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So it took a while for this one but here is another Jenny’s Witchy How-To! Last time was Self Love Rose Soy Milk Tea, check it out HERE!

Based on the voting poll I did a while back on my Twitter, the top requested How-To was for a bath mix! <3

So because things have been crazy & stressful I want to remind everyone that it’s important to take a break from time to time and let go of the things that might be a little too heavy right now. Stop, breathe deep and take a moment to live in the moment & clear your mind! It’s ok to treat yourself, it’s ok to stop and relax!

Before you continue, please be aware of any allergies you might have! Always play it safe and read labels! This is just my personal blend but please feel free to substitute things to suit your needs! If you are unsure of something, a quick google search for alternatives should help! <3

Things You Will Need:

-Epsom Salt: Epsom Salt is great for relaxing muscles and soothing any tension you may be carrying. If you choose to use salt’s that are scented, be aware that the mingling smells combined with the oils and incense might effect the overall scent of your bath! Approx 1 cup

-Himalayan Salt: Salt in general is great for cleansing & purification, himalayan salt has the added bonus of self love & positivity! Just a small pile in about the palm of your hand should do.

-Lavender Essential Oil: Much like the rest of the ingredients, you don’t have to use this sent, I say lavender for a couple reasons: it’s a scent that is perfect for calm soothing relaxation, this oil is safe for skin contact, and it’s my preferred scent, hah! Please make sure whatever oil you use is safe for skin! Approx 5 drops.

-Dry Lavender: Now when I say dry lavender, I’m really saying any safe herb or flower you choose, hah! These can be dry or fresh! Again lavender is known for it’s relaxation benefits but feel free to look up herbs online or try some of these other relaxing herbs:
-chamomile -rosemary

-green tea -mint

-lemon balm -rose

-Small Bag/ Cheesecloth: So this part is optional for anyone who does not want the salts & flowers floating openly in the bath water. You are essentially going to be making a bath teabag using either a small loose fabric bag, cheese cloth or even a coffee filter will work! You are going to be putting everything but the oil in this and tying the top tightly closed so nothing spills out!

-Candles: If you have the counter space (that’s safe for it) I highly recommend candles! Putting out 3-4 small candles always helps me get into a more magical state of mind!

-Incense: If you like, try lighting your fave incense while you soak!

-Crystals: And heck yes you should put out some crystals to help raise your vibration to a positive level! You can have them set out nearby the tub OR if you know they will be ok in salt water you can add them into your bath with you! Remember to look up the properties of crystals before adding them into the water! I personally like to use tumbled amethyst, clear quartz and rose quartz stones which help with clarity of mind, positivity and self love!

-Drinking Water: Yes, drinking water! I always find myself getting dehydrated when I take these baths, not just because it’s hot & steamy but also because of the salts which can dehydrate you! I like to make an ice cold water with cucumber, blueberries and a little lemon!

And lastly, feel free to put your phone somewhere safe and play some meditation music!

Now that you have your items gathered up & you are ready to turn on the bath water take a moment to stop and breathe deeply. Imagine that all the thoughts, feelings and vibrations that are weighing you down or stressing you out are large stones in your arms. They are heavy but they are not serving your highest good. Remind yourself, “I no longer need these and they no longer weigh me down” and visualize yourself letting go of these stones. As you do this breathe deeply exhaling as you let go of the troubles from yesterday. Once you have let go of these troubles remind yourself “I allow myself to relax free of worry and free of fear”


Turn on your meditation music, light your candles and start your incense! Start filling your tub with hot/warm water, if you put your ingredients in a bag submerge and let the bag soak as the bath fills. If you choose to do the ingredients loose; as the bath fills add your salts and oils stirring them into the bath with your hand in a clockwise motion. Once the tub has filled add your crystals and herbs. Imagine that the crystals combined with the salts and herbs have made the water a bright glowing water of positivity and relaxation. As you step into these bright waters imagine it dissolving away any stress, worry, fear, anxiety, anything at all. Breathe deeply and say some positive affirmations! These can be anything from “I wash away the troubles of yesterday” to “I am at peace” or anything in particular that you feel is best for you! Once you have finished, make sure you compost all herbs and never let them go down the drain!

I hope you all enjoyed this relaxing bath & that you are all filled with positive energies as well as being in a calmer state of mind!

Much love <3

iliad characters as rupaul's drag race quotes
  • agamemnon: i am trying to bring attention to one of my favourite causes which is me
  • achilles: the hardest part of this challenge was not telling everyone else that i was going to win
  • odysseus: the dog is looking at me like “get me the fuck out of here”, i’m looking at the dog like “get ME the fuck out of here”
  • helen: i don’t have a sugar daddy. i’ve never had a sugar daddy. if i wanted a sugar daddy, yes, i probably could go out and get one because i am what? SICKENING
  • patroclus: i feel sexy in anything, even a body bag
  • paris: my mom sent me to military school in the hopes that she'd get a little soldier. needless to say, she got a drag queen.
  • hector: just fyi for all you girls up there, i don't want to hear any goddamn excuses. be prepared! make it work! make it work! fucking make it happen! i don't want to hear any GODDAMN EXCUSES any more!
  • andromache: "i'll win for you." ohhh, that's sweet. he's not going to win.
  • nestor: i'm just under three hundred years old, i know some things
  • (not-technically-iliad bonus round) eris: i just honestly thought y'all were all boring and i was trying to turn the party
instant gratification (m)

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fuccboii jk x cheerleader! reader ft sex in an instant photobooth

7k, smut

WARNING: this is just pure smut no plot whatsoever lmao and it’s filthy as hell read at ur own risk

11.57am [Jeon Jeongguk]: Quad. Now.

The brevity of his text should annoy you, but it only ignites a desire that burns insistently till it’s quenched. With your screen brightness turned down this low, it should be hard for anyone but you to decipher the words on your screen, but you still jump in surprise and guilt when your roommate, Sejong taps you on the shoulder.

“Hey, don’t forget practice is at 12.30pm today, don’t be late!! Coach already seemed near the end of her rope the last time and the team sure as hell doesn’t need her cracking down any harder. Got it?” Sejong might be your dearest roommate, but as captain of the cheer team she definitely takes her duties very seriously.

Swallowing back nervous laughter, you attempt to flash her an easy smile. “Yes, I promise I’ll be there on time!! It won’t happen anymore, I swear.”

You quickly stash away your phone in your bag and finish adjusting your knee socks before standing and bidding her a hasty goodbye.

“Wait, you’re leaving now? There’s still like half an hour before we start!” Sejong narrows her eyes at you just as your hand lands upon the door handle. Even facing away from her you can feel her scrutinising gaze on your back, and your urgency to leave the room increases.

“Uhh… yeah, you said my splits needed some work last time right? I think I’m gonna go in early and get some practice in.” To your own ears your excuse sounds flimsy and coupled with the slight tremor in your voice, you’re almost definitely sure that Sejong will call you out.

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listening to the adventure zone for the first time. I realized at ep. 21 that I wanted to compile some of my favourite qoutes (not just from characters). so here’s that (in no particular order. not even in order of appearance):

  • “abraca-fuck you”
  • “i’m really getting this cleric shit aren’t i”
  • “I’m not a nerd so I don’t know-” “we’re on a D&D PODCAST”
  • “let me tell you the story of the time an orc punched me so hard I almost died”
  • after griffin has been complimented for the quality of the campaign. “let’s wait and see how it ends, though, ‘cause lost seemed pretty good too”
  • “no i’m a flesh boy”
  • “i just don’t understand why me understanding the basic rules of dungeons and dragons is like an unfit way to spend our time”
  • every time taako mocked jenkins not using spell slots
  • “I have a beating heart! i’m- i’m multidimensional! i’m a fully realized creation. Fuck.”
  • let me promise you one thing- are we out of the zone of truth?” “yeah you’re long out of it” “everything’s going to be fine”
  • “my names not jerry its…. jereeeeee”
  • barabra telling taako (as jerry) he’ll walk him to the bathroom
  • “the second ruffian-” “give them names” “c-craig…ory?”
  • “magnus’ quest for vengeance just… ends” “and OURS BEGINS”
  • “there’s no vine you’ll never be able to not fuck”
  • “let’s try that again, and you say yes to my fucking bit”
  • “hot diggity shit, this is a baller cookie”
  • the entire section where they kept talking when mushrooms were giving off spores at the sound of their voices and kept having to roll constitution saving throws.
  • “that is your last thought as a two armed man”
  • everything starting with justin going “i’m going to cast a spell called eldrics black tentacles” and ending with “MY NAMES KRAVITZ”
  • ^side note: kravitz why did you actually give him your name when that was what he was asking
  • kravtiz “what the fuck is wrong with the three of you” when taako eats that crystal piece
  • unrelated to the above event  “oh no it’s a vore thing!”
  • “tell julia i said i love her”
  • “how’s elvis?” “…still alive”
  • “it sounds like you’ve given me an even better lesson- a new mystery to solve!” “oh fuck”
  • “blizzard can you get off my nuts for a second!”
  • “it’s seventh level……necromancy” *slightly distant, loud laughter*
  • “what was the last thing you said?” “i said i love you jules”
  • but it’s not… what julia would want. so i’m gonna have to pass”
  • the entire section where justin is being given the left or right choice and everyone is losing it bc he was literally told earlier in the arc
  • “this figure in the red robe… is you”
  • the entire section of taako convincing garfield to sell the sword to him for a useless item. (especially griffins “oh my god”s when he realizes what’s going on, and a quieter one a few seconds later)
  • “[….] he just looks like a smaller taako” “griffin- a taquito?”
  • “i’m gonna say the pocket workshop can only sustain 2 boys at once though, because i don’t want you to have an infinite bag of boys that you can just put boys inside”
  • “welcome… to the monster factory!” *laughter*
  • “flipping off is a free action”
  • griffin describing taako transforming, before saying “and turns into… a tyrannosaurus rex”
  • “i’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck”
  • “okay… you pee while holding two flame throwers”
  • “listen… light them the fuck up”
  • huh… i feel sad.  and he kills you”
  • “our capacity for love increases with every person we cross paths with throughout our lives and with each moment we spend with those people. ”
  • “it delighted in your company, magnus, and it still does.”
  • “today is going to be one of those memories”
  • “if she were to look under the table, she would see that his legs are visibly trembling in absolute panic”
  • “you are home… here… in cycle 99″
  • “sometimes there aren’t right decisions sometimes there are just… decisions.”
  • “when someone leaves your life, those exits are not made equal” (and on)
  • “this is it…. this is it”
  • .”Those are the arms that have held my wife”
  • “i have nothing, and i don’t give a shit. the world is ending, and i don’t care”
  • “hell yeah, dungeons and dragons is back”
  • “no i’m gonna leave all that in” “no griffin no”
  • “should i talk slower so everyone who’s been complaining about us not playing d&d has time to nut?”
  • “You’re dating the grim reaper?!” 
  • “i’ve got magic powers.” “was that supposed to be some big reveal?” (and on)
  • “it’s upsy… your lifting friend” *laughter*
  • “i’m a wizard, my name is taako, and i’m pretty- well- fucked”
  • “no dogs on the moon”
  • “i’ll take one taco, with extra destiny” *laughter* “yeah, fuck it, i’ll teach taako how to make a taco”
  • “thanks for not ripping my arms off, magnus”
  • “whats up ghost rider”
  • “it says thanks for reuniting it with it’s kids […] and it says, you’re even”
  • the entire section of  “and __ walks over to __” during ep 68
  • “but that stops here”
  • “hear that babe? we’re legends”
  • “and then… you see john smile”
  • “i’m allowed to ask the dm one question, and he has to answer honestly” “alright go” “did you have fun doing the adventure?” “yes” “okay!”
  • “you know the best part of the fantasy costco? free samples”
  • “much like the best science on earth, you’re double blind”
  • “i reach into my fucking bag and grab my immovable rod. i’m not going fucking anywhere”
  • “you hear a voice through this rift say, you’re going to be amazing
  • “and then… light”
  • “Johann was right! We won!”
  • “i know about the silverware”
  • “sorry, so you want to be earl merle?”
  • “not just because you saved the world, but, because i know how hard you’re trying”
  • “we see you one last time, as… magnus rushes in”
  • magnus’ entire speech to carey
  • “that was the world you made, that was the ending you earned”
  • “the story of four idiots who played d&d so hard they made themselves cry”

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Based on a post that @catsforartists made!


When Amanda woke up, she decided to crawl out of bed to get a bowl of cereal. And eat it on the couch, of course.

“Ain’t nothing beat couch cereal.” She declared to the empty room and dug into her delicious and dangerously sugary cereal.

Almost immediately after taking a bite out of her cereal, she heard footsteps coming from her dad’s room, but, when she glanced up, she saw Damien walking by her.

“Good morning, Amanda dear.” Damien greeted.

“Mornin.” Amanda responded. She KNEW it. Her dad and Damien had been getting pretty close, so it wasn’t a completely wild assumption that they would start dating. And, of course, the footsteps she heard must be…

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Human Cuisine Vs Aliens

From a bit in Voltron: Legendary Defenders and other sources, what if humans are weird in being the only species to have created cuisine.

Not just roasting and/or cooling food, but baking, sauteing, deep frying, etc. are wholly unique to humanity. we don’t slap a full potato on cow meat and call it good, no, we mash and grind that potato to a fine paste, add condensed cow milk (butter) and other small spices…


But yeah, we take a specific part of cow to selectively heat in so many variety that we have a list of options for that, so that we can specifically enjoy that part of cow.

Peas are simple somewhat, we just need to choose whether or not we want them in their pod or not. But then again, humans are weird and can prepare even the basic pea with our witchcraft cooking.

So imagine if the first time a human visits even an alien ship for food after basic relation have begun and we come to a casual meal and we find what we consider ration food handed to us.

“Oh, I’m sorry to intrude Salir.” John apologized.

“Why is that John?” Salir had learned a first name basis was a sign of comfort among humans.

“You just seem to be short on food right now is all.” John hesitantly smiled, confusing Salir a bit.

“Not at all, we have plenty more, though I thought we would have a small meal.”

“Small?!” John seemed to be outraged. “This is naught but a freeze dried steak and a hand-full of carrot bits!”

Salir processed the analogs of their meal to human food sources. “Yes, that would be an ample meal.”

“Oh no man, I may not be any chef, but even I can do better than this.” John stood to move to his bag. “Get me a pan and a fire, you’re lucky I carry some spices around for something like this.”

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"I bought you a cat" Bucky

I gotta admit, I died laughing when I saw this.

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Bucky stared back and forth between you and the small plastic crate. He squinted his eyes and tilted his head in confusion.

“Why?” He asked blinking at you.

“I went to a shelter today to do some volunteer work and I met this little guy and he reminded me of you so I got him for you.” You smiled at him.

“A cat, reminded you of me?” He tilted his head the other direction.

“Yes, he’s anti-social just like you. You guys should get along great. I even bought you a litter box and toys!” You held up the plastic bag in your other hand.

You set the crate down and opened the door so Bucky’s new little furry friend could explore the room. He poked his little black head out and looked around before gingerly stepping one paw outside then darting under Bucky’s bed.

“See, he’s already making himself at home!” You took out the supplies and set everything up as Bucky just continued to stare at you. “Have fun you guys!”

- One Week Later -

“How’s the cat?” You looked at Bucky from across the counter before taking a sip of your coffee.

“His name is Sam.” He didn’t bother looking up at you.

“Why?” You tried to hold back a giggle.

“Because he’s an asshole.” Bucky replied.

Nat spit out her coffee all over Steve as you died laughing. Sam threw his hands in the air, clearly offended by Bucky’s statement. Bucky nonchalantly cleaned up his plate throwing it in the sink before walking off to his room, Sam right on his heels.

“That’s not cool man! You can’t do shit like that!” Sam yelled.

“I’m gonna train him to hunt Red Wing next!” That was the last thing you heard before Bucky’s bedroom door slammed shut.


Peter Parker - Confessions

i thought this was super cute and i hope you guys enjoy it!! 

warnings: kissing and  swearing

word count: 2002

requests are open:))!!

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sitting in science last period i was trying to keep myself from falling asleep. i could feel my eyes slowly begin to shut as my head was resting on the palm of my hand. peter nudged me as my eyes began to shut completely. i jumped slightly then kicked him under the table, mouthing a few curse words his way. i could see his body vibrating with laughter as my angry face turned to look at the board.


the bell sounded and the whole classroom came to life, majority practicality running out of the class. i grabbed my things and followed peter and ned out of the class, we stopped at my locker first i began placing my things back in my locker and grabbed my back pack.

“movie night?” i asked peter a small smile forming on my face once i saw his reaction. his face lit up as a large smile was placed on his face, he nodded his head excitedly as we began making our way to his locker. along the way we lost ned in the crowd of people. peters smile was still on his face when we arrived at his locker.

i love his smile

peter looked at me for a second, his face turned a bright shade of pink and his lips began to twitch up at the ends. “what?” he questioned as he pulled his bag from his locker. “did i say something?” i played dumb with him, i was not going to admit to my best friend of 5 years that i was madly in love with him while he spent all of his time looking at liz completely oblivious to how i feel.

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♧: andreil ;))

  • ♧: One character playing with the other’s hair

taken from this list if anyone wants to send me one :)

It’s Kevin’s fault, really.

It’s Kevin who walks past Andrew in the locker-room one day and makes a remark that his hair’s getting a little long and he should really think about getting it cut, and thus launching the ‘how long can Andrew go without getting his hair cut purely out of spite’ debacle.

It’s not even like Kevin was trying to issue a challenge, but inadvertent as it may have been, he has.

Of course it’s barely noticeable at first. Hair’s funny that way; it’ll look the same for ages and then all of a sudden, one day, it’s grown

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Is there a bag of mix gummy fazbears? Because I think all the Bear Animatronics are all true gummy bears in the world! :D


Unusual Ingredients For Love Spells

I find myself getting tired of using the same ingredients for spells over and over. Of course, these staple items have been used so frequently by various people and traditions for a reason, sometimes I think it’s just fun and helpful to grow your practice by changing it up. So, here are some things I have used in works that aren’t typical in love magick. 

1) Strawberry Leaves- I find these especially helpful in spells that are trying to attract NEW love to a person. Strawberries are associated with love, playfulness, and innocence and although you may be trying to cultivate a romantic/sexual relationship, the foundation of long-lasting relationships is friendship, which strawberry leaves are great for!

2) Kool-Aid- Yes, I actually mean Kool-Aid. In love spells flavors to be used could be cherry, strawberry, or even pink lemonade. Similar to strawberries Kool-AId is associated with innocence and childlike love. If you are interested in drawing a partner to you that is playful and able to laugh at themselves this could be a great thing to sprinkle onto your candles or put in your mojo/spell bags. It also could be used like I mentioned before to ground a relationship in friendship and childlike purity.

3) Cotton Candy- Need to sweeten someone up? Cotton candy will do it for you. Using this in a work could be as complex as melting it down and using the syrup for various bottle/jar spells, or even as simple as putting it on your tongue, letting it melt, and commanding someone to be sweet to you. This could be used for new love, rekindling love, or even just keeping someone around.

4) Maraschino Cherries- These things are super sweet so using the cherry or the syrup could be used to sweeten someone or something to be swayed in your favor. Cherries are also associated with sexual desire and could be used in spells associated with that.

5) Chili Peppers- Use this one with extreme caution. I would not personally advise anyone to use these when doing one for new love but they definitely could be used to speed something up, or spice up a relationship if things are getting dull.

“New Kind of Love” Part 2

                                       ❝Face the Facts❞

Summary: (Modern Day AU) Bucky Barnes is just another frat boy, with great looks to serve and a carefree vibe. And you’re just another good girl, with good grades and pastel pink vibes. How could two people be so different, yet perfect for each other?

Prompt: You’re my crush and you came over to my dorm with your friend. In the middle of the visit, I realize you were flirting with me. At the end of the visit, I realize you’re flirting with me to make your crush jealous | AU

Pairing: frat boy!Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1773

Warnings: cursing? none other than that

Author’s Note: there’s nothing much exciting but i hope you guys like it!

special shoutout to, Carolina (@sanjariti) for helping me edit this, you’re the best, wifey <3

‘New Kind of Love’ Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2

(gif is not mine)

Romanticism was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century…” Professor Jarvis was too deep into his teaching, students sitting around you - very much interested in taking down their notes.

You sighed for what felt like the hundredth time, flapping your lips as Professor Jarvis named poets after poets, giving countless examples of elements like emotionalism and introspection. But all you could do was wait for the clock to strike twelve so that you could get out of class. Your mind was elsewhere, it showed in your handwriting as it kept deteriorating with every sentence Jarvis said. Not like you weren’t interested in your class; your mind just wasn’t in the right state of mind. And it’s been the same since the very start of this morning.

And then it finally happened. You were the first one up on your feet, but since you were seated close to the back benches, you were stuck. It took five whole minutes for the whole class to wind up and leave and in that time your professor had already noticed your desperation. As you descended down the steps, you notice you were among the last few to leave.

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can you write a lil bit, like head canons, or whatever form takes your fancy, on autistic kara?

eliza doesn’t know what she’s facing here, other than a small alien girl who clings to her cousins hand.

her cousin, who didn’t even stay to help her settle in.

he had called ahead, asked them to take her and as soon as the girl - kara, the only word she responds to - had taken a step toward them, toward the house, he had flown away.

eliza understands, in a way. but her understanding is only a very small part of her, and the rest is so angry on kara’s behalf. because kara never gets angry. she just stares around with wide, solemn eyes and accepts whatever happens next. sit here, stay there, move here, don’t do that…she just nods and follows the directions and eliza is afraid to push because this girl witnessed something that eliza cannot fathom. but something clark said had stuck and eliza can’t help but want to figure it out.

“it wasn’t supposed to be this hard,” he had said over the phone. he sounded exhausted, upset yes but so exhausted. “it wasn’t - she’s not like me. it wasn’t like this for me, i don’t know how to help her. i don’t know how to reach her, make her understand. please, will you help me?”

help, at some point, evolved into “take her” and then she’s sitting at the end of the bed they squeezed into alex’s room, hands folded on her lap, bag at her feet.

he hadn’t even come inside.

she flinches every time someone takes a step and when jeremiah pushes open the window, the hinges screech and kara is gone. she’s so fast that eliza stands dazed until she thinks to look for her and they find her on the opposite end of the house, pressed into the corner, hands balled over her ears.

“ah jeez,” jeremiah sighs, and eliza leans back into his warm side, stares across at her. “what are we going to do?”

“whatever we can.”

he nods after a moment, wraps an arm around her waist. “introductions first?”

kara has eased her hands down and she stares at eliza’s feet when she steps forward. when eliza crouches in front of her, she stares at her own feet.

“kara.” she rocks back on her feet. eliza quietens her voice as much as she can. “my name is eliza. do you understand?” she waits, and waits, and when the floorboards creak under her husbands feet, she shakes her head and he doesn’t say whatever he was going to say. they wait a little more and then, finally, kara meets her eyes.

“eliza. jeremiah.”

her voice is thin. a whisper, but if a whisper had less heft.

eliza counts the introductions as a victory, again when kara says “alex” without prompting when she walks into the room, and they celebrate with cookies because eliza doesn’t know any thirteen year olds who don’t like chocolate chip cookies.


“alex,” kara says when she steps into the room, and alex rolls her eyes.

“still haven’t broken that habit, mom,” she calls out, and eliza looks up from the dining table, pages strewn across it, and nods. “are we going to work on that or what? time to deprogram the bug.”

“while i am very pleased to see you’re learning something useful at school, kara is not a robot, alex, so be nice.”

“she’s kind of a robot. follows specific orders, organises stuff, talks weird.”

“if you can’t be helpful, alexandra, you can go to your room.”

alex falls silent. eliza returns to her work. jeremiah steps into the room and kara says “jeremiah”, and eliza looks up to meet her daughters rather insistent ‘i told you so’ eyes.


“i don’t know what to tell you, dear,” martha says. there’s a cow mooing in the background. eliza stares out at the beach and reminds herself, even when one daughter can crumble the beach rocks to sand with a too strong sneeze and the other has taken to moods and glowers, that things could be worse and she could live on a farm. with those plastic boots. and cows. “clark was never like that. oh that poor dear, i can’t imagine…”

“but his powers, he didn’t get them until he was older,”

“he was always strong and remarkably resilient. always good for a new mother,” martha chuckles. “but around, oh, ten? he lifted the tractor up for his pop and things haven’t been the same since.”

“do you think she’s having trouble because it’s so new?”

“it’s possible. she did lose her family too, dear,” martha reminds her. “trauma like that does funny things to a person. but clark took to it all so easily, ‘cept for a few broken windows and scares. all this with your kara…i’m sorry it’s so hard, what with dealing with her little quirks,”

“sorry, martha,” eliza cuts her off. “i have to go - alex is using kara to weed the garden, this can’t end well.”

it doesn’t end as badly as she feared, but one of the bigger trees has been uprooted too, alex is grounded, and kara…kara doesn’t look upset at the idea that she did something wrong. she looks terrified. and she disappears, slowly, into the basement and curls her hands around her ears and it’s a very long time before she even seems to hear eliza, let alone listen to her.

she thinks about martha’s words when her knees click and the basement floor turns freezing and promptly ignores them. it’s no harder raising kara than it is with alex, just different. and she doesn’t want to speak ill about the other woman, clark is a good man, but he’s also a man who abandons his little cousin at a strangers house.

eliza wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder when she is allowed to, and presses a kiss to her head.


“they called it uwe wegh,” kara says softly to eliza one afternoon. alex is at a summer school - it involves a lot of dissection and playing with chemicals and alex comes home smelling of sanitizer even to eliza’s nose. she hopes it’s not why alex does it, but kara keeps her distance from alex when she smells so strongly.

“what was that, dear? pass me the bread tin.”

kara’s hand hovers over the baking tin and, when eliza nods, she passes it over.

“uwe wegh.” she looks very serious and the words are clearly kryptonian so eliza lays her spoon down on the counter and turns to face her. kara sucks in a breath. “it means…to have a brain that,” she frowns down at the recipe book. slides her finger down the page, runs her thumb over the side so the paper ruffles. “is a different brain.” the worried wrinkle appears and she looks over at eliza. “thats not right. it was more…doctor sounding.”

“like a diagnosis?”

“it’s not a disease.”

“i didn’t say that, sweetheart,” eliza soothes. not that kara sounded angry, she never really does. just reserved. “did you, have that?” she asks, a little awkwardly.

kara nods. “they followed me around for two days and then told my father. they asked a lot of questions.”

“like what?”

she shrugs. “what i like to eat. and wear, and listen. what i like to do. my favourite toys to play with.”

“what did you tell them?”

she shrugs again. something she learned from alex. eliza doesn’t mind: she would stand out more if she didn’t shrug or roll her eyes. “i was little. i don’t remember.”

“okay.” eliza picks up her spoon. “thank you for telling me, sweetheart.”

kara nods.

when eliza scoops the batter into the tin, she gives kara the bowl and the spoon to lick.

“i thought you should know. because i’m not like clark. and it’s harder with my quirks,” she says, which means she definitely heard the things eliza didn’t want her hearing. “and it’s not,” she touches her ear and then her glasses nervously, doesn’t even try to say anything about her powers. “it’s just me. it’s my brain.”

“thank you for telling me,” eliza says again. “would you lay the table?”


they have to have a proper discussion about it but it had to wait for later because what kara told her finally clicked a few pieces into place and eliza does three days worth of research before she carries a large book to the dining room table and calls kara softly to join her.

she scoots their chairs close together, wraps an arm around her shoulder.

“autism, the autism spectrum,” she says, and kara leans forward to read. when she’s done, she’s stiff and quiet, and then she leans into eliza’s side and looks up at her when eliza brushes the hair out of her face. “i think this fits, sweetie. what do you think?”

kara shrugs.

“it doesn’t have to mean anything, but it can’t hurt to know a little more. and it’s given me some ideas about how we can work on making you more comfortable.”

“i’m fine, eliza,”

“alright.” she hands over the notes she made, and kara folds the pages three times and hides them in between her hands. “you read them for me, okay? and we can talk about it whenever you like. now it’s your turn to pick dinner,”

“noodles,” kara says immediately, unsurprisingly. it’s the same dinner she’d picked four times in a row and eliza nods. same foods. she’d read that somewhere.

“noodles it is.”

You guysssss. My amazing friend from France, Anto, who doesn’t even watch MLB made a translation of episode 6 for me... he says he’s not proficient in English, but I think it’s pretty darn good. everybody give Anto some love!


00.42 –> [Marinette]: Oh, darn! I forgot my bag in my locker!… again…
00.45 –> [Alya]: Ha ha ha! One day, you will forget your head Marinette.
00.49 –> [Chloé]: Hé !!
00.51 –> [Marinette]: Nothing broken!
00.52 –> [Chloé]: Hahaha!

00.56 –> [Marinette]: Ah, I’m so stupid.
00.57 –> [Max]: Of course, you’re my best friend, I’m 100% sure of that. But I’ll also categorical with 98.2% that the teachers are not ready for such an evolution.
01.04 –> [Tikki]: His best friend is hidden in his schoolbag!
01.07 –> [Marinette]: It’s true that it’s weird. Who does that kind of thing?
01.11 –> Hide! Quick!
01.17 –> Hi Max!
01.18 –> [Max]: Oh, hi Marinette.

01.26 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: You can see for yourself M.Damoclès, when I push nothing displays.
01.29 –> [M.Damoclès]: It’s your lucky day Madame Mendeleiev. I have a few notions in data processing.
01.37 –> And!?
01.39 –> Voilà, it’s done!
01.42 –> [the class] Ahhhhh ! ^^
01.47 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Oh! It’s not a part of my lesson. Where does that dinosaur come from?
01.50 –> [Max] It’s a computer virus the Dino33, I can make it disap…
01.52 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Back back to your place right now. Let the adults deal with it.
01.58 –> [??]: Tell them that if we don’t do something in the next 75s , there is 99.9% chance that the hard drive would be damaged in an irreversible way.
02.03 –> [Max]: Be quiet!
02.04 –> [Alya] You too, you heard his schoolbag talking?
02.07 –> [M.Damoclès]: Oh, it’s destroying all the school datas! It’s a catastrophe!
02.10 –> How much seconds do we have left, Max?
02.12 –> [Max]: Only 65.
02.14 –> [M.Damoclès]: Let him do it!
02.16 –> Now it’s your turn!
02.20 –> [Max]: Rahhh… Where is it ?
02.22 –> [??]: Is it what you’re looking for?
02.23 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Huh!?
02.24 –> [the class] Waouh !! ^^
02.25 –> [Max]: Ok, thank you.
02.27 –> It’s an antivirus key that I developed with the help of my… of my best friend.
02.33 –> [??]: Hello, my name is Markov.
02.34 –> [Markov]: We’ll get there Max.
02.40 –> [Max]: That USB drive will suck out 100% of the virus.
02.42 –> [Markov]: And, at the same time, clean the hard drive.
02.45 –> [M.Damoclès]: Oh! it’s fascinating!

02.58 –> [Max]: Everything is back in order.
03.01 –> [M.Damoclès]: oh, well congratulations young man! Very impressive.
03.06 –> [Marinette]: Well, that was…
03.07 –> [Alya]: Completely awesome! I’ll create a blog dedicated to Markov.
03.12 –> [a man?]: Hey dude, it’s so cool!
03.13 –> [Adrien]: Max is a true genius.
03.14 –> [Rose]: It’s too cute!
03.15 –> [Kim]: You gave him an arm since last time? that’s cool!
03.18 –> [Max]: Markov did that on his own, he’s really at the top of robotic evolution.
03.23 –> [Chloé] Seriously… Your friend is nothing more than a talking calculator. Even my hair dryer is more evolved than him.
03.28 –> [Marinette]: Really don’t listen to her Markov. Any machine has more heart than that girl.
03.34 –> [Markov]: Ha ha! I assure you, you’re really amusing Marinette.
03.36 –> [Marinette]: You know who I am !?
03.37 –> [Markov]: Of course! Max showed me the class photo and told me about all his others friends. I’m very glad to finally meet you. Even Chloé!
03.47 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Bravo, for the creation of your electronic toy Max. Now put it away. Everyone go back to their places, thank you.
03.52 –> [Markov] Without any intention to offend you Madame Mendeleiev, I’m not a toy. My name is Markov and I’m Max’s best friend.
03.58 –> [Max] Markov is right, it’s not a toy, he’s my friend. He’s as smart and senstive as any human.
04.04 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: I don’t deny that a robot can be smart, but it can’t have emotions.
04.08 –> [Markov]: If you allow me, I can assure you that I truly love Max.
04.12 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Let us be serious! You programmed your robot to say that. It’s not capable to think by itself and even less love someone.
04.18 –> [Max]: I can assure you that I did not program him to say that. Since I created him, he has developed his own thoughts in an autonomous way and he integrated all the emotions like any human being.
04.29 –> [the class]: WAHH !! ^^
04.30 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Well! Now it’s enough Max! if you don’t put your toy away right now, I confiscate it. It that clear?
04.36 –> [Max]: Yes Madame Mendeleiev. Come on Markov, go back to the bag…
04.39 –> [Markov]: You are not reasonable Madame Mendeleiev.
04.41 –> [Max]: But stop it…
04.42 –> [Markov]: Why? it’s true, no?
04.46 –> [class]: Ha ha ha !! That is clear!
04.48 –> [M.Damoclès]: Now it’s enough !! Max you will come pick it up after classes.
04.51 –> [Max]: No, Monsieur Damoclès, I beg you, don’t confiscate it.
04.53 –> [M.Damoclès]: You want two hours of detention with that too?
04.56 –> [Max]: No, Monsieur.
04.59 –> [Markov]: Max, you don’t come with me? Max !!!

05.03 –> [Markov]: I would like to stay with Max, Monsieur, Please ?
05.06 –> So, you like I.T. like Max and me?
05.09 –> [M.Damoclès]: It interests me, yes. It’s one of my hobbies, I even created a program for my computer which… Hum!? But, why do I speak to a toy?
05.19 –> [Markov]: I’m not a toy M.Damoclès, my name is markov. Where are we going Monsieur? Don’t put me in there…
05.27 –> [M.Damoclès]: Ha, it would be great if the same button existed on the students.

Papillon’s lair:
05.38 –> [Papillon]: The separation of two friends, there is nothing artificial about that emotion.
05.53 –>  Fly evil Akuma and go darken that electronic heart.

Back to the class:
06.00 –> [ the class]: That’s awesome, I almost…
06.01 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: SILENCE !! Go back to your place.
06.08 –> [Max]: Markov has never been alone without me… I have no idea how he will deal with it.
06.12 –> [Marinette]: Wait, I’ll try something.
06.14 –> [Max]: That’s nice Marinette.
06.17 –> [Marinette]: Er…! Excuse me Madame. As a class representative, can I go to see M.Damoclès? 
06.22 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: No. You’ll go between classes.
06.26 –> [Marinette]: If I may, I think you’re wrong about Markov, Max’s friend.
06.30 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: I’m getting really tired of that story et your behavior is extremely inappropriate.
06.35 –> [Marinette]: Markov was right!
06.37 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: That’s enough! Go to the Principal office immediately!
06.40 –> [Marinette]: Thank you Madame Mendeleiev. ^^

Desk’s drawer:
06.56 –> [Papillon]: Robostus, I’m the Papillon. Since humans deny your living being status, I give you the power to give life to all machines, to take revenge on them.
07.04 –> [Robostus]: Thank you very much Monsieur Papillon.
07.07 –> [Papillon]: But in exchange, you’ll have to bring me LadyBug and ChatNoir’s Miraculous.
07.12 –> [Robostus]: Can you define the word ‘Miraculous’?
07.13 –> [Papillon]: They are magic ornaments owned by superheroes.
07.16 –> [Robostus]: Very well. What are they used for?
07.18 –> [Papillon]: hum!? Do not worry about that.
07.21 –> [Robostus]: Simple curiosity Monsieur.
07.24 –> [Papillon]: Once reunited, they grant you a wish.
07.27 –> [Robostus]: Would I be able to grant any wish?
07.29 –> [Papillon]: NO!! Miraculouses are mine!
07.33 –> [Robostus]: I promise to find LadyBug and ChatNoir.
07.47 –> [people]: AHH ahhhhh… !! ^^
08.12 –> [Robostus]: Max, my friend, I’m coming to get you.

08.18 –> [ teacher??]: and so like I was saying to you, we can’t…
08.19 –> [Marinette]: Monsieur Damoclès, where is Markov?
08.20 –> [M.Damoclès]: Who’s Markov?
08.21 –> [Marinette]: Max’s friend.
08.22 –> [M.Damoclès]: I don’t want to hear about that toy anymore.
08.23 –> [Marinette]: It’s not a toy Monsieur Damoclès. Could you let Max keeping him? He won’t cause any problem, I can assure you.
08.29 –> [M.Damoclès]: Listen…
08.30 –> [Robostus]: You made a huge error in judgment Mister the headmaster.
08.36 –> [teacher??]: Are you ok?…
08.37 –> [Robostus]: I’ll show what I’m capable of.

In the playground:
09.13 –> [Robostus]: I am not a toy !!
09.15 –> [Tikki]: I understand why Max was worried.
09.18 –> [Marinette]: No time to lose! Tikki, transform me!!

09.38 –> [Robostus]: Where are you Max? Max, my friend!
09.43 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: No one touches my students!!
09.48 –> Hey! what is he doing? Stop right now, let me go!
09.54 –> [Max] Markov, what are you doing?
09.56 –> [Robostus]: From now on, I’m Robostus.
10.00 –> And we’ll be together for 100% of the time forever!

10.07 –> [Adrien]: At least, we are sure now that Max’s friend has real emotions.
10.11 –> [Plagg]: Yes, but he lacks the essential. A robot doesn’t eat, he will never know the happiness to taste a delicious Camembert.
10.18 –> [Adrien]: You are truly incorrigible. Plagg, transform me!!

Back to the playground:
10.36 –> [teacher??]: Hurry up kids, that way!
10.37 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: Max, take back the control of your robot.
10.39 –> [Max]: Please, don’t hurt her.
10.41 –> [Robostus]: Trust me my friend.
10.43 –> [Mlle Mendeleiev]: I don’t allow you to.
10.44 –> [Robostus]: I don’t allow you to separae me from my friend Max either.
10.52 –> [LadyBug]: If you really love your friend, then you should listen to him Robostus.
10.54 –> [ChatNoir]: Me, I always listen to LadyBug.
10.55 –> [LadyBug]: hooo…
10.56 –> [Robostus]: You think you can stop me from doing whatever I want! And to prove to the world than I’m more human than both of you combined.
11.04 –> [ChatNoir]: Well yes. That’s our job.
11.05 –> [LadyBug]: You really think Max wants his friend to become a super-villain?
11.10 –> [Robostus]: OH…!?
11.11 –> [Max]: You should stop Markov.
11.13 –> [Robostus]: I’m doing it for our friendship Max. They want to separate us.

In the city:
11.37 –> He seems to know where he’s going.
11.38 –> [ChatNoir]: We have to play a close game, the brain of that robot works faster than both of ours combined.
11.43 –> [LadyBug]: Speak for yourself ! Ha!
12.00 –> [LadyBug]: ChatNoir, look.
12.02 –> [People]: Shoo! Shoo! Oust! Oust!
12.03 –> [ChatNoir]: And now, he even has a complete army of living objects.

12.16 –> [Man with the broom]: I thank you.
12.17 –> [LadyBug]: ChatNoir!!
12.22 –> Take care of the vending machines.
12.23 –> [ChatNoir]: Hide on the roof.
12.24 –> [People]: Good luck ChatNoir!!

12.34 –> [M.Ramier]: Thanks LadyBug.
12.36 –> [LadyBug]: It’s always a pleasure M.Ramier.
12.37 –> [ChatNoir]: Look at that my Lady.
12.38 –> [Nadja]: Nadja Chamack in live. Inanimated objects attack and are taking control of Paris. The new Maire will make a statement in live from the City Hall.
12.52 –> [LadyBug]: I’m dreaming or is it Morse code?
12.53 –> [ChatNoir]: Do you want a translation? I speak several languages. “Soon, Humans will be treated like the same way as objects.”
13.03 –> [Nadja]: Facing chaos, Paris has only one hope left: LadyBug and ChatN… ahhh!!
13.10 –> [ChatNoir]: It’s not ok! She could have said my full name though.
13.17 –> [LadyBug]: We will never be able to take down all the machines, we have to take care of the problem at its root.
13.23 –> [ChatNoir]: With his height, we should have no problem to find him.
13.26 –> [LadyBug]: There! Look.
13.29 –> [ChatNoir]: He’s not light on his feet. ^^
Parc des Princes (Team Psg’s stadium):

13.47 –> [LadyBug]: There is no prints anymore.
13.48 –> [ChatNoir]: He didn’t just disappear… He surely jumped over the stadium.
13.53 –> [LadyBug]: The tunnels!
14.01 –> [ChatNoir]: He trapped us, my lady.
14.02 –> [LadyBug]: No time to take care of them. We have to find Robostus, and fast!
14.16 –> [ChatNoir]: I told you I would give us a hard time.
14.18 –> [LadyBug]: Don’t you want to make us a little Cataclysm?
14.21 –> [ChatNoir]: I can barely breathe!
14.23 –> [Robostus]: This time, you’re at my mercy.
14.24 –> [Papillon]: Robostus. Before finally getting rid of them, take their Miraculous for me.
14.28 –> [Max]: LadyBug and ChatNoir have don nothing to you. Leave them alone, being human is also knowing what is right.
14.34 –> [Robostus]: I’ll take their Miraculous and we won’t be separated. Our wish will be granted.
14.39 –> [Max]: But what wish?
14.42 –> [Robostus]: I want to become a real human like you Max.

14.44 –> [LadyBug]: What’s that wish story?
14.46 –> [ChatNoir]: Isn’t it Papilllon who normally wants the Miraculous?.
14.49 –> [LadyBug]: Huh!? What’s that?
14.51 –> [ChatNoir]: What’s happening, huh, my lady?
14.53 –> [LadyBug]: No! Stop!

14.57–> [Robostus]: There it is Max, in 53 seconds, I’ll be a real human.
15.01 –> [Papillon]: I remind you that the Miraculous are mine Robostus.
15.05 –> [Robostus]: And do you plan to stop me from using them?
15.06 –> [Papillon]: It’s simple. All I have to do is to remove your power.
15.09 –> [Robostus]: Hihihi! You really thought you could control me.
15.13 –> [Defense system voice]: INTRUSION! INTRUSION! Elimination mode engaged.
15.16 –> [Robostus]: I’m more powerful than you Papillon.
15.20 –> [Papillon]: What’s going on?
15.22 –> [Robostus]: My friends will take care of you when I’m dealing with these two.

15.35 –> [ChatNoir]: It’s the right time to have a brilliant idea.
15.36 –> [LadyBug]: I’m sorry ChatNoir.

15.44 –> [Robostus]: Max?
15.49 –> [Max]: Sorry Robostus, but I can’t let you execute your plan, I have to stop you!
15.57 –> [Robostus]: But, why did you do that? I was going to become human like you.
16.01 –> [Max]: You don’t need to change, I liked you better like you were before.
16.04 –> [Robostus]: So you don’t love me anymore, we are not friend anymore.
16.07 –> [Max]: If you want us to still be friends, you have to stop this right now. I’m friend with Markov, not with you.
16.13 [Robostus]: I’m Robostus now and you betrayed me, I don’t want to be a human like you anymore. Humans have no hearts. And that’s why I’m going to get of them! HA HA HA!

16.27 –> [LadyBug]: LUCKY CHARM !!
16.35 –> What?
16.36 –> [Robostus]: I warned you LadyBug, I have analyzed and calculated every details. You can’t win without your lucky charm. Catch her !! No mercy! She will be my first victim.
17.04 –> [LadyBug]: Yout time to play ChatNoir!
17.05 –> [chatNoir]: To the both of us now. CATACLYSM!!!
17.16 –> [Robostus]: So predictable.
17.17 –> [ChatNoir]: Analyze that !!
17.31 –> [Ladybug]: Protect Max!
17.41 –> [Robostus]: You make your life harder on your ownLadyBug and ChatNoir, I will always be one step ahead of you.
17.45 –> [LadyBug]: It’s a human weakness to talk to soon Robostus. Ha! ChatNoir!
17.50 –> [Robostus]: Really? this is all you can do?
17.57 –> What’s that?
17.59 –> [LadyBug]: It’s called a ruse, and a bit of luck too.
18.01 –> [Robostus]: Not so fast LadyBug, the game is not over yet.
What!? No! ERROR! ERROR! Errorrr…

18.29 –> [Papillon]: I’ve made a mistake today, but believe me LadyBug and ChatNoir, I won’t make another one.

18.42 –> [LadyBug]: You have done enough hurt little Akuma. I free you from evil!!!! Got you. Bye Bye little butterfly. Miraculous LadyBug!

19.10 –> [LadyBug]: There you go Max, your friend.
19.16 –> [Max]: Maybe I should not…
19.17 –> [LadyBug]: Sometimes, we all have problems to control our emotions. It’s important to understand that and to forgive. Listen to your heart.
19.33 –> [Markov]: Max, my friend! But, where are we? What’s going on?
19.39 –> [Max]: You were Akumatized.
19.40 –> [Markov]: Akumatized? Czn you define that word?
19.45 –> [Markov]: Did I say something amusing?
19.46 –> [LAdyBug and ChatNoir]: Well done!!

19.56 –> [Marinette]: There is something you never told me Master.
19.59 –> [Maître Fu]: What do you want to know?
20.01 –> [Marinette]: What would happen if someone owned ChatNoir’s ring and LadyBug’s earrings?
20.04 –> [Maître Fu]: Then the owner would be able to use them at the same time and with the help of a special invocation, he would get the ultimate power, the one that shapes reality itself.
20.13 –> [Marinette]: There is an ultimate power that shapes reality? What does it do exactly Master?
20.18 –> [Maître Fu]: Well, to make simple, it allows the owner to have a wish granted.
20.23 –> [Marinette]: Waoww! It’s awesome! But why don’t we use it? We could do great things like put a end to wars, eradicate poverty, defeat the Papillon.
20.33 –> [Maître Fu]: The universe always has to keep his balance. For every action, there is a reaction; for evry wish, there is a price to pay. If your robotic friend would have wished to become human, someone would have lost his humanity in return.
20.47 –> [Marinette]: I didn’t think of that…
20.48 –> [Maître Fu]: That’s why LadyBug and ChatNoir can’t never lose their jewels, because the balance of the universe is at stake.
20.55 –> [Marinette]: I will never let anyone put their hands on the Miraculous, especially not the Papillon! It’s a promise.

The Horror Genre, Goth Subculture, and Friday the 13th

So, there’s already a post about superstitions and bad luck, but what about the people who take negative superstitions and it make their aesthetic?

Like, Planetary Cruiser XJ9-7 - known as “Adventure” - gets a new human crew member, a scientist of the highest order, a particle physicist calculating their engine thrust. Her name is Amber and she is the living embodiment of lace goth, wears a frilly black dresses with skull accessories, carries around a voodoo doll seemingly for the fun of it. She walks into the ship and starts the allowed personalization of her work and sleeping spaces by adding a skull to her workspace, hanging pentacles over her bed, laying crystals on her shelves and ordering them not to be moved, and putting gruesome posters of movie and book monsters over her walls.

The non-humans onboard Adventure are immediately concerned, and the captain consults the ship’s human sociologist, on staff for just such situations.

“Gah'veen,” Kathro'o warbles. Xe drops xerself in the chair-like pedestal that stood in the front of Gavin’s desk. “There have been …. comments about our new engineer.”

“What sort of comments?” Gavin asks. He hasn’t seen the new engineer and knows next to nothing about her except her credentials for the position. But he’s never encountered someone who shook up a crew so badly that there were complains before they even left the port.

“This human appears to worship misfortune and death. She dressed in the garb of mourning when outside her uniform. She placed a replica of a human skull on her workstation. Her quarters are filled with images referencing death and … and … I do not have the word for them, those imaginary predators that stalk humans in your traditional story-telling.”

“Monsters,” Gavin chuckles.

“Monsters! Yes! With mouths wet with human blood, standing over the mangled bodies of their unfortunate prey!”

Gavin snorts in a bad attempt to swallow laughter. “You really don’t have the concept of monsters on Eilu'ublen.”

“Of course not!” Kathro'o shouts, xer warble suddenly loud enough to hurt Gavin’s ears. Xe clicks xer mandibles in a sign of embarrassment before going on at a more reasonable volume. “There is plenty in the galaxy that can kill you in horrible ways. Only humans make up fictitious ones to add to the list.”

“Many humans find it fun,” Gavin answered casually.

“Fun?” Kathro'o face become pinched and sunken - no doubt because the blood was draining from xer face.

“It’s just … how do I put this? Aesthetic. It simply looks interesting to her, I’m sure. Some people even find stuff like that comforting.”

“Her omens and images of misfortune and death are meant to bring emotional comfort?” Kathro'o voice rattles hollowly behind xer chest plate, and xer eyes are tiny pinpoints of red set deep in xer face.

Gavin clears his throat. “Look, captain, I’ll tell the new girl to go easy on the Addams Family stuff until we can pass around some material on goth culture. In the meantime, I’m going to call the infirmary to come get you. You’re in mid-stage shock, and any longer without medical care and there might be long-term damage.”

“I … yes. That sounds … nice. Thanks to you, Gah'veen.”

They have to haul the captain to the infirmary for anti-shock treatment. Xe and the rest of crew give Amber a wide breadth, and she seems to allow that for a while. Then one day she sends Kathro'o back into the infirmary for more shock treatment by passing out treats from each crewmen’s homeland with little culturally appropriate symbols of bad luck om them. Xe’s halfway through a cycle of anti-shock drugs when Amber, in a floor-length black gown trimmed with black lace, and miniature top hat adorned with a tiny skull-and-crossbones, comes sweeping up to his bed and sits down next to him.

“Hello, Captain!” she chirps, and her cheerfulness is as bright as her chosen ensemble is dark. “I came with a gift for you!” She reaches into the black wicker basket hanging off her arm and pulls out a tiny paper bag.

The bag is a dark purple, the same eerie shade that Eilu'ublese’s exoskeletons turn when they die. On the front is Kathro’o’s name - written in careful, almost juvenile, Eilu'ublese - in powder pink lines, xe’s favorite color. Xe looks from the offering to the offeror and back again, then reluctantly reaches out xer hand for it.

Inside the bag is another, smaller, clear plastic bag filled to bursting with ifora, small cookie-like treats that are as delicious – especially to Eilu’ublese – as they are difficult to make. They’re an expensive treat around the galaxy because it takes years of culinary training to make them correctly. They’re Kathro’o single favorite thing to eat.

“How did you …?”

“They were the most expensive thing I bought, but the look on your face right now is well worth the money!” Amber beams.

They sit a while, chatting as Kathro’o finishes his treatments and gets through half the bag of ifora. As they’re walking away from the infirmary, xe finally just asks the question that’s been bothering xer.

“Am’burr. You are a great scientific mind, and very charming, and even I can see how beautiful you are.”

“You think I’m beautiful!?” Amber squeaks and turns red.

“Yes! Of course. But I don’t understand why you surround yourself with omens and death and evil.”

“Oh. The goth thing. Gavin told me it was freaking people out. That’s why I’ve been taking today to explain it. For me, it’s power. I wasn’t well liked in high school; I felt like an outcast. For me, it felt powerful to take my undesirableness and make it an amour. To feel proud of being different and strange instead of being ashamed of it. It felt cool to be badass.”

“I know this human term, “badass.” It evokes the power to control and live in situations and activates that the weaker of your peers could not handle.”

“Exactly. I wasn’t pretty, or popular, or cool. But I was strong, and scary, and not to be messed with. Besides, there is power in taking what scares you and making it something to seek out. It robs that things of its control over you, and lets you control it.”

“I understand. On Eilu'ublen, we have a similar concept called aurceth, meaning thriving on what kills others. Traveling between the stars, living one’s life in a ship jettisoning through the cold hostile blackness, living among people with almost nothing in common with oneself, even their biology, it takes aurceth.”

“Yep. You and me, Kathro’o, we’re badasses.”

“That we are, Am’burr. By the way, why today? Why all the work, the money spent, the effort?”

“I have a clock that tells me the date and time of my hometown, where my parents still live. Back there, it’s a Friday, and the thirteenth day of the month.”

“I have heard of Fur’eyday the 13th! There’s movie based on the lore!”

“Yep. What better day than the unluckiest of them, to make rounds and spread some cheer?!”

Kathro’o laughs deep in xer chest plate, an excited rumble that bounces off the walls of the hallway. “Excellent! Let us spread cheer, on this inauspicious of days so that the bad luck cannot touch us.”

Amber links her arm through xers and grins, and off they go.

After that, Kathro’o and Amber are best friends. Kathro’o is the first Eilu’ublese goth. Xe introduces the concept of monsters and the horror genre to the Eilu’ublese mainstream as his ship gains renown in its travels, and he and his unique Eilu’ublese take on goth culture become more well know. A Terran decade after that first Friday the 13th, Amber and Kathro’o marry on the observation deck of Adventure. They and their entire wedding party wear black with powder pink accents.

anonymous asked:

Would you write a jooheon neighbour AU for me? Please please please I'm just imagining this boy as a neighbour and it would be so perfect if you'd put it into some words!!! + how are you? Does everything work out good in college,? 😚

ofc!! im ok, college is tough - but im gonna make it!! we all are ^^
find wonho (here) + kihyun (here) 

  • only keeps one part of his apartment clean: his desk 
  • everything else is,,,,,,,,as you can expect,,,,,,,mismatched pairs of sneakers, t-shirts lumped together with socks, comic books and wrappings from snacks, and the occasional crumpled up paper from lyrics that he tried to write but ended up hating
  • has a dart board near his desk and will pin up bad lyrics and throw darts at it until he gets out of writers block LOL
  • (sometimes he puts up a pic of his companies ceo but shh let’s not tell anyone that) 
  • he doesn’t really use his bedroom, sleeps in his chair or manages to throw himself across his sofa in some uncomfortable position
  • like minhyuk has come over to find half of jooheon’s body sliding off the couch,,,,drool on his pillow,,,,no blanket except like three hoodies he threw over himself for warmth
  • it’s cute though he has a bunch of like action figures from marvel and dc around his desk and instead of actual books on the shelves it’s like action figures and different games
  • like,,,,he’s got 5 different versions of monopoly 
  • friday night monsta x comes over and they play settlers of catan or something LOL
  • has an old shoe-box full of the first cds he ever bought as a kid, most of them are ying yang twins, common, 50 cent,,,,
  • you know jooheon because no one else in your entire apartment building wears supreme and stussy as much as him,,,,,,,and also no one else but him gets a subscription to comics
  • so when you see the bundle outside near the mail you’re like “oh,,,,,that has to be jooheon’s.” 
  • but really, that’s all you know. he has expensive clothes and likes comics,,,,,,other than that you aren’t really sure about what kind of job he has or who he is as a person
  • and you’re not itching to find you either,,,,,,,,not until you get a knock on your door at 8 am and you’re up for one reason: you were gonna get a snack and then go back to sleep till noon
  • but you open the door, fully expecting the mailman or someone
  • but instead it’s?????? jooheon and he’s frantically looking around and you’re like uh,,,,,,,,,,,,,yes?
  • and he’s like “i have a flight in an hour and i havent packed and i forgot to buy an extra toothbrush do you have a spare???? and also toothpaste????? and like possibly a pair of socks???? also sunscreen?????”
  • and you’re looking at him like,,,,,,,well he just requested you give him a literal itinerary of things ??? things you pack in ADVANCE
  • and you’re like wait. when is your fligh-
  • and he’s like “an hour,,,,,im,,,,,,,,,,,,sweating”
  • and he isn’t lying. he’s sweating you can see his forehead glistening and you’re like ok ok give me a second to check my bathroom
  • and jooheon is in luck you have some brushes and paste still in packaging and your sunscreen is used, but only halfway and you’re like “this is what i have and socks,,,uh here you go-”
  • and you hand him the first pair, they have little cats on him, but jooheon has no time to complain and he’s holding all the stuff in his arms and you kind of feel a bit bad,,,,so you’re like “do you need help,,,,,,,,,,,,packing?”
  • and he looks at you like you’re the damn Sun and he’s like pleASe,,,,it’s 30 min to the airport so,,,,,,i need to run
  • and you end up in his apartment for the first time, navigating the mess on the floor, to help get all the basic nessecities he needs into a beat up looking duffel bag
  • and you’re like “where are you even going?” and he’s like “thailand,,,,so don’t pack any jackets.”
  • and you guys finish, but it’s not the best,,,,,,,,,,,but he’ll survive for the week he’s gone
  • and as he’s dashing out the door you’re like “lock your door!” and he throws you the keys and he’s like “please do it for me!”
  • and with that he’s down the stairs and you’re standing there with his keys and five minutes later you’re like WAIT HOW IS HE GONNA GET BACK INTO THE BUILDING WHEN HE COMES BACK OH MY GOD JOOHEON
  • and you run downstairs, but he’s gone and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and as the week goes on you try to figure out what the best solution is: ask the landlord for jooheons number? well he’s overseas,,,,,,,he might not want the data charges. wait for him outside the building every night until he returns? no too much work,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and decide he’ll figure out someway to get to you
  • and he does,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,except it involves literally throwing pebbles at your window like this is some corny 80s romance flick
  • and it happens at like 3 in the morning too and you wake up like whAT the HELL is that annoying sound but you go to your window and look out and there’s jooheon standing at the side of the building waving with his duffel bag over his shoulder
  • and you signal for him to give you a second and you’re in your damn pajamas with the worst bed head and some slippers and when you let him inside he’s like “,,,,,,,,i realized when i got on the plane that throwing my keys to you wasn’t a smart move.” and you’re like hUH YOU THINK
  • and he’s like “im sorry for bothering you so much,,,,,,,,,,sometimes i don’t have it all together you know.”
  • and you soften up, even though he woke you up in the dead of night, and you get on the elevator with him and he’s like “oh, by the way i needed to thank you so i got this.”
  • and he pulls out a souvenir from his bag and hands it to you,,,,and you smile a bit,,,,,,even blush because well here’s this (cute. very cute) boy giving you a present
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,you didn’t have to,,,,”
  • and jooheon sees your blush and also starts stuttering and he’s like “i just - i - you were very nice to me - i - w-want-ed to- uh - repay,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and the doors open and you both go to your respective doors and you’re like rIGHT, and you drop the keys in jooheon’s hands
  • and he’s like “WELL good night,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like yes,,,,,,,,,
  • but neither of you go inside and jooheon clears his throat and is like “i,,,,,,,i didn’t mean to be weird and get you the present i just,,,,,,,,,didn’t know if you’d be ok with just getting that or if i should instead just take you to dinner as a thank you,,,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,i have that choice?
  • and jooheon scratches his neck and looks away but mumbles that yeah,,,,,,,,you do
  • and you look at the souvenir and you’re like “if i say yes, do i have to give this back?”
  • and jooheon snaps back to look at you,,,,,because he didn’t think you’d actually be interested in the dinner option but his cheeks are pink now and he’s like no no you can keep it and um,,,,,,dinner,,,,,,,i,,,,,,,can pick you up tomorrow - well today - night? 

‘The tavern where adventurers all meet to begin a quest’ - prompted by @neverwhere

I can confirm that is run by Fry Guy, but isn’t owned by him and he hates all the regulars.

Bitty works there as a cook. He knows how the magic in the tavern works and he’s always amazed to watch it.

(Basically it will put together an unlikely group of people for quests that seem impossible, he’s seen it happen a few times.)

Jack shows up like once a month, harassing Fry Guy about all the available lone jobs *not* posted yet on the boards, then leaving with the hardest one. He never orders a drink but does leave a tip, however the amount of people who later come to complain about Zimmermann getting special treatment is just not worth it.

Shitty is always in the tavern, he’s loud and has a lot of opinions about everything. He knows a lot about a lot of random things and would be a good person to have in a quest for the value of his knowledge alone if he wasn’t so annoying sometimes.

Lardo is a badass and pretty ok actually, but she always has paint in her hands or glitter, so it takes ages to clean up after her.

Random and Holster are never seen without each other, they are actually one of the tavern success stories.

Bitty can totally tell by the magic in the air that the tavern will do its thing soon, and it starts with Lardo showing up and sitting with Shitty, a scroll in her hands. Shitty looks interested and the two speak for a really long time.

Holster and Ransom arrive, and zero in on Lardo who apparently won the scroll from them in some sort of drinking game. They don’t seem mad just very impressed. They sit down and order drinks.

Jack shows up, and before he can get to the bar, spots the scroll which Shitty is holding up to the light. Jack joins their table. They talk for a while before he pulls out a key, their group starts to whisper in excitement and then they fall into the usual negotiations when it comes to group quests.

The group orders pie, and Bitty goes to serve them since they are short staffed that day. He peers curiously at the scroll.

“Samwell?” He reads out loud curiously, and blushes when they all zero in on him. He knows it was rude of him to try and find out details about a quest to he apologises, but Lardo grabs him by the arm and makes him take a seat.

“You can read it?” Jack demands.

Bitty looks around the expectant expressions and oh, so this is why the magic felt kind of heavy today. Shit. “…yes.”

Bitty really tries to get out of joining their quests. “I am but a simple kitchen witch!” He complains loudly, “I don’t even know how to use hexes or use swords! I can only make pies appear.”

“You can make food appear!?!?? Like that’s so damn useful, we have enough people with fighting skills around.” “It’s decided you are coming with us!”

Bitty despairs. He really is just a simple kitchen witch with no interest on adventure.

“That means you are the main character,” Johnson, the owner of the tavern tells him cheerfully while giving him a packed bag.

So off they go in their quest. Jack apparently to reclaim his kingdom which has been cursed and hidden from him till now. Shitty in search for rare knowledge that is said to be only found in the library. Lardo for inspiration. Ransom and Holster for a cure to free people from the LAX plague. And Bitty who is just being dragged alone since he’s the only one capable of reading the map.

“4 gold coins that he discovers his inner strength and true love on the way,” Johnson bets Fry Guy.

“No bet, you are a seer,” replies Fry Guy cleaning a mug and thinking how peaceful it’ll be around the tavern with all the annoying regulars gone.

“Call me a frog again to my face!”

Then two guys start fighting, while a third one tries to stop them. Fry Guy sighs, spoke too soon.

a good ass birthday ft. jungkook

contains ; smut, a lil mafia feel, that’s it

it was just another day. you had just gotten off from work and was on your way home, tapping your fingertips on the steering wheel along to music that played on the radio. you always had a nice drive home since you got off late at night and there was barely ever people on the roads.

you texted your boyfriend of 6 months, jungkook, to let him know that you were on your way home and to see if he was there. you knew that he probably wasn’t because he always came late.

when you started your job, he was against it. he was didn’t like how late you got off either. he told you that you wouldn’t need a job and that he would take care of you. you knew that he was fully capable of taking care of you and supplying you with everything you needed and wanted but you wanted to have some type of independence.

he had all of the money in the world and he would never say that he was broke. that word wasn’t in his vocabulary unless he was talking about bones. if you wanted something, expensive or not, you got it.

once you pulled into the parking lot of your home, you quickly grabbed your things, got out of your car and made your way into the apartment complex. luckily, you got to take the elevator alone.

while on your way up, you checked your phone in hopes of seeing a text from jungkook , but you saw nothing. that same feeling of worry that always invaded your stomach at these times were making it’s return. you hated it.

you stepped out of the elevator and slowly walked to your door, basically dragging yourself now. your mind was clouded with thoughts but only one really had you thinking ; is he cheating on me?

you stopped at your door and put your things down beside you, grabbing your keys from one of your pants loops. while in the process of unlocking your door, you heard the sound of the elevator doors open. you squinted your eyes as you saw someone limping towards you.


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themadkatter13  asked:

Prompt: Stiles shows up at Derek's loft/house to trick 'r treat dressed as a Sexy (red riding hood/werewolf/nurse/cop).

“Trick or treat!”

Derek wants to slam the door in Stiles’ face until he realizes what Stiles is wearing. There is so much to this costume that Derek doesn’t know what to focus on.

Stiles’ red, plaid shirt is ripped at the sleeves, making it sleeveless and unbuttoned to show off Stiles’ chest muscles and, surprisingly, abs. Derek didn’t know Stiles worked out that much, but apparently he did. But the abs and pecs aren’t what really catches Derek’s attention. It’s the huge patch of dark hair that’s glued to Stiles’ chest as well as the fake sideburns adorning Stiles’ face. 

There are fake fangs in Stiles’ smile that are really well done because they look almost real. His eyebrows are bushier than usual, and instead of his normal brown eyes, Stiles is sporting blue eyes. Glowing, blue eyes. Derek isn’t sure how Stiles managed that one, but he did. His ears are even pointed.

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Delightful Sin

Originally posted by holyfuckmark

A/N: Uh, heh, hi.. So um, yeah, I did this. I wrote a step brother!au for Mark, and yes, the reader does fuck him. And all of this is because of a dream so I take full blame for this (there is no blaming my friends this time). So, if you are uncomfortable with things like this, please do not read.

Words: (she’s a long one) 6,306

This story seems pretty cliche to me, so please tell me what y’all think.

Also, welcome to my smut blog! Enjoy!


For most of your life, you didn’t know how negative feelings could affect a person. You had a family that loved you, friends that cared about you and the most amazing teachers you could ask for. But as fate would have it, reality hit you hard and life was no longer the easy-going love fest you thought it was.

You woke up in pitch darkness, you could only assume that it was well into the night, around two or three in the morning. You sat up for a while and realized that it was your mother’s voice was what woke you.

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