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Writing advice you're not going to like.

People sometimes send me Asks wanting writing advice.  I suck at it.  I don’t really know how I do the writing, or how one should do the writing, or what one should do to get better at the writing.  All I can ever think to say is “write a lot of stuff and you will get better at the writing.”  Which is true, but hardly a bolt from the sky.

Well, as it turns out, I do have one piece of Legit Writing Advice, and I am going to share it with you, right now.  If you were in any of my writing workshop groups at a con, you’ve heard this advice already.

Warning: you’re going to fucking hate it.  But if you do it, you will thank me.

If you have a piece of fiction you’re serious about, something you might want to actually shop around, or just something you really are into and want to make it as good as you can…do NOT edit it.

Repeat.  DO NOT EDIT.


As in, print out the whole fucking thing and re-enter it, every word (or use two screens).  Retype the whole thing.  Recreate it from the ground up using your first draft as a template.  Start with a blank page and re-enter every. single. word.

I hear you screaming.  OH MY GOD THAT’S INSANE.

Yes.  Yes, it is.

It is also the most powerful thing you will ever do for a piece of fiction that you are serious about.

Now, let’s get real.  I don’t do this for most things.  I don’t do it for my fanfiction.  But if it’s something original, something I might like to get to a professional level - I do it.  You absolutely COULD do it for fanfiction.  It’s just up to you and how much time you want to sink into a piece.

You can edit, sure.  But you WILL NOT get down to the level of change that needs to happen in a second draft.  You will let things slide.  Your eyes will miss things.  You will say “eh, good enough.”

The first time I did this, on someone else’s advice, I was dubious.  Within two pages, I was saying WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN DOING THIS ALL THE TIME.  I was amazed at how much change was happening.  By the time I got to the end, I had an entirely different novel than the one I’d started with.  When you’re already re-entering every single word, it’s easy to make deep changes.  You’ll reformat sentences, you’ll switch phrases around, you’ll massage your word choice.  You’ll discover whole paragraphs that don’t need to be there at all because they became redundant.  You’ll find dialogue exchanges that need reimagining.  Whole plot points will suddenly be different, whole story arcs will reveal their flaws and get re-drawn.

You cannot get down to the fundamental level of change that’s required just by editing an existing document.  You have to rebuild it if you really want your story to evolve.  You will be AMAZED at the difference it will make.

It will take time.  It will seem like a huge, Herculean task.  I’m not saying it’s easy.  It isn’t.  But it is absolutely revolutionary.

Try it.  I promise, you will see what I mean.

*PSA: Tipsy!Lori wrote this post.  In case you couldn’t tell.


Later someone put the N in Dean back up but the A in Sam fell down.

This one is for Joan, of course. I love you and the sign was brilliant. 

(MinnCon X,X)

and i know the one gif looks different but i needed the whole thing so you could see Jensen’s little passing Jared something to hold move so Monica’s watermark is on that one. just fyi

Hey everyone, I want to talk about something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

As members of the online writing community, we’re surrounded daily and constantly by the accomplishments of other writers. This is for the most part fantastic. We get to support each other, and I love seeing that a writer I follow has finished their book, published a story, that their funny writing meme is going viral, or even small things like that they wrote a chapter, or paragraph, or even sentence they love. I love seeing the fanart, the words of support, the friendships, the memes. Oh, the memes. I really do love this community and all it has done and has the possibility to do for aspiring writers.

However, when you’re in a community, there’s an inherent pressure that comes along with that, and that is the pressure to be productive. I feel this is especially strong in the writing community because so much of what we talk about is productivity. How to improve it, the importance of it, the importance of self-discipline, and ambition, and pushing yourself to reach your goals. 

It’s lovely to see your friends and people you follow having success, but it also plants that worry in your mind: Am I dropping the ball? Am I not working hard enough? Am I a total fraud and failure because I binged a show on netflix instead of writing for the past week? Do I ever deserve success?

In this community, we talk about productivity a lot. We talk about how you should push yourself through a bout of writers block rather than letting it hold you back, how you shouldn’t let self doubt grab hold of your ankle and keep you from stepping towards your goals, how with a well planned outline and set of goals you can power through that draft in no time. 

And that’s great. I love being productive. I love helping other people be productive. I love it that we’re a community of people who loves to create, and it makes me feel great to be creating.

However, I want to introduce a new mantra to this community, one that I feel needs to co-exist with all the mantras about productivity, and that is be kind to yourself.

So yes, you’re not feeling too motivated right now and you didn’t write for a week. It’s okay. 

So yes, you’re experiencing writers block, and no, you didn’t make an outline, but that’s okay. That’s just your process. It’s okay to work how you like to work even if most writers say it’s a bad idea.

So yes, you don’t like what you wrote, and even though you know you can fix it while you’re editing, it’s okay to feel discouraged right now. Allow yourself to have emotional reactions to your work. 

So yes, you fell behind on your goals, didn’t finish that book, fell out of love with the idea and abandoned it, didn’t win NaNoWriMo, and haven’t written in two weeks. It’s okay. You’re not a machine. 

So yes, you’re discouraged. That’s normal. You’re not a failure because you can’t meet the standard of productivity we’ve created in this community because here’s the thing, few can. I can’t consistently or for long periods of time, I burn out. That’s normal.

This whole productivity-obsessed, if-you’re-not-pushing-yourself-to-reach-your-goals-in-every-way-possible-you’re-not-doing-your-dreams-justice, step-up-your-game mindset is not healthy for a lot of people. 

The standard this community is setting is ridiculously high for most people within it to reach–many of who are young, new writers, just trying to explore the craft and learn, and yet are being met with this immense pressure in order to be taken seriously, and many of who are students, have jobs, have other reasons why they can’t be writing machines, or are simply new writers who aren’t ready to produce at that output yet. We shouldn’t be creating this communal pressure to create create create or you’re not good enough. 

Allow yourself to take breaks.

Allow yourself to pants a project if you want.

Allow yourself to have emotional ups and downs in relation to your art because that is normal.

Be kind to yourself. You’re not a failure. 



anyway this is basically my current FEH team of All Faves. Not super rounded but they’re super cool so that’s all that really matters. I am. Super proud of that line-art. Whole thing took…at least 10 hours.

also bonus bc Lucina has a dragon killing sword yes they’re blue but blah blah:

Azura is my designated Lucina/Chrom/Marth slayer anyway

I made a high(er) def. Daraya because the cowards at hiveswap refuse to upload a quality jpg (it’s also transparent)


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[33] Days – Say Yes, 7x12

This exchange is a sweet, quiet moment that shouldn’t be forgotten in the midst of this episode’s many generous gifts. It builds on an idea that is central to the Richonne narrative: days. “One more day”, “A day and a half more”, “A couple more days”, “A few more days.” It’s a major Richonne buzzword that we see repeated with almost the same frequency as their catchphrase du jour, “We’re the ones who live.” Notable examples are in the kitchen scene in Claimed as Michonne talks Rick into having a day off, Michonne’s monologue in What Happened and What’s Going On, and multiple times in Say Yes as Rick pushes to prolong the honeymoon.

Much like “We’re the ones who live”, it’s the promise of hope – a future. It’s effectively an emotional doggy treat, and Michonne has her man well trained. You can see the transformation in his body language; look at the difference in his facial expression in the first and last gifs in this set. Just when he’s all stressed over Jadis’ demands, the ever-soothing voice of Michonne is there to remind him that he gets a little longer in his peaceful limbo. That’s enough. For now, that’s enough.

  • Andy: The whole of [Say Yes], really, is them both trying to hold on to this magic moment they’re sharing. “Not now. Let’s not allow the spell to be broken. I want to stay in this perfect state with you as long as I possibly can.” The interesting thing with Michonne is she’s the one who brought him back. This is an exploration of who Rick is and what she can do for him and he for her.
  • Sherlock & Molly | Losing    youtube link (to like and/or comment and/or add to playlists)

dedicated to @miabicicletta & @nyah86. I admire you both so very much. This is my way of thanking you for the Sherlolly delights you always provide us with :D

Please, if you like it, take the time to like and/or comment on the Youtube Page of the video. You would make my day. This is what my little editor’s heart feeds on. Give it love. It gives love back :D 

But back to the matter at hand.

I’m a wreck. TFP killed me with feels. I AM NOW DEADED.

The video is simplistic. This is THE SCENE (subtly shortened) and interspersed with significant moments to explain how it would always come to this. I am not very clear, am I? Ugh. This is why I edit. It’s easier than writing.

Basically, I tried to illustrate that, yes, obviously, Molly always has been the outrageously overlooked pressure point that would ultimately turn Sherlock into an agonising mess. I kind of knew there would be something of that nature coming our way but, DAMN. I didn’t think the writers would be so in sync with my thoughts on the matter. Why am I even surprised? They wrote the whole thing after all. Come on, Mathilde.

The sound is decent but I would advise headphones and HD to maximise the experience. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Took me ages to finish it, but actually didn’t take any time at all. I knew where I wanted to go but Premiere turned out to be EXTREMELY uncooperative. Every time I would add something on the timeline or make a change, it would take one or two minutes to load so I could have a look. ===> #nightmare. This is the last time I’m using 1080p files. Good quality, yes. But GOD at what cost. If anyone has any advice on the matter, please, feel free to get in touch. I’m presumably not doing it right :D


UPDATE: Thanks to @theleftpill, the problem is officially resolved. Thank you so very very much. You saved my sanity. 


Hurray for Craig Armstrong. One of my favourite film score composers. I’ve used two of his creations. One from Moulin Rouge! and the other from The Great Gatsby. Both beautiful. Moulin Rouge! is my favourite film, as a matter of fact. An actual slap in the face when I was twelve. And I cry at the end. Every time. Not kidding.


Death Scene - Moulin Rouge!
Gatsby’s Death and Portico - The Great Gatsby

Oh, dear. The music from the two death scenes of each movie. I am a cheerful person aren’t I?

Disclaimers: I don’t own the songs or the clips used in this video. This is purely a work of fiction, no profit gained.


ted tonks x andromeda black

you want to know what it was like? / it was like my whole life had a fever - words

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Hi Jenna idk if this has already been addressed to or not but I want to ask something which are bugging me 1) if Rosie is real then why does Mary not address her daughter in any of her AFTER DEATH VIDEO messages 2) Mary in HLV asks John not to read the AGRA drive in front of her because he won't love her when he is finished but there is no such thing about Mary's past shown in season 4 that makes her evil or something (Tbilisi wasn't her fault) sorry it's quite long & thanx in advance

Originally posted by reverendhobo

RIGHT?! the whole thing reeks of ‘doctored footage’/unreliable narrator… the whole series- and especially Mary’s involvement- has been deliberately edited and tampered with. The ‘Tbilisi reveal’ to me absolutely didn’t match with Magnussen’s “Oh, she is wicked” and, as you say, Mary telling John that “you won’t love me when you’ve finished.”

And YES about Rosie. There’s something very odd going on behind the scenes with that- Mary not addressing her in the DVDs at all, John vaguely saying “she’s with friends” in The Lying Detective and we never see who those “”friends”” are.

And also, with Mary’s DVDs, I love how we just see snapshot clips of them- we’re never sure if we’ve seen her ‘whole message’, or what version John and Sherlock are seeing.

The story isn’t over, and all these loose threads are deliberately left, waiting to be tied up, in my opinion.

Spiderman Homecoming was pretty good

dammit i forgot to add this to it

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which sleepless night is your fave? the second one is the one i always go back to, tbh

yES same!!! that one is so fucking lovely. there are so many individual things i love about it omg

  • he looks so sleepy and rumpled at the beginning and it’s cute as fuck!!!! 
  • the bookshelf tour is so so nice, i love the details we see there like his framed photo with his family and the blobfish stored on the shelf and the photos from the tatinof afterparty
  • the whole interlude of him making snacks is so cute :( i laughed so hard at the editing on the part where he’s making tea and just staring at the pot and waiting for something to happen and then ofc he burns himself on the crumpet AND burns his mouth on the tea like the actual ridiculous dork that he is
  • dan is gone and he’s just re-watching the video where they created dil and even says he is feeling nostalgic :(
  • when he’s gonna go take his contacts out and he’s like ‘wish me luck’ *leans in really close* ‘or you can come with me. wouldn’t that be an adventure?’ 
  • honestly why the fuck is it legitimately heartwarming to see him take out his god damn contact lenses and change into glasses? how does he turn something so mundane into something so lovely??? probs bc he wants to make a nerdy superman reference but just bangs his leg on the door and laughs at himself … i love phil :( 
  • the dan and phil cactus plushies kinda sorta holding hands on the windowsill
  • his commentary over the ‘relaxing games’ is so genuinely funny and the way he’s situated the camera angle to evoke a sense of intimacy like we’re all chilling w phil on his bed while he tries to make himself sleepy ,,, genius filmmaking right there. also he’s cute: 
  • and then the Actual Cutest camera angle of all time and the way that his voice has gone kind of sleepy soft by the end :( sdfskldfsldf fuck 

also all of the context around this video was just fun to think about. he made it and released it all when dan was away on holiday with his family and ppl rightly pointed out that phil stayed up to the hours when it would be morning in sri lanka, so perhaps they wanted to skype or talk on the phone soon after dan had woken up ,,, or maybe phil uploaded the video in general as a way of indirectly giving dan smth cute while he was away ,, i mean it is sappy af but im Here for all of that speculation tbh ahahaha. whether it was partially meant for dan or he was just in a particularly tired/relaxed state when he filmed it, this vid was probs one of the warmest things phil has ever uploaded (which is obviously saying something for phil) and i treasure it dearly hahaha <3 

Happy Birthday to the self-declared (trash)King of Blackwell!

It’s my favourite boy’s birthday! And, yes, I insist on calling him “boy” even though he’s already 22! 

I’ve decided to combine my two favourite things in the whole world and made an edit with lyrics by twenty øne piløts, which can be associated with Nathan in one way or another! 
(Honestly, almost every single line by tøp could be associated with him)

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Hi! Your writing is beautiful! If you like the idea, can you do a piece wher Jon "sleeps" over at the Wayne's?

With all the great Supersons stuff happening in comics right now this was easy to write. Thanks so much for the request I hope you enjoy it! This got a bit more angsty than I intended but it’s still plenty fluffy. And thank you so much for enjoying my writing :) 

Words: 1,800

Rating: G

“Can you believe there’s still people who don’t believe in aliens?”


Nylon shifted beside him as Jon turned, his blue and red blocked sleeping bag scratching against the rug below them. The whole thing illuminated by the tv in front of them. For some reason Father insisted that the only place for proper sleepovers was the living room and had made Damian drag out his own sleeping bag to lay beside Jon’s when he’d tried to hole up in his room in defiance of the whole set up.

“I mean, Dad’s been around forever. Plus the Earth has been attacked by aliens how many times now? And people still—”

“Jon, shut up.” Damian grumbled, turning his gaze from the robots fighting on the television to look at the other boy.

The light from the tv lit Jon’s wide blue eyes, revealing a wide-awake stare that promised hours of mindless chatter if Damian didn’t intervene. He wanted to grumble at his bad luck, by the time Jon was asleep it would be too late to sneak out for a late patrol. Instead he reached out and hit the pause button on the remote, stopping the titanic battle from moving further. From what Jon had said earlier Damian had no desire to suggest the two of them patrol together. No he’d been too tired.

“I was just saying.” Jon grumbled, his mouth puckering into a pout.

Damian turned to his side, his black sleeping bag rustling beneath him. “You were whining about being tired earlier, ‘I’m too tired to move or talk Damian, just leave me here.’” He mocked Jon’s voice, getting the tone and intonation of the younger boy’s whine perfect. “So shush and sleep.”

Jon didn’t seem impressed by Damian’s imitation and scrunched his nose. “I was only tired because your dad’s insane. His training is more like torture.”

Damian smirked at this. He’d initially been irritated by their father’s insistence on a monthly training session with the boys, but seeing Jon lying exhausted on the practice mats had been a reward in itself. Damian had been tired of course, but nothing close to his friend. He’d been proud enough to make it through Father’s rigorous training session with more ease than normal, and to have done it better than Jon was icing on the cake. He knew after a few sessions the younger boy would begin to catch up with him, but that would only serve to make him try harder.

The downside had quickly shown itself as Jon, still exhausted, shot down Damian’s suggestion to check out a series of robberies. Their fathers were busy working on a case, and the rest of Damian’s family was otherwise engaged. He hoped that Jon would join him in patrolling, but he’d laughed at Damian for suggesting it. ‘One workout is enough for the night’ he’d said before getting up to search out a bottle of water.

“Tt, torture is a bit overkill, but you were dramatic enough today.” Damian said.

Jon raised himself up on an elbow and rolled his eyes at Damian. “At least I’m not dramatic all the time like you.”

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Dating Tom and being bffs with Harrison headcanon

Requested: yes; Could you do a headcanon where the reader is dating Tom Holland and is bffs with Harrison Osterfield? Thanks so much!!!

Warnings: none? Like one bad word I think

Sidenote: let me tell you about how I finished this and was about to edit it, until the app crashed -_- did it save the whole thing? No. Got to start all over again :/ I tried my best tho,, hope you like it!!

- you moving in next to them

- inviting them over to you housewarming

- Tom opens the door and you literally!!! Scream on the inside!!!!

- you forget why you were there for a second

- you being a blushing mess bc Tom is even more attractive irl

- Tom smiling and thinking you’re super cute

- him being super excited for you party

- Tom and Harrison staying longer than everyone else

- getting to know each other really well

- after a while spending more time at theirs than at your own apartment

- always chilling and doing stupid shit together

- like that one time you decided to bake cupcakes with them

- let’s just say you were happy you decided to do it at their place

- sending each other funny snapchats when you’re not together

- tagging each other in memes!!!!!!!

- you subtly tagging Tom in couple related memes bc you like him

- how could you not tbh the boy is an angel

- asking Haz for advice on your crush

- going shopping with him to find a killer outfit and impress Tom

- Tom having major heart eyes for you,, you’re just so beautiful!!!!

- him accidentally bc the boy can’t keep secrets admitting he likes you

- you bring absolutely over the moon

- going on a date the same evening

- immediately going to Harrison to tell him and ask for advice

- him being super happy for the both of you

- helping you chose an outfit and do your hair

- the boy loves to do you hair you can fight me on this

- also telling Tom not to get handsy and get you back home on time

- bc the boy is protective af

- Tom being an absolute gentleman and you two having the time of your lives together

- making it official a week after

- Haz being your #1 supporter

- still being grossed out when you and tom kiss/cuddle tho

- bc Tom gets handsy at the most random times

- like you’ll just be watching a movie and all of a sudden he’ll be all over you

- Haz being right next to you

- fake gagging and asking for the key to your place bc no way he’s staying now

- Tom giggling at Harrison’s behaviour

- seriously the boy goes from handsome af to a little kid in .03 seconds

- you love it tho

- texting Haz when it’s safe for him to come back

- when Tom is away for filming you’ll always be sad

- feeling like you miss something in your life

- Harrison luckily decided to stay with you and comfort you

- him being a mess as well bc you both miss Tom

- you crying (and Harrison as well probably) and eating ice cream while laying under a blanket and bonding together

- throwing a party when Tom comes back

- him being super happy to see the both of you again

- only being jealous of Haz bc he gets to spend more time with you

- but he trusts you and Haz so he knows you won’t leave him

- you trust him with his fans and Zendaya and Laura as well

- still finding it difficult sometimes but Tom always reassuring you

- honestly just being so happy with them

- whether it’s with Haz, with Tom or with both of them

- you always have the time of your lives together

- you’re always there for each other

- not being able to live without them

- just being so extremely lucky to have them in your life

So this is my first headcanon!!!! I hope you enjoy it :)

Feedback or requests are highly appreciated :)


7 Minutes in Heaven

It was stupid, this whole thing was stupid.

Ryan had no idea how this had even happened. Well, fine, yes, he did know the logistics of it. It was more of the why than the how. Why he’d decided to go to this party. Why he’d agreed to this dumb game. And most importantly, why the universe hated him so much that he was now stuck in a closet with his friend and secret crush, Shane.

It had started out simple enough, with some of the Buzzfeed members having a get together. Ryan originally wasn’t even going to go, but several of his coworkers had talked him into it. He wasn’t much of a party person, but these were his friends, and hey, free food and alcohol was never a bad thing.

Except maybe it was. Keith somehow got the great idea that they should all play 7 Minutes in Heaven. Most people were tipsy enough to agree, and somehow Ryan had even gotten yoked into it. Then before he knew it, Ryan was pulling out a name from the bowl, and then somehow he was in this dimly lit closet with Shane.

“This is so stupid,” Ryan mumbled, shaking his head.

“Just one of those party games,” Shane replied with a shrug.

While Shane would admit to the game being a bit immature, it was clear he was more accepting of the situation than Ryan. Typical, really, with Ryan being the one to freak out and Shane staying calm, finding amusement in his friend’s intensity.

“It’s just dumb.” Ryan was still shaking his head. “Like we’re not thirteen years old, ya know?”

“What thirteen year olds even played this game anyway?” Shane quipped.

That made Ryan laugh, smiling for a moment. “Right?” He agreed. “I definitely didn’t.”

“Me either,” Shane said. “Would’ve been better though. Maybe at that age I wouldn’t have been worried about hitting my head on the ceiling.”

Ryan laughed again, it becoming more evident that he wasn’t as worked up with the situation as he had been. He ran a hand along his neck, looking up at Shane. “Like what’s even supposed to happen?”

“Kissing,” Shane answered. His tone was deadpan, but he was wearing a smile.

“Shut up, Shane, that’s not what I meant.” Ryan shook his head, rolling his eyes at his friend. “Like it just seems weird, I guess. Going into the closet to kiss random people. Like what’s supposed to happen afterwards, ya know?”

Shane hummed in agreement. “Dunno,” he said. “Live happily ever after? Hold hands and walk into the sunset?”

Ryan ran his hand through his hair and shrugged again. “That’s what I mean. It’s just kinda dumb. Just this whole thing. I mean, what would you even do if I kissed you?”

He’d said it as a joke. Just a way to further his point of how stupid this whole thing was. But Shane didn’t miss a beat before replying.

“I’d probably kiss you back.”

Ryan turned to fully look at Shane, blinking in confusion. “I– what?” He said.

“I said,” Shane said in a mocking, slow voice. “I’d probably kiss you back.”

“Oh.” Ryan answered, his mouth suddenly dry. His mind was spinning, thoughts running a mile a minute. This whole thing was so weird, so dumb, and yet -

Ryan found himself suddenly closing the gap between him and Shane, standing on his toes so that he could press his lips into Shane’s. Shane responded immediately, moving down to reach Ryan, a hand moving to lightly grip his waist.

The kiss deepened, both of them lost in the moment. Ryan moved his arm to wrap around Shane’s neck, pulling them closer still. He could feel his heart beating, thinking for just a second about how he was making out with his friend in this small closet, and how weird this was. How weird and yet so perfect.

After a minute, they finally pulled apart, both breathing heavily. Ryan looked up at Shane, eyes big and hopeful.

“Wow,” he murmured, not being able to stop himself.

Shane smiled brightly, huffing out a breath. “Yeah,” he said, unable to stop smiling. “Me too.”

Some shuffling noise from the outside alerted the two boys, and they were just able to compose themselves before a grinning Eugene opened the closet door.

“Time’s up!” He said. Ryan could swear the look on his face was almost knowing as he and Shane made their way out of the closet.

It wasn’t until later that night, as Shane and Ryan walked home together, that they finally got a minute alone.

“Wait, wait,” Ryan said suddenly, interrupting their conversation. “Why did you only say you’d probably kiss me back?”

Shane laughed, smirking down at Ryan as they stopped for a moment. “What can I say? I’m a man of mystery.” With that he leaned down, pressing his lips to Ryan’s for a quick kiss before resuming their walk home, hands interlocked together.

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Halloween prompts - 9 - Wintershock, pretty pleaseeeeee

YAS. Yes you absolute can. This is in like a lady ghostbusters verse or something. And I love it, thank you! Thank you also to @bloomsoftly and @itsjanetsnakehole for the edits and beta help!

9. ‘I just now realized I’m on a date with a ghost.’ 

Pairing: Darcy/Bucky

Rating: G to Tish cause I’m evil and I cut it off.

In her defense, she thought the whole ‘doll’ thing was an affectation.

The same went for the slicked back hair, the tailored pinstripe suit, the genuine enjoyment of jazz. (Darcy knew they were talented musicians she just couldn’t totally get into it, okay?)

If it weren’t the fact that he’d been sweet, checking on her when her heel caught in one of the raw old floorboards, and funny, joking about the fact the Green Mill Lounge was doing well enough it ought to be able to afford new floors since 1945, she probably would have written him off as too cheesy. It helped that he was disgustingly beautiful with his stupid little chin dimple and those pale eyes that practically glowed in the dim light of the bar.

She’d come for a friend’s birthday bar crawl and he’d shown them all the trapdoor Al Capone had used to escape to the Lakeshore during raids, and she sort of figured he worked for the bar, charming women and convincing them to stay for another drink. It was effective. She came back the next week.

She would learn to like jazz.

And she did a little. She like the music they played as he shepherded her around the dance floor, so familiar with the right moves that it only took a little nudge, a gentle leading, for her to follow him.

“You’ve got light feet,” he teased her.

She did not but she told that to Jane anyway who looked up from the triple axel EMF meter she’d been tinkering with, and frowned skeptically.

“Why don’t you guys get coffee or something,” Jane suggested.

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From plot holes to bad makeup, hilarious editing, garbage special effects (except some scenes) . Did they got high. Really a series which made editing and cinematography an art..what the hell was all those? I remember watching the clip before s4 about the baby joke. Sherlock’s face was orange. And some of us thought he must be sick. Turns out it was orange for most of TST and is actually bad case of foundation. God what was the whole thing. And I am not even starting on TFP’s special effects.