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Chapter 4 of It's Not Paranoia If You're Right


The strange, labyrinthine Palace was where he found most of his targets. From what conversations Goro had overheard in Sae’s Palace, it was clear that the Phantom Thieves were under the impression that only sufficiently ‘evil’ people would show up in its depths.


You could find almost anyone within Mementos, the exceptions being those with Palaces of their own. It was just a matter of knowing where to look.

Crow had always wondered how the Phantom Thieves managed to explore its maze-like interior with such a large group. The answer, apparently, was by driving a car. That was also Morgana, the talking cat-mascot-thing.

He really needed to figure out what that thing was.

“Ready for your first trip into Mementos?” Joker asked.

Crow flashed a smile. “Of course.”

Skull reached out and patted him on the back a little too roughly. “That’s the spirit! Now let’s get goin’! I’m ready to bust loose!”

“Does nobody see the problem here?” Mona asked.

“Uh, what problem?”

Despite being a car, Mona managed to give off the air of rolling his eyes. “I can only fit seven people. And there are eight of you!”

There was a moment as they digested this information.

“Looks like someone’s gotta stay behi~ind!” Oracle said.

“That would be far too risky.” Queen interjected. “What if we need that person to switch out with an active fighter?”

“Queen’s got a point.” Joker said. “And besides, I’d feel bad about leaving someone behind.”

“But…that would mean that one of us would have to sit on someone else’s lap…” Panther said.

“I would not mind if someone wished to sit on my lap.” Fox said, completely missing the implications.



Crow rolled his eyes behind his mask. It truly was a miracle that the Phantom Thieves had made it this far. He glanced over at Joker to see how he was reacting to this nonsense. To his surprise, Joker actually looked thoughtful. And…was that a smirk he saw?

Joker looked up at him.


Oh no.

He wouldn’t.

Joker cleared his throat. “Actually, I think I have an idea.”

He would.

“Let’s have Crow sit on my lap.”


“Dude, what?”

“Is - is that a good idea?”

Panther sighed and muttered something about thirst.

Crow laughed, nervously. “You can’t be serious…”

Joker shrugged. “Of course, you can back out if you want.”

Crow bristled. Excuse me? Does he think I’m the type to back down from a challenge? Because that’s what this was now - a challenge.

Besides, if he played along, he would be seen as a good sport. The other thieves would trust him more. Probably. And of course, someone willing to sit on Joker’s lap would hardly be planning to kill him, right?


“Oh, no. That’s not what I meant. Of course, I’d be happy to go along with your idea.” Aaaand smile. Ha. Take that.

The others were giving him strangely speculative looks, but he ignored them. . He watched Joker’s face, looking for a reaction or, indeed, proof that he was capable of expressing anything other than stoic calmness or quiet amusement. He found none.

“But Joker, ” Fox interjected, “If Crow is to sit on your lap, then how will you drive?”

“I’ll drive.” Queen said. “I’ve done it before.”

Fox suddenly looked rather queasy, as did Skull and Panther. Strange.

“It’s settled then.” Joker smirked at Crow. Crow smiled back.



The car was strangely warm.

Maybe it was just him. Maybe it was because there were 8 teens packed into a car with mediocre air conditioning. Maybe it was because he was sitting in the lap of Akira fucking Kurusu, trying his very best not to blush.

For the fifth time in as many minutes, Crow asked himself why he’d agreed to this.

The car swerved, and Joker wrapped an arm around Crow’s waist to prevent him from falling onto Noir. Then he jerked his arm away like he’d just touched boiling water. Crow tried not to look anyone in the eye.

He could’ve cried in relief when a shadow wandered into their view, only for it to run off whimpering in fear. Dammit. He shifted in his seat. Why were Joker’s knees so pointy? And just where was their damned target? He desperately needed to beat something up right now.

“Uh, Crow?” Joker’s voice was uncharacteristically strained. “Could you maybe not move so much?”

Huh. That was a strange thing to—



No. Nonononononono. Fuck this. Fuck. This. Fucking Phantom Thief and his stupid fucking ideas—

“Crow?” Joker asked, when he hadn’t answered.

“Yes! Yeah, I won’t, uh, I won’t move.”

Behind them, Oracle giggled. Crow turned red.

When they finally did get to the target’s shadow, both he and Joker seemed to fight more viciously than usual. Crow found it was extremely therapeutic to stab shadows with a sword. Over and over and over and over and over.

Crow spent the whole trip back doing his best impression of a statue.


“So….” Panther looked between him and Joker. “How was it?”

“……Interesting.” Joker said, voice muffled. For some reason, he was covering the lower half of his face. Like he was hiding something. It could’ve been a blush.

But while Joker could easily get away with a vague, one-worded answer, Crow couldn’t. Panther looked at him expectantly, and he cleared his throat.

“It was… experience.” Didn’t mean he had to elaborate on what that meant.

“Whaaaat? C’mon Crowsy, gimme some details.” Oracle bounced over and jabbed him with her elbow.

“I’d rather not.”

Whatever she had been about to saw was cut off by the sound of Joker clearing his throat. “Let’s end it here today, everyone.” He turned towards the wall and pulled out his phone.

Once they were safely back in the real world, Goro made to leave as soon as possible. “I have work. I’ll see you all later.” He power walked away without waiting for a response.

Let’s hope I never have to do that again.


The group chat WITHOUT A-sketchi-kechi

FS: we all saw it akira u were totes blushin ;)
AK: I felt something in my throat and didnt want to cough on anyone
FS: suuuure ;) keep makin excuses ;) i kno the truth ;)
RS: so y did u ask him to sit on yr lap
RS: like srsly dude
YK: Yes, what was the reasoning for that?
YK: And Futaba, what does ;) mean?
FS: oh inari
AT: i mean, telling him you were into getting murdered was weird enough
AT: you have some serious thirst akira
MN: …..Excuse me?
MN: You told Akechi….you were ‘into’ getting murdered?
AT: well technically he said “i always thought it’d be hot to be murdered”
AT: something like that
HO: Akira, is there something you’d like to tell us?
MN: Akira.
MN: You cannot keep alluding to the fact that he is going to kill you.
MN: It could compromise our plan.
AK: sorry
MN: And no more teasing him.
FS: but makoto did u see akechis face
FS: he was blushin too
FS: and every1 heard him say ‘Yes!’ out of nowhere
FS: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
YK: Ah, now that one I understand.
YK: It is a face.
RS: akira wtf did u do to him
HO: It was nothing like what you’re suggesting, Futaba!
HO: Akira simply asked Akechi to stop moving so much.
HO: Akechi didn’t answer for a while, so Akira prompted him again.
HO: Akechi was likely startled, which is why he responded so loudly.
AT: so akira told akechi to stop moving around on his lap
AT: that doesnt sound suspicious at all
FS: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
AK: byeihavetogo
Akira Kurusu has left the chat.
FS: muhehehehe


whenever SHINHWA faces that sudden super serious topic..

Oppayam will throw a statement which will make Eric Oppa’s face react like this.. YES.. JUST LIKE THIS ~ 

and because he did that mood wrecking thing ~ Oppayam will ask for Jinnie Oppa to take care of it XDDD

and since he is uri Jinnie ~ the Variety Uncle..  XDDD

he will recover the mood in a way that will make us LMAO XD


and everyone will be LOLing like this again XD

but srsly.. Oppayam, i am thankful that you are there to keep the mood up and interesting :”)

Me on Yuri!!! on Ice episode 3 (Full version)
  • *sings along the opening song* WE WERE BORN TO SHIP VIKTURI~ YES, WE WERE BORN TO SHIP VIKTURI!
  • Yuuri: “D-Damn he’s SO hot!  It’s enough to make even me, a man, pregnant! Such eros!” (Me: Alert! Alert! Incoming Mpreg fanfics in 3, 2, 1! MY BODY’S READY OMFG–)
  • Viktor: *sensually touches Yuuri’s lips* “No one in the whole wide world knows your true eros, Yuuri. It may be an alluring side of you that you yourself are unaware of. Can you show me what it is soon?” JUST FUCKING FCK ALREADY AND GET iT OVER wITH AHHHHhhhHHHhh
  • Viktor’s eyelashes are prettier than me.
  • Yurio ruining the beautiful ViktUri moment. WHy SON wHY?? :’<
  • Now I see what Yurio’s problem is. FEEL SOn JUST FEEL.
  • Temple lolololol
  • Viktor and his narcissistic tendencies. LMAO
  • Pork cutlet bowls are Yuuri’s eros. Tho I’m pretty sure Viktor IS his eros.
  • WATERFALLS lololol poor Yurio 
  • Yuratchka
  • Yuratchka’s angsty past. I’M NOT READY FOR THIS.
  • Yurio’s innocent face. <3
  • BOYFRIEND SHIRTTT ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Viktor forgetting his promise every fucking time. IT’s SO PRECIOUS Oh GOD
  • Yurio crushing on Yuko. Damn can’t this be any more obvious?? XD
  • Yuuri suddenly being aggressive and power hugging VIktor. I’M CRYING RN
  • Yuuri: “I want you to teach me how to move in feminine ways.”
  • Yuuri: “I want to be the most beautiful woman in town, who seduces the playboy!” (He’s, like, more beautiful than any of us TBH)
  • I’m pretty sure Viktor IS the “playboy” Yuuri’s referring to. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Yuuri: “A mistake like this isn’t enough to make me lose my charms. I’m better than any other woman out there.” (YES YES YOU ARE. NO ARGUMENTS HERE.)
  • Viktor initiating the hug this time.
  • Yurio, my son. DW you did gr8 :’)
  • Tsundere Dasvidaniya.
  • Viktor getting all touchy-feely like a protective boyfriend. (I’M SRSLY ABT TO LOSE MY BLOOD HERE M8–)


  • Yuuri: “Who’d even be happy to see me naked on ice?”
  • Viktor: “At the very least, I would be.”
  • *DIES*

(Another product of my overactive imagination concerning the GF team)

In the thinking room of the Gravity Falls team
April 1st, evening

Alex: Okay guys, it’s been fun but I’ve gotta go home now, it’s almost time for the AMA and I need to get in character-

*door bangs open as censors rush in*

censors: Hold it right there, Hirsch! We know what’s happening today and we’ll be accompanying you to make sure-

the GF team: *throws themselves at censors*
the GF team:
Run Alex, run and make sure to lock the doors, close the windows, turn off the pipes, block the vents, light the fireplace and cover the cat door! And use that electric generator your sister got you for times like these so they can’t cut off the power!

Alex: *thinking* I’ve trained them well.
*out loud* Dudes, stay calm. I’ve been training for this moment my whole life.

censors: *stop their assault* Did he just-

the GF team: Yes, yes he did. He used the voice.
the GF team: And he used your confusion to escape. 

*maniacal laughter echoes in the distance*

The 100 S4 Trailer: Questions

Ok, I was going to write a cohesive analysis of the trailer, but it turns out I have more questions than interpretations to offer haha! So if anyone can help me out, please do. Or if anyone wants to comment on my comments, go ahead. But be warned, I am curious/excited about the weirdest stuff in this trailer. 

After a few (okay, a lot) of rewatching, here are some of the random things that popped into my mind:

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