yes i do only care about one thing

am i the only one who doesn’t care what kind of concept kpop idols are overusing these days? boygroups doing hip hop? sure, lay it on me. girlgroups with cute concepts? yes please. the only thing i care about is if the song’s good or nah and if they pull the concepts off well. i’m not gonna ignore a good song just because it has the same boring mainstream everyone’s-doing-it-already concept.


“You can talk to me,” Wendy told Nate later when they were left alone, seeing as he’s still painful to look at. “Tell me what’s on your mind.”

“Have you ever felt like you’re inevitably losing someone you deeply care for… and they aren’t coming back, and you have no idea how they’re doing, and there’s like a million knives in your heart at once, a zillion prickles and broken glasses and other things that make you break into pieces?” Nate spoke out, looking directly into Wendy’s eyes.

“Yes,” she said without a lot of thinking. “I have. Yesterday. About Dain. When I had no idea if he’s even alive, and the only one I had by my side was our little son, whose words caused me break down even more.”

“That’s how I feel,” Nate sighed. “Especially when I can’t shake off the feeling it’s my fault and no one else’s. I… I’d give everything right now just to talk to Tobias, a few words would be enough,” his eyes became watery at the mention of this name. “I remember quite exactly, it was our casual sleepover when I suddenly had first thoughts of us being a thing, especially when he mentioned how odd he was feeling about us drifting apart eventually. Then he accidentally saw me naked, and I swear I talked nonsense because I was so embarrassed,” Nate sadly giggled, drying his eyes. “He was always by my side, when my parents left he was the one to cheer me up. Kissing him at the party… it was only for a few seconds, but it felt like heaven, and I was elated. Right when that weird encounter with Linda happened… and I wasn’t the same anymore. I wanted to tell him that I’m in love with him, but I told the same about Linda instead, and when I returned to sanity I kept cursing myself more than the witch spell ever could. In the rare moments of enlightenment I understood that I’m hurting him, and to say I hated this was to say nothing… but I was so scared to admit my feelings and then uncontrollably push him away, so I kept distancing myself from him just because I cared. Our last night… I actually confessed that I love him,” Nate buried his face in his hands. “I thought he didn’t hear this, but he must have. The worst thing is that it’s mutual, and he’s suffering somewhere far now because I’m an idiot… oh god, I miss him.”

“Oh, Nate. You should always remember that your pure feelings helped you to break this spell at times, and damn, it’s great. Who would’ve known what could happen otherwise, if there was nothing able to turn you back into yourself again.”

little bpd things 3

- impulsively cutting your hair
- impulsively dyeing your hair
- deciding to spend all your money on getting a piercing
- impulsively destroying your shoes for an art project
- getting yelled at for impulsively doing things
- buying a bunch of shit online that you don’t even need
- feeling stable and then suddenly everything comes crashing down
- being annoyed with yourself for doing things impulsively
- knowing you’ll be mad at yourself for doing the thing but doing it anyway
- overeating
- driving waaaaaaaay too fast anytime you go anywhere
- driving the speed limit only if people you care about are in the car
- knowing that if someone threatened to shoot you you’d probably just stand there and wait
- “I want you to fuck off–wait, where are you going??”
- “no one is giving me attention. time to do something self destructive”
- binge drinking
- hangovers from crying too much
- throwing up from crying so much
- being constantly torn between “yes, I am, thank you” and “what no I’m not” whenever you get a compliment
- when the wardrobe you want to be wearing changes halfway through the day and you are stuck, suddenly uncomfortable in what you are wearing
- ‘borrowing’ money from your parents
- ‘borrowing’ alcohol from your parents
- ‘borrowing’ lots of things from your parents
- knowing your parents are the reason you’re fucked up b/c abuse
- doubting your abuse actually happened and thinking maybe you’re just fucked because you’re a terrible person
- thinking you’re a terrible person


Back home

I’m finally home… And I feel so damn blessed, things happened in a way I could never imagine.
I remember myself a few years back struggling about going out with my friends because of money, eating the same thing everyday, hearing
my friends talking about their fancy trips, their new clothes, the new phone they got and I can’t lie damn yes I felt so jealous that they could do all of that.

Studying in a private school didn’t helped I end up comparing my life with my friends… Even that I had an scholarship sometimes I had to beg for extra time to pay tuition. But it was nothing compared to when we couldn’t pay my mums hospitalization.

I’ve cried because of money many times before and I always promised that one day I was going to be able to don’t care about prices when buying simple things as food, go out without worrying that it will be the only day that I could. I promised myself I was going to travel and see the world, that I was not going to cry for money anymore.

I didn’t knew when but I could never had imagine that it would happen so soon. This trip was wonderful in many ways, I got along really well with this Arab babe, I don’t know if I’ll see him again but I’m so happy I met him, he treated me like a princess, as he promised it was like my birthday every day.
When we were saying goodbye at the airport it were as if he was my boyfriend from a really long time. This was by far the best of my pot dates.

Sugar life has changed my life… Sometimes it’s been difficult to maintain a balance between my sugar life and vanilla and sometimes it can be mentally draining and lonely…But I can’t lie it has brought me so many things that I couldn’t had achieved before so fast… Money definitely changes your life.

Actual reasons that the keyblade wielders of the various factions brought darkness into the world:

  • That was a swipe, not a tap, dammit!
  • What do you mean it only targets one?
  • Why don’t people update their share medals? it′s all Donald. Again.
  • A mimic? Really? That′s the last thing I need right now, so thanks for that
  • Oh come on, it’s got like no health left and i’ve beaten every other fight in one round just give me this please…
  • Ah yes, another young hercules. Now I can fuse five of them to give someone I care about half of a single level…
  • But everything else in this level is power! I only brought my magic medals! Why is there an Invisible! This is bullshit.
  • No that was just the side of my finger touching the edge of the phone. That’s how I hold the phone please don’t spam all my medals agai–
  • Xehanort Voice: Would you like to continue? It’s only 100 Jewels…
  • Xehanort Voice: It’s only $15, you pay three times that for other KH games
  • Xehanort Voice: Embrace your desire for a Tinkerbell medal
  • Xehanort Voice: Pick up the phone and play KHx, the rest of your life doesn’t matter that much. Come on, time is munny you know…

I’m seriously starting to wonder if the whole mobile game freemium model isn’t supposed to be some meta commentary on the theme of sin and excess driving the protectors of light to start the war that blankets the world in darkness.

Maybe the super overly aggressive censoring in the chat is part of the metaphor, too…

anonymous asked:

How do u feel about another skulduggery series coming out this year? I only read half of the dying of the light because I couldn't bare to have it end

on the one hand, i’m like yes give me more i never want this series to end

but if i actually think about it, i’m a bit more neutral about the whole thing. i thought skuldug and val’s story wrapped up quite nicely, nine books is a lot, and i don’t feel like i care as much about their story anymore as i do the other characters. so here is a list of thing i would far prefer to another skul&val series:

  • tanith low’s adventures while trying to redeem herself for her actions as a remnant
  • a whole book on china sorrows reconstructing the irish sanctuary and being political and beautiful and the nuances on sanctuary politics
  • a dead men war time era prequel
  • and china/eliza prequel
  • an entire series about dexter vex
  • stories exploring the different sanctuaries, especially the cradles of magic

So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who is capable of doing terrible things for some reason, cares only about you?“ - Klaus (4x17)

"He was your first love. I intend to be your last. However long it takes”
- Klaus (4x23)

“No, you don’t Because yes, I cover our connection with hostility. Because, yes, I hate myself for the truth. So if you promise to walk away like you said an never come back, then, yes, I will be honest with you… I will be honest with you about what I want. ”
- Caroline (5x11)

“Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you’ll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer.”
- Klaus (3x20)

“Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say you’re afraid of yourself? Your darkest desires. Elena was right, wasn’t she? Deep down, you long to have your perfect feathers ruffled.”
-Klaus/Silas (4x21)

“ I’ve caught myself wishing that I could forget all the horrible things that you’ve done”  - Caroline (4x23)

“You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light. I enjoy you”  
- Klaus (3x14)

“And I could let you, die, if that’s what you want. If you really believe your existence has no meaning. I thought about it myself once or twice over the centuries, truth be told. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, there’s a whole world out there waiting for you, great cities and art and music, genuine beauty, and you can have all of it. You can have a thousand more birthdays… all you have to do is ask. ”
- Klaus  (3x11)

“Just to be clear, I’m to smart to be seduced by you”
- Caroline(3x15)

“ I’ll take you; Wherever you want. Rome. Paris. Tokyo?”
- Klaus (3x14)


My top 10 Klaroline quotes

*arranged in a descending order*

Don’t Call Me Shurley or the best episode of Supernatural ever
  • Metatron’s extra cute dog and Metatron giving him his sandwich?????
  • “World’s greatest Dad” cup (Seriously?)
  • Dean ironing (which is all I needed in my life) followed by a typical brother prank (which is the second thing I needed in my life)
  • “You’ll never guess where it has been all this time” “I don’t care” (YES BUT LIKE THE WHOLE WORLD FANDOM DO SO PLS)
  • The Bugs reference (Am I the only one who thought this episode wasn’t that bad?)
  • God’s reaction to the mention of his sister 
  • Canon bisexual God (byE!)
  • “You’re neither grounded nor a person!” “So you’re saying I’m likeable?” (Chuck is such a cutie I’m dying)
  • God talking about Lucifer. “He wasn’t a villain” (That’s where my eyes began to water)
  • Metatron forcing God to see who he really is and what he’s done
  • The hilarious chapter titles of Chuck’s autobiography
  • “Sam couldn’t have that, could he?” (the codependency is acknowledged by God and this is everything)
  • “The closest angel to the door” and God’s wrath (FUCKING FINALLY, I got shivers like wow)
  • “This gift is super cute” (Amen)
  • Sam talking to the ‘lil baby “Hey sweetheart” (gimme more Dad!Sam)
  • Dean gripping Sam and pulling him away from the fog even though there’s civilians in danger
  • Dean’s face when he sees Sam infected 
  • “I’m not leaving my brother”
  • Metatron’s speech to God (I lost it and I cried so much because it was so beautiful)
  • Dean stopping everything he’s doing and running to his brother  
  • “I’m not leaving you. Ever!” “Look at me, I’m right here. I’m right here.” (I was already crying but it got worse and just thinking about it makes me cry)
  • Sam and Dean clutching to each other at the end of the world, like they always did
  • That heart wrenching song and Rob’s fucking talent (I was such a mess at this point)
  • The freaking Samulet (aduhlahdihfelehdzajeijezfnlejk because that was the only thing I really needed in my life)
  • The script was beautiful, the actors were damn amazing (especially Rob and Curtis wow) and the directing was great (also they were all extra pretty wtf?)

Honestly every single minor character in Venture brothers could have their own show and it would be amazing. I can’t think of a single one that WOULDN’T work. People really underestimate the level of competence put into the show where not a single minute of development is wasted. 

Everyone is like “yeah Venture brothers is funny” and I’m saying yes but its’ WAAAAAAAAY more than that. I actually want Venture brothers to be the type of show future screen writers study and observe because they are doing absolutely incredible things with pacing and development.

Honestly the level of complexities the show has are really so under appreciated. Sergeant Hatred for example would be a one note character you wouldn’t care about and even be creeped out by in any other show, but not only do they develop him just enough that he’s great on his own, but he can go from one scene character to full fledged cast member. The writing is just that good.

Why does so much people still think that if you like Ward and still stand with him and acknowledge the FACT that he got abused, means that he is an innocient snowflake?

He is not innocient. He makes so much mistakes and wrong choices, but that is human. You know what the only difference between him and Bucky or Natasha is? They got a chance. People cared about them and gave them a chance.

Ward hadn’t such a person after his betrayal nobody cared about him, nobody gave him a chance.

Does he go the wrong way and give in to the things Gareth teached him and become the bad guy. Yes he does do that. But one reason for that decision was because nobody of his ‘friends’ was ready to give him a chance. I don’t say that they are at fault for what happend. What i say is that Ward could have found his way back if just one of the would have jumped over his shadow and actually tried to listen to him.

And just to be clear. Yes Ward shot Kara, but the reason he did it was because May lured him in this trap. She made Kara wear her face and send her to Ward. She send Kara there so Ward can kill her. She knew Kara wouldn’t survive. That is what we call the good guys.

Sorry but this is making me so angry…

When people say stop romanticizing shitty white dudes in Marvel and has Jack on the list with people like Ward, Rumlow, Pierce, Loki, and people from Hydra…I’m just like…huh?

Yes I’m well aware Jack has terrible learned prejudice and a bad record of being influenced by his own ambition, but out of every name mentioned, Jack is literally the only person who actually tries to change and do the right thing, he’s the only one who’s not a murderer and actually cares about protecting people

I’m not romanticizing anything when there is actual character development to back it up - Jack Thompson actually chose to do the right thing and stand with the good guys, he’s not running around murdering people and making excuses for it

He doesn’t belong on a list with those characters who had no problems crossing the line into murder

I feel so raw right now. I’ve been crying since I opened my results. Yes, I passed the exams; all of them. But one of them was so close to failing, I’ve never had a result that low in my life. Logically I know that I passed but psychologically I feel like a complete failure. I have always based my entire self worth on my grades because it was the only thing that anyone ever praised me for, the only thing that anyone ever seemed to care about. Everything is based in my grades and now that foundation has been smashed and I don’t know what to do.

Studyblrs are so elitist (one reason that I might close the blog) that I wasn’t even going to post about this. I was just never going to mention my results, or just say “I passed” but I don’t want other people thinking like I do, that grades are who I am because it’s such a harmful way to think. Over 55,000 people follow me for study tips and ideas and here I am, an inch from failing. I know that in posting this I’ll get hate. Hell, there isn’t anything that I can post anymore without getting hate from someone (just another reason I’m considering closing this blog). But it is important for people to see that everyone gets bad grades, everyone gets disappointing grades, but please don’t take it to heart because you are so so much more than that letter on that piece of paper.

For once my hot bod isn’t booked for the weekend and it’s honestly the only thing that keeps yours truly from turning towards insanity. Not gonna lie, but some well-deserved drinking games Friday night would be very much appreciated and now anticipated since I bet you’d have nothing better to do. And yes, I’m talking to you Hummel.

In other news, I’m ready to change my profession into slave of the ‘forever white girl’ union. A non-fat, extra something no one cares about, with a sprinkle of I don’t care, is the order of the month and if I have to make just one more heads will roll.

I’m pretty much done with this article shit. All I’m gonna say is I don’t think this article is legit. It doesn’t make sense to me to actually be real. But if it is, then the boys fucked up. Their management fucked up. Rolling Stones fucked up. Everyone fucked up. But I am NOT gonna give up on these boys. One article is not going to make me give up the love I have for their music.

The article was horrible, yes. And I definitely do not condone the sexist behavior in it. But it was one fucking article in a grand scheme of amazing things this band has done.

For those of you who want to leave, go ahead! That’s your choice and I hope it makes you happy. And I know some of you will think me stupid or naive for continuing to trust this band. But it’s what makes me happy. And at this moment, that’s all I fucking care about.

This is will be the only thing I say about it. If Erin and Gabby have anything to say they can, but I’m pretty much done. I won’t be answering anons about it. I’m done rebloging it. I hope you all have a hella rad day

1.fuck you the people that laughed at the said joke fuck you guys too the guy that hugged me as the flashbacks came back like tidal waves thank you so much my best friend who sat with me in the bathroom waiting for everything to stop hurting thank you everyone who doesn’t know this yet already rape jokes aren’t funny the topic isn’t funny and if for some reason you think it’s okay to make jokes about it,well there is a special place for you was a girl who decided to make the joke and I never realized just how horrible girls are now a days
7.“what could he do rape me?” Well yes actually boys now a days don’t wait to hear you say “no” they do what they want whether they are 13 or 42 they don’t care they only want one thing and isn’t your heart
8.and now I’m 16 and it still feels like it happens yesterday
9.but when did it become okay to make jokes about rape never did and never will be
11.but when you take three showers and you still can’t the feel of him off of you it just makes everything worse not the type of person who is violent but never in my life did I want to punch someone
13.youre a freshman so you shouldn’t even have a say in anything
14.“I wish it would happen to her?” But you don’t because I wouldn’t wish it on anyone
15.“I never would have thought it happened to you.” Well it did but I get on with my life
16.“how do you go on?” When you don’t want to cry and realize that dying won’t solve anything you just go on
17.because life goes on
18.making jokes about everything also helps
19.if you don’t take anything away from this poem then please just don’t be an asshole for one day because you never know what someone may have gone through or are going through and not being an asshole actually helps
—  //This is to the girl that made a joke about rape today//

I can’t even say I’m surprised. Im not sure if this is “white privilege” or Jason is simply a dick who cares alittle too much about being “progressive” but one thing I do know is that the show should’ve been canceled after season 2. This is bs. Not only are there plot holes but the characters are so different. Clarke is a mess and basically her role this season is being a love interest and making stupid decisions. The characters we’ve grown to love since the 1st season are now being treated like recurring characters. Not to mention the fact that the PoC in the show are being mistreated. Who’s next? Adina and Isaiah? Yes, excluding Pike. He needs to go lol. This is the perfect example of a writer fucking up a show by thinking too much about what people want to see instead of what actually makes sense. The 100 is NOT progressive and “Clexa” is not cute at all to me. It was random and pretty awkward. I’m all for Lesbian couples but I’m not seeing the connection. Almost like Jules and Shawn from Psych. This is HORRIBLE. In conclusion, do I like this season? ……

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