yes i do have an angry birds bandaid on my finger

I work at the place that sells stuff for your bath and body.
This is more of a fuck managers story, I hope you don’t mind!

So I’m scheduled to work day 1 of our big, semi annual sale. I get there at 8am with another girl that we’ll call A. During this sale, you’re supposed to keep the proper bins filled with the right stuff. You know?

My store has 5 managers for some reason? And our villain for this tale is gonna be called D. D is the store manager’s bff and that’s the only reason she got the job. Nobody likes her because she doesn’t do her damn job. I wish I had a permanent position making more money than what I make to go in every day and play angry birds in the back and take multiple smoke breaks.

Anyway, D gets there, like… 2 hours after me and A. Around the middle of the day, I start getting hungry, as most humans would, but I’m letting the people who hot there before me go first- they deserve it more.

About 2:30 is when I can get my break, so that’s when I go. I head to the back and A is next to D (big surprise, she’s not working) and shes like “where are you going?” And I tell her I’m about to clock out and get my break. And she feigns sadness and she was like “Ohhh, only two people can take a break, and A and I already clocked out. My head was starting to hurt, and I didn’t want a migraine.”
Brief note about her head hurting, this is another excuse she uses to get out of work. How do we know? She does /absolutely/ nothing to prevent them. You’d think that she’d take medicine with her? Nah.

So I’m actually a little pissy about it, but I do my best not to show it. I went back out and started fixing the cabinets. I notice that one is particularly low, so I head to the back and grab some shower gels and I start moving things around.

Important part of this that I had forgotten: there is a shard of glass back there that has been chipped for months.

As I’m putting the shower gels in this cabinet, I accidentally SLICE my finger. Like, no exaggeration, through two layers of skin. I clutch my finger and I’m bleeding a lot. So I scamper to the back in the bathroom and start to rinse the finger in cold water- it hurt like hell. D is back there and she asks what’s wrong, but once I tell her I got hurt, she starts treating me like SHIT.

She tells me to clean up my blood while I’m trying to stop bleeding. I explain that I’ve been taking ibuprofen so I can move in the morning, but she doesn’t care. So I have to clean my blood while I’m STILL BLEEDING.

I can’t go back on the sales floor this way, so I sit in the back, trying to stop bleeding. In pain. Because my store didn’t fix a piece of broken glass.

D continues to talk to me like I’m shit and I go on my break after bandaiding up. I’m gonna take my sweet time because it still hurts.

When I go back, she catches me in the back and asks me in a condescending tone: “Have you stopped bleeding yet?” And I finally snap back at her and say “I hope so.”

TD;LR: a shitty manager stole my lunch break and treated me like shit when I got hurt working.

Yes. Where I got cut is scarred and uneven, now.