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Writing advice you're not going to like.

People sometimes send me Asks wanting writing advice.  I suck at it.  I don’t really know how I do the writing, or how one should do the writing, or what one should do to get better at the writing.  All I can ever think to say is “write a lot of stuff and you will get better at the writing.”  Which is true, but hardly a bolt from the sky.

Well, as it turns out, I do have one piece of Legit Writing Advice, and I am going to share it with you, right now.  If you were in any of my writing workshop groups at a con, you’ve heard this advice already.

Warning: you’re going to fucking hate it.  But if you do it, you will thank me.

If you have a piece of fiction you’re serious about, something you might want to actually shop around, or just something you really are into and want to make it as good as you can…do NOT edit it.

Repeat.  DO NOT EDIT.


As in, print out the whole fucking thing and re-enter it, every word (or use two screens).  Retype the whole thing.  Recreate it from the ground up using your first draft as a template.  Start with a blank page and re-enter every. single. word.

I hear you screaming.  OH MY GOD THAT’S INSANE.

Yes.  Yes, it is.

It is also the most powerful thing you will ever do for a piece of fiction that you are serious about.

Now, let’s get real.  I don’t do this for most things.  I don’t do it for my fanfiction.  But if it’s something original, something I might like to get to a professional level - I do it.  You absolutely COULD do it for fanfiction.  It’s just up to you and how much time you want to sink into a piece.

You can edit, sure.  But you WILL NOT get down to the level of change that needs to happen in a second draft.  You will let things slide.  Your eyes will miss things.  You will say “eh, good enough.”

The first time I did this, on someone else’s advice, I was dubious.  Within two pages, I was saying WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN DOING THIS ALL THE TIME.  I was amazed at how much change was happening.  By the time I got to the end, I had an entirely different novel than the one I’d started with.  When you’re already re-entering every single word, it’s easy to make deep changes.  You’ll reformat sentences, you’ll switch phrases around, you’ll massage your word choice.  You’ll discover whole paragraphs that don’t need to be there at all because they became redundant.  You’ll find dialogue exchanges that need reimagining.  Whole plot points will suddenly be different, whole story arcs will reveal their flaws and get re-drawn.

You cannot get down to the fundamental level of change that’s required just by editing an existing document.  You have to rebuild it if you really want your story to evolve.  You will be AMAZED at the difference it will make.

It will take time.  It will seem like a huge, Herculean task.  I’m not saying it’s easy.  It isn’t.  But it is absolutely revolutionary.

Try it.  I promise, you will see what I mean.

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anyway this is basically my current FEH team of All Faves. Not super rounded but they’re super cool so that’s all that really matters. I am. Super proud of that line-art. Whole thing took…at least 10 hours.

also bonus bc Lucina has a dragon killing sword yes they’re blue but blah blah:

Azura is my designated Lucina/Chrom/Marth slayer anyway


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[33] Days – Say Yes, 7x12

This exchange is a sweet, quiet moment that shouldn’t be forgotten in the midst of this episode’s many generous gifts. It builds on an idea that is central to the Richonne narrative: days. “One more day”, “A day and a half more”, “A couple more days”, “A few more days.” It’s a major Richonne buzzword that we see repeated with almost the same frequency as their catchphrase du jour, “We’re the ones who live.” Notable examples are in the kitchen scene in Claimed as Michonne talks Rick into having a day off, Michonne’s monologue in What Happened and What’s Going On, and multiple times in Say Yes as Rick pushes to prolong the honeymoon.

Much like “We’re the ones who live”, it’s the promise of hope – a future. It’s effectively an emotional doggy treat, and Michonne has her man well trained. You can see the transformation in his body language; look at the difference in his facial expression in the first and last gifs in this set. Just when he’s all stressed over Jadis’ demands, the ever-soothing voice of Michonne is there to remind him that he gets a little longer in his peaceful limbo. That’s enough. For now, that’s enough.

  • Andy: The whole of [Say Yes], really, is them both trying to hold on to this magic moment they’re sharing. “Not now. Let’s not allow the spell to be broken. I want to stay in this perfect state with you as long as I possibly can.” The interesting thing with Michonne is she’s the one who brought him back. This is an exploration of who Rick is and what she can do for him and he for her.
  • Sherlock & Molly | Losing    youtube link (to like and/or comment and/or add to playlists)

dedicated to @miabicicletta & @nyah86. I admire you both so very much. This is my way of thanking you for the Sherlolly delights you always provide us with :D

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But back to the matter at hand.

I’m a wreck. TFP killed me with feels. I AM NOW DEADED.

The video is simplistic. This is THE SCENE (subtly shortened) and interspersed with significant moments to explain how it would always come to this. I am not very clear, am I? Ugh. This is why I edit. It’s easier than writing.

Basically, I tried to illustrate that, yes, obviously, Molly always has been the outrageously overlooked pressure point that would ultimately turn Sherlock into an agonising mess. I kind of knew there would be something of that nature coming our way but, DAMN. I didn’t think the writers would be so in sync with my thoughts on the matter. Why am I even surprised? They wrote the whole thing after all. Come on, Mathilde.

The sound is decent but I would advise headphones and HD to maximise the experience. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Took me ages to finish it, but actually didn’t take any time at all. I knew where I wanted to go but Premiere turned out to be EXTREMELY uncooperative. Every time I would add something on the timeline or make a change, it would take one or two minutes to load so I could have a look. ===> #nightmare. This is the last time I’m using 1080p files. Good quality, yes. But GOD at what cost. If anyone has any advice on the matter, please, feel free to get in touch. I’m presumably not doing it right :D


UPDATE: Thanks to @theleftpill, the problem is officially resolved. Thank you so very very much. You saved my sanity. 


Hurray for Craig Armstrong. One of my favourite film score composers. I’ve used two of his creations. One from Moulin Rouge! and the other from The Great Gatsby. Both beautiful. Moulin Rouge! is my favourite film, as a matter of fact. An actual slap in the face when I was twelve. And I cry at the end. Every time. Not kidding.


Death Scene - Moulin Rouge!
Gatsby’s Death and Portico - The Great Gatsby

Oh, dear. The music from the two death scenes of each movie. I am a cheerful person aren’t I?

Disclaimers: I don’t own the songs or the clips used in this video. This is purely a work of fiction, no profit gained.

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Hi Jenna idk if this has already been addressed to or not but I want to ask something which are bugging me 1) if Rosie is real then why does Mary not address her daughter in any of her AFTER DEATH VIDEO messages 2) Mary in HLV asks John not to read the AGRA drive in front of her because he won't love her when he is finished but there is no such thing about Mary's past shown in season 4 that makes her evil or something (Tbilisi wasn't her fault) sorry it's quite long & thanx in advance

Originally posted by reverendhobo

RIGHT?! the whole thing reeks of ‘doctored footage’/unreliable narrator… the whole series- and especially Mary’s involvement- has been deliberately edited and tampered with. The ‘Tbilisi reveal’ to me absolutely didn’t match with Magnussen’s “Oh, she is wicked” and, as you say, Mary telling John that “you won’t love me when you’ve finished.”

And YES about Rosie. There’s something very odd going on behind the scenes with that- Mary not addressing her in the DVDs at all, John vaguely saying “she’s with friends” in The Lying Detective and we never see who those “”friends”” are.

And also, with Mary’s DVDs, I love how we just see snapshot clips of them- we’re never sure if we’ve seen her ‘whole message’, or what version John and Sherlock are seeing.

The story isn’t over, and all these loose threads are deliberately left, waiting to be tied up, in my opinion.

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okay, this may be a random and not necessary mean anything, but here is what kind of thought struck me today regarding the mixtape, next season and the possible endgame for deancas: the mixtape was labelled "dean's top 13 zepp traxx", right? but isn't it a bit uncommon to make top list of 13 songs? I mean, usually you pick a number which is divided by 5 (5,10,15 etc). Could this be writers hinting to us again that something meaningful between dean and cas is gonna happen the next,13th, season?

So I reblogged this post the other day by @margarittet because it was such a brilliant piece of meta on this that I feel like I don’t need to say anything more. 

That meta post touched on what you are talking about above, because 13 probably isn’t a coincidence and the writers most likely didn’t do the maths on how many Led Zeppelin songs an average cassette tape could actually hold, though for the hell of it I am gonna give it a go. Because why not.

Basically a cassette tape can hold around 45 minutes of song time on it. That averages out to around 11 - 15 songs of the average modern day song length of 3-4 minutes long.

Led Zeppelin songs on average are longer than that, at least 6 minutes long, though some pass the 10 minute mark on their own. It would have made far more sense to pick a top ten for LZ as logically, the only way to fit 13 LZ songs on a standard cassette tape would be if you were only picking the shorter songs, which means you’re skipping some of the best (which Dean totally wouldn’t do). Sure we can imagine Dean went and bought the fancy new cassette tapes with far more space on them, but Dean has always been pretty old school about these things and I just can’t see him going for all that modern stuff. If he was gonna do that, he could have made Cas a CD instead, or a playlist on an Ipod.

Whilst I doubt the writers sat down and worked out song timings and cassette length, the number 13 does make little sense in general and as you say, a top 10 would be far more obvious. So yes. Basically my point is that the number 13 was not pulled out of thin air. It was significant. Just like every single other thing in that entire scene was extremely significant. The whole moment was a spectacular display of storytelling, script writing, editing, production design, everything. It was bloody genius.

Just like the fact that Dean spelt ‘Track’s’ with 2 ‘XX’s to give the double meaning of kisses, the number 13 was part of the message. 13 is an important number. 13 is where we are headed. 13 songs, 13 seasons, and two guys who have been dealing with their unspoken feelings for each other for far too long. 

Unlucky for some? But not for Dean and Cas. I’m calling it guys. Season 13 is when it’ll happen. This isn’t based on the mixtape alone, but just a general feeling based on where season 12 has taken us. Destiel is happening, and I would put money on it happening in season 13.

From plot holes to bad makeup, hilarious editing, garbage special effects (except some scenes) . Did they got high. Really a series which made editing and cinematography an art..what the hell was all those? I remember watching the clip before s4 about the baby joke. Sherlock’s face was orange. And some of us thought he must be sick. Turns out it was orange for most of TST and is actually bad case of foundation. God what was the whole thing. And I am not even starting on TFP’s special effects.

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So what made you choose Carol as the... I guess you could call it, main focus, of so many of your efforts? What is it about Carol that makes her so rife for parody, do you think?

There’re some things that can’t be explained, but I will try.

On a base level, writing assholes and bullies it’s just fun to do, and Carol is canonically a pretty uptight, talk-shit get-hit kind of character, so the parody does nothing but enhance those characteristics.

Beyond that, I’ll never get tired of saying it, and I don’t care if people don’t believe me (like that angry anon weeks ago): I like Carol Danvers. I actually consider myself a fan of the character. Now, none (NONE) of her ongoing comics were ever above the “decent by american superheroes standards” (a low-tier decent), but still, Ms. Marvel v.2 was one of the first cape comics I started following, my gateway into this horrible obsession hobby I have now (Sana Takeda’s beautiful artworks and covers caught my attention), so I think I owe the character a bit.

When Kelly SUe DeConnnick’ ongoing was announced, I was actually intrigued! Yes, that’s the truth. Then of course we all know what happened. When I started doing my edits, the Carol Corps thing was still blowing strong, and my mockery was a rejection of that whole thing. They tried to hammer this asinine plot point “The whole world loves Carol Danvers” and I kept saying, no, no, no, this is stupid.

Carol Danvers can’t have fans in universe, Carol Danvers is PATHETIC. She’s a bottled up sack of self-loathing and anger. That’s why I like her.

Look at the already mentioned Brian Reed’s series, the very first big attempt by Marvel to push her: at the very core of it all, it’s the story of a person having an early mid-life crisis, waking up one day knowing that for thirty+ years they literally never lived up to their true potential (House of M and all).

And an issue that always springs to my mind is New Avengers #15 (2006) by Brian Michael BEEEENDIIIISSSS. Most of the story is narrated by Carol in form of blog posts. It’s really melodramatic stuff, she talks about her day, her powers, who she is, what she does, the people she knows and there’s this little detail added at the end of each caption: “0 comments”. An apparently inconsequential detail that makes the whole thing pitiful and disheartening.

So, here’s the reason I really like Carol Danvers: every superhero has a tough life, and she had one hell of a life as well, but she so often fails in such an incredibly mundane way that I can’t help but actually relate to her.

Plus, y’know, she kills aliens without remorse.

NOVL Writing Tip #3 by Josh Sundquist

We’ve got more NOVL tips from Josh, and this is seriously sound advice. 

Your ears hear things your eyes do not see. Read your work out loud to yourself when you are editing.

Yes, it’s awkward, and yes your roommates or family will think it’s super weird, but I guarantee you when you read your work out loud you notice problems that you’d never see when reading silently. Your ears will pick up bits of dialogue that sound off, for example, or paragraphs that need a better transition. As you read, anytime you hear something that gives you a pause, stop reading and fix that part. You’ll have to read and edit through a given page or chapter or section over and over before you get it right. You’re not finished until you can read the whole thing out loud start to finish without hitting anything that makes you pause.

Learn more about Josh Sundquist’s Love and First Sight here.

I drew Jack and Mark as Greg and Angus from Night in the Woods! Yay!

Soooo the story behind this…I was basically watching Jack’s play through of Night in the Woods and I loved the fact that Jack and Greg were a lot alike and I was going to just draw Jack as Gregory but that changed when I had noticed how adorable Greg and Angus were so I decided to draw them as Septiplier. Thought it would be adorable.

Edit: I also want to say something about the whole Septiplier thing. So yes I made it a Septiplier. Why? Not only because I wanted to draw a Septiplier, and because I wanted to draw Jack as Greg, but because I just like being creative with the whole Septiplier thing. Yes I ship it, but I do respect both Mark and Jack. I don’t take the ship too seriously at all. I know that they will never be together. I’m okay with that, it doesn’t stop me from writing fanfiction or drawing fan art. The Septiplier ship and even other ships and the people involved inspire me. That’s all. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion…I still love both Mark and Jack and I will always support them and respect them as people…Septiplier is just one of the things I enjoy and I love being creative with…well not too creative if ya know what I mean…Okay anyway I’m sorry for the ramble or if it didn’t make sense…I just needed to put that out there.

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I feel so bad for TOP. He must be going through the worst time of his life right now. I wish I was there to give him a big hug. What's more sad is that this could affect his career badly in the future. I dont understand the big deal over weed probably because I live in a western country but I wish s.korea would become more forgiving and help him get through this.

Trust me his career isn’t going anywhere because the same thing happened to G-Dragon and look at him, other than that I agree, the whole thing is sad the way people are handling it , I think his mental health is more important than him lighting up a blunt or two. law or’s not that deep, people need to chill out.

Edit: And yes I know weed is illegal in South Korea but I also know people still do it. Just like it’s illegal in most states in the US but people still do it. Still No excuse for them to treat him like shit.

[*starts a petition for Kanaya to let be a kid too, cause she is too mature and responsible for her own good*

Honestly, this scene between Kanaya and Roxy was really heartfelt and I was so glad that for once Kanaya was allowed to let go of the whole mothering act, despite (or maybe paradoxically?) the whole thing being about celebrating motherhood anyway; enjoy]

John Laurens as the Mad Hatter, yes?
I didn’t think I would get THIS INTO IT but I really am having a good time with this whole thing. And I actually really like how this came out. My boi, I love him.

(Son you about to spill the tea on your fine jacket what the heck)

EDIT: Does anyone have any ideas as to where Phillip could go in this AU? Because I have a place for everyone but him. Quick, send ideas! EDIT AGAIN: Oh yeah and G.Wash where the heck does he belong
Doing it the Holmes way

This one was requested by @kirstiehenderson29 and so much fun to write omg

“Sherlock, what are you doing?”

You laughed while watching him putting on his coat.

It was eight o'clock in the evening, a time the detective usually didn’t leave the house. 

“Put on your jacket. We’re going out.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. 

“Going… out?”

Sherlock stopped in his tracks and looked at you.

“Yes, going out, what’s so unusual about that?”

You just smiled and shook your head, then decided to just go along with it and

got up to get your trench coat.

“Saint Barth’s? You’re taking me to Saint Barth’s? Can’t that wait ‘till tomorrow?”

“(Y/N), stop asking questions and start trusting me a bit more. I want to show you something.”

You crossed your arms and leaned back in the cab’s backseat.

The drive to your flatmate’s preferred laboratory wasn’t long, so less than twenty minutes later the both of you were standing in front of his microscope.

Without saying anything Sherlock started rummaging around the room and finally set up his microscope.

He seemed to be unusually hyperactive, and at the same time unusually quiet.


He pointed at the microscope.

In a few we’ll trained moves, you tied your hair up into a ponytail and bent over to look through the microscope.

“Oh my god.”, you whispered after looking at the substance in front of your eyes.

“I’ve never seen something like that.” 

You turned around to look at Sherlock again, not able to hide the excitement in your eyes.

“I found it in a bioluminescent octopus. Don’t know what it is yet, but it sure is spectacular.”

“Spectacular indeed.”

You murmured while looking at the chemical structure once more.

“Sherlock?”, you suddenly asked, eyes still fixed on the lenses.

“Yes?” He asked back immediately.

“Why are you showing me this?”

Finished with looking at the unknown substance you leaned against the table and looked at your friend.

Him trying to surprise you on a Friday evening, wanting to show you a very special new science thing?

It almost sounded like a date, a ‘Sherlock-edition’-date.

The detective shrugged, trying his best to seem all casual.

“Well, clearly you’ve been very stressed recently, so I thought maybe a distraction would do you good.”

“A distraction? Sherlock, are we on a date?”

He lowered his head.

“You’re blushing!”

This whole situation was far too surprising for you to stay polite.

You were completely baffled.

“Could you please just-”

In one single move he stepped closer, cupped your face in his hands and kissed you.

“-stop talking.”

A breathy laugh escaped your lips.

What had just happened?

You felt like you couldn’t even remember your own name anymore.

“For once, I think I’ll do as you say.”

He smiled at you with his beautiful ocean eyes which seemed to be glowing.

“Good idea.”

He whispered before the two of you kissed again.

 Who said laboratories couldn’t be nice places for first dates?

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(referencing this post here, though OP has made their own post here, which is where I first saw it in my recommended posts)

Hi Lovely!

Yes, I was initially kind of WTFing myself, but unfortunately the logic part of my brain had to kick in. As I mentioned on this post here, setlock was absolutely not long enough at ALL to film an entire new series that it would be released in less than a year. A full new 90 minute episode? Yes, I can see it being pulled off – take alternate takes from each episode and chop them together to make “the true story” – during the filming of S4, but a whole other season? No. 

Plus, I don’t understand how or why they would be privy to the airdate information, when the BBC is always super-secretive of the airdates. To me, this is just another case of someone adding in their own dates like they did with the Jan 22 thing and the editing of that Polish S4E4 thing.

However, I DO feel like SOMETHING is still left to surprise us, just unsure what or when. My money is on a secret episode to be released very soon.

IF – and this is a HUGE “if” – there is already a season 5 filmed and done SOMEHOW that is coming out in the new year, the ONLY WAY I can see them doing this is if it is an EXACT replica of S4 with alternate scenes and the “true story” that were filmed as “alternate takes” at the same time as T6T, TLD, and TFP were filmed. I do think they could pull this off, since multiple takes of each scene are always done… they would just have to NOT fuck up as much, and then crop it in with all the extra scenes that they had filmed over the years (and we KNOW those exist – it was once said that HLV or S3 [can’t remember] had 5 HOURS OF ADDITIONAL FILM). So then essentially S5 would be S4 pt 2 which is then telling the REAL story of what happened in S4, because clearly there’s WAY too many inconsistencies with S4 to not suspect most or ALL of it is some sort of Unreliable Narration or Mind Palace/Bungalow Fuckery. What I wouldn’t understand is why they didn’t do it “right” in the first place.

But anyway, yeah. I’m remaining skeptical about a FULL season coming in 2018 until BBC confirms it.

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KaraMel Fanfic #26 Part 2

Title: Rejection

Prompt: When an imp named Mr. Mxyzptlk shows up in National City on Valentine’s Day and declares his love for Kara, she and Mon-El have to deal with him on top of their feelings for each other.

Part 2/3 of Someone To Be Her Valentine

Part 1:

Warning: Contains spoilers up to Supergirl 2x11

Also posted on AO3.

Note: Soooooo two story updates in a day. I feel proud! (even though one of them was already written and I just edited it lol) :). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this, because I surely enjoyed writing it!

Kara’s eyes widened as she stared at the creature in front of her—Mr. Mxyzptlk, was it?—before a laugh erupted from her mouth. She couldn’t help it.

“You want me to be your lover?” she asked, emphasizing each word separately to make sure that she’d gotten it right. Mxyzptlk nodded enthusiastically as he stood up.

“Oh, yes yes yes!” he exclaimed, clapping his hands. “Wouldn’t we be a great match?” Kara stared at his huge, grey eyes for a while, trying to understand if this whole thing was a joke, before laughing again.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Alex muttered under her breath, lowering her weapon. Apparently she didn’t think this weird, magician-type of alien posed any danger. She wasn’t the only one. Kara was sure her heat vision would be enough to kill him, and he would never be able to stand her super strength.

“Krypton has always been one of my favorite planets,” Mxyzptlk continued as he turned around, walking up some imaginary staircase. “Other than it being one of the only planets where the inhabitants wouldn’t immediately think of ripping your head off, it also had many, many beautiful women. Daxam as well,” he suddenly added, looking at Mon-El. A dark look passed over his face before his eyes turned to Kara, with the same sheepish and mischievous expression he gave her before. “It was a shame they both were destroyed years, years, years ago. So I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I found out there was not one, but two Kryptonians living on earth. So I made it my duty to come here and offer my hand to you, and bring you to my planet to make you my princess. And how fitting it was that it happened on Valentine’s Day!”

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