yes i don't actually like this sketch


I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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a-crafty-lass  asked:

Got any new OC art? Yours are all so neat!


Okay, I am really amazed and honored that you asked about art for my ocs. Like, it seriously baffles me that you remember that I even have any consider I don’t ever post about them. But yes, I doodle them all the time. And you’ve given me a reason to share! That middle pick is all the ones I’ve already shared just combined. 

Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it!!

SVTFOE Spiderman Homecoming AU drabbles (yes i am writing this au)
  • Ferguson as Ned: So...I'm not like hallucinating or something right? he's actually talking to Jackie? Like legit trying to talk to her.
  • *Marco shyly gesturing with his hands as he nervously talks to Jackie*
  • Star as MJ: Mhm.....
  • Ferguson: It's...weird. It feels weird. Like I'm happy for him but I kinda want to see him crash and burn out of sheer morbid curiosity, you know?
  • Star: *arms crossed* Mhm
  • Ferguson: What's up with you? No nihilistic response? No chanting "Slip, slip, slip" or sketching his face?
  • Star: What? I don't sketch his face.
  • Ferguson: I've seen your notebook. Nothing but Marco faces for pages
  • Star: I like sketching people in their moment of utter embarrassment and despair *turning pink* It's not my fault Marco's always embarrassing himself.
  • Ferguson: Yeah sure, keep telling yourself that.

c-jay321  asked:

Ahem! Sorry to bombard your askbox again but I couldn't help but express my love for your art! It's always nice to see blogs that don't draw fanart solely focused on ships (believe me I'm guilty of that myself) and just take their time to draw silly funny scenarios of the kids in class 1-A

Ah yes it does! And I got my reasons actually, will you hear me out? T ^T

Before getting into BNHA (5 or 6 months ago) I didn’t draw for YEARS (yep but I’m still not as old as you might think ‘ ^’).
Ahem! Anyway! Most my art so far were redraw of stuff, random sketch and more importantly scribbles on my lessons, like, a lot, everyday, for years, that’s how you progress HAHAHAHA not… no don’t do that and be serious at school!

But then I still had my own style (that you can see on my first 3 BNHA fanarts, THAT was my own style) but then I figured my style was lacking a lot of stuff. Those stuff, Horikoshi Kohei draw them so well it left me speechless and since my style wasn’t that far from his, I didn’t think twice and decided to train on that as a base.

Before I knew it I became obsessed with making Shouto look good and my style completly got swallowed by BNHA and the hype I got for it! Now for an artist it’s the worst thing not to have your own style but like I said : I’m a hobbist, my career isn’t art skill related AND I HAVE NO REGRET because thanks to this decision I progressed as fast as I never hoped before!

For example : fullbody male character used to take me over 5 or 8h (colored) and now it takes 2-3h (i’m still slow at coloring, it takes like 2/3 of the time).

Now the fact I draw so much is not only hype but also a proof I doing well and even better since I share my art and see people have as much fun as I do (or so I hope). So if you really want to support me or such, supporting Horikoshi Kohei would be the best thing you could ever do for me, he is so great and does such awesome work he deserves all the love and respect!

Waw here I got carried away and it ended up in the story of my drawing life… I’m sorry.

MY COMP CRASHED AND I REPLIED TO THE WRONG ASK but it’s still you so it’s ok I guess?!

For the other question this post is supposed to reply to :
fear not, on this blog you’ll never see shipping art! You’ll see trolls, duos, memes, other weird stuffs but not ships. Now I have nothing against ships, I just rather avoid all of this. And the day you see me draw sad/drama/angst fanart then it’s surely that i’m in the mood (like for the Shouto genderbent post) but it’s so rare anyway~

I hear hurricanes blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowing 
I hear the voice of raze and ruin

~ Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sorry not sorry for the pun. All I could think of when I first heard his name…
I loooved that movie and I’m curious where they’re going with his story (cause that’s totally not over). Quick sketch, hope you like it!

metalzsolid  asked:

can I make a very humble request, then, although I'm sure you have about a zillion way better things to draw? Can you draw Kaz and Big Boss in some slice-of-life scenarios, like shopping or eating or something? I just want them happy, tbh XD please don't feel obligated or pressured, though

sorry for the late reply! i have an artblock and it’s still not going away but i managed to sketch ~domestic au KazBB~ just for youuuuu

bonus Kaz getiting frisky because this ship actually makes me like domestic AU

One of my canceled drawing projects was actually very angsty, and that’s why I cancelled it,…

some time ago, the times when I used to believe this fandom was all laughs and fun!! I felt like shit for trying to bring pain and tears onto it…I still have some sketches and… I didn’t know you people were just as masochists as I am

anonymous asked:

Wait so...All Might is your kid? That seems kinda....

aNON what problem do you even have with my skeleton son let’s talk about this what has Toshi done to you that you’d exclude him like that he’s as much worthy of the title of Son™ as any other bnha character actually in my specific case my child Toshinori is one of the two reasons why I started this manga to begin with he was my son even before I knew him yes, yes, he’s definitely my son as well

I’d fight an actual army for this mess of a human being tbqh