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☆️Aesthetic Meme☆ [6/7 AU]

Stucky Coffeeshop AU where Buck is a vet (obsessed with black coffee and his bike) that runs into Steve at Steve’s favorite coffee shop to sit and think and draw between his classes. Buck says he only keeps going back to the place because the coffee is good but we all know different.
Fast Car


There’s a feeling that’s never quite left the back of Darcy’s head ever since she and her Bear first got the hell out of dodge. Between crowded freeways and dusty old highways and the cities and towns that accompanied them all, it’s been a silent companion. A single question she’d only think about answering when the radio was the only sound in the cars they’ve borrowed or quiet nights spent winding down in motels: how long can they keep running until someone caught up? 

Maybe it’s the realist in her demanding to be heard, but Darcy knows it’s a question Steve’s asked himself time and time again. It’s easy to avoid answering when she makes it a point to distract them. Lately, she’s realized just how good she is at doing that. Sometimes, she thinks it’s worth it though. Like tonight when they’ve done absolutely nothing but drive for hours before finding another diner in the middle of nowhere.

They’ve claimed a booth in the back corner. The same spot they’ve claimed in every diner since they met all those months ago back in New York. He looks so much different than he did once upon a time. Less like a paranoid bear and more like a person. It’s a good look for him. The little crinkles he gets at the corners of his eyes when he smiles at her. 

She’s fallen into the habit of stealing one of his hands and playing with his fingers when they wait in such diners. It’s only because of that that she feels when he tenses. He’s always been alert, but he hasn’t been on edge like this in a while. 

“What’s wrong?” 

  • boy: I bet you just like the avengers because you think Captain America is hot
  • me: yes I do like the avengers because I think that Steve Grant Rogers, born on 4th July, 90-pound asthmatic, whose mom's name is Sarah and father was a soldier, who has a shield made out of vibranium - the strongest metal on earth - which in the comics was originally triangular, and who's best friend is James Buchanan Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, is hot.
  • boy: yeah but
  • me: shush

Team bonding night at Avenge-bears Tower, Rock Band edition.