yes i did make one omfg stop me

anonymous asked:

can you do an exo reaction where you and one of them members are having sex and you are at your high and you call out another members name instead of theirs omfg I can't even

Yes I can! i am in love with this request, like seriously, nice one! Here it goes then…


Kai: wait, did I hear that right?!

Suho: You’ve been hanging around Sehun again haven’t you? HE’S THE MAKNAE! 

Baekhyun: *disgusted face*

Chanyeol: Not cool, Jagiya…*disappointed face*

Sehun: Kyungsoo, she’s cheating on me again!

D.O: Maybe we should stop…


Tao: OH HELL NO! Where is he?!

Luhan: Whatever bitch, I still got Xiuhan!

Xiumin: That makes baozi sad… :(

Kris: *not amused*

Chen: Wait, what did you say?!

Lay: I thought you said you loved me?!?! *emotional*

That’s it from me! I hope you enjoyed! Thank you for the request! :)

-Admin NaNa<3