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Anonimo ha detto: don’t know if you’ve already done this, but what about a “dirkjake on ice” cross over? (a.k.a. you think it’s gonna be all gay and perfect but dirk is clinging to the railing and scared for his poor life while jake’s landed face first on the ice and can’t get up)

so pretty much “dirk n jake go ice skating, they suck but still try” :’^)

an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

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@instishoot he’s ready for his date with mary :^)

You feel wrapped up, stolen away; can you still be spoils when you’ve stopped the war?

A Spark A Flame A fire by @callmearcturus is so fucking good??? You should all read it, goD

As I write this it is almost 2am. I have places to be and things to do on Sunday/today, and yet I’m sat here writing Psychology notes. Moral of the story: don’t take A-Levels, children.


A quick cup of coffee ended up turning into hours of conversation. Eliana found Rory so easy going and friendly, it was very easy talking to him.

‘So you’re a school teacher Rory. What grade do you teach?’

‘I am, yes. I teach at a English/Simmish immersion, it’s a small school so I float around K to four teaching English. What about you Eliana? I see you take care of Darin’s girl Isabel.’

‘Oh. I also work in politics… um a charity organization… for the people.’ She hesitated at first since people always seem to have an opinion about her job.

‘No way! My classroom raises money for that organization.’
He laughs. ‘We love helping them out since they’re really patient with the young ones. When we do fundraisers.’

‘Wow. I’ll have to keep your school in mind the next time i’m in work. Maybe we’ll be working together for a bit one day.’

‘Ha that would be something else, I’d love that.
Rory looked down at his watch briefly, looked back up and quickly looked down again. ‘Oh shoot! I didn’t realize the time, I have to go back and finish marking homework. Can I see you again sometime?’

Eliana blushes. ‘Um… yes of course. My friend and I were going out to a new club this weekend. Maybe i’ll see you there?’

‘Sure! Here’s my number, let me know if you end up going and i’ll try to make an appearance. See you later Eliana, it was nice chatting with you.’

‘Ok! Bye Rory!’

ohlychee  asked:

omg hii :^) are you doing the new english and maths gcse? Cos i am and it's a pain in the neck, do you have any tips for english? My class are doing Anita and Me, Jekyll and Hyde, and Macbeth wbu? :)

heyyyy, and yes i am doing the new gcse for maths and english this year, i know it is a pain ugh.
I am not that good at english but my tip is so use as much subject terminology as you can and always justify your analysis.
I study The Merchant of Venice, An Inspector Calls and Frankenstein.

I hate when other Black people try to pin their self hatred onto me...

Like when they correct my speech (especially since i use a lot of Jamaican pronunciations because my brain is wired that way) in a condescending way and sometimes proceed to make a comment on my “ghettoness”…

Yes I am “ghetto” and you can ghettcho ass beat by a bitch who speaks patois (which has its own grammatical rules and should be respected) and uses words like “fuckboy” and “yaaaas” (which stem from AAVE which again, has its own grammatical properties and should be respected).

You understood me. We’re in a casual setting.

Proper English? I can speak that? Yes.
Do I need to? No.

Im probably smarter than you and can grasp concepts that you still find puzzling to even think about thinking about but u out here focused pon mi speech…… As if proper English will save u from discrimination….