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It’s gotten to the point where I literally cannot read a mainstream media’s article about The 100….. They REFUSE to not oversimplify the show I feel like it’s a fucking soap with the “Bellamy has always been the ‘bad boy’” or like “Clarke: heartbroken over Lost Love!” or like “Octavia, a total badass with a sword and heart of gold” and “Can Bellamy even be redeemed?? (Pike did shoot Octavia’s Grounder Love after all!!)” or like “Murphy, the sassy amoral white guy, is such an original character! Ten Reasons Why He’s Better Than Bellamy” Like…… Do these people even…watch the show????

speaking of bootlegs, i’m lowkey intimidated because a raúl fan contacted me earlier to trade, and she went to closing night of taboo, as well as two performances of company, and is still following raúl now. girl been at it for at least thirteen years and did stuff we talk about inventing time machines for.

i! feel! so! good!

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In general, tumblr is the least toxic platform and I hope ppl like IGmers don't ruin our sacred LGBT heaven 😂

Yes same here. I feel safe on here. I feel like I actually belong for once and I feel like I have freedom to be myself. So they better not fuck that up for us.


Over and Done

Tess: This was really the best suggestion Kael, I don’t know the last time that I skinny dipped. It’s quite freeing.

Kael: Yes, I can imagine.

Tess: Feel free to strip if you want to, it’ll be unfair of me to be free as a bird while you’re all constricted and constrained in your shorts.

Kael: Are you flirting with me Tess?

Tess: And if I am?

Kael: What about your partners?

Tess: That’s all over with. Completely and absolutely.

Kael: With both….of them?

Tess:Thornton is..was the one holding us all together and since it’s over between us, it’s over with the both of them.

@mayalaen Yes that’s how I feel! I’m actually pretty shy, in real life and online, so approaching people in either circumstances makes me run and hide under my bed. But, once someone approaches me, I’m in their face and won’t shut up about how awesome they are and how much I love them it’s just a sickness
(Also ps know that I followed you because of your incredible writing and your blog is just so beautiful and your posts a+ I just needed to throw that out there ^^)

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whatever bad tea you have on camren I just wanna know can it actually be solved :( or is it just too bad and getting worse :'(

Yes I feel it can be solved

Scorpius, at Albus’ house: Your mom seems really nice!
Albus: Yeah, she was wondering if you’d like to stay for dinner?
Lily Luna, from the other room: WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER

Ladynoir being really close physically and emotionally without romantic subplot is something I would die for