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“Yale Students Erupt in Anger Over Administrators Caring More About Free Speech Than Safe Spaces”

I found the above titled article on Slate this morning very interesting. It documents how Yale’s SJW students exercised their right to free speech by demanding Yale administrators be fired for voicing the need to protect free speech. Hypocrisy incarnate? Yes. Typical of the SJW movement? Doubly so.

The article was written by Katy Waldman. Ms. Waldman used to write for feminist website The DoubleX: What Women Really Think, but has stopped writing for that website and now writes general interest articles for Slate. Here is her interpretation of theses events:

I was shocked to watch students treat their professors and administrators with such disrespect. But horrified emotional responses aside, it’s troubling to see the Christakises scapegoated for defending the crucial liberal tradition of free speech. That’s not to dismiss the pain of students of color; I’m sure Yale proves far less hospitable to them than to the wealthy white scions it was founded to serve. Nor should anyone mourn the days of good old college fun, when wearing a racist Halloween costume was considered a harmless bit of white wing-spreading. But in censuring the Christakises for wanting to create “an intellectual space,” students are vociferously exercising the very rights—to speak out against people and practices they find objectionable—that the Christakises seem to want to protect.

That response fascinates me because it could have been written by an anti-feminist/anti-SJW. 

It makes me wonder if Ms. Waldman quit blogging about feminism because she got tired of defending the obvious hypocrisies. If so, kudos to her. Then again, the contentious issue at Yale was more about race than feminism, so it’s quite possible their agenda was simply not her own.

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Member : Hansol / Vernon

Genre : is this even angst enough? lol

Words : 3184 

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   It has been months, weeks after the news came out to the public. “The once ‘lovable’ young couple decided to broke things off”. He’d always find himself snickering at the headline title once it appeared in every celebrity news article; how ironic for them to receive that kind of title when he found out their relationship were criticized badly by people, mostly were fans of the group he belongs to.

   He remembered saying that he would protect you from everything, but it was only an empty promise that he did not fulfill when you were on the brink of losing it. He blames himself; he beats himself up for not being reliable, always focused more on promoting their group when he did not notice you were filled with hate from the public.

   And even though he was still participating actively in every performances and fan meeting, it was all just a facade. His hyungs knew he was faking his emotions in front of them. After all of their schedule, he would just stay up alone in the room, on his bed with earphones adorning his ears. He was too quiet and the other members are worried.

   He mostly skipped meals, does not participate in most of the games that his hyungs would make in their dorm. At first they understand his need of being alone after you break it off with him, but it has been months and he’s still not moving on.

   They tried to contact you, to fix your relationship with him but they were unable to do so. All they receive is your old voicemail, all he receives is just your old voicemail. He had tried to contact you at first and from there he had figured out that you already changed your number. There are times where he would just go out in the middle of the night, and the members would think that he might just go out to buy his own food, but in reality he’s pacing around the Han river, hoping to find you there.

   But he failed to do so as fatigue would come up to him, and he would be forced to go home and just eat the leftovers that his hyungs left for him, each night.

   He barely say anything, only responding if it was his turn to wash the dishes or deliver the laundry at the nearby laundry shop. but other than that, he would just be with himself. He would always play a song in his phone, more likely just a romantic playlist for the two of you that somehow became a bittersweet one for him.

   He would imagine your voice, how you sang along to the lyrics and he would just be mesmerized. But now it only filled his eyes with tears; useless tears that wouldn’t make you come back to him. He was desperate to find you, to see you and just hold you close.

   But he can’t. He’s afraid to see you at the same time, wondering if there’s someone who’s already filled his space, who will spend more time with you, and the one you will rely onto. He’s afraid that he would still be in love with you when you already started to move on from him.

   And the only thing that you left for him was only memories that you might forget when you find someone much better than him. Much like the box that he received upon the doorstep of their dorm, that was now hidden underneath his bed and was remained unopen. He already knew what would be inside the box which are the polaroids you’ve taken after reaching a milestone in your relationship before, and that specific necklace that he made for you from the jewelry shop where their rings was also made.

   Knowing that it would just hurt him once he revealed the things, he rather just hide it. He had enough tears to spill, trying to reach you when he know you don’t want to anymore. He’d always bottle up his feelings but there would be that time where he would just feel so weak of keeping it all.

   From the outside of the room, only a few remained in the household, the older ones were out to seek you and talk to you about and the others are supervising Hansol, in case he needs some medical care since he hadn’t ate that much these past few days.

   The older ones were trying to contact you, in case you pick up but they were still unfortunate. Pacing around the park and the other places you’ve been before, they were desperate to find you before he faint from being too physically weak. Although it wasn’t their business to meddle into your past relationship, they were deeply worried about Hansol.

   The night has arrived and they were still unable to find you, they were too tired from pacing around the area in the city the whole afternoon. They gave up and went back to their dorm, and once they entered the younger ones ask if they have succeeded to which they respond with shaking their heads.

   Seungcheol’s phone quickly vibrated in his pocket, to which he dug as fast as possible, hoping that it was you who answered. But unluckily, it was their staff telling him to prepare everyone for tonight’s dinner, it was their manager’s treat but they would not join them nor the staffs.

   They tried to talk to Hansol, about going out for a dinner to which he declined, still wanting to be alone for the time. It was still no use for them to convince him to go out of the room and was reminded to catch up later or else he’d be kicked out of the room and will be forced to sleep on the couch for a week. But his only respond was a nod before glancing back at his phone again.

                                                           *          *          *

   You never believed in long distance relationship, that was one of the reasons why you broke it off with him months ago. Apart from the continuous criticism of the fans about you, which had made you insecure and such, you were forced to go to Europe by that time by your family. You have no choice but to complied to them. But you never informed your ex-boyfriend about your sudden leave from South Korea.

   You left the country in tears a few months ago, but now that it was winter and the fact that your family would take a vacation to Korea, you were suddenly feared going back, afraid that you might see him again after a long time.

   You knew their group has risen to fame all of a sudden, and probably you would’ve think that he was more focused into his career as of this moment. Maybe he moved on already.

   "eve, let’s go.“ Your mom called out your attention as your family gathered all of the luggages in two trolleys, you moved out of the airport. You adjusted your coat and the beanie on your head before stepping out in the harsh cold weather in the country.

   You definitely missed the country, but not the memories that seemed to come back when you arrived to South Korea moments ago. And the fact that your family chose to stay on some hotel in Seoul instead of your aunt’s house located at the outskirts of the city. There was still a bit of fear inside you, that someone would still bash you even if you have no connection to their idols anymore.

   You have changed your hair into a lighter color, overlay with purple streaks and the length was up to your shoulders, the only thing that would keep you hidden is when you put a mask. But that was the only thing that has changed, nothing major.

   Soon you have reached your destination, unpacking the luggages from the car as you have suddenly realized that the hotel your parents booked in was near the cafe that holds the memories of your first date, and the anniversaries that came before. You quickly blinked the tears away as you and your family proceed in the hotel.

   Your family has no information of your past relationship until the news came out, and you only told the news of your break up when you’ve landed in Europe. They knew the struggle of having a relationship like yours, so they did force you to leave the country so you won’t be bothered by the criticism.

   But they do not know the places you’ve spent with him before, and therefore have no idea about that certain cafe where the memories was made between you and him, and that certain necklace. It wasn’t with you when you left, because you put it in the box you’ve left in their dorm.

   You were blaming yourself for not being good enough to withstand the hate, and leaving him broken. You’ve regretted for not talking it out and just breaking it off, even though it hurt your feelings, it was harder for him. You never received any news from them since you distance yourself from the news about kpop online.

   And now you lie on the bed in the hotel room, staring blankly at the ceiling as you were waiting for your parents before going out on a dinner. You already have masked on your face once your family were ready to go out, probably finding some good restaurants nearby since they haven’t been in the country for so long.

   "Do you any good places, eve?” your mom asked as all of you were walking by the sidewalk. You can’t say no since you’ve lived in Seoul longer than them, and the fact that they didn’t know that you already dined in most of the restaurants in the city with him before.

   You only nodded in response as you ask them to follow you, there’s this one restaurant that you’ve enjoyed dining in before, and pretty sure you’ve been missing to eat their popular dishes again.

   Soon you and your family have settled in, checking on the menus and such as you already told them your usual order in that restaurant. You were looking around, seeing a waiter approaching your table with a tray of tea set. Setting on the table, the waiter asked for the orders as you took off your mask, wanting to drink the hot beverage until you suddenly glanced behind his figure to see familiar faces by the next table. And you’ve almost spat out the tea from your mouth when one of them looked at you straight in the eye.

   "eve?“ Seungkwan called your name out loud, disturbing the nearby customers of the restaurant as you tried to put on your mask again. Your family glanced between you and the other boys at the neighboring table as you quickly excused yourself from the table. You wanted to escape the restaurant at the moment, in fear that he’s also with them, somewhere.

   But the rest of the members quickly blocked the pathway you’re going to take. "We’ve been trying to contact you for so many times!” Seungcheol spoke as he stands in front of you. “Can we talk privately?”

   "But Seungche–“

   "Come on eve, he’s not doing well at all.” he responded, “We’ve tried everything, but he barely eats, or interact with us.”

   You sigh, “Can you give me a few days?”

   "Isn’t a few months enough for you to know what you’re going to say to him?“ Seungcheol replied.

   "I’m not prepared at all.” you told him honestly. But then he quickly paced towards your family’s table, introducing himself as Hansol’s brother and asking for permission to take you somewhere. But your family nod yes before you can even say no, and now you found yourself dragged out of the restaurant.

   You tried to take his grip off your wrist, “Please Seungcheol, i’m still not ready to face him!”

   "Then when? When he’s already confined in a hospital? Come on, do us a favor to bring back the old him.“ he pleaded, crossing the street before arriving at a nearby building which was unfamiliar to you.

   "You changed dorms?” you were shocked, knowing that you still have made nothing up in your mind when you face your ex-boyfriend again.

   he replied, “Recently, yes.” You tried to pull out once you stood at the lobby, near the staircase but still he’s holding tight on your arms. You squealed when he carry you off to his shoulders and went up the staircase.

   "I’m still not prepared, please.“ You begged, but it was no use until you were put down, facing the door of their dorm. You found him fumbling on his pockets, looking for some keys but was unable to find it.

   "Ahh, jinjja!” by the time he sighed, the door was suddenly pulled open by no other but Hansol. Your eyes were nowhere but on the ground, looking at your shoes as there was an eerie silence between you three, soon you spotted Seungcheol moving to the side, “I’ll leave you two to talk.” and he was out of the floor and you glanced at him waving at you goodbye before the elevator door closes.

   "You’re here.“ you heard Hansol whispered in disbelief. You only nodded in response, but still avoiding his stare as your eyes wandered on the patterned floor, and his red shoes. And in a few moments he suddenly hugged you, tightly as if he never wanted to let you go. You arms stayed limp on your sides, and you felt him releasing breathes near your neck which made you shiver.

   "Look, I… uhh. I don’t know what to say,” you trailed off, distancing yourself from him but his hands seemed to be intact with your fore arms. You finally looked at him, a snapback adorning his head and he’s pale from your vision, his appearance looked rather off… like he had lost weight. “I was basically forced here–”

   "You don’t have to say anything, you’re here with me and–“ you cut him off.

   "And I’m not going to stay, if that’s what you’re thinking. I mean, I have studies abroad and stuff.” you confirmed, to which he looked at you in confusion.

   "So you were never here in Seoul when I attempted to contact you? I’ve spent many nights trying to find you in places that we’ve been, hoping to see you once again.“ he spoke, his mouth wide open in disbelief that you have never told him about you studying outside the country.

   You replied, "I’m sorry for not informing you.”

   "Is that why you broke up with me?“ he suddenly dropped the question, the one he might have been dying to know the answer.

   "Honestly, yes. Me leaving the country was one of the reasons.” you nodded your head in the process, “But I know you know the main reason why I did… break up with you.”

    “Yes, I do. But i’m still hoping … that,” he trailed off, hinting what he wanted with you.

    “You know it won’t work, it’ll be just like old times.” you said.

    “But I will do everything to protect you.” he reasoned out to you, eyes glistening with hope that you’d still stay with him. “We can make this relationship private as long as you want.”

   "We can’t if we keep talking out here.“ you sarcastically replied as he quickly glanced around for anyone on the floor, he knew that the walls were soundproof enough in this apartment complex.

    Without any word, he pulled you inside their dorm, taking off his shoes that he previously worn before he found you at the door. You also took off yours before proceeding in their living room. "We can, um, sit here. Do you want any drink?” he asked.

    “Water would be fine.” you said before he went to the kitchen. Soon he went back and gave you a glass of water. “Thank you.”

    You both fell into a deep silence, but it wasn’t too long before he took the step to ask you, “D-Do you still… well,” he stammered in front of you.

    “I don’t do 'long-distance’ relationship, Hansol.” you replied, “And i’m still afraid that if we continue this, someone would just find out and I would be hated again. I don’t want that.”

    “We won’t know what would really happen unless we try, eve.” he told you, reaching for your hands to interlock it with his. You’d be lying if you still deny your feelings towards him this time, it was like falling for the first time. “Please don’t let me go. ” he desperately begged, staring intently onto your eyes.

    “I-I don’t know.” you stuttered.

    “Please stay, eve.” and he placed your hands intertwined with him towards his chest, over where his heart was beating fast as of this moment. “I love you.”

    You suddenly teared up, “I’m sorry Hansol, but I need some time, some space to think. I can’t just jump back into this relationship when i’m going to face all the criticism.” you sobbed, feeling weak at the moment. Your heart was choosing to stay with him, but somewhat your mind was thinking of the things that would happen again like before, that almost made you suffer emotionally.

   "I will do anything just to have you back again, you know. Even if quitting.“ he reasoned out, to which you shook your head.

   "You can’t sacrifice your career, come on Hansol.”

   "But to have you back would be so much better.“ he replied, his palm resting upon your cheeks as his thumbs wiped the tears away from your face. His voice cracking in the process as he tried not to break down in front of you.

    Your hands soon holds his, still intact on your face as you caress his hands with your thumb. "I would be lying if I said I don’t love you anymore, but can you give me space for awhile.” you requested. He knew the word awhile would be a long time.

    “I would wait for you, you know.” he whispered, smiling even if you won’t stay with him this time.

    You sighed, “Will you manage to wait long? What if it takes me years?”

    “Just trust me.” he reassured you, “Can I kiss you? One last time?” he shyly asked, but was still feeling depressed. You only nodded in response and soon his lips met yours, the feelings is still the same, much like how you two first fell in love with each other before; it was magical.

    But you firstly leaned away, breaking the kiss. A small smile appeared on both of your faces. It may be a bittersweet feeling but for surely both of you won’t miss that chance. “Will you promise me something?” you asked to him.

   "What is it?“

   "Be yourself again; don’t starve yourself, go interact with your hyungs, for sure they misses you. Okay?” and he nodded, still smiling.

    “I promise, eve.”

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