is by saying you two have to go do something or talk to someone. Will keep an eye on whoever was making you uncomfortable and will avoid meeting them again in the future.

Rap Monster: Will step in politely. Doesn’t want to cause a scene, but will do what he needs to do to get them to stop touching you or get you away from them. Won’t be violent but will ask for security.

J-Hope: Will jokingly say “Stop touching my girlfriend so much” but will be obvious he’s not joking. If they continue to touch you he will sigh and tell them they’re making you uncomfortable and that they can either stop or go somewhere else.

Jimin: Walks up to you and pulls you away from the person and into his side. “Where have you been? I missed you.” Gives the person a look and keeps you tucked into his side, making it very apparent that he’s unhappy with them. May say something passive aggressive.

Taehyung: A mixture of Jimin and Hobi. Can tell by your body language that you’re uncomfortable so he walks up and hugs you from behind, putting his chin on your shoulder or the top of your head. He’ll be like J-hope in where he sounds like he’s joking but he’s actually not when he tells them to go away.

Jungkook: Puffs himself up and looks angry when he walks up, staring said person down and pulling you into him. “Is everything okay?” Asks you that and looks at your face to see how upset you are. Doesn’t acknowledge the person except to glare at them.


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okay but the pure anger and frustration radiating from Sana rattled me. iman doesn't get enough credit for her acting. i could feel ever inch of Sana's anger just rolling off of her in waves. honestly iman 👏👏👏

VARSHI!!!! Hiiiii!!


Not even ONE DIALOGUE, and Iman acted the FUCK outta that scene. Like. HOLY SHIT I FELT HER RAGE SO HARD. Those long deep breaths? Her jaw tightening? The way she was texting Isak? The way she just VENTED her anger out??


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I don't know if this is even appropriate to be messaging you but I feel like Tumblr is my only outlet. I just suddenly feel like im tired of living and the thing is I have NO REASON to feel so. I actually am happy with where am I today in life but I just am feeling tired of everything if that makes sense. I am extremely sorry for this depressing message but I felt maybe someone on tumblr might offer a perspective and make me not feel as crazy as I do haha

Anything is appropriate, we don’t have to always chat PLL. When you say that you’re tired of living, that scares me. Please please please take care of yourself and if Tumblr is your only outlet, know that you are loved and respected here. Many people may not realise this, but I get excited when I get new messages. Yes I turn over around 150 to 200 per week, but still, every individual message excites me. So, when I see a new message from you, especially you, a long time follower, I do get excited. Of course I recognise your name when it pops up! I only bring this up because I want to emphasise that you are welcomed, appreciated and well respected here. 

That’s great that you’re happy with where you are in life! I am too. I have great friends, I love what I’m studying, I’ve been going to the gym every day, etc. But you know what, amongst all that, I still understand how you feel. It’s a basic human emotion: laziness. And I don’t say that in a bad way. Everyone gets lazy! It’s totally normal! Honestly, people must be lying if they say they never get lazy. I’m happy with where I am, yet I get lazy everyday! I take shortcuts in things, heck, sometimes I’m too lazy to even go see my friends… an activity that makes me happy. Think about that… sometimes, I’m too lazy to be happy! Actually, perfect example, tonight my friends asked me to go out to dinner with them. I said no, sorry, I already have plans. Truth is, I’ll probably just go to the gym for a bit, come back and relax on the couch. I can’t be bothered! So, I really get you and I think those feelings of being tired of things is normal. You really are not the only one. I still am worried that you say you’re tired of living. Please remember to continue using Tumblr as an outlet. You’re always welcomed and appreciated here and with time, you’ll find more outlets. 

I hope none of this came across as “me me me”. I know I shared a bit about myself, when really this message is about you, but I had to talk about myself to emphasise just how normal those feelings can be. And hopefully, as you say, make you feel less “crazy” (which you’re evidently not)! Always happy to chat more :)

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(Why do I get the feeling Mod Lilli planned this exact Souda moment from the very start? Not complaining XD) Yes, Gundham. Amazing idea. Lay down your armours. Both of you. You may also need to huddle together to preserve body heat.

(Huhuhuhu *o*)

Hm it is true that I learned of such a technique. Very well, Sharp-Toothed One, we should-

A-A-Absolutely not !

!! Very well.

You are right, we might not need to do such a thing, let’s start by taking off our armors ! *starts to undress*

Oh my god he-he is really doing this…*tries to look away but keep glancing back*

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Just wanted to say that you're an amazing person. <3 As a fan of Yurio's character, I was looking forward to seeing how he would develop throughout the series, but now it just feels like the show is trying to stan for him. I think it does his story a real disservice; he needed to learn that the people around him cared about him regardless of his success. Instead he upstages every single character with a friend he barely knows & apparently that's their idea of a fitting conclusion for his arc??

Thank you anon, that’s so sweet T_T

Yes that’s basically my problem. I just discussing this with @soobaki today. Yurio could have really benefitted from that storyline he never got. And then it just keeps getting worst. It was already bad that he ended episode 12 scowling on the podium, then the confirmation that he was not satisfied because Yuuri still beat his FS score. Now we have the extra manga where he basically disrespects all of Lilia’s hard work and blames her programs for his loss because he “couldn’t get in the mood for it”. Excuse you child, who was ready to sell their body and soul to Lilia in order to win??? I mean, I’ve been saying it all along that Yurio choosing to skate his senior debut as something he did not identify with at all was unhealthy for him. Here Yurio is agreeing with me. But blaming Lilia’s programs for the (few, too few) things he lacked is so disrespectful of him when he chose this! 

Wanting to secretly change his exhibition skate out of resentment for Yuuri beating his FS score? Then feeling personally attacked over the duet? Insulting Yuuri again, and using Otabek as a last minute prop just to upstage Yuuri and Victor? Petty, self-centered, disrespectful and selfish. What happened to finding his agape and learning to care and be cared for? He clearly learned nothing the entire season. He feels entitled to be the best at this point and the worst thing is, the narrative is justifying him. We’re supposed to agree, we’re supposed to find this little speech about “continuing to prove his choice is right” inspiring. 

He deserved better writing too. 

Shout out to everyone doing exams at the moment. I know there may be a heap of pressure right now, so just a friendly reminder that your marks DO NOT define you. Yes, education is important. And yes, you want to do your best. But at the end of the day, your wellbeing is the most important thing and there are a million pathways to get you where you want to go. If you’re feeling the weight of expectation - whether it be from your parents, your school, your teachers, or even yourself - please remember you’re worth more than a mark, and there’s a big future ahead waiting for you.
Good luck, and take care of yourselves - you got this! Xx
—  Katherine Langford

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I feel like shiro would have really bad taste in music like his favorite band is Journey and like his ultime favorite song is living on a prayer or something equally as cringey

YES. HE UNIRONICALLY LOVES BAD SONGS. you know that list where its like ‘songs that white people get turnt to’? that’s shiro’s music taste. along with some occasionally good music recs from allura or hunk. also he loves musicals, abba especially. oppa gangnam style was his ringtone for the longest time. the whole shebang.

i will tell you this, the moment piano man by billy joel comes on he and lance are singing and crying with their arms wrapped around each other during karaoke night

i just wanted to share my thoughts on something from a couple nights ago. 

so, one night i was thinking about my future n’ stuff, i was like “what’s gonna happen if i choose to transition and my partner ends up not attracted to me anymore?” i started getting anxiety and thinking that i never should transition in the future. but then i thought “wait, why should i stop my happiness just to satisfy someone else? my happiness and comfort is important too. if they wanna leave then that’s their choice. i’ll get over it eventually.” now, i don’t know what my future might bring me, they might have a positive reaction or they might have a negative one, we don’t know till we get there, if we do. either way, i’ll still do what makes me happy.

what i’m saying is don’t let a friendship or relationship stop you from being who you are and doing what makes you feel happy. yes, it will cause a lot of pain to lose that person, but it isn’t worth forcing yourself to do something that you’re not happy or comfortable with just to make someone else happy. 

be yourself and the right people will come to you. <3 

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are you nervous or anything to go to NYC Pride after hearing about all the recent bombings and attacks and shootings? I want to go, but I'm a bit scared

Unfortunately yes, but I’m proud of who I am and nobody is going to take that away from me. People are fucking pricks and this world is going to shit just because people aren’t loved enough. They get jealous of how happy we are and they lash out. I honestly feel bad for them. But we will go, and we will have a good time. My sisters boyfriend is a cop and I told him to make sure we are all safe. #lgbt #standup #spreadlove

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You know what I love rn? Not only was the episode brill, but I'm so relieved and calm. Even if it didn't go exactly as it did, the fact that Aaron didn't know was the main problem with this sl for me. But he does. And now they are going to get through this together. I still wouldn't want them to look after a child bc it's so not the right time, but I'm just not bothered now. I can deal with it bc it's Robert and Aaron by each others sides, completely honest. My soul and heart has revived!!!!

Yes!! I mean I am a million miles away from calm because my heart is still racing (yes i am still rewatching the eps) but i feel you, i am just so full of relief more than anything.

I feel like Maxine actually fixed it all, again. She is my actual hero.

Yeah I don’t want the baby either and I still don’t think it will end with a baby at the end of it, and tbh the main reason I don’t want one is because I think it’s a totally dull direction to take them in??? They’ve got more to give than being baby daddies, and they’re not ready for a child. I know a lot of people don’t want the baby because they don’t want Rebecca involved in their lives, but I don’t think that will happen either. And today just confirmed how in love they are with each other, so Rebecca can try and linger all she likes, she’ll never break them apart!

dozing off.

‘Why did you fall for him?’
I’ve never been able to answer this question and I wonder if I ever will be. The only thing I know is that I spent years not knowing him and one day he just was there.
I still remember him, just sitting there on a wooden picnic table, I still remember him looking up at me, I still remember the look in his eyes, I still remember the feeling I had. Both were pure, clean because nothing had happened yet.
There we were on that chilly spring morning, not yet knowing how we would change each other’s lives.

'Why do you still love him?’
How will I ever be able to answer? I just do. He’s such a big part of my life, I can’t imagine it without him. No, there hasn’t been an easy moment ever since I met him and yes, at times it hurts, a lot.
But I guess I just live for him, for the signature grins I get from him, for the way he calls my name, for the sparkle in his eyes when I make him laugh. For the way he can still make me stutter after 5 years and for the princess-like feeling he can give me.

I know everyone tells me to let him go. And I get why. Perhaps I could let him go if I only met him a few months ago, but he has marked too many memories, predominated too many years. He’s the only thing in my life that never changes.

—  Confessions

drawing commission for Brittany


You acted like the bad guy in front of her, but I know you’re hurt inside. I was aiming for that.

By Way of Spontaneity (Part 5)

Summary: On a whim, Bucky declares you to be his girlfriend to his grandma and mother. They’re eager to meet you and he asks you to pretend to be with him for just one dinner with his family. But is that really all?

Word Count: 773

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: This is where I start to apologize for what’s coming. >.<

Originally posted by yourlipbalm

Mildred looked up at you as you all settled down in the living room, cups of coffee being handed to everyone. She gave you a smile. “Dear, my birthday is next week. Apparently, my family is holding a surprise birthday party during that weekend, Sunday. Would you like to attend?”

“Nana!” screeched Steve and Bucky simultaneously.

She laughed, waving them away. “You people are hardly secretive! I have known for a while.” She rolled her eyes and scoffed. “They’re throwing me this big party like they’re expecting me to die soon. Pah! Not happening.”

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This is cliche and short but I actually finished it so



"I need another word for ‘cleansed’." 

"Do I look like a Thesaurus to you, Nurse?" 

"Chill, dude." 

”… Purified.“ 

Nursey looked up before he could stop himself, shock on his features for barely half a second before switching to… Pleased? Content. No, chuffed. (God, Nursey wanted to use that word in a poem one day. Chuffed.) 


Dex, however, didn’t look up. The keys on his thick black laptop clicked almost continuously, and Nursey did not debate internally on whether he was writing an essay or lines of code, because he had poetry assignments to finish for tomorrow. While not procrastinating, he shifted his mind to the whirring machine- it was really fucking old, but the thing was, Dex was the kind of person to repair his own electronics instead of upgrading them. (Like, with pliers and everything. He’s seen it happen.) The thing was in really good shape. Similar to the way that Hugh Jackman was by no means a spry twenty year old, yet looked like it would take nothing short of a battering ram to knock him over. A nice, solid, dependable- 

"What the hell are you muttering about now?” Dex muttered, the hypocrite.

“Aw, nothing.” (Hugh Jackman) “The next line.” (Hugh Jackman as a laptop)

“What’ve you got?" 

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Amanita’s FOUR radically interracial poly-amorous parents do seem like the kind whom want their daughter to have a life like theirs, but even better, and ...

… Amanita’s like ‘I’m marrying essentially EIGHT people from all over the world whom are a rare evolution of the humanoid species called sensates, plus their THREE of my fellow sapien lovers by extension,’ (yes, sorry, I’ve already decreed that Herlito has to make it official, Capheus gets to marry Zakia, and Kwon-Ho gets to marry Sun, deal with it, it turns out that I do make the rules), ‘… and kind of a roommate of theirs who may or may not be a sensate … oh, and a locksmith-con-turned-club-owner from Wuppertal who’s definitely not a sensate. I also feel very protective of a gang of female inmates at a South Korean prison, an Hispanic cop in Chicago, and his family, and a mother, bus attendant, and little girl with cancer in Nairobi, … and no one is allowed to squash my Bug nor mess with my white future sister-in-law. … Did I mention that I’m working with those eight people to battle their overlords whom are hunting, torturing, and oppressing their own kind?’

… ✔️