yes i did it on purpose :)))

Okay Cassie said about four is gonna die so let’s hope to god she spare these people

Malec(of course my OTP go first)
Mark & Kierian(I can barely spell Kierian moe likely there ship name HA)
Kitty(There is so much to explore)
Livvy(A part of ty would die if she does)
Tavvy(I cannot re live Max’s death again)
Drusilla(My fictional courageous twin)
Anyone else from the T.M.I (I am attached)
Emma(My favorite heroine role model)
Diego(He wouldn’t be perfect if he died)
Cristina (Who else is gonna look after Emma when Julian is busy)
Julian(The blackthorns cannot lose another dad)
Jemma(Jem just got her back)



ColdFlash AU: Evil!Barry

The Flash has disappeared. And in his absence Central City was ripe for the taking; thugs and villains of all kinds started creating mayhem and wreaking havoc, but no one has been more frightening to the people of Central than the mysterious speedster in black. No one knows who he is or where he came from. No one knows what he wants. 

With The Flash gone, Len is afraid for his sister’s life. He demands they go back to his city, and for once, Rip doesn’t argue with him. They both know without anyone to protect Central there might be no city for Savage to conquer in the future.

Len’s feet barely touch the city’s ground for twenty seconds before he is suddenly whisked away from his friends in the blink of an eye, he doesn’t even manage to reach out for his gun before his hands get cuffed to a pole. A shadowed figure stands before him, and Len knows it’s the man they came for. Unarmed in a secluded place with no back-up, Len knows he’s screwed, but he schools his expression into its familiar cold demeanour, “Who are you?” he shouts, “What do you want?”

The silhouette of the man steps closer, the shadow gives way to light, and Len doesn’t believe his eyes- Barry Allen stands before him, looking the same but also different, all clad in black instead of red, no trace of that usual glint in his eyes. Barry blinks and his eyes turn black, deep and hollow and terrifying, making Len feel as if his soul is being devoured, “You know who I am.” Barry drawls, his voice unnaturally off and demonic, sounding like ten people are talking at once. “And what I want is simple, really,” 

The voice sends a tremor up Len’s spine, he visibly shakes and Barry comes closer- no, not Barry, the man in front of him might be many things, but there is no way he is the hero that Len once knew. 

“I want you, Lenny.” a thousand voice says at once.  


“Feminism is definitely important to us as a concept, because it’s by definition the political, economical and social equality of the sexes. That’s really what it is and we promote that 100%. You know, women being powerful and being strong and being able to be successful in whatever sort of division they want to be successful in. Also a huge part of it is, the coming together of women and supporting each other and not breaking each other down. And kind of sending out that message and making sure that women know that doing this together is going to be so much more efficient than trying to tear each other down.”

I think I broke my number theory class today.

They already were losing it on Wednesday because I described the concept of infinity as “an infamous brainfuck.” They didn’t stop laughing for like two or three minutes. (Apparently it’s intrinsically funny when your professor says a curse word in class?)

But today I was discussing the prime number theorem, which says that the number of prime numbers less than x is asymptotic to x/log(x). And of course I had to clarify that that was a natural log, not a log base ten.

And my class was outraged by this, why would I do that, why not just write ln, everyone uses log for log base 10. (Despite my total inability to find anyone who agrees they actually use log for log base 10. Or, really, at all. If you do, please chime in and share!

But at any rate this conversation went on for a while and I wanted to move on, so I just said I was going to do this. And they should just remember that all my logs were natural.

It’s a good thing this was like three minutes from the end of class, because I was worried a couple of them were going to pass out.

I present to you the hottest husbands ever (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

These two will be the end of me… orz

FNaF 4 Trailer Theory. “What have you brought home?”

This theory has a lot of speculation. Also, this theory might turn out to be false. 

Well, Trailer came out just like yesterday, and it looked awesome! I can’t really say anything bad about it. But, I have a theory about the sentences, that we seen in the trailer.

First off, this theory this time also will be about Purple Guy….so yeah.

Well, first one:

“What is it that you think you see?” Well, people may say it is about nightmare animatronics. But, let’s stop thinking about FNaF 4 for now, in this theory.

Let’s get back to FNaF 3 minigame, where Purple Guy died in Spring Bonnie’s suit.

Remember that he got scared basically when the ghost, as who we played in final minigame, came to saferoom? Because he seen the ghosts, no matter if you believe he saw actual ghosts or nightmare animatronics, before he died.

Also, it might be reffering to his perspective of the murders, like he would only see, like he did nothing wrong…

Alright, second one:

“What game do you think you are playing?” This one rather is fitting about ‘variation’ with Purple Guy’s perspective.

This one is basically questioning Purple Guy’s thinking about that, the consequences of the his murders won’t reach him.

And last one:

“What have you brought home?” That’s good question. What he brought home? No hope for better tomorrow? Cries and death? Or maybe Spring Bonnie’s suit, which Plushtrap resembles?

Well, I stick with last option.

But, let’s back actually to FNaF 4. Were in a house, probably as child. All alone, trying to survive. And you know what?

I believe, it’s actually nightmare, not only animatronics, but, the whole house. I can bravely say, it is Purple Guy’s nightmare. It haunts him every night, since the day he killed those children.

He’s aware of children possessing the suits, he know they would kill him, if they had chance! So, that’s why animatronics are haunting him. Plushtrap symbolizes Spring Bonnie suit. But, why it is in nightmare? Because, Purple Guy knows ghost could possess that one too. What also foreshadows his death.

Why “foreshadows”?

Because, it takes place before he came back to Freddy’s for last time. To destroy animatronics, leave Spring Suit inside saferoom, and make sure he never will go near this forsaken place never again.

But, we know what happened.

Also, I think the Nightmare Animatronics are itself entire part of nightmare. The house might be linked to some event that occured in Purple Guy’s past. Hard to say.

However, we should think, if this those animatronics are actually symbolizing the five children. Then, what happened to the other five? Or if there actually is other five ghosts…

But, we should also think, if those animatronic are resembling actual animatronic, like past generation about which we didn’t seen yet? Since, those animatronics looks old, and also that we might see Fredbear, makes me think they actually might be the first ever generation of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza crew. Psst, if you wanna read something more about it, go here.

And that’s actually all what I got so far, I can’t wait for the game to came out! Hopefully, I’ll be able to buy it, when it come.

But, hey.

It’s just a theory.

Dank’s Theory!