yes i found it on twitter

EVERYONE GATHER ROUND it’s conspiracy theory time!!!

i thought of this awhile back but it’s time i finally make it a post

so does anyone remember that pic lauren montgomery posted on twitter after the election???

ok so this is a super adorable and sweet drawing, but i realized

could it be kIND OF foreshadowing?????

think about it. look at who’s holding which sign.

pidge is holding the gender sign. pidge’s gender played a huge role in season 1, when we found out she’s a girl DISGUISED as a boy.

keith is holding the race sign. everyone knows about keith’s huge arc in season 2 when it turned out hE’S GALRA AS FU CK

and look who’s holding the lgbt sign


keep in mind that ye we already knew pidge’s gender twist from season 1, but this pic came out in november, BEFORE keith being galra was revealed

not only that, but the two characters who dealt w those matters on the signs they’re holding are holding them with BOTH HANDS, minus allura, but i say that fits even more bc she DIRECTLY TRIED TO GET PIDGE to tell her she’s a girl

hunk, who’s holding the race sign with keith was one of the first paladins that was both accepting of and fascinated by him being part-galra as far as we know, which might be represented by the hand on keith’s shoulder

so given this, will lance canonically be bi/pan?

and if shiro comes back, (PLEASE DREAMWORKS) are we gonna have a bi/pan lance w supportive shiro?

i hope this wasnt looking too deeply and im hoping my theorys rIGHT but it probably wont be since it’s just a kinda dumb overthought conspiracy theory lmfao


FUNNY STORY so I made a valentine for a friend a while ago and said friend posted it on twitter and tagged Cam, without telling me. he found it and RTed it and not even half an hour later I get a message from him and his fiancée telling me how much they love my art, and would I do a piece for them? you bet your ass I said yes - Gasson Hall at Boston College, acrylic on canvas, 12hrs total work time. they arranged to have me come down after the game at Verizon yesterday so I could give it to him. I was nervous as hell and this man who is clearly older sees me and smiles and says “oh! you must be scout! hi there, I’m Mr. Atkinson, Cam’s dad! nat [fiancée] told me you’d be here!” and he just picks up a conversation with me like it’s nothing. luckily my mom knows more New England lore than I do. Cam comes up and looks for us and the first thing he does is grin and go “hi!!” and then apologize for not being able to grab me a stick from the game before they packed them up. we talk for a while about college and the pride tape thing and the scooter gang and he’s just marveling at the painting the entire time, I was about ready to die, ok. i mentioned I didn’t own an NHL jersey yet and he’s like UM we need to fix that send us your address! it was so cute. he made sure to give me a hug and was like “we need to get a picture together!” and WOW I was exceptionally anxious but Cam Atkinson is the sweetest human being and everything worked out and now my art is going on the wall of their house!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAT

East of Eli concert in Rome with Chyler Leigh

Let’s start this recap by saying we only found out they were coming to Italy like two days before the concert itself. As Johann Frank too said on his twitter, this has been their most last minute show ever. It was amazing though, they’re all so talented and down to earth. I had such a good time and Nathan is so funny. When they took over the stage, East of Eli’s music managed to enthrall me completely. Obviously, seeing Chyler in person up so close (I was in the second row) was heart-stopping. I don’t know how it’s possible but that woman is even prettier in real life, damn! Nathan and Chyler made us laugh various times during the concert, so dorky and cute. I have a couple of videos I can share if anyone wants me to, either of them trying to speak Italian or of the live performances (Chyler’s voice ♥♥)

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Ringwatch 2017

One of my favorite things about season 4 was the constant ringwatch going on in fandom. “Is she wearing the ring yet??” and later on “Is she NOT wearing the ring yet??” That sort of sleuthing in fandom is my favorite thing (aside from fanfic, of course). It gets the blood pumping and the brain synapsing. 

Guess what folks? it might be time to revive ye olde ringwatch. BRING ON RINGWATCH 2017!

Last night, the Arrow production office tweeted this pic: 

now, everyone on twitter immediately leapt on the girl in the red coat. Those are EBR’s legs. That is a fancy hairdo. Paul Blackthorne (in another photo) was in a suit. Is there a party? A BIRTHDAY PARTY? Someone even found the dress she’s wearing based off the few inches beneath the jacket… (and its a near match to the one she wore to the Christmas party in 5x09, just a different color variation). I love when this fandom starts doing the detective work. 

@jbuffyangel asked me to zoom in on EBR. Particularly her hand. See, some are thinking that might be a ring there. Is it? 

I mean, it’s kind of hard to tell. Could be a shadow. 


BUT YOU GUYS. That’s the proper finger on the proper hand and WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?? 

Is 5x22 too soon for a re-engagement? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Probably. Its not what I’d do. But I’m in full on “jesus take the wheel” mode with this show. I’m along for the fun. And speculating on rings or not rings right now? Is the sort of fun I’ve missed around these parts. So let the speculating begin! 

the situation on bts’ colorism in the japanese magazine

this is a long post, however i believe theres lots to understand on this subject that cannot be dismissed. i have two disclaimers: first, please read until the end before criticizing because when i say i made an effort to include all views i mean it. second, there will be hetero references in this since the interview was about their ideal girl.. i apologize n i dont mean to assume their sexuality or anything.

there are three main parts to this; 1) lets understand the whole picture, 2) be fair and 3) for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them (this is not patronizing, i really fucking sympathize here)

lets understand the whole picture

to begin, I’m pretty much positive they didn’t actually interview bts for the magazine… rather, they drew on old interviews for the magazine… i don’t think the members were actually involved in any way with this magazine specifically. there a few posts about this and i’ll like them, but the best was by @jkguks. they showed how each exact response was recycled from an old interview. the post can be found here. comments have also been made that this magazine is known for such moves in the past and that their credibility isn’t so great. @allforbts pointed out here that the magazine didnt have a photoshoot – they reused pictures from other sources – which probably indicates they didn’t have an actual interview; however this isn’t real evidence. in my own personal opinion i dont trust the person who posted the translations on twitter. yes the translations are correct as far as we all know, but what i mean is… i think she knew the interview was old/reused. everyone that asked about the interview’s date received no response from her. she even made a comment about how many followers shes gained. if she cleared up that the interview was old or reused then this whole thing would die out n she’d stop getting followers. anyway i find it suspicious but i could also just be reading too far into it. the whole point of this is that at this point we can pretty much conclusively say that the interview is recycled n this is not something they said recently. this is not to devalue the weight of their words because it still hurt a lot of people. old or new, getting told your skin color is “unideal” is painful. however we do wanna look at this because we at least now know that their status of “since educated on colorism and racism and now pretty pc/sensitive” is not going to be revoked! they’ve since educated themselves, that is still the truth. this is just the ugly past come to rear its head.

on the other end of understanding the whole picture, i’m going to make a sorta controversial statement. hopefully in fully explaining it, you all will get the full idea… but for the sake of k-armys who are getting attacked by intl fans constantly and also for the sake of perspective – which may lessen the blow of their words for those hurt by them – i need to say this. the concept of colorism is alive and well in korea… it just isn’t the same as it is in the west. in the west – for the most part – we are more ethnically/racially diverse while korea is almost entirely racially/ethnically homogeneous. so how does this effect the meaning of colorism? well because one of the largest identifiable traits when looking at the differences between the world’s races n ethnicities is skin color, race/ethnicity will always be tied to skin color, especially in really diverse areas. in the west where we are consistently exposed to different races/ethnicities as part of our daily lives, a preference of skin color holds not only colorist implications but also racist implications. if some mayo dude said “i think darker skin is ugly on girls” we can safely assume hes a racist fuck on top of being colorist. however, since korea is homogenous, there isnt any real racist implications. let me elaborate: korea has issues with being racist against other poc, however in an interview discussing ideal types where the ideal type is already assumed to be at the very basis korean (or maybe another east asian ethnicity if you’re stretching it), the statement on skin color is directed at people of their shared race. so how is this less problematic? it is still problematic definitely – i’d like to make this clear – but in korea, the concept of skin color amongst koreans as a beauty standard isnt racially or ethnically motivated and therefore its more akin to saying “i prefer blue eyes over brown eyes on white girls” because they’re discussing a physical variance within their own race. in the end, it’s still colorist, but please try to understand that in korea the remarks arent as horrible. they still shouldn’t say that, and really, any discussion of skin color preferences is ugly, but it’s extremely important to be considerate of korean culture. intl fans forget constantly that we are guests to korean culture. if you were invited to someones house you wouldnt bust in there feeling entitled n doing whatever the fuck you want. you’d try and respect their rules and how they run their home. if you had a problem with something there, you’d politely ask them to accommodate you, explaining why that accommodation was necessary. you wouldnt fucking trash them for not having their house already equipped to your preference. thats incredibly selfish. this is the same way. you are guests to this culture, and while you shouldnt allow colorism to continue, this theme of entitlement amongst intl fans – especially when we have done very little to respect their culture; we demand they understand ours while continually paying theirs no regard – is really shamefully. i ask that people reading this do their best to be more considerate in the future. not everything is black n white… lots of things have grey area and we can afford to be more socially conscious. im pretty sure most k-fans have it about up to here dealing with koreaboos criticizing their culture… 

be fair

this is a short statement but i need to remind you all that most of the members were problematic in that interview and if you are only trashing namjoon you need to fucking stop. you are allowed to offended, of course – i was pretty bothered too seeing how im the opposite to namjoons ideal in every way, my bias who i’d fucking die for – but if your whole focus is “namjoon this and namjoon that” than youre being a biased ass and im gonna need you to sit down. if youre going to be mad, by all means, be mad, but dont fucking pretend the other members said nothing wrong. im sick of people pretending every member but namjoon is perfect and unproblematic. present day he’s probably the most un-problematic member since educating himself on racial issues, feminism, n lgbtq rights, making himself an advocate for them all while idols remain silent…. hmm…. but keeping pushing that “problematic member” agenda sure. yeah lets pretend the facts dont exist ok

for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them

fans who read through the interview n realized they kinda fit their bias’ ideal type – esp in terms of skin color – please don’t make comments on how people need to “get over this”. for many fans, especially non light skinned poc, this really hurt. not only as a “i don’t fit my bias’ ideal type” but also as a betrayal of trust. many non light skinned poc have experienced some type of discrimination for their skin color and many had their sense of self confidence fucked over for it. its not just a “you dont think darker skin is beautiful, aw :(” its more of a, “you are someone i love and support and the fact that you’d call my skin color less attractive – the skin color for which i’ve had to struggle to find my own confidence in – just like so many others, feels like betrayal”. its really hurtful. so don’t be dismissive. you don’t understand. this isnt your discussion, im sorry.

and lastly, to the fans who were hurt by the interview. im sorry boo. im sorry that the industry you support continues to hurt you. im sorry someone you decided to love and support made you feel like that. please remember that the ideal type is such a flimsy concept. they really dont mean anything. those questions were grossly specific n they were so unnecessary, but at the end of the day, they are still made up preferences. the boys wouldn’t find you unattractive for not meeting the bits on their checklist – fuck no. attraction just doesnt work like that. no one falls in love with the person that hit everything on their little “ideal type” checklist. honestly, if you asked me to describe my ideal type n i just listed shit off the top of my head, it probably wouldnt add up to namjoon…. but in every way namjoon perfect to me. im fucking whipped. this is the same. dont take their ideals to heart, dont feel like anything on you needs to change. you are exactly the way you need to be, and dont ever let some guys “ideal type” make you feel any less. n if anyone every tries to tell you that you’re failing to meet their beauty standards… fucking kick them. fcuk them seriously. dont let this shit effect your self confidence. gross comments like that dont deserve a thought in your head

That’s what adults do. We fuck up.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader, Genevieve
Word count : 1,460
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 6 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Gen was drinking coffee, watching the boys eat their breakfast when her phone rang. “Hey Dani.” She smiled.

“Hi Aunty Dani!” The boys yelled.

She could hear Danneel laughing. “Tell the boys I said hi.

“Aunty Dani says you better stop fooling around and eat your breakfast.”

Danneel laughed again. “Nice, Gen.

Gen smiled. “What’s up?”

Jared didn’t come home this weekend?”

Gen sighed. “No. I uh, I needed some time.” She wasn’t going to elaborate with the kids there, so she left it at that, knowing her friend would understand. “Why?”

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Proud Bug Boss

Proud Guzma with his number one bug Wimpod!

To be honest, this wasn’t the original plan for this drawing. I asked my husband what I should draw and he had said “Draw a Wimpod” well Guzma kinda protested. I enjoyed finishing this piece as I have finally found the line thickness I like and have found a way of shading that works for me!

Ya Boi here is the first print done for my little convention season coming up! More to come, I promise! I don’t plan to make the same mistake I made last year with the Puff series of prints and wait for a month beforehand. So yes, this is what my art can look like when I’m not rushed.

If you are interested in seeing WIP photos, please head on over and follow me on my twitter: I will no longer be posting WIP dumps here.

Artwork © WhiskyWhisker
Guzma, Wimpod © Pokemon/Gamefreak/Nintendo

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Found another cool gochi artist: kakitsubata0510 on Twitter, his/her latest doujin is hot & cute 😍

Oh yes I know about them already!! They are one of my favorite artists😍 💖 They also have a pixiv 


I really enjoy how they mostly make Goku initiate things xD

interwebseriesfan24  asked:

Dating modern outsiders head canons?

this is gon b a long one
thanks for requesting
warnings: mentions of nsfw lol
enjoy 💘💘

- he’d always b askin for nudes man
- random dick pics
- he has a folder of just random photos of u he took that are actually cute
- always texting you to come over
- u guys order food a lot
- doesn’t have much social media but if he does it’s like an obscure IG full of photos of u 2 and the gang
- he is obsessed with Netflix and likes binge watching stuff

- has no fucking clue what he’s doing
- can call but that’s about it
- facetiming but at awkward angles that are not flattering for him
- texts u to come over a lot too
- probably online shops a lot tbh

- will literally text u random photos of animals or selfies of him
- loves takin photos of u that he can look at later and brag with
- big Reddit and IG user
- always face timing u for hours on end

- booty calls all day
- begs u to bring him lunch
- spams u a lot
- loves watching YouTube and IG beauty videos
- lots of sc tbh
- viner tbh

- selfies all day.
- has an entire folder of photos of u 2
- is internet famous
- probs a youtuber or viner
- loves sending u cute photos of him
- sends u sweet messages all the time
- really obsessed with Snapchat filters

- famous on IG and tumblr for art and writing
- has cheesy poems in his notes of his phone
- sends u shitty poems
- loves reading books with u over the phone
- constantly drinking coffee from Starbucks
- probably buying u cheap stuff online so that he can spoil u
- actually takes good photos of you
- skyping for hours

- honestly more of a gamer
- likes snap chatting u
- late night skyping
- sends u selfies and they’re so cute,,,
- dog photos that he found on twitter
- he butt dials u a lot
- screenshots all the selfies u send them
- ur his lockscreen

the whole gang:
- ur all in one gc
- on like every app
- memes
- times to meet up
- ugly selfies or insults
- lots of memes tbh like I don’t think u understand
- Darry is so confused

I feel like I repeated a lot of stuff lol but anyway ye!!

I already knew Jay Versace was problematic as hell now I go on twitter and found out he outed a former boy band member. Jay deactivated his accounts btw. He is TRASH! U NEVER OUT SOMEONE NEVER! CANCELLED FOREVER!

Update: Yes Princeton trash also. Dude is basically a stalker ain’t nobody got time for that. Princeton claims he’s been out, well maybe to his friends/family/and former band memebers but most folks unless u a fan of his (where he apparently got outed before) the general public did not know that. Folks def suspected but it was never confirmed nor has he ever released a public statement addressing his sexuality so he did out Princeton ass by exposing the parts about being closeted/not being closeted in those DMs. I get Jay was tired of Princeton ass harassing him and his friends and warned him but still need to be careful when exposing folk. He could’ve exposed without publicly outing him. Both a hot ass mess. Princeton needs to humble his ass and stop fucking harassing folks! 

DAY 3350

Jalsa, Mumbai                May 30/31,  2017              Tue/Wed 2:00 AM

Birthday - EF - Nadou Youssef / Rina Rajpal       Wed, May 31  … and our wishes go out to our dearest Ef Nadou and Rina .. wish you all happiness !

A splash of the cold aqua .. a widening of the ocular .. swift and composite visits to the other platforms and back to our home  .. The BLOG

At times I wonder if I would be capable of writing or composing a tale of say 500 pages or several multi thousand words .. a just desire .. a thought among many thoughts .. and then .. smash ! …

Its gone .. the desire the will the all .. all gone .. to come back again .. doubtful .. its like so many other thoughts that plague the mind in an instant and then rapidly disappear .. never to be brought to thought again ..

Hmmmm .. the word ‘thought’ has entered the writing quite a few times .. wonder .. !!

Thought .. I thought of declaring a war on my desk and my room, to a clean up exercise, but did not .. or rather could not .. but do I must .. it shall clear the mind as well .. a clearance much desired and needed ..

So ..

The visits to the other 2 platforms is now a ride into the artistic world of our own Ef and their immaculate attempts at how to paint form another picture with the picture they already have .. and the artistry that accompanies it is simply remarkable .. I do hope this stays, for t gives me sufficient material to attach it to many of my comments, in general .. 

And so yes .. QUIT .. !! quit the habit of smoking .. it is injurious to health .. aarrggh .. sounding like those adverts that come before the screening of any film …

But look what I found ..

These are the generous inputs of dear Ef on the podium of the Twitter brigade .. and one that I have no recollection or documentation of .. this is most positively the stage performance of the recitation of my Father’s works, in Paris at the Theatre des Champs Élysees and the most generous meeting with the Ef that came from different parts of the World for this union .. there has been no record of that evening .. one that was most historic for me .. the prestigious location .. the recitation of my Father’s works and the enthusiastic reception of it among the audience .. never ever expected that in the city of Paris, there would be an audience for Hindi poetry …!!

An unforgettable event .. particularly, the rain of roses on the floor of the stage by the audience after the performance was over to the strains of ‘Madhushala’..

Yes it is time to revisit that evening and the event and perhaps to design another and many other in other locations and cities .. to relive the beauty of the written poetic word .. to live and dream the world of rhythm and rhyme .. of the visions of elevated philosophy .. of life and love and longing and fact .. far removed from the realities of everyday existence .. of the mundanity of our thoughts .. to enliven them with the beauty of untold sentiment .. to draw out to us another picture, another world filled with the melody of our breathing life !

Moral responsibility .. social causes .. remain the prime movers of the time .. they are necessary as well .. their worth for us as a nation and a people is most needed .. and hence I join another campaign for the thrust to eradicate open defecation in cities in villages in towns everywhere  .. 

The campaign is called ‘Darwaaza Bandh’ .. shut the door ! and at its launch this evening there is appreciation of my contribution ..

A few moments spent with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Shri Devendra Fadnavis ..

There is undoubtedly great satisfaction for being involved in the initiative .. but even more to see feel and hear the efforts made by those that work towards it ..

They are the true winners ..

My Father wrote these words in one of his works .. as an introduction to him as a person :

‘Mitti ka tan  … Masti ka mann … kshan bhar jeevan …mera parichay’

“मिटटी का तन
मस्ती का मन  
क्षण भर जीवन  
मेरा परिचय”~

a body of mud of the earth ; the exuberance of an elated mind ;  a life of a moment ; that be my introduction

Sudhir , our Ef of elated mind, coined a few words keeping the sentiment of the words of my Father, but translating it to the Swachh Bharat Campaign, initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi ..

स्वच्छ तन,
स्वच्छ मन,
स्वच्छ भारत मेरा परिचय  …

swachh tan, swachh man … swachh bharat, mera parichay

a clean body, a clean mind , a clean India my introduction

On a meeting with the personnel from the PMO, during the construction of the campaign for ‘Darwaaza Band’ for an Open Defecation Free India , I shared this with the Administrative Officers, who loved it to the extent of sharing it with the Prime Minister, who, most generously, spoke about it on his ‘Mann ki Baat’ programme each Sunday morning on the radio ..!! Honoured !!

It is now clocking 3:15 am .. and those early morning apprehensions seem to have evaded the mind .. I relish these late hours with the Ef and the Blog .. and may the sleep induced mind be as clean as the drive for a clean India ..

My love ….

Amitabh Bachchan 

Handmade with Love (Avengers Cast x Reader Christmas Drabble)

Christmas is the time to give your loved one some gifts. What happens when you give your famous second family something handmade?

Word count: 703

Author: @chrixa

A/N: SO SORRY for not writing in a while. I hope this Christmas themed drabble will make your heart melt. x

Being a young lady doesn’t mean you cannot do things grandmas do: crochet. And being the wonderful and kind person that you are, you decide to give your friends, who are more like your older brothers and sisters, something rather personal this Christmas. 

Scrolling your Pinterest board, you search for the right pattern for the gift you wanted to make. Once you found it, you made sure you pinned it and grabbed your coat to go and buy some balls of yarn.

Yarn shopping was the one thing you enjoyed and the one thing you did to relax yourself. Running your fingers over those soft and fuzzy threads really helped ease your mind. 

“Can I help you, miss?” A middle aged lady asked you politely.

“Oh, yes. Uh, I was just looking for the right type of yarn and color to make some gifts,” you smiled at her. 

“Well, miss, you’ve come to the right place.”

Twitter and Tumblr are buzzing with excitement from the new pictures the paparazzi took of the cast of the Avengers. Each actor and actress looked happy as they smiled and strolled through the streets of New York with their own winter fashion. The one thing in common was their beanies. They were all the same model but with different colors that matched their characters in the movies. It was the thing that made fans squeal because their idols had matching beanies.

Imagine them taking a group shot with those. 

omg chris evans with a beanie sign me up


seb stan wearing a beanie is what i live for

lizzie + maroon beanie = absolute cutie

did they buy them together? did someone made those? we may never know. 

You smiled as you scroll through twitter. The fandom was wondering and making guesses about those beanies. You made all of them promise not to tell anyone that you gave them those handmade gifts. You wanted to enjoy a peaceful Christmas, as peaceful as an actress can get though, without the attention that would be given to you thanks to your gifts. And luckily, they agreed to keep quiet about it until Christmas is over.

You loved each other so much that all of you emptied your schedules just to have a ‘family’ Christmas dinner on the 28th. You decided to have it in RDJ’s house because, duh, he’s RDJ. And his house is huge. So.

Hey, I’m downstairs. See you soon. 

Okay. Thanks Seb.

You grabbed your black coat and scarf and head downstairs to join Sebastian in his car. He insisted that he picked you up instead of you grabbing a taxi or riding a train. He lived not too far from you and it’s Christmas, he said. So you gladly accepted his offer.

“You know, I’m really considering tagging you on my next Instagram post with this,” he said and pointed to the light grey beanie on his head. 

“Well, I mean it’s already the 28th.” 

“That means I can tag you?” He asked with the biggest grin on his face. You just nodded and laughed. “I’m kinda happy you didn’t put a huge red star on it.” 

“I did consider it though. But it was too much of a work.” 

“That’s okay. Thank you, really. I love it so much.”

“I’m glad you loved it, then.”

“So, what d’you say if we take a picture together, wearing the beanies, and you’ll stand in the middle?” Evans suggested. 

“And then we post it at the same time,” Sebastian added with a grin and taking a sip from his glass. 

“Yeah, c’mon, it’s past Christmas, right?” Scarlett nudged you playfully. 

“Yeah, okay, let’s do it,” you finally said and stood up. 

And soon, your phone was blasting with notifications. 


avengers cast + y/n’s handmade beanies = squad goals

i need one of those beanies


when you thought you couldn’t love y/n more, she gives the avengers cast personalized handmade beanies for Christmas

get you a friend who make you handmade beanies like y/n does 

“Merry Christmas, Y/N.”

“Merry Christmas, guys.”

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For me I am not positive there is another ep but there's 1 thing that keeps me believing out of all the fuckiness. Fireworks. Would this show blow hundreds/thousands of pounds on Ben turning 40? Did they do such an extravagance for others bdays? Yes it's a big bday but it seems very fishy. Unless there's a better explanation it feels very "celebrate something 100+ yrs in the making"

Hey Nonny!

Well, to be fair you CAN purchase fireworks commercially for under 500$ (WalMart sells them around Independence Day and Canada Day, and specialty stores open up around our area for the summer for fireworks), so they could have just got some commercial-grade fireworks to celebrate. Do we know how long / many / spectacular the fireworks for the birthday were?I just recall that they had the SFX team let off fireworks, that’s all.  EDIT: FOUND THE VIDEO FROM TWITTER (They look like commercial-grade fireworks and probably didn’t spend that much on them).

What’s suspicious to me about it though, although I am willing to assume it was just a cheeky easter egg, that Sherlock’s cup in TLD had fireworks on them.

This is a cup we’ve never seen at Baker Street, as far as I recall. So LOGIC part of me is saying this is just a cute nod to Ben’s birthday OR those aren’t fireworks on the cup (the most likely probability), but the Tin Hat me is whispering sweet “something’s fucky”’s in my ears. 

Anyway, I’m not looking too much into it, but I do agree, it does seem rather OTT for a 40th birthday. But then again, they all love Ben to bits, so “why not”.

hey everyoneee sorry for not being too active on tumblr these days..
for those of you who didn’t hear the news yet because you don’t follow my twitter or smt, I’ve been working hard the past 3 months to study for the Jakarta round of World Scholar’s Cup.

at first I signed up just because it would look nice on my CV and for experience. yes. for the alpaca. I’m sorry. but sometime later I found out that the global rounds would be at Hanoi, a.k.a my gf’s hometown, lol, and that they will be back at Vietnam during the global round.     whoa

so, naturally i,  started to get serious about it ajknjksfnkdjn
my team (and practically most of the ppl in my school’s senior division teams) is all completely aware that I am very gay for @pistachiosoda so we worked together for it

anyway World Scholar’s cup’s Jakarta round ended yesterday!! I went through WSC trying to not expect so much, but after pretty much falling off my seat to the floor and crying like a dumbass (including my whole team wwww) during the announcement after the awards ceremony I can finally say that I was qualified for the global rounds!!! 

I didn’t think I worked hard enough to go but!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaa y’all I can meet my gf!!! sorry for writing long paragraphs but what the heck!!!!! I’m going!!! to get a large alpaca and I can!!! physically poke sol!!!!!!! I’m so sorry for rambling but I’m so gay!!!!!!!!! for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so I wanna thank @pekwekduck and @miru-chan-san for putting up with my bullshit and making u guys get dragged to hardwork and global rounds with me

sorry for the long ramble I’m done now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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sterek olympics au

I took the simone biles + zac efron thing (x)(x) and sterek-ed it (with a few creative liberties…)


“So, Stiles, we’re getting to the end of our interview now, and I just have one more question for you.”

“Shoot,” Stiles says, grinning.

“Is it true that you have a bit of a crush on a certain actor by the name of Derek Hale.”

Stiles blushes and he’s sure it’s picked up by the several cameras on him currently. “Oh man, I wouldn’t call it a crush,” he hedges, rubbing at his chin, “I just think he’s really good. I mean, who doesn’t, but yeah, um…”

The crowd’s laughing and Stiles turns around the see that the screen behind him is showing a compilation of seemingly every tweet he’s ever written about Derek Hale. He buries his face in his hands and groans, which makes the audience laugh.

“I’m so embarrassed right now,” he mumbles, though of course the mic clipped to him picks it up.

The host laughs good-naturedly. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Who here has a crush on Derek?” she throws to the crowd. There’s a lot of cheering and screaming, so at least Stiles can console himself that he’s not alone in his appreciation for Derek’s form. Acting form. Like talent. Not like, body form.

“Me too, me too.” The host turns back to Stiles, who has emerged from behind his hands, cheeks still pink (he can see them nice and big on the screens around the studio). “Well, we have a little surprise for you, Stiles. If you want to turn to the screen.”

Stiles turns, a little (a lot) worried.

His tweets disappear and there is a second of blackness before a video recording starts playing.

“Oh my god!” Stiles shouts, and actually jumps out of his chair before he can tell himself to contain his reaction.

“Hi Stiles, this is Derek Hale,” the video starts. Derek’s sitting on a couch in what is probably his living room, staring right at the camera so it looks like he’s staring right at Stiles. Stiles is melting a little on the inside and sweating a lot on the outside to show that.

On screen, Derek waves, and Stiles, like the giant dork he is, waves back enthusiastically. There are some laughs from the audience but Stiles is so transfixed by cataloguing everything he can see in the frame that it doesn’t faze him like it did a minute ago. “I just want to wish you all the best for the Olympics. I’ll be cheering for you, and crossing my fingers for a medal. Go Team USA, and good luck, Stiles.”

The video ends on a freeze frame of Derek smiling gorgeously at Stiles– at the camera.

“Do I get a copy of that?” Stiles asks the host, to more laughter from the audience.

“You sure do,” she says, “and I’d check your twitter when you get home too.”

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lizzington week | day one. favorite scene (or the scene that makes you say ‘yes this is my ship, this is why i ship it’)

i had to go back months into my twitter because i remember writing a tweet during the exact episode where i was like ‘oh…oh no…not another one’.  and i found it lol. i was #fiveminuteslatewithstarbucks to tbl and i will be honest i was not a red x lizzy shipper at first. i was all about red being ride or die for lizzy but i think i wrote something along the lines of how i didn’t want them to smash lol. and then t. earl king iv happened. and he said her name when a gun was to his head. he could have said anything. he could have said nothing at all. but he said ‘lizzy.’ the last thing he wanted to say, the last thing he wanted to hear before he died was ‘lizzy.’ my entire being spontaneously combusted and my soul entered the atmosphere. it’s been over 200 days since i saw this episode and i am not over it. i will never be over it. i’m losing chill as i type this lol.  

Espirito Santo is on chaos

Sooo, here in Brazil, there is a state in a really dangerous situation right now unfortunately…
My english could be a bit of an issue to explain the situation sooo, basically: the police is currently on strike due to salary and other issues in their work/career, and people from their families have been protesting for that too, however negotiations arent even happening since the police isnt working (i think its been since saturday) and they arent on the streets, at the same time authorities made it clear that they wont negotiate until they go back to work… meanwhile thieves are doing whatever they want there, so that means robbery and even death are increasing, there are many videos popping up while showing the situation in that state and its cities :(

Another thing which is unbelievable is how I didnt hear anything about that (probably) on tv, so yes I only found out about it by checking out Twitter, if it wasn’t for the internet who knows when people from other states in Brazil would know about this for an example…

Also, that means its better to not even leave the house until the situation will finally be under control again, but the question is: WHEN??

If anyone here in tumblr is from ES, please, dont leave by any means and stay safe at home, even though thats really difficult unfortunately, I hope for the best :( 

And anyone reading this, if you want to spread or reblog, thats also okay and fine… tbh i would say to spread it, because its a shame that the tv in Brazil wasn’t even SHOWING ANYTHING ABOUT IT wtf. I decided to write this to update and give information about the current situation for people who didn’t know about it