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Friend Like Me
Original Cast Recording
Friend Like Me

365 Showtunes DAY 223: ALADDIN - Friend Like Me

I don’t even know what to say right now.

Today’s song is dedicated to a defining actor of my - our - generation, who succumbed today to his mental illness. Robin Williams had such an impact on me growing up, beloved through his many roles. I’ve seen posts on Facebook and Twitter and here, on Tumblr, of “oh captain my captain,” of references to Hook and Flubber and Jumanji, of the screencap of Aladdin and the Genie’s final hug in the Disney classic. And my heart has broken at each one of those. 

Robin Williams was on Broadway, yes, but never in a musical. Which meant that, in theory, I could have ignored this. I could have posted the song I was planning on posting and moved on. But as a testament to him and his astonishing career, I couldn’t not say anything. 

I thought about posting something sad, a song from a show about a death. It took me far longer than it should have to realize I could do this. I could post a song made famous by him, but sung by someone else (and someone who won a Tony for it), to leave us with the realization that the world keeps turning. That even when inspirations leave us, they’re never truly gone. 

Rest in peace, Robin. You will be missed by those closest to you, by those that loved you for you or for the roles you made iconic, and by generations of children to come whom you will continue to enchant.

dravanian  asked:

I FUCKIN TOLD YA MAN, the good thing out of this though was seeing Sephiroth characterization like that. I mean seeing the emotion animated like that was REALLY well done for him. It made me appreciate him more as a character honestly


but yes, you’re absolutely right. every Sephiroth scene has been an absolute gift i mean look at this shit

the Trembling Hands of Existential Dread

the Sephiroth School of Drama and Mascara Application Stage Shove (Level 2)



i love this man