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I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 3

*PART 1* | *PART 2*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed, and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest, you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1757 (you had waited so long so extra 400 words for you) 

Warnings: MISTERY, cursing, sexual content (not even “some”), presumptions of rape, suppositions about a date rape drug, violence, wounds, mention of abuse in the family, not-very-graphic rape. You are reading at your own risk. Sorry.

A/N(IMPORTANT): As you see I’m back! Thank you again for almost 1000 followers! Check out my “I’m back” post. I hope you will like this part. According to your requests, I created the tag list, so if you want to be on it let me know. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again.

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As always the thoughts are write in italic.

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“What are you not telling me, Jughead?” I asked.

He didn’t answer. 

I looked at his face. His eyes were concerned on my arm. He was looking at the big bruise. Not thinking what I am doing I touched the purple mark.

“Fuck” I mumbled when the sharp pain run through my arm.

“Did you picked me up from the party?” I asked, and his eyes move to my face.

“No” he took a pause “I found you at near to the Drive-In”
Near to?


I stumble again, but the strong hand caught me again.

“Maybe you take off your shoes” I couldn’t locate the source of the words. Maybe they were from my head. I looked at my feet, and I realised that they were bare. Where did my shoes go? I looked around. The Reggie’s house was just a little dot of light in the distance. How long was I walking?

“Everything is fine” the voice, or maybe just a whisper in my head repeat itself. Fine. F i n e. F i n e.

“Yeah, it is” I tried to say, but my mouth didn’t move.


“What? What, the hell, I would be doing in the Drive-In? What the hell were you doing in the Drive-In in the middle of the night!” Suddenly I felt that I started crying. I wanted the answer, but at the same time, I didn’t want to hear it. Near. I wasn’t prepared to hear it.

I stood up, took the clothes out of his hands and run into the bathroom closing the door when I stepped over the doorsill.


My eyelids felt soo heavy. I wanted to sleep. Now. I stopped and tried to sit on the ground but I couldn’t. Something was stopping me.

“Not here” the low voice, somewhere, from someone. Where is it coming from?

Cold air on my face. The stand of my hair in my eyes, when I was shaking my head. The world turned into one colourful stain. It is beautiful. The sudden pain run through my cheek. All of my thoughts stopped. I touched my face. My cheek was burning.


I looked into the face in the mirror. It can’t be me. The (Y/H/C) tangled hair was covered in the dirt and dried blood. The big bruise on my left cheek was reaching my eyebrow and eye. I lightly touched it with my fingertips, but I quickly moved my hand back when I felt the pain. My face was covered with lots of small cuts. My hands were shaking when I pulled Jughead’s T-shirt off over my head. I closed my eyes.

I couldn’t control my breath. I sat on the cold floor. I covered my head with my hands. The tears started to flow.
I heard the quiet knocking to the door.


The ground moved. Or maybe I moved. The ground was growing apart from me. Am I flying? Yes, I am definitely flying. Something was touching my right cheek; I touched it with the free hand. Where is my other hand? It was hair? Yes! Beautiful hair. Soft, soft hair. I rubbed the strain around my finger. So beautiful. I smiled. I am not flying someone is carrying me. Is it my dad? I remember that my dad used to carry me like that. I pulled the strain of hair harder. I want it. Some weird noise. Is it a word? I felt that something pulled my hand from that hair. Pain in my arm. I closed my eyes. Soo beautiful.


“(Y/N)” Jughead’s voice was more like a whisper. The doors move slightly but he didn’t press the handle. Probably he leant against the door. I moved closer to the door. But I didn’t answer. I cried and cried. He didn’t say anything else, but his present made me feel safe. Knowing that someone is near was good. Finally, I calmed down.

“Did you dress this… my… wounds” my voice was hoarse.

“Yes,” I was grateful that he didn’t try to talk sooner, that he was just sitting there. Suddenly I realised that I am embarrassed. He saw me like that when even I couldn’t look at myself. He was seeing me all that time when I woke up and when he was talking to me in the morning and he didn’t even twitch. I covered my face with my hands, but I felt the pain.

“I need to know what happened” I felt that the tears appeared on my face again.

“Okay,” his voice made me calmer.

I needed to shower. I probably needed to change the dressing.
“I think first I need to take a shower.”

“Okay” he repeated

I closed my eyes. I peeled all the dressings. And I stepped into the shower. The water started to flow. I ignored the pain when water touched my wounds. It felt good. I stand under the shower till water falling on the tiles wasn’t red anymore. Then I turned off the water.

I saw big white towel near to sink. I dried myself and looked in the mirror. The long cut on my back, small cuts under my ribs, a lot of bruises all over my body. I couldn’t look at myself.


I felt that we suddenly turned left. I opened my eyes. The light for the streets was becoming more and more distant. The smell of the woods. I loved that smell. I smiled, when I was little, we use to go to a picnic with my parents. We are going to picnic. My dad is carrying me. Is it my mum. Yeah, she is walking right after us. But why she stopped. “Mum!” I wanted to shout but now words fell from my mouth. I tried again but I only opened and closed my mouth. Where is she now? Archie, Archie were is Archie? Is he carrying me? The branches were cutting my face. The woods, woods were good. The woods meant safe.


I wrapped the towel around my body when two bruises on my collarbone caught my attention. They were medium-sized, almost round. It’s just like… I felt sick. I managed to reach the toilet before I thrown up. I heard that the doors opened and I felt that Jughead hold my hair. He put his hand on my back, but he quickly moved it away when I cringed.


“Thank you.”

“I will bring you a glass of water.”

I sat on the floor and tried to calm my breath.


Suddenly I felt that I was falling. Or maybe flying. Maybe both or neither. My feets touched the ground. Cold dirt, small branches, leafs. Suddenly soft lips crashed hard on my lips. Big hands on my back. Unknown lips separated from mine. I looked how they moved. They were saying some. I didn’t hear the words. Any words. “Zipper”? “Facking zipper”? That’s it! I smiled. I guessed the words. I felt the cold on my back and then the sound of tearing material or maybe first there was a sound. I wasn’t sure…


After couple minutes Jughead was back with the glass of water and the first-aid kit. I took the glass, and I drank it.

“You should probably dress this wound on your back because the blood already seeped through the towel.”

“Fuck. Jughead I am so sorry!  I ruined your towel. I will buy you new one”

“Calm down. It’s okay.”

“But your towel?”

“It wasn’t expensive or something”  he smiled. And put the first-aid kit on the sink. And stood up. I bit my lip. Fuck.

“I will probably need help with my back” I felt that I started to blush.

“Okay,” he said, and  I saw that he is also blushing. He took the first-aid kit and stood there not knowing what to do. It is equally awkward for the two of us.
I stood up, brushed my hair aside and slid down the towel, so the wound was visible.

I hissed when he wiped the wound with disinfectant.


“It’s okay.”

Jughead has really warm hands. He quickly finished. I was really impressed.

“You are good at it,” I said when I looked at the mirror.

“Yeah, sometimes there are things you just need to learn” he mumbled.


He didn’t answer, and he walked out.


Lips on my lips. Lips on my neck. Hands on my back. Lover and lover. Why am I soo cold? Why is the room cold? The sound of breaking branches I have to turn the heater. But where is the heater? I tried to take a step back, but I couldn’t locate my legs. Do I have legs? Now I was sure that I was falling. Sharp pain in my back, even worse in my head. My eyes are soo heavy.


I put on Jughead’s clothes and brushed my hair. Using someone’s brush was weird, but in this situation, I couldn’t care less. I looked into to mirror and signed. I walked out of the bathroom. The smell of grilled cheese directed me to the kitchen.

“I guess I should make pancakes, but my cooking skills aren’t so significant,” Jughead said when I walked into the kitchen.

“Don’t be ridiculous, sandwiches with grilled cheese are perfect,” I said and smiled

“Do you want coffee or orange juice?”

“Juice is fine.”

“It’s in the fridge. Glasses are here,” he said and pointed the cabinet behind Jughead.

The kitchen was very very small. I took one glass

“Do you want juice too?”

“Why would I say glasses in plural if I wouldn’t?”

I rolled my eyes. I took another glass and opened the fridge. It was almost empty. What am I talking about it was completely empty! The only thing inside was the carton of orange juice and bottle of ketchup. I looked at Jughead who was putting the sandwiches on the plates. I realised that I didn’t know anything about this guy. This morning we had the first conversation. Well, probably yesterday was our first. I felt that shiver run through my body. I didn’t want to think about it when we were eating. But how is it possible that I felt so comfortable next to the stranger.

How did I end in his bed? Did I sleep with him? What happened yesterday? “Are my guesses real?” I took the carton and closed the fridge.



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The permission
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Sakura:</b> Mama, Papa, Sasuke-kun and I have something very important to discuss with you<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> your pregnant aren't you?<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> I knew this would happen one day😭<p/><b>Sakura:</b> WHAT! NO!!!<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> ( ignoring their comment) Sakura and I have decided to get married, I came here to ask for your permission.<p/><b></b> ...........................<p/><b>Both parents:</b> EEEEHHHHHHH!!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> I know this may come as a shock to you. But I love Sasuke-kun and I know he loves me too!! So-<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> (ignoring sakura and looking at sasuke) Ya sure you want to marry my daughter?My tomboyish daughter who can't even cook if her life depends on it?<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> The same daughter who AlWAYS forget to put the shoes on the rack? Who forgets to do the dishes even when I remind her a 1000 times!!<p/><b>Kizashi:</b> Kid there's plenty of fish in the sea!! And your such a handsome boy!! Just like I was when I was your age. I tell you I had soo many admires!! Girls used to-<p/><b>Mebuki:</b> ( waving her hand to silence kizashi) yes yes whatever but seriously honey you can tell me did she blackmail you or something? Cause I know some very charming and ladylike girls you can settle with😄!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> ( red faced) What kind of parents are you??? Stop setting up my fiance with someone else when I'm sitting right here! SHANNARO!!<p/><b>Both parents:</b> ( starts laughing 😂) We were just kidding!!<p/><b>Sakura:</b> IT WASN'T FUNNY!! God you guys are-<p/><b>Sasuke:</b> ( smiles slightly while watching the haruno's bicker loudly with each other) there all so annoying.<p/></p><p/></p>



haha omg the fact she’s just like “guys this is princess yona what are you doing? yeah you heard me princess is alive and saved us all did you know that? wow that really changes things right?-oh hi soo-won yes i’m here now don’t give me that look fuck off bye-  anyway guys hands off the gf or i’ll kill all of you kthnx.”

I mean she just. totally revealed to the world Yona’s alive here- something Soo-Won was keeping secret and knows has the possibility of ruining him politically- RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, SUPER CASUALLY. Because like hell she’s letting anyone take Yona prisoner ever again.

And then there are hugs.

(and then later she’s basically like “like, listen, I know I owe you my life and all but don’t you ever kill Yona she’s my girl” to Soo-Won’s face)

I love them

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When Jenelle is talking about Chelsea in the last episode, I noticed she says something like "we're on a show called teen mom so nobody got it right." and honestly it was kinda embarrassing? Like no one praises Chelsea for having a baby as a teen, it's the fact that she grew up & raised Aubs & became a wonderful mother. People were happy for her bc she's prepared for a new baby. Meanwhile Jenelle's been trying to clean her act up for like 8 years. If she did, people would be equally as happy?

Yes!!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Everything you said is soo spot on! 

Teuvo Teräväinen - Finnish

Request: Can you do a teuvo teravainen imagine please? 

A/N: So I wanted to do one where he speaks a little bit finnish. This is not the same finnish that google translate gives to you. For example google translation gives you “Minä rakastan sinua.” when translating I love you. That is very correct, yes, but it’s also very formal and usually we finns say “Mä rakastan sua.” which is kind of spoken finnish, but not formal at all.


You were in the car with your boyfriend of four years and his best friend. Yes, your boyfriend is Teuvo Teräväinen and his best friend is Sebastian Aho. And yes, they both play in NHL. You were kinda pissed off since they were speaking finnish and they spoke it very quickly, so you couldn’t pick up a single word, even you knew some finnish.

“Aiotko kertoo siitä viikonloppusesta jutusta?” Sebastian said to Teuvo, laughing a little.

“En tiiä. Jos en kerro niin se saa varmasti tietää jostain muualta, ja sitte on helvetti irti.” Teuvo said to Sebastian laughing.

“Please guys! I’m getting annoyed.” you said to them, pouting a little.

“Sori kulta.” Teuvo said kissing your cheek which made you smile because you understood what he just said.

“It’s okay, just don’t hide anything from me.” you said narrowing your eyes at him. Sebastian went kinda pale when you said that, so you assumed that Teuvo was hiding something from you.

“Never.” Teuvo said smiling, but he looked very nervous at the same time. Teuvo then parked in front of Sebastian’s house.

“Moro rakastavaiset.” Sebastian said to us both smiling, but turned then to Teuvo and continued: “Kerro sille.” and Teuvo just nodded.

“Soo? Can you tell me what you guys are hiding from me?” you asked Teuvo as he drove to the apartment you two shared.

“What makes you think we are hiding something?” he asked more nervous than ever.

“Sebastian’s expressions give away a little too much.” you said laughing a little. That boy was the worst liar you knew.

“Well.. Last weekend when you were visiting your mom..” Teuvo started.

“DID YOU CHEAT ON ME?” you asked very loudly.

“God, NO!” Teuvo said looking at you with hurt expression.

“The team was at our Place..” Teuvo said and that made you very much pissed off.

“TEUVO! NO TEAM AT OUR PLACE, THEY ALWAYS BREAK THINGS!” you yelled. You didn’t like when Teuvo’s team was at your home, because some of them had no manners and they always managed the break something.

“Soo.. The white carpet your grandma made us..” Teuvo said looking scared.

“THE WHITE CARPET? WHO SHOULD I KILL?” yes, you loved the carpet and your grandma.

“Sebastian kinda well.. Spilled red wine on it and umm we panicked so the whole team tried to wash it off but it kinda got only worse..” Teuvo said still looking scared.

“When I see Sebastian again I’m going to make him damn wash our whole apartment with toothbrush, how could he be so careless?” you ranted to Teuvo who looked a little more relaxed since you weren’t exactly ranting about him.

“And you mister, you have no idea what you just put yourself in to.” you said narrowing your eyes at the man who was driving the car.


Kinda short and I had no inspiration at all so I’m sorry loves!

Aiotko kertoo siitä viikonloppusesta jutusta? = “Will you tell her what happened this weekend?”

En tiiä. Jos en kerro niin se saa varmasti tietää jostain muualta, ja sitte on helvetti irti. = “I don’t know. If I don’t she will hear it from someone else for sure and then the hell breaks to loose.”

Sori kulta = “Sorry babe”

Moro rakastavaiset = “Bye bye lovers.

Kerro sille = “Tell her”

All I can say is that I AM so Fudging done!!!! FINALLY meeeen after wasting 3 watercolorpads I have finally painted something with coffee. And Yes its required for it is a project. But demn I am sooo proud I made a leaf ieeeeeeee!!!!!

To those who has done this not as sinple as I did, I salute you always!! Coffee is soo hard to paint with its not the same with watercolor at all like it took me wasting 3watercolor papers for it!! Making me have like 6attempts over and over


The Gravity Falls family gets a new addition.

AKA: The post-finale fic where I kill everyone with the sheer amount of fluff that happens with the birth of Soos and Melody’s first lil’ gremlin.

Warning: Tooth-rotting levels of sweetness ahead. Dentists will be waiting on stand-by if needed, protect yourselves from cavities, people. 

“And now folks, prepare to be shocked and amazed,” Mr. Mystery announced to his already enraptured audience. “As I reveal to you our latest, most smart and most beautiful attraction to date–”

The crowd gasped as the curtain fell away, one little boy covering his eyes with a fearful shriek. Behind the curtain sat a young woman with a heavily rounded stomach, swathed in a cozy robe and fuzzy slippers.

“Behold, Mrs. Mystery and the yet to be seen Mini Mystery!”

The impressed tourists ‘oohed’ and 'awwed’ and snapped pictures accordingly.

“Will it be a boy? Will it be a girl? Will it be a human-gopher hybrid? These are legitimate questions.” With a swoop of his eight-ball cane, Mr. Mystery waved the crowd onwards. “Onto our next exhibit…”

“Psst,” Melody stage-whispered, beckoning her husband. “Soos, is this really the best new attraction you could come up with?”

“If there’s one thing Stan taught me, it’s to exploit everything for profit,” Soos replied dutifully. “Including your own relatives!”

Then a tad more sheepishly, he added, “Besides, you’re due any day, and the doc prescribed bed-rest. Gotta make sure the little dudes are comfy, and at least this way you don’t go stir crazy, right?”

Melody smiled at the thoughtfulness of his reasoning, absentmindedly running a hand over her swollen tummy. Babies were heavy, geez.

“Any day now,” she hummed excitedly. “Think Stan and his brother will make it in time?”

“Of course,” Soos declared without a doubt. “If I know those two, they’re probably breaking every sea traffic law there is. And if you saw Stan’s driving, you would trust in his speeding skills.”

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EXO Reaction To: Their GF Walking In On Them Masturbating


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“Wanna join?” (*dirty panda*)


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“Well I was almost finished.”


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“I’m about to cuuuuuuum.” (*can’t help himself*)


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“Did you have to interrupt?”


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“But it’s not what it looks like.” (*blushing*)


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“N-n-no! Of course I wasn’t doing that!” (*twitches*)


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“Man, and I was even trying something new.” (*looks at the gloves*)


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“I didn’t mean for you to see that.” 


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“But it felt so good.” (*blissful Soo*)


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“Yes, I was using both my hands.” (*guilty Chan*)


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“Do you at least like what you see?” 


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“I can do it if I want.” (*daring Joonmyeon*)

I enjoyed doing this one! GIFs are not mine, kudos to whoever did them. MUCH LOVE

New Monster theory

Watching the new teaser, I noticed something :

Don’t you feel like something is missing ? 

Yes, THE MEAT ! There is no steak!!!

Now remember EXO at KCON in 2013 ? Remember what Kyungsoo said ?

Yes, That was a hint. EX’ACT Monstermind is D.O ( pun intended )

Here’s a pic if you don’t believe me:

Now, time for the explanation, Satansoo and his slaves ( exo members ) went to eat, (at the time, they were okay with being trapped in a clinical facility funfunfun) 

BUT there was no steak. OMG NO STEAK !!!! Soo went mad !!!

And that’s why Kai killed everyone. I mean OTP  anyone ? KAISOO!!!! Yup he did this for the love of soo.


Kim Dongwan’s 1010 Club “When Kim Dongwan is angry”
Guest : Shinhwa
Co-host : Chil Soo (CS)

(pardon my English and translation inaccuracies, if any)

CS : (Name one person in Shinhwa) When he’s angry and agitated suddenly he becomes calm, cool and collected. Suddenly he’ll be perfectly logical (in his arguments)
JJ : Dongwanie hyung!
SHS : Dongwanie.
CS : Oh…..I had a feeling that’ll be the case….
JJ : Yes. When he’s upset.
CS : Yes
KDW : These kind of people is a bit too much..
JJ : No, I don’t mean it in that (negative) way. When he’s upset, we couldn’t even say anything. (He’ll say) Something like,
SHS : ddadadada
JJ : “Because you did this and this and this and that, because you were like that and that and so, I’m like that and that and that and so I am this and this and this!!”
SHS : (but) Everything he said is correct.
JJ : Yes
CS : Oh, everything he said is correct??
SHS : Yes, he’s quite rational.. (tn: everything dongwan said is reasonable)
CS : Oh
SHS : There’s no space for us to interrupt at all.
JJ : No, but he doesn’t stop. “I’m like this and that, you…”
KDW : No, but even though I said it like that, in Junjin’s case, he can still sleep!
CS : Oh…
KDW : Sometimes he will just go away
CS : Ah, while hearing you?
KDW : Yes
CS : Ah I see. Dongwan seems like.. I bet he wouldn’t bleed if we cut him..(tn: meaning he’s heartless/cold)
JJ : Ohyoo~ he cuts himself often
ER : He really cuts himself
LMW : That’s right, like poking his hand
CS : Now….! Right now we will listen to the story presented by Dongwan who will not bleed even if you cut him. 
JJ : Yes.
KDW : Blood…will come out…(tn: cute!)

EXO reaction when they overhear you saying something perverted about them to your best friend on the phone

Xoxo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Hears you are into roleplaying* “Hey jagi.. so I made an appointment with the doctor for tonight… if you know what I mean”


*Confession time with the boys* “And she said it was long and thick.. what cha think that meant guys?” 


*Has to tell everything to the hyung who give him advice* “she liked that thing you told me hyung… I think she is going to ask for a threesome…”


*Burst in* “Excuse me? Who are you talking with! Suho doesn’t have to know what we do… oh it’s not Suho.. oh okay”


*Does it in front of you as you speak* “I’m waiting… jaagi~”


*Judging so hard* “I’m not like a bunny… well maybe a little…” *He just loves making you happy xD*


“So hey jagi… a bird told me you fantasize with BaekSoo… so here I am sending this snap with Soo in my room… come if you want”


*manly deer appears* “She said I’m manly in bed guys… she said I’m Manly…” *Nailed it*


*Eyes dropping* “She is talking about me right? Yes? I’m the monster right?” *worrying*


*Boys don’t stop teasing him* “I knew I shouldn’t have done that… why did I do it…” *Embarrassed squishy questioning his entire life decisions* 


*Waiting for you in bed* “Hey girl~ want t confess me something? Or maybe just call me daddy?” *Teasing unicorn*


*Almost dying* “Oh jagi… I didn’t know you liked my daddy play that much… but don’t tell the others please…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

PERFECT IN MY EYES (Ben Bruce Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}



It was just an ordinairy night in your house. Just like any other to be exact.
You had just come home from hanging out with your best friend, you haven’t seen her in such a long time so when she called you in the morning it made you happy to hear from her.
You were now relaxing at home eating a big bowl of your favorite chips while talking to your bestie on the phone.
“I’m so happy we got to catch up today by the way, thank you I really needed that.” She tells you.
“Aww no thank YOU, it was such a pleasant surprise to hear from you, I seriously thought you like dropped off the face of the earth or some shit.” You reply making her giggle on the other line.

“I know I’m so sorry I went m.i.a on you, but you know how it is when you score an awesome job in a big city.”
“I know, you achieved your dream of becomming a music producer I am so happy for you!” You happily said.
“Thank you hon, it was hard as fuck though…”
“But you got there!”
“Hehe, it was about damn time. Hey but you know what really shocked me though?” She questioned.
“What?” You pressed.
“How great you look!”
You felt yourself blush at the sweet compliment.
“Oh shut up.”
“No! I’m being for real (Y/N) wow! That body of yours is banging!”

A little bit of laughter escaped your lips.
“You really think so?”
“I do, I mean I remembered what you went through, so honestly I am very proud of you for getting better. You look beautiful (Y/N).”
You stayed silent for a moment, memories of your old self flashed in your mind.
Going through an eating disorder was the worst decision you ever made for yourself.
You still remembered how the days would seem like months, your stomach growling and crying for food but your mind always made you refuse to give in to it.
You shook your head, “Thank you God I’m not doing that shit anymore…” you muttered.

“Hello?…hello? (Y/N)?…”
“OH!! Sorry girly!”
“Did I say something wrong?” Your friend asked, concern evident in her voice.
“Oh no no no, not at all, my mind just wandered off sorry.”
“Soo….you zoned me out?” She asked.
“Yes, I mean no! I mean….fuck.”
You expected her to respond with a dissapointed tone but surprisingly she laughed.
“You haven’t changed a bit (Y/N).”
You snorted and laughed as well, nodding your head agreeing.
“Yeah..still the same dork I guess.”
Suddenly you felt a pair of hands cover your eyes, a smile formed on your lips as you shook your head once more.
You recognized those huge hands anywhere.
“Uuuh, (Y/F/N)?”
“Mind if I call you back in the morning?”

“Yeah, no problem, everything’s cool right?” She wondered.
“Everything’s fine.” You assure her, still smiling like an adorable dork.
“Okay later (Y/N) Love ya!”
“Love ya too sweetheart!” Were your last words before you hung up and tossed your phone to the side.
You crossed your arms above your chest, your eyes still covered by the same loving pair of hands.
“Gee I wonder who is behind me..hmm…”
You could hear the male chuckle quietly, sounding like a kindergardener.
“Is it the person that I love with all of my heart? Or Ben?”
His mouth dropped in shock at your words.
“Excuse you?!” He exclaimed dropping his hands.

You busted out laughing, your arms holding your stomach that was immediately beginning to hurt.
“Yup, Ben.”
“It’s babe to you missy.” Ben says, bending down to look at your pretty face.
Smiles formed on both of your lips, you felt your cheeks getting really hot and red as you stared into his gorgeous eyes.
The way he always looked at you always made your heart race, you could almost read what his cute expression was saying.
“I am the luckiest guy on earth.” You figured.
Not even a minute more did his lips connect with yours passionately kissing you with so much love.
His arms wrapped around your shoulders as he continued to feel your lips with his.
He then deepend the kiss, it turned you on a little.
But your eyebrows furrowed when you felt his hand reach down unexpected.

Your eyes then widend as he went further and further down.
Your heart feeling like it was going to burst out of your chest.
“Oh God what the hell is he doing?!” You yelled in your mind.
You continued to kiss him but your eyes rolled to see what he was trying to do.
Turns out he wasn’t even trying to touch you in the first place.
He was reaching for the bowl of chips on your lap.
You immediately leaned away giving him a bored stare.
Ben snorted and ate the chip that was in his hand, “What?”
“I’m gonna kill you.”
“Why?! You can’t share with me?!”

You smacked his arm hard making him flinch and chuckle with a pained expression.
“What the hell baby?!”
“You fucking tease!”
“Tease? I was just reaching for….oooooohhh..” He cooed as he realized everything.
He smirked and sat by your side, your eyes staring into each other.
Your eyebrow raised up high, questioning the sexy smirk on his perfectly shaped lips.
“Dear lord, what’s with the smile?” You pressed.
“You thought I was reaching for your pussy.”
You nearly choaked on your spit as soon as he said that.
“Oh shit you okay?” He tells you, patting your back.
“Not anymore now that you said that!”

“Awww why? Does it turn you on?”
“Babe shut up!” You ordered, your face as red as can be.
Your man scooched a little closer to you, closing the distance between you guys.
“And so what if I was actually reaching for you down there? What were you gonna do about it?”
Your chest began to rise and fall as your breathing turned a little heavy.
Ben sure had a way with words, especially words that got you in the mood.
“Oh look, I’m out of chips, be right back.”
You rushed the words, quickly standing up from the couch and walking towards the kitchen
“La la la la…” You sang, trying to block him out.

Ben laughed once more shaking his head.
“Yeah try to block me all you want but you can’t block the fact that you’re horny!!”
“I’m not horny!!” You yelled from the kitchen.
“Yes you are!”
“No I’m not!”
“Fine I’ll make you hot then!” He shot.
The bowl in your hands could be heard echoing throughout the house as it hit the floor hard.
“Did he really just-”
“Yeah I just said that.” You heard his seductive voice mutter behind you, his breath brushing against the soft skin of your neck causing goosebumps to rise immediately.
You sucked in a breath as he wrapped his strong arms around you and leaned against your small body.
You ended up against the counter, what was most surprising yet arousing to you was feeling his dick through his jeans against your butt.

“W-What are you doing?” You stuttered.
“What does it look like?…I want you now baby…”
He whispered, soon his hot breath was replaced by his lips caressing your neck.
The temperature in your body rose up, heating itself at the sensual yet romantic touch of the one you love.
His hand almost reached up to grab your breasts but you quickly backed away from him biting your bottom lip.
“No…I’m sorry but I can’t do this…”
“Huh?…” He softly questioned, dissapointment shown on his handsome face.
“I-I’m sorry I….I just can’t….”
Ben came closer and gently caressed your arms up and down.
“(Y/N) why? We’ve done it before, I know it’s not that often but still, it’s nothing new. Why are you scared? Do I hurt you?”

You shook your head and gave him an assuring look.
“No honey you don’t hurt me..”
“Then? What is it? Talk to me.”
You took a very deep breath, your eyes looking down at yourself, you could just clearly see your body underneath the fabric and it wasn’t looking pretty to you at all.
Your eyes closed as you put your head back up.
“It’s just….my body…” you responded, whispering the last two words.
Your boyfriend became a little surprised,
“What about your body?”
“I hate that you have to see it….” you mumbled looking down on the floor.
“(Y/N)…why the hell would you even feel that way?” He questioned.

“Because, I don’t know….Ben you know what I went through…and I guess it still affects me a little. I mean don’t get me wrong most of the time I feel great about myself but other times….I don’t….I feel the complete opposite… and I guess today is one of those days….” You explained.
He shook his head and grabbed one of your arms, pulling you into a tight embrace, he held you close, not letting go not even for a second.
“You should never feel the complete opposite of beautiful when it comes to your body baby.”
“But I do….” you whispered.
“But I don’t.” He tells you leaning away, his hands were placed on your shoulders as he looked straight at your face.

“(Y/N), your body is gorgeous, it’s what makes you sexy to me.
And it makes me happy that only my eyes get such a beautiful creation of God.”
Your eyes felt like they were going to pop out,
“Of course, you are perfect, from those eyes of yours that stare at me with so much love, your soft skin my hands cannot keep away from.” He says, caressing your cheek with his thumb.
“That cute little nose, those lips that I can’t get enough of.” He continued, giving you a peck on the lips.
“Your beautiful body shape, those sexy legs of yours, your perfect torso, not to mention those hot boobies of yours.”

You snorted and covered your face with your hands.
“Let me finish.” He says gently taking your hands away from your face and holding them in his.
“Your body, is like the perfect shape for my arms to wrap around, and I can never get enough, that’s why I always hold you close every night when we go to sleep. And that’s also how I know that there is a God, because he created the most perfect angel on earth, and she’s standing right in front of me.”
Your eyes watered, you had no idea he felt that so strongly about you that way.
Of course you knew he loved you, but this was a whole new level of love he was expressing.
“Don’t ever think wrongly about your body, or anything else, You are perfect (Y/N), everything about you is, and always will be.”

You jumped into his arms and cried tears of joy.
“I love you so much….”
“I love you more honey.” Ben cooed holding you close like before.
You leaned away and stared into his beautiful eyes for a moment, without a second thought you kissed his lips deeply and lovingly.
He did the same to you but then leaned away.
“Wait, are you sure you want to? We don’t have to?”
“Why wouldn’t I want to make love to MY perfect angel?” You asked smiling warmly.
Your words made him happy and he leaned back in continuing the heavy kiss.

Your hot breaths brushing against your faces as you huffed against each other.
He lifted you up having you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck.
He pinned you against the wall, his hands pulling down the straps of your shirt.
You helped him take it off and yanked off his black t shirt throwing it on the floor.
You bit your lip as your felt his soft tatted skin with your small fingers.
A low moan escaped you as you felt him getting hard in between your legs.
His dick rising up little by little.
Your vagina felt like it was on fire, you wanted him, you need to feel his length inside of you.
“You’re so beautiful baby…” He huffed into your neck, then proceeded to kiss your breasts with his wet and hot lips.

“Aaahh….” you moaned again, turning him on even more.
Your felt your walls soaking up your underwear as you felt his full boner press against you.
Ben thrusted his hips dry humping you making you moan louder.
“Do you want me baby?” He asked.
“Yes….I want you so bad…” you replied as you unstrapped your bra exposing your nipples.
You felt them pop out as the cold air of the house rushed through your hot bodies.
His teeth nibbling on your tiny nips then licking them and sucking them lightly.
Ben couldn’t take it anymore, he carried you from the kitchen to the living room where he took off the rest of yours and his clothes.

Your naked body was in full sight, and you couldn’t help but blush.
He held you close and gently placed you down on the couch.
His expression turned into that beautiful gaze he always gave you.
“My angel…” he whispered once more.
You smiled and mouthed that you love him, him the doing the same in return.
His sexy lips kissed you everywhere on your radiant body, his fingers touching your area, feeling him grab your clit and rubbing it hard. Your legs automatically opened showing him that he was allowed to enter you.
He grabbed his length and placed on your hole, his tip going inside and the rest slowly but a little roughly entering you.
He groaned and your mouth formed a perfect O shape as you slid up and down.
Your thighs flamming up along with a tingling sensation flowing inside your sweaty body.

“Oooh fuck!” Ben groaned as he slid in and out of you, your juices releasing each time he re entered you, soaking his shaft up as well.
You felt yourself squirt a little as he went deeper making your throat release orgasms.
You felt your cherry being pushed up making the feeling of his penis inside of you intensify.
The heat level of your wet bodies was over the top.
You never wanted this incredible feeling of pleasure to end.
Especially because it always felt special with Ben. It always felt as beautiful as the day you lost your virginity to him. It made you feel even more happy that he was your first.

The orgasms, groans and pleasure continued until you reached your limit and felt his cum release inside of you. The most amazing of all in your opinion.
“Don’t move.” He instructed as he slowly relased himself from your lock.
Once he was out your legs closed and you laid there trying your hardest to catch your breath.
Your perfect man laid down for a moment and caught his breath as well.
You reached out and played with his beautiful hair, leaning in to kiss his lips one more time.
The both of you stayed on the huge couch for a while, not a word was spoken, just stares.
Your eyes spoke every word, your feelings and love for each other written all over your perfect faces.
“I’m gonna go shower.” you notified getting up.
“Wait!” He called out.

You stopped in your tracks and looked at him.
“What is it?”
“Let me just look at you one more time….”
You didn’t feel ashamed or insecure as he stared at you, nope, this time you felt confident.
And that confidence was so up high, that from now on every time you looked in the mirror you will see a sexy, gorgeous, amazing female.
Because that’s exactly who you are.
“What do you think?” You teased giggling.
Ben gazed at you once again and said one word and one word only…..


(You all are 💕)

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Nicknames: Demon Child
Gender: Female
Star Sign: Capricorn
Height: 158cm
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Birthday: 24th December 
Favorite Bands: EXO, BTS, Monsta X, Fall Out Boy
Favorite Solo Artists: Hyuna, Ed Sheeran, Childish Gambino
Song Stuck In My Head: Baby Don’t Like It by NCT 127 
Last Movie I Watched: Spiderman Homecoming
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When Did I Create My Blog: Last year February I think
Last Thing I Googled: How to calculate grams per mole
Do You Have Other Blogs: Yes, go follow @kyung-sooed for spicy memes
Do You Get Asks: Only when I post something decent
Why Did You Choose Your URL: It means my blog is for escapism but with an X because EXO haha puns
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Average Hours of Sleep: 5
Lucky Number: 21
Instruments: I can play the piano, violin and guitar but at a very basic level. I am a person of many skills but a master of none
How Many Blankets Do I Sleep In: 1
Dream Trip: Japan/South Korea or going back to Costa Rica & Nicaragua
Favorite Food: Maccas (that’s McDonald’s for all you non-Aussies and I’m only putting it here because I’ve been eating it for the past 3 days and I hate myself for it)
Nationality: Half Chinese half Australian

I tag everyone :P

Luke Hemmings Imagine

“Come on dad! You guys can drop us off at the UNI and go to the casinos while we visit Dylan! Please!!” You practically begged your dad before he gave in. For months you and your friends have been planning to visit one of your best friend’s Dylan at his school in San Diego but had no way of getting there from LA so you decided to convince your dad to take you guys while he and his friend go to the casinos. He finally gave in and you all set the day. 

You, Luke and your other friend Lily were to leave in 2 weeks for the trip. You and Luke have been getting especially close lately. Holding hands, cuddling in car drives with friends, even giving each other pet names but you two weren’t exactly going out. He never asked, you guys haven’t even kissed so it was more of a cuddle buddy relationship.

Finally the day came and you all were on your way to San Diego. Luke tried to be slick and put his arm around you until he realized your dad was in the front seat and would promptly throw him out the moving car so he moved it. 

You: Hey Luke, lemme see your phone!

Luke: Why, no.

You: Oh just give me your phone I just want to take pictures with it. 

Luke: Ew no I don’t want your face on my screen. 

You: You suck you know that?!

After fighting playfully for the phone, you guys finally took pictures to remember the lovely trip. 

Once you hit the school, your dad said he’d be back around 9 to get you guys. You traveled the campus until you were able to find Dylan. He showed you the campus, and you all were having a blast. You hit this walk way that looked so lovely and romantic.

Dylan: Yeah, this walk way always reminds me of those cheesy movies cus of the flowers, the whole tree’s curing and everything. 

Luke: omg Dylan hold my hand let’s be romantic.

You: Oh okay! Lily! let’s hold hands, we can be cuter than them. 

Luke: You wish you were cuter than me.

You: Oh I know I am!

Dylan: Are you two dating yet or 

You&Luke: NO!

Luke: We’re still just friends.

You: And it’s staying that way.

Luke smirked and winked at you, you smiled and rolled your eyes in response. 

After a long day, you guys got picked up and started to head home. You sat in the middle of Luke and Lily, 

You were a bit cold since you were wearing shorts. 

Luke: Hey, you cold?

He whispered. You shook your head yes. 

Luke: Here, we can share my sweater.

He placed his sweater between your legs and covered some of his legs as well. You placed your hands under the sweater and could feel him moving his hands towards your leg. You looked at him and saw him trying to sleep through the ride so you brushed it off until you felt his hand move closer and closer to yours. Now you understood his evil plan. He went and grabbed your hand under the sweater, playing casual so your dad wouldn’t catch you two. You smiled a bit and started rubbing his hand with your thumbs, He smiled and did the same. For the rest of the ride you guys would rub each others legs and hold hands.

After you dropped Luke off at his LA home, Lily slept over your house and so you told her everything.


You:Shhh! You want my parents to hear?! Yeah he did, the whole way back. 

Lily: He has to ask you out eventually after that I mean that so risky but aww soo cute!

You: Yeah well the day that happens-

You heard your phone buzz from a text. It was from like.

Luke: Hey (y/n) um do you wanna like, go to the movies or like the park or something. Just the two of us?

You to Lily:” DID HE JUST ASK ME OUT?!


You: Yeah sure of course! Monday night sound fine?

Luke: Perfect! See you then :-)

Thus beginning a new chapter with Luke.

Please Don’t Judge Me (Harry Styles Imagine) {Request} {AU Punk!Harry Nerd!You} (Part 5)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

*Warning it’s abuse in this*

Harry’s POV

I simply couldn’t believe what I just heard. “What?”

She nodded, tears rolling down her face, “I’m sorry.”

Then, I saw the marks on her face, and the way she was shaking. It made me realize Alex is making her do this.
“He’s watching you isn’t he?”

She nodded.

“You don’t have to do this. I can always help you love.”

“I’m so beyond gone, no amount of getting help would do any good. Thank you for everything you’ve done Harry. You’ve been a good friend to me. Goodbye.”

She wiped her tears and walked away. Alex came from where he was hiding and grabbed her waist, pulling her to him. And that’s when it hit me.

He won. He broke her. Not only her body, but her spirit. She’s not happy, or loved. The only light on her world he took away. He wanted her to suffer and she is now. But, I’ll always be there for her. I’ll never stop. I just have to be careful. I’m sure Alex is happy. That jerk, I hate him soo much. I just hope Y/N leaves him before he kills her. Because she’s already dead inside, just not physically yet.

Your POV

That was the hardest thing you ever had to do. You loved being around Harry. But, the control Alex had around you, is something you can’t change.

“That’s good Babe. I’m so happy you did that for me.”

You nodded.

“Doesn’t it make you happy?” He gripped you tighter, “I said doesn’t it make you happy?”

You nodded, “Yes Alex.”

He smiled, “You’ve made me so happy and proud.”

You nodded.

You felt like a robot now. Alex took your life and did whatever he wanted to do with it. It wasn’t only the abuse you were scared of. You just wished you still had Harry, at least he brought you some happiness. Alex took that away from you. You sat on the bench and he ran off to his team. You curled up in the seat, and then tried to hold back your tears. You didn’t want anyone suspicious and then Alex gets upset and then your bruises get even worst. You never thought you could feel this depressed. Alex literally took the life out of you.

Harry’s POV

I walked over to practice, and then I see Alex talking to the team. He’s distracted, and I see Y/N. I walk over and pick her up and hold her to my chest. I stroke her hair, and go to my car, and get in the back seat. “Ssshhh, don’t cry Love. I know he made you do that.”

She looked up at me, and I saw nothing but depression and hurt in her face, “Harry, I-I’m soo sorry, if I h-h-hurt you, I-I didn’t want to not be friends w-w-with you. H-he just-” she cut herself off and started hyperventilating.

I got her inhaler, and put it to her mouth. “Sshhh, breathe love. It’s okay, I’m not mad. I understand he made you. It’s okay, ssshhh deep breathes, baby girl, deep breathes.” I just rocked her back and forth, stroked her hair, and tried to comfort her the best I could till she stopped crying.

She eventually calmed down and looked up at me, “Thank you. I love you. Your the best person I’ve ever been around. Your so kind and sweet. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thank you so so much.”

I pulled her close and kissed her forehead, “Don’t worry about it Baby girl. Can I call you that?”

She nodded, “You can, I don’t mind.”

I held her close, “I’ll always be here for you. I’ll never lie to you, or keep anything from you. I love you.”

She nodded, “I love you to. Your my BestFriend.”

I hated seeing her so sad, so I of course tried to brighten the mood. “Uhm, I know we aren’t supposed to see each other, but I need you to do my hair rainbow for me. I don’t know which colors would really make my eyes pop.”

She giggled, “Your still thinking of that weird idea?”

I nodded, “That’s my dream hairstyle.”

She smiled, “Your so cute.”

I kissed her forehead, “As are you.”

She cuddled closer to me, “Thanks for comforting me Harry. I appreciate it, but we should get back before Alex knows something.”

I nodded, “Sure Baby girl.”

I kissed her cheek and hugged her. I wiped her tears. “I’ll see you tomorrow? I’ll sneak in your house, okay.”

She smiled, “Okay.” She kissed my cheek, “Bye Harry, thank you.”

We got out the car, she walked and sat down before Alex saw her. I walked to the team and glared at Alex and he looked away. Wimp. But, that’s not the point. The point is I have my friendship with Y/N.

(A/N: Okay, guys! Hope you liked it! It’s just fluff, but it’ll get worst by chapter. So be prepared!)

anonymous asked:

Hello, I am the person before who talked about stealing/copying art in the past. You are a very dear person for what you said, but I still feel very depressed and guilty. I didn't just copy art when I was a child, I did it as an adult. I gave the copied art as gifts, and even sold it sometimes. I just know that if people actually knew who I was, they would hate me. They'd wish I was dead.

I….don’t really think people would wish you death for that matter.

That’s the thing about people: they make mistakes. Constantly. All of them. There is not a single person who’s rolled through life without stumbling once. It doesn’t really matter if you did that as an adult or a child, you did it, yes. You can’t erase that fact from happening and it’s fine because this way you were able to learn from it. 

As long as you aknowledged your mistake and tried to fix it, I don’t think you should beat yourself up so soo much for this. You aren’t a horrible person who is worth hatred. The fact that you even feel guilty for what you did already makes you better than you were, and you’ll be even better with more time passing!

If there’s a thing for favourite quotes, one of mine would be something like “I am better than I was, I will be better than I am”.

So!! You’re moving forward, don’t hate yourself for something past you did in the past.

anonymous asked:

and this gif, i saw the video of this. kai was actually staring at ksoo that time, like the lovesick he is. and then idk what suho did that made kai looked at him. its like suho did something for him to stop staring at soo bcos he's making everything obvious lmao 38(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/6f8e57f00e6451700f9c94f968181f38/tumblr_inline_npq960vmpS1slkxu4_500(.)gif yes i will help u with ur delulu. yes im the one who sent u the previous ask. idk if i already sent u 2 ask or idk idk dik

and then this happened

i mean, what happened here? why suho looked away for a moment? why jongin smiled when suho looked away? why suho smiled like that while in prev gif he was smiling with full teeth on display? why jongin looked at suho after he saw suho put his hand on ksoo? then why they both nodded when they shared eyecontact? why ksoo sucked in his lips like that? why baek grinned like that?  why? 

Grey's Anatomy 10x22 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Review (Spoiler Alert)

I don’t about you guys, but I was really excited about this episode!

So let’s get right to it shall we!


Cristina finally sent the Cardiomyopathy family home. As happy that I am that she sent them home, giving them the much needed time to heal, I still want to know what caused this damn thing to happen to all them kids.

As I think we all suspected, Bailey injected the virus into “muh hommie Breydon”, and when Stephanie figured it out, she pretended that she didn’t do a thing. It kinda sucks though that his mom thinks he just suddenly got better on his own. No ma’am, it’s the awesomeness that is Miranda Bailey! But is this gonna come back and bite her in the ass? Even if she did go against the parent’s wishes, the form was already signed, so I don’t know what would happen with Bailey if she got ratted out.

And those twins joined to the head though….I was so excited for them in the beginning but then I felt so bad at the end. Everything was supposed to go to twin A if anything went bad, but things went a totally different way, and Twin B was the one who ended up surviving and she had to stop the care to her sister, which sucks! Who ever wants to watch their twin sister die?


Uh-Oh, somebody’s getting fired!! Oooooooooo. Stephanie girl, you not gonna get fired. Yes your ex owns the hospital. but he won’t fire you. After what he did to you,  I don’t think he’ll want to make you more pissed by firing you! So chill.

And Jo girl, you did mess up, and pretty badly too, but I don’t think they’ll fire you for just that……right? And because of the news of Tessa and Gaius, it’s either gonna be Leah or Shane, or maybe both of them. We all know Shane messed up pretty bad with Alex’s dad. But what did Leah do in the OR? All she did was cheer or something right? How is that grounds to fire someone? I’ll guess we’ll see pretty soon. Am I the only one who saw some little…….“thing”……between Shane and Leah? Something is up there isn’t it writers?


Didn’t get much Calzona this episode. Callie was doing her surgeon thing! And we did get Arizona coming up with those weird names. What kind of name is “Agamemnon” though?

And did I hear and “Zamboni” and “hashtag”? 

External image

And that last scene was too funny though!


I see you Alex, looking all extra sharp and dapper in your suit!

External image

Yeah we didn’t see a lot of him, but when we did see him, he was looking all extra fly (lol).Him taking the job isn’t bugging me soo much anymore, but I still think he might come back to the hospital for some reason.

Derek & Amelia:

Yes, the baddest Brother Sister Duo in the game people! I like when Amy said “Pretty doctors run in the family” or something like that. But he was treating her like the “village idiot” as Callie said. And like Amy said,  he’s twin A and she’s Twin B. Yeah Amelia messed up in her life but she’s back on the right track now. I like how the conjoined twins were the parallel for them. In the end, her twin, Twin B, survived, kinda showing that she might have messed up, but she’s awesome too. After watching their last scene, I couldn’t help but think, does this mean that Amelia is here to stay?!?!


Now Webber, I love you and respect you and all, but duuuuude, stop bitching at Jackson! First you call a board meeting and don’t tell him, then when he finally talks to you about it, like any respectful grown man would, you go in on him!

External image

External image

All this mess ain’t his fault! Catherine was the one who gave the money and chose Jackson to be the foundation representative, he didn’t have anything to do with that decision. Plus you were the one that brought it up to Catherine in the first place right? I know that you’re mad at Catherine (an possibly yourself), but like April said, he isn’t his mother, you can’t be mad at him for something he didn’t do! Webber you pissed me off dude, I don’t like that.

Cristina & Burke:

Oooooo I’ve been waiting to write about this! I know some fans weren’t all too happy about Burke coming back in this episode, but honestly guys, I was pretty excited! I couldn’t wait to see what was gonna happen with him and Cristina. Ok, so let’s begin!

First she was all pissed about people wanting her to come speak at their hospitals, but she ended up going anyway. I must say though, that was one awesome looking hotel room! “Possible Future husband I may never have” take note again, “possible future honeymoon I may never have” spot! So, she’s standing on the podium, doing her lil speech, and that’s when Burke, sitting there looking all “Burke-ish” (new word, add it to your dictionary), asked his question. When he stood up and showed himself, I was like “Well, well, well, look who it is, Preston freakin’ Burke”.

Turns out he’s the one that requested she be there. And it also turns out that it’s HIS FREAKIN’ HOSPITAL!

I see you Burke, living it up. I thought it was funny when he invited her to surgery and she said she had to go call someone, that he knew it was Meredith! And I saw what you were trying to do Burke, luring her in with surgery, you know she can’t resist surgery! I loved how Mer said in the message that “Remember when his mama took your eyebrows” lol, I could never ever forget that scene. “Possible Future husband I may never have”, your mama better not take my eyebrows! I know they’re kinda bushy, but they look perfect on my big head ok? cool!

The episode goes on with them in, what Cristina thought was not very interesting, surgery, talking about her not winning the award and him winning his and then him showing her the heart hologram! I don’t care what anyone says, that heart hologram was so cool! Is it better than the Tupac hologram? Maybe…

External image

The last time I got this excited about a heart, was with “Heart In A Box”!

Preston Burke, where in the hell did you get all those damn 3D printers? 49? Damn! Then, Burke offers Cristina a job, which was what I expected. Some people thought he was trying to get her back, and so did Cristina. But turns out he’s married and has two daughters! I must say, didn’t see that one coming! Got Crowen fans going crazy and what not for nothing. Then she went back to her bad ass looking hotel, and call Mer saying “Everything I want s here, but he’s here” and stuff. And then the next day, after going in on Burke, saying she doesn’t want the job, how she doesn’t want to work FOR him she want to BE him and then he finally admits that he isn’t just giving her a job, he wants her to take over his!

Now as much as I want Cristina to stay, I want her to take this job. Take the chocolate factory from Willie Wonka Cristina, take it! If this is how Cristina’s leaves, then I’m happy, cause I know she’ll be happy!


Time for my babies. Their first scene was with them sitting with the OB, getting an ultra-sound, and not being all happy about it, which really hurt cause I wanted them to be happy about it.

External image

But I was happy though when they both quickly shot down the whole abortion option. Now I know I wasn’t the only one getting excited over the japril fetus on the sonogram right? I was sitting there, awwing at the tv like if the fetus was growing inside of me! 

External image

Then they had that scene in the cafeteria, where she was talking about why abortion is the first thing someone asks when someone isn’t all excited about a baby. I do get what she’s saying, but I get Jackson too, she is just doing her job, she has to ask that question to anyone who seems uncertain about a pregnancy. Then she brought up a name and Jackson was kinda making fun of it, saying “Phoebe, Freeby”. But it is a pretty name, but I don’t think a japril baby would look like a Phoebe…..or is it just me? Anyways, then Webber’s ass shows up, and starts bitching and then said something about ‘Doomed Marriage” and I was like

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“Duuuuuude, don’t say that shit around Japril!”, he had me feeling some typah way!

Then there was one of my favorite scenes of the episode. Webber decided to bitch at Jackson again in the gallery, and lo and behold, my girl April stood up for her boo, saying “You have to stop! It was your relationship with the Harper Avery Foundation that brought them here in the first place.You’re embarrassed and you’re ashamed and I’m sorry but I will not let you take it out on Dr. Avery anymore! He deserves your respect and he’s not his mother! So stop it”. I was like

“Yeah girl, stand up fo yo man!”

That right there, is what I call the “CEO wifey status” lol. You know what would have made it better, if she said “My husband” instead of “Dr. Avery.” And not just “husband”, but “Huuuuuusband” with a attitude! (lol I’m crazy, I know). The way she sank down in her seat made me think that maybe it was a hormonal outburst or something, but I don’t care, she put Webber in his place! And I think Jackson seeing her stand up for him, is what lead to what he said in the last scene and to them making up

That last scene in the chapel though, was probably my favorite japril scene ever! I loved when she asked how he knew she was there and he said “I know who you hang out with”. Then he said he better get used to the seats because although he can’t change who he is, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna be staying home while his FAMILY goes to church! And when she asks if he’ll really go to church with her, he said she’s his wife, of course he will! And just like that, my emotional ass started crying! Like do you people understand how important that is to April? To Me?!

What makes that scene even better, is that he said as long as they go for waffles afterward, and she agreed. Not only did that give me a overload of feels, it had me craving freakin’ waffles!! So our babies are good now…….right writers? They better be! Cause her standing up for him and him saying he’ll go to church with her showed that they really support each other, and that was a start to their compromise!

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This was a really good episode, I loved it!

2 more episodes of Cristina guys

I’m not ready!

Next weeks episode looks good! Yes Meredith, the season finale is coming up, of course something is gonna happen! And is Owen getting down on one knee? Oh goodness!

If you want to talk about this episode and next week’s, my ask is always open!

Lesson of the Week: Sometimes you need to leave, to see a different perspective!

Until next week guys! 

P.S: I know I’ve been talking a lot about my “Possible Future husband I may never have” a lot these past few reviews. I’m sorry, Shonda and the writers just got me thinking a lot about my future and stuff, so deal with me please! By the way, all the gifs I use aren’t mine, I justfind them while scrolling through tumblr and add them to my collection. Just thought I should mention that. And can someone please get me waffles? Thanks!

You're The New Vampire In Town

You chose to move to beacon hills, knowing it was a dangerous place, you knew it needed help and that’s why you were here. You weren’t worried about the werewolves since they will want your help anyways and you were sure they wouldn’t say no, who could say no, you were a young stunning vampire everyone would stop and stare at you in the school halls, you may have even caught the attention of a wolf already, he was staring at you from what you believed to be I front of his locker. You decided to be bold and make the first move and made your way towards him. “hey I’m new here my names (y/n), can you help me find my classes??”

“Definitely, if you can tell me what you are and why your here.” The tall blonde boy snapped out if his trance noticing you were different and inhuman.

“I’m a vampire , honey, haven’t you heard of them before? And I’m here to help, this place is in danger and I want to save it. Can I do that wolfie?” You gave him a sly smile and began to study his facial expression, he seemed shocked that you were so honest and open about what you were.

“Oh…umm..well I guess that I can help you find your classes, the names Isaac by the way, not wolfie, and please don’t make it so obvious that you are a vamp, people here are kind of sensitive” Isaac looked around as if to see if anyone heard what you guys were talking about.

“I’m not an idiot, I know what and what not to do, just make sure to tell your Alpha I mean no harm” Isaac nodded and smiled

“So since we are good now, lemme see that schedule of yours so I can show you your classes” you hand Isaac your schedule and he reads through your classes

“You have a few classes with me and my alpha, Scott, we can talk to him then” Isaac gave back your schedule and began walking to his class, you walked besides him suddenly feeling inferior due to his height.

“that sounds good to me.” You two made it to your first class, science, you could tell their were a few werewolves in the room, they were powerful too. Isaac led you to a guy with a crooked jaw and black hair. The guy studied you, he knew you were different but seemed to have trouble figuring out why.

Isaac sat next to him and began to talk, “Hey Scott this is the new girl, she’s different and I’ll tell you later why, but she swears not to harm anyone, she just wants to help”

Scott looked over at Isaac than back at you, “Yeah…umm okay..she’s fine if she doesn’t hurt any one, I’ll tell the others.”

“Thank you, and I really do want to help, so if you don’t mind I want someone to keep me informed in what’s happening” you smiled at the alpha who was now looking back towards two twins, who you guessed were also werewolves and gave them a warning glare.

“Okay, since your new though and some people are already feeling worried about having you here I’m going to have Isaac watch over you.” You look back at the twins and see them smiling smugly, they must know what you are.

“Okay that’s fine with me, I’ve always loved company any ways, come on wolfie let’s go learn.” You gesture for Isaac to follow you as you go to an empty lab table and class starts.

‘I got to keep running’ you thought to yourself. Something was chasing you, you don’t know what it was, you barley even know what you are. You use to be a normal human, but got attacked one day by a vampire, you survived but now you are one of them, you were scared so you ran away from your home town. You unknowingly wandered into the beacon hills forest and now find yourself being chased by a huge wolf man. The thing got closer and closer to you, then it pounced capturing you and knocking you down on the ground, you laid there terrified and confused looking up at the beast fining it strangely beautiful, than it changed into a man. “Who are you and why are you here?!” The man spoke.

“I-I’m (y/n)…I was scared so I ran away from home, I don’t know what to do….I don’t want to be a vampire” you shook in fear as tears rolled down your face.

The mans face softens and he gets up allowing you to stand, he was quiet for awhile, seeming to be deep in thought,”I’m Derek….and you’re in beacon hills, this place is dangerous and you won’t make it far by yourself, you’re lucky I found you, I’ll let you live with me till you learn to control your actions and gain strength”

You look up at Derek in disbelief, you couldn’t believe you got this lucky. “Thank you.” Derek took you to his house and showed you around.

“This will be your room, I have some clothes that use to belong to my sister in the closet, they will probably fit you…go ahead and shower, you smell like blood and animal.” With that he left the room for you to shower.

You walked into the bathroom and looked into the mirror for the first time since the transformation, you were filled with dirt, and blood from the animals you have killed. You took a shower spending some extra time to relax and let the water wash away all your worries, you finally felt safe. When you stepped out of the shower you quickly dried yourself and got dressed, you decided to let your hair air dry and let it fall loose. You looked back into the mirror and gasped, you were beautiful, every part of you seemed flawless, you could see every amazing thing the transformation had done to you now since all the dirt was washed away and you loved it. You walked out of your room smiling and went downstairs seeing Derek on the couch on the phone with someone, “yeah I found her this morning, she’s innocent, I’ll make sure to keep an eye on her, but I want you to watch over her when she starts school, okay, thanks, oh and come over as soon as possible, I don’t want to leave her alone but I have something to do.” he hung up and looked over at you, and smiled slightly “so how you feeling?”

“I feel great! Thanks again,…so when will I be starting school and who is going to watch over me?” You sat down on the couch next to Derek and faced him.

“You will start when you are able to control your thirst for blood, I want you to get use to humans so that’s why I’ll be sending you, Scott and his pack will be taking care of you, they are the only other good guys in this town, don’t trust any one but them and me.”

“You got it dude.” You kicked your feet up onto the table and relaxed making yourself at home. Derek chuckled at your actions and shook his head. “Soo are you like a werewolf?”

“Yes I am, I’m surprised you caught on so quickly”, Derek got up from the couch and walked towards the door and opened it “why did you bring him!? She’s a vampire, he’s a human, do you want your best friend to die?!” You heard Derek shouting at someone, then got the smell of something that made you hungry"

“I thought it would be a good idea to test her, and he really wanted to see a vampire” you got up and went towards Derek to see who he was talking to, thee were two boys, one was obviously human, he was the one that made you hungry, and the other must’ve been werewolf.

“Woah so your the vamp? Cool!” The human got closer to you, you walked back trying to get farther from him, you didn’t want to suck his blood, but he smelled really good and you were really hungry.

“Umm…Derek…” Your voice came out quiet and weary.

“Stiles you idiot, your making her hungry.” Stiles quickly backed up and went back to his friends side “Scott, he can’t be here, go home…I’ll just take care of her today.”

“Okay…sorry” the two boys left, leaving you and Derek alone.

“I’m sorry” you looked down at the ground, ashamed that you got weak.

“It’s fine, it’s not your fault, let’s go hunting for you” Derek walked out, and you followed him off into the woods where you filled yourself with animal blood.

(I’ll post the other two later, and I’ll make a part two if it’s requested enough)