yes i find this very distracting

Instruction: Hold up as many fingers as drinks it takes to get you drunk

Now Steph’s phone may not have been working, causing a slight distraction for those trying to focus on the Patricks, but take a look at Matthew

Is that 1? Can we get a zoom to confirm

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that is a solid 1. You heard it here first, it only takes one alcoholic beverage to get Matthew Danger Fear Impossible Lightweight Patrick drunk

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Medieval au fluff any member plz sorry

I went with Jun! medieval AU is a broad concept so I hope you like this mess..? 😘 ♥ bullet points just because I can. 

  • right so you’re a part of the nobility and your parents work for the royals in such positions that you, along with your siblings, live in the castle
  • you’d honestly be pretty good friends with the princesses and other nobles like yourself, and generally everyone in the castle has taken a liking to you, especially the ones who have seen you grow up from a 2-year-old toddler into a gorgeous young lady
  • when you were younger you probably didn’t pay that much attention to all the people in the castle, especially those of a lower class than yours because that was how you were brought up
  • but then comes the day you’re out with two of your fellow nobles, walking in the courtyard, and see a handsome young man chopping wood
  • his hair is dark brown and a bit messy, and his upper body was toned from likely years of physical work, which you could tell all too obviously with him wearing no shirt
  • you’re barely able to hold your tongue when you’re already asking, “Who is he?”
  • one of your friends smiles at you and places a hand on your arm
  • “I think his name is Junhui? He’s a new hire, who does practically anything, I’ve heard. He may be handsome, but… that’s about all I know, my dear.”
  • you find yourself nodding, but there’s something about Junhui that really piques your interest, and it’s not just the playful look he gives you when he wipes sweat off his forehead and notices that you’re staring at him
  • while you hadn’t noticed him before that - part of it being because he was indeed new - after the first sight, you were unable to not see him
  • it felt like every time you as much as looked out of the window of the hallway, he was there, doing whatever work he could get his hands on
  • and even when you went outside, you felt like you always ended up where he was working
  • it’s not that you minded, really, but it only made it so much more difficult to ignore him
  • he’d get a lot of praise from practically everyone for his great work ethics and amicable personality, and every now and then you’d hear snippets of stories about him
  • most of the time you’d find yourself smiling a little as you listened to those, because the more you heard, the more he seemed like a good guy
  • unless it was one of the older noble ladies expressing their desire for him, which never failed to make you feel ill
  • one day you’re seated on a bench in the courtyard with a cross-stitch on your lap, trying to focus on it more than the fact that Junhui is approaching your direction with a large tub in his hands
  • however, when he’s about to pass by, you put your work down and stand up
  • “E-excuse me,” you begin, your heart beating rapidly in your chest, and it definitely doesn’t calm down when Junhui turns around and gives you a sweet smile with a playful glint in his eyes. “I was just…”
  • “Is there something you need, milady?”
  • you feel so intimidated, so exposed under his mischievous stare, but somehow manage to blurt out, “I was thinking if you could… uh, teach me about the garden sometime. I’m interested in the flowers.”
  • Junhui quirks his eyebrows and takes the smallest step closer to you. “A noblewoman who wants to learn about gardening?”
  • you give him a quick nod, at which he chuckles
  • “As you wish, milady. I’ll see you around, lady..?”
  • “Y/N,” you say quickly, your cheeks undoubtedly heating up, and force a smile
  • Junhui nods and with a quick wave, continues his way to the shore, where he’s already got a big pile of laundry to wash
  • and it’s just that much more difficult to focus on your cross-stitch when you’ve got a drenched, handsome young man like him nearby
  • it only gets worse when he takes off his shirt and your eyes just happen to be aimed at him a lot more often than on your work
  • it’s at that point that you decide to move back into the castle, so that you could both finish your work (and before your thoughts could go any further)
  • Junhui would’ve noticed approximately all of the glances you threw at him, because he was stealing some at you, too, and so when you left, you left behind a widely grinning, jolly worker who still had many hours of laundry ahead of him
  • but those hours in all honesty go by faster than he expected, because he spends most of that time thinking about you
  • one of the next days, you’d finally spot him in the garden and, without much of a second thought, join him there
  • “You really came,” Junhui says almost incredulously when he notices you, and turns to you
  • “Of course I did, I take pride in keeping my word,” you say a bit defensively, which earns you a chuckle from Junhui
  • “I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry if I upset you, milady,” he says, his voice a bit softer than earlier, and you find your heart melting just a little
  • “You didn’t,” you say hurriedly and avoid his gaze because how is it so piercing?
  • he proceeds to lead you further into the garden, and you listen in fascination as he tells you little facts about each plant and flower while tending them
  • there’s something about his voice and the way he smiles every now and then that really gets to you, and you honestly never thought you’d be as eager to hear about flowers as you are then
  • you’ve gone through maybe half of the garden when Junhui stops and turns to you, smiling
  • “Should you really be spending this much time with someone like me, milady?”
  • you blush a little and turn your attention to the flowers
  • “I don’t… see it as a problem. I like learning.”
  • he chuckles and turns to the flowers, too. “But really. A noblewoman spending hours in the garden with a worker? Do you know how many eyes are on us at this very moment?”
  • your eyes widen at that, because he has a point, and you should’ve realized it all much earlier
  • and yet there is no denying that there was something about him that has caught your interest inevitably badly, and you don’t want to simply stay away from him
  • as you remain silent, unable to say anything, Junhui chuckles and carefully cuts a rose from the bush in front of you, bright red in color
  • “This is for you. Consider it a gift of gratitude for keeping me company. It’s been a great pleasure, Lady Y/N.”
  • your eyes slowly move from the flower to Junhui’s eyes, and you’re met with an amount of warmth you were definitely not expecting
  • “T-thank you, Junhui,” you manage to say and begin to leave the garden
  • he follows you with his gaze, and the smallest of smiles plays on his lips
  • there’s definitely something about you
  • after that, the two of you spend more time together - much more than a noblewoman like you should be spending with someone like him
  • but you enjoy his company, so you defy all the judging glances
  • besides, you have assured your parents nothing would happen between the two of you, so in the end your conscience is clear, even if they still don’t approve
  • you’d often be doing your own work while he did his, and you’d talk about a bit of this and that, little by little getting to know each other
  • sometimes you discuss your lives, with Junhui sharing the hardships he’s come past and you sharing some of your experiences in the court, but sometimes you discussed something much less serious, such as court gossip or what you were looking forward to when seasons changed
  • the more you learn about him and his past, the more fondly you think of him, and the more he learns about you, the more he finds himself looking forward to being with you
  • needless to say, you’re at your most distracted whenever Junhui does something physical, because that was exactly when your eyes couldn’t help but move up and down his body, observing the way his muscles move
  • Junhui chuckles every time
  • “You might want to be a bit more subtle, milady, as flattering as your stare is.”
  • you blush furiously, and through your stammering Junhui’s only able to make out “I didn’t”, which he laughs off, because yes you did
  • your promise to your parents is on some very thin ice, because the more time you spend with Junhui, the more you wish something did happen between the two of you
  • and your heart only beats more for him at the times when you enter your room and see a bouquet of flowers on your desk, beautiful yet simple, with a note from Junhui that either had a small poem or a short message
  • even if the voice at the back of your head nags about how you’re supposed to marry well
  • it’s early spring when you join Junhui for a trip to the village
  • you take a horse, with you sitting in front of him, and it’s quite likely the most exciting yet nerve-wrecking time of your life when you practically have his arms around you
  • you buy some essentials he needs for his work, and you give in and give some money to some poor families, which Junhui observes in curiosity
  • before you leave the village, Junhui takes you between two buildings and, bolder than ever, takes a hold of your hand
  • “Junhui?” you ask, your heart hammering inside of your chest, as you look into his unreadable eyes, closer to yours than they had ever been
  • “I have a problem,” he starts, his voice sounding thick, and there’s a sad hint to his smile. “Milady, I’m afraid I feel more for you than I should.”
  • and you honestly feel like your heart stops in that very moment
  • you’re about to say that he’s not alone with that issue, but Junhui lets go of your hand and gently brings his forefinger close to your lips, not daring to touch them
  • “Don’t say anything.”
  • so you don’t say anything
  • and instead wrap your arms around him and hide your face in his chest

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So Maybe We Should Start All Over Again

You carried the last box up the steps to your new apartment when you realized your keys were in the most difficult spot possible. You tried to maneuver the box so you could grab them and ended up dropping it spilling its contents.

Just my luck. You thought to yourself. You bent down to start gathering the various picture frames and art supplies. The last paint brush had rolled over to the door across the hall. Just as you reached for it, the door opened and you were met with dress pants standing in front of you. You slowly looked up to meet a gorgeous pair of green eyes that were staring at a one of your pictures in his hand.

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Preference 3 | "I don't want to talk about it."

A/N: I’m sorry if these aren’t very good, I was having a lot of writers block for this one :( I hope they’re okay though, and I hope the requester enjoys them!!


Your boyfriend had been different ever since he returned from Mount Weather. He was quieter, less confident, more evasive. You knew what he needed was to talk about it, but every time you tried to get him to open up, it only seemed to close him off more.

“What’s on your mind?” you asked him one night, the two of you looking up at the stars from inside Camp Jaha. To you, everything seemed like it had improved. You felt safe and protected inside the camp, and you and Bellamy actually had moments like this where you could relax. There was no constant dread hanging over everyone’s heads, and many campers had been reunited with their families. But you hurt for the boy next to you and the war you knew was happening in his head.

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Writing challenge #3 Shakira "Loca" + Yoosung Can't you just imagine him being a Shakira fan?

[Yoosung has entered to the chatroom]


707: So answer my calls L

Yoosung: You are distracting me from doing my chores.


Yoosung: Yes!  

[Yoosung has left to the chatroom]

707: OH! I want to see the miracle In person.

[707 has left to the chatroom]

Seven goes to Yoosung´s department and with the keys that he ´Borrowed´ he enter the apartment very carefully without making a sound but as soon as he enters 707 can´t hear loud music “Is that the song of loca?” seven whispers. He cautiously looks for the source of that music and when he finds it.

-“puff” Seven almost laugh so hard but he covered his mouth to not make any sound

-Yoosung was ´cleaning´ but with music at maximum volume.

-707 sees that yoosung is moving his hips and humming the song while sweeping “I can´t is too much…”  seven grabs his phone and shaking (it was too funny) he records Yoosung with the camera of his phone.

-Yoosung passes from humming to singing (very loudly) “I´m crazy but you like it LOCA LOCA” yoosung grabs the broom and start to dance with it.

-“Oh this is gold” Seven says with malicious face

-“You like that it aint´t easy LOCA LOCA” and now Yoosung is using that ass that his mom gave him “I´m crazy but you like it LOCA LOCA”

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- “Crazy but you like it” seven jumps and completes the last part of the song.

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So I heard it was Voltron week

When I started Felix nearly a year ago, I NEVER thought he’d last as long as he has. Everyone knows me for being the woman who makes blogs and is constantly finding new muses. But Felix… Felix is special to me. Both as a muse and as a person. I started watching Pewdiepie back in 2012 when I was in a very bad time in my life. He really helped me get through those times. And he continues to be there when I need to smile or laugh or to distract me. Yes, I know, a lot of people are like this with their youtube idols. But it’s not only him I turn to when I need those distractions. It’s HERE. To YOU guys. You have no idea how much I love each and every single one of you and how GRATEFUL I am to have been able to be here and talk to you guys. This list took me a good while because, honestly, I wanted to include everyone. But, then it would have been a VERY, VERY long list. So I cut it down to the people who I adore and who impact my life more than they’ll ever know.

First; A note to my Bae

@shxmrxckiisms/ @orangcworld/ @goldcnbcyvav/ @squirrclking ; Honestly, you will never know how much you’ve helped me in these last few months. It’s weird because I never was the type to just, throw myself at people. But something inside me just clicked with you and your writing. And I am so glad that I decided to start talking to you more. You’re always there for me when I’ve needed someone and I will never ever forget that. You are without a doubt, my best friend. And I am so happy to have you in my life. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. <3

Best Club: AKA, the most awesome people ever.

@jacksepticisms  @mcrkiplicr @charllatan/ @chosenwars/ @starveincd @fclixx/ @kramred @gcldenfool @hxpc/ @kingxfthejungle @righteousmandownunder/ @greensepticpotato/ @fiischbachiisms @daughters-of-insanity @veniials/ @moralsofajackal @cvtiepi/ @heartycu @infelixinferno/ @magnumisms @leviaraelle @theprixrity @bvrnie @markefbach @sortamaliicious @antiscrabbles @marziapic @heartgiven @septicsass @axekickcr @silcncee @bitchspy @feargasem @mcrkiimoo @unglxckllich @sinfultriad @haeist @astralord @thegliitch @superinventor @almostlucilled @dcllfvce @dreamswithin @nctsepticeyed @apocalypsxmaidxn @erodedauthenticity/ @influencedbyfear @mxsesiiisms 

The Personal Blogs I fucking adore
     and will always follow tbh.

@socivil @areyoujelix @pewdiepievevo

Thank you all so much for all your support and love. You all mean a lot to me. And I look forward to moving into the future continuing to write with you all.

Okay so I am supposed to be working on my comic and wound up getting distracted looking at cool pictures of ostriches, as you do. So here I am, looking up cool pictures of ostriches, and I decide to look up pictures of people riding ostriches, because that’s a thing. And then I find this picture:

Ah, yes, very cool! Ostrich running very fast. Wait, but what’s this…?

OTHER cool rideable animals?? Sure, let’s check this out!

Ah yes, a wonderfully clickbait-y title. Let’s see what we have in store!

A yak? Well, okay. Not the most incredible animal, but I’ve never seen someone using one as a mount before, so let’s–


Th-that’s not a yak




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But imagine Cedric in ootp, returning from prefects meeting, where umbridge tricked prefects into drinking veritaserum. She didn't ask dangerous questions yet, but it's first time she used veritaserum on students, so it's big deal and Cedric goes to tell this to Harry. But Cedric doesn't know that veritaserum STILL works on him the entire time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  • Cedric asking anyone and everyone he could find because he needed to tell Harry.
  • He almost let some stuff slip but he had managed to resist the Potion, though he was sure with some more grilling one of the other prefects might give in.
  • He finally finds Harry and says that she knows “about everything with the D.A, but I don’t know if she knows about you yet." 

"What about me?”
“You?” Cedric says, forgetting about telling Harry about the worst part; the Veritaserum.
He gets totally distracted by Harry’s question, which he takes in a very different way to how Harry intended it;
“Well, you’re so funny, you know that? You’re good looking and an amazing seeker, and honestly I’ve wanted to snog you for two years now, and-”

  • He clamps his hand over his mouth and stares at Harry as his eyes widen. 
  • Oh god he needed to shut up right now. 
  • Harry laughs nervously and looks around thinking Cedric is trying to play a prank on him or something. 
  • All Cedric could think was When is this godforsaken potion going to wear off? If I don’t get out of here I’m going to tell him that his smirk does all kinds of things to my brain.
  • He somehow passes it off as a joke, while a confused Harry really does not get the joke, like, at all.
  • Cedric then abruptly turns on his heel and walks away and Harry doesn’t get a chance to get a word in edge ways.
  • Cedric seems confident as he walks away but if Harry could see his face he would see Cedric going bright red and muttering to himself about being an fumbling idiot, Oh my god honestly, how did you resist Umbridges questioning but the second you look at Harry’s face you go all moon eyed?
  • For the whole of Potions, his next lesson, he just berates himself and cringes as his confession.
  • He also can’t seem to control his mouth, much to the frustration of his friends:

“Pass the flobberworms Ced.”
“Sure… I’m also sure that I like Potter.”
"Oh my god, you’ve told us that at five minute intervals throughout the lesson. How much Veritaserum did the old bint use on you?”
“Too much, it’s getting bloody ridiculous…You know what else is too much?”
“Don’t you dare-”
“The amount I like Potter”
*everybody groans*

  • He slowly packs up his things groaning at the thought of facing Potter, and is the last to leave the classroom. 
  • He walks out into a quiet corridor, seriously considering skipping lunch altogether because he doesn’t think he can handle letting something slip to Harry because what if he doesn’t like him back?
  • Cedric jumps three feet in the air as he turns right down the corridor and sees Harry leaning on the wall:

“Avoiding someone?” Harry asks, totally oblivious to the fact that that someone is him.
“It’s you actually,” Cedric replies and immediately wants to hit himself.
“Oh, you’re avoiding - I’m… I guess I’ll go then?”
“No, no wait, I didn’t, I didn’t want you to go it’s just, I like you and you’re really cool and I drank Veritaserum and I don’t want to say something awkward but oh my god - I just admitted that I really like you, I’m an idiot-“

  • He is barrelled over as Harry interrupts him with a kiss.
  • After a while they stop for breath and just look at each other with huge smiles on their faces.
  • As they’re walking to the Great Hall hand in hand, Cedric thinks about the fact that the reason he had been so frantic to find Harry afterwards was probably so that he would have the confidence to tell this boy how he really felt, not because of the urgency of the situation with Umbridge.
  • Perhaps if he’d been able to wait until later, after the Potion had worn off, he may have been a little smoother and not had that little outburst. But then, he thought, if the result was kissing Harry and becoming his boyfriend, perhaps he should have told Harry a lot sooner anyways.
Distracting Accent

“Oh come on, where the hell did it go? I swear it was just here!” I mutter to myself, my accent growing thicker as the frustration increases. “Pourquoi ne pas se souvenir des choses simples!”

My head snaps over to the doorway when I hear chuckling, seeing Joe standing there.

“Qu'est-ce qui vous fait rire?” I ask him, shaking my head before remembering to switch back to English, “What are you laughing about?”

“You.” He shrugs, moving in to the room. “You’re accent gets so thick when you get angry. It’s adorable.” I glare at him before turning back to the desk to continue looking. “C’mon, Y/N. Tell me what happened, maybe I can help.”

“No, you just want to tease me some more.” I flip through some papers, letting out a string of French words that Joe knew to be a sign of frustration, which is why he let out another laugh, stopping my movements by wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I thought we talked about the whole speaking French thing, love.” He mumbles, kissing along my neck. “It’s not fair when I can’t understand what you’re saying.”

“Yeah well, if I speak English you just tease me about my accent.” I lean back into his embrace, tilting my head to the side.

“Because I love your accent. Who doesn’t love a sexy French woman?”

“Stop distracting me.” I groan, making no effort to pull away.

“Whatever do you mean?”

“Papers.” I turn in his arms to face him, placing a hand on his chest, stopping him from moving forward. “I was searching for papers from work, they’re important. I need to find them.”

“Searching isn’t nearly as fun as what we were doing though.” Joe smirks, his hand moving under my shirt.

“Ah, but if we continue to search, I’m sure I’ll get frustrated, and we know how heavy my accent can get when I’m frustrated.” I take a step back, my arms dragging down his until our hands connect. “And you were the one who just said you love my accent.”

“That is true.” Joe replies, eyes scanning my body. “But have you ever heard yourself in bed?”

I roll my eyes at his words, “Tout ce que vous voulez garçons anglais est le sexe, non?”

I watch Joe’s face scrunch up as he tries to figure out what I said, laughing slightly at this expression. Over the past few years of us dating, he had begun to pick up some French and was getting better at understand it.

“Something about English guys and sex. That’s all I got. You are very distracting when you speak French, you know that love?” I side step away from him as he moves closer, still laughing.

“Help me find my papers for work, and then maybe I’ll distract you in different ways.”

“Gods that sounds so much better in a French accent…” Joe mumbles, shaking his head. “Fine, what are the papers about?”

I explain to him what I’m searching for and he begins to help, teasing me as we go because I do grow more frustrated as our search lengthens and we have yet to find anything.

I’m standing in the kitchen, mumbling more French profanities under my breath when Joe walks in.

“I think I found them, Y/N!” He hands over a stack of papers and after I scan through them I smile and throw my arms around him.

“Je savais qu'il y avait une raison pour laquelle je vous gardais autour!” I pull back to kiss him before switching back to English. “Yes, yes! You found them. Thank you!”

“I’m fairly sure that is not what you just said, but I’ll let it slide.” He smirks, pulling my body a little closer. “Because what I’ve translated it to in my mind is so much better.

“Hmm, distracting you again am I?”

“Very. And I do believe that you owe me for finding those papers…” Joe places said papers on the counter before he starts to walk us backwards, towards the bedroom. “I think it’s time to repay me.”

Anakin Skywalker - Memory

A Jedi is quite a prize to some - and those who’ve stolen you did it so masterfully nobody noticed. Nobody, apparently, except for Yoda - but hotshot Anakin Skywalker has no time to listen to such misgivings. He’s got a whole nation of Togruta to rescue from slavery…

Warnings: Slavery, torture, kidnapping, captivity, injuries, battles, swearing.

Wordcount: 2005

Notes: I liked writing the last one, but I very much prefer to write gender-neutral even if it’s easier to make the reader female. So, we’re back to before. Also - I have never written Yoda before and I was scared to do it b/c he’s one of the best known star wars characters - like, ever - and I was afraid to screw it up. So, I hope I did okay! Also - thanks to @hunting-for-beasts for helping me out w/ Star Wars slang!

Your name: submit What is this?

Your lightsaber - so precious, a physical representation of your relationship to the Force - clatters uselessly away on the metal floor. The Zygerrians force you down to your knees; you curse out loud. So it is those nasty cats, like you’d suspected. The rate of slavery’s been going way up in the Outer Rim, so Master Yoda sent you to investigate. 

You should’ve suspected a trap. 

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how to: stay focused // personal advice

I’ve got a lot of asks questioning me about what I do to stay focused, so here it is. 

  • I don’t force anything. I put a song and start to read / write down as if I wasn’t even studying. If I keep saying to myself that I “MUST FOCUS” or “HAVE TO STOP PROCRASTINATING AND FOLLOW THIS SCHEDULE MINUTE BY MINUTE”, that does not flow. It has to be a natural thing.
  • I do not impose limits. Personally, this business of “study such thing for this long and then look at the phone for five minutes and come back” does not work at all for me. Sometimes I’m the middle of the resume, stop, check my phone, and then come back. Sometimes limits can be an obstacle. How many times were you in the middle of studying and started thinking about your notifications? Do a favor for yourself, check it quickly and then come back. (Of course, you know yourself better than I do. You know you’re going to procrastinate and get even more distracted? Then don’t check.)
  • INTEREST. Man, if you’re studying as an obligation you already fucked up. It‘s important to create an interest for learning, not only a “must remember everything for the test!!!” because, guess what? You’re gonna forget the very next day. Just think of the happiness you will feel when you finally realize that you know the subject?
  • Yes, you CAN learn it. One of the most common situations I find myself in is “giving up” on a subject because I thought “oh my god I will not learn it !!” If you stop trying, then you won’t. Research, watch video class, read the school book, whatever. Just don’t stop.
  • Different methods. Can’t concentrate on reading now? Write. Can‘t write? Research. Not feeling like searching? Watch a video class. No? Read the material and then listen to it. As I said, just don’t stop.
  • Tried it all and still can’t focus? Newsflash, you have a human body that needs to be taken care of. REST, EAT and GET HYDRATED. Did it? Now try again. 
Seeker (Quidditch!Luke)

Summary: It’s the final match of the season and you’re determined to beat the matter how dirty you have to play

Word Count: 2k

A/N: This is for @jigglypufftribe​ and @0kbutmichaelclifford​‘s Hogwarts!5sos blurb night! (Plus I had a few requests for hogwarts aus and I’m a total Luke hoe so this baby was born)

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Masterlist | Have any feedback?

Hufflepuff were never known for their stellar quidditch skills. Their team was thought to be too unorganised, not focused enough, a mess. But that all changed when you discovered your uncanny skills as seeker and joined the team during your fifth year at Hogwarts.

You’d been messing around with some friends by the lake, enjoying the sun and cramming in some revision. One thing led to another and you ended up being dared to try to ride a broom, instantly discovering a new talent.

You could ride a broomstick, and you were darn good at it.

Come sixth year, you’d tried out for the team an instantly got on, replacing the past seeker and taking your new position as a pivotal part of Hufflepuff’s team. The streak of bad luck passed, your contribution going rewarded as you helped to win many matches for your team over the year.

Fast forward another year and you’re in your seventh year. Having been appointed captain by your teammates you’d set up a vigorous training regime to ensure you won the championship.

Everything was looking up until Ravenclaw, fellow house and quidditch rivals, decided to bring out their secret weapon.

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Imagine you and your son visit Isla Nublar and you find out that your high school sweetheart is the raptors trainer

Owen Grady x Reader

Part 2 here

You had just arrived in Isla Nublar with your 6 year old son Matty. You were much more excited than him, to be honest,  he wasn’t excited, at all. But you thought it would be a great idea to clear your minds and have fun. You were recently divorced and that hadn’t been a good time for you and especially for your child.
Little Matty was holding your hand too hard. He was a little afraid and really nervous because the dinosaurs. On the way to your room, you tried to calm him.
“Hey, they informed me that the park is totally safe. And besides, I’m here, it will be all right…”
“How can you be so sure?” He looked at you hesitant.
“Because I’m your mother, I know things!” You smiled at him.
“I don’t know…”
“Well, we’ll only see what you want…the scariest can stay out of our plans. What do you say?”
“Okay, I guess is okay. We can go to…the…petting zoo?”
“Great ideia! Baby animals are awesome!” You said super happy.
After you settle in hotel room, you changed clothes and quickly went there. The Gentle Giants Petting Zoo was located by the Visitor’s Center, so you didn’t had to walk too much.
You saw a lot of tiny triceratops, they were all so cute. The zoo keepers were feeding them with shoots and leaves.
“Do they eat this everyday?” You asked.
“Yeah, and they also consume around 10kg of hay, ferns, corn…oh and even small trees.” Mary, the zoo keeper answered.
“That’s very interesting. They’re so small but already eat a lot. Can we pet him?”
“Of course, come on in!”
You pushed Matty and stood 50 cm from the triceratops. You gave a little rub under his frill.
“Do you wanna try to ride him?” You asked to Matty.
“Hmm…yeah!” He really wanted to go.
You rode the triceratops around the enclosure, it was so fun. Your son was so happy so you grabbed your camera and started filming a short video.
“Matty say hi!” He looked at your camera and started to wave. “Are you having fun?”
“Yeah, this is amaze balls!”
“Who taught you that?”
“Uncle Simon.”
“Oh, of course! Hey, tell me… where are we?”
“At the petting zoo!”
“Yeah! But this is not a regular zoo, right?”
“No, is cooler!”
“And what are we riding?”
“Baby triceratops. They’re the best.” You turned the camera to you.
“Matty is right, they’re really friendly! Oh and we are in Jurassic World! YAAAY!”
Suddenly you hear an alarm ringing, then someone talking on a loudspeaker.
“Warning, this is not a test, all the attractions are closed from now. All visitors must go to the main street as soon as possible.”
You quickly jumped off the triceratops, grabbed your little boy’s hand and followed the orders. All the people were running, you had no idea of the gravity of the situation, but you knew something was going wrong. At one point you couldn’t run anymore and stopped for a few seconds to rest. Many people were bumping into you, and from one moment to the next, Matty let out your hand. You were desperately trying to find him in the crowd. But he was too small, it was impossible.
“Matty, where are you? Baby?” You screamed, but no sign of him.
You knew you couldn’t stay still, you had to find your son. So you ran to the entrance of the control room where was a security guard there and could help you. You showed him a photo of Matty, and he told you that they would look for him. He said that you should go to a safe place, because what was coming was too dangerous. As soon as he said that, you saw in the sky a dark cloud, it looked like smoke, but it faded as they approached. It was a band of pterosaurs and they were going down, picking up everything with their large beaks that appeared in front of them. You could not think of anything else apart from your son.
Not far away, Matty was fine, but very scared. He walked away from the crowd, and was on a bumpy road. He sat there on the floor waiting for someone. After a few minutes, a man on a motorcycle passed by him, but he only noticed that Matty was there a few meters ahead. Quickly turned back.
“Hey kid, what are you doing here all alone?” That man asked in a raspy and worried voice.
“I got lost from my mom. I can’t find her.” Matty said whining.
“I’m gonna find your mom. You can go with me, I’m Owen, the raptors trainer.” Owen said smiling. He picked up Matty and put him on the motorcycle. As was only a helmet, Owen placed it on Matty’s head. While he was driving, Owen was talking to distract him.
“So, tell me, how’s your mom? Her hair, eyes…”
“She’s really beautiful. Her hair is curly and brown. Her eyes are big and green!”
“And what’s her shirt color?”
“She’s with a blue dress.”
“Oh..okay! So it will be very easy to find her! Thank you fella, your help was very important. How old are you?”
“I’m 6 and ¾.”
“Woow, very precise! And you’re enjoying the park? Is your first time here?”
“Hm kinda….Yes it’s our first time, mom really wanted to go!”
“And how about you?”
“Not really…I don’t really like dinosaurs, they are scary.”
“Whaat? For real mate? Are you afraid of them? Well that’s because you don’t know my raptors, they’re super…lovely.”
“Are you afraid of something?” Matty asked him curious.
“Nah…yes. But you have to keep it in secret, okay?”
“I hate clowns.”
“My mom hates clowns too!”
“Well, I don’t feel so bad now.I have an old friend who also was very afraid of clowns.” Owen said as he thought in his high school sweetheart. She was exactly like Matty described her mom, but it should be only a big coincidence.
“And how about your dad? He’s here too?”
“Nope…he’s working.”
“I see…We’re almost there.”
When they got there, everything was a totally chaos. There were still many pterosaurs, then Owen took Matty to the control room and left him there.
“Where’s my mom?” Matty asked tremulous.
“We’re gonna find her, I promise you. But I have to leave you here for a few minutes. I’ll come back!” Owen said and bent down to tranquilize Matty. He took off his watch from his wrist and handed it to him.
“Can you read time?” Matty nodeed. “I’m gonna give you my watch. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.” Owen said and hug him.
Owen went to get a gun and ran to the confusion. There he met Claire, who saved him from being killed by an angry pterosaurs. They fought to end it. But the worst was yet to come, because the Indominus Rex, the most dangerous dinosaur ever, had escaped.
“Oh Owen, thank God you’re okay!” Claire said and kissed Owen. Behind Claire, Owen saw a woman on her back with a blue dress and curly hair. He quickly tried go to her but a pterosaurs got in the way and he lost her of sight.
“Damn it!” Owen cursed and Claire looked at him extremely confused.
“What’s happening?” She asked.
“I found a kid lost in the woods and I promise him that I was going to find her mom.”
“Oh my…but he’s okay? Where he is?”
“In the control room, he’s perfectly fine, just a little bit scared.” Owen said looking around.
“Don’t worry Owen, I’m gonna send someone to take care of him.”
“He’s with Vivian.”
“But still… she’s working, I’m gonna talk to someone.” Claire grabbed her phone and started to make some calls.
Owen disappeared and started to search for you. You were next to a restaurant which was very destroyed. A pterosaurs tried to attack you, but you fought him. You had small injuries on your forehead and arms. But that didn’t hurt, you just felt pain in your heart. You were exhausted and just wanted your son back.
You were with your head down and hands on your knees, staring at your feet when you saw someone stoping right in front of you.
“Are you okay miss?” A male voice asked you, but you didn’t answered and not even looked at him. “Are you Matty’s mom?”
As soon as you heard your son’s name, you looked up. The sun was blinding you, but Owen saw immediately who you were.
“(Y/N)? Is that you?” He questioned gaping.

Part 1. I already wrote the part 2, but I’ll only post it in a few days. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I guess I’m losing my inspiration, I’m sorry for that. I hope you like it xx

Of Secrets and Dresses

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Riza sighed for the third time since she had left her house that afternoon and tightened her scarf around herself in an attempt to combat the cold. She glanced in all the frosty shop windows that she passed along the snow covered street and frowned. Wreaths were hanging on every door, garland lined railings and roofs, and everything in Central was merry and bright, but there was nothing merry for Hawkeye when it came to dress shopping.

The annual winter military ball was in a week and, courtesy of Fuhrer Grumman, all attendees were given the option to wear formal clothes as opposed to their dress blues. He made it clear that he wanted to see Riza in something other than her uniform. Not wanting to upset the Fuhrer, who also happened to be her grandfather, she was forced to search for a dress that would be suitable to wear to such a formal event.

But dress shopping had never been an easy task for Riza. The dress had to meet her special requirements and few actually fit the bill. If they did, they usually were not flattering. She had learned to lower her standards long ago when it came to clothes shopping and it was why she rarely shopped for new clothes, much to her best friend Rebecca’s disappointment. Many an outing was declined for reasons Riza always refused to disclose. Rebecca knew her friend was lying every time Riza made an excuse about why she couldn’t or didn’t want to go, but she was a good friend and never pushed Riza to explain herself.

There were far more elegant shops to choose from now that Riza lived in Central and it was actually the first time she had ever truly looked at them. She hadn’t ever needed anything too fancy to wear since moving, so shopping in this part of town never crossed her mind. Now that an occasion presented itself, Riza realized she had no idea where to even start.

She almost ran into someone when a particular shop caught her attention and she quickly stepped closer to the building to avoid a collision.

“Excuse me,” Riza said. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

“I noticed.”

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anonymous asked:

How do you study? I know this question is kinda vague but my final grades are not what I expected and idk how to study efficiently. tips?

Hello! Thanks for asking! There are plenty of ways to study, so I’ll give you a few of my own tips that have really helped me!

This step is really important! Writing the notes for lecture once WILL be beneficial; however, outside of class time, rewrite them up with pretty colors, definitions, graphs, pictures, tables and whatever else that will make you want to show off your wonderful revision notes. It is also equally important to revise your notes as soon as you can, before the material is pushed aside by new material. So, along with daily homework, take your notes and revise them. This is also a great way to keep them organized and all in one place so that it makes for easy study material for tests and quizzes.

…especially for definitions, dates, people and places. This makes it easier to quiz yourself on remembering certain knowledge for your tests. The flashcards do not have to be handmade either; Quizlet is great for online flashcards because you can also play fun games with the flashcards. Also, they are easy to transport, meaning that you can study your flashcards just about anywhere. Quizlet also has an app for your phone! Seriously. Studyblrs usually love Quizlet.

For long passages of text like essays and books, the easiest way to condense the information from long passages is to summarize each individual paragraph and then connect it all together. I like to do this either in the margins of the book/essay/paper if you are allowed to, or otherwise use sticky notes or a separate notebook. For each paragraph that you read, make a little note of the important ideas or SUMMARIZE. Just a simple line of summary will do; just make sure that you can easily go back and understand what is exactly happening. Then, once you have finished each chapter/the entire thing, it makes it easier to go back and create a bigger summary of the entire text. Sometimes it is difficult to understand things in huge chunks, so create it into smaller, more palatable sizes.

Ditch the highlighter, or at least try to. Sure, highlighters are great to pinpoint KEY information; but usually we overuse the highlighters until entire paragraphs are bright pink. If you NEED to use a highlighter, use it sparingly! If you absolutely cannot leave your highlighters, then focus on using them to highlight key words, people and places in the text. For example, green can be used for highlighting words that you do not know; pink can be for important people; orange can identify the settings. Try to only highlight a few words at a time, rather than long sentences with filler words. Again, keep the highlighting to the minimum.

You might have already heard of the Pomodoro Technique, where you study in 25 minute intervals. Studying without breaks for hours on end can tire you out. Instead, allot a small amount of time (25-50ish) minutes for studying then give yourself a 10 minute break. Break your homework up into smaller sections and use the number of problems you complete as your time. For example, for every 5 problems of the 20 problems you complete, you give yourself a 5 minute break. This not only gives your brain time to rest, but it helps keep you more focused on completing your tasks. REMEMBER. INTERVALS.

Even one notification from tumblr can turn into hours of scrolling through your dashboard; yes, it happens to all of us. Instead, use site blocking apps to easily control your ability to use your favorite websites. Cold Turkey is a great website for your computer, while I find that Forest (for both IPhone and Android) is great for your phone. Do not forget that video games, TV and even PEOPLE can also be a distraction. Block yourself from the world. You need to study.

A study place is very important into keeping you focused and alert. You want to find an area that is free from distractions and not too comfy and not too uncomfortable. Beds are a horrible place to study, because they are so comfortable and easy to doze off on. Sitting outside in freezing weather is also probably not a great place to study. Coffee shops, libraries, your desk and anywhere with a table is great place to make YOUR PLACE. Don’t be afraid to mix up your study area for a breath of fresh air, but your study place should be a regular.

For math and science subjects, the material has to do with having done the problems. You cannot expect to understand the material unless you go through the steps yourself. Solving as many problems as you can is the key to these subjects! Seeing the same type of problem repeatedly can help you to understand the correct way to solve it. For word problems make sure to draw pictures, tables and graphs. Don’t be afraid to draw to help you understand what exactly is happening. Repetition, repetition.

One thing I really try to do before tests is to teach the subject to someone else. It can be an unwilling friend, your parents, a pet or even an invisible class; but force yourself to “present” the material. Give examples and walk through the problems as though you are a real teacher; this makes you able to clearly understand each step in the process. Sure, this seems slightly random to do, but playing teacher for a day will help you to solve each type of problem thoroughly.

Even 6 years later I will never forget my order of operations. This is because….PEMDAS (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addiction, subtraction). Create little rhymes and jingles to things you need to memorize! How do you think catchy commercials stick in your head? Do the same thing but with your studying! Singing them to yourself will actually help you memorize things better than not!

Studying every day for a few minutes is ultimately more beneficial than one day for hours on end. This especially is true for vocabulary. Space your studying out for days upon days, rather than just one day. Even just making revisions, re-reading passages and going through vocab a bit each day will ultimately be better in the long-run. There is always time for a bit of studying- whether looking over notes at dinner or running through your vocab while brushing your teeth. A little each day.

Being able to retain information eventually also comes down to your own health not just how smart you are. Try eating healthy foods while studying like dark chocolate, fruits and nuts instead of fatty foods that will make you tired. Exercise is always good for the mind and body. It gives you plenty of energy and makes sleeping easier. Try incorporating exercise into your routine with walks and yoga. Drink tons of water!! Your body is just as important as your grades and it’s great to take care of it, too.


Requested: ReidxReader where they go on a horrible date and he just does everything wrong. He later apologizes and asks for a second chance.

Penelope assures her it will be good. And after all, Penelope has never steered her wrong before. Whether it’s fashion advice or love advice, when she speaks, Y/N has learned to listen. So when her brightly-dressed best friend insists she’s found the perfect guy to set her up on a date with, saying yes is the only logical response.

He’s a co-worker of Penelope’s. “He’s sweet,” she says. “Very smart, a bit on the shy side, but he’s got a good heart.”

Which sounds promising enough.

Until she is sitting at a restaurant alone, checking her watch and wondering if he forgot. The waiter circles back glances at the empty seat across from her – with sympathy – and she starts to worry that he’s standing her up on purpose. It wouldn’t be the first time a date ended poorly. Relationships haven’t been smooth sailing for her in the past.

She takes a few deep breaths and fixes her eyes on the door, watching people come in and out and hoping that one will be her mystery man. They were supposed to meet at 6:45. An older couple, a group of eight teenagers, a family of five, and two women all pass through the doors of the restaurant and are seated at a table that isn’t hers before three people come in at 7:19 to be seated. After a brief word with the hostess, they walk towards the tables, and she sighs, disappointed. Until one of them breaks off from the group and approaches.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” When he speaks his voice shakes just a little, and fidgets with his hands. Oh. So he’s not part of the other group at all. He’s here to meet her.

“I am. Y/N Y/L/N. You must be Spencer.” Just as she raises her hand, she remembers what Penelope told her. This man doesn’t shake hands. It’s a germ thing. So she quickly puts her hand back on the table, hoping he didn’t notice.

He looks relieved at the gesture. “Reid,” he says. “Dr. Spencer Reid. But, uh, you don’t have to call me doctor. I – I mean, you can just call me Spencer. Um, I mean… I’m really not used to this. I’m sorry. Yes. I’m Spencer. And I’m so sorry I’m so late. There was a case. I work for the FBI.”

“I know. Penny told me. You’re here now. Don’t worry about it.” Spencer smiles, but the anxiousness doesn’t fade from his face. “Would you like to sit?”

He does so gratefully. This must be that shyness Penelope mentioned. Though, she must admit, he’s rather handsome. Brown eyes, hair that’s a bit on the messy side, very tall. And those cheekbones.

“So, um, what do you do? For work?” he asks.

“Well, I studied at anthropology, but right now I work at the Museum of Natural History. I’m a curator.”

Spencer raises his eyebrows. Surprised. “That seems an odd career path. Wouldn’t you rather be involved in research or field work?”

The words carry a sting. It’s obvious of course that she would. But times are tough for humanities majors. Jobs are few and far between, and she’s lucky to find people who think first of the academic discipline and not of the extremely overpriced clothing store upon hearing the word “anthropology.”

“Yes, I very much would. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find an open position.”

The color on his cheeks nearly matches the shade on her lips. Observation is a particular skill of hers, and she can tell he’s beyond nervous. Folding and unfolding his hands, licking his lips – admittedly, she finds that a bit distracting – and stuttering as he tries to repair the conversation.

Spencer asks her about school, and they swap stories of college and grad school. He really is brilliant, with three doctorates to his name. They cover the basic topics; they both like their jobs, he’s fond of his coworkers while hers can be difficult, they both are coffee addicts, and he’s the only person she’s met who has read more books than her.

However, the discussion occasionally halts when he responds in a negative manner.

When he mentions Sherlock Holmes she says, “I’ve read every book there is. I was a little obsessed with them in high school. I was disappointed when I finished, but luckily there are a number of adaptations to fill that spot in my heart. BBC’s Sherlock is my favorite at the moment.”

And he replies, “I find that none of the adaptations measure up to the original. I don’t know why anyone bothers with the films and TV shows when there are other books to read.”

“It’s a good way to relax,” she counters. “Watching something familiar.”

“On the average day, Americans spend two hours and forty-seven minutes watching television. If we maximized productivity by using that time for more important things, imagine what we could collectively accomplish.”

It’s just a comment, another one of the statistics he rattles off from time to time, but for some reason it feels like a direct jab at her. So he doesn’t watch television and he thinks Sherlock isn’t very good. That doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed to like those things. It doesn’t make him superior. Suddenly she’s feeling very defensive. Who is he to question her? He doesn’t know her. Profilers don’t have authority on every stranger they meet.

An hour in and she’s still waiting for that “good heart” Penelope mentioned to shine through. In brief flashes he appears genuinely interested and kind, but overwhelmingly the score is not in his favor. Between inappropriate remarks, uncomfortable silences, it’s not going well. He seems aware of this fact, for his nervous habits only become more frequent. In the middle of explaining what drew him to the FBI, he gestures wildly, and knocks his drink off the table. Water spills onto the floor, and the glass shatters into tiny pieces, scattered across the wood floor. A waiter comes to clean it up, and Spencer flushes scarlet, apologizing profusely.

Hoping to distract him with something simple, she says, “The dessert menu looks nice.” Which isn’t a lie. It’s enticing, far more so than this date, which is saying something.

Spencer looks it over, and smiles. A smile looks nice on him, even a small one. “It does. You know, I’ve never been on a date where we stay for dessert.” Pitiful is the first word that comes to mind. Does that imply a lack of experience? Or simply a lack in tact and etiquette? “I think that’s my fault. I’d like to at some point, though. Stay for dessert, that is.”

“How long has it been since you went on a date?” she asks, figuring it’s best to just be direct with this man. In an unexpected response, he looks down, and she thinks she sees sadness in his eyes.

When he looks up, he says, “Unless you count an awkward meeting for coffee, it’s been two years, seven months, and nine days. It didn’t go as planned – in fact, my date didn’t even make it to dinner.”

“She stood you up?” If it was a bad experience, perhaps this explains his nerves.

“N-no. Not exactly. My girlfriend, she, uh, she was being stalked and I thought I saw her stalker in the restaurant… She was killed a month later. In front of me.” There is a rigidness in his voice. The words are rehearsed, meant to be said in a forced casual tone, as though in some way he could make them feel lighter. It doesn’t work. They hit her like the weight of the world. Even one small fact has thrown at her the burden of his baggage. This man has a past, an unbearably heavy one.

This date has taken a turn for the uncomfortable. “I’m sorry to hear that.”

“She was very different from you.”

Anthropologists are by definition, observers. What she observes is that this date is going very poorly. Being compared to the dead girlfriend of a man with very little social skills? It’s a disaster. Which means it is time to flee the scene.

“Look, Spencer, I’m really sorry to do this, but I don’t think this is going to work out. Penny spoke very highly of you, but clearly we’re not compatible.” Digging through her bag, she scrounges up twenty-five dollars and sets it on the table. “It was nice to meet you. I hope you find someone who can stay for dessert someday. Bye.”

With that she grabs her things, and walks out of the restaurant without looking back. Her luck with relationships is apparently unlikely to change. Some things are constant in this world. In that, she can take comfort at least. She knows Penelope will be disappointed, but even the self-declared Queen of Matchmaking misses the mark sometimes. In her heart of hearts, she’s the slightest bit disappointed as well. After the nightmare that was her last relationship, she’d had really been hoping to find someone nice.

Spencer was probably nice, under the right circumstances. Smart and sweet, as promised. Far more awkward than anticipated. And judgmental. And not to mention, carrying baggage and grief that was too heavy to introduce on a first date. A murdered girlfriend? That’s something she isn’t prepared to deal with. It’s best to leave it alone. Forget about him, and his bright eyes and lanky limbs.

The single life isn’t that bad, she ells herself. It was cheaper and quieter. It gave her more time to work and to read. To utilize those two hours and forty-seven minutes in a more productive manner. Who even knew things like that?

After careful consideration over a glass of wine, she resigns herself to a life of spinster-dom and cats, living happily among her little library of books and British television shows.

Until that Monday, on her lunch break. Break time is her opportunity to spend time in her own little sanctuary, a tiny set of stairs tucked away on the side of building. Trees grow around it, sheltering it from most of the public eye. Weather permitting, she always takes her breaks out here, with a paper bag lunch and a book. It’s the perfect place to be alone.

Except she finds she isn’t.

Spencer Reid is sitting there. Either the universe is intent on creating cruel coincidences, or he’s there for her.

“Y/N,” he says. “I was looking for you. Garcia said I could find you here.” The latter it is. He is there to see her.

“Sorry, can I help you with something?” She doesn’t mean to sound callous, but it does come out that way. The last thing she wants on her break time is to relive a bad date.

Spencer stands, putting his hands in his pockets. The anxiousness he carries today is a different kind. Less jumpy. “I’d like to apologize for our date on Friday; and I was hoping for the opportunity to explain myself. If you’ll let me, that is.”

Y/N crosses her arms, holding tight to her paper sack. “Okay.”

For a second he looks startled, as though he hadn’t actually expected her to agree to his request. The doctor quickly composes himself. “I was nervous. Really nervous.” That much she knows. “The case we were on was a tough one, and it didn’t end well. I was already stressed when I met you, and I’d been even more nervous because Garcia had so many good things to say about you. Even before I met you, you seemed incredible.”

This Spencer Reid is eloquent, precise. She’s intrigued.

“I struggle with social cues to begin with. I’ve always been different, and when you’re a child prodigy you don’t really learn how to interact with people very well. I can’t read social situations the way most people can, and after the case I was tired and I was anxious and for me that’s not a combination. Then I saw you, and you were even more beautiful than Garcia told me. You have the most lovely smile. I know I messed up. I know I shouldn’t have said most of what I did say, and I’m sorry if I offended you. I didn’t mean to. And as for Maeve – for my previous girlfriend, I shouldn’t have brought it up on a first date. That’s something heavy, and I shouldn’t have put that weight on you so suddenly.”

Definitely more eloquent. His candor makes her blush. No one has ever been this straightforward with her, and the fact that he’s come all this way to the museum just for her is a wonderful gesture. Still…

“It’s okay, I get it. You’re still mourning her.” If he is in love with a ghost, there is nothing she can do. Time and space are the only ways to heal from a wound that deep. A broken heart is something she cannot remedy.

“Yes, but that’s not what I came here to say. I know that I made you uncomfortable by saying that you were different from Maeve. I didn’t mean it as a comparison or as an insult. Just as an observation. You were present, and real, and so passionate about everything you said. You were… you are alive. And I don’t mean that you’re living, but rather that your persona – your spirit – it’s bright. Alive. I like that. I – I like you. I know that I ruined that date, and I understand if you don’t want me to see you again, but I’d really like the chance to make it up to you.”

Her grip on the paper sack tightens. “Are you asking me out?”

Spencer swallows hard, but manages to nod. “I am. I’m asking for a second chance at a first date. Only if you want to though.”

Observe. That’s what she does best. Notice people and the stories they tell. Before her is a man who has asked her best friend where to find her, and come all the way to apologize for any unintended offense and to offer to make it up to her. It is sweet. She’d be lying if she said it wasn’t a little moving. Dinner was a disaster last time, but maybe the stars just weren’t aligned for them that night. First dates rarely go as smoothly as they do in books and in movies.

He has a broken heart. But he’s offering it to her.

“Okay,” she says.

“Okay?” The bewilderment in his expression is plain. Braced for rejection, her acceptance has taken him by surprise.

“Okay,” she laughs. “I’ll give you a second chance.”

Confusion transforms into a grin, one that puts his previous small smiles to shame. Happiness really does look good on him.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

She hopes Penelope is right about him. She wants Penelope to be right about him. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll be someone worth staying for.

“Surprise” // Cody Christian

Originally posted by uncommon-land

Request:  “ i was thinking of cody christian where  the reader surprises him on set bc its like a special occasion for them and cody totally forgot about it”

A/N: Sorry I took like a week to actually start writing this but I hope you enjoy :)

 Requests are open

You made your way out of your car and walked into the set, ready to surprise Cody. Because of your constantly busy schedule and him being far from your shared apartment because of work, the two of you hadn’t seen each other in nearly two months and it killed him not being able to wake up beside you every morning.

“Posey” you half whispered, in case Cody was near.

Tyler turned and smiled upon seeing you. Before you and Cody were together you were close friends with Tyler, who, with the help of Dylan, set the two of you up causing today to be the one year anniversary of your relationship with Cody.

He walked his way to you and pulled you in for a hug. “Why didn’t you tell us you were here?”

“I wanted to surprise you” He looked at you doubtfully, “Okay, fine, I didn’t tell you because I know how terrible of a liar you and Dylan are so I know you would tell Cody almost immediately and essentially ruin my whole little surprise”

“I see” He playfully pretended to be offended by your comment, putting his hand over his chest where his heart was. You laughed in response. You had missed him.

“Wait, isn’t today your one year anniversary?” he asked,

“As it happens, yes”

“You can thank me later, I mean, I am the reason why you guys are together, and if it weren’t for me you’d probably be at home right now finishing a tub of ice cream and binge watching Pretty Little Liars, which you claim to be a terrible show yet you’ve watched every episode at least twice”

“One: Pretty Little Liars is a terrible show. Especially season 6. Two: Yes, Tyler, oh thank you so very much for being such a genius as to introduce me to Cody, really, I don’t know where I’d be without you”

“You’re welcome, now can we go find Cody?”

Cody was sitting on a table, talking to both Dylans and Holland. His back was turned to you so he had no idea you were approaching, whereas Holland could clearly see you and did her best to keep quiet and try to distract him from looking back by continuing the conversation.

Suddenly, you wrapped your arms around him and whispered hey softly against his ear. Cody turned to face you and grabbed you by the waist before kissing you for the first time in two months.

After pulling away, he spoke “What are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to be in London for the next week, and then France”

You gave him a gentle smile “I was but I decided to take a break to see you since you know, today’s kind of a special occasion”

He looked slightly confused by what you said. “What?”

You chuckled lightly, “Our one year anniversary, it’s today Cody. Did you forget?”

He frowned and looked at you apologetically

You moved your hands to the back of his neck and planted a small peck on his cheek, “It’s okay, you’re always so busy I can understand how you would forget something like this

“I know princess, it’s just that I feel like such a bad boyfriend”

“I said it’s fine. Again, you’re always really busy –“

“That’s precisely why I feel like such a bad boyfriend. I’m never there for you. I never get to comfort you when you’re feeling down and we’re never together anymore”

“It’s not entirely your fault. I have a busy life as well. But I’m staying here for the next week so…”

He smirked at that and kissed you again, more passionately this time “Well then I suggest we leave now” he whispered softly so only you could hear “Don’t want to miss a single minute where I could be with you”

She opened the door to find an odd man on her step. He seemed somehow harassed and very distracted.

 It would take slightly more than that to rate as a remarkable sight in the scale of her experience. She glanced over him. Quite tall, very slender, he had an absolute abundance of curly grey hair and sharp, grey-blue eyes which widened enormously when he caught sight of her.

 She tilted her head curiously. “Yes?”

 “Barbara?” he said, more than a little cautiously, his eyebrows rising precipitously and then crashing down into a profound frown of concentration. “Or, should I say- I should- it’s Mrs Chesterfield now, is it?”

 Barbara clutched the door where she’d been holding it open, her legs suddenly a trifle unsteady beneath her weight. “Doctor?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 “Scottish? Really?” she noted by way of gentle question as she handed him his tea and took up a chair across from the sofa where he’d deposited himself in an awkward sprawl of shockingly long limbs.

 He blew a short puff of air between his lips, utterly dismissive. “Certainly. Why not?”

 Barbara smiled into her cup, her grandmother’s china wide enough to mask all but the most wolfish socially inappropriate grin. “I wouldn’t have thought it of you, Doctor. That’s all.”

 He fluttered his spidery fingers at her. “I’ve had it before. Always enjoyed it. Some very amusing vowels.”

 An acute fondness for him threatened her with nostalgic tears and she dropped her eyes away from his. There were things about him almost the same, she thought wistfully, almost just the same. His hands were longer, narrower- just like the rest of him- but the fine bones, the flustered gestures, the elegance: these were deeply familiar. The way he pursed his lips, the way he held his saucer with an air of carelessness and yet delicate propriety.

 He was wearing tartan trousers and a good coat, she’d noticed- very familiar- but the effect was rendered completely wrong by the black hoodie and thin black jumper underneath. Count upon the Doctor to dress both up and down at the same time. He’d always been singularly contrary.

 “I have missed you,” she said.